This is the “New Normal”

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If you want a glimpse into the “new normal” have a gander at the treatment meted out to a mother peacefully protesting Because Corona lockdowns. She was surrounded by a gang of armed government workers, who literally ripped her screaming child away from her during the Hut! Hut! Hut!

Keep in mind: The woman committed no crime. Declining to obey arbitrary decrees suspending basic rights isn’t a crime – though it is being treated (and enforced) as one.

Watching this video, the amazing thing is that the AGWs weren’t surrounded by bystanders and torn limb from limb.

That day is coming, however.

If this kind of thing doesn’t stop, soon, it can’t come soon enough.

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  1. “Watching this video, the amazing thing is that the AGWs weren’t surrounded by bystanders and torn limb from limb.”

    Blacks would do that to white cops. But white people worship the very cops who deny them guns (especially in Australia) — and those cops would gladly shoot dead anyone who laid a hand on them.

    • Hi X,

      This is generally true; probably because most white labor under the delusion that they have something to lose. But it is increasingly obvious that all of us have almost nothing left to lose anymore. The idea that we’ll be allowed to retain some semblance of our normal lives if we just obey is absurd. It’s come down to our lives – and they’ll taker those away, too, if we continue to obey.

      • Trouble is, Eric, most people have had nothing to lose for quite some time- but they’ve been taught to “work for the future”- so, they’ll spend a third of life and go into massive debt to get some sheepskin/ticket to the rat-race; They’ll assume $500K in debt to live in some row-house in a cement jungle, and work in some cubicle, being treated like a child, for forty years…just so they can “retire”, and maybe finally enjoy the fruit of their labor…if they live that long, and if their health holds out, and if the market doesn’t crash….

        It’s always “Live for the future”- and under such a scenario, no matter how bad things may be, “It can only get better”. Always chasing the cheese…the carrot on the stick….. THAT is how they keep the masses in-line, and why they hate “independents” like us.

  2. Perhaps I didn’t learn to read after all. I was pretty sure I had read that the US Constitution is the supreme law of the land. I was pretty sure that the guaranty of rights by the Bill of Rights were a part of that Constitution. I was pretty sure that none of them contained an “except for” clause. I was pretty sure that ithe right to assemble, and the right to be secure in our person papers and effects were among those rights. I was pretty sure that violation of those rights is prohibited by 18 USC 242 of the federal code, with punishment for doing so up to and including a death sentence (look it up). I was pretty sure that all the edicts put forth by the various governors and mayors , and the enforcement of such, were criminal acts themselves. Or, maybe, I was kidnapped by aliens and delivered to a different planet that is quite similar to the one I came from, but the same words don’t mean the same thing. If that is the case, I want to go home. If not, then any one calling this nation the “land of the free and the home of the brave” is a baldfaced liar.

    • Hi JWK,

      You’re technically right – and so was Larken Rose. It doesn’t matter when “the law” is whatever those who have the guns and gavels say “the law” is. The Constitution is -at best – a vague suggestion, which suggestion the government is free to ignore at its whim.

      • And as many of the drafters, signers, and supporters of the Constitution stated, the principles of liberty such as described in the Bill Of Rights are meaningless if they are not heartily embraced and enforced at any cost by the citizens. And clearly, too few citizens care about liberty.

        • Hi Nunz!

          This living in Fear thing baffles me. I am not a brave man, but I cannot relate to the Corona Cringing I see all around me. Is this all it takes to reduce people to quivering paralysis? It’s not even real!

          • Hey Eric!

            You are brave! You buck the system and tell the truth, even though doing so often entails serious consequences. People who stand up for the truth and liberty, especially in a world where doing so puts one into a hated minority and often means standing alone, are extremely brave!

            I was taking my mother for a walk around the property about 11 years ago, and we came upon a neighbor’s crazy bull who had jumped the fence and standing in a corner formed by the fence and a big tree and an old post. My mother looked at it, and it started pawing the ground and put it’s head down and started to charge. My mother froze in place! I stepped between them and made a lot of noise and flailed my arms and turned him away. I did what I had to do- no thoiught required.

            But what you do is much braver, because it requires weighing consequences, and is constantly ongoing. It is a fight for life, liberty and principle- and the rewards and consequences are not immediate, but often long-lasting.

          • I am more concerned about germs than most people and then all of a sudden nearly everyone jumps past me by light years. It’s very creepy and weird. And why did they go from making fun me for minor oddities like washing my hands before I ate and such to wearing masks and latex gloves everywhere? The television told them to.

            Next comes the demands for mandatory vaccination which even six months ago was still a tin foil hat conspiracy theory they ridiculed people for thinking could happen.

            • Amen, Brent –

              It has to be the TeeVee. I cannot otherwise account for the weird increase in Fear Masking over the past couple of weeks as it has become clear to anyone paying attention to the facts that the death rate is a fraction of what was predicted. My state – with nearly 9 million people – has reported around 500 deaths Because Corona. Over the past three months. In my specific part of the state, the total deaths attributed to WuFlu are about a dozen. Absent the incessant media barrage of Death Porn, these deaths – all of them of very old people (average age, 87) wouldn’t have been noticed except by their immediate families. Yet every other person I see in Kroger and Lowes has the Fear Mask on.

              This is literally like every other person wearing Depends because a few hundred old people in nursing homes are incontinent.

              • That is the power of the corporate mass media. It literally creates, shapes and manipulates public opinion. That is why its so terribly dangerous, to have 90% of the mass media owned by only six companies. The mass media’s power has been used by the political class, to control and dominate the general population for generations. Couple that with the public indoctrination system, and you end up in our current sorry situation.

                • Sad thing is, what people see portrayed on the TV has become the reality for them.

                  99.8% of people would never even THINK of transgenderism…..but plaster the subject all over “the news”, talk shows and even sit-coms…and suddenly it’s an “issue”.

              • In illinois our dear leader has dictated masks in all stores that are open. Since the beginning of may.

                I don’t have enough sample size to judge compliance. With every business place like the airport I’m not going to stores much. The carry out place I go to I now have to pick up in my car. I was the only person not wearing a mask.

                • Hi Brent,

                  I’m willing to risk arrest over this; I think it’s something worth standing up for. I say this because if the Mask Thing cements, things like forced vaccinations/tracking and even home “inspections” are inevitable.

                  • Eric, these days its not just arrest people are risking. All too many of the AGW’s are out of any sense of control. That tends to happen when they hire former combat troops, and use them as police.

                    I’ve seen countless examples of people being badly injured or out right killed by enraged AWG’s. In most cases, absent really good legal talent, it gets swept under the carpet. Or some huge settlement (out of the tax payers pockets) is used to make it go away.

                    But given their control of the corporate mass media, and the fact that the entire system is based on the fear and intimidation, provided by the AGW’s, always count on them being supported.

      • Agreed, its largely useless as a protection from tyranny, having left the fox in charge of the hen house. It is however quite useful as a test for how tyrannical our masters have become. A test they have gloriously failed.

        • JWK, I’d not say failed. This was all very intentional. Think of it as a multivariable field test. It identified those who would abuse their powers, and those who wouldn’t. Not to mention, how long various segments of the population would go along with it (and how long it took to panic various segments). It also identified when various types of resistance would start. Not to mention, various biological factors, and how different segments of the health care system would react under load. That’s all very valuable data, that one can’t get from models. No doubt, all of this will inform future operations.

          • I know I’ve sure learned something! Even the people I know IRL whom I thought would be the last to fall for this BS; the last to worry about the stinking FLU; tough guys/maniacs and people who previously did not seem to be affected by much of the BS always bandied about in the media (’cause they were usually too busy doing things to watch TV)….have fallen hook, line and sinker for this scamdemic.

            Now….the guy I know who was shot by a hitman; crashed his motorcicle 5 times; who chops up semi trailers with a torch, even the day after he has surgery….is now sitting at home cowering and is pre-occupied with the flu just as much as is some silly Oprah-watching couch sitting woman!

            They’ve got just about everyone into their globalist “we need the gubbermint to save us” fold now……

            Once all opf the first-world countries economies fully collapse, they will propose a “benevolent dictator” to “saqve us”…..and there will be virtually no resistance, ‘cept for us…..but we don’t count, ’cause there aren’t many of us…and they’ll likely have eliminated us anyway.

            • Hi Nunz,

              I’ve lost about half my friends so far – they might as well have died from Corona. They’re dead to me, at any rate. I cannot associate with people who demand I give upmy freedom – the most basic human freedoms – for the sake of their anxieties.

              • How many would agree that disillusionment is a good thing? The term is considered a negative by most.

                Words, like other ink blots, reveal psychology, via projection…or regurgitation…& that’s about all “social” vocabulary is good for.

                You can never know who is who until the tight spot reveals that info.

                Or even the fake tight spot reveals that info.

                If those “lost” had ever been found, they still would be. So it is good to know, & that “loss,” of dead weight you were carrying, is actually a gain.

              • Hey Eric & Oz,
                In my case, the people I know were never exactly Libertarians- and I always recognized that- but the thing is, that I’ve known most of these people for decades, and while we sure never saw eye-to-eye on political and philosophical issues, at least they were always tolerable- largely because they are rather old-skool, and are the kind of people who don’t sit around watching TV, or working cubicles.

                But now….now things are different, and they are loudly parroting the mainstream BS- and are exemplifying the very epitome of emotional reactionism- just spewing ther media BS and not even hearing anything to the contrary.

                So yeah, it’s not that I had any delusions about what they were (Oz)-but at least one could once have a discourse with them and at least raise a few “Hmmmm’s”- or just avoid talking about things we knew we’d never agree on- They were tolerable- but no longer are. It’s as if their minds have suddenly been taken over in unison by an outside force- and I guess that is indeed the case.

  3. Eric,

    At a recent CA beach protest, a woman went on the beach, and the AGWs went to arrest her. Other bystanders went on the beach, and the AGWs backed off! I can’t remember where it was, because there are so many anti house arrest protests in the country these days… 🙂

  4. Eric, you ok? You usually crank out content here daily. Remember to record any interactions with AGWs and other authoritarian corona busybodies!

    • Hi Robert,

      I’m still alive but feeling bushwhacked. Trying to get some sleep and hopefully a reboot. I appreciate your asking. Hoping to have something up shortly…

      • Yes, I’m also feeling more and more frustrated as the situation worsens. I’ve started picking fights with corona sheep who dare claim the lockdown should continue while in my presence.

        • Morning, Robert –

          Yup. I can deal with government idiocy and tyranny. But the idiocy – and tyranny – of my neighbors and (ex) friends is what’s getting me down. I cannot remain on friendly terms with people who accept – and support – all of this. I see them as “good Germans” – maybe not sieg-heiling but endorsers of it as “necessary” and “we’re in this together.” These people are going to drag us all down into a world that, for me, is unendurable. A world in which people demand total control over not only their own lives – but yours and mine – if it’ll “keep them safe”… from whatever.

  5. Hahaha! She ran over the “journalist’s” foot! Good thing that was in the Land Down Under and not here; here they probably would’ve opened fire on her!

  6. The gal has stated that her son wanted to go with her to the protest, which she was using as a way of exercise. She and the protesters ware practicing social distancing, and the police were across the road. all was peaceful until the coppers intervened. She kept telling the cops she did not consent to what the cops were doing, and then the cops tried to rip her child away. She kept telling her son not to say anything or answer their questions. Our local knowyourrights group is helping her fight these coppers. When she got home, the reporters from the msm were invading her property and her space, as she was advised to not talk to reporters or other media, as the media will twist her story to make her look bad for standing up for her rights.

  7. Louis XIV, Marie Antoinette, Nicholas II, Alexandra, and Shah Reza Pahlavi were not available for comment.

    This could be a long hot summer: After all, idle hands and feet are the devil’s tools. And without the bread and circuses to distract people, they’re getting restless.

  8. I live in a small town with a small police force and a large county with a modest sized Sheriff Department. Most the the leos are cool and do live among us. As I drive by them I think of ways of how I am going to defend myself and bystanders against them with also ways of being nice to them but thinking of ways I can kill them as the famous General espoused. It saddens me we have arrived at this way of thinking.

    • Mad Dog Mattis was right on that. You may not want to have to kill them but you should be ready to. This goes for every adversary. They surely are prepared and willing to kill, maim, and torture you.

  9. Charles and Eric,

    “the amazing thing is that the AGWs weren’t surrounded by bystanders and torn limb from limb.”

    I disagree.

    I’m surprised mom and child weren’t killed by the mob while the AGWs stood by.

    People want to be controlled. They like to bully others.

    Holding contradictory beliefs is the new normal.

    I don’t think there will be much pushback as society embraces the Sonderkommando lifestyle.

    The masked ones pretty much avert their eyes now.

    More people bitch and moan about the local rendering plant than will ever question the local concentration camp.

      • Enjoy? I doubt it. Tolerate it? That’s more likely. Most are so indoctrinated, and so full of the illusions/delusions fed them by the “educational” system, and the corporate mass media, that they have little concept of a better life,

        • As long as “mommy and daddy” give the sheep money (“stimulus” checks) and toys to play with (smartphones, tablets, etc.), they will not only tolerate, but demand their enslavement.

    • I honestly think that the majority of folks are simply tired of freedom and just want to be “cared for”. It’s only a matter of time until 95% of us are sacrificed “for our safety”. The remaining 5% will be the elites and their slaves.

  10. I think that took place in Australia, which doesn’t quite have the tradition of freedom and individuality we’ve had in the past. Here, we’re seeing pushback against AGWs. A woman in CA went on the beach to protest, and the AGWs started to arrest her. Then more people on the sidewalk joined her and surrounded the AGWs. The woman remained free.

  11. I have a nephew who got a Masters degree in criminology, fully expecting to go into law enforcement. Now, he is a young man who gives me faith in young people. He is thoughtful, has a strong work ethic, and is a natural libertarian ( I use the word “natural” for people who defaulted to this kind of belief system early, rather than learning life lessons to get there).
    He has concluded that he has no hope of ever working in law enforcement, and is changing directions. They don’t want him. That want military experience, and I think the subtext is that they don’t want independent thinkers who happen to believe in freedom and natural rights. That makes it pretty easy to see how we get incidents like this.

    • By contrast, I have a nephew who is a total moron; a complete loser with no work ethic, who can’t run his own life; a glory-seeking nut-job alcoholic, who, even though now middle-aged can not even maintain a stable life- and the state of VA. has put a gun and a badge and credibility in his hand on three separate occasions! Those are the kind they want.

      Yeah, they love “the suhvice” is like their training academy now; as I heard one once say “They taught us to kill, and to do so without any feeling bad about it”. Add to that a good case of PTSD and some psych meds….and you have a force for evil; mass-murderers for hire.

      • Seems that that’s the case everywhere these days, Mark- As per some recent state court rulings- like the one in NY where a guy aced the test but didn’t get hired on as a pig becauyse his IQ was too high- It turns out, the tests aren’t to find the best and the brightest…but rather those who aren’t too bright. An Iq of 103 was the upper limit in NY. Basically, a mediocre 7th-grader.

    • If it ain’t innate, it ain’t a’tall. Learning “to be” libertarian is right up there with learning to be your personality, height/weight, eye color, etc.

  12. “Watching this video, the amazing thing is that the AGWs weren’t surrounded by bystanders and torn limb from limb.
    That day is coming, however.”

    Yep, blow-back is a bitch.

    • Hi Charles,

      These AGWs are today’s einsatzgruppen. Ranks of low-IQ thugs who are “just doing their jobs” – and enjoying every minute of it. As will we, when the day comes.

      • and paid quite well for it. All the while the little serfs are given their crumbs on lockdown. Well, once the real calamities hit…like starvation, AGWs will be amongst the first cower to the hungered masses that will ascend upon them.

    • I’m hoping that the day comes when sensible people stand up and bite back. What gives me pause is the number of mask wearing idiots out there. I viscerally hate masks and the corona cattle like submission to authority they represent.

      • SR, I’m going to have to comment on the mask wearing. I too find the masks silly, like putting up chain link to keep gnats out of the yard. But it’s a fad. It’s an easy thing to do and appeals to superstitions. I wear one when circumstances warrant, but I’m also carrying a little 40 these days and want to avoid being a focus for crazy people, especially communism enforcers.

        Half of the people are of below average intelligence. They don’t like this and are muttering and ridiculing it. Once a few leaders pop up, they will be a force of nature.

        Do they follow leaders? Of course, and real leaders have been marginalized and smeared forever. Jesus Christ comes to mind. As does Sam Adams and the boys. Of course there are four more examples like Mussolini and Stalin. They were all human, some were forces for good and some for evil.

        The problem is that most of the leaders are truly evil bastards, but even stupid people figure out they’re being misled eventually. Right now a hell of a lot of them know it, but don’t know what to do about it. It should be obvious that the bad guys have laid lots of traps for the unwary, or ill thought out responses.

        It is coming. Wait for the whites of their eyes…