The Sneeze Police . . . and Worse to Come

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Armed government workers will do anything for money. Your money. They used to take it for “speeding.” Now it’s for sneezing.

And not even that.

Here’s video out of Florida of an undercover AGW relieving a victim of $110 for the “crime” of not wearing a Face Diaper . . . momentarily.

There is a Gesundheitsfuhrer Order in North Miami that all persons must wear one, all the time – no matter how healthy they are and regardless of the threat to their health, both physical and psychological. The Diaper Decree  is being enforced by undercover AGWs such as the one in the video below – who failed to ticket himself after he, too, partially removed his Diaper.

He also smeared his beefy paws all over the disgusting thing, slathering it with his schnott and whatnot, which was then applied to the extortion note forced upon the victim, who was told he’d be arrested – that is, manacled and taken to a cage – if he failed to sign the extortion note.

It is interesting to note that the AGW is morbidly obese and thus the greatest threat to his health isn’t the virus but his own bloatedness and the increased risk of diabetes and heart disease – far greater than the risk of a sneeze.

Or the virus.

Lots of “cases” – very little chance of death or even symptoms for most people. Hence the nonstop shrieking out of the idiot box – out of everywhere – about the cases! the cases!

The victim ought to just have run away as this AGW would have had a stroke, probably, attempting to keep up. But given the times, that could have triggered – literally – summary execution.

“You literally should be doing it (wearing a Diaper) all the time,” the AGW lectures.


Because the government says so. There is no other sound reason for doing so. Well, as regards health. Politics – control – that’s another thing.

Forcing healthy people to wear a Face Diaper is a Humiliation Exercise, not fundamentally different from requiring them to drape a bed pan around their necks. It serves the same purpose.

Also a worse purpose.

Diapering is being imposed for reasons other than “stopping the spread”  . . . by spreading hysteria. The daily barrage – as in the news coverage above – of the cases! the cases! – without any context.

Which eerily suggests another ululation from a long time ago.

One of the local government thugs seen in the video above said that Diapering is evidence of  . . . “community” and that those who don’t Diaper “may not be part of the community.”

Some may recall another time when certain people were forced to wear a piece of government-decreed external identification that also marked them out as  . . .  “not part of the community.”

And what happens to people who aren’t considered “part of the community”?

Bad people. Dangerous people?

The people who deserve what they get?

Echoes of Auschwitz, getting louder.

Today, the bad and dangerous ones are those who don’t to wear the government-ordered piece of external identification. But it serves the same purpose. It marks them out as being “not part of the community.”

The intent – then and now – is to systematically turn a segment of the population into a pariah class for the benefit of the political class.

It begins with official and then societal harassment of the pariah class – the former making the latter socially acceptable. The pariahs are demoted to second-class citizens; they are denied of basic rights such as the freedom to enter a store and shop – or even to walk around outside among the general public.

Eventually, they are denied everything.

All of it egged on by the social pressure of the rest of the population that acquiesced to it – and  whose metastasized resentment becomes hatred of those who haven’t.

It gets out of hand fast – because it is hard to stop once it begins.

The herd tramples everything before it, sieg (or health) heiling all the way.

Then as now, the effort to whip up a hysterical mass of people willing to do or at least not condemn anything that is done to the pariah class is being sold as a matter of . . . public hygiene.

Necessary steps to eliminate a bacillus.

The things that were done then were spoken of – justified – in precisely those terms. The health of the community.

They are being spoken of again, in the same terms.

The cases! The cases!

The Undiapered! The Unneedled . . .

The Jews . . . if anyone remembers. Also the kulaks. Whom almost no one remembers.

We’ve been down this road several times before but have lost the ability to read the signs.

People wondered, once: How could it have happened in such a civilized country? America is no different – and could prove to be far worse.

But this go ’round, who is going to stop it?

That’s up to each one of us. Don’t join the herd. Don’t countenance the abuse of anyone else for not behaving like one of the herd.

Stand up for them – and there may be someone left to stand up for you, too.

. . .

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  1. I no longer fear the wolf or the shepherd; I fear the sheep who’ve been programmed to fear life itself. Either that, or the herd simply despises individual responsibility, hence the hatred towards freedom and independence. Which is why I may very well have to opt out of society in the not-too-distant future.

  2. and the suicidal fake right worships cops and wants more of them cause being the most heavily armed people in world history most of them whites are the biggest coward in recorded history and be be crushed and taken over by non whites without ever dipping into their 35K rounds stash of ammo

  3. Back about 25 yrs ago, I read about a guy that had some legal training. Think he may have been a paralegal. He would go to banks and open an account. When they demanded his SSN, he told them that an SSN was not required to open an account and that refusing service to him because of his failure to provide one was illegal . If memory serves me, he sued each bank and made 10 grand off every bank that denied him service.
    I’m thinkin’ the minute I get fined (or jailed) for not wearing the diaper, or “training burqa”, I’ll contact the attorneys that have offered free services and see just how much I can make off the deal. Might be a great little part time job ?? Makin’ lemonade outta lemons….
    Of course, some of the proceeds would have to go towards a big ass party for all the readers of EP Autos….

  4. Albemarle County, Virginia will enforce its own draconian version of the mask mandate beginning 8/1.
    You must show an excuse from your surrogate parents, a health care provider, if you wish to be exempt. Penalty is up to $2500 plus a year in jail. Charlottesville gives us a break, phew, thank god. Only 250 bucks, but you still have to show an excuse from your “parents”.

    I think I’m gonna go sit with Buddha for a spell.

    • Art Thomas, just remember, “mandates” are not laws and are especially not mandatory if they violate federal law or the constitution. It is my understanding that requiring a doctor’s note is in violation of federal ADA laws. You do not have to disclose your medical history, nor do you need a medical record to make choices for the health of your own body and mind.

    • Hi Art,

      By doing this, they are arguably provoking people to resist in a way that could easily get very ugly, very quickly. People are already demoralized and many are hurting, financially. A “fine” of $2,500 – or even $50. might just push some people to push back.

      These psychopaths will not leave us alone. May they reap what they are sowing.

  5. If you have to enter an establishment that has a “face diaper” policy, why not wear a Halloween mask? Since the “type” of mask has not been codified, a Halloween mask, preferably one with a “message” might get (some) people to think. It IS a mask…
    I have a “Guy Fawkes” mask as used in the movie “V For Vendetta” that has been used to gain access to stores. The bewildered looks of the official store “mask screener” speaks volumes.
    Try it…you’ll like it.
    The alternative is to wear a mask to gain access, then take it off once inside of the store. You can always claim that you are “light-headed” because of the mask. I don’t think that a store employee would push the issue further.
    We have to “monkey-wrench” the system. The above suggestions are a start.

  6. Another tale from the front lines….
    I walked into a Plaid Pantry convenience store at 3:30am today to buy a couple of items. The only other person in the store was the cashier, a guy maybe early to mid 20’s. I made it about 10 feet before he barked at me..”I can’t sell to you if you don’t have a mask.” I replied, “Well, It will trigger my asthma, so I don’t wear one.” He says that non mask wearers can only shop there during the hours posted on the wall. I looked and the hours were 6am to 7am for “non masked” shopping. I suppose this is their end run around the ADA laws.
    When I calmly explained to the guy that his own govnah’s guidelines were that masks are required when 6ft of separation was not possible and that those guidelines were not law, he says that he is following his managers orders and he has to keep his job. To make matters more bizarre, the kid himself was maskless. I said ” Don’t you think it’s strange that you, with no mask, are refusing service to me because I also have no mask ?” He replied ” It doesn’t matter what I think.” As I left, I asked him ” If your govnah mandates that you have to come to work naked and stand on one leg for the whole shift, I guess you’ll comply ?”
    I got a look from him similar to a brook trout.

    • Hi Bluesman,

      I recommend video recording these interactions and then spreading them far and wide – I will happily help. There are no legal issues recording public interactions and the obvious presence of a camera might temper their insolence.

    • Bluesman, I recommend having fun with it. Crack open a soda and start drinking it. Tell him you intend to buy it but are really thirsty and wanted a drink while you continue your shopping. It’s not stealing if you’re intending to pay for it. If he refuses to sell to you, the store just bought you a free soda! 🙂

  7. The Pilgrims were forced off the Mayflower because the crew was running low on beer.

    They were more or less useless eaters who had to be expelled, Plymouth Rock is good enough for now. You’re on your own.

    “The 24th of June. The French and the Clubbists, seeing that the affair was becoming serious, and in order to stop the rapid diminution of their supplies, decided on a pitiless expulsion of all the old and sick men, with the women and children, and sent them to Cassel, from whence they were just as pitilessly driven away again. The agony of the unarmed and abandoned wretches, tossed about between internal and external foes, was indescribable.”
    —Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Campaign in France in the Year 1792

    I had nowhere to go

    At the end of WWII, there were 8,000,000 ‘displaced persons’.

    This mask mandate monkey business is nothing more than a pogrom, nothing else.

    It is all in a nascent stage, evil green shoots, wait until the full blown bidness of displacing people on a mass industrial scale takes place. The exodus has begun.

    The diaper madness has set the stage.

    It is easy to brainwash people, apparently, it must be so.

    To be a defiant dissident could possibly be a death sentence.

    My grandfather and grandmother left Ukraine in 1902, had they not, they would have been victims of Holodomor.

    When did the world become an outdoor hospital?

    Nurse Ratchet to the rescue.

  8. Random anecdote time:

    At the store I work at (one of the ones that backed off on masks after a couple days), I know a fellow cashier (who I used to think was cool) who very confidently told me he was looking forward to enforcing the mask rules himself and refusing service to anyone who wasn’t wearing one. We kind of got in an argument over it, which ended with lots of random “neutral interaction” (me having some idea what I’m trying to convey but not being able to get it across properly in the heat of the moment, him falling back on the “all I know is, I’ve got an 80 year old grandma” line) and no ground given by either side – you know the kind.

    A couple days later, possibly the day before the rules were changed back to normal, I’m bagging for him and a couple of unmasked customers come through his line. He doesn’t make a peep, and serves them as normal. I’m not sure if he was afraid to start a conflict, had been specifically forbidden from starting a conflict (a supervisor knew about our spat and may have told him it wasn’t his job to enforce), or just knew I was there and thought I might jump in to defend them (sadly I need my job more than ever now that the car I just bought just ran itself out of oil and started making death noises), but either way, he did not engage in the enforcement he’d been looking forward to.

    People like that are scary, because those people – the ones who are afraid, for whatever reason, to engage directly with those they see as a threat – are the ones who go behind everyone’s back and use the government to get their way. These will be the people who bring us forced vaccinations to make themselves feel safer, and they won’t even know how selfish they’re being because they’ll describe it in terms of “safety” or “the greater good”. And remember: if you care that it’s a rush job from GlaxoSmithKline or that it may alter your DNA, then you’re just a Typhoid Mary science denier who wants people to die!

    • Hi Chuck,

      I agree with your synopsis; see my reply above to Nunzio. The danger isn’t the government, it is the Diaper Deluded – who are (like most people riddled by fear) a weird mix of angry and cowardly – and who will do just what you’ve said if given an opportunity to get the government to do it. They are the same people who join lynch mobs.

    • Hi Mark,

      If this weren’t so un-funny, I’d put on an adult diaper – over my pants – and go shopping with it on. But it’s almost like concentration camp jokes; not really funny when you think about it…

      • No…it is not funny because the end result of this will be a mandated shot that will forever change your DNA and that of your progeny (should you be so inclined to reproduce in this current hell on earth.)

        I will say this…the shot will cause shots. No question.

        • I agree, Anon, in re the Needling and will not comply. Which is why I do not comply with Diapering, either – because Diapering is Needling. Accept the former and you cannot rationally object to the latter. Necessary palliatives to save lives. It is imperative to reject this odious – and false – virtue signaling.

          Lives are being destroyed by the Diapering and “antisocial distancing” and the rest of Sickness Kabuki. People are getting sick – physically and mentally. Depression kills. Poverty kills. It is dangerous to rebreathe your own breath through a dirty Face Diaper you’ve been wearing all day. It is demoralizing to wear one at all.

          Humans need to see each other’s faces; they need to touch – not “distance.” The imposition of this abnormality is tearing apart families and friendships as well as the economy and it has to stop – for the sake of humanity.

          • eric, federal law says you don’t have to wear a mask with a physical exemption and they can’t ask since it’s covered by federal HIPPA law. Last week of all the places I went, it was a big, young fatty who screamed at me coming through the door. I just said almost under my breath “health thing”. and went on. She didn’t say another word, a sign the store owners didn’t want to get into a suit and defend themselves from federal law. Same goes for anywhere else. Nothing trumps HIPPA law, not even the piggies who prey on the non-compliant.

  9. Internet wise I’ve started shaming the mask witnesses for not wearing P100 respirators. Using their own nonsense about a deadly virus against them. It seems to work thus far. It started with them taking a something is better than nothing approach with the obvious failure of typical surgical masks, random pieces of cloth, and so offering any reasonable level of protection. Simply shame them that this is deadly virus unlike anything the world has seen before. Shame them that they are being cheap because an N100 or P100 is only $25-$35. Of course they won’t wear such a thing or spend that kind of money, which demonstrates it’s entirely political. You would think their lives would be worth thirty bucks. I also pointed out that the mask mandates have no technical standards. What good is a mandate without a minimum performance standard? It’s theater. A political feel good measure.

    • Bingo — their lives aren’t worth $25 LOL. But they’re hellbent on wearing that useless symbol of slavitude. If anyone actually had to sneeze — are they really going to do it with their mask on??? Seriously — we all know they’re going to take it off and sneeze into their sleeve LOLOL, otherwise their mask will get all snotty/etc, and we all know all those people with their fancy/custom cloth masks don’t carry a spare in their pocket. They’re all a bunch of retarded morons — because they never think about anything for 10 seconds. I’m beginning to think they really just like pretending they’re in a pandemic movie, and this is their opportunity to be dramatic … they must be so spoiled that their luxurious lives are so boring so they want some drama & terror in their life because it seems fun to them.

  10. And things just keep getting worse. Omaha, Nebraska is contemplating passing a mask ordinance. City officias are hard at work to figure which loop holes they can use or ignore. The city of Lincoln, the state capital has already passed a mask law. The damn psychopaths are on a roll now.

    • Hey Charles

      My son works for a trucking company I won’t mention as it may cost him his job…. According to him if they are seen anywhere in the terminal without a mask they are fired. He also mentioned that gov is considering testing drivers every six months for “the virus”. Considering how useless the test is I can see that shutting down trucking if their lock downs fail to damage the economy sufficiently.

  11. “There is a Gesundheitsfuhrer Order in North Miami that all persons must wear one, all the time – no matter how healthy they are and regardless of the threat to their health, both physical and psychological.”

    Hi Eric,

    You left out a crucial element of that order. It applies only to times when a subject is out “in public.” Not “all the time.” I easily can imagine some little dictator trying to impose masking 24/7. But this time isn’t it.

    When the reality is horrible enough, why make material mis-statements regarding the specific requirements? That is the kind of thing that obstructs informed discussion of a subject.

  12. For the latest stupidity tune in to Coronahedge! (Zerohedge) It seems now your kitty can catch the Super virus and pass it on to you. What a pile of crap! Are folks really (Really) this stupid?

    A: It’s the POS test they’re using to kill our economy and us. The RT-PCR is not designed to be used for diagnosis says its inventor Kary Mullis. It uses ‘amplification’ which means taking a very very tiny amount of DNA and growing it exponentially until it can be analyzed. Obviously any minute contaminations in the sample will also be amplified leading to potentially gross errors of discovery. Additionally, it’s only looking for partial viral sequences, not whole genomes, so identifying a single pathogen is next to impossible even if you ignore the other issues.

    The PCR works by amplifying minute amounts of DNA. It therefore is useless at telling you how much virus you may have. And that’s the only question that really matters when it comes to diagnosing illness. Everyone will have a few virus kicking round in their system at any time, and most will not cause illness because their quantities are too small. For a virus to sicken you you need a lot of it, a massive amount of it. But PCR does not test viral load and therefore can’t determine if it is present in sufficient quantities to sicken you.
    If you feel sick and get a PCR test any random virus DNA might be identified even if they aren’t at all involved in your sickness which leads to false diagnosis.

    Those same viruses are floating around animals as well and being inhaled. Because the PCR test simply amplifies whatever it finds the ‘virus’ will likely show up in them as well. That’s how bad the test is! And people wait in long lines to get ‘tested’.

    This entire pandemic would be comical if not for so many lives disrupted.

    As a note…. I’d be very careful about being tested. They use swabs up nasal passages to get samples. This same technique is used in many animals to vaccinate them. Personally I don’t trust anyone even remotely connected to the health industrial complex.

    • ken,
      Everything you said about the RT-PCR – agreed. But the picture is actually worse. First, this test was invented as a manufacturing technique not a diagnostic tool per its inventor, Kary Mullis, who was awarded a Nobel prize for his efforts. Second, assuming COVID-19 actually exists (my opinion – it does not), the genome is thought to contain about 30,000 nucleic acids as RNA. So, the first step is to convert the RNA to DNA, which is straight forward and simple, but still introduces some error (processes are not perfect, right?). Since it is thought that corona viruses mutate frequently, a very specific and very short segment of the genome of around 200 nucleic acids is enzymatically trimmed out. This short segment is used because it is believed to occur in a more stable region of the genome. But significant error is introduced here, because these stable sequences are common in lots of things, like other corona viruses, cellular debris, and many other potential contaminates. Back to the process … Short markers are attached to the ends of these clipped DNA sequences. More about the marker is a second. Then this specially prepared sample is then subjected to “amplification,” i.e. controlled DNA replication. Each replication treatment is called a cycle. Now back to the markers … The markers are merely phosphorescent substances that will glow when exposed to an appropriate light source. Here’s where the cycles come in. After only a few cycles, there just isn’t enough newly replicated phosphorescent material to be detected. If you do enough cycles, you will eventually see the green glow of the markers. The only problem here is that if you do enough cycles, pretty much any tested material will glow. So, a mostly arbitrary number of cycles is picked out. It seems that around 35 to 40 cycles is most common. If there is no detectable phosphorescence by then the test is considered “negative”.
      As you can see, this test, based on a technology it was not designed for, is very subjective (as in lab technique and overall ambiguity) and cross reacts with just about any other substance. The only way this test might be sort of be used for diagnostic purposes is if a pure sample of virus was isolated from some sucker, I mean patient. There lies the problem. It’s so cumbersome to isolate a pure sample from someone’s nasal swab, that practical testing is impossible. It would involve the use of ultra-centerfuges, electron microscopes, lots of other very expensive lab equipment, and lots of time . Might as well consult a Ouija board, a magic eight ball, or if you’re low budget, toss a coin.

      • Hey Charles
        When the inventor says it should not be used for diagnosis that alone should be a red flag to any thinking person. Too bad he died last year. I imagine they waited for his death with great anticipation.
        Yes 35-40 cycles of amplification is the average but here is the kicker…. You want more cases / deaths WITH Covid? Increase the cycles. (40) You want less, decrease the cycles. (32) This is THE PERFECT test for their con. You can actually adjust the level of cases / deaths like a volume control knob.
        Then comes the blood test. It will trigger on any Corona Virus so if you had a cold ten years ago, guess what, you are a confirmed asymptomatic Corona carrier. A Typhoid Mary! Into quarantine you go.
        Those two tests are their tools to hype the test. And the blithering idiots have bought it hook, line and sinker. They refuse to even look into it. My son is one of them.

        • On top of all of this, the FDA apparently allowed anyone who was capable of supplying tests to self certify them! An investigation of this little problem is underway.

          “But many antibody tests are being developed without FDA approval after the agency relaxed its vetting policy on March 16, saying the move “provided regulatory flexibility […] in an effort to provide laboratories and health care providers with early access to these tests.””

          • Hi Pappa
            Yea,,, ALL gov agencies are involved in this con. Notice when they “relaxed” their vetting policy? March 16. Regulatory flexibility. LOL.
            It’s all bullshit. The FDA has belonged to Pharma for decades. And they are the ones that will allow Gates to assault us.

            Self certify? Tell that to all those that died on Boeing 737’s…. yep, they are self certified too! And the FAA is investigating that as well for anyone that wants to believe that horse hockey. 🙂

        • This is the point that I try regularly (with little success) to make on the internet – this isn’t “science”, this is just going off half-cocked. This entire response is being kept alive by one thing, which is that most people don’t understand science, but think they do, and treat it as a deity whose name is invoked to silence heretical “deniers”. If people actually understood science, they might realize things like:

          -RT-PCR is a manufacturing method, not a diagnosis

          -Making a vaccine that 1. actually helps people and 2. doesn’t cause potentially debilitating or otherwise life-altering side effects takes a heck of a lot longer than they’re giving this one

          -Respiratory viruses can’t spread asymptomatically, end of; yes, I know they’re braying about “permanent damage” to other organs now, but since they’ve forgotten about surface sanitization and reusable bags while still hyping masks and physical distancing, I have no choice but to assume it still spreads like a respiratory virus

          -News stories about how experts think we may be undercounting deaths, or how citizens/diplomats of other countries see our mask debate, are noise rather than signal and carry no scientific weight

          -“Mights” and “maybes” are also scientifically meaningless

          No one seems to understand these things, and if you try to tell them, then you’re a “denier”. We’ve maimed our economy (in a way that disproportionately harms the little guy while leaving household-name megacorporations mostly unscathed), ground life to a halt, erected a literal cyberpunk dystopia, and got people jumping out of their skin over “symptoms” that most ordinarily wouldn’t even notice in saner times, on the basis of inaccurate information, hysterical predictions, and unconfirmed “maybes”. But then, this paradigm is nothing new, just look at global cooling – I mean global warming – I mean climate change for proof of that.

    • Yup, I heard a doctor talking about this too… it’s looking for some sequence of rna or dna base pairs, but it’s not unique to any particular virus, it’s basically ‘normal’ or simply unhelpful info. They never even checked to see if the 28 base pairs are common in people or not (!). So it’s random BS. Also, if they wanted, they could CHOOSE which base pairs they wanted to pretend was the sign of the virus, and therefore, theoretically, they could choose base pairs that are specific to a particular race… so if they wanted to target a specific race, they’d use that race’s base pairs, so that they’d test ‘positive’ for the virus, and so they’d have to be “treated” or penalized in some way as to hurt or exterminate that race — where’s the BLM — they should be furious about this?!

  13. I get it now.
    Having a “naked face” is a violation of the *obscenity* laws.
    Full frontal nudity (male or female)? No problem.
    Just don’t show your face in public.

    Also a violation of the “anti-pleasure” laws.
    God forbid that we proles should ever see anyone smile, or ever smell the roses.

  14. Watching the video, the ‘victim’ claimed he was all for mask enforcement BUT only those that had no mask at all on. I say he got what he deserved. He wants mask enforcement but only on his terms. And this mask bullshit from a lowlife mayor,,, a republican at that! And the difference is? This same POS wants people to wear masks in their homes while shrieking cases Cases, CASES! We have a lowlife mayor here in Pensacola demanding masks but the county doesn’t and say they won’t which really pisses off the mayor as the city is losing tax revenue to those that leave the city to shop.
    I always wondered how the Germans got the Jews to board the trains voluntarily,,, now I know by watching wretched American’s serve their masters doing everything they are told. And the cops,,, God,how sick. Relieved of any responsibility of having to protect property, life and limb by the Supremo’s (and they don’t) they have the temerity to drive around on the taxpayer dole ticketing people for improper mask wearing which in itself is useless. If the majority in Miami went without masks and all elected to go to jail it would end. But, alas, it is but a dream. Miami is just another shit hole like LA, Chicago and the rest. Oh, the crime stats show Miami has about 1 1/2 times the the national average. Higher than almost 90% of ALL US cities. They can’t even do the job citizens want them to. And that POS mayor has them out enforcing masks.
    I am now beginning to agree with BLM to defund the police. They do nothing but mulct the public while, like all leaches, sucking the life out of us all.

    • That’s why you be a man and tell them go to hell right up front. Being a pussy and trying to finess the GeStaPo isn’t going to work unless you’re ready and willing to immediately apply overwhelming force. I personally would rather avoid that, but I won’t run from it.

      • Take a look at the diapered pod people when in a store. Probably 98% or greater. It would be like charging a large army with five or ten who are willing to commit suicide with you.

        The poor lady that left the airplane had zero help. She took it on the chin for those bastards that were clapping and harassing her not realizing she was fighting for their freedoms as well. Not one person helped her. Not one. You cannot win a war under those conditions. Eventually she and others will be forced to relent unless others come to her aid.
        Not one! All those ‘men’ on the plane and not one shining knight.

        Now what do you suppose would have happened if all the passengers removed their diapers and disembarked with her! But we are talking about a population that allows gov thugs to feel up their wives and daughters. There will be little help coming from these morons.

        • Oh, we absolutely agree- I’m just pointing out that it is simply necessary to look them in the eye and say Molon Labe- Greek for ok motherf@&er, you’re here, now try to make me.

          If anyone backs down for fear of losing, or assault, or humiliation, then they have zero chance of winning. As opposed to that lady and the many of us who have refused and stood our ground, and taken the brunt of the assault.

            • What is saddest is that at least some of them were applauding her stand, but too afraid to stand up. My last time, in the Menards in Fargo, it was very obvious while I stood down the store enforcer, that a lot of folks approved. If you are willing to let others fight for you, or watch while the attack goes on, that’s sickening.

              But there is nothing new here. In occupied Europe, most people went along with their Nazis and Commies. It’s just our turn- Americans have gotten soft assuming paper would constrain government and protect their God given rights.

              • According to what I read they were applauding because she was leaving, not for her brave stand.

                Either way it was a bad deal. I hope she had a real medical condition and I hope she sues American Airlines into bankruptcy.

  15. Eric, you made an interesting comment about the laws changing in the 70’s nationally to 55mhp and many older good cops left the force and worse ones replaced them. Look what’s happening post George Floyd and now with the tyranny of mask mandates. Political cops are going to be the new police. The political cops will rain down the full force of *law enforcement* on a peaceful citizen exercising his free will but stop looting and damaging property….no they are protesting (against Trump is OK).
    I like that gym owner in NJ who said last night on Tucker he will not take any crap from a tyrant.

    • Amen, Hans – nor I, as regards the taking of crap. I say this because it’s now a matter of either take it – and with it, everything – or fight it. It is no longer a matter of – well, this is what you have to do but if you do it, you can still live a more or less normal life.

      No. If this stands, life will be over. They’ve even said so. The “new normal.”

      To hell with that – and them.

  16. Fortunately, unlike the Jews in Germany, we are still quite heavily armed. Hitler correctly surmised that it’s much easier to put people on trains if they aren’t armed. I’m not sure what I would do if some agent of the Gestapo attempted to cite me for not masking. One never is until it happens. I like to think that I might do something that may convince such agents that there may be less dangerous occupations to pursue, if you catch my drift.
    By far, the most ridiculous thing about the current masking is that there were no such edicts when corona flu was at its peak. Now, with the death rate 90% less than it was in April, we get the worst tyranny. The general population deserves this, for being so gullible.

    • If they can convince the vast majority to wear a seat belt or a muzzle against their will, will they have the temerity to shoot back? I do hope that once a few people fight back that more will join, but there is a hell of a lot of spineless squishiness out there.

  17. It is horrible to see that video, and it got me thinking since I’m going to be in MS soon where they apparently are freaking out with new diaper mandates. At least in IL, they haven’t yet had the gumption to enforce this on individuals directly. I actually believe that I will have to wear the damn thing down there in earnest, lest be personally accosted and penalized. The whole thing is beyond un-freaking-believable.

    The one time I was accosted by an undercover officer was in Canada over a decade ago. I thought I was being smart by using my own bag to avoid the local bag tax, but they pulled me aside in the subway tunnel, checked my ID, and ruffled through my bag where thankfully I still had my receipts or else I would’ve been in deeper trouble. The whole experience made me realize that Canada, while it still felt a lot like here, did not really have the protections that we were accustomed to. Naturally, that was the very last time I ever went north of the border… It really spooks me to find this kind of stuff blooming in the US, now using the unlimited “public health issue” excuse.

    The diaper-mask, or rather the lack thereof, is the modern day Star of David. We’re getting snitches just like 80 years ago, as well as probable concentration…er…. reeducation camps. Too many parallels to the Holocaust, which apparently they don’t even teach to the younger generation any longer. I actually can imagine many many folks willingly getting on the train cars, but even worse I can also imagine them voluntarily turning the gas onto themselves.

  18. Sickening. Will non-diaper wearers be rounded up for re-education (or worse) ?

    (This diaper wearing is worse than seeing crazy people. At least one could avoid the crazies and leave them to their craziness. The diaper wearers want others to take the kool-aid and share in their delusion and suffering.)

    Might cause a rise in snorkel use. Alice in wonderland doesn’t seem that strange to me as it once did.

    I long a better managed time.

    • Hi Mith,

      It is very sickening to see all these Diapered people everywhere. I now have an appreciation for how a German Jew felt in 1936… they, too, had trouble believing it could happen. That this had to be a momentary psychosis that would pass. It did – after tens of millions of people died from this disease.

      • Anonymous July 27, 2020 at 11:17 am

        The basic bottom line of all of these things is; “If you can’t go as far as you want, go as far as you can.” Then later, after things cool off, do it again. Because each time you do, you gain a little ground. Swingin for the bleachers isn’t bad, but singles win more games and are easier to get.
        If Satan could have his way, he would kill everything that lives on this planet. That won’t happen but until he is taken out he will continue to try and he has a lot of help right now. His number one weapon is deception to cover himself. I am sure that the overwhelming majority do not even believe that he exists in any form what-so-ever. He, to them is just a myth.
        But right off the bat, we were told, if we would just stop for a minute and think, he is MORE SUBTLE. That means that there is none that is better at it than he.
        The real and only fight that matters is the one for the soul. If you lose this one, where will you be?
        This is not an irrational and silly question because no one gets out of this world alive do they?
        If you don’t know what is really going on, and what you are really fighting against, how are you going to even try to win?

        • Why would Satan kill everything on the planet? As a fallen angel satan is portrayed as someone who revels in other’s misfortune. Keep your victims alive, a torturer not a murderer. Besides God had a hand in it all, to begin with. Ever hear the meme: “Thanos did nothing wrong”. Thanos essentially used his ultra wish to eliminate some proportion of the population to allieviate suffering, What kind of idiot gets this ultra wish and simply doesn’t directly and succinctly end the problem that causes this issue, wish for no suffering? God as it is often portrayed, why would it tolerate satan? Does god think satan is redeemable? What of man, betrayed by temptation and Satan at the same time. You do or you don’t


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