2020 Ram 1500 Diesel Rant!

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If you want to roll coal, this one’s not for you. But if you want to haul a serious load, it is!

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  1. Is there a logo to distinguish the gas powered models from the diesel? I’ve seen a few of these 1500s here in Melbourne Australia. The seller even ads them on tv now.

  2. My understanding is that VW is being “allowed” to resell various diesels in the US they were required to buy back from owners during Dieselgate a few years back. VW kept them in huge parking lots all over until settlement with the Government. The big requirement is that the cars are reflashed so they dont go into a test mode and can meet emission standards. I have been seeing more and more for sale lately, but with WuFlu and 40 million new unemployed, their high prices are dropping quickly. I have mostly seen them at dealer lots only. Good luck on getting one, I am looking too.

    • Hi Saxon’s –

      Yup. These TDI VWs are in high demand – for good reason. As I’ve mentioned here previously, they are the only new cars I’ve driven in 25 years of test driving new cars (thousands of them) that exceeded the window sticker mileage. They are brilliant cars – and with the manual six speed, fun cars!

  3. It appears the RAM Eco-Diesel made a good impresseion on you. Too bad we can’t get it in Europe where “die Dieselpolizei” have just whacked VW forcing the company to buy back all affected diesel models due to the faux scandal. It has become a lawyer fishing expedition, as expected: https://schadenersatz.lawbutler.com

    • Hi Jimmie,

      I know;it’s horrendous what’s happened. And it’s happened here, too. There are no passenger car diesels available; just a handful in trucks and SUVs. VW – which used to offer a diesel option in just about every car it sold – no longer offers any diesels in the U.S. at all.

      And why?

      Because Corona – in principle.

      A minuscule “threat” exaggerated to hysteric proportions triggered a brutal over-reaction that imposed billions in costs and cost countless people their jobs. Sound familiar? It set the precedent.


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