Drunk and Speeding AGW Displays His Entitlement

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Here’s a video out of Sandusky, Ohio of a traffic stop of an armed government worker who’s been drinking and speeding (75 in a 55) and expects “professional courtesy.” He gets flustered and then annoyed when it is not extended:

The arresting AGW is actually extremely courteous – even to the extent of letting the tipsy AGW get out of the backseat of the squad car, not cuffed, to chat over the arrest. He isn’t Tazered, no gun is pointed at him, despite his recalcitrance.

It’s be nice if AGWs treated other people the way they treated this liquored-up hog.

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  1. The real story is how he started to act like a scared effing child once he realized what it’s like being on the other side of the strong arm. Crying like an absolute bitch. Ive been arrested countless times, all for non violent victimless crimes, and although it’s nerve wracking, I’ve never cried like this thin blue pussy. This video made me literally laugh out loud, thank you

    • Ditto, Kris.

      When I was 19 I was arrested and charged with felony production/manufacture of a controlled substance (pot). I didn’t blubber like this fat load… and I was just a kid, looking at possible prison time.

  2. This “liquored-up hog” as you so aptly put it is one breathtakingly stupid person. To think he has (or perhaps now, had) powers of arrest over other people is both disgusting and frightening.

    He’s also not rare.


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