Poor Ol’ Clover!

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Here, just for fun, is one of Indefatigable Clover’s latest eructations. It was eructed in response to my article explaining why mandatory car insurance is immoral. Indefatigable Clover is unable to understand my point – as evidenced by his eructation.

At any rate, here it is:

Morning Anonymous,

Yep, you sound like a person whom after of causing the accident, would admit immediately that you were at fault for the accident, and the check would be in the mail like tomorrow. LOL Yep, and you have saved all the money that you would need to have to not only pay for the papier mache car you just totaled in a special account, you would also have the money put away for the persons injuries too. he-he-he
There’s a reason that these people are here for sure. Is this potty-mouth? I bet that you won’t sign a pre-nup this time around will ya bud. You’re not going to get screwed again only to get nothing in the end. lol And I didn’t mean it like that. So don’t let your imagination or your feelings get in the way here….ever!

If you made it through to the end, let me know. I’ll send you a shot of what I’ve been drinking!


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    • Hi GW,

      The Clover continues to submit posts – which he knows go directly into the trash and are never viewed by anyone except site administration – which doesn’t anymore, either. Seven more overnight. They’ll be batch-deleted along with the others!

  1. Unfortunately, I couldn’t quite make out what he was trying to say. All I could see was bullshit…bullshit…bullshit…bullshit…bullshit…bullshit…bullshit…bullshit…

    • Hi James,

      I try. I really do. But sometimes, you just have to let it go. What was it the old mechanic said about not being able to polish a turd?

      Consider this Clover flushed!

      • My goodness, you are discriminating against the fine folk that are confined in the hospital top floor. Through a new goomint program they have unfettered internet access which is of help for composition once they get released. You are of no help if you ban the guy/gal at this critical point in treatment.
        I know as I am confined too.

    • Hahaha! That’s brilliant! Maybe that’s why statism- especially it’s most virulent forms, such as socialism, is so commonly cheered for- dependent, incompetent people need someone to be their daddy for their entire lives.

      • I know someone like that, Nunz. Nice enough guy otherwise but completely and totally incompetent at virtually every aspect of life, and a lifetime client of the welfare state. Any time a bad decision was available this guy has made it, and he actually seems to enjoy being helpless and dependent having put himself in that position. Needless to say the guy votes for whoever promises to loot his neighbors to the greatest extent on his behalf.

        Politicians love people like this and buy their votes en masse. (As a charter member of the free-shit army I have no doubt he’s rooting for crazy Bernie.)

    • Hiya Nunz,

      It rubs the lotion on its skin…

      You should see what I see (the posts in spam queue are up to 50; after I deleted the prior 126)!

      PS: I got your email; pics of pond coming… apologies for the delay!

    • Sadly, most likely not. A bot would not use “heeheehee” in the approved Valley Girl soybro manner!

      Once again Eric, kudos for digesting this indigestible mass of moldy sheetrock so we don’t have to! You have earned a shot of the good stuff.

      • “The good stuff”? Ha! With the quantity and absurdity of the idjit’s posts, if Eric were a lesser man he’d be hitting the crack pipe by now! 🙂

  2. People like this make me want to run to the hills and friggin hide as this is the level of stupidity this country has sunk to. Who knew Idiocracy was a documentary.

  3. Nope, couldn’t read the whole thing. Read word-for-word for about half, scanned another 1/4, then gave up. Guess Clover picked the wrong time to quit using meth.


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