Pre-emptive Hut! Hut! Hut!

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A Virginia man named George Wagner and his wife were the object of a pre-emptive Hut! Hut! Hutting! the other day.

The man had apparently planned on attending the Lobby Day rally held in Richmond yesterday. He visited the area prior to the rally – and took some pictures. This triggered the pre-emptive Hut! Hut! Hut! and serves as a prequel to future pre-emptive Hut! Hut! Hutting! based on what are styled “Red Flag” laws. Which empower the Hut! Hut! Hutting! without the target having violated any law. All it takes to trigger the appearance of armed government workers at your home – and in your home – is “someone” (this includes AGWs) “expressing concern” about the target and his supposed intentions or inclinations. This being a species of phrenology without even the benefit of reading the bumps on the patient’s head.

Here is the full text of the news article from The Virginia Citizen Free Press:

“This incident occurred on Saturday, 01.18.2020 at 8:57 in the morning. My husband became a target of the pending Red Flag Law in VA. The reason the police came is due to a visit George made to the Capitol in order to become situationally aware of his surroundings on Lobby Day. His observations and the pictures he took made Capitol police concerned. George was not the only person on Capitol grounds that day. He was not the only person taking pictures either. But George’s size and stature coupled with his purposeful actions made him a target for a dry run on Red Flag laws on a citizen of Virginia. Red Flag Laws have not been legalized in VA at this point.

The police told us they had a tip about George but what we soon discovered was the tip to the police came from the Capitol police itself. The Capitol police saw my husband a threat and then tagged him as a danger. Ten days later the Capitol police, escorted with a State trooper came to our home. We had been rousted at our home on a quiet Saturday morning. Our home which is over a hundred miles from the Capitol and located at a 2nd amendment Sanctuary County.

At this point you should know that one of them was a Capitol police officer and the other was a State Trooper, homicide division. The two officers had their hand on their weapons when my husband stepped out the door to greet them. And the rest you can see on this video. Please share this with anyone who has questions about the Red Flag Laws being proposed. Trump was correct when he said, “They are not after me. They are after you.”

Armed government workers like the two who descended upon the Wagners could just as easily descend upon you -or me. Upon anyone.

Because there’s nothing to prevent the AGWs from doing so.

No law to protect you from them. No law you violated. Just their extra-judicial claim of “concern.”

And it’s not just Virginia. The Orange Man is on record endorsing pre-emptive Hut! Hut! Hutting! “Take the guns first; go through due process second,” he said.  Maybe he didn’t mean it; maybe he wouldn’t actually do it.

But he did say it.

And in Virginia, they’ve begun doing it.

. . .

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  1. Those two probably would have been less well behaved if they weren’t aware they were on camera. But indulge me in the hypothetical that AGWs would behave like that even without being videoed. If that “were” to be the case, it sure seems like a waste of energy to get upset about this.

    There was no belligerence, no AGW brutality, no kicking down the door and seizing of weapons or other property. Compared to countless videos you previously have posted, this was a civilized encounter.

    Apparently, they just came to the door and asked questions. Assuming I simply could refuse to answer, without triggering unconstitutional cop consequences, I’m OK with that.

    Pick your battles very carefully. This is not the place to draw your irrevocable line in the sand…… least not if you want to maximize support from the majority of the Freedom Movement.

    • Hi Mike,

      VA just passed a “Red Flag” law, which – as I understand it – empowers the government to Hut! Hut! Hut! anyone they like, whenever they like. Well, whenever someone expresses “concern.” Which of course anyone can do – and which has no definition… other than it being “concern.”

      That’s the core issue here. Having to deal with AGWs despite one not having broken any law.

      AGWs are inherently threatening. I certainly don’t want AGWs showing up at my place unless they have been invited – or have a warrant.

      Absent that, AGWs have no business showing up and “asking” anything. Remember, one is always under duress when interacting with an AGW. The implied threat is always there – and these AGWs are always looking for some reason to “bust” you.

      • The person with the ‘concern’ will be made up by the cops as per other examples like ‘a similar vehicle was used in a crime’, and ‘the officer was on a call’, or ‘we have received complaints’, and so on.

        • Well, Calipornia passed its “Red Flag” law, effective Jan 1, 2016, and some interesting data for the first two years is quite revealing…

          Some 185 “Red Flag” court orders to seize firearms were issued, which, considering CA’s population, does seem rather minuscule, so that’s a good thing. But of those orders, only TWELVE were originated by a citizen complaint, the REST? By LEOs themselves. Infer what you will, I’d say the whole “Red Flag” nonsense is simply a work-around for LEOs around due process, probable cause, and most especially, the Fourth Amendment.

    • Mike, I must respectfully disagree in “picking your battles very carefully”. The line must be drawn while we can still turn the tide using legal, socially acceptable, and safe means.
      Once that point is past, there is nothing we can do to stop encroaching tyranny but wait for it to self-destruct. Of course, the self-destruction includes millions of lives lost, cultures destroyed, new tyranny rising, i.e. Germany, Soviet Union, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Eastern Bloc, Korea, South Africa…et al.

      Read more Alexander Solzhenitsyn about this very subject, Gulag Archipelago, and read They Thought They Were Free, by Milton Mayer.
      Every encroachment needs to be fought vigorously. If not now, when we can do so in relative safety, how are we to do it when our personal lives, fortunes, and liberty will be forfeit? The history of violent revolution shows us that violence only begets more violence.

      At some point, we must make a decision.


      • Well, let’s review the facts. Someone reported this citizen for innocent, lawful behavior, that could, at least theoretically, be viewed as “suspicious.” LEOs came to the citizen’s residence, asked questions, and left. There was no forced entry, NO GUN CONFISCATION, and based on what the vid showed, there were no specific threats.

        Let’s extend the benefit of the doubt to assume the report about the citizen at least might have been in good faith. Failure of LEOs to follow up might reasonably be viewed as a breach of due diligence.

        Sorry, but this event wasn’t exactly Waco all over again.

        • The “someone” appears to be the VA State police themselves. There was nothing about Wagner’s conduct that could be construed as reasonable suspicion of criminal activity. It’s obvious that Wagner was targeted for harassment, either due to a specific grudge, or simply to be made an example of, in a furtive effort to quash legitimate political dissent. It’s also obvious that these AGWs were there to provoke Wagner, in hopes, perhaps, of giving the State Police the causus belli they needed to stop the upcoming MLK day rally. This is what’s disturbing and the VA State police need to be called on it.

          • Amen, Doug.

            It’s intimidation; a warning. We can just show up, anytime we like… maybe next time not so “nice.” Just like mafia thugs. Which is what they are…

            If they weren’t – as apologists might claim – they never would have appeared because no crime had been committed. And if walking around a public space and taking pictures constitutes “evidence” of intent to commit a crime – as it has, as these AGWs assert or at least imply – then we gave crossed the Rubicon. Nothing shields us from AGWs, who are the law – and the claw is whatever they say it is.

            Hut! Hut! Hut!

            • It’s just like “welfare checks”- Give the pigs an excuse to poke around, and something will go wrong, even in the most benign cases- because after all, the pig’s first ‘responsibility’ is to protect himself from all possible threats, real, implied, or imagined.

              With the Red Flag BS, since it is established that the victim is armed, we all know how this will go. They start out showing footage of Occifer Friendly….but next week, it’s the SWAT team that’s going out……and that is INEVITABLE, seeing as how they now routinely do that for the most minor things.

              And really, how could it be otherwise? Is it just about asking questions? As if someone is going to say “Yeah, I was just preparing to commit a mass shooting”. Suppose you don’t care to answer any questions? Wouldn’t you then be labeled as “hostile’ or ‘uncooperative’? Or if you insisted that the goons leave your property, then you are “combative”- and then of course that would constitute just cause in their porcine eyes to unleash the SWAT team, or restrain you; take your guns, etc. etc. and the story would be on the local nightly news… [Annoying female voice] “Well Jim, it seems that police defused a dangerous situation today, when they went to investigate a Red Flag tip. A “heavily armed” man residing on Elm Street was found to be hostile and combative, and had to be restrained while his home was searched. Police say they found a .22 caliber hand gun, a pea-shooter and a brick inside the residence, and removed them for ‘safekeeping’. The resident of course will have his day in court next year, to determine if he was in compliance with local laws and will be allowed to have his property back. Local residents thanked the brave officers and gave them cupcakes, and were grateful that such a potentially dangerous situation was averted. Neighbor Ima Dewsh who lives a few doors down from the residence that was raided, said “I had no idea! Mr. Jones always seened like such a nice man and never bothered anybody in the 40 years I’ve lived here. It just goes to you! Youi never know! Thank Gawd for these fine officers and our wonderful politicians who are doing so much to keep us safe!”.

              • (NOTE” I think that I’ve brought this up in other posts, I’m trying to not be repetitive:)

                Calipornia enacted its “Red Flag” laws, effective 01 Jan 2016. During 2016 and 2017, some 197 seziures pursuant to a court order under auspices of these “Red Flag” laws occurred, which, considering CA’s size, actually seems low. However, of this number, only TWELVE were prompted by a “concerned citizen” call. The remaining 185 court orders were entirely initiated by law enforcement. You read that right! These search and seizure orders were NOT a result of the cops having “probable cause”, which is explicitly a condition thereof as set forth in the Fourth Amendment, they were due to a “hunch” by the LEOs. Presumably they at least gave the judge(s) some “reasonable suspicion”, but that alone is NOT supposed to be sufficient for a court to grant a warrant. That’s the trouble with these “Ex Parte” type of orders, they are in effect granted by a “Star Chamber” type of court, w/o prior notice nor opportunity to defend and/or rebut. This should be ample warning that these “Red Flag” laws are simply a means for the cops to further disregard the Fourth Amendment and/or due process, and as this incident shows, to be used as the “muscle” to silence political dissent.

                • Hi Douglas,

                  “…, they were due to a “hunch” by the LEOs.”

                  Years ago I read that the majority of warrants are issued on the basis of a single, anonymous informant. The author asserted that most of these “informants” were actually just the very cops seeking the warrant. Apparently, the cop is not required to provide proof that the “informant” even exists.


    • Hi Mike,

      “If that “were” to be the case, it sure seems like a waste of energy to get upset about this”.

      I believe that “we” should object strongly to this type of behavior, as it normalizes the idea that all of us owe deference to political authority, even if we have done nothing illegal. It empowers the State to engage in mind reading and act on the presumption that any exercise of one’s rights is suspicious. People who find nothing wrong with this are much more likely to accept that the encounters that do become brutal and violent are “reasonable”, and must have been provoked. It is a form of conditioning designed to make most people fail what the late, great William Grigg called the “Tom Joad test”.


      • Hi Jeremy,

        You said “It empowers the State to engage in mind reading and act on the presumption that any exercise of one’s rights is suspicious.”

        This issue is what “acts” by the State are reasonable? If you feel that even asking questions when the subject is free not to answer, and to terminate the encounter at will is unreasonable….. you’re entitled to your opinion.

        I’m more inclined to draw the Red Flag laws line at automatic breaking and entering, property seizure and/or physical violence. And FWIW, the Constitution and Bill of Rights tend to draw the lines closer to where I do.

        With Respect,

        • Hey Mike,

          “This issue is what “acts” by the State are reasonable?”

          I do consider the actions of these State agents to be unreasonable, even pernicious, partly because they seem more “reasonable” than a “beat down”. The acceptance of the “reasonableness” of a “wellness/security” check on someone who has done nothing illegal is probably more dangerous than the, unfortunately common, copsucker resonse to actual beat downs.

          “If you feel that even asking questions when the subject is free not to answer, and to terminate the encounter at will is unreasonable…”.

          But the “subject” is often not “free not to answer, and to terminate the encounter at will”. Attempting to do so often results in the violent Hut Hut Hutting that we deplore. The supposedly “reasonable”, though legally unjustified, act often leads to the “unreasonable” Hut Hut Hutting. If we accept that the initial act was “reasonable” it empowers the State agents to escalate based on their perception that the “subject” was insufficiently deferential.


          • Agreed. These two AGWs didn’t appear to even have reasonable suspicion that would justify an investigation. I’d have turned on my heels with as few words as possible and gone inside mine home. There is NO legal duty to “comply” with these overbearing measures and if we fear being “Hut! Hut! Hut-ed!” if we don’t “answer a few questions”, then tyranny is ALREADY here.

        • Morning, Mike!

          I think the core issue here is the implied threat – with the secondary issue of an absence of any crime having been committed, nor reasonable grounds to suspect one about to be committed.

          It is alarming to find armed agents of the government at your door. This is an inherently threatening thing, no matter how “nice” and “polite” they are. It is not a social visit. It is an official visit – and they are investigating you. My position is that they’d better have grounds for disturbing your peace – your right to be left alone. These AGWs had no grounds. The man had committed no crime. This business of “concern” over actions such as walking around a public area and taking pictures is both hysterical (in the psychiatric sense) and dangerous because it vitiates the concept of law/due process. Anyone can express “concern” about anything. There is no standard and so no way to avoid becoming the object of “concern.” And thus, “concern” gives AGWs limitless power to intimidate people.

          What defines a police state? It is a state in which you can be visited by AGWs at any time, without your having broken any law… but because they are “concerned.” Which loosely translated comes down to – they don’t like you and are letting you know they don’t like you.

          As the saying goes, it has a “chilling effect” when you know AGWs are watching you; when they come to visit you. It put you on notice.

          And that’s what’s wrong with this picture….

          • Morning Eric,

            In some ways I find this video even more disturbing than the violent Hut, Hut, Huttings. In most cases it is possible to avoid any encounter with cops in the outside world and, if forced to, it is possible to consider the AGW a potential murderer and act accordingly. Note, I am not saying, as many copsuckers do, that it is the “mundane’s” fault for getting a beating, nor that it is always possible to avoid one. Sometimes, the AGWs escalate to violence immediately. Just that, if one is unfortunate enough to have to deal with any AGW’s when away from home, it is prudent to keep one’s contempt for them hidden.

            But, if we consider what these cops did to be “reasonable”, there is no way to avoid them. Such practices are becoming more common, and they are intended to intimidate people, and send a signal to others foolish enough to hold opinions disfavored by the political class.


            • Hi Jeremy!

              Exactly… Some people regard this (the AGWs “visiting”) as benign – as reasonable – because (I suspect) they assume good intentions; that AGWs are “just trying to keep us safe” and all that cal.

              But I’d feel much safer if I knew the law protected me from visits from AGWs.

              This video – and attendant “Red Flag” laws – are meant to serve notice that the law affords us no such protection. That not committing crimes is no protection. That AGWs can just show up – anytime.

              If this is allowed to stand, they will do more than just show up. It follows, inevitably.

              Once upon a time, AGWs – when they were still cops – understood that they had no lawful power to do as these two did. And if they did it anyway, the citizen harassed in this way could bring them to account civilly or even criminally, for abuse under color of law. Now such harassment is considered “reasonable,” the price we must pay to be “kept safe.”

              I feel the bile rising in my throat…

          • I believe I saw a movie where two guys expressed their dislike for someone, in this case one Luke Skywalker, in a cantina in Mos Eisley, Tatooine.

            The two AGWs may have as well used their lines, with the second one saying, “He doesn’t LIKE you! I don’t like you EITHER! You just WATCH yourself!”. And they’re lucky they don’t have an old, OVERPROTECTIVE Jedi Knight watching and waiting…

  2. I do recall President Tweety Bird officially saying he’d “protect the 2nd amendment”. All this gun ban stuff is WAR CRIMES against the people, yet Tweety Bird doesn’t use his legal power to dispatch the us military. We have been betrayed. I don’t know where all this is going, I guess they can make whatever null&void laws they want, but there isn’t one single person in America that is going to turn in their guns or register them. Sooooo, I guess it’ll just get ugly on a case by case basis, where thugs have absolute power over individuals. And, sooner or later, every county in the country will be a 2nd amendment sanctuary anyway. So… IDK how the thugs are going to have any legal right to do anything anyway. Hmmm. I have no idea where all this is going. I suppose the demons will have to wait another 1 to 1.5 generations so that all the gun owners are simply passed away of old age, and then today’s kids are all brainwashed to be easy targets/victims. That’s my best guess of how this all goes down.

    • Hi Krazy,

      It might be worse if they pass – but do not actively enforce – these gun bans. It will achieve just what they want – which is a populace cowed and subject to a Hut! Hut! Hutting! at any time. I you keep your gun but know you risk a felony arrest if you carry it with you anywhere and they catch you, you probably won’t carry it very much. A gun you can’t carry – or even store openly in your own home, out of fear someone will see it and sic the Hut! Hut! Hutters! on you – is as useless as a girlfriend who lives in another country and can’t even visit yours.

      Why bother?

      • Yeah you’re right about how that works in general. But people will still have them. And someday the harassment will be too much, and the people will finally start some kind of PAC and change the almighty “law”. And like I said, there ALREADY is 2nd amendment sanctuaries popping up everywhere, so that’s already the law. I think this is an issue that ppl won’t back down on, unlike other issues (like free speech) which are less objective/physical and less noticeable by the majority.

        BUT… all the OTHER crimes against humanity will probably be tolerated, because people can’t do anything about them UNLESS they united together, but ppl haven’t done that yet, so until they do, all the other crimes will go on… but the gun issue is something every INDIVIDUAL can at least feel like they have some control over, so they’ll get more involved for this issue. I think the ppl are really upset about alot of things, and they don’t have any say or control over them, so when they have a chance to do something or take a stand on something, they will. So the gun issue is kind of the only control anyone has against the war going on, so I don’t think the gun ban will actually end up sticking. It’s a weird thing, because the whole point of having guns is happening now, yet ppl still don’t use them… because they’re all individuals and the only solution to tyranny isn’t actually guns, it’s people uniting in numbers to enforce what the majority wants.

        Sorry for long reply, I don’t know how you keep up! But it’s an interesting topic … how the population will respond… the ongoing soap opera on planet Earth.

      • The recent demonstration at the capitol grounds in Richmonds indicates that Virginians will NOT be “cowed”. From what I heard, there was a ban, by Executive Order of the coward in the Governor’s mansion, not only only firearms, but body armor and helmets as well. Supposedly a fear that “alt-right” violent groups would start up something was cited as the reason, even though its well-known that many of the so-called “racists” at Charlottesville in that 2017 fracas were actually “provocateurs”, hired by Soros-funded groups. As for the rally itself, which, according to the “Lamestream” media was of “white supremacists” (funny, saw lots of black faces in the crowd, a good deal of them VETERANS), it was peaceful, but so many brought and displayed their firearms, and wore helmets and body armor, to give that POS Northam the “Finger” he so richly deserves! Where do I send monies to help boot his traitorous ass out of office?

  3. Just ran into this….

    “A Cleveland police officer who was accused of recording himself urinating on a 12-year-old girl as she waited for the school bus after she refused to get in his car pleaded guilty to three felony charges and one misdemeanor charge relating to the Aug. 16 incident…….”

    Obviously you don’t have to be “top tier” to be a cop in Merica.

  4. This is TROUBLING in ways I can’t even describe. This man visited the VA state capital grounds, LAWFULLY, to do some bona fide “reconnoitering”, and was subject to “surveillance” and a little “visit” by these AGWs, whom appear to be attempting to PROVOKE the man. Be assured that he’s probably not the only person they’ve monitoring, for what LAWFUL purpose (i.e., connected with a GENUINE law enforcement need) I can’t imagine.

    Welcome to what the latest Dummycrat “Flava of the Month”, Michael Bloomberg, would have in his Kosher Kontrol of AmeriKKKa. His “useful idioit”, Northam, is doing his level best to provoke an incident that would justify the grand “gun grab” in the Commonwealth of Virginia. These armed goons are but lower levels of useful (to the gun grabbers, not of your hard-earned tax monies) idiots, but they are ARMED, so be careful and vigilant!

    I might have handled the situation just a wee bit differently. I’d have cut short any attempt on their part to “splain” their presence on MY property, and not have made any remarks about the goon in the State House, though Northam can’t be derided enough. I’d simply ask, “Do you officers have a WARRANT?”. Any dissembling would be met with a repeat of the question. Then once they responded, “No..”, I’d say, “Then kindly and immediately get the FUCK off my property. I am calling first the Sheriff to ensure that you officers are removed, and then my attorney…so, Leave! NOW!” Then I’d turn and go straight back into my house and shut the door.

    • Hi Swamp,

      Yup! Naturally, our most persistent Clover – “LH”- has finger-banged several new replies defending AGWs (and deriding those who despise them) in the Spam queue. He’s out there, somewhere…

      • Eric, you, and/or Turdpress must be doing a good job of intercepting the troll, ’cause I’ve yet to see one post authored by him! (Thankfully- I’m so sick of having to deal with that BS…. so….tired… )

        • Thanks, Nunz!

          The “LH” Clover/troll is maniacal. He just wont quit! Even though he has to know by now that none of his posts are getting through. Yet he posts – I’m not making this up – dozens and dozens of these… over and over… more than 120 so far … all of them going directly into the circular file.

          It’s amazing he has the time given how much time he apparently spends fellating armed government workers!

          • I swear, Eric, these guys must be paid trolls, ’cause like ya say, who’d have the time- and if they had the time, why would they waste it accomplishing absolutely nothing other than wasting the time of some good people?

            Does he post like one-sentence messages…or does he actually put thought and effort into it?

            Shoot, I had a stalker once, from my local area, who discovered my email address, and all I could figure is she must’ve been on the dole or something, ’cause the amount of effort and time she spent ferreting out everything she could find connected with that email address, going back over 10 years, was insane! Took all the fun out of having a stalker, knowiong that she was crazy enough to take it to that level and devote so much time to a person she never met, and whose name she didn’t even know (Thank goodness!).

  5. The way Orange Man has MASSIVELY increased funding and militarization for “local law enforcement”, it is clear that he meant what he said re: take the guns first- and that this is intended as something that will go nationwide.

    Living in the sticks, it’s easier to see how this stuff works- whereas it might not be so apparent in the city. PD in the little town nearby needs a new “cruiser” ’cause the low-IQ badged Bubba wrecked the old one; thery can get the entire cost of a new Explorer from Uncle…..a “grant” (Seemed more like a “grab” when they took that money from us!)….and all they have to do is comply with and enforce XYZ, because after all, that is why Uncle is handing out grabs for new Explorers- to make it possible to pursue the XYZ initiative…”. No real crime to speak of here? That’s O-K, thjey can invent some…or just intervene “before it occurs” because after all, it would be a shame to waste “resources” which were intended to fight crime, just because there is no crime; or worse yet, to lose out on “free money”…….

    And so the last few strings are being tightened…lest there be any loopholes left in the matrix. The means of total control and tyranny are upon us….and it’ll all be connected via 5G.

    And the sad thing is, we see so many Libertarians cheering for it….because “at least it’s not the Democrats”. Funny- but I can’t seem to tell the difference, nor appreciate one brand of tyranny more than the other- as if there is any difference, other than in name and rhetoric only. I look at LRC in disgust these days, as so many articles there gleefully announce that the Democrats are committing suicide by trying to impeach Trump, hurrah!”. I swear, how is it any different than the Germans supporting Hitler because he would save them from communism?- LOL. Liberty is dying- even among Libertarians. The political theater is even working on them- so how can we expect it not to on the average person?

    Ron Paul, Walter Williams, Laurence Vance, Larken Rose, you, and some of the posters here are keeping the ideals of Liberty alive…..but it seems to be dying everywhere else…even among those who should know better…….

    Thank goodness for this site, Eric….or it’d be like the pre-internet days, when there was no real discourse with others about liberty.

    • PS: Re: Germans supporting Hitler:

      Whether communism had won, or not, the Germans still got tyranny and genocide. The only ones who found some liberty, were those who fled.

      • Nunzio
        “Whether communism had won, or not, the Germans still got tyranny and genocide”

        True. At the end of the war the rapes and killings decimated the Germans. Both the Allies and Reds were guilty. Due to this there are not too many full blooded Germans today. After reading many different historians I have come to the conclusion that about everything I (we) learned in school was bout 95% propaganda. John Wears “Germany’s War” is a good start.

        I got to looking after I learned of the Gulf of Tonkin lies to get us into the Indo-China (Vietnam) war. Then the lies to bomb Serbia,,, invade Iraq,,, 911,,, invading Afghanistan,,, invading Iraq again,,, Libya,,, Syria and now Iran. Considering all the lies told I decided to look into WWI and WWII….. Yep, more lies and BS.

        The truth is out there,,, you just have to hunt it down like a mad dog and have an open mind.

        • My grandfather was in a British anti-tank gunnery unit in north Africa. My best friends father commanded a German tank unit in Africa. We are fairly sure that at some time, they fired on each other.

          I have listened to both of them tell their stories and one thing became very clear. The differences between the “good” guys and the “bad” guys were insignificant. The only difference really was who wrote the “official” history.

          • And to think that generally the North African “Desert War” was considered the most “chivalrous”, if indeed any “chivalry” was shown by either side in that fratricidal, sanginous conflict.

    • Uhhh, the police in America have been MASSIVELY funded and MILITARIZED WAAAAAY before Trump ever had eyes on the presidency. In fact…some of the “best” funded and militarized AGWs are in democrat controlled cities! Go figure that one out.

      • That is true, Anon- but the FEDERAL funding and MILITARIZING of local police- even in rural areas and the smallest towns, started in earnest under GWB and the [un]Patriot Act. It was ramped-up even more under Obozo- but Trump has taken it to new levels-increasing it EXPONENTIALLY to a level never before imagined- while at the same time, installing turncoat judges and gun-grabbers to key positions.

        If Trump had run as a Democrat and courted the libtards, they’d be praising him as the champion of “gun control”- but since his part is presently to play the “conservative” and to woo the Bubbas, they just keep quiet about that, and how is letting in more invaders than ever before…and instead complain about the plethora of things he promises to do….and never does.

        • Hey Nunz, I was foolish enough to think Trump might actually follow through on ending the forever wars and getting out of NATO, which passed its expiration date when the Berlin Wall came down. My guess is every new president gets a private screening of the footage of JFK getting whacked so they won’t dare deviate from the status quo.

      • The militarization of police does start in the rural areas because they welcome it for some reason. Remember, law enforcement personnel are heeeeeros. They put their “lives on the line” every day writing speeding tickets and yelling at “oooofenders.”

        The installation of gun grabbing judges is unnoticed and unreported by “conservative” press. Instead, the focus is always on Democrats. While that is good at election time, the drumbeat in off years is mind numbing. Makes you want to tune out and drop off.

        I despise the Democrats and the focus should be strictly on their vote fraud, for RINOs and maybe the Orange Man himself is endorsing the whole mess

        • Amen, Swamp!

          “Conservatives” are a weird tribe; I know – I was once a member! But I got to thinking… if the premise of conservatism is a general distrust of government why do almost all conservatives practically hero-worship armed government workers? AGWs are, after all, the enforcement division of government. The usual reply is silly blather about preventing mayhem. I point out that AGWs will threaten you with a gun for not wearing a seatbelt. Will demand your “papers” at “checkpoints.” Inarguable facts. I ask them how this comports with “limited” government. The reaction is invariably as if I had suggested their mother is a $5 hoah.

          • Because, Eric, conservatives don’t see a problem with the cops abusing OTHER people, especially those of the “criminal class”. It’s only when the cops push THEM around that they start seeing AGWs for what they are, and even then will bend over backwards to defend them! What’s ironic is how many powerful cop unions and incidents of police brutality occur in DEMOCRAT strongholds; but the cops know on which side of the “toast” their bread is butter.

            FIVE BUCKS for a “hoah”? (Joe Patoliano as Ralphie Cifaretto from “The Sopranos”). Where? Damn…considering what my alimony payments are, that’s a LOT of whore-mongering I’ve forgone!

        • )))”The installation of gun grabbing judges is unnoticed and unreported by “conservative” press. Instead, the focus is always on Democrats.”****

          Exactly, Swampy!

          And when the Dumbocraps are in…the reverse is true. Create two sides that ultimately do the very same thing, but portray them differently so as to keep half of the people cheering for one party, and the other half cheering for the other party. A pluralistic system/false dichotomy that guarantees that no one other than the approved players will ever be on stage, lest the real objectives and identities of the real rulers be revealed.

          Yeah, I’m technically conservative- but I’m not “a conservative”. That term has just about lost all of it’s original meaning, much like “liberal” has lost it’s original meaning of one who seeks and promotes liberty.

          Today it’s just about creating two opposing sides- much like two religions who each want to enforce their own ideals on everyone else- and in the fray, liberty is completely forgotten about. It’s no longer about liberty,

      • Anon,

        Or, to put it another way: Every subsequent administration just keeps increasing the size of government, and the tyranny. Each one more than the last. I thought Obozo was bad; I have to admit that even I had some hope early-on in Mr. Comb-Over’s campaign, that he might actually at least hold things steady, if not actually roll things back a bit. But sadly, the increase in government and tyranny under his watch has been the worst I’ve seen- even worse than than Reagan’s. It’s sad to say, as someone who can at least find some common ground with R’s as opposed to D’s, it seems it’s always under the R’s that we witness the biggest increases of tyranny- ’cause the good people who would fight such things if the D’s were doing were doing them, look the other way or even cheer when “one of their own” is doing it.

  6. The Panopticon State is here. The National Security State is here. The militarized Police State is here. The Bill of Rights no longer exists. 1984 was… 36 years ago. You live in USSR-lite, replete with political show trials for people like Roger Stone and Gen. Flynn and Orange Man for failing to toe the Party Line.

    Next time some deluded Fudd tells you that we live in the “home of the brave and the land of the free,” or that “our troops fought for our freedom,” you should die laughing…

    • X,

      And now that the Space Force is here, we can truly have war against the unseen and unknowable.

      We’ve always been at war with Betelgeuse. Or was it Uranus?


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