Reader Question: Podcasts?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Reno asks: Why no podcasts? I drive all day (’18 F350 drw towing heavy) and can’t listen to Alex and David all day.

My reply: Two factors at play here, the main one being I have no idea how to set up a Podcast, being a non-Internet native Gen X’er who has very little interest in all this electronic kudzu and minimal comprehension of its workings. Channeling my best Dr. McCoy: I’m a writer, dammit – not a computer geek.

The second factor is, simply, time. I’m a one-man show. I already spend a good portion of every day doing just what I am doing right now – index-finger-pecking at this keyboard, guzzling coffee and riding the Beast until I fall off its back from exhaustion. Then I have the house/chores to deal with. I’m not 25 anymore and even if I were, I’d need two 25-year-old versions of myself to do more than I already do. Or at least, do it with acceptable competence.

This could be dealt with if I had help, of course. But help doesn’t generally come free and like most people, I haven’t got the geld to pay for the help I need. Simply put, if someone would set up a Podcast, turn-key – and my part was to be at my desk and ready to jabber for an hour or so once or twice a week – I would probably do it.

Because that’s what I can do.

The setting up part – anything having to to do with “codes” and “apps” and whatever other electronic aggravations are involved makes my teeth hurt, which they do more lately since I can’t go to the dentist anymore because I won’t Diaper in order to get my teeth cleaned.

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    • Hi t05,

      In re the dentist: It’s a submission ritual. Of course, he can’t clean your teeth with a Diaper over your face. But he makes you wear one for the 10 yard walk from the check-in desk to the chair where he’ll work on you – just the same as at restaurants, where you are expected to Diaper upon entry and as you walk to your seat but then it’s ok to take it off (to eat) because you’ve demonstrated your obedience. It is essentially the same thing as a Catholic performing the cross-themselves routine at church only it’s not voluntary.


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