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Many people do not want an electric car – period. Irrespective of its range, cost or time to recharge. Exactly what is wanted, by the people who want there to be fewer cars.

These people – who hate cars, period – have been working toward their goal of ending car culture for at least the past 50 years. By which is meant a society based around mobility as opposed to transportation.

There is plenty of transportation in the urban hives – but mobility is limited. You cannot take a train or bus wherever you like, whenever you like. And that is precisely what the people who despise cars do like. They – “urban planners,” “activists” – are now open about their hatred for cars, period – which for a time they pretended centered upon the pollution caused by cars. But their hatred did not abate when pollution from cars effectively ceased to be a legitimate issue some 30 years ago.

What they actually hate is the mobility that a car gives its owner. The license to go wherever one likes, whenever one likes. It is random, often spontaneous. It is driven by the individual – and the individually different wants and needs and unpredictable preferences of millions of individual drivers, each doing as they like, when they like.

This drives the urban planner types batty because it upsets their . . . plans. It is hard to keep you on their schedule, basically.

Every attempt to get cars out of people’s hands prior to this “electrification” business failed spectacularly, precisely because of the powerful love so many have for mobility rather than transportation.

For their cars, that is.

The “safety” issued was addressed – and so it was no longer possible to scare people out of cars. The “pollution” issue was addressed, by all-but-eliminating it, back in the ’90s. “Gas mileage” was attempted and it worked at getting rid of the big cars average people used to be able to drive – but a work-around was found and now people drive big SUVs and pick-ups instead. This has had an effect upon the mental state of the car-haters very much the same as showing one’s face has upon a “masker.”

It seemed that no matter what obstacle was thrown in the path of mobility, a way around it was always found, motivated by people’s stubborn affection for cars (and SUVs and pick-ups).

Ergo, the solution is to pour ice water upon those warm feelings. To chill people’s affection for cars.

“Electrification” will do just that.

Even if a way is found to reduce the cost of owning and driving an electric car to about the same (or even less) than the cost of owning an otherwise similar non-electric car, millions of people will never buy electric cars because they do not feel anything for electric cars.

Well, they do not feel anything warm toward electric cars – because there’s nothing warm about them, literally.

Except, of course, when they catch fire.

That is about the only time they make one feel anything. Their much-touted “ludicrous speed” is exciting at first – like the first time you ride one of those fast-moving horizontal escalators at the airport. But – like standing on the fast-moving escalator – it’s less so with each successive ride.

After awhile, it’s  just  . . . transportation.

The motors whirr. The thing moves. And then you’re there. You stop caring much about how you got there. In which case, why own the thing when you can just ride the thing?

The urban planner types understand this. Know they must sever the emotional bond that has connected people to cars since the dawn of the car age. It is much better, from their point-of-view, to cause people to lose interest in cars and decide on their own (as they will think they are deciding) to simply stop driving them than it is to try to wrest the keys to a car (or pick-up) they love out of their hands.

The expense (including the time cost) of electric cars helps, of course – just the same as the expense involved in acquiring a rifle capable of selective fire helps dampen the enthusiasm of people who would otherwise like to own a rifle capable of selective fire. But it has to go deeper than that. The appeal of the thing itself must be done away with. Few would line up to pay the exorbitant fees and deal with all the government rigamarole one must deal with in order to legally own a rifle capable of selective fire if the rifle didn’t fire. It is just that quality that summons emotions and those emotions are what surmount impediments.

Get rid of the emotions and you have surmounted the “car problem” – as those who hate cars see it.

If they are successful, there will be fewer cars – not so much because people cannot afford electric cars but because millions of people have no interest in electric cars. Buying one would be like dating another man – if you’re a straight man. Just the same, when the only cars are electric cars, those who love cars will stop wanting – and buying – them.

Voila! Problem solved.

. . .

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    • Hi Scott,

      Yup. This has been in process for decades and is approaching its apotheosis. The question is – will enough of us tolerate it? Or will enough of us resist it?

  1. ‘Many people do not want an electric car – period.’ — eric

    Despite being marred by EeeVee fever, Mark Spiegel’s comments offer a thought-provoking analysis of the auto industry, starting about 40% down the page in this article:

    His basic, market-neutral strategy is long Stellantis, Volkswagen and GM; short Tesla. With this I concur. You don’t have to predict whether the auto market is going to crash or boom to profit. You only need to be correct in expecting Tesla’s astronomical stock valuation to revert toward the dirt-cheap valuations of other auto makers.

    Spiegel offers a jeremiad of scathing comments about Tesla (music to these jaded ears):

    ‘We remain short Tesla, the biggest bubble-stock in modern market history, because:

    1) It has a sliding share of the world’s EV market and a 2% share of the overall auto market, yet its market cap is almost as big the next six largest automakers combined.

    2) It has no “moat” of any kind; i.e., nothing meaningfully proprietary in terms of its electric car technology. Its previously proprietary Superchargers are being opened to everyone, while existing automakers—unlike Tesla—have a decades-long “experience moat” of knowing how to mass-produce, distribute and service high-quality cars consistently and profitably.

    3) Excluding working capital benefits and sunsetting emission credit sales, Tesla generates only minimal free cash flow.

    4) Growth in sequential demand for Tesla’s cars is at a crawl relative to expectations.

    5) Elon Musk is a pathological liar.’

  2. There is another aspect to the government-forced “electrification” of the automobile industry that no one is noticing.
    Gasoline packs a punch, is one of the highest energy substances commonly available to the average person. Even children can purchase gasoline without restrictions.
    Gasoline, being an excellent fuel not only for cars and other powered equipment can also be used as a weapon by the average person.
    Governments around the world are fearful of the “masses” (us) and want to keep the “masses” from “weaponizing” gasoline.
    It is much more difficult to “weaponize” other substances, especially electricity.
    The “masses” are getting restless and that makes all governments nervous.
    Outlawing gasoline is but another step in “control of the masses”.

    • Regarding the weaponization of electricity, you are correct in one sense but not another. I don’t know exactly what happened here, but the cops seem to suspect someone, in a way, weaponized electricity. When I first read this, no further details were available about any suspects. Now it says the police investigated a “conservative activist” who mentioned the outage in connection with objections to a drag show in their community in a post on Farcebook. Everything we hear about these days must revolve around this stuff, I guess.

      • Funk Doctor Spidock,
        It’s really simple. If it’s bad, “right wing extremists” did it. Never mind the avalanche of male bovine excrement that “left wing extremists” constantly inflict upon us. Like drag shows for kids.

  3. A hot car and a hot woman are the two great motivators for men. The piston engine a metaphor for sexual intercourse? Megan Fox was probably #1 hottest actress in the day. But get this, she may not even be a woman. Hollyweird has been fucking with our minds for a long time.

    This article is about how the controllers want to subvert our minds to their agenda of getting rid of personal vehicles that give us freedom of movement, but the subversion is even deeper, they are subverting our minds with trannies who are sex symbols. Full tranny list:

    Walt Disney on the ropes, gone fully woke, promotes abortion and LBTQ agenda.

    It is way, way, worse than we even have realized yet.

  4. Eric,
    I saved this quote you once wrote because of the brevity and eloquent description of the Electric Car and what it means to America:

    ‘I loathe the electric car and all it embodies – for it represents the transformation of passion into passivity, of fun into dreary utility. Of the end of difference for the sake of the same. Which is a kind of sampling of death, where we’re also all the same.’ — eric

  5. I’m reading this in my natural gas heated 72 degree house, in the living room with the natural gas with fan fireplace on for “extra toasty” this morning. I’ll head to the grocery store in about 40 minutes in my remote started gasoline powered SUV which will also be at 72 degrees when I head out. It’s 15 degrees here this morning. Good luck with that in your heat pump only house with your cold soaked electric car in the driveway.

    “Oh Sparkey save the planet turn it down to 65!” F that, 1) I worked decades at jobs I wasn’t fond of so I could retire without starving or freezing. 2) In the Before Time, when science was actually real, there was a warning on TV news about long onset hypothermia – some old couple was found dead in their house. Thermostat set to 65, they had slowly lost body heat over days or a week didn’t realize it and finally died.

    • Excellent Sparkey!
      My sentiments exactly, I worked for the local electric company here in all kinds of weather and after 40+ years of that am enjoying whatever time I have left on this earth. Heat pumps are useless in really cold weather despite how hard they’re pushing them here. I’ll stick with my gas heat – which the uber-greenie climate hysterics are trying to ban – and be warm and comfy in my own home. Nothing “connected” in my house either, and never will be; the latest push by the control freaks is a “connected” thermostat that someone else can control if they decide you’re consuming too much energy, which is only in short supply due to their interference in the market.

      • You are correct. DTE Energy (Detroit Edison) has been pushing “free” programmable thermostats for some time now. Despite warning my friends that these “free” thermostats come with a price–something that they wouldn’t like, many of them sprung for the “free” offer.
        This last summer, those who obtained the “free” thermostats were surprised when DTE purposely and remotely turned the thermostat temperature “up” during an “excessive energy use” event.
        Surprise, surprise, surprise!

    • An EV parked in your own driveway would be plugged in overnight, so you could schedule it via your smartphone to be warmed up at a time of your choosing.

      My remote start SUV requires to manually use the key fob & is hard-coded to run only 10 minutes at a time…at 15ºF it would take manually running the remote start at least twice before it was warmed up.

      And nobody’s going to “freeze to death” inside a home at 65ºF…maybe 45ºF if they’re so demented they wander around their home nekkid.

      Though I do lock out the compressor on my heat pump and use the gas furnace only.

  6. “Drawn like moths we drift into the city
    The timeless old attraction
    Cruising for the action
    Lit up like a firefly
    Just to feel the living night”
    -Neil Peart

    “How ya gonna keep ’em down on the farm
    After they’ve seen Paree’?”
    – Dean Elliott

    When you’re young, cities are great. There’s lots of cheap distractions and expensive women. Sex. Drugs. Danger. But most people in cities never get ahead, even though we’re told that cities are efficient and a great way to build wealth. I guess if you’re actually able to own something, really own it. Not “own” with a monthly condo fee. Not “own” with a monthly parking lot fee. Not “own” with a business tax, or city income tax, or congestion surge taxes. When it comes time to settle down first thing that happens is people get the hell out of the city. They soon learn that cooking their own meals is not only cheaper but also tastes better, because the typical restaurant cook (not chef) is rushed and just dumps salt on everything. Inviting a few friends and family over for a party is much more interesting than standing outside a noisy club for hours.

    Which brings up another negative for cities: Standing in line. Every time I go to Las Vegas I assume I’m going to be standing in line and waiting for hours. There’s no value placed on time, which is the most valuable resource you have when on vacation. Lines to check in, lines at the buffet, lines to get into the pool. Or pay a premium to jump the line, negating any economic advantages gained in the city.

    And of course these days the cities are an authoritarian’s wet dream of control. Everyone is subject to whatever whim the mayor’s office feels is for the common good. Someone’s got the sniffles? Better lock ’em in their tiny apartment. Mental health a policital hot potato? Issue edicts that allow for urban camping in your neighborhood (not the mayor’s). Outlaw guns.

    • ReadyKilowatt,
      “But most people in cities never get ahead”
      Because unless you are “connected” the local Psychopaths In Charge will confiscate whatever wealth you manage to create. One way or another.
      Cities were started to make products and services more readily available. Didn’t take long for them to turn into a means of enslavement.

      • I p!ssed off my relatives who live in New York City by stating that they would never “own” anything of real value.
        They pay a fat shylock “landlord” $3000 per month for a 6th floor “walkup” studio apartment while enduring rats, roaches , and even human vermin and appear to have no problem doing so.
        They brag about the local neighborhood and the lack of a need for an automobile. Of course, self-defense is out of the question, both having been robbed a number of times.
        As Strother Martin remarked in “Cool Hand Luke”, “there’s no getting to some people”…

  7. An example of the arrogant, insufferable lecturing of the Lügenpresse on ‘climate change’:

    ‘With influence campaigns, legal action and model legislation, the Texas Public Policy Foundation is promoting fossil fuels and trying to stall the American economy’s transition toward renewable energy.

    ‘It has spread misinformation about climate science. The group’s executives have sought to convince lawmakers and the public that a transition away from oil, gas and coal would harm Americans.

    ‘They have frequently seized on current events to promote dubious narratives, pinning high gasoline prices on President Biden’s climate policies (economists say that’s not the driver) or claiming the 2021 winter blackout in Texas was the result of unreliable wind energy (it wasn’t).’ – David Gelles, NYT

    It wasn’t,’ magisterially pronounces David Gelles, a philosophy graduate of Boston U and journalism grad of U Cal Berzerkley, with no known scientific credentials.

    How dare he? This is the presumptuous haranguing of the Lügenpresse, right in our faces. And what set off young David? This:

    ‘On Thanksgiving, Jason Isaac, an executive at Texas Public Policy Foundation, tweeted:

    “Today, I’m thankful to live a high-carbon lifestyle and wish the rest of the world could too. Energy poverty = poverty. #decarbonization is dangerous and deadly.”

    My sentiments exactly!

    • Hi Jim,

      That sounds like the typical statements from the COVID Vaxx pushers out there. Statements such as “They didn’t die from the COVID vaccine, they ‘died suddenly.'” or “That vaccine helped me not get as sick with COVID as I would have if I didn’t get vaccinated.”, etc. “Climate change” has become about as much of a CULT as “Fauciism” or the militant obsession with “Vaccinating every last human on the planet” despite growing evidence those jabs aren’t “Safe and Effective”.

    • Oil is NOT a “fossil fuel” and is not derived from dead dinosaurs. We have to STOP calling hydrocarbons “fossil fuels”.
      The term “fossil fuel” was coined in the 1950s when not much was known about the processes that produce oil deep within the earth.
      In fact, “oil” is “abiotic” and is constantly being produced by yet unknown processes within the earth, well below the “fossil” layers that are presently presumed to be the source of hydrocarbons.
      Russian oil interests have been drilling wells 5,000 10,000 and 15,000 feet deep and deeper and are coming up with recoverable oil deposits, well below that of fossil layers. As oil migrates up through “fossil layers” it picks up remnants of “fossils”, hence scientists mistaken assumption that oil comes from “fossils”..
      In fact, many well-established oil wells are “refilling” from the depths.
      There are planetary bodies with massive amounts of hydrocarbons that are not a result of “fossils”.
      There are interests that hate the concept of oil being a constantly replenished, almost limitless source of energy.
      Follow the money…

      • anarchyst,
        I never let some POS get away with calling them “fossil fuels”. I point out that if they were, Russia would not have the massive energy influence they do.

        • Russia USED to have “fossils”…they were called the POLITBURO.

          The American version is the geezers running the US Congress (into the ground).

      • The Deep Hot Biosphere by Dr. Thomas Gold, 1998. He was an eccentric genius that turned many “scientific facts” on their head. He did not suffer fools gladly…ask me how I know.

        If we had more like him today we’d be far better off than having to put up with the likes of the parasite Al Gore and the retard Greta.

  8. Man… that graphic of the chebby bolt “starting at 37,495.00.” An absolutely obscene abortion of a car as far as looks, and I’m sure the utility of it is comparable considering you’re approaching 40k for that thing.

    We may be seeing the controllers and influencers trying to pen up the cattle in a more controlled environment. These free range farm animals are far too prone to punch through the fence and wander off doing their own thing. How can we milk and cunt-troll them if we’re unable to shut off their mobility? Looks like a soft nudge to get people disinterested in freedom of mobility, not unlike regulations making small businesses increasingly difficult to start up and operate. Decentralized systems are not what controllers want at all.

  9. One thing that’s funny is how some people are now calling for a boycott of Twitter AND Tesla after Elon Musk purchased Twitter, vowing to restore free speech on the platform. Such people tend to be the same ones who purchased a Tesla electric car in the first place to virtue signal how “green” they are.

    And now, they’re even exploding figuratively over Musk’s Twitter document dump, with help from liberal journalist Matt Taibbi, PROVING that Twitter censored the Hunter Biden laptop story prior to the 2020 election to help Hunter’s father (“The Big Guy”) Joe be elected President. There was a poll last year that indicated had more people known about that story, they WOULDN’T have voted for Joe Biden. Sounds like election interference from Big Tech.

    • A long time ago (after the 2020 election), I read a poll that indicated 17% of people would have changed their vote if they had known about the Hunter Biden laptop. That would have been enough to make it nearly impossible to cheat their way to a win for Brandon.

      • Lance,

        There are those who act like what Twitter did re the Hunter Biden laptop story was entirely legitimate because it resulted in “Getting Orange Man out of office!” Had it been the other way around and Trump had Twitter censor a story that was damaging to his campaign for a 2nd term, those same people would have called Trump a DICTATOR TRYING TO HOLD ON TO POWER! They’ve become so consumed with hatred for Trump they’ve become insane, even to the point of attacking anyone who voted for him. Why, there’s someone I know who STILL believes that Trump only won in the first place because he “Colluded with Russia” despite that story being PROVEN to be a LIE.

  10. People going where they want when they want is a thorn in the paw of the Security State. Moving targets are hard, especially if you never know when or where they might go. Obviously, if you can, stopping people from wanting to go when and where they want is a simple solution. What easier way to do so than make all cars/trucks/SUVs cookie cutter copies of each other? Largely already done, even among the ICVs. The EV being the finishing touch. Easy to see where this is going, given that there is zero effort being made to increase grid capacity to even use air conditioning, much less EVs, coupled with the openly declared intentional destruction of the petroleum industry.
    If they can’t make you stop wanting to go, just make it impossible to do so.

    • The biggest threat to the Security State, from the ability to track movement, would be Kowalski’s (Barry Newman) 1970 Dodge RT 440 Magnum Challenger, with both it’s lack of computer controls and, of course, it’s top speed, though it’d be hampered as a gas-guzzler. A big part of the plot of the 1971 film “Vanishing Point”.

      For the rest of us that can’t necessarily lay our mitts on that fine ride, a more “humble” ride like a 1960s vintage VW Beetle, a 1965 Plymouth Valiant, or a 1969 Chevy II Nova would still pose that “threat” to the snoopers. Simply because, again, they’re entirely ANALOG, with NO computers on board to jam or override. They’d not be “fast” by standards of when they were new or even today, but they’d be fast…ENOUGH. They don’t necessarily get the fuel economy of a more miserly ride like a Suzuki Swift, but they’d easily do 25 to 30 mph on the highway, which, in the “bug out” scenario, will likely suffice. Their virtues are SIMPLICITY and MAINTAINABILITY. One can easily stock up on point sets, distributor caps, plugs and wires, air and oil filters, and even a spare alternator, starter, fuel pump, and even an entire carburetor (or at least a few rebuild kits) without layout out a king’s ransom. No, the only way these vintage rides will be stopped will be by legislative or regulatory FIAT…probably on the grounds of S-A-A-A-F-T-E-E-E-E or emissions.

    • This was emphasized in the 1982 Clint Eastwood Cold War Thriller, “Firefox”, where Eastwood’s USAF Maj (Ret) Mitchell Gant is “recruited” (coerced by the threat to remove his residency permit on BLM land in Alaska) to steal the then-top “secret” Soviet MiG-31 (note: there was, even in ’82, a REAL MiG-31 in the works, but it looked nothing like the movie aircraft, it was based on the MiG-25 “Foxbat” and would also go like a scalded ape…) and fly it out of the Soviet Union. Gant is made up to impersonate a corrupt American businessman, one Leo Sprague, who uses his frequent trips to Moscow to smuggle in high-grade heroin as well. A planned encounter with the REAL Mr. Sprague ends up with the genuine person being killed; Gant’s identity is switched to an American tourist at first, and then, since he speaks Russian fluently, a local laborer. As Gant gets about the Moscow “Metro”, at times he’s confronted by KGB agents, who say, “Fumaga” (papers or ID booklet). At one point, Gant bluffs his way through a long line, making himself to be a befuddled American tourist; the noticeably irritated Soviet police officer, who speaks impeccable English, checks him out anyway and waves him through.

      So many who presume to be in charge would like nothing more than to clamp down on the free movement of Americans, simply due to the POWER they’d have.

  11. ‘Get rid of the emotions and you have surmounted the “car problem” – as those who hate cars see it.’ — eric

    Yesterday I attended a small gathering which included a husband-wife team of liberal journalists. Paul (as I’ll call him) spoke of the urge to include corrections of political candidates’ factual inaccuracies [i.e. ‘election denial’], versus the counterbalancing option of not quoting them at all [i.e., ‘no grist for your mill’].

    His wife Marie compared Trump to her narcissistic ex-spouse, describing both as ‘cult leaders’ who convinced their audience of having all the answers.

    What we did agree on is that people vote based on their emotions, not rationality (if such is even possible, when politicians have taken charge of ten thousand things, including ‘climate change’).

    Climate changers won’t be defeated by citing countervailing scientific papers, although they exist. GM at least gets it, in its “Mrs Jones” ad highlighted by Eric, that people have an emotional connection to their old IC-engined vehicles (a ’57 Nomad wagon, in that ad).

    A successful candidate, or campaign, will exploit an emotional hook of some kind to undermine rather than fuel (so to speak) the climate changers, whose ultimate objective is a ghastly mass cull that will be anything but touchy-feely.

    • Much of the reason why people “vote with their heart” is because the candidates are marketed and sold as a product. Edward Bernays literally wrote the book on marketing in the early days of the last century. We’ve been under that influence ever since. The real danger began with the election of Eisenhower, the first TV president. Before that FDR used radio effectively to drum up support for his socialist policies but campaigning was still mostly print endorsements and whistle stop stumping. TV changed marketing and advertising and we’re still not able to comprehend the real effect. Anyone reading a transcript of a debate would see right away that the candidates are only parroting what they’ve been coached on. Same thing with 90% of press briefings, congressional hearings and anything else that is televised. There’s a message to be delivered and the hell with informing the public.

      • Eisenhower should have been brought up on “war crimes” charges. Instead, he achieved the presidency. His only real contribution (but a big one) was the establishment of the Federal Highway System which was patterned after Germany’s Autobahn.
        Look up Rheinwiesenlager death camps…

        • anarchyst,
          The Federal Highway System, which nearly put the railroads out of business? For the sake of getting it NOW? Which the FedGov had no authority to build in the first place?
          To my mind, the only good thing Eisenhower did was lay out what the Military Industrial Complex was, and the extreme danger of letting it continue.

            • JK,
              My dear Mom told me a couple of unforgettable quotes from her Valentine’s Day present in Dresden from the 8th Air Force and British bomber command…1945..

              Hell, after getting blasted by “The Russian Front”…both coming, June 1941…and coming back in October 1944 (Kurzeme Latvia), then getting torpedoed and strafed by IL-2 Sturmaviks while bugging out over the Baltic Sealift evacuation route…..

              She had this to say of the, by now, mundane mayhem ..”Nu Petee, after we climbed out of the basement, everything was so smokey, I had to hop scotch over all these glowing batons (incendiary phosphorus sticks)
              and when we were evacuating the city more bombers came over and dropped bundles of fake ration cards on us…..

              Let them eat cake!

        • Hey, the Autobahn, of which only about 15 percent of the planned routes being built, was intended, not only as a showcase of National Socialism, but also to aid in the quick motor transport of the Army across Germany. And it DID…but the “army” was commanded by Patton!

        • And WHO would bring any Allied top officer or politician to account for THEIR “crimes”?

          Truly, although the Nuermburg trial did at least lay open the horrific crimes of the Nazi regime, it was truly “Siegersjustiz” (Victor’s Justice). Goring was right when he told the court the only “crime”, for which he expected to pay forfeit with his life, was to have LOST the war. The once-corpulent Reichsmarschall, slimmed down with a strict diet and liberal exercise regimen, endorsed by the prison commandant, Col. Burton Andrus, who was disgusted at Goring’s bloated, effeminate appearance, regained his mental acuity and more or less ran circles around the chief Allied prosecutor, SCOTUS Justice Robert H. Jackson. Goring managed to cheat the hangman only a few hours before his scheduled execution; he would have been the first to be hanged. It’s not known how he managed to get that cyanide capsule that he used to take his own life; many believe that Goring either tricked or bribed a young 1LT from Texas to help get the poison pill.

          Stalin’s proposal to dispense with the “trials” and simply summarily execute the top 50K German military and civilian leaders, especially the top Nazi Party leadership, might have been brutal, but at least it was honest in what “Uncle Joe” wanted.

      • ReadyKilowatt,
        I don’t know if it’s still true, and don’t care much, but not long ago, every single elected POTUS ever was the taller of the two.

        • Not in the case of Jimmy Carter, who was 2-1/2 inches shorter than Gerald Ford. Bill Clinton and GHW Bush were about the same height, but the elder Bush towered over 1988 Dummycrat candidate and would-be tank commander Michael Dukakis. Ronald Reagan at 6’1″ edged out the 5’11” “Fritz” Mondale. Bush 43 is also a notable exception, as, although at 5’11-1/2″, he’s no shrimp, both Al Gore and John Kerry were noticeably taller. Barrack Obama was quite a bit taller than John McCain, but was even with “Mittens” Romney. The “Orange Man” easily towered over the “Hildebeast”, and is quite a bit taller than “The Big Guy”, but the latter had enough faked ballots to edge him out anyway.

      • Ike had it easy…he was like everyone’s Grandpa, most of the WWII veterans liked him, or at least knew who he was. His twice-opponent, Adlai Stevenson, was a rather humorless man, sort of like that jerk boss or stern schoolteacher that no one liked. Ike played up being the “humble soldier”, but it was observed by many, including Patton, that even in WWII, he was “bitten by the Presidential ‘bug’ “, making plans for his entry into politics after the war. Ike had another ace in the hole…NIXON. That is, he could have “Tricky Dick” do all the dirty, underhanded, or unpopular stuff, while keeping himself unsoiled.

        • Unlike Patton, Eisenhower was a “paper-pusher” and not a real “blood and guts” military man. He was more akin to an administrator and as such, made his hatred of Germany known.
          Eisnehower’s “death camps” (yes, Eisenhower’s death camps) were used to punish the remnants of the German military by starvation, deprivation of shelter and medicine, by calling the captives “disarmed enemy combatants” rather than “prisoners of war” as defined by the Geneva Convention. Yes, Allied “war crimes” were numerous and condoned at the highest levels of the military commands and the Allied governments.
          What the Allied “victory” in WW2 did was to make the world safe for bolshevism. Witness the “iron curtain” erected after the summation of the war. The mistakes made during WW2 are haunting us to this very day.
          Patton was aware of that and made efforts to speak out. His assassination was necessary to keep the TRUTH about WW2 from being exposed.

    • Winston Churchill supposedly said that the most powerful argument against “Democracy” was to spend FIVE MINUTES in face time with the average voter.


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