WuFlu Will Never End

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The problem with WuFlu is that it won’t end with WuFlu. Ordinary flu – and the threat it presents to granny – will become the justification for “locking down” the country, too. Maybe even the sniffles.

After all . . . granny might die!

. . .

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  1. If you read the article I posted on epa yesterday you’d know they haven’t even identified what the disease is. But looking at the death rates for each country and their history of vaccinating for TB, it appears that vaccination is effective for protecting against whatever the crap is that has got the world in a tizzy.

    If you didn’t read the article you can find it on LRC from yesterday. It appears with views of the electron microscope, there is little difference in what is seen down the chain in TB and this latest thing.

    Now they’re rushing a vaccine to market that everyone will eventually be forced to take but there is a way out that’s in an article by Bill Sardi on LRC today. I will be paying the $12.98 for two forms to opt out of that vaccine and will willingly pay to opt out of anything else big pharm has in store for me. I see no way to not pay. I have a govt. gun to my head as does everyone whether they know it or not.

    Since I was one of those who had the old TB vaccination as a child, I’m probably immune to whatever it is that’s going around, the reason so much of the population in the US isn’t affected. But to see those countries that have literally 1 death per million that still have that mandatory old bovine vaccination for TB certainly indicates it’s not a virus but a bacteria and nothing that comes down the pike for a virus is going to do anything but further Bill Gate’s desire to kill off the population of the world.

    I heard someone say if he could get within 600 yards of BG, no one would have to worry about the SOB again. Sounds good to me.

    But anyway, I’d suggest everyone here give this article a look and save yourself from a vaccine that might be made with anything the devil decides to use.

    Here you go: https://lewrockwell.us7.list-manage.com/track/click?u=6ad24f4cd1574f1f7b8a0a03a&id=9e7c0f8deb&e=62e95e6f13

  2. The very fact that whether one is required to abide by the corona flu dictates or not is race specific destroys any delusional pretense that such are remotely legitimate. Most people are indeed highly susceptible to propaganda, quite often eagerly supporting such male bovine fecal matter. But anyone with an IQ above room temperature can easily see there is no rhyme or reason behind “racist” enforcement. Which makes it a direct assault and insult on what little reason and logic the public is still capable of. Any and all who still hold any regard for the continuation of such are in fact clinically insane. So now we will see, are most of us insane, or not. Case count is the new and improved fear porn number because death count (even by the ridiculous protocol for assigning it) and mortality rate just aren’t scary any more. In any case, can anyone explain why those places with the most restriction happen to be the places most severely effected? It seems obvious that rather than an attempt to secure public health, their effort is nothing more nor less than a test to see how much iron fisted jack booted thuggery the general population will tolerate. I paraphrase Frederick Douglass, “However much tyranny one will accept is exactly what one will receive”.

  3. This won’t stop until people tell the little tyrants to stick their unlawful and illegal executive orders where the sun don’t shine. The Governors, Mayors, and Whatevers doing this need recalled and tried for their treason. Of course dumbshit Americans won’t do this so it’s a dead issue. Americans have implicitly agreed to allow these “rules” so the traitors will continue.

    According to the Celente and the Trends Journal they will attempt another lockdown. I think there is a good chance that they’ll succeed considering the dumbshits out there. Adding insult to injury when you have people like PCR believing everything the media is saying about the virus, believes all the bogus numbers while at the same time decrying said media for for its involvement in the destruction of the nation by promoting racism and riots,,, then it’s obvious the media / gov have won the virus propaganda.

    He states: “I also wonder about the external cost imposed on others by the propaganda that the virus is a hoax or not dangerous, and that the precautions taken have killed more people than the virus. This propaganda causes people to be careless. Consequently, they become infected and spread it to others. ”

    Basically he is saying WE (those of us that understand this is BS) are producing propaganda, not the media or government. Never mentions those little things like it’s okay to toss the masks and social distance rules to riot, burn and loot as per 1000 health authorities BUT not okay to do the same when protesting the lockdowns and illegal rules the scum tyrants are dishing out.

    When you have supposedly intelligent, educated people buying into this garbage then there is no hope. This pundit has a lot of followers. People like us are just noise in the background.


    • Hi Ken,

      Yes, pushback is the key. Also with regard to this “racism” business. Startle them by not accepting their gaslighting. Say no. Make them attack – if they have the nerve – and then righteously defend yourself.

      It’s disappointing about PCR. I knew him a little once back in the ’90s when I worked at The Times in DC. But we all make mistakes.

      In this case, obviously, the mistake is buying into this “cases” crap. I had a “case” of ennui recently. There are millions of “cases” of Diarrhea; it is a “pandemic,” even.

      Bear down on the mortality numbers – not the number of “cases.” Repeat this loudly, often. Perhaps it’ll get through.

      • The mortality numbers are what count, and even those are suspect; how many died only with the WuFlu as opposed to actually FROM the WuFlu? Figures lie and liars figure, so even if the 200,000 deaths the PTB are crying about is an accurate number, there were over 600,000 deaths from heart disease. Too lazy to look up cancer deaths but I’m sure it’s an equally large and scary number. Pick any disease and highlight it every.single.day and you can frighten all the Chicken Littles in our dumbshit population. People die every day of something, meanwhile life goes on for the rest of us. Someday I’ll be checking out, right now I’d like to escape this insanity and live out my remaining years in peace….good luck with that. 😖

  4. Eric,

    I don’t think a second lockdown will fly. Why? Because of the recent, major lefty riots. Why is one large, public gathering (sans masks and physical distancing, BTW!) all right, while another one is not? The Fake News media can’t put the toothpaste back in to the tube here. Besides, after the financial devastation people have suffered through this, they simply CAN’T do it again; the need for food, clothing, and shelter will compel mass resistance to a second lockdown.


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