Drunk, Bloated AGW Asks for Oral Service

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Here’s a delightful video of a Georgia armed government worker telling a “citizen” to “suck my dick.” The AGW was demanding ID of a man sitting on the porch of what appears to be his home or the home of his friend; in any event, the man hadn’t committed a crime when the order to fellate was issued.

The AGW – Travis Wick – had previously been disciplined by his “colonel” (the eagles found in a box of Cracker Jacks) for being drunk in court – where he was scheduled to testify. The liquored-up AGW wasn’t allowed to this time. But how about all the other times? These AGWs are like pederast priests. For every kid they get caught touching there were probably a dozen others.

Apparently, the AGW’s friend – another AGW – then offered up a steak dinner to let the matter drop. This AGW had been arrested for doing 95 on his bike while liquored up. He was given the usual discount – also for a false report about another incident, which the video above details.

That AGW is still an AGW, by the way – with another department. Just like the pedophile priest who gets moved to another diocese.

As for the oral favors-seeking AGW, he’s out of a job. But will surely get a new job – as an AGW – in another town or county.

Perhaps yours.

. . .

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  1. Come on! The phase was used the same as saying kiss my ass. It’s used all the time in arguments. A colorful metaphor more or less. Just like when you tell someone to ‘kiss your ass’ Do you really want them to do that? No.
    The cop should not have acted like that, It was rude and crude. But for media to insinuate the cop wanted sexual favors… that is nuts……

    • Hi Ken,

      Yep, this douche gets fired, deservedly so, but not for the colorful comment, clearly he was not demanding oral gratification. Interesting that a cop gets fired for saying “SUCK MY DICK”, but another cop gets rehired so he can collect lifetime disability payments for the trauma he experienced after murdering a man.

      “SUCK MY DICK”, you’re gone!

      Murder a terrified man, pleading for his life, BONUS, maybe this will reduce your self inflicted pain.



      • Hi Jeremy,

        Indeed. In this case, I think the more significant abuse is that the AGW was not fired for showing up drunk at court. To testify (probably lie) about a case involving some other person’s well-being; whether they would be found guilty or innocent of some charge. And the AGW – whose testimony is taken not as “hearsay,” as yours or mine would be but rather much the same as physical evidence, shows up soused.

        And isn’t immediately fired.

    • Hi Ken,

      Of course. But play it in reverse. What would be likely to happen if you or I told a cop to suck our dicks? That is the issue here. The thuggery (and double standard). AGWs are armed and threatening by definition. Which is why they ought to be held to a higher standard of conduct while wearing a government-issued costume and wielding government issued power. If I tell you to suck my dick, you can just laugh and walk away – or tell me to go fuck myself. But it’s different when an AGW abuses us, isn’t it? We take a risk by answering in kind and we know the threat is different, too.

  2. Well I’m shocked, that one given virtually consequence free authority to do whatever the hell they please would do such a thing. It galls me to no end, that if the concern is abuse by police, it could be dispensed with overnight by a few simple actions. Eliminate qualified immunity, and actually enforce legitimate law against them for starters. Instead, they aren’t held the least liable for the most heinous crimes, and are rarely charged or convicted for violating the “law” they are charged with enforcing. They are nothing but the tools of tyrants. Without the Gestapo, Hitler would have been nothing but a not very good comedian. Without the KGB Stalin would have been nothing more than a bully with bad teeth.


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