Mandate Holiday

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Since we’re being forced to not drive, surely we’re entitled to a discount on the car insurance we’re forced to buy?

In fact, why should our “obligation” – as it’s euphemized – to send the mafia (which is what insurance-at-gunpoint is) a cent hold any water at all, given the government is forcing us not to work?

I’ve decided not to – and we’ll see what happens.

The mafia wants another couple hundred bucks from me to “renew” the  “coverage” on a truck I am now told – ordered – by the government to only drive to and from the grocery store and for other “essential” reasons.

The mileage I’m driving is thus much less than it was pre-Corona and so, presumably, is my “risk” of incurring a loss. Especially in view of the fact that everyone else is driving less – or not at all – having also been so ordered.

Well, except for government workers – who have not been ordered to stop working because of, course, government workers are “essential.” To themselves.

At any rate, the amount I am ordered to pay – or else – to be “covered” is based on Pre-Corona Life, when there were no restrictions on when and where I’m allowed to drive. It seems – it is – unreasonable for that “coverage” to be priced Pre-Corona.

And it seems inevitable that we’ll soon be ordered not to drive at all – or else.

Well, why should we pay for what we’re no longer allowed to do?

Using money we’re longer permitted to earn?

I’ve decided not to. For as long as the “lockdown” lasts, so is my checkbook. I took a pen and wrote on the envelope that arrived the other day from the mafia – which I didn’t even bother to open: Government says I can’t work. I say I can’t pay. Corona! (Sacrifices must be made).

It’s snarky – but serious.

Unless you’re a government worker, you’re probably not working – or working less. And being paid less, if at all. This is not because you’ve gone lazy. Most of us want to pay our way. But what do we do when the government makes this – literally – a criminal act? Threatens us with jail if we dare to try?

People are already being Hut! Hut! Hutted! for not “sheltering in place” – and for keeping the doors of their business open.

For trying to transact business with people who want to do business with them, Corona or no Corona. Free association has been killed by Corona – and that’s a death all of us ought to be mourning.

My business is writing – and speaking. I was scheduled to speak in New York City this month – a paid gig that would have paid for the insurance the government insists I buy in order to be permitted to drive. Plus left me some to pay for things like food.

Now I have the choice to buy food – or pay the insurance mafia. Guess what I chose to do?

I think I have a right to do so – and that you do, too.

I expect millions of other Americans will soon be making the same choice – out of necessity as much as outrage. Unlike “essential” government workers – who get to define their own essentialness and have the legal power to force us to pay their bills – our ability to pay is limited by our ability to work. That has been taken away from us and therefore, our obligation to pay for mandatory-sez-them anything is null and void as a moral matter, if there ever was morality in forcing people to pay for anything other than the harms they’ve actually caused.

As opposed to the ones they might.

There is a queasy irony here, too. The government is imposing very actual harm. Catastrophic harm. Possibly more harm than anything any American currently living has ever personally seen.

It’s time to hold the government – i.e., those “we’re-in-charge” control freaks with titles and badges who regard themselves as our owners – responsible for this. One way we can do so is by refusing to hand over whatever money we still have, which we have a moral right to use for our needs.

It being our money, after all – unlike the money “the government” has, which it only has by taking from others.

The mafia – which operates on the same principle – can do without.

It most definitely will with regard to my money. Perhaps you will agree and decide not to send the mafia your money, either. At least not until we’re allowed to earn it again. And to drive again.

This isn’t just about saving money, either. It is about salvaging our freedom.

If millions of us refuse to pay because we’re not allowed to earn it might provide an incentive to lift the “lockdown.” As things stand, the government has every incentive not to lift the lockdown – as the lockdown serves to increase its power in exponential proportion to our diminishment. But the government and its rent-seeking “partners” (aka the insurance mafia) need our money  . . . in the same way that a tick needs blood.

What have we got to lose, anyhow?

They’ll fine us?

They have practically made us prisoners in our own homes already and – if this continues much longer – we will be destitute (and hungry) prisoners no longer in our homes – having been evicted from them for nonpayment.

The words of Al Pacino as Tony Montana in Scarface come to mind. I won’t write them because we all know what he said.

It felt good dropping that unopened envelope back in the mail, return to sender.

. . .

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  1. Do you have Allstate?
    If you do, it worked.
    For some reason I can’t post the link.

  2. [In a Vinnie Barbarino voice] Wait, wait,

    I think my position on this can be summed up by:

    As much as we are opposed to insurance being mandatory, we should not let that dissuade us from doing something that is in our best interests- because that does not in any way fight the mandate…but it does constitute a detriment to our own interests- which, when you think about it, is really the enabling of the overlords to cause us more harm.

  3. I’m not seeing anyone pulled over lately. I have been coughing up a lung all week and only driving to the drive through pharmacy or up to the forest to get out. If I was a cop, I wouldn’t want to get near someone like me. Don’t know what virus I’m going through, but someone with bad lungs wouldn’t do well with it. Someone posted about FLIR. FLIR is used for looking at heat escaping from a building to look for a grow, but for outdoor they look for cool spots where there is something being watered. Weed it self doesn’t give off a special heat signature.

  4. Since the mortality rate from not eating is 100%, how is it that EVERY SINGLE MOTHER EFFING JOB is not essential? Well, I can think of some jobs that aren’t essential. That would be anyone who works for the Sociopaths In Charge, the Sociopaths In Charge included. This entire discombobulatedclusterfuck is obviously the master plan of the banking cartel to confiscate all our wealth and enslave us. Shockingly enough, overall death rate of the world is BELOW AVERAGE. A month ago I pulled up a map of Cvirus and a map of 5g coverage. Near perfect overlay. Now, I can’t find that 5g map. Maybe I could get one from Event 201.

  5. Im angry about this shut down and im continuing life like normal. Self employed contractor. The ignorant public r happu and dont realize many of them wont have a job to come back to.

  6. Yesterday I took a look at Flightradar24 for a diversion during the ‘lockdown’. Over SoCal there were around a dozen police helicopters flying around. Why? Got me, I mean everyone is supposed to be inside. Thought maybe a rise in crime but it occurred they are out looking for ‘violaters’ of the great panic. Add to that the drones they have touted, not a very good thought.

      • Anon, we lived in a place near Austin(Cedar Park)where choppers full of guys with binocs and FLIR looked for pot all day every day. Eventually we came across the crew at beer joint and got to talking to them. If you’re growing in trees or tall bushes, FLIR is useless and that’s according to those guys. They said they almost never found anything and it was just a fluke of somebody visually seeing something but mostly people turning others in.

        Too many plants are too close to the same FLIR reading to be effective. FLIR can find things that are a great deal different from the surroundings. It can find you in a house, big difference. It can find a bull in a china shop and not much else. We had a great time visiting with those guys.

        What was wild was the fact we moved in right in the hard part of the growing season. There was a shed and pens out back but we never went there since the weeds were well over our heads and we had no desire to get into stinging nettles and huge rattlers around there. Late in the season when things were turning we had to go out there to find a dog(snakebit). Coming back we looked into the pens that were solid weeds and there were pot plants. They had been flying over a lot due to a clothing optional thing we did and had good looking women laid out in the back yard. We didn’t care they were ogling them and just waved.

        All those months and nobody spotted the pot plants. Damn glad they didn’t since they were all males and that would have been the shits to be busted for worthless pot.

        I never lived anywhere else I didn’t do a close search of the property after that. Of course out here in this country it doesn’t rain enough to grow pot so you’d know if some were growing although one year we’d built fence and scrapped off the ground. Right at the gate, in the middle of bare dirt, there was a huge male pot plant growing. We certainly didn’t plant it there so no telling what birdy or hog or whatever sort of varmint dropped the seed there. We took a picture of it, chopped it down and left it in the pasture dried out.

  7. This will work great until you try to re-start your vehicle insurance and have to pay triple because you were uninsured for a while.

    • Hi Anon,

      Maybe – but this is extraordinary. Never before have people been told they can’t work – on pain of Hut! Hut! Hut! It is beyond diseased to insist they must continue to pay for bullshit like insurance given that. All bets are off. I doubt I am alone in thinking so. If it comes down to feeding yourself or feeding the mafia, what are you going to do? The average cost of car insurance in this country is more than $1,000 annually. That buys a month or two of groceries for a family.

      • Good for you Eric! I may have to do same as you did, at my next renewal, UNLESS this madness stops. But if the swamp is going to destroy civilization, then I don’t think we should keep going on as if everything is fine and normal lol. Everyone should start conserving their money… don’t buy anything unnecessary.

      • If this thing goes the way I am reading it during the next year or two,,, auto insurance will be the least of our problems.

        • ken, I fear you’re right. I’d say at least a couple or more civil wars will break out in this country alone. I have friends who still can’t admit building 7 wasn’t blown up. I have asked them time and time again how it fell. Silverstein said he “misspoke” when he said “pull it” and meant “pull itover”. Of course anyone with half a brain knows you can’t pull a building over, not even the 3 story old bank building.

          But watching a building falling as fast as it could fall and turning into dust is something some people can buy right into……cause the govt. said it.

          • Right Eight! All three buildings were brought down with explosives but it’s best to start with building 7. And it’s unfortunate people can’t see that. Well, they can see it. They just don’t want to admit to themselves what their eyes are telling them.

            9/11 was my watershed moment. It’s the biggest reason I can’t trust anything the gov. or media is saying about this Covid-19 nonsense. They lost me that day and can never trust them again.

  8. Tragic, tragic:

    The largest use of U.S. corn, roughly 40%, is for ethanol production. Ethanol prices are at or near record lows, with prices at 81 cents a gallon on Thursday, down nearly 36% from $1.26 a gallon at the end of February.

    That, in turn, is hurting ethanol producers acutely now. Some distilleries that produce ethanol have shut down completely. — MarketWatch

    One weeps for heroic ethanol scammers like Archer Daniels Midland, whose gov-sponsored parasitism is blowing up in their jowly porcine snouts.

    Repeal the ethanol mandate. Let the suckers bleed out!

  9. Eric, while I applaud your resistance…in practical terms; especially since you own your home outright (as much as is possible, with property taxes)….if you should get into an accident- whether you make a mistake- or whether someone else nails you- and since you don’t seem to have a lot of cash on hand……you could end up in a bad place. I mean, even if it’s 100% the other guy’s fault, with this crazy legal system, it could cost you a small fortune just to defend yourself against some personal injury attorney….and it wouldn’t be much fun to end up with a $50K lien on your house (Not to mention the mulcting you will get from the overlords for not having “inshurnce”)- Just the legal defense we get from the ins. co. in this twisted system, can make the few hunnert bucks a year we pay to the ins. Mafia worth it.

    You knopw, I certainly don’t like it, and am not trying to justify the insurance tyranny, but the fact is, in this system under which we live, it is just practical to think about protecting yourself…and your biggest asset. Imagine having a lien on your property, ’cause some she-boon welfare queen who ran the light has “back pain”, and the porker who “investigated the accident” didn’t care enough, or is incompetent, and just assigns you even a percentage of fault…..or doesn’t provide good enough info to withstand what the other party’s lawyer-dude will do in court to turn the tables on ya! And even hiring a lawyer can easily cost ya 15 years worth of insurance premiums…with no guarantee that you’ll even prevail.

    Therein lies the value in insurance these days. It sucks….but that’s the tyranny and injustice under which we live here. We’re essentially buying protection- not just from technicalities of the overlords, but from the labyrinth of the legal system and the turds who use it as a ‘legal’ means of robbery..

    • @ Nunzio

      You make some excellent points here which is a good reminder for all of us to be aware of. The other thing Eric has to fear is being pulled over by an AGP (armed govt parasite) for lets say, oh, a tail light being out, and the swine finds him uninsured. Oooops. But I have no doubt Eric knows all too well of these possible dire consequences. And after all, like that old teaching axiom that I’ve respected for so long says, “Actions have Consequences”. Anyway Nun, good remarks.

      • Thanks, Bagwan! And exactly!

        You may go 20 years with the “proper papers”- the one day “things aren’t in order”….will be the day something happens. You could be sitting still at a light or in a parking lot, and someone bumps ya (a very real possibility these days)- What do you do- tell them to just forget it and eat the damage, ’cause if the po-po comes, YOU’ll get a ticket and may have your vehicle impounded for no insurance? And then when you HAVE to get insurance again….the rates are quadrupled, because you “had a lapse”?

        Essentially, any little thing goes wrong…and it’ll end up costing you many times more than what the insurance costs (I’m sure they’ve made it that way on purpose), and then you’ll be yearning for the cheap rates ya used to have.

        If we want any degree of real freedom these days…we have to get out of here. As long as we stay in this police state, we either compromise and “comply” and lose some of the smaller battles….or we lose even more freedom (and money/property).

        Our chief objective while living in the police state should be to maintain as much actual freedom as we can- and in my opinion, trying to win the smaller battles, which if we lose, will have major impacts, is just a good risk vs. reward gamble.

        In this case, if we “win” (We really don’t win- we just avoid) we save a few hundred bucks; If we lose, we lose thousands…or tens of thousands- and may likely end up further entangled in the system.

        In my opinion, it’s like being a Jew in Nazi Germany and displaying a menorah in your window because “You should be able to do it”. While I applaud the spirit of what Eric is doing…..I just don’t think it’s worth it.

        • Where do you go in situations like this, where the whole world loses its collective mind at once? I wouldn’t expect any return to ideas of normalcy anywhere if/when this ends. It’s mystifying, and difficult to project forward where this all will lead, or if there will be any safe haven left.

        • Hi Nunz,

          I hear what you’re saying and three weeks ago, I would have agreed. But it is no longer three weeks ago and it’s game on. I’m done paying the bastards anything. And if they try to Hut! Hut! Hut! me, I will do as necessary to defend myself. Because we have nothing left to lose anymore. Everyone needs to understand this. We have nothing left to lose anymore. It is time to refuse to cooperate, at the very least – and come what may.

          There is literally nowhere to go anymore – except, perhaps Antartica. We make our stand here, or we give up. I am in the stand our ground camp.

          • Eric

            I commend your dogged determination here and I encourage you to do what you think is right. However……………

            Individuals acting on their own may very well help improve their own situation, but as you know we’ll have to change things politically in order to get out of this seemingly hopeless quagmire we find ourselves in. In order for that to happen it’s going to take nothing short of some very brave, determined, and collective action on the part of lots of people.

            And if we want to change things, we’ll have to do it pretty damn quick as that window is closing fast, it might even be too late. I had thought several weeks ago that surely a resurrection of some kind of public protest ala the Tea Party would have sprung up by now. Sadly it never happened…and it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen. And I’m blown away by it.

            • Politics is the source of the problem, and provides no possibility of a solution. Only a sociopath or psychopath has any desire whatsoever to hold a gun to their neighbors head and force them to do a God damned thing. The Tea Party looked good on its face, but it still elected sociopaths and psychopaths. So guess who’s up for election. Its fast approaching a time the purpose of 2A is realized.

          • Hey Eric!

            One half of me is saying “Good for you!” for ‘fighting the power’….but the other half of me thinks you’re just giving up prematurely, and throwing the towel in, over something that is no different for you today than it was yesterday.

            Hell, if I were going to do something like that, I’d do it over something much egregious -like property taxes or DWI checkpoints. I mean, if you’re gonna choose to fight in a fight that ya can’t win…might as well make it over something bigger than a few hunnert bucks a year that you even actually get some benefit from. Be remembered as a martyr, ’cause no one ever remembers a “scofflaw”.

            • Hi Nunz,

              Oh, I’m not paying the property tax, either. Especially since it’s based on an “updated” assessment that raised the value of my place, which is now worth probably 60 percent of what it was worth a month ago, Because Corona. It might not be worth half what I paid for it 15 years ago! I doubt I could find anyone willing or able to buy it for what they claim it was worth a month ago, at any rate.

              So we’ll see about that, too.

    • I concur with Nunzio. His reasoning is solid and spot on. While you may be morally right, that won’t matter a whit in court.

      • Morality is the highest standard one can aspire to. To sacrifice it on behalf of tyranny is support of tyranny. Bush the tyrant claimed if you weren’t on his side against terrorism, you were on the side of terrorists. Of course he didn’t have two brain cells that got along. But in the case of tyranny, the logic applies.

    • I am going to 2X nunz here. Things can go sideways quickly even if you aren’t at fault. This culture isn’t even remotely like the one we grew up in. There are so many people who are opportunist a-holes over the most petty stuff. Someone taps your parked truck and next thing you know they are suing you.

      I would say have your agent revise the policy accordingly and rebill. It shouldn’t be an issue for decent company and agent. I can usually wring some reduction out of my insurance bill one way or another.

      • Hi Brent,

        What you say is rational – but things are headed feral. I suspect this is all going to come down to the rule of the jungle; no “process” anymore. Just your willingness and ability to defend what you have from those who would take it. This is horrible – and I dread it – but I also submit that continuing to play by the rules is ridiculous when there are no rules; or rather when the only rule is do as you are told.

        • So, Brent, you would negotiate the weight of your chains? There is nothing inherently evil about insurance, and I’m sure Eric agrees. There is nothing but inherent evil in forcing one to buy it, while dictating what it covers. Opposition to evil is our highest calling.

          • Hey JWK,
            The evil, is the tyranny which forces us to buy auto liability insurance; not the insurance itself- which can actually be a good thing (and would be even better…and cheaper- if it weren’t mandated that we buy it).

            Personally, I’d buy liability insurance even if it weren’t mandated. If I should screw-up (and we ALL do, sooner or later- luckily, thus far I’ve been lucky and any screw-ups haven’t resulted in accidents- but easily could have, had the timing been one second different)- but if I cause someone to incur $50K in medical bills, or destroy their $30K car….and I don’t have insurance, I lose a good deal of what I own to make them whole (And that is my obligation, if it’s legitimately my fault- even if there was a legal way to forestall it- like “bankruptcy” or just letting them sue me and getting a lien that they can’t collect on for many years- it would be a far greater injustice and breach of liberty to avail myself of such tactics- so personally, I’d carry the insurance no matter what, ’cause that $350 a year premium is worth it, both to protect myself and the other guy. We should all think about what we’d do under such circumstances- because regardless of what the tyrants do or demand, or what the circumstances which they create impose upon us, we still have an obligation to be responsible for our actions. This is why I also always cvarried insurance even when I was very young, when I’d sometimes fudge things (Before the technological age) and drive a vehicle that wasn’t registered… Because I had nothing then, and if I harmed someone I wouldn’t want to leave them holding the bag- irrespective of any legal consequences.

            These are things we should think about. I mean, if they were to mandate that we had to buy groceries and keep a supply of them in our homes, would it be fighting tyranny to stop doing that? Of course not! To fight tyranny, we have to fight those who make things compulsory. In the case of liability insurance, by skipping the insurance, we very well may up negatively affecting ourselves or our neighbors…but it in no way harms the tyrants nor does it somehow fight their tyranny.

  10. The UN is now trying a 10% tax on all of us is another sign the virus is all bs hype. Guess the MMGW thing isn’t working out as well as the bug….. so far.
    It’s really something these businesses waiting on corpgov backed loans to stay solvent when it was corpgov that caused the problem to begin with. And the banks printing errr loaning the money now got corpgov to double the interest rate on the loans. Yea,,, a Mafia hit for sure. First I break your business, then I ‘l o a n’ you money to get it running again.
    I agree with your stance on the insurance mafia. We sent our protection payment in a month ago and now drive 1/10 the distance. You can bet the insurance mafia will get payed,,, the banksters will get mortgages and loans paid,,, the county/city/States (schrools) will still collect taxes,,, Feds will get their taxes paid,,, albeit a couple months later.
    All for a virus that drugs already on the market can cure ASSUMING the virus is real which I am having serious reservations. According to what I read,,, the drugs work only if the virus is caught early. Apparently wanting more to take the test at $3000 a pop. I’s always the money! This country is so transparent.

    Traffic is reduced here (Pensacola FL) about 30- 50% as today we start our enjoyable 30 day (so far) imprisonment. Schrools closed another 30 days Stores and businesses that are still open are doing some really stupid things. Seeing more and more masks, gloves. People look at you like you just grew horns if you’re not decked out in the appropriate Corona attire.

  11. “The mileage I’m driving is thus much less than it was pre-Corona and so, presumably, is my “risk” of incurring a loss.”

    Unquestionably. 2020 is going to end with not only the lowest level of traffic deaths in decades, but also many fewer accidents requiring repairs.

    But insurance premiums, owing to state regulation, are “sticky.” The insurance mafia isn’t going to send refund checks based on their rapidly dropping claims. Indeed, they aren’t ALLOWED to.

    In my state, unpaid insurance prompts the state to issue a cancellation of registration notice. This wouldn’t be a huge risk if not for ALPRs, which are programmed to robotically scan for expired plates.

    ALPRs are omnipresent in urban areas. In rural areas, your chances of encountering them are lower but not zero.

    Maybe the unfolding depression will produce a McGyver solution to defeat ALPRs by either blinding them or confusing them with bad data.

    Once I taped over a single suffix letter on my plate, using paper the same color as the plate background. Drove through the E-Z Pass camera-monitored toll lane on the George Washington Bridge, and through a “no right turn” camera on 14th Street in NYC. No plate matches; no mailed tickets.

    • ALPRs are easily defeat-able. I have been driving around with a Dealer placard for years. I have construction business decals on my Pickup. The cops watch me drive by going about my business. Never question because I look ‘important’. Currently, in Idaho, I’m “essential”. Almost every business is “essential” under the governors cover his ass order. Still cruising by the pigs–out in ever greater force lately–with no incident.

      I do have insurance, because I have much to lose. I just don’t do the plates and registration thing, also because I have much to lose.

  12. Not just the insurance mafia, govco at all levels won’t be getting your pound of flesh in income taxes if you’re not getting any income. My quarterly property tax is due May 1st, thinking I might hold that back and see what happens. Would be great if everyone refused to pay, they can’t evict the whole city. I’m fortunate to have decent savings and (so far anyway) pension, but if people aren’t allowed to work they shouldn’t be paying taxes on their home prison.

    • My thoughts too. Everyone will be buying food over mortgage and rent.
      Tax receipts to the Gov will be greatly reduced also. Maybe our local appraisal district will give us a break on our homes too.

    • I think this is a plan to wipe out the last remnants of middle class america. Corporate persons aren’t shutting down. The walmarts, lowes, tractor supplies, mcdonalds etc etc etc are all still open doing business and paying their taxes. The scumbag govt and jew bankers will fire sale everybody else deemed unnecessary.

  13. Govco is sowing the seeds of its own implosion. It’s system, corrupt and broken as it is, cannot sustain the numbers of people now applying for unemployment, or the expected duration (which will be unpredictable but long), or the downstream fallout when the rolling snowball begins to pick up mass and speed.

    Maybe a better idea is to take their $1200, apply for unemployment and take that too. En masse, this will overwhelm the system and bring the house down.

    In their panic and diaper filling, they forgot to think this through. Best to capitalize on that now, and help facilitate the ensuing demise. At this point, I can think that a hard reset is the only way out. Get in while supplies last!

        • Here in OR, the state has more money than EVER, and they don’t have much to spend it on, yet… still taxing everything to death, trying to pass more bills/laws for more taxes! State got sued by some counties and IDK others, about loss of revenue from not being allowed to harvest timber, so state lost ~1 BILLION this year, I think that was ~half or maybe 1/4 of their normal income. You can’t even make this stuff up.

          The bad karma is off the charts — all the guv grifters are going to have to PAY BACK the money they stole… at minimum wage working some horrible crap job in some hell world. But they’re livin it up while they’re goin down.

          • Why isn’t Brown et. al. sending out the kicker checks? Being another Oregonian here in big timber country, I’m concerned they’re going to try and keep the overpayment of our taxes due to this idiotic panic.

          • Hi Harry,

            I wonder – and we’ll soon see – how many people who played along with this system (like me and many here) no longer will. I loathe taxes in principle but paid them because I was allowed to keep enough of what I earned to feed myself and maintain my life. But now I am essentially not allowed to work. How dare they demand a cent from anyone thus hobbled!

            If this is a “crisis” then they are obliged to “sacrifice,” too. If not, then we have proof positive it’s not a “crisis” but rather a mulcting using a manufactured “crisis” as the pretext.

            And if we are willing to bend over and accept that dick up our ass, what won’t we accept?

  14. The insurance companies are all related to and “work for” the big financial houses/big-banks.

    They’ll never take it on the chin voluntarily.

    It shouldn’t be to difficult to figure out that the government loans to small businesses now being offered, all on favorable terms if used to pay rents which in turn pay mortgages, or employees, which in turn keep people spending and paying their credit card bills, pretty much all filter back to those same banks.

    Factor in that those same banks & financial institutions are getting “fees” etc. “paid for by the government,” as if that were possible given that the government itself has no money, and once again, it’s clear that the central banking structure is in charge and in full control.

    • Hi 37,

      Indeed. So let’s use our righteous – justified – anger as fuel. Imagine if the American colonists were told they not only had to pay taxes to the King but were also told they couldn’t work (but still had to pay).

      It’s pitchforks time – and then some.

      • The colonists rebelled over taxes and oppression that were nothing compared to what we suffer under daily.

        They launched an all out war, against the most powerful military force on the face of the earth, at that time.


        They were better men than us. Better by far. That hurts to write, since more than a few of those radical hell raisers in Boston in 1775 are my direct kin.

        I support you in this act of defiance. I very well may join you, because I have had fucking enough as well.

        • Hi AF,

          Good men are still out there; I aspire to be one. As much as anyone, I suppose, I enjoy my creature comforts and peace. But what comfort and what peace are left to us? We went from being allowed to work provided we paid a fourth to a third of what we earned to “the government” – i.e., those people with badges and titles, backed by men with guns – to not being allowed to leave our homes, in the space of three weeks. How long will we be allowed to stay in our homes, even?

          If we don’t act to make this better it is certain to get worse.

          If an invading army parachuted into the country, the effect would not be much different than it is now – except we’d be able to fight. Instead, we are told to “shelter in place” while our lives are systematically deconstructed. And we’re supposed to just sit quietly and obey.

          The last thing I want is a confrontation. But what do you do when they allow you no option but to confront them or submit completely? And what will we get if we do?

          We may be allowed to exist. That’s not life.

      • Long past time. This whole farce is so obviously a fraud I’m surprised even the sheep are swallowing it. Notice how the Sociopaths In Charge aren’t handing money to businesses, they are offering them loans. But won’t allow them to operate. So they default on the loan. “Sorry, we’re going to have to foreclose on your business”. Same story for mortgages and car loans. So the banking cartels own the nation, lock stock and barrel. Even if the “experts” forecast of death from this “virus” were true, which is extremely unlikely, at 250k that’s about the same number as are killed by medical error every year. So should we avoid the virus, or doctors? I become more and more convinced every day that there is no “virus” other than the already failing fiat money economy we have lived with. 219 CEOs of major corporations resigned and cashed out in January, the eugenicist Bill Gates among them. Its all a lie to cover the failure and subjugate the population.

        • Amazing, isn’t it, JWK?! “Let’s see…it is largely debt wehich caused this problem, so how do we ‘fix’ it? More debt!”. We pay- in taxes, inflation, and devaluation of our savings, to create the phony money they make to provide these loans…and then the debtor pays back the borrowed money, not to us, but to the fraudsters who conjured it up out of nothing- and then when the debtors can’t pay…the conjurers get the collateral too……

          But give the plebes a $1200 check, and they love the conjurers and think that they are great humanitarians……

  15. Sorry to hear about your CV experience.

    Retired and living in The Villages, my lifestyle has not changed much — unless you count listening to my idiotic neighbors complaining. You see, these are the same neighbors that rarely get out, except to ride around The Villages in their golf carts.

    Oh well, enough belly aching.

    And readers, do you want another “take” on CV, read this

  16. Eric, more bad behavior on the way…
    I read an Austin Texas firm is docking their workers the equal amount they will receive from the government in relief $ from their paychecks. They are sending *agreements* out to be signed by the employees allowing the firm this right or lose your job. Now I am not in favor of any welfare…period. However this is demonstrating how a little bit of power in some peoples minds opens the door to becoming a dictator and thief.

    • Hi Hans,

      Indeed. I also expect more of such. The game is afoot. And the rules need to be thrown in the Woods. It’s a hootnanny free-for-all now. Stop obeying. Stop paying. Whatever threadbare justifications were in place a month ago no longer are.

      Time for the pate de foi gras goose to hiss!

      • Totally agree man. I am going to call these robbers monday and tell em…I’m a non-essential and cannot pay. So sorry.

  17. Well, my wife, who works the ADMISSIONS desk at the largest hospital in SW Florida, just got laid off, as did her best friend, who is a nurse at the same facility! Since everything elective or non emergency has been cancelled, they had two, count ‘em, two(!) admissions yesterday, where a normal day is 25 to 50. And yet, the local FAKE news keeps reporting that the place is “overwhelmed” with CV-19 cases. What a bunch of phony BS.

    • Hi Floriduh,

      This is very interesting – and it jibes with what I am seeing in my area. Roanoke is home to a major regional trauma center that serves the SW part of the state as well as parts of NC. I have been driving by there every day – including yesterday. The place is as quiet as it was two months ago. More so, because fewer people are out and about. But I see no signs at all of anything being “overwhelmed” – except with bullshit.

      One of the major TV networks was caught using footage from Italy to create a hysterical story about what is happening in America.

      I don’t just smell a rat. I smell rats – a whole horde of them.

      • She’s actually pleased with this development as she was thinking about retiring anyway. Now she can collect unemployment (plus a little extra from the Feds) for a few months and never go back. I, on the other hand, am thinking “oh, shit”! I’ve been quite enjoying my retirement with her gone all day, 5 days a week. Now, 24/7 together? Yikes

      • Eric, the hospital in my area, which is the largest, premier trauma and ICU hospital in the state has only 14 COVID-19 patients as of today. Not 14 ICU patients, 14 patients in TOTAL with Covid-19. This includes people laying around in the general hospital rooms with a nasal cannula and jello cups.

        I suppose this could change and grow exponentially like the scary IHME models suggest, but as of right now this is not overwhelming the system.

        • Hi Mike,

          Thank you for this critically important info! The more of us who “see something” – or rather, don’t – and “say something,” the better our chances of beating back this tyranny before it becomes set like cement.

    • The sizeable hospital closest to our house in Austin looks like a ghost town.

      My wife works in the healthcare racket, and she’s told me on numerous occasions to never take her or our kids to the hospital in question, but I would think that someone would view it as an acceptable institution in a *crisis*. They must have ventilators and staff licensed to use them, right?


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