No Change on the Way to No Cash

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When people are terrified, it is hard for them to think – which probably explains why they seem unable to now. Can it possibly be a coincidence that as the number of “cases” endlessly reported is increasing, the amount of change available at stores is all of a sudden decreasing?

Could the two be  . . . connected somehow?

Is it credible that – all of a sudden and right now – there’s no change in the till, just by chance? When such shortages have never happened before?

Do you suppose it is possible this purported “shortage” of coins is contrived – to push people toward not using cash?

It’s a thought you’d think more people would have. One that might raise some questions in their minds.

But then, they don’t seem to think very much about the “cases,” either.

Instead, they are scared – terrified. And – not surprisingly – passive. Terror, psychologists will tell you, induces torpor. It frazzles the cognitive apparatus. There is a reason why rabbits freeze when confronted with a predator.

Americans, lots of them, have become lagomorphic. They freeze – paralyzed by the fear instilled by the predator. They are shocked into submission (the Soviets styled their front-line troops shock troops for a reason; it is not a coincidence that the applicators of state terrorism under the Great Decider also used the term, shock and awe – as a paralytic agent).

They could, of course act.

The “peaceful protestors” showed it is possible. But the “peaceful protestors” are not lagomorphic – perhaps the last Americans to not have descended to rabbithood. Their motives – and morals – are not the point here.

The point is they didn’t freeze.

If America is to be saved, it will take Americans – with good motives and morals – unfreezing. Which if they did so would avoid an actual fight and the possibility of general destruction and mindless mayhem that could easily exceed that of a previous example of what happens when people freeze when confronted by predators.

It only took a handful of Lenin’s Bolshevik thugs to gain control of St. Petersburg in Russia – because most of the city’s residents froze in terror. They let the thugs take over. They served as the silent ballast of the Communist Revolution – and many didn’t live to regret it.

Today’s Bolshevists are also a handful. The media, as it is styled, is in fact the property of a few very large corporations and these corporations are controlled by at most a few dozen people, who want you to hear about the cases but never the 99-plus percent recovery from them or the 80-plus percent no symptoms from them. Every day, as many times per day as possible.

To lagomorphize you into statuary. So as to acclimate you to a cashless society in which you will no longer have the capability to protest – peacefully or otherwise. How will you eat when they can take away your work and your food and everything else – by making it impossible for you to pay except using their digital payment system, contingent on your being a very good little lagomorph?

It ought to get people to think. Why is the media – the word implies a great panoply of news outlets and thousands of reporters and commentators – uniform in its reporting and commentary?

Why does one almost never hear a reporter or commentator within the media putting the “cases” into context – in the manner of “cases” of dandruff, say?

Or asking why, all of a sudden, people are being pressured to not use cash?

It is because, like Lenin’s Bolshevist Shock troops, the media is in fact a small cohort in terms of who controls it. But because it controls practically all “mainstream” reporting and commentary, it can fabricate the perception of saturation consent, which leads to actual consent.

Or rather, shellshocked submission.

A thinking person – as opposed to a fear-frozen lagomorph – might wonder why the sudden re-urgency of Face Diapering when there is palpably less – if any – reason to Diaper. The “cases” may be up but the death count isn’t just down, it’s practically disappeared. In fact – italicized to emphasis that it is a fact – the ratio of “cases” to deaths is so lopsided as to make the fear absurd.

To a thinking brain.

But a brain frozen is another thing.

And now, there’s no change. The rabbits freeze, again.

There is a story about another lagomorph named Zinoviev. He was one of Lenin’s Bolshevist Shock troops who specialized in freezing people via terror. When it wheeled around on him under Stalin, he froze, too. He could not believe, as he descended the steps of the Lubyanka to where his blood would soon flow into the river of blood unleashed by himself, that it was now his turn to bleed.

He didn’t round on his executioners and at least try to gouge an eye or kick a shin or even stand on his feet like a man.

Instead, he froze – and then begged.

It was an embarrassing end – one his executioners told stories of and laughed at.

What stories will one day be told about this generation of frozen lagomorphic Americans?

. . .

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  1. Eight south,

    I used to do the same thing with my phone until I smashed the damn thing. I decided I didn’t like my carrier either, and when I got my new phone and carrier, I didn’t notice that I couldn’t remove the battery at all until I got it home. it was such a good deal, I was really ticked off. I’m weaning myself off all the apps though, and will eventually go back to the disposable flip phones at walmart

    • Shanarkle, I’d like a faster processor and some of the sensors the newer phones have. This old phone won’t even charge with a charger. I have to change batteries I use a specific wall charger to charge. But I won’t have a phone I can’t easily change the battery. I’ll have another flip phone when it gets to that point.

      • I think I would just go back to the old rotary dial phone Eightsouth. Those were the good ol’ days. You didn’t even have to have power to your house to use them, and never had to wait for it to update before you could use it. My smartphone just did an update, and it is now running probably 30% slower than it was before. It’s also telling me that I need to renew my McAfee subscription. Fat chance of that happening. When it gets infected by some virus, it will go unceremoniously into the trash.

        • That would be a long cord in a big rig. I used to like the old heavy ones. You always had a weapon if you had a phone.

        • Shnarkle, look up Thio Joe on YT. He can tell you all the apps you can do without and the invisible things you can shut off and make your phone faster than ever. BTW, every smart phone I’ve had(2)I put some tape over the cameras(use masking tape)and mic. I use a BT headset so it’s hands free use. I even have a cheap speaker that’s a mic too and it’s a good stereo speaker. VTIN Q1. It has good range and sound and works as a mic. I only use it on the computer and at night when I don’t want to wear a headset.

          • Hey 8south, how about refining the search, he’s got almost 800 videos to choose from. Which one are you referring to? I’ve got tape over the camera on my computer, but I’ve recently begun to actually use the camera on my smartphone quite a bit. I’m trying to find out how long it will run before it runs out of storage space so deleting a lot of useless apps would be a great way to possibly extend memory for video footage. That’s just my guess. I don’t really know if that’s the case or not.

            • He has a fairly new one about cleaning unneeded apps on your phone. He has many on improving your phone and making it safer. Yep, he certainly has a bunch.

              I never quit using my camera, I just slap the same piece of tape back on the forward facing one when I use it and keep tape over the one on the face. It’s just cheap tape you use when you’re painting or something, enough on a roll to last a lifetime just doing that with it.

  2. Hey Marky, In order to debase gold or silver coins, bars, or bullion, one would need access to the mint itself. Good luck with that. I don’t see it happening. When it says, .999 pure, that’s what it is. i don’t see how anyone could counterfeit it either. Change my mind. If the mint decided to start minting debased coins, bars, etc., then they would most likely state the purity on them. If not, then they could still be weighed to verify, no?

    • I suppose weighing gold and silver would help, but couldn’t more filler be put in to yield the same weight? That said, all I know is this: a precious metal based monetary system can be debased, and the ancient Romans showed us the way. As it says in Ecclesiasties, there is NO new thing under the sun.

      As for having access to the mint, who has that? The gov’t does. Who would have an interest in debauching the money supply? The gov’t would. It’s akin to the fox guarding the hen house. How’s a precious metals based currency “honest”? It can be debased; all that changes is HOW it’s done. Again, the Romans showed us the way; they did it, so it can be done again…

      • Marky, I see what you’re saying. I just don’t see why you’re saying it. Precious metals are not legal tender. I’m not talking about currency currently being used for commercial transactions. If silver dollars were to be debased, it would be in the best interest of those holding them to find out, and expose that fact.

        The government doesn’t want precious metals being used for money. They have a vested interest in that not happening and those who are brokering the sales of these metals also don’t want them to become debased. As soon as that happens, they’re out of business. The only people who want them are those who know they’re not debased, and all of them will go away if that were to change.

        The only ways I can think of for your theory to work is if someone were to come up with a really good way to counterfeit gold and silver coins, bars, and bullion, or the government mint started debasing gold and silver coins, bars, etc. so that everyone soured on the idea of owning them, and placed their trust back in the government’s virtual currencies. It hasn’t happened yet.

        • If the gov’t doesn’t wanting us owning gold and silver, they’ll just follow FDR’s example; they’ll outlaw and confiscate it.

          I thought you were one of these gold bugs saying that, if we only used gold and silver, why all our problems would be solved! That’s why I was making my point.

          Though gold and silver aren’t legal tender, couldn’t they be bartered? Wouldn’t that make them de facto money?

          • Trading gold or silver for cash doesn’t make them de facto money, Marky. Trading gold or silver for cars, boats, food, etc. doesn’t make them money either. The government has outlawed using precious metals as currency because they want to control the money supply themselves.

            The last thing they want is for gold to go through the roof as the dollar collapses. They want gold to stay low which keeps the dollar strong. I’m not a gold bug, and assuming I am doesn’t prove your point.

            Precious metals are a store of wealth. They’re an insurance policy in case the economy collapses which it surely will. People are going to eventually notice that it isn’t that an oz. of silver actually worth $500.00, but that it takes $1k, to buy a ten dollar silver coin. At some point people will see that the currency is becoming worthless, and start unloading it as fast as they can until no one will accept it anymore.

            That’s not going to happen with gold and silver regardless of whether the government outlaws, or confiscates it. There are all sorts of other things people can barter with that are a store of wealth, fungible, etc. Tide laundry detergent, booze, seeds, etc.

            Pointing out that counterfeiting, and debasing is likely to happen again doesn’t mean people will stop accepting the real thing. The Mosaic law points out that debasing or counterfeiting coinage is flat out wrong, but nowhere does it prohibit honest weights and measures. It condones them.

            Again, I’m not under any delusion that counterfeiting or debasing can’t continue to happen with precious metals. I’m pointing out that there are ways to determine the purity of precious metals that preclude that being an issue.

            Holding gold or silver isn’t going to solve any of the problems we are about to encounter as the economy continues to collapse. That doesn’t mean it’s not a perfect time to buy gold and silver. There is no better time to buy than right now, especially if one hasn’t bought any yet.

            It pays to remember that silver and gold are not getting more expensive at all. The money in your bank account is only getting more and more worthless. It takes time for some people to comprehend what’s really going on. Everybody figures it out in their own time. The sooner one realize what’s going on, the better off they’ll be.

            • I understand what you’re saying. It’s been said that an ounce of gold will buy a nice men’s suit; it bought a nice men’s suit back in the time of $20 gold pieces, and it’s true now. I’m also aware of inflation. The only thing that bugs me about gold is that it doesn’t generate income, nor can you buy anything with it; as you pointed out, it’s not legal tender.

              I’m aware of what the Bible says about honest weights and measures vs. the dishonest.

              Now, if you’re using gold and silver to exchange for things, then it is de facto money; it may not be legal, but it is functioning as a medium of exchange. That’s one of the core fuctions of money-to be a medium of exchange.

              While I think that the economy will collapse, it won’t do so in one, fell swoop; it won’t be dramatic and all at once. That’s not good for TPTB. No, I think we’ll see what’s akin to a gradual deflation of a balloon with a slow leak.

              • Marky, I’ve always thought the collapse would be slow as well, but lately I’m not so sure anymore. i wouldn’t be surprised if it all fell apart within six months, and stayed that way for a very long time.

                I used to laugh at those who talked about “bugging out”, but not anymore. The economy can be trudging along like it is, and society seems fairly normal, but it isn’t going to collapse everywhere all at once. It’s going to happen in spurts and in one neighborhood while passing another, just like a hurricane or tornado will leave a path of destruction down one side of the street while leaving everything on the other side in tact.

                Have you ever read anything by Gary North? He has a book he wrote decades ago where he talks about the influence of envy in society. He goes back into tribal groups with shamans and people giving each other “the evil eye”. He said that when it gets to that, it’s best not to have anything anyone else may want. Dress down, don’t flash any bling, etc. I took that advice to heart many years ago, and I think it’s about as important today as it ever was.

                • Yeah, I used to read Gary North all the time! That’s going back to the late 1990s, the Pre Y2K days. I stopped reading him when he got Y2K so wrong though. He talked about society going down and remaining that way for years, courtesy of the Y2K problem.

                  Texe Marrs, OTOH, said that TPTB WOULDN’T let things go to crap after Y2K because they needed to control us, and that it was easier if we had our entertainment, bread and circuses, etc. That’s why I think that the collapse will be gradual.

                  That said, I like your analogy to a tornado or hurricane. I never thought of it that way, but it makes a lot of sense…

                • Shnark, the collapse has been slow- about 50 years. We’re just now reaching the end, where it’s all been synchronized on an international level- which was the whole point of them engineering it- to use it as a catalyst to install overt world governance- as opposed to the piecemeal covert variety we essentially already have.

                  • I agree Nunzio, and it seems inevitable that most people who not only see what is happening, but think they’re going to live out the rest of their lives living apart from it all are going to cave in pretty quickly. I spent years living out in the boonies, living apart from society, and it can be seriously brutal at first. It wears on the mind. To really succeed one has to completely cut themselves off from pretty much all technological gadgets that are connected to the grid.

              • MM, gold is good for long-term preservation of wealth- but I’m with you- in the short term (for those of us who aren’t wealthy) just the commissions on buying AND selling gold, and the difficulty of converting it to spendable currency- kills it. (The “vig” between spot price and what ya actually pay can easily be $200-$300 per ounce these days- plus other fees).

                We have to do something though- as the inflation caused by them printing up funny money faster than terlit paper is eroding what cash we may have. I’ve always been a believer (for us little guys) in physical, usable commodities, like pre-emissions tractors and such. I’ve been looking to buy a 45-50HP tractor for my own use while I’m still here in the US, and because I think it’d be a great investment as a hedge against inflation- but I think it’s already too late, as nothing is for sale locally these days…and when it is, it’s priced double what it was last year. I may be too late- unless we have a temporary period of deflation when the next round of lockdowns come around.

                I looked at a JD 5200 last year I could’ve had for $6900- but rejected because it was near impossible to find one of the gears…..just saw that same tractor for sale for $12K! (No loader or anything) -Better than gold! (And when the computers die on the newer stuff, that tractor will probably be worth $20K!)

    • KInda makes you want to start wearing face masks doesn’t it. I can’t make up my mind if I despise the face masks or the facial recognition technology more.

      • That’s a good point! Though the Chicoms have develped facial recognition tech that’ll read your face WITH a mask, I don’t know if that’s just for the surgical masks or if it’ll work with the respirator I have. I have a respirator I used on an old job for when I was soldering, and that’s what I’ve used on occasion to go grocery shopping.

        Then again, there are OTHER means by which we can be identified; facial recognition isn’t needed. The FBI has software that’ll analyze your gait, your manner of walking. Every person has a different gait, so one can be identified simply by looking at a video of them walking. BTW, the FBI has had this for at least two decades…

        • Marky, I guess when all the world is a stage, the better actors will get away with it. Use disposable phones, cash, etc., and they’ll never figure out who or where you are.

  3. On the subject of limited availability of coinage, I call BS. Coins last much much longer than “paper” money.

    If there really was a “coin shortage”, why in the wide wide world of sports are they not asking for John and Jane Q Public to raid their coin jars and put their coins back into circulation?

    • Exactly, J!

      It doesn’t make sense that there should be a coin shortage “because there have been fewer cash transactions” due to COVID- because if that were true, then there’d also be less change being given out- so the two things would even each other out. If anything, there would be a coin surplus more often than not, people paying cash pay with only paper and not coins, while change almost always includes coins!

      • Nunzio,

        As I’ve stated elsewhere, two US mints were closed prior to the COVID mess. I don’t know why, but they were closed; AFAIK, they still are closed. That begs the question: if we’re short of coins, why not reopen these US mints, so we can have sufficient coins again?

  4. Ken: Yes it is priced in, as it needs to be to be profitable. Not that most businesses will even make a profit this year. The point is to keep the money in the local economy, and keep it out of the hands of the people that are cutting our throats. A small thing, but something we can do directly that costs us nothing and supports our community we live in. As you can tell, I think of the individual, and all solutions pointed at the individuals well being.

  5. Eric,

    Your anecdote with Zinoviev: excellent historical awareness!

    Not many have a clue who Zinoviev was, much less what he did, or how he died.

    You’re on the right track, though, considering how Normal American values and culture have been destroyed.

    Zinoviev was closely involved in the covert influence operations that the Comintern, led by Willi Muenzenberg, unleashed against the USA.

    For full details, you’ll need my book: Willing Accomplices: How KDG Covert Influence Operations Created Political Correctness.

    See the book website in my signature.

    I’d be happy to send you a copy. Drop me a note: kent (at) kentclizbe (dot) com

  6. Hello!
    It is the voice-caster for this article on Lewrockwell!

    I quit my job because of the the mandatory “Face-Diapering” at McDonalds. (Its tough now, so if you guys wanna hire me that would be swell.).

    Anyway: Canada got rid of the penny years ago. I have hoarded about 10 dollars worth of pennies believing that they will go up in Value, in like 70 years. I think a lot of people who’s job directly depends on physical currency will stand up for themselves. Or maybe they’ll


    Like the rabbits. (Very amazing article Eric Peters!). All those people in the Mint, bank truck pickups, vending machine operators, bank tellers, builders of coin-sorters, goddamn laundry matts, anyone in the Safe industry (bugs bunny probably would not freeze if a safe fell from a roof I think) & hell taxi cab drivers. People like cash. It helps them to physically display and visually see their own funds, which I think is something a lot of people encourage.

    HOWEVER, if keeping around the penny and the nickle is more than 7 cents to produce (Think of those taxes): is it like worth it? Would it help the economy to stabilize or “trim the fat”? Or am I completely out of my depth here as a University Grad, ex-mcdonalds manager & voice actor?

    Thank you again Mr. Peters for this article.
    I may just trade in my hoarded pennis (not penis lol) to buy your audiobooks.

    • Hi Alexander,

      Welcome – and thanks for the kind words. I thank you for taking a stand against this sickness psychosis. And the book is free – just shoot me an email!

  7. Nunzio,
    Sure would like to go fishing with you. We would surly run out of bait before we ran out of things to talk about and agree upon. Take Mark and Eric along too.
    What you said above about “no flesh saved” tells me a lot.
    One thing that helps keep me going, (I’ll not see 80 again), is that there will come a time when those with the so-called big bucks will no longer be able to do what they are doing.
    “He” knows that he has but a short time and so he has his children working overtime to get-er-dun. Of course some of us know that he won’t get-er-dun but he will get dun in.
    With morality and Truth in virtual free fall, I believe this country is toast. I don’t get any pleasure out of saying that and I don’t have any arguement with anything Eric says. I think he’s one cool dude and a very straight up guy. In spite of it’s condition I think he would like my 40 year old scotsdale with it’s hooker headers, highrise elelbrock, carter four-barrel, 350 trubo, and fwd. I’m pretty sure it’s over 300,000 by now.
    I don’t know if I will last long enough to see those two witnesses arrive on the scene but what an awesome thing it will be because they will be seen by the whole world and what they say and do is only hinted at in the Book.
    One can only try to imagine the impression they will make on those who they will expose and convict. And then to see them come alive after lying there dead for three days?
    I could go on and on but I’ll leave it at that for now at least.
    Eric, it would be really neat to meet you guys at some point. Who knows???

    • Rog,
      Ditto on all points, and right back at ya!

      It’s telling, that people li9ke us are so rare these days, that the only way we can really connect with others of like mind is on the interwebs. In real life, where we live, and among our own relatives and acquaintences, we are in a desert. I’d much rather be fishing with you and Eric and many others here.

      And re what you said: (Ezekiel 7:19)”They shall cast their silver in the streets, and their gold shall be removed: their silver and their gold shall not be able to deliver them in the day of the wrath of the Lord: they shall not satisfy their souls, neither fill their bowels: because it is the stumblingblock of their iniquity.”.

      • Yep. I knew there would be a lot we could talk about if we had the chance. It’s really tough sometimes to think how few there seem to be who really know what’s going on. I think that as things get worse more and more of God’s elect will be driven into the scriptures in search of the Truth. Hopefully there will be those who find each other and that would be a real blessing. God surly can gather his people together if that’s his will in these times. It won’t be in any of those so-called churches on main street though because the evil dude has already taken them in. If any of them actually had the Truth and began to preached it, do you think they would be allowed to do that? Not a chance. Now they choke on a grain of the Truth and swallow a lie as big as an elephant or bigger.
        I get your drift on the cave. There will be some who will be led into the wilderness and cared for for 31/2 years. My pastor told me he thinks it will be mountainous and very cold in the winter. I don’t see myself getting there without a lot of help but of course if the Lord wants me there, that’s where I’ll be. But when that group comes out at the end, boy howdy will there be hell to pay for the other side. What an honor it would be to be a member of that army.
        One other thing that gives me some encouragement is that the real leaders who know who they are working for and who really controls them also know that in the end they will lose. Most of those on that side of the line don’t even have a clue what they are a part of, but some do. And they also know what’s in store for them when it’s all said and done. The big bad dude knows it too so he will lie and murder for as long as the Lord allows.
        You hang in there and try to stay safe. Maybe we can keep in contact.


        • Hi Rog (and Nunz) –

          I’m not specifically religious – as Nunz already knows – but there is evil afoot. Good, too. It is Undiapered – which is why the Diaperers are so keen to enforce Diapering on all. Stand fast. We may not prevail but we can give a good accounting of ourselves and that is its own reward.

          • Eric
            Looking back, I have no idea why God chose to draw me to him and I still struggle against the flesh every day. I have fought for about 40 years now and still am. But I do know this. In the final analysis, (judgement), there will be a reward far bigger and better than any I might get out of this fiasco. I’m with you all the way on the diaper deal and a lot of other things you say. I have no idea what kind of reaction I might have spur-of the-moment if someone tries to stick me, diaper me or otherwise. But I don’t think I will just roll over and bow down. I stand fast by staying away as much as possible, but I’m sure that “they” know where I am and have for a long time. So it’s just one day at a time and WATCH.
            I really like your articles and wish you the best. And you don’t have to be religious. Almost nobody today even knows the true and original definition of that word.
            If you’re one of God’s Elect, he will draw you when he decides and that may be going on now. How does one know when it starts until they can look back?
            You ARE an inspiration which also makes you a target. So be aware, and take care.

            • Thank you for the ind words, Rog – sursum corda – they man a lot. You also, Nunz. All of you. This group is a band of brothers and I am honored to be among you.

              • Eric, we all owe you an innumerable debt for providing this forum where we have this opportunity to fellowship with people of like mind, and for your great example, encouragement, friendship, and support in this crumbling world! (If it weren’t for this site, my internet usage would plummet by 90%, as would my solace in knowing that there are still a few great people out there!)

                • Ditto, Nunz!

                  You guys help keep me sane – and typing 🙂

                  PS: Some good news. Yesterday, people showed up at my place; a young guy and his mom. Their family is in the process of moving to my town – to be around like-minded people. They seem like very nice people. The kid is homeschooled and very articulate; the mom is very thoughtful. Once they get settled here we’re getting together for dinner. On the same day, I made contact with another local who grows vegetables and such and sells locally. Also one of us.

                  We’re not extinct yet – and we may just be getting going.

                  Keep in mind that people like us have been trying to live our lives and go about our business – unlike the enemy, which is obsessed with running our lives and ruining our business.

                  They’ve been organized a long time. But it doesn’t mean they’re going to win.

                  It is daunting, I know. Try to imagine what it must have been like to be a soldier at Valley Forge. These are, indeed, the times that try men’s souls. And probably more such times to come.

                  But we have the moxie to stand it. Or at least, to not bend to it.

                  You guys are the best; it is my privilege and honor to have come to know you.

                    • eric, it would certainly be nice to be close enough to meet in person and speak in total privacy as a group.

                      The AI on Android now is really something beyond what it used to be.

                      I’ve experienced speaking of something in the presence of my phone, become accustomed to having the same ad open when I used the same app. I first saw it be very specific when we were having bad weather move through. Bad weather in west Texas is often a serious thing.

                      So the wife and I were speaking about something we hadn’t been speking of one day when I was opening the weatherunderground app often. The ad that had been showing everytime I’d been opening it changed to exactly what we had have a conversation about.

                      Yesterday I mentioned getting the big trap out of the barn and catching some coons that have been a real pain. I’ve been noticing more and more tracks down the drive where there’s a little amount of dirt that builds up just deep enough to see the tracks of the animals that use it.

                      Last night I go to bed and look at the weather and then open YT to continue a video I’d seen partially(have yet to find it which is unusual)and the entire page was nothing but coon trapping videos.

                      We started some time ago to turn the phone off but I’ve had it off on the road and when I turned it back on a weather station’s site was showing on a town I had gone through.

                      Now, when we speak of something private we want to keep that way, I remove the battery and leave it in a distant room.

                      When I put the battery back in everything is the same including the same ad I was seeing on some app. I use very few apps, a couple weather apps and YT and otherwise I used Firefox Focus, Firefox and DDG.

                      When friends come by they leave their phones in the truck and I remove my battery. When I decide to go see someone I don’t mention it before removing the battery and often, don’t replace it till I’m back home. See? I haven’t been anywhere and my phone is sure of it.

                      Unless I’m trucking, I leave my phone in the console battery removed.

                      One of the big problems govt. of various sorts that has become out of control since LE isn’t supposed to use them but does constantly is the old Stingray. I can leave the battery in my phone and travel and show you how it’s been tracked.

                      Never in my life have I been so keen to speak to people face to face and never mention the subject again unless it’s face to face with someone.

            • What flesh do you struggle against? Is this like when I was forcibly taken to the Babdiss meetings? I never quite understood the struggle against flesh.

              • All of those things that tempt us physically. We are all subject to the desires of the old physical body. It might be one or many things. It’s pretty easy to find excuses for not sticking to the strait and narrow.
                I smoked unfiltered “humps” till I was over 60. I had felt for several years that it was not right and if the Lord walked up to me I’d have no excuse to justify the habit. Finally I had to decide if I really believed that with God all things are possible. I knew they were so I just said “Lord if you will take away the craving I’ll do the rest. I won’t buy them and will try not to think about them, etc.etc.
                I had tried in the past and couldn’t kick the habit. But from that day on I’ve never been tempted and the cravings, especially after eating were gone. It was like I had never smoked at all.
                Anyway those are some of the things one has to fight against. Lots of temptations out there. Lots of peer pressure.
                Hope that helps a little EightSouthman

                • Anon, I hope it helps 60 seems to be the magic age to give up bad habits. Over a decades later and I still drink. The weird thing is, I have been sick since August and had not totally quit drinking. But I needed something other than opioids to help those bad headaches, eyeaches, earaches, etc. I started drinking the only Pilsner beer I can stand and drink it over ice. I find it’s like drinking something that’s not alcoholic. I do still like to drink my Shiner Black Bohemian Lager but it’s too pricey so that keeps me from drinking much. I’m fairly much of a drinkoholic, be it water, sparkling water or beer or something else without alcohol.

                  I’m very glad you quit cigs, not for my sake, but for yours. I just watched my whole extended family die of it except for two aunts who never smoked.

                  I made a change months ago and went back to drinking iced tea. I love the stuff and have to drink decaf since caffeine is really bad on me. I quit coffee many months ago. I love coffee, could drink it all day but it doesn’t like me. I am really beginning to feel much better and hope to get back to some serious exercising.

                  My bike sits and every day I think about how I need to start building not just muscle but endurance. The problem now is heat. It’s been so damned hot for 3.5 months it’s unreal. In April my neighbor texted me a pic of his thermometer, 109 and the next day 104. After that it just became regular to have103 to 109 and even 111 day after day. We’ve had worse summers in the last 4 years with too many days of 115 but I find it hurts me worse since I am not working.

                  I had a guy ask me if I wanted to do some trucking, 100 mile runs. It didn’t take me any time to say yes. I feel like going back to work might be the best thing I could do. Really, I know it would be. I’m having to give up 500 mls. of blood every month. I’m hoping the oncologist will have some good news for me the 28th.

                  I wish the best for you. I’m lucky in that I can have most everything I need delivered and I haven’t done bidness with Wally since they’re shitty with guns. I have been doing bidness with Sam’s but this week they told me I’d have to pay $4/sack for cat food to be delivered which breaks our contract since I pay more per year as a plus member for free delivery.

                  All these big bidnesses are cutting services and that’s fine. I only use the local grocery store now and I save the money I’d spend on fuel so the prices are actually less. I don’t have to go to big-ass city places. I can buy most of what I need at Tractor Supply and they have never even had their employees mask.

                  Maybe both of us will get a big boost of health. I wish the best for you. I lost my best friend of 60 years last July. I don’t think that has anything to do with my physical problems but I can tell you for a fact, it didn’t help. We spoke every day. No matter if I was operating heavy equipment, driving a truck or mechanicing, we spoke every day. I begged him to move here and I’d support him. He couldn’t really do that because of physical problems he had that kept him from moving. Now and again life sucks but we have to go on and take it best we can. I have been too mad for months, this entire covid thing. I know it’s bad for me but I just can’t help it. I’m trying to blow it off. When it gets to the point they won’t let me blow it off and demand to get in my gate and do whatever they want, I’ll stack up my mags(the wife and I have discussed this)and they can put a needle in my arm right after they pry that gun out of my cold, dead hand. Some will pay the ultimate price too. That just shows you how stupid they are. peace b

      • Hey Nunzio, So how do you interpret Ezekiel’s statements? Is he saying, silver and gold won’t save anyone, or is he saying their silver and gold is worthless? I tend to go with the latter in light of what James says: “James 5:3 3Your gold and silver are corroded. Their corrosion will testify against you and eat your flesh like fire. You have hoarded wealth in the last days.” Although that’s not all that clear either. When he points out that it is corroded, i interpret that to mean it’s been debased, but then that wouldn’t be hoarding wealth at all, right? I think he’s pointing out that those who are debasing currencies are the same people who are hoarding real wealth; i.e. the 1% have the real wealth while the rest of us are hoarding worthless pieces of paper, stocks, bonds, etc.

        I see a death in people’s spirit, and a reluctance to share the gospel message so I think those are the two witnesses; the word and the spirit.

        • SVB,

          FWIW, precious metals CAN be debased, and it’s been done before. How? Simply dilute the amount of gold or silver. The Romans did it, so the same could be done today. What did the Romans do? How did they do it?

          Back in ancient Rome, copper was a precious metal. It formed the basis of their money, which was call the As. After all their foreign adventurism and empire building (sound familiar?), they needed money to pay for it all. What to do? They simply reduced the amount of copper in the As; they cut it in half, which doubled the money supply overnight.

          Ergo, precious metals aren’t honest money; they’re not impervious to debasement. I get angry every time I hear a gold bug say that gold is honest money; gold will solve all our problems! No, it won’t. A money supply based on precious metal can be debased the same as a fiat currency can; the only thing that’s different is the METHOD USED to do so…

        • Pardon me if I’m butting in here but maybe I can help.
          Try and start at verse one and notice who is being addressed. “ye riche men”. This is not everyone. It is a specific group of men. Verse 6 is very telling. Speaking of these “riche men”, St. James says to them, “You have presented, and slaine the just one: and he resisted you not.”
          If you want to know exactly who these “Riche men” are, St. Paul will tell you in 1Thess. 2:14, and it sure wasn’t roman soldiers that he and St. James are talking about.

          • Anon, so you’re claiming that they’re Thessalonians? Those are the rich men we need to be concerned about persecuting us? He says, “You suffered from your own people “. Who else could it be referring to other than Thessalonians?

            • We need to be concerned with the “little hat” men. They have done to this country over the last decade and a half +.

              Until enough people get tired of this, it won’t get better. Religion or not, we all know what needs to be done. I don’t want it to be violent but it’s beginning to look like, once again, I won’t get my druthers.

                • Nunz, you should read some Carl Hiiasen books. He writes a lot about Florida(fiction) and he’s a great writes. He gave me some good ideas. Of course, not one in a million would consider living like that. I guess I’m one in a million.

            • SVB
              First things first.
              James begins by talking to the rich men and ends this talk by saying:”You have presented, and slaine the just one: and he resiseted you not.”
              The Just One is Christ.
              Then James begins to speak to “brethern”. A whole different group.
              The reason for comparing this with Thess. is for knowing exactly who these “rich men” are.
              St. Paul is telling the Thessalonians who their real enemies are. “…who both killed our Lord Jesus,…”.
              The Just One is Christ.
              The Lord Jesus is Christ.
              The Rich Men killed him.
              St. Paul tells who these rich men are, and what they are.

        • Shnark, I believe that Ezekiel is ultimately saying what is repeated many times in scripture- that trusting in riches is futile

          “if riches increase, set not your heart upon them”. -Psalm 62:10

          (Not that there’s anything wrong with having honest resources with which to maintain a responsible life- but trusting in them and making them a priority is a no-no. Such is a very common thing today: A person will waste their life and make endless concessions to achieve the goal of retiring with a good pension and investments so they can live “the good life” for the last few years of their lives- but often die before that happens, or their investments and retirement accounts which sounded so great 40 years ago, don’t look so good after 40 years of inflation…or when their pension goes bust, etc.- and meanwhile, they’ve spent their life neglecting more important pursuits- and even those who “make it”- if they’ve occupied their lives doing so and neglecting the joys of the journey because they were more concerned with fixation on a destination, even if they reach that destination, ultimately, it is the wrong destination- as many will discover when the Grim Reaper comes a-calling- or, very soon even before that, when God’s wrath is unleashed on this world.

          Proverbs 11:4. “Riches profit not in the day of wrath: but righteousness delivereth from death.”

          Zephaniah 1:18: Neither their silver nor their gold shall be able to deliver them in the day of the LORD’S wrath

          And while I don’t think silver or gold will ever be worthless, the various forms of state-issued currencies always become worthless- and such currency is essentially the gold and silver(money) most people the world over have been using for quite some time- so in that sense, my answer to your question would be: Both.

          • Nunzio, you remind me of how I began to feel after I had found myself financially set for life. I was still working because I enjoyed it, but I was also spending a lot of time away from my home along with all my belongings, and I began to worry about someone breaking into my place and robbing me.

            Those thoughts never crossed my mind when I was living on the streets, or destitute. After a while, I began to see most of my belongings as a burden. I didn’t just worry about losing them, I also began to see that having a lot of things requires one to maintain them. At first, it wasn’t that big of a deal, but later after I’d moved a few times, I began to see how I was spending way too much time lugging all this crap around, and trying to keep it in working order.

            A few years ago I began to look at not only downsizing, but looking at new ways to get things done without actually doing anything. It’s the Taoist principle of wu-wei, or doing nothing effectively.

            I’m at a point now where i scatter some seeds into the ground, and sit back and watch it grow until it’s time to harvest. it doesn’t get much easier than that, except for maybe letting stuff go to seed, and reseeding itself.

            Not only am I not trusting in myself, or my toil, I’m rejecting them completely. Work is truly an abomination, especially as I get older. I love being able to point out that all the food on the table was grown by God. He does all the work. I can prove it.

            • Beautiful, Shnark!

              A few thoughts of mine on that subject:

              I grew up very poor. It wasn’t terrible. Im fact, it was great! I’ve never been happier than I was as a child. So I’m not afraid of poverty. Not that I’m well-off now, but I do manage a nice life and have a nice place to live (A singlewide is a nice place in my book, as long as it and the 27 acres it’s on are paid for!).

              We were born into a world of covetousness, where money and luxury and toys are deemed to be “success”- but as you say, everything requires a lot of upkeep, which takes time and thought and effort; and paying for it all takes even more time away from the finer things.

              I see it all around me: People’s possessions enslaving them. I grow more minimalistic as the years go by. My next home in this life- assuming I get to continue that long- will likely be a simple cabin, with a wood stove; a few pieces of simple handmade furniture and a few lights. It is glorious to live naturally and simply in the natural economy which God has created for us, rather than in The Beasts artificial economy which removes us from the very sources of our existence and replaces them with poor substitutes.

              That’s really all I’ve ever wanted. I’m practically there. But for the political BS which will force a change of venue, I’d be there already!

              One of my nieces came to visit a while back, and there was some maga-million lottery jackpot afoot. She asked me what I’d do if I had millions of dollars. I told her that I wouldn’t want millions of dollars. I have everything I need and am perfectly content. I like my 20 year-old trucks just fine, and if I somehow woke up one morning and had millions of dollars fall into my lap, I’d still drive these same vehicles. I might buy an island somewhere far off… Her: “And you could build a mansion!”. Me: “No, I’d just build a humble cabin or hut. But I’d rather not have that money, which is why I don’t play the lottery (and also, because I can do simple math!)- Money ruins just about every life it touches- spiritually and physically. Who needs God when you have enough to do anything you ever desire? -Until the Grim Reaper comes around…and then it’s too late!

              • Nunzio, I feel incredibly fortunate to have known so many people who can literally live off practically nothing. I know a guy who rides around with a pair of clippers, and loppers, and prunes whatever he can reach. When it comes time to harvest, he has a significant amount of work ahead of him. He doesn’t have much of anything, yet he really needs help harvesting so much food.

                I’ve always kind of boasted in how I’m able to take scrap material and make something out of it. Over the past few years I’ve been looking at cardboard because it’s free, and if it falls apart, I’m not out anything. The thing is it doesn’t fall apart. It’s better than the cheap crap we buy from China, or Taiwan, or Mongolia.

                There seems to be a stigma around building furniture, or even a house out of cardboard, and yet I can truly see that the best things in life are free. When I look at the tv stand I made from recycled materials and the antique that has been in my family for centuries, I prefer the palletwood/cardboard creation over the antique that everyone else wants to fight over.

                When it’s time to leave this world, most people aren’t going to lament that they didn’t make enough money, or how they spent their hard earned money. They’re going to regret how they spent their time.

  8. Fear, like all emotions, is created in the mind. Some fears are justified, but most are mindless expressions with little or no logical basis. Most people are not aware of their thoughts and mindlessly go through the day with thought after thought coursing through their minds. You know, the endless train of memories and expectations that fill your mind and sometimes drives you nuts. People are now hooked on emotion without so much as a second thought as to why they may be feeling so emotional. They just go with the flow of what others are thinking and doing. Self-thought or thinking for oneself has become an act against the Marxist politics which has invaded every core of the country and world. You see this on TV everyday. I was in a Kroger the other day and I was the only person not wearing a mask I believe. No biggie for me. Resistance is not futile, but necessary for there are those who seek to destroy your lives…failure too resist and you will have no one to blame for your demise. And we all know how most people like to blame everyone else for their miseries and misfortunes. The fact is that the BORG are not some Star Trek anomaly, they are here for real.

    • Excellent, Tom – and, amen.

      I’ll be breaching the sanctity of Diaper World again today – just to make the point and to encourage others to do it, too.

      • My new response to any entry-sentries who inquire about why I’m not wearing a mask will be “It’s not even close to Halloween!”.

        • A fellow came into my friend’s costume shop the other day looking for supplies for his haunted house. As if we can expect that holiday not to fall victim to the China flu. By the way, Halloween, formerly a one-evening event for children, has morphed into a two or three month affair, typically starting around Labor Day. And, I have seen the candy corn going on the store shelves in August.

          I don’t know how scary ghosts and chain saws are going to be this year, what with all the media hype over the virus, and the election only a week after All Hallows.

      • Mask psyops: Transitioning to socialism: This country is over and done, Jared Kushner and the CDC, NIH is running the White house and Trump is sidelined, and a globalist,had many fooled from the start. Voting is utterly useless since this country is flying into the abyss into the ashes of history. Since there are zero men of fighting age today who will revolt, there will be women,moms and elderly men standing up in their communities when chaos hits. No one has organized to stand up against the fall of this country in a few short months. Congress is bought off and corrupt. Churches are strictly social clubs, many quit and go online. We must get our affairs and house in order, get out of cities if you can (many can’t) and accept it is all over. All the informing online with articles, you tube etc. has been in vain for years, since no one is standing up in their communities overall. (few may be protesting only).

        • Hi Laura,

          You may well be – and probably are – right. But accepting that it is all over is to cede the field before the game is over. I won’t do that. With every means at my disposal I will fight this. If they win, it will not be an easy or cost-free victory.

          • Eric, buddy,

            The battle is already over. The only thing that remains to be seen, is whether we will let them take everything we have, including our minds….or if we will escape while we still can and while we still have the physical liberty to do so.

            My mother was on the island of Saipan right after WWII ended. There were still some poor Japs hiding out there who didn’t know the war was over. They posed a little threat to the unaware, as they might kill or capture you- but they did not even pose as much resistance as an ant-hill to our tyrants and their mercenaries.

            Don’t be like those Japs. Me? I will not comply nor surrender. I will not allow myself to be captured, and I don’t care to be killed. Repeling the enemy via fighting is not a realistic option, it is only a signatory last resort of the dying. The only option left is strategic relocation. Even if it’s to a cave in a mountain, it beats the alternatives by a long-shot (Actu8ally, it wouldn’t be bad at all)

          • I have studied this since ’78, that’s how I see it. Trump psyop’d his followers, I thought he might be for real, now Kushner is his handler and he is kissing up to Fauci, Brix and other health unelected officials telling himand state governors how to run their states.

            • Hi Laura,

              We’ll soon see – either way. If the Orange Man loses, it’s obviously done. There will be an attempt to cement not just Diapering and Vaccination but things far worse. And I suspect there will be a spasm of violence in response. If the Orange Man wins and Diapering and Vaccinations cement, there will be the same. But there is a chance that, if the Orange Man wins, the Diapering will dissipate. It is why – despite many misgivings – I will support the OM and vote for him unless he comes right out and amens Diapering at gunpoint, etc.

              • Eric,

                I think you might have your predication exactly backwards.

                If Orange Man loses, the PC-Prog cabal–media, academia, Hollywood, “science”–will proclaim the immediate end of the “pandemic.”

                Remember Obama’s coronation–the moment the planet healed, the seas receded, etc, etc?

                If Trump wins, all the crises–pandemic, riots, economic collapse, etc, etc–will continue with non-stop PC-Prog coverage of how bad everything is. And punishment of the Normals–masking, isolation, etc, etc–will get worse.

                Sorry to burst that bubble. But the struggle will get worse when Trump wins. Do you really think the PC-Progs will accept that and allow us to transition back to Normal?

                • Hi Kent,

                  You may well be right. Which is why I am hoping that – if Orange Man wins – he will put a stop to Sickness Psychosis. The antidote is readily available: Tell people the truth about the Infection-Fatality Rate and – on that account – suspend all forced Diapering outside of nursing homes and hospitals.

                • No matter who wins, the agendas will continue as they always have- the only difference will be the words used by the puppet who wins.

                  Our world has changed more, and we have lost more liberty in the last three and a half years than at any time in most of our lifetimes.

                  The only difference is, if the Clinton Bitch [shudder] had won, the “deplorables” would be screaming about 5G and the contact tracing it enables; DACA amnesty; installing of gun-grabbers and abhorrent judges to high positions; signing of CARES; collaboration with Goldman-Sachs and Zionists, etc. etc. -but since it’s the guy they voted for, and who says the right words doing it….we get silence.

                  Call it trillions for a Corona Stimulus or a Green New Deal….it’s still the same thing; it still demolishes the free-market economy, and the funny-money still goes to the same players.

                  Anyone who thinks that a president actually determines what happens…is naive at best. Voting is nothing but picking which lies you want to believe.

                  Stalin or Hitler- take your pick. Why sully one’s self by having it on record that you consented to either? I want freedom, so I don’t participate in a system in which we give our formal assent to choose somebody who will be the figurehead for the institution which oppresses and destroys us.

                  Voting is akin to mask-wearing; it is belief in a fallacy; the acceptance of the unreal. One’s “sacred duty” , which, if one rejects, paints them as an unbeliever in the religion of government.

                  I’ll gladly be a heretic to that god.

                  And to think that Trump is somehow going to stop what has already transpired under his reign, is mere wishful thinking.

                  Even if a president could and would alter the long-standing agendas….it wouldn’t matter. Our people are too far gone already- witness the scads lining up to buy Teslas- and not merely because there is a $3500 tax credit on their $80K cars….

                  • Re: “Voting is nothing but picking which lies you want to believe.” Amen. Nunzio, you should start your own blog. If not a blog, then start a church. What you’re saying is what people can believe, or at the very least ought to believe.

                    • Thanks, Shnark!

                      Meh…it’s been done. I don’t think anyone’s listening much anymore…and if they are, it’s too late anyway.

                      Man the lifeboats! It’s too late to save the rest of the passengers! (Or likely, even ourselves)

          • Problem: Trump is pushing these vaccines and I won’t comply same as others I know. Why won’t Trump speak up and out and reveal truth, get rid of Kushner and others dragging him down? He has alreadylost many of his constituants they don’t trust him any longer.

            • I’m worried about that as well, Laura. And they will have to kill me to vaccinate me. Or try. I hope millions of others have the same mindset.

              Of course, they won’t – technically – force you. Instead, they’ll simply decree that those who refuse may not “put others at risk” by leaving their homes, shopping, attending anything in public, etc.

              Which is why this whole thing must be resisted by any means necessary.

            • laura, I realized when I found out Trump signed the CARES Act in Jan. of 2019, he wasn’t taken by surprise. My hopes for some sort of non-violent escape faded.

              To those who say we are outgunned, I point out those poor countries who have been bombed, strafed, missiled and starved for nearly 20 years…..”officially”. Do you see the people of Iraq, Afghanistan, Syrian, Iran giving up. No, they’ll all die fighting. And they well may do just that. We’re not far from being able to annihilate and keep their fortunes but so far, it hasn’t happened, no matter how much the Israeli govt., the equivalent of the Bush/Cheney/Obama/Biden criminals have sought to do.

              When Trump was first in office, he launched 20 missiles into Syria…..because he was told to do so.. Since that time his rhetoric has become more and more hawkish and he’s hired every POS hawk Bush/Cheney had in their cabinet.

              I am hearing an ad for an XM 42 lighweight flame thrower, personal torch unit. 9 lbs, no more than my rifle so that propane bottle you use on your camping stove or that big bottle you can hook up with a hose, will work fine. That’s something that can take the fight out of your foe.

              4 men with 2 SAW 49’s can allow those with that bad boy can let you get in close. I’m not physical specimen to do much rushing but I can coordinate. To see this thing in action is impressive and to consider how light the refueling cannisters are gives me hope.

              Now that we can no longer legally carry a firearm when wearing a mask, we’d just as well go all out. No, this isn’t the way I’d have it but this is how it is.

              If we can’t get tens of thousands to stop this shit like they did in Serbia recently, then it will be up to smaller forces to turn the tide. I’d like to think all PoLeez and military are not behind this.

        • Jared Kushner went to Bilderberg. Or was it Davos? Anyway, he’s meeting with the REAL TPTB behind the scenes. Jared is shaping up to be Trump’s Edward Mandell House…

    • Hey Tom, Great thoughts. I’ve got an exercise I began using years ago which allows me to not only become aware of my thoughts, but to cast them aside almost immediately, grabbing hold of only those ideas that I seriously want to think about. I simply focus on my breathing. Some people focus on a word, or a mantra, etc., but the idea is to simply focus on that, and return to focusing on it each and every time I become aware that I’m mindlessly thinking about something else. It’s a great mental exercise for pulling one out of that vast sea of unconsciousness.

      It is fantastic for enabling one to detach from any feelings or emotions that may spontaneously arise. It allows you to become more in control of one’s emotions, thoughts and feelings rather than being controlled by them.

        • For those who use words simply as a reset from a wandering mind, Nunzio, it would still work. It doesn’t work for those who are doing TM because they have to have a word that has no meaning.

          In fact, as far as concentration or focus goes, a lot of people probably would excel at meditation by repeating “titties” as a mantra, but eventually they would have to repeat it without entertaining the images it produces in their minds. Once they’re ablt to say that mantra without it producing any images, they’re basically enlightened.

  9. I REFUSE to wear a face diaper. I have been successful in using the “medical exemption” excuse so far, but…if and when that no longer works, I will either refuse to do business with the offending establishment, or if by necessity have to do business with them I will wear a “Guy Fawkes” mask, as seen in the movie “V For Vendetta”.
    Since the type of mask has not been defined, a Halloween mask should suffice.
    Imagine tens of thousands of people doing the same thing.
    This would put their unconstitutional mask order on the ropes.

    • If you claim a medical exemption and they refuse you service, they are in violation of the ADA, with which you can threaten a law suit.

      • i have read that the ADA only demands ‘reasonable’ accommodation, and does not apply when keeping people safe comes into play

      • JWK, and not you, I think they have us beat there because it is we who have to prove we’re safe to enter their establishment, and no one can agree on how to prove that. It seems that they’re insisting that one prove they don’t have what can’t even be accurately proven to exist in the first place.

    • I’ve actually been thinking about getting a Halloween mask -if I can find something good, like Moe Howard or Groucho Marx- just to see people’s reactions!

      • Hi Nunzio,
        I was thinkin’ along the same lines, but maybe a face diaper with a large dildoe hangin’ from the chin. Can you imagine the look on all the “Karens” ? Might need a black one if you are in blm territory….

  10. There’s been lot of discussion about the eventual elimination of cash and the de-activation of money cards if we don’t get vaccinated and follow other diktats of the Duma. Curiously, here’s something that hasn’t happened yet. Every traffic lite has cameras now. I’ve been expecting the automatic issuance of citations for any vehicle that enters the intersection after the yellow lite has turned red. It seems not to have happened yet. I’m not sure why.

    The merchants here are starting to not like cash. It’s easier not to have to count the cash at the end of a shift, make the deposit slip and drop by the bank. Banks, too, are preferring that customers don’t deal in cash. The late Latin poet Scrivinus foresaw the collapse of Rome when people preferred scraps of tree bark to the denarius when shopping in the marketplace. (I don’t know if there was a late Latin poet Scrivinus who foresaw the collapse of Rome. It’s what I usually say to try to add gravitas to the point I’m making.)

  11. Supposedly, people stopped using cash for a while because they were afraid of The Virus, so they stopped making coins for a while. Then people started using cash again and now there’s a coin shortage.

    I know. Doesn’t make much sense to me either.

    • My daughter works at a big bucks business, she is begging for change. I’ll take all the pennies I can get she says. I donated about 200 useless worthless zinc pennies to the cause.

      When you save change of all kinds for years, you have an ample supply for those emergencies like buying beer.

      Nickels are the number one choice, then dimes, then quarters. Old nickels, preferably.

      Look for all copper pennies and save those. Malt cans full of the old copper pennies.

      You take the useless zinc pennies to the coin counters and get rid of them. Beer money at the end of the year during Christmas.

      I have no US minted silver coins, somehow, they all got lost on a boating trip with all my guns. har

      Oh, and go to YT and listen to the Cleverlys. Hilarious.

  12. Yep, this cash shortage and the “lie-rus” is all tied together…..Just saw where Bill Gates has warned that another , deadlier pan “damn”ic is on the way . This also coincides with Bill’s de-population plan. I was thinkin’ if Bill is serious about depopulation , he should start by offing his three kids and his husband….

    • Hi Blues,

      It is hard to imagine a more loathsome creature than this Gates thing. Who is he? Why is he a Gesundheitsfuhrer? A computer coder with immense financial pull is using it to prescribe – in his sinister soft-voiced manner – policies he has neither the provenance nor the moral authority to say a word about.

      I see him as an aging but stultified version of the 14-year-old geek who no one liked back in high school. Revenge of the Nerd, in other words. An extremely dangerous one.

      • Hi Eric,
        There was always something about Gates that seemed “off” to me…even years ago. I read that he was kicked out of India after his polio vaccine killed and/or maimed over half a million kids. Then in another vaccine in Africa , he was caught slipping sterilizing drugs into the mix. Since he is filthy rich (emphasis on filthy) he always skates away. Bill Gates is proof that the old adage is true : “If you want to know what God thinks about money, just look at who he gives it to.”

      • Just to clarify, Gates wasn’t a “coder”. He was a rich drop out smart enough to see the value of a new technology and to steal it from the coder who actually wrote it. He’s always been an entitled crook, from a murderous eugenics line.

      • Eric, from what I’ve gleaned so far, Bill Gates doesn’t do any coding at all. He just had some knowledge of business law, patents, copyright law, etc. and took what at that time was open source, and patented it, then threatened to sue those computer coding geeks if they continued to share anything that he had just patented. He literally stole their code, and threatened to sue them if they used it. Now, he’s doing the same thing he did with computer software. Create a virus, and then create a patch, update, vaccine that everyone will need to function in society.

  13. Whelp, as we all predicted, this flu nonsense is being used to implement TOTAL tyranny. Get this:

    In NY now, Comrade Cuomo has decreed that now all bars and restaurants can only serve booze to patrons who are also ordering food! “He” is encouraging all mundanes who see violations of the above, or of people being served who are not wearing a mask, to TAKE A PICTURE and relay it to the state, so that they can issue a “violation” to the establishment. Three violations and the place is shut down!

    Can you believe this? In the U.S. of A.? This is happening SO fast now…….

    You guys still think staying and or fighting is an option? Think this can be weathered? It gets worse by the day…and will soon be near you.

    • Yup. I’m here in the belly of this beast. They worship this guy Cum-O, and will point and shriek at you if you dare go about your business sans diaper. NY and CT and NJ folks burn with hatred at those who won’t diaper up. These weak minded fools say we have blood on our hands. The psychos in charge have succeeded in turning people against each other, and sowed the seeds of the unspeakable evil coming this way. Escape? To where? The western world has gone full-on pod people.

      • Hi BAC,

        Even in rural SW Virginia, the Diaper Dementia has taken hold. Even before the latest slew of mandates, too. There is, indeed, a virus going around. It is Do As We Say Or Else Syndrome.

        And there is just one antidote.

        • what gets me about the people with masks that are yelling at a guy without a mask is why should they be worried cause their mask will “protect” them. so with out admitting it they are really saying that their masks DO NOT WORK

            • Ernie, I’m sure the media paints a picture that is the diametric opposite of that reality. Trouble is, most plebes get their info of anything outside of their own community from the media…and that is what then indeed becomes the reality.

              That’s how simple mind-control is…and how dangerous monopolized media/”journalism” is.

          • they don’t claim their masks protect them, they claim YOUR mask protects them and YOU mask protects them. so by not wearing a mask, you are putting them at “risk’

      • With respect, you’re suffering from a sort of normalcy bias. Out here in the American Siberia, on the western edge of communisota, we don’t even notice anything except for money being ever tighter. In the cities, maybe a third are wearing the face Kotex. The rest of us are pretty well gunned up and coming to a boil.

        • Hi Ernie,

          Thanks for that – I needed a shot in the arm as the Diapering Dementia waxes in my area. But, I’ve had conversations now with several fellow local Diaper refuseniks and we’re not going to go along with this, no matter what it takes.

          • Guy came to buy a bicycle from me today. Asked if he needed a mask. I asked him if he saw mine. He came on and shook my hand. Not everyone is nuts.

            I always figured Alabama would not fall for this crap. Yesterday at 5PM we became diapered, or else. $500! I suspect most cops will find something else of interest and most stores will wink and claim the 6′-loophole. But not Walmart after it was made national policy. Unfortunately, on my last trip before shutdown, I would estimate 70% were wearing masks in Walmart. About 60% in Lowes. You know, tough, manly, 50-year-olds who wear tool belts, spit, drink beer and tell dirty jokes. What is happening to us?

    • Hey Nunzio, up until just now, I’ve remained completely unscathed by this nonsense. Starting Monday, Wally world is mandating masks. I can’t handle the masks. They’re unhealthy, and i have to stay as healthy as possible so I thought about it, and decided to check out there curbside pickup service. I went down there and had one of the managers help me learn how to use their app on my phone. I’m technologically retarded, well in all actuality, I’m just plain retarded.

      They helped me with my first order which I’m going to be picking up next week. I didn’t really need anything so I put off the pick up until I was going to be needing the stuff. i started wondering if this may be part of their plan as well. The other big stores around here, (including walmart) all have delivery service as well. The more i thought about it, the more it seems like quite a convenience if one doesn’t want to drive into town just for a few things, or even for a few hundred dollars worth of stuff. Lowe’s and Home Depot have something similar as well.

      If they can get everyone to go with curbside pickup or delivery, that will go a long way to cutting down on theft, and the cost of covering theft ,not to mention employees, health care, workman’s comp, etc.

      I noticed that most stores in town were out of seeds almost immediately when this corona thing started. I ended up purchasing most of my seeds online this year, and plan on growing my own from here on out.

      Amazon, and Ebay, etc. all have a wide selection of junk to purchase, and what could be easier than clicking a mouse a few times and having everything show up at your front door in a few days? It’s getting to a point where owning a car is going to be pointless, no?

    • ((((Liars)))). ((((Cowards)))). ((((Malicious bigots)))). ((((Aryan warrior shitheads)))). there, fixed it for you.

      In case it is not clear, Lukie baby, since you have an obvious comprehension problem let me spell it out for you: I am calling you out publicly here as a liar, a filthy little coward, and nothing more than a malicious “aryan warrior/white supremacist” type bigot whose addled beliefs are antithetical to libertarian philosophy. You obviously have no idea what the biblical passage you take out of context and vomit all over even means. (Hint: it means the opposite of what you apparently think it does. Check out Matthew 26:52 sometime for, as Paul Harvey used to say, the rest of the story.)

      All you guys are good for is laughs. All you deserve is derision and contempt.

      • Forgive me, but I do not see Luke2236 posting any writing on the topic you have decided to publicly call out, Jason Flinters. Much of the content on this blog is not matter or topics I laugh at, but Eric Peters brings an element of humor which is like water in a desert. I cannot quote the bible as you may, but I am thinking of give unto cesaears what is cesaears specifically with coinage in currency.

        • **”but I am thinking of give unto cesaears what is cesaears specifically with coinage in currency.”**

          What is Caesar’s? Anything Caesar says- including your labor and property? Are we in the US under the subjugation of a conqueror, as first-century Judea was to Rome?

            • Remember the context too, under which that quote was uttered:

              “Then went the Pharisees, and took counsel how they might entangle him in his talk.”

              The Jews were formulating tricky questions to entrap Jesus- questions which whether positively or negatively answered would either force Jesus to deny a Scriptural truth, or to run afoul of the Romans. So Jesus answered such questions very wisely so as to do neither.

              Jesus- the ultimate enemy of the state- is not in any way giving carte blanch to Caesar to claim anything and everything that he so desires…..

  14. If they try to force a cashless society, I am hoping that it will usher in a golden age of black market and illegal currency. One can hope, no?

  15. Jim: refuse to be stopped using cash in a store. Legal tender laws are still in effect.
    Here is the problem with using cash cards as well as a screed on my pet project “by local”. The thing that people miss about card use in general and buying local in particular. The average business makes 10% profit on gross sales. The banks, mostly from New York or god forbid Skank of America or Smells Fartgo, charge 2-3% for each charge transaction. Knowing most stores get around 85% cards, by using them you are sending said banks 17-25% of the net income of that business! So by using a card you are sending all that money out of the area as well as supporting the beast. All for “convenience”.
    Let’s help each other by keeping our money local and starving the beast.

    • Woody, good post and interesting information on credit cards.
      In response to your first two sentences: laws don’t matter; guns matter. That is, the guns held in the hands of the enforcers willing to use them against you. Your legal tender laws, if they even exist, are not going to stop the coming cashless control commies. Just like the “law” did not stop the illegal BLM protests, riots, and mayhem. The law is whatever THEY say it is.

      • Hi Andy,

        This is Pravda (truth). But we aren’t powerless, yet. Just besieged by fear of accepting potential consequences for disobedience. But that fear is misplaced in that obedience isn’t going to prevent these sick people from proceeding from Forced Diapering to Forced Vaccinations to the elimination of any individual prerogatives we once had. You and I and everyone – except those in power – will accept a life of utter peonage as the price of being allowed to live.

        That is Option A.

        Option B is resistance.

        • I know, eric. Right now non-compliance is…somewhat cost free, although I am losing friends and others over my personal beliefs.

          And I do not wear the diaper, and I still voice my disapproval on social media, sparingly. But at some point it becomes a matter of survival. I’ve already screwed myself as far as my new career; if anyone at my new company trawls my posts, and decides to can me because of my opinions, well, that’s ship has already sailed.
          I guess it comes down to living with yourself. I won’t actively oppress anyone, not even with my vote, but if they put a literal gun to my head…live to fight another day. Until then, I will risk my ability to earn, risk possible arrest, and risk the approbation of my fellows in stores and such.

          I make it a point to acknowledge every face I see in public now, smile and say something like, Thanks for being sane today.

        • Eric, I think I’m missing something here. What do you mean by “resistance”? The reason I ask is I’m looking for some type of resistance that doesn’t play right into their plan. For example, I can stop going to the store, but that’s already something they want people to do anyways. I can stop using their money, but that’s also something they want people to stop doing. I can leave the country…now that’s something they still allow at the moment, but is also something that they are actively working towards stopping, or at least not allowing without a hefty exit tax. What else do they not want us to do that could possibly be construed as resistance?

          • SVB,

            The only problem is that, while other countries previously had more freedoms during normal, daily life, they have less than we do under the COVID psyop. For example, Peru had MARTIAL LAW! They had the army and military vehicles in the streets enforcing this. The restaurants there were TOTALLY closed; they didn’t allow drive thru, takeout, or delivery like they did here. Their COVID restrictions were worse than what we had here.

            That begs the question: what will these countries be like AFTER the COVID psyop? Though they had more daily life freedoms than we did pre COVID, will this still apply afterwards? Finally, will there be anywhere we can go? I’m not so sure about that-not after what happened in Peru during all this…

            • Peru isn’t the only country that instituted martial law, but then add them all together, and you still don’t get each and every other country. Peru isn’t anywhere on my radar for places to escape to in the first place. I wasn’t planning on going down there before this all happened. However, I am looking for places that didn’t do anything to deal with this hoax in the first place. Sweden comes to mind, but I’m not inclined to move anywhere north of latitude 30.

              Just because some countries clamp down doesn’t mean they’re all going to clamp down.

              Where I’m at right now hasn’t one much of anything as far as enforcing mask wearing or closing down parks. They closed down the parks, but no one ever got around to enforcing these things. This is how it was in central and south america before the corona hoax began, and in many cases it is still the case. Bolivia is probably one of the worst examples, and yet it’s also one of the best examples of enforcement with in large metropolitan areas while the sleepy villages up in the mountains are completely exempt from enforcement. Why? The government couldn’t care less what a bunch of peasants in some remote village do, and never will. Having said that, I’m still not interested in Bolivia, or Peru, or Venezuela, or San Salvador, Honduras, etc. I am still interested in some of the other spots though and still actively looking for those who have been down there recently, or may still be down there enjoying the good life.

              • I’m aware that not all countries are the same. That said, this Corona Hysteria IS worldwide. I only discussed Peru because I’ve spent time down there. I was going to move there with my then GF, but the relationship and the move didn’t work out.

                I think that TPTB wil ultimately clamp down worldwide; it may take longer to do so in some places vs. others, but clamp down they will. They must in order to usher in their NWO utopia.

                • MM, I could be wrong, and please tell me if I am, but I’d imagine in places like Peru (which is not exactly known for being a haven of liberty… 🙂 anyway) it’s likely just in Lima and environs- and maybe any other urban centers where the sickness Kabuki is in evidence.

                  But personally, I’m interested in the few places that don’t belong to the UN, ’cause after all, the very purpose for the UN’s existence, is the furtherence of the NWO agenda and establishment of world government….so any country that belongs, and especially those that accept “aid”, will ultimately fall in line.

                  • Nunzio,

                    During daily life, Peru offered a LOT more freedom than the US, pre COVID! Medications I need a prescription for I could buy OTC down there; if I knew what I needed, I could simply walk in to the pharmacy and buy it. There are a bunch of cars you can get there that aren’t available here. For example, the Chevy Sail is available down there. Eric has featured that car on his site here. It’s available there, but it’s not available here. Unless you did something major (like rape, robbery, or murder major), the cops left you alone. Daily life was wonderful down there.

                    Even in Lima, there isn’t much enforcement. For example, there’s a law that you’re not supposed to feed the pigeons, but it’s ignored regularly. Once outside of Lima, you don’t see a cop at all.

                    Post COVID is a different story. The restrictions the Peruvian people have to live with make us look like a beacon of freedom now! Never thought I’d say that..

                    • Hi Mark,

                      Terrible about Peru. The legacy, I suppose, of Central/South American banana republicanism. Since there is nowhere to go anymore, we’ll have to make our stand where we are. It is a hideous thing to contemplate, something I had hoped wouldn’t come in my lifetime and maybe not ever. But here we are. Lenin – the evil SOB – said that sometimes nothing changes for decades but then sometimes decades happen in days.

                      And that is what’s happening now.

                • No doubt they want worldwide control Marky. My point is that there are a few places in this world that the PTB are perfectly content to leave alone. I seriously doubt they’re going to mandate that the Amish get vaccinated. There’s a group of Amish down in Guatemala that broke off from the orthodox Amish, and use some modern conveniences, but still fairly removed from the general population, and probably not going to have to do anything to comply with the PTB. Forming communities that are self reliant looks like a good option as well.

                  At first I thought this was all just about getting people to get vaccinated to engage in commerce, but what with Amazon, Ebay, and so many places offering apps for your phone to do all your shopping online, and have it all delivered to your door, I think it could be just as much about getting people to stop driving, and downsizing their payroll accounts. How easy would it be to turn each and every local walmart into a warehouse that just ships everything people want to their door? No more cashiers, no more greeters, and probably half the employees necessary to keep the place stocked up. Prices might even come down with all the savings at least for a while. I like my car, but I also like having all this stuff being delivered to my door, and the curbside pick up is pretty convenient as well. I can’t stand waiting in line anymore.

                  I can wake up, do all my shopping on my phone apps, and then drive down to the curbside pick up which is monitoring how far away I am from the store, and getting my stuff ready to load into my trunk as soon as I drive up. I just pull into the parking spot, and a minute later, my trunk is loaded with my groceries, and I’m back on my way home. I don’t even have to get out of my car. Everything else arrives at my door.

                  If one opts for delivery of everything instead of curbside pick up, there are a lot of people who probably won’t need a car ever. Best case scenario is one can pick up a good running car for a grand, then fork out another few hundred bucks for title, registration, then a few hundred dollars a year for insurance. Right now delivery is around ten bucks a trip, but if you’re organized, you could probably get that down to one delivery every two or three weeks, maybe once a month. If a guy can keep their delivery cost down to a few hundred dollars a year, who needs a car? When you’re working at some minimum wage job, a car is a luxury item most can’t afford.

                  It would be more economical to simply rent or lease a car for those few times a year when you really need wheels.

                  • And if you annoy the wrong people the PTB with a few keystrokes will be able to completely eliminate your ability to buy food, clothing, supplies, or engage in any kind of commerce at all.

          • Hi Shnarkle,

            For me, “resistance” is just that – and more. I will not wear a Diaper – ever. Whatever the cost. My self-respect is priceless to me. Thus, accordingly, I will ignore any Diaper mandate or decree – and defy it, to the extent feasible,. By which I mean: I will enter the store if not physically barred and will shop unless ordered to leave. I will ignore them and carry on. If one of the bastards has the temerity to lay hands on me I will exercise my right to self-defense. Not before – but once they initiate, it’s on.

            If it becomes impossible to enter stores, I will shop other stores. If it comes down to it, I will barter with local people and provide for myself (this is why I resumed being as Chicken – and Duck – Herder; I also have a garden growing).

            Whatever is necessary. I will not Diaper.

            • ‘The little store we’ve always shopped is a haven in the masked thing. I went into the post office last week and range the bell for help. I figured the woman was off for the 4th but she said it would be her 1st whole week-end off in 11 years if she worked Friday. What the hell do you say to that.

              When I first saw her she was all masked up but when I told her i wanted to see about getting a rural box(the other postmaster was a by the book bitch) she walked up to the counter about 3 feet away or less and took off her mask…..seeing I was bare faced. We went through the book work and shot the shit since she’s a shooter and just talked about this and that and I left, with her standing there unmasked.

              Went to the liquor store where my friend said she’d die before masking(it’s a common meme where I live…..fuck Gregg Abbott, it appears. I got some gas, nobody there with a mask. Went for the house and got to the Fm road to the house they were paving. It was only 106 and the guy flagging pulled a mask up, sure looked like fun but I managed to not put in an application. They kept screwing around and my freon was low and we were burning up so I turned around, drove back to within a mile or a bit more to town, cut off on a dirt road and took it home.

              We were hot enough by the time we got home to roast a covid virus on our sunglasses, not to mention the sweat pouring off me. What a bunch of shit. Out in the middle of nowhere, a guy has to put on a mask of a sort standing there in the wind blowing from us to him and wait for some a-holes to eventually show up. If the next two fields hadn’t had fences I’d have driven in fields till I got around the fools….er, poor working guys being killed my masks.

            • AFAIK, if they lay a hand on you, that is battery, which is against the law. Time to play the victim card…
              But if you defend yourself, some wanker is bound to twist the facts. SWMs (Straight White Males) seem to be persona non grata, by default, in our present AFU “society.”

              Case in point:
              My neighbor, nice young fellow in his 20s, had a live in GF he wanted out of his life. So, he told her to pack her things and get lost. She physically attacked him, and his mother, who happened to be there. Charlene (John’s mom) has bruises to prove it. So, John sprayed the now ex-GF with pepper spray, to defend himself AND HIS MOTHER. The crazy ex called da Po-leese, who showed up and promptly arrested John.
              I believe John now has a criminal record, for defending himself and his mother against violent assault.
              Is this world FU?
              Do de bear sh*t in de woods?

            • So you’re a poultry herder too? Cool. I had Peking ducks for a while. Big eggs, but they were kind of messy. I was living on a barge out on the Sacramento delta. The cage was strapped to the side of the barge until they got big enough to fend for themselves. I had three, but only one was able to lay eggs. She lay them all over the docks, the launch ramp, wherever the inspiration seized her. Big birds for eating, and after a few months i never fed them again. An otter got one.

              Glad to hear you’re growing a garden as well. I’ve been working on my garden for a few years now, and am finally getting to where it is growing on its own. It looks terrible with all the weeds, but I’m growing mostly native plants which aren’t bothered by the weeds or tall grass. Eventually, the natural landscape should overwhelm the weeds and grass. Most of what I’m growing is never going to be anything that most people will be able to identify as food so I’m hiding my store of food in plain sight. I strongly recommend looking into “no till” gardening, as well as “Back to Eden” gardening. These are what gardening is meant to be. Basically once you get it all in place, you just plant and harvest. No building walls, barriers, no fancy sprinkler systems, no expensive fertilizers. It’s all just about mimicking nature, and nature seems to exert about the least amount of effort in producing fruit and vegetables. At my core, I’m about as lazy as they come. For me laziness is the father of efficiency.

              I’ve got around a dozen chickens at the moment. If you have even half a dozen, you might want to look into feeding them brewer’s barley. You can get it from any craft brewery that may be nearby. They’ll be grateful for taking it off their hands, and your chickens will love it as well. Just keep it wet because if the chickens eat it dry, it has this tendency to expand in their guts. Sometimes they get really bloated and can’t move.

              As far as resisting in stores goes, I don’t see much point. I’ve pretty much resigned myself to just leaving all that to those who like confrontation. If they allow me into the store, great, If they want people to wear masks, I’ll take my business elsewhere. The trick is to make sure you have an alternative before you need it. The local farmer’s markets have superior produce.

              I just added a few apps as well in case I need something from wally world or Winn Dixie. A lot of stores have delivery and free curbside pick up. No waiting in lines, and they bring it right out to your car, load, and leave. You don’t have to do anything. They even prefer that you stay in your car so as not to infect them with your freedom. For those of us who tend to buy stuff they don’t really need while in the store, this could be a godsend.

              I also recommend turning off your power, and seeing how you’re going to make it without it. It doesn’t take that much to go off grid nowadays. Most stuff is practically “plug and play”.

              It wouldn’t surprise me if electricity rates start to climb radically as more and more people can’t pay their bills. It is stupid simple to plug a cheap generator right into the main breaker and go right back to living just like the good ol’ days.

              Oh, and if you’re wondering where to buy toilet paper when there is none. Back before the advent of butt paper, people used to use leaves. One that I like in particular is a member of the mint family. It grows these large soft, but highly absorbent leaves that are superior to toilet paper. People used to plant them all around the outhouse. They’re called “Blue Spur flowers”. Hard to find sometimes, but well worth the price. I paid $12.00 for five seeds. Four sprouted, and they are easy to propagate. By the time they’re full grown, you will never have to buy toilet paper ever again. And who doesn’t prefer having a minty fresh butthole?

              • You can also install a “bum gun” by your toilet, and thus need little or no TP. A bum gun is basically one of those sprayers you use for your kitchen sink, but you tap the toilet’s water supply line. When you’re done with your business, wash things down there and you’re good to go… 🙂

                • You can get a commode mounted bidet sprayer pretty cheap. If I change my commode I intend to go that way. Much cheaper than TP.

                  But as far as having things of value, think food, fuel, ammo, insulated wire, canned veggies and fruits from the garden and fruit trees. Nails, screws, extra tools, guns, just anything you might need and need fairly badly.

                  I have a 10,000W generator and a Lincoln welder(sold my portable welder when I was broke….dammit). It had Large AC and DC circuits. A red face Lincoln, welded like a dream. I have extra bottles of oxygen and acentylene, chop saws, welding rods and aluminum rods. Lights of all sort including spot lights(pull your butt out of a bind). I need to buy a new well pump to have on hand. I have extra control panels. I have wire from #16 to 1/0. I have extra breakers(Square D, go for the good stuff). I have quite a bit of bare wire, solid for the most part. I have old phone wire that’s really strong and plenty coax plus a CB radio(s). Lots of shovels, hoes, rakes, etc. A few sacks of Sackrete and lots of different types of screws(all the different kinds you can afford) alone with boxes of bolts, washers, nuts and locknuts of both SAE and Metric. Losing an exhaust manifold bolt can really suck. I have extra sets of sparkplug wires, condensers, points and distributor caps. There’s no end to mechanical parts you need to have on hand.

                  You’re going to have to cough up a lot of gold for an HEI distributor, or starter or solenoid to get one of mine.

                  I have all sorts of power tools and they can be life-savers. Lots of coolers and totes. I try to keep some lumber of various sorts plus pipes of various sizes and c-chanel and purlin plus hide that’s been used but in good shape. Plenty of plumbing parts and barrels for water and barrels for storage. The list never ends.

                  • Wow, you have LOTS of stuff! We used to use 1/0 wire at my old job. We’d need to do high current tests, and that’s what we’d use it for. One cable would carry 300 amps or so; anything beyond 300 amps, we’d need to run another set of cables…

                    • I’d have some 4/0 if I had my way. But for most things, 1/0 is great for welding leads and to get power from one panel to the next. I have rolls of house wiring I got cheap at auctions and some I bought and never used. I have all sorts of disconnects and small breaker boxes(stay with Square D) and plenty extra breakers.

                      One thing I don’t stress about is cable. It’s dangerous to use if you can really put a hard pull on it and can be the last thing you ever do.
                      Chains is another thing and I have plenty along with come-a-longs and hand winches. I have all sorts of bolt biters and use the 5′ jobs more often than you’d expect. You can’t have too many chisels or line-up punches. I have found boxes of used sockets at auctions that were really cheap so I I have replacement sockets till the cows come home. I wish I had that many spare end wrenches but I do have a fair amount. I keep my used oil and have barrels of it which could keep you warm for years. What I need right now is a good k3500 Chevy with a diesel(all sorts of lubricants substitute for #2 fuel).

                      I am looking right now for at least 8 4″ sheaves or rollers. You can use them to make all sorts of things including a block and pulley you can use for heavy stuff and do it by yourself. A smaller one can be made with pulleys off old alternators and such.

                      I have all sizes of ropes and good ones too. I bought most of it used or army/surplus and new like the rope you use out of helicopters.

                      I have rolls of small(1X4″ and under) cable and some wire rope.

                      The 4″ pulleys would be great for all sorts of things including the large rope I use.

                      I never use cotton rope, just hemp and quality braided nylon. Besides, I don’t want to start something with Jussie in his race car garage(dumbass). I like to find large steel pieces I can use for counterweights such as the ones on the barn door. You can always fill pipe with concrete for counterweights too.

                    • Eight, I need me some stuff like that! (As fer MM’s French Drinking Fountain, I think I’d likely go through a wall if shot in chute with cold water! Youch!)

                    • Nunz, I realized last night I only needed to splice to the hot water on the sink 3 feet away and put a couple small valves on cold and hot.

                      You could let the warm run till it was warm and mix the two with a T and stick a sprayer on it like you use with a normal pressurized sprayer, very cheap little fitting. You gave me inspiration to get er done. The flexible tube could hang on the wall or install to the seat so it would be in the right place when pulled tight and pushed to the side otherwise. Cheap bidet for next to nothing and not much work.

                • Marky,
                  I wrenched my back a few years ago, and couldn’t use my arm to do much of anything. I went to the chiropractor, and also installed one of those bolt on bidets to the toilet. They work fairly well depending on the water pressure.

                  I’ve also spent a fair amount of time down in Mexico, and central America where most places don’t have sewer systems that can handle all that toilet paper so they require everyone to toss their TP into a bag beside the toilet, and toss it into the trash. It isn’t an enjoyable task, but you eventually get used to it. I don’t know what would happen if I were to start tossing leaves into my septic system so I could opt to just toss them into a paper bag and burn them, or go back to using an outhouse.

                  I built an outhouse when my drain field got clogged up with tree roots. I didn’t feel like digging it all up during the summer so I built an outhouse and waited till next winter when it was cooler. The following summer hurricane Irma hit, and the shit literally hit the fan. Other than that little mishap, the outhouse worked out pretty well, and I can dump it all out on the ground a year after I stop using the tank, or I can just dump it out on the ground if I feel like it because I’m in the middle of nowhere anyways. As I get older, I find that it’s a good idea to have an outhouse strategically placed in the more remote spots of the back 40 in case I’m seized with inspiration, and might not make it back to the house in time.


                  • schnarkle, I try to take some tp with me on walks. I almost used some walking the drive last week. But there used to be plenty trees up there on the fenceline and I’m about to take that SOB to court.

                    When I was always living away from home we’d be building pads for large tanks and off-loading stations. The pasture was generally thick on one side of the location.

                    I preferred to not use the RV pot, I could barely fit in. I’ll so just about anything to avoid using a public toilet.

                    Even when it’s cold I don’t mind being out there with the bunnies and coyotes cause we’re all doing the same thing. I will admit I do keep a close eye on where I’m walking in anything but really cold weather.

                    The way limbs grow off to the side of mesquite trees they can be most accommodating and comfortable.

              • Shnark, I used to fantasize about living on a barge back when I was a teen in pooklik skool! I’d make sketches of it and how I’d outfit it, instead of paying attention to whatever crapola the teacher was blathering on about.

                It would be fully self-contained and self-sufficient: Poultry; a garden, etc. with all of the waste being recycled to continue the cycle.

                BTW, funny- either yesterday or the day before, I was wondering to myself where you were…and now here you are! Saw one post by Vonu Bill a few weeks ago..then he disaapeared again. And where’s Tionico?!

                • Hey Nunzio,

                  That barge saved me a few thousand dollars over the five years I had it. I as living in style too. I’m working on designing a pontoon boat now. There are a lot of people using those 55 gallon polypropylene barrels for floatation. They can be had for as little as free, but usually no more than 8 or 10 dollars each. Something as little or big as 10 x 20, or 12 x 30 wouldn’t cost more than a couple grand to frame up and I could use pallet wood to frame the walls saving me quite a bit. I’ve had really good luck using cardboard to sheath my dog house and chicken coops. I have a really nice chicken coop that has lasted over 5 or 6 years now with no mold or any signs of water intrusion. The solar panels, charge controller, inverters and batteries along with a pretty nice 12 volt refrigerator/freezer shouldn’t run me more than around $2k. I can install a household toilet plumbed right into one of those 55 gallon barrels, or have a composting toilet, or both. Another 10 x 30 deck for water tanks, chicken coop, and planter boxes for my garden, and I’m basically living for free. The thing I really like about this idea is that the only thing I would have to pay to the government would be a yearly registration fee that would be less than $50, and with a screen over the garden, I would have no pests of any kind attacking my veggies. No moles, rats, birds, bugs, etc. Probably no weeds either. The other advantage is the shallow draft of the pontoons would allow me to go pretty much anywhere, and lots of places no one else can go.

                  I’m still in Florida. I’ve got a boat that I have all fitted out to take down to the Caribbean, but everything is shut down there now as well so I screwed up. I didn’t account for that bit of bs. So I don’t know what to do about the boat now. I might sell it. I’m still looking around down in the Caribbean for any signs of sanity that might prevail over this moron a virus.

                    • I’ve been doing just that lately, and have about half a dozen spots picked out already. The trick is to find a spot where I can get close enough to a place where i can park a car or my SUV. There are all kinds of great secluded spots close to public lands, and plenty of areas perfect for grazing chickens.

    • Hi Woody

      The problem is the 3-4pct is priced in. Yes, If you use the card the percentage is sent to the Bank. If you use cash the priced in percentage goes to the seller. You in Slavelandia still pay the same.
      Years ago gas stations tried to correct this by upcharging only those that used credit cards. Of course the card users said it was unfair?,,, so since then everyone pays the charge.
      Lately they have been trying to get people to use debit cards which many charge no service fee. This is so the retailer can keep the priced in percentage. It’s all a scam…

  16. Hmmm… I’m not sure if you have some kind of automatic filtering of comments, so I’ll try again. My last comment had a couple of links in it (3 or so), so maybe that’s it. I’ll try without links. Either that, or you blacklisted me. 😛

    Couple of comments. First, the governor of Nebraska really has it going on. Much as I hated living in Omaha, there are times I still wish I lived there. Not only has he not done a diaper mandate, he’s also going to withhold federal funds from any city there that tries to implement one. That’s the way to do it!

    Second, I heard some fake reporting on the noon news today (note – I don’t watch the news, my mom does, and I happened to overhear it). The reporter said that there are xxxxx number of “cases” in Kentucky. Wrong! There were xxxxx number of cases reported since testing started, with several thousand “recoveries”. And I refuse to believe that there are xxxxx minus several thousand “active” cases (i.e. – people actually sick) in the state. But leave it to the gullible public to buy that BS.

    Finally, money – I have some doubts that the idea of a completely cashless society is going to fly here in the US. If you do a search for “Philadelphia cashless ban”, you can see what my old hometown, the leftwing bastion of Philadelphia has done – banned stores from not accepting cash because it disproportionately impacts the poor. However, I’ll offer what may work as a practical solution that can allow you to keep your privacy – one is to purchase Visa/MC gift cards with cash (where you can use cash, or as long as it’s still being accepted) and use those where you can’t pay cash (gift cards are active with no personal information required); and two is to buy the OneVanilla card (search for OneVanilla for their web site) – you can pick this up at some major retailers with cash, and register it with no identifying information except a zip code so you can use it online (gift cards are typically not accepted online – these are, at least usually). I despise the whole cashless society thing, but I figure we can at least work around it as much as possible.

    • A possible problem with those Visa/MC/Amex gift cards and similar prepaid cards is that, at least last time I checked, they require you to provide a Socialist Slave Number in order to activate them – thus all purchases can be tracked back to you. (It’s been a few years since I tried buying one of those so possibly this has changed – however the tyrannical Patriot Act is still in force.) Aside from that, some have a “negative interest rate” and lose value if you leave them unused for too long a period of time so that’s something to be careful of.

        • Bubster, you’re back! How’s it going, you old cowardly little “aryan warrior” bigot! Hey, if you want to make me out to be in a group of people that by your description are world-conquering supermen, that’s no skin off my nose! Usually those with your demented mindset refer to me as a “shabbos goy” or a “race traitor” – badges I wear with honor!

          Hey, Bubster, since we’re such ol’ pals how about doing me a favor and telling me to “GTFO” again! I always get such a kick out of it!

          Aryan warriors/white supremacists: Liars. Cowards. Weaklings. Demented fools.

        • Oops, I was so excited at the idea of my ol’ pal Bubster being back that I didn’t notice the date on his post above! Oh well, I was really hoping for another “GTFO” just for old time’s sake. 🙁

          In any event Nonzers, I meant to add that there is a delicious irony here for you and, for that matter, all the malicious bigots that crawl out from under their rocks here periodically. Unless you have done as I have and worked for cash in the underground economy, not filing or paying income taxes for over 40 years, YOU have been financially supporting Israehell all along and I have not. It’s a laff riot, gotta love it! 🙂

          • **”as I have and worked for cash in the underground economy, not filing or paying income taxes for over 40 years,”**

            THAT is the sign of a true Libertarian! About the most Libertarian thing one can do. It’s literally akin to escaping actual slavery.

            • Morning, Nunz –

              And that – working off the books – is what’s on the table. Among other things. When you can no longer work for cash or use cash to pay for things you need, they have you by the balls. Diapers, Needles. The whole megillah.

              • Hi Ya Eric!

                That is precisely why we need to extricate ourselves. Such control is only possible where the technological infrastructure required for it’s operation exists.

                A slave can not escape slavery while living on the plantation.

                We know that this coming, no matter what- regardless of who wins some election, etc. It’s our choice: Do we stay until we are consumed?

    • I’m in Lincoln, Jim, and glad of it, for now. Not that our dear governor is any less full of himself, or that my mayor is any less a tyrant than others, but the degree of their infiltration is less than many other places. However…violent crime is up. We just had our 6th murder, our usual average for a year. Robberies, battery, and burglary are up, significantly.
      Many here do Don The Diaper, but I do not detect any animosity from the diapered towards me. I refuse all diapering, and, I just left a job that required it, to a job where the employees do not diaper at all.

      I am afraid the time of liberty in America is done. No amount of protest will suffice to change the generational damage done by our public school system. Once the politicians took control of education, the end game was inevitable. All any party has to do to control education, money, health, retirement, environment, jobs…is to win control of the government. And the best liars always win.
      Hate to be pessimistic. I’m starting to believe that the best solution is for a rapid and total destruction to occur, so as to be fresh in the minds of those who live through it, and force a “never again” mindset for the next few generations.

    • Great post Jim! (shame on you for using your brain LOL)

      I have a theory on the cashless society.

      For sure the control freaks who hate us regular folk (who work, raise a family, worship God, save, invest, grow, are a positive influence on our loved ones + neighbors, and have kick ass cars) are the enemy. We are an existential threat to “our betters” because we are autonomous and hard to control. However, they will prevail in their quest. 2020 years ago Revelation 13:7 was written by John, an enemy of the state (aren’t we all?) while in exile on a desert island (without Ginger or MaryAnn). He wrote: “and he provides that no one will be able to buy or to sell, except the one who has the mark, either the name of the beast or the number of his name.”

      How is this possible? I think it’s going to be easy. Sheeple will clamor for the “really cool tattoo” proving your are disease free (free sex!) and “verified” like your Twatter blue thingy and “approved” to do super cool things-plus by food. The average moron will scratch and claw to get The Mark- because social approval and “not racis or sexis” plus the golden endorsement by the pedophile ass-handlers who know you are a useful idiot.

      All this hoseshit like the TSA asswipes, the tattoo craze (puke) and the virtue signaling asshats that will literally attack you for not “conforming” is ritual humiliation- a tried and true dictator scam that the average moron will not just fall for, but be a front-line attack poodle against the non-conformists for- rare as they may be.

      Basically you are damned to a life of, as the Three Stooges called it: “morons for moronica” then eternal hell and ass raping if you cannot or will not seek and conform to The Truth. Good luck. The odds are against you.

      In case you missed it The Truth is Jesus to whom every knee will bow and every tong confess Jesus Is LORD. Love or hate it the future has been written and you get to decide which side you will be on. In that way Jesus is “pro choice”

      Truth is brutal. But not as brutal as eternal damnation.

      • Amen, Auric!

        We know how this will end. Save for Divine intervention, they’d would prevail- and their demonic plans would result in the extinction of all mankind, ultimately- as Jesus said “Except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be save” (And He was not speaking of spiritual salvation, ’cause “Flesh and blood cannot inherit the Kingdom of God”). “But for the elect’s sake, those days shall be shortened”.

      • auric, Great post. When the gospel writer points out that Jesus is the truth, I’m not so sure, he’s saying the truth is Jesus though. The gospel is all about self denial/self sacrifice. That’s the cornerstone, and without it, it simply won’t work. I don’t see any reason why Jesus wouldn’t have followed his own teachings which repudiates the self or persona. In other words, the teaching is what counts, not who says it. This is especially the case with a teaching that points out the useless futility of a life lived for oneself.

        Jesus affirms this repeatedly. He tells his disciples that THEY are the light of the world, and the church adopted it by referring to herself as “The Way”. How many Christians today would dare refer to themselves as “the Way”?

        He points out that he doesn’t come to condemn, but that his WORDS will condemn. His words have eternal life, and his words are his teachings. His name means “God’s salvation”, and his whole life is one of selfless obedience to God’s law.

        Paul quotes Moses who points out that to follow the law is to live, and Jesus personifies God’s law in action. As Nunzio pointed out already, eternal life has nothing to do with one’s flesh. The bible affirms this repeatedly by pointing out that it is NOT eternal biological life, but eternal (Greek “zoe”).

        The flesh counts for nothing. It is the temple God’s spirit dwells within, and when that happens, the temple is holy. In case some may have forgotten, sin cannot dwell with holiness. This is what separates the old testament from the new. This is what separates those who make a decision to follow Christ as best THEY can from those who are spiritually begotten children of God. This is what separates those who make every attempt to follow Christ from those who see that all things are accomplished in, with, and through the risen Christ alive in all humanity. As he says, “Apart from me, you can do nothing”. So the closer one gets to the truth, the closer one personifies Christ, or is “conformed to his image”.

        The reason I bring this up is because Christianity tends to rapidly descend into a cult of personality, whereas the truth is for anyone who has the ears to hear it. Christ didn’t come to proclaim himself, but a kingdom ruled by truth which is the way to eternal life.

        So what does this have to do with a cashless society, or buying or selling? It has everything to do with it because when one becomes “born again”, or spiritually begotten, they no longer have any use for Collateralized Dept. Obligations, fiat currencies, fractional reserve banking scams, usury, etc. They no longer rely upon the providence of Mammon, but the providence of God.

        What kind of Christian believes that God can raise them to eternal life, but can’t or won’t take care of their every need without using Mammon’s money? Jesus juxtaposes God to Mammon rather than Satan because he knows what we really treasure.

        Most Libertarians should know that real wealth is not to be found in the instruments that are used to barter, currencies, or money. They are all derived from wealth. The 1% have 90% of all real wealth which is found in land, agriculture, mines, mining operations, etc. Ultimately, that isn’t even real wealth either unless it can be shared with the rest of the world. So those who take “the mark” are really just too stupid to understand that consumerism, or “buying and selling” is a trap. It’s the “rat race” for slaves who have no clue that they’re living on the worst plantation imaginable. One where the slaves have to pay to work on the plantation.

        The gospel message says to blow off false work, and slack off. Stop working six months out of the year for your dead beat uncle. Stop feeding the Beast. Give that good for nuthin uncle all his worthless money back. Tell him you don’t need it anymore. Just think about that one for a while. Think about how good it would feel to tell the government that you don’t need their worthless fiat currencies, Ponzi schemes, etc. anymore.

        The elect are ahead of the curve, and the wrong side of the curve as far as the governments of the world are concerned. They want people clamoring for their system of commerce rather than throwing their currency into the street long before it becomes worthless.

        I’m not Amish, but what would happen if most of the workforce adopted an Amish lifestyle? The government would become completely redundant, and implode.

    • Cashless ain’t gonna happen here in SoCal anytime soon.
      Why? The illegals mainly get paid in cash, and those who don’t, pay la mordita to a check cashing place and carry cash, rather than open a bank account.
      Dead giveaway when you see Benjamins, not Jacksons, @ the grocery store, or anywhere else.

  17. Couple of comments here. First, there are times I wish I still lived in Nebraska. Their governor has it going on. Not only is there no statewide diaper mandate, but he’s going to withhold federal money from any city that tries to create such a mandate –

    Second, I heard some false reporting on the noon news today (for the record, I don’t watch TV at all, my mom does – I just overheard it). They were talking about the number of cases here in Kentucky, and the reporter said that “there are xxxxx cases…”. Nope, wrong answer. The correct reporting would have been that “xxxxx cases have been recorded since March…” or some such. There have officially been several thousand “recoveries”, and you can’t even begin to convince me that there are still xxxxx minus several thousand *active* cases (i.e. – people actually sick) in the state. Nope, no way. But people actually believe this bullshit and don’t bother thinking for themselves.

    Finally, just a word about using a card for payment but still staying anonymous (i.e. – working around the system). I absolutely do NOT endorse what the PTB are doing, but as a practical matter, we may need to work around it and retain our anonymity. One way is to buy Visa, MC or Amex gift cards, like what you see near the checkout lines, and pay cash for them (as long as you can continue using cash, even without getting change). Another is to purchase the OneVanilla prepaid debit card (, again paying cash. This card can be registered for online purchases (plug in your zip code so it matches an address you would have merchandise sent to), but does not require any identifying information (like name or address). It’s not reloadable, but registering it (anonymously) allows you to use it online, unlike a gift card. You can get them at a number of major retailers. Again, I don’t like nor endorse the whole cashless society business, but figured this might help you maintain your privacy. Personally, I’m not sure they would be able to get rid of cash completely in the US. A lot of “unbanked” or “underbanked” people, particularly poor people in the inner cities, wouldn’t be able to comply. And even some left-wing cities are against the idea (Philadelphia, my old hometown, in this case –

  18. I have a cloisened Balboa, found probably 7000 miles from where it originated.

    At one time, every bank in the United States had US minted gold and silver coins in their vaults. Money meant something.

    Why have a coinage system of cupro-nickel-steel coins that are worthless?

    When one troy ounce of silver coin worth one dollar in 1955 is now worth 19 dollars, you will need 19 times more coins to equal one coin minted before 1965.

    Pennies were once 95 percent copper with some brass or some other metal in them.

    They are now all zinc with a copper plating. Worthless, blemish and disintegrate in no time.

    Coin collectors, hoarders, have 55 barrel drums full of pennies, feed troughs filled with old pennies.

    Hoarders remove coins by the millions. I have been at auctions where there were tables filled with collectible coins with 90 percent silver content. All removed from circulation.

    Eliminate the fake money and issue real money, not currency, and you will have a stable economy.

    The Canadian one dollar paper bill was removed from circulation. They sell at a premium.

    The Canadian mint in Winnipeg can chop out minted coins like their is no tomorrow, mint coins for several countries. Hire them to mint US coinage, worthless as those coins are.

    • **”Eliminate the fake money and issue real money, not currency, and you will have a stable economy.”**

      Oh, they can’t do that! Then they wouldn’t be able to print up trillions of dollars out of thin air to manipulate and control society.

    • And it’s amazing! The worldwide “reshaping” of society, and implementation of world-wide governance is being done in broad daylight before our eyes….but the [m]asses can not even see it, they are so blinded by trivialities, propaganda, and indoctrination.

    • drumphis, that thing is probably worth a small fortune. No doubt you wouldn’t part with it till what we refer to as “the bitter end”.

    • The best thing that could happen to paper Dollars is being decoupled from the electronic Dollars that weigh on their true market value. Wouldn’t it be the greatest irony if all the machinations the FedRez and FedGov have gone through to give an air of legitimacy to paper Dollars to avoid counterfeit will actually be their greatest asset in the black market? Just like the gold and silver they minted. A pre-1965 quarter or any Eagle is higher valued (the premium over spot price determining such) than unknown coinage or bullion simply by virtue of the fact that at a fairly casual glance its metal content is *reasonably* trustworthy. Knowing a $20 FED note is really a $20 FED note from all the colors, woven strips and holograms is exactly what a free currency market would need to prevent inflation. The “real” paper Dollars are a well known ubiquitous but still fixed (or reducing as they confiscate them) commodity in circulation. Their buying value appreciates due to true economic forces such as scarcity of actually existing without being too useful (such as ammo and rice) not to use for currency.

  19. As a history buff I long ago noted that at some point appeasement doesn’t work. Call it what you want,,, turn the cheek,,, go along to get along, etc. Governments allied with oligarchs always end up trying to enslave the People. Why? Power,,, simply power over other humans. The USA would not even exist if not for some realizing appeasement does not work and decided to act.

    Today it’s much worse. Government allied with the billionaire oligarchs and their organizations such as BLM and Antifa and a multitude of NGO’s along with the Marxist universities are destroying the fabric of society world wide to create a new order. They wield so much power its likely they will win.
    Haven’t you wondered why the national government has not attempted to stop the mayhem? A lot of talk but no walk.
    Haven’t you wondered why government is having police stand down where riots are concerned but said police will have no problem coming to remove your weapons.
    Haven’t you wondered why the BLM rioters in St. Louis were released without charges but two individuals that defended their home have had their weapons taken and face indictment?
    Haven’t you wondered why you must wear a mask and social distance but government has excused BLM and Antifa from those restrictions?
    Haven’t you wondered why no one in media mentions that the autopsy of George Floyd states he died of a fentanyl overdose? Does anyone try to choke another by squeezing the side if the neck? Lie down, have someone kneel on the side of your neck and see if you are asphyxiated.
    These are but a few of the attacks on our liberty and system of government. They are so numerous now that I cannot recall some of them.
    Make all the excuses you want but they knew what would happen when they shut down the mints making the coins. Are we so blind we cannot see they are destroying the currency? Very possible the dollar will be toast by the end of this year or mid next year. Do you really think they don’t know their Zimbabwe style printing will destroy the currency? This is the big flame out before running out of fuel.
    Do you not understand why central banks are buying tons of gold with their soon to be worthless currency while they say its a relic of the past?
    Can you not see voting or writing your corporate owned Congress critter is a useless waste of effort?
    If all of this is not obvious to you yet,,, wait. At some point very soon when the blood starts flowing it will be. By that time, sad to say, it may be your blood. The question is,,, do you die kneeling or standing?

    I close with a cut from the Declaration.
    “That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”

    I sincerely hope this can be avoided.

  20. “The “peaceful protestors” showed it is possible…the last Americans to not have descended to rabbithood

    Disagree. In no serious way have BLM / Antifa been subjected to fear or terror. They have faced no serious or successful violent opposition on the streets. Only recently and occasionally have they experienced a modicum of police resistance and individual arrests. Dems, black political leaders, and mainstrem media openly support them. Repub leaders and President Trump are essentailly AWOL and are therefore presumed to tolerate them. Upon request and voluntarily, affluent college-educated Whtie liberal women physicallly grovel at their feet to “demonsttate” their support. George Soros and other billionaries from his tribe, along with various mega-corps, foundations, charities, and NGO’s, donate, directly or indirectly, hundreds of millions to transport, organize, coach, equip, clothe, and weaponize them. BLM is a Delaware-chartered corporation FFS, founded by 3 black lesbians, one of whom publicly boasted that she was “marxist trained.”

    They are overly entitled, overly indulged, emotionally driven, bratty children, incapable of ciritcal thought or civil discourse, seething with jew-scripted anti-White hatred, and playing with fire.

    On the plus side of their score card, we could chalk up their cavalier disregard for “social distancing.”

    My 2 bits.

    • Exactly, Mack. The “protesters” are given free reign because their existence benefits a plethora of political agendas. If WE did any such thing -which would contradict and oppose and expose those political agendas, we’d be slaughtered in the blink of an eye, and the media would ignore our existence, or pervert our message.

      We live under systemic control and systemic perversion of reality, and there is no way to fight such a humongous and ingrained system, any more so than the sensible minority of Germans could have fought the Nazis. All we can do is extricate ourselves from the tentacles of that system.

      • All I know is that, when the Proud Boys were in NYC and defended themselves against an Antifa attack, they got 15 YEARS in prison! Keep in mind that they were minding their own business; keep in mind that they were attacked; keep in mind that they defended themselves; even so, they were harshly punished.

        Also, note that Antifa doesn’t pull their antics in conservative areas that have somewhat sane legal systems and where the people are armed. It’s always in socialist controlled cities. Some Antifas tried to stir some shit up in Yucaipa, CA, and they were run out on short order.

      • Hi Nunz (and Mack) –

        Yes, perfectly true – but the “protesters” had the balls to act. I am not condoning much less approving of their motives or anything other than they acted.

        The rest of the poltroons aren’t even willing to challenge a Diaper Fuhrer at the entry to a store.

        • Eric, it’s easyto have balls when the whole world is kissing their asses- and when they are favored by the overlords (useful idiots). They are state-enabled monsters who are easily controlled, and they also have the safety of numbers. Anything above that, is more likely stupidity than nads.

          • Hi Nunz,

            Bottom line is they acted. Bottom line is most of the “decent” people in this country just do what they’re told, no matter what they’re told.

            • The armed men who stormed the state capitol (forget where it was) to protest the lockdowns. Those are the guys we should be using as inspiration.

              • Michigan.
                I would like to respectfully disagree. There is no amount of protest, re-education, debate, or posting on the web that is going to change the current trajectory.
                How do you reason with the masses when they have been trained from birth to act according to emotions?
                How do you educate when generations of Americans do not read?
                How can you change anything in a democracy where any adult can vote?
                We must hold the line on our integrity, while holding onto the values we believe and trust in, and hope those who survive this madness will rediscover the Enlightenment become a principled people once more.
                Instead of the Tree of Liberty being watered with the blood of tyrants, the entire forest needs to be savaged.

            • Hi Eric, they (Antifa) are state backed or at the very least state condoned.
              You can be sure the full force of the cops will be applied on those who are on the other side.
              See what happened to shop owners who dared open their establishments without permission, while the “peaceful protesters” were walking around openly without masks.

              • Hi Escher,

                Of course. And yet, we must take the stand, regardless. If enough of us do it, the visuals get really bad for them. Actually peaceful, decent people just trying to shop or work out being attacked by goon squads won’t go over well. Also, it gives courage to others to resist.

                It’s an imperative, as I see it.

                A man’s got to take a stand sometimes, even if it hurts. Even if it costs.

          • “Anything above that, is more likely stupidity than nads.”

            Agree. Their actions are not organic or “grass roots.” Their behavior is incited, manipulated, managed, patronized. Not self-initiated or self-directed, They indulge themselves in mindless, at times random, destruction. No originality, no personal bravery. Weak and cowardly when directly or indiividually confronted.

            • Ha! That’s exactly what I was gonna say in response to Eric, Mack!

              These protests were formulated and staged by BLM/ANTIFA, and well coordinated- It’s not like a bunch of people just decided simultaneouly all over the country decided to do something.

              Others saw it, and joined in- and I’m sure many could care less about protesting, but rather, they just want to break things and grab some loot- which is typical behavior for many of the ones involved; and they want to advance an agenda which will favor them at the expense of others,

              And all done in an atmosphere where they saw that it was perfectly safe to do so- knowing that they would receive positive media attention, and that there would be little to know repercussions or threat of violence against them.

              Those people are not fighting the system- they’re fighting Capitalism, liberty, and traditional decent society- as they champion a drug addict/home-invader/robber. They are on the same side as our enemy, and loathe us more than they do anyone, because we represent the elimination of the hand that feeds them.

        • Balls is something antifa and blm do not have. I saw a video of a guy in a car being challenged by a mob. He got out, grabbed one of the pussies, body slammed him and whipped shit out of him while the rest watched and then started screaming he had arrows in his car as he sat there and was probably waiting on someone. These people are weak cowards.

          • Eight,
            And any gonads they may seem to have, are only because these thugs largely operate in leftist cities, where the average citizen is defenseless because of “gun control”, while they have guns- because when they get caught with them, they usually get off near scot-free….whereas a decent person’s life would be destroyed if they were caught with one- much more so if they dared use it to defend themselves- let alone use it offensively or in a criminal act.

            If the power were equalized and the average citizen of these hell-holes could defend themselves….the thugs would be hiding in their roach-infested crack-houses.

            • Notice how these thug assholes DON’T play their games outside the leftist cities! They tried in Yucaipa, CA and Boise, ID, and they were run out on short order…

  21. Just like the well-advertised two-tier ‘justice’ [sic] system — utter impunity for the elites; strict compliance for the muppets — Covid-19 has brought us a two-tier economy.

    Using flagrantly illegal SPVs (Special Purpose Vehicles), the Federal Reserve multiplies the 10% stake put up by Congress by a factor of ten using digitally-printed thin-air currency, then hoovers up corporate, municipal and junk bonds owned by banks and billionaires, so that they suffer no loss from the economic meltdown.

    Now the ill-gotten proceeds from these bailed-out bonds parked at the Fed have been used to jack stocks such as Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Alphabet (Google), Microsoft, Netflix, Nvidia and Tesla to the stratosphere, making billionaires such as Gates, Bezos and Musk several times richer than they were before.

    Meanwhile, basic financial plumbing, such as providing the modest “widow’s mites” coins that little people need as they go about their inconsequential business — rolling balls of dung down the sidewalk and such — are simply ignored. These small-change, beer-money citizens don’t trade on Wall Street, so they don’t count.

    SMASH THE FED. Roast their elite clientele and Congressional enablers on sharp sticks over a roaring, cleansing fire, then feed the charred meat to hungry dogs.

  22. How can they contact trace you if you use cash? Cant have that. See, they need the credit card transaction as proof you were there.

  23. It seems like all we do now is run around in circles chasing our tails trying to figure out what has gone so terribly wrong with govt for the last fifty years or so. It’s true, there are just so many issues & never ending problems it makes you want to scream. And when we try to diagnose the mess we’re in, oftentimes emotions & snap judgments cloud our analysis leaving many baffled & frustrated. So with that in mind I offer the following quiz:

    From the List of choices below, pick only one that you feel is the main reason why government is totally out of control and continues growing bigger & bigger…Hint: it’s not even close. My top choice is the runaway best answer, so be careful & don’t blow it!

    1. Uneducated/misinformed voters, voter apathy & laziness.

    2. The malignant & corrupt two-party system (it’s really a one-party system).

    3. Evil bankers, Wall Streeters, corrupt CEO’s & crony capitalists, big money interests – Soros, Gates, Buffet, et al.

    4. The president has too much power / congress has too much
    power / both have too much power.

    5. Not adhering to constitutional principles and the utter failure of the Supreme Court to enforce them.

    6. Pernicious, greedy, uncaring, immoral & corrupt politicians.

    7. Bad management by too many bloated government
    bureaucracies, Labor Unions, lazy do-nothing government employees compensated with ridiculously high salaries & benefits, waste-inefficiency-fraud & corruption.

    8. The adoption of socialism, communism, fascism, corporatism, authoritarianism, Marxism, Hollywoodism, liberalism/progressivism.

    9. Class warfare, prejudice & bigotry, illegal immigrants, failure to secure borders.

    10. The Federal Reserve & central bankers, inflation, lack of gold-back currency, bad economic planning & policies, the great recession/poor economic conditions.

    11. Unstable/unfriendly world — America policing the globe, 9/11, national defense & war on terrorism, Israel and middle eastern oil interests, foreign aid, imperialism, bad foreign policy, making the world safe for democracy.

    12. The cumulative effect of too many stupid U.S. Presidents.

    13. Conspiracy – The Illuminati, The Rothschilds, Freemasons, One World Govt, CFR, The New World Order, Globalism, The Trilateral Commission, The United Nations, the Fabian Society, Bilderburg Group, the IMF, the World Bank, and of course, the Deep State.

    14. Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid, Social engineering, Welfare programs & government assistance, poor-people, over-population.

    15. Alien Invasion, UFO conspiracy theory, NASA, Flying Saucers,
    extraterrestrials, the nuclear age, govt overspending on science & space exploration.

    16. Government redistribution of wealth, greedy self interest, and the something for nothing mentality.

    Personally, my second choice is probably the first one on the list, but like I said, it’s not even close. If you didn’t pick #16 as the absolute best answer, you need help. But don’t fret, 94% of the rest of the population wouldn’t get it right either. Why 94%? The reason is random chance –- guessing makes it a one out of 16 shot, hence the 94%.

    • Surprised by my answer? I’ll bet many are because most would probably pick stupid voters as the biggest problem. And yes it’s huge, but it takes a back seat to the problems caused by those millions who want & expect lots of free stuff along with the millions of rent seekers looking to get stuff that requires little work or effort.

      Before moving on we need to get something straight. Let’s face it, by and large people are in fact lazy & slothful. And this is where we get to the heart of the matter. It’s sad but true. If there’s one thing about human nature that we all share to one degree or another, it’s laziness. Therefore, we all need to hold hands, be honest, and admit it to ourselves once and for all so there’s no more confusion about this.

      People are only motivated to do things by good-ole self interest, therefore they’ll only take action if they expect to get something greater in return. Because most people are lazy, and parasitical, always count on them to take the “easy way out” when they attempt make money to acquire things. And what could be more enticing than getting government perks & largesse for almost no effort. To accomplish this voters inevitably turn to their closest ally, the politician of course. History has shown time & again that those who desire to get something for nothing always gravitate toward govt.

      Now regardless of what some say about math being a tough subject, years ago bloc voters teamed up with their political buddies and successfully figured out an equation to help them achieve their goals. It’s called, “A” taking from “B” to give to “C” (note: If you belong to the “B” category then you already know all about this). Armed with this new back-of-the-napkin political weapon, these voters quickly learned how use this brainchild to convince politicians that their “needs” are in fact “rights” and demanded these “rights” be fulfilled in exchange for their votes & support – also known as quid pro quo (give me what I want & I’ll give you what you want). So then all a politician had to do was whip the “A-B-C formula” into action and their problems were solved. Voila’: Instant & perpetual voter allegiance!
      Once that deal with the devil was consummated, those voters from then on supported their candidate forevermore through thick & thin. If their guy votes for unconstitutional/tyrannical laws, no problem – “of course we support him, he gives us what we want.” If their guy cheats on his spouse, again, no problem. If he molests children, accepts illegal campaign contributions, defrauds investors, cheats on his taxes, is buddies with the Clintons; “No Problemo, he’s our guy and nothing is going to change that. Just make sure the goodies keep flowing thank you.” That’s why voters always vote a straight party ticket and that’s why no amount of so-called enlightenment is ever going to change their minds. They’re just like drug addicts. Once they find the right guy to do their bidding they’ll latch onto him & never let go.

      After a while the general public caught wind of this which had the effect of throwing the floodgates wide open & now everyone wants in on the action. They too want a horse in the race so naturally they try to vote their guy into office. And on & on it goes with almost everybody fighting to get “their fair share” of the plunder. It’s become a disgusting & greedy free-for-all with amerikans scrambling for a chance to get their (rightful?) govt goodies.

      And to make matters even worse – which is going to compound our problems like no one has ever seen – right now a frantic govt is illegally & immorally shelling out trillions of greenbacks to a bunch of conniving pretenders who don’t deserve it. It’ll be a windfall of a lifetime for those on the receiving end who are willing & able to do or say almost anything to get some, including lying, scheming, deceiving, obfuscating, and, let’s not forget, supporting their favorite politician. Is it any wonder why most incumbents are easily reelected? And is it any wonder why we – that is those who must pay the tab with increasing taxes, higher prices, loss of freedom, and, a lower standard of living – find ourselves in an endless and brutally impossible situation? It almost makes you want to jump on the bandwagon too, huh?

      “Any gratuity, any amount of goodness or any amount of benefit that flows your way engenders in the human being a sense of gratitude. – Jack Abramoff

      “The old adage about giving a man a fish versus teaching him to fish has been updated by a reader: Give a man a fish and he will ask for tartar sauce and French fries! Moreover, some politician who wants his vote will declare all these things to be among his ‘basic rights.’” — Thomas Sowell

      • **”“The old adage about giving a man a fish versus teaching him to fish “**

        Build a man a fire, and he will be warm for a few hours. Set a man on fire, and he will warm for the rest of his life! (Methinks the “peaceful protesters” are practicing that one! I’d like to practice it with AGWs!)

      • You can lead a bull to the whatchamacallit, but you can’t make him stampede.

        As for UFOs, I have witnessed what would be one in physical form.

        It was a March morning probably six years ago or so. I was driving east on a four-lane highway around 10:00 am when I spotted a reflection in the sky to the northeast at approximately 30 degrees above the horizon. I said to myself that it can’t be a planet, too much light in the sky. I observed that the object was at a standstill, the reflection remained bright and clear. I could not figure out what was going on, can’t be something that is a natural, couldn’t be.

        I decided to stop my vehicle on an off road to exit and get a good clear view with no windshield possibly making the reflection different somehow, an apparition, nothing to see.

        As soon as I began to open the door, the object began to move to the northwest at a high rate of speed. I could see it, the sky was free of clouds, it had a square shaped front structure, a connecting structure, then the rear of the vehicle was more like a rectangle, probably the propulsion system.

        Within ten seconds, it disappeared, the distance was too far away by then to actually see the unidentified aerial phenomenon.

        I’ll never forget what I saw and how fast it did move. I estimated the altitude at 80,000 feet, then flying directly above where I was standing, the distance seemed to be greater, then it was gone.

        It was not a small object, it had some size to it, I could see it.

        People think I am crazy when I tell them. I spoke with a former Boeing employee and he didn’t seem to doubt my words, so I believe he knew of classified information concerning different motive energies.

        You don’t have to believe me, but the object was clearly there and could move from a standing position to a high rate of speed in no time at all.

        I am convinced that the vehicle is man-made and nobody is supposed to know except for those who do. Where it came from and who built it is a mystery.

        True story.

        • drumphis, it’s been 40 years ago some friends were leaving a party. Driving down the road they saw an object. It was the old classic saucer shape with equal sized lights of varying colors around the largest part of the circumference. It would hover and then be several miles away and hover again. They began following it but could never get really close but got close enough when it hovered over a small lake they could see it plainly. It then moved to another location several miles away and they gave chase.

          It kept doing this and they seemed to get a bit closer each time. When they got much closer and it didn’t move the woman freaked out and went into one of those things they do. So my buddy called off the chase which he would probably have done all night and took her home.

          When I was growing up we used to sit in the yard at night in decent weather and talk and watch the sky. We saw many things over the years that didn’t seem normal. One night my cousin and I saw something bright go from one horizon to the opposite. It did so quickly, probably taking about 15 seconds. had it been a plane it could have been heard but planes don’t travel that fast anyway. It wasn’t a satellite. We’d seen countless satellites go over and they didn’t travel that fast. It was unusual enough we knew what it “wasn’t”.

          I’ve been out hunting and especially fishing at night and have seen some very strange things. There were those times you couldn’t help but feel they say you too and I can only say that it was an indescribably feeling that’s completely not normal.

          But a few years ago , well, several years ago the entire population watched UFO’s of some sort near Stephenville, Texas and there were countless videos of them since there were more than one. The military and some civilians checked them out. They could never get close or get them on radar. They hung around in that area for a couple weeks. It was during the winter so people were layering up with their cameras at dark when they’d be seen easily although some were seen in the day. If the military knew what they were, they didn’t say.

          But countless pilots, esp. in military planes that could go very high and very fast saw all sorts of objects that were real objects and astronauts saw objects they couldn’t identify and would pace their vehicles.

          To make a long subject short, we are not alone.

      • Laziness is a trait of nearly all mammals. I couldn’t begin to count the number of deer I’ve killed simply by mowing a path for them to walk on, making the shot an easy one. They prefer walking that mown path to wading the tall stuff.

    • Actually, the real problem is the belief in government or more accurately, the belief in authority. It’s a seemingly self evident, sacred belief that’s been inculcated over and over again pretty much since birth to the point that people can not imagine life is possible without it. There are two choices: continue to cling to the religion of “authority” or freedom (in the anarcho-capitalist, voluntaryist, abolitionist sense) . One leads to the darkest of dark ages, possibly extinction and the other opens the door of unlimited possibility. Choose!

      • Yep, Charles. In a nutshell, that is it- and that has always been it. Belief in the religion of authority- that some men have special rights and privileges and exemptions to rule over others and to “legally” do that which constitutes crime when anyone else does those same things, elevates those men to the status of virtual gods; gods who are not benevolent nor wise- and yet there worshipers have chosen them (It’s called “voting”), and gladly pay homage to them, and sacrifice their children and the product of their labors to them.

        In the Hebrew Scriptures, the word for “god” and “judge”(n.( is one and the same. The people have chosen their god, and thus get the government they deserve. Unfortunately, we get what they deserve too.

        “Know ye not, that to whom ye yield yourselves servants to obey, his servants ye are ” -Romans 6:16

        • Hi Nunz! My favorite verse in the Bible is 2nd Samuel 8; the Hebrews demand a king in spite of God’s clear warning of what that will bring. Best example ever of “be careful what you wish for, you might get it good and hard”. Indeed they did, and it’s only gotten worse over the centuries.
          Be interesting to see how life goes when we refuse the Mark of the Beast…..the “vaccine”.

          • Hi Mike,

            People sometimes talk about a “bug out” bag – which I’ll amend for those who have the option to bug out pack. As in backpack. With tent and sleeping bag and ready to go. Because – as horrid as it is to even contemplate – it may be the last recourse to avoid what is coming. Just as I will never Diaper, I will never let them shoot a substance into my body. I am healthy and strong and will not be made otherwise by them in the name of a “sickness” I am not afraid of.

            • Too old to bug out. I’ll have to settle for making it costly to dispose of me. Perhaps besides disposing of a few jackboots, I can inspire a few more of them to seek safer employment.

              • Hey Eric & JWK!

                This is why it is so important to position ourselves while we still have the opportunity. They ultimately will force us into a situation where we have no other choice but to comply [Not an option!] or ultimately die. Bugging-out just makes us easy pickings, ’cause we can not carry on our backs enough to survive on long-term…sooner or later, we will need more ammo for hunting…matches, etc. and our activities will alert them to our presence, because there really is no place here where one can get away from the watchful eye of government and it’s narcs.

                Much like the customer I had years ago, who related to me the story of when his fambly had to flee their small farm in Cuba when the communists came- running in the middle of the night, when he was a small child. We are all now facing that prospect; the only question that remains is, do we wait till it gets to that and run in the night with nothing, -only with no plan and having no USA to raft to- or do we take advantage of what we still have available, while we stilkl have a choice?

          • Amen, Mike!

            Definitely one of my favorite passages too! Funny- a “Bible story” that they never teach to kids! That passage, written c. 3000 years ago, pretty much sums up all of human history since!

            ” While they promise them liberty, they themselves are the servants of corruption:” -2 Peter 2:19

      • Indeed, we can govern ourselves, or be governed by monsters. It doesn’t matter what form a government starts out with, they are the ideal environment for psychopaths, and so eventually all become saturated with them.

    • My answer is not specifically listed in your choices above….although it might be considered a sub-category within a couple of the options you did offer.

      • Ya mean I actually left something off my list thats even worse than any of those? Whoa. (I’m curious, would you care to share — shhh, just between me & you of course :))

    • All of the items on your list are made possible by fiat currency, number ten. With sound money, the rest would be either far less profitable for the culprits, or impossible, because there simply would not be enough money to finance them. Yes, corruption was quite common when we still had sound money, but it was nearly microscopic compared to what we now suffer. Today practically the entire shooting match is just one big pile of corruption. The surest way to fail in business is to be perfectly honest.

  24. I am reading The Gulag Archipelago by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn to which Solzhenitsyn explores the question of how people can commit evil on a vast scale. It is not like in fiction or Shakespeare of someone committing acts then being haunted by their deeds. It happens due to Ideology. When people are given positive feedback loops for committing these acts and fear of not complying, provides the basis for mass murder on an industrial scale.
    Look at many on the Left today; aren’t the ideologically possessed and lost their individual thinking process and moral compasses? We need to stop this madness but the left controls the schools therefore the next generation that will tear down the fabric of freedom.

  25. I’m thoroughly disgusted, shocked, dismayed, enraged, and in the end filled with despair, that the population is so easily manipulated by irrelevant information. The abolition of cash is but one aspect of what is obviously a “plan demic”, and all the results that entails. As Eric stated above, and I have as well, abundant times, case count for corona flu is no more relevant than case count for dandruff. Case count is only relevant in its relationship with death count. Case count up like a rocket, death count with a slight uptick only in a few areas, means mortality rate is taking a nose dive. And that’s using the heavily manipulated stats put forth by the “experts”. I suppose public education should be applauded for success in producing a people incapable of applying simple math to reality, and likewise incapable of critical thought. After all, that was its intent. If the population at large continues to play along, it deserves the repercussions. Too bad for those among us who still have a working mind. I will resist to the end, my literal end. I have no desire for me, nor any of my progeny, to live in the world that is unfolding around us.

    • Case count also can’t be relevant as long as they conflate that with infections. If you test positive (with a frequently-wrong test) for rhinovirus but don’t have cold symptoms, you aren’t a “case” of the cold. A case is someone who’s sick, but they’re counting all positive tests, sick or not, as “cases.” And yes, the government education establishment can pat itself on the back: mission accomplished.

  26. Next we’ll hear about the “change hoarders” who are crippling the economy with their water jugs full of loose change. If I don’t get exact change from a transaction due to shortages I’d expect the merchant simply round down the amount to the nearest dollar. Somehow I don’t think that will be the case. In fact the grocery store I tire of visiting is offering to “round up” to the nearest dollar for some charity, which I’m certain will be overseen by a team of useless managers and employees who, while not directly taking a vig, will surly raise the cost of doing business more than the amount raised by the “rounding up” program.

    • That would be me. I have perhaps 100 Lbs of coins. I stopped carrying change years ago. Just drop it in a jar when I get home. Once I realized that a penny was more valuable as a commodity than as money. After all, by simply drilling a hole in one, one has a copper washer, which costs about 10 cents to buy. The plans of the bank cartel REQUIRE the abolition of cash. It would be impossible to collect negative interest rates on cash. Don’t trust your bank. They are an arm of the government, or vice versa perhaps. If the IRS hints there may be an irregularity, your bank will gleefully lock down your account on their behalf. I keep enough in the bank to pay my bills. I withdraw all else in cash. If cash is no more, I will simply buy things of value, like Gold and Silver, or other precious metals, like lead.

      • Actually, unless you’re using very old pennies you wind up with a zinc washer that has a thin flashing of copper for appearances sake. The Mint clued in ages ago to the fact that the metal was worth more than the face value of the coin, so pennies were turned into slugs with nil intrinsic value like they did with all the other coins. Despite the debasement I think pennies still cost more than 1 cent to manufacture though. There’s been talk about eliminating them for ages. It’s clear though that massa really wants to eliminate cash entirely. (But how will the politicians be able to give and take bribes in a cashless society?)

        I’m old enough to remember when most coins were made of real silver. Still have some of those. Also dollar bills stated “will pay to the bearer one dollar” on their face since those bills were acknowledged to be receipts for actual silver and could be redeemed.

        Unfortunately when talking to the vast majority of people about these kind of issues they’ll tend to look at you like you just landed from Mars. All they care about is “convenience” and “cash (sic) back” – and of course they have “nothing to hide” because they’re “not doing anything wrong”. (These are the same folks that carry smartphone tracking devices and invite Alexa into their homes to spy on them 24/7 without giving it any thought.)

        We’re screwed.

        • Last time I checked, a real copper penny had a melt value of over 3 cents, and the new and NOT improved copper plated zinc ones had a melt value of around 1.3 cents. The next item up the list is the lowly nickel, which has a melt value of around 3.7 cents. Everything bigger (dime, quarter, half, various “dollar” coins) all is worth some small fraction of face value. Accordingly, I’ve been hoarding all pennies and nickels for decades. Plastic peanut butter jars make a nice sized, not-too-heavy container. One of my many unconventional preps.

          • I just went and checked- at todays pricing a real copper penny is around 2 cents, a zinc penny is around .6, and a nickel is around 4 cents. The logic being that they are the closest thing we have to honest currency and they are still worth saving- and a very easy saving plan. Plus it’s cool looking at rows and rows of them on a shelf…

          • Every once in a while you get lucky and find real silver currency in a pile of change, though it’s happening less often as time goes on. Copper pennies are still pretty common.

            • Yes, last silver quarter i got fell out of a vending machine change slot. I immediately knew what it was by the sound- silver SOUNDS like money, sandwich coins sound like hard tin.

          • The last year that copper pennies were minted was 1982. Pennies minted after 1982 are made of the cheap stuff.

        • Indeed, I can remember when silver dollars were in circulation, of the Kennedy variety, and the were worth one dollar. Of course they weren’t of near pure silver like previous editions, but they would fetch considerably more than a dollar now.

          • I believe your memory is hazy.
            Eisenhower was on the silver dollar.
            Kennedy was on the silver half dollar.
            U.S. Mint quit making half dollars when they started making “sandwich” quarters.
            Of course, actual silver coins have long since disappeared, along with copper pennies.
            Bad money drives out the good.

            • Hi Turtle,

              I remember them. 50 years encompasses all that has happened.

              50 years ago, for all its imperfections, America was still a largely free country compared with the rest of the world. On a personal, everyday level especially. There were few if any laws restricting free association, for instance, before the passage of the (per usual) dishonestly named “Civil Rights” Act. Had this loathsome law not been passed – in favor of a law guaranteeing everyone equal treatment under the law – it would be very difficult today to force any business to impose a Diaper Decree or to close its doors. People would still be free to make their own decisions.

              50 years. That’s how long it took to destroy the country.

              • Hi, Eric,
                Yes, the subversion of this country has been afoot for some time. However, the events of the past few months just boggle the mind. I agree, we must resist, wherever and however we can. These bastards must not win.

              • Hi Ya Eric!

                I was only 8 years old 50 years ago, but I still remember….. It was truly a different world! I mourn every day when I think of how great it was…and that society has been so perverted/subverted that we will never again have what they destroyed.

                I cherish the memories of those days, when the vast majority of adults were reasonable and responsible, and it was not universal practice to distrust all strangers, and the elderly were wise, and it was universally accepted that everyone had the right to pursue their own happiness and and defend their families and property and maintain their own business as they saw fit, and had the right AND responsibility to solve their own problems without the interference of Uncle.

                We had an organic society that accepted the sanctity of some common basic values.

                Now we have “diversity”, and the minions who have imposed that upon us paint all those who reject it, and it’s subsequent effect of destroying our society as “horrible people”, while they paint themselves as saviors, for destroying the civility, cohesiveness, freedom, and glory we once had.

                They have so warped the collective mind of society, that even if government were to disappear tomorrow, we could not bring back what we’ve lost, because the average person not not even realize what we’ve lost- much less mourn that loss; they instead have been brainwashed to think that this destruction is “progress”.

                I suppose it is “progress” to automatically assume that any man who dares interact with or help a random child is a pedo….rather than a responsible, kind or helpful person……

                But how much safer and richer we were, when it was assumed, -as it was when I was a child- that almost any adult had your back, and not only that, but how much more responsible it made us too, when those same adults could be relied upon to intervene and or notify our parents if we misbehaved- and that WE would face consequences, rather than the one who was calling us would today!

                The very idea, then, of someone calling the pigs because a child was playing outside (even far from home) unsupervised, was so ludicrous that no one would have even thought of it- and if they had, they would have been scoffed at by the cops, and likely dismissed as crazy. (But instead, if there was a legitimate concern, the concerned citizen may have given you a ride home, and had a talk with your parents!).

                Then, starting in the early to mid 70’s (at least in the big cities and environs) the government’s minions, -the media- started pushing the psy-op of crime-theater, by reporting on and amplifying every crime and bringing it into the living rooms of every decent person- and by the mid 70’s everyone- even in the quietest suburb- was fearful, and starting to suspect every stranger and their neighbors…and putting three locks on their doors, because Kitty Genovese…. And here we are. 🙁

                • Hiya Nunz! We did grow up in the best times, just didn’t realize it then. When I was in second grade we had just moved to a different town and I got lost walking back home from school that first day; went up to guy picking up the trash and asked him for directions to my house. Instead of that he told me to just get into the truck and drove me home in the garbage truck. Very cool for a kid and could never happen today. The neighbors did look out for you and would discipline you if need be, and if you complained to your parents about it they’d give you a whack too!
                  I blame the 24 hour always hysterical news cycle for today’s safety uber alles attitude. I’m sure there have always been child abductions but they weren’t in your face 24/7, scaring the crap out of all the moms.

                  • Ditto that, Mike –

                    Same memories. And some others, too. During summer vacation from school, my mom would sometimes drop my 11-year-old self off at the Smithsonian or Air & Space museum, which I loved exploring, to be picked up hours later, curbside. Can you imagine? A mom who did such an awful thing today would have her kids taken away from her.

                    • Mike in Boston, and eric, I’ve got a neighbor down the road who had a few quite young children knock on her door asking for food. Their mother was shacked up with some fellow tweaker, and they didn’t have money for anything other than their habit. So my neighbor calls child protective services on them not primarily for the benefit of these children, but because she’s afraid these kids might call the heat down on her or her son by accusing them of abuse, kid napping, molestation, etc. I forget the name of the website, but you can locate any and all people convicted of child molestation, and in most cases, wherever you may live, you will find a few within just a mile.

                      I was talking to a guy about ten years ago who picked up a kid hitchhiking to school. He was driving to work with his wife in the car, and the kid suddenly asked if he could be let off at the McDonalds instead of the school. The guy just kept on driving to the school instead. So the kid gets out of the car, goes up to the principle, and claims that he was just kidnapped. The guy is arrested, and convicted of kidnapping and has a record for the rest of his life. No matter where he goes he has to register as a pervert.

                      I can remember hitchhiking back in the late 80’s and early 90’s, and being picked up by women. It seems strange that women would pick up some complete stranger on the side of the road with his thumb out. They never seemed the least bit concerned that I could be a rapist or nut job. Law enforcement used to give me rides as well. Fat chance of them giving me a ride anywhere but jail nowadays.

        • Yes, those were Silver Certificates, and the stated promise was “one dollar in silver, payable to bearer on demand.”
          I still have one my grandfather gave me, issued about 1918.
          It is much larger in size than the one I saved from the 1960s.

  27. Eric,

    From what I’ve heard, two US Mints were shut down late last year; i.e. two full factories that normally make coins are shut down. I don’t know when they’ll be back on line, either. Guess what else was happening late last year? Event 201, the pandemic simulation run by Bill Gates, Johns Hopkins, et al-how propitious…


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