Know Your AGW!

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Here’s a quick look at something you might not have seen – unless you have a good eye. Or a good radar detector!

Armed government workers don’t drive geriatric cars anymore. This makes them harder to spot – until after it’s too late.

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  1. Here in Michigan some police departments have cars with “subdued graphics”, most of them having dull black graphics spelling “POLICE” on a shiny black car (mostly Dodge Chargers). It is almost impossible to spot the “subdued graphics” at any distance.

  2. They started using the flat light mounts a number of years ago that makes them harder to see as well. Fortunately, I do a great deal of my driving in a rural county where the state police don’t bother to come, and the local sheriff doesn’t consider traffic control a priority. I rarely see either.

  3. Just curious. How are you not stopped for operating a radar detector. I thought they were illegal in Virginia. Being from NC, about 20 years ago I operated one across the state line in Va and at some point was stopped solely because I had one and was awarded with a very expensive ticket. I guess the detector-detector may not have been in this AGW’s Explorer.

    • Hi Doug,

      It’s easy, actually. Because radar detectors are illegal – and because most people are good sheep who obey “the law” – AGWs don’t use Instant On radar (which is harder to detect without also being detected) but rather just leave their sets on constantly. When my set indicates an AGW is getting close, I just unplug and slide on by. So long as I do this in plenty of time – and am not the only car on the road – the AGW cannot discern which car has the detector.

      • A caveat in your favor if ever you face it: “A” detector detects wave “B”, the only way to detect detector “A” is to recognize some defieciency in the return waves of the source “B”. Somewhere in “B”‘s functional field of is a blackhole of rader/sound/laser that it detects and reports. There are so many oddball sources for false positives, If these machines are to detect your speed and detect a device in your car this machine is at split purposes. What does this machine do? Does it detect speed violations or devices?
        If they were after you for speeding your devices are irrelevant, if they were after you for devices your speed is irrelevant.

        Then lying was invented

      • The new Valentine V1 Gen2 is supposedly undetectable. Plus, they are giving a sweet trade in deal on your old detector. I’m seriously thinking about it myself.

        “LNA has another benefit—it acts as a one-way valve, trapping LO output before it escapes V1 Gen2’s magnesium case. That’s the key to stealth. V1 Gen2 is practically undetectable.”

  4. OK. What do I do if I see red/blue lights on a vehicle following me. How do I know it’s a Revenuer or someone posing as a cop? In Mexico, one would be an idiot to pull over for an unmarked vehicle – particularly outside of a city

  5. I was under the impression that in some states you could not be pulled over by an unmarked police vehicle.

    Facts: A captain parked in the grass about five to ten feet off the side of the road. The engine was running, but the headlights were out. The car was all black and only indicated the word “POLICE” in silver letters on the front quarter panel of the cruiser, 3 inches in height and stretching 30 inches across the bottom of the panel. The captain stopped Andrew Schneller for OVI and driving on the wrong side of the road. Schneller described the car as “blacked-out,” and police inventory described the car as “unmarked.” The vehicle had no other police logos and had civilian license plates. The court determined the officer violated (X)RC 4549.13 and found his testimony incompetent.

    Importance: (X)RC 4549.13 requires officers on duty for the main purpose of enforcing misdemeanor motor vehicle or traffic laws to be in a vehicle that is marked in a distinctive manner or color and equipped with at least one flashing, oscillating, or rotating colored light mounted on top of the vehicle. If the car is not marked, the officer is unable to testify against the defendant at trial, and if they do, the testimony is automatically deemed inadmissible.

  6. Just curious Eric, how come you turned off the comments on the video? It would be interesting to hear some comments that aren’t necessarily from “us”.

      • You’re lucky they didn’t suppress the whole video! I suspect that’ll happen before long though, because you routinely commit the crime of Wrongthink…

      • They do not want people to see how many of us there are out there. One of their tactics is to make us think we are few, and so we should just keep quiet.

        The worst among us humans have determined that they can shape society through their controlled use of new media delivery tools. I fear they are correct, as evidence shows.


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