Obeying the Law is No Excuse

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Here’s a video of a man being Hut! Hut! Hutted! for obeying the law. The victim, Michael Walker, was walking down the road – a legal activity – openly carrying his AR-15 rifle – also legal in the state of West Virginia, where the Hut! Hut! Hutting! occurred.

He finds himself accosted by a very aggressive armed government worker, who demands he present “papers” – his ID. Walker asks why – asks whether he’s committed a crime – and the AGW assumes his Command Voice and practically bellows that he can ask anyone anything he likes.

This is absolutely true.

But Walker is under no obligation to answer – or to present ID, absent the AGW being able to adduce probable cause that a crime has been committed or seems about to be committed.

Legally walking down the street legally open carrying is not probable cause to suspect that a crime has been committed or is about to be committed. Neither is “concern” expressed by anonymous “callers” that they “saw a man with a gun” walking down the street.

Nonetheless, Hut! Hut! Hut!

The AGWs proceed to lie to Walker when he asks whether he is being detained or free to go. This is both illegal and despicable. A person is either being detained or he is free to go – and AGWs – according to the law – are required to clearly tell the person. These AGWs refuse to do either.

Instead, they bully and intimidate a man who has done nothing illegal.

These AGWs are the criminals here. Worse than criminals, actually – because they are supposed to be the ones who know the law. Not the ones who make up laws.

But of course, they won’t be charged with the crimes they have clearly committed. Perhaps they will be “reprimanded” – and sent to be “trained” some more.

Hut! Hut! Hut!

. . .

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  1. Unfortunately, this deputy’s bullying and highly unprofessional conduct will likely not get all that much legal attention. The man was detained for less than TEN minutes. Had the deputy struck him or made an unlawful arrest, then he’d have something. IMO, if I lived in Putnam County, WV, I’d be calling the sheriff every day to ask if that deputy is still on the force, and make it clear that unless he’s dismissed that I will campaign to have that sheriff LOSE the next election. BTW, that’s a very good reason why the office of county sheriff should ALWAYS be an elected one.

  2. When one can be detained and even “put down” for literally obeying the law, then our mere existence makes us all criminals. Until we decide to fight back, it’s only a matter of time until TPTB declares open season on every living human being that their “minions” spot.

  3. You’ve got to start putting a blood pressure warning on videos like this. Mine spiked as soon as Officer Friendly became Officer Pottymouth. Props to Mr. Walker for keeping his cool in the face of an armed bully’s tantrum.

  4. Wasn’t WV bragging about being pro gun telling the Virginia counties to break away and become part of WV? Hmmm, sounds a bit hypocritical to me but hypocrisy is definitely the American way these days.

    • Consider this: when listening to the Alex Jones show recently, a VA state trooper called in. Though he didn’t appear to be in favor of the gun grabbing laws the VA Assembly can’t seem to pass fast enough, he made no bones about the fact that, if the laws were passed, he’d enforce them. IOW, he’d arrest people who were guilty of violating the BS infringements on our 2A rights. Just something else to consider…

  5. Since we have laws that aren’t, we have enforcers that enforce what they please. The only valid sectarian law is “thou shalt not steal”, including theft of well being, such as physical assault up to murder, slander, etc. All other laws are tyranny.

    • The second amendment is black letter law. What we have is government by strongest criminals- we’ve lost civilization and replaced it with mechanized barbarism.

  6. The Giverment really, REALLY hates the Sovereign Citizen concept (enshrined in the US Constitution). The idea that we the tax surfs have any right or redress against tyrannical government insults, offends and rouses them.


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