Increase What Your Silverado Can Carry

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The Chevy Silverado’s a big truck – but there’s always room for more . . . storage capacity, that is.

EPautos stalwart advertiser American Trucks has just the ticket. Actually, several tickets. Trick your Silverado out with a roof rack storage system . ..  or side-saddle cases.

Or, a really neat configurable slide-out drawer system for the bed. Not only can you store more stuff, you can access your stuff more easily . . . by pulling the rack backward to get at it.

The exterior side-saddle storage compartments are secured against theft and weather tight, so your stuff won’t get wet or stolen.

See here for more details.

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    • I wasn’t aware a Silverado was an SUV. There are enclosed versions named Tahoe and Suburban but that is a pickup that’s show. As Anon said, it would haul one hell of a lot more with an 8′ bed. My Z 71 is my first and last short bed pickup. It’s ridiculously hamstrung not being able to carry 8′ lumber or 8′ foot anything.

      Can’t wait to get Blackie up and running with it’s 8′ bed. I have a really heavy duty headache rack(homebuilt) and a homebuilt rear bar across the end of the bed. I have hauled thousands of pounds of 33′ steel on the top and a bed full of shorter stuff. You can’t do it with a short bed even with a crewcab since the front of the bed(headache rack)is much further back .

      I’ve had people say “Well, I just use a trailer”. Good deal, use that trailer. I have a trailer made just for that but I can’t pull it out of my butt when I’m far from home and need to haul something on top. And it’s not like I haven’t had the trailer loaded with pipe and the top of the truck loaded with purlin and new structural steel(33′ lengths) or joints of PVC.

      This pickup show with a camper is gimped. How do you get a 6′ bale of hay in it? You can’t slide a couple pallets of 4′ tall seed, feed. whatever you need in it. Looks like a good boat puller for a fishing trip.

      • I did have a short bed pickup for a while. It was a regular cab stepside and I traded some logs for it. It was sure handy for what I used it for, which was hauling my chainsaws and gas/oil and other tools up into the woods. I had a 5 gallon GI can rigged up to ride on the off side running board. Dang, I wish I never had sold it but I got this crazy idea that I didn’t need it anymore.

        And I could just about punch those “I just use a trailer” busybodies! Like you, I have trailerS. If I wanted to pull a trailer then I would hook up a trailer. But there are places I go get firewood that are so tight and rough that you can barely get a 4wd pickup in low range, let alone back a trailer down through a coulee and up a hill and around a stump and so on and on. My xcab is bad enough; it needs to be a regular cab for what I use it for but it was cheap and available.

        AND … I have this notion of getting a nice roadworthy 4×4 pickup and an Eight Foot camper and the two of us taking off and traveling around the two lanes and back roads and stopping for the night pretty much wherever we please Without Pulling A Damn Trailer! I even have a nice little camper trailer but it limits where you can go. It was a great logging camp, but I want to be able to go up a road exploring and come out the other side and go on somewhere else.


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