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A reader sent in the following, which I reprint in whole because it’s wholly worth reading. For the buck-up it gave me and may give you, too:

I stumbled on your site a few weeks ago while reading an article posted on Lew Rockwell’s site.  I’m speechless as to how compliant the population has become with regard to diapering, even as the virus itself becomes less and less dangerous.  Where I live (a southern city on the coast), mask mandates are in effect, but they’re largely unenforced.  I usually go unmasked.  I’ve had a couple negative encounters here and there, but mostly the stores just leave you alone.  When I do have to diaper, I wear the bare minimum: a cleaning rag tied to an old crabbing line.  I don’t want to legitimize the farce by wearing something purpose-made.

Like a lot of readers here, I find I’m the only unmasked person in the entire store when out shopping.  Even in the parking lots, most people are diapered.  It’s surreal, like a zombie landscape.  It wears on you after a while.  Some days I get sad.

As a follower of Christ, I’ve wrestled with Romans 13 over this issue, and still pray I’m doing the right thing. When I look at the lies surrounding covid and the masks, I’ve concluded that it’s evil and it must be opposed.  Scripture tells us that things will get worse and worse before Christ returns, and it seems to indicate a form of global governance will appear before then.  However, I don’t want to say I did nothing in resisting this evil.  It feels like a losing battle, but there might be a lot more people willing to remove their masks (and refuse the needle) if they only knew others felt and thought the same way.  The masks are an ingenious, diabolical – and effective – tool for muzzling dissent.
I thought that bumper stickers and signs would be popping up by now, but as of yet, nothing.  One guy in a Jeep had a question plastered across the top of his windshield in white vinyl letters that read:  “But did you die?”  It was cryptic, but I understood what it meant.

Just yesterday, I thought of an idea when looking at one of the painted rocks my son found.  We live near a wealthy, cosmopolitan neighborhood, largely professional with people from all over the country and different parts of the world.  One of the things parents here like to do with their kids is paint rocks with artwork or messages and leave them under bushes and along paths for others to find.  I thought it would be an excellent idea to paint short messages on rocks about WuFlu diapering and the consequences of passivity, and leave them around for people to find.  Smooth landscaping stones are easy to obtain at hardware stores.  They can be spray painted, and after drying, messages can be written over them with a paint pen.

Why might painted rocks be effective?  Direct debate with strangers is not always the most productive thing.  Social media posts can be ignored, and emails deleted.  Signs can be ignored as well, and even torn down.  But a tangible thing like a rock under a bush is hard to ignore.  It actually invites the person to pick it up and read it, and it invites the person to THINK.  Only a fanatical masker would throw it away.  On top of this, kids are the ones most likely to find the rocks.  They might share the info with their friends and even their parents, stimulating discussion in the home.  It could also work on their parents’ consciences:  “What kind of future will my child have?  A fearful future, or one without fear?”

If every person who read your site hid 40-50 rocks in their community, and told sympathetic friends to do the same, the message would surely get out.  One thing, the messages have to stay positive and truthful.  Non-adversarial.  And in good taste.  It’s never wise to emulate the Alinkskyite principles used against us.  After all, he dedicated his book “Rules” to Lucifer.

Thank you for your articles, and keep it up.  They are more encouraging than you might realize… .

It is letters from readers like this one that keep me writing. And remind me – of the importance of not giving in to evil. That the cost of doing so can be greater than losing life itself.

Diapering is diabolical – for all the reasons you mention. The stifling of dissent; the creation of the appearance of universal agreement; the perpetuation of fear; the alienation it creates; the despair it engenders.

If we allow it.

I say we don’t!



    • Hiya Nunz! That was great, I like how he put it over his head, that would actually help keep my bald head warm in the winter 😆. He’s definitely on the right track; the next step will be a badge/ear tag to be worn certifying we’ve been needled – the equivalent of the Jews forced to wear the yellow star in Hitler’s Germany, the Mark of the Beast for us.

  1. I am curious. Do many on this site think COVID 19 is real and should be taken seriously, is real, but overblown, or truly is a hoax? I was in the category of it being real, but overblown, but after reading about the Great Reset put forth by the World Economic Forum I am starting to question even that. I don’t consider myself a conspiracy theorist, but the more reading I do I am starting to think the platypus mask may just be a cover for something even more sinister.

    • Hi RG,

      Here’s what I know for sure – the facts being incontestable:

      This virus, assuming it exists, isn’t a mortal threat to 99.6-plus percent of the healthy population; that healthy people cannot spread a sickness they haven’t got; that not having symptoms is indicative of not being sick; that respiratory viruses require symptoms to be spread.

      So, without even getting into whether the WuFlu is a new virus or just a variant of other corona viruses we know the governmental reaction has been utterly, egregiously disproportionate; that the media has been either grotesquely incompetent – or despicably, deliberately dishonest – as regards its coverage.

      People with weak immune systems, the elderly and infirm, those with serious medical problems should always take precautions – in any flu season. But everyone else? It makes as much sense as people who can swim being told they must shy away from water and always wear a life preserver.

    • $.02: everything is a lie, and those lies are built upon a foundation of more lies. And the lies are so outrageous, that I seriously think planet Earth is a reality TV show for the entertainment of other people on other planets. LOLOLOL

      Everything you see & hear from the ‘main’ media cartel is an illusion, it’s full of subliminal programming & hypnotic suggestions, trying to trick you into believing what they want you to believe, they lure you with some small truths then trick you into having emotions & ASSUMING something that’s actually false — those false assumptions are what gives them the key to harm you — they like harming people — it’s their hobby.

    • I liken CV-19 to a piss ant under a 400X microscope. It looks like a scary monster under the mainstream media’s microscope…but it’s just a piss ant.

    • What is the end game? I think many of us agree that the mask is nothing more than a control device. We can see the sensible approach taken by the countries of Sweden and The Netherlands, even China is back to “normal.” Why have the most powerful and advanced countries in the world (the UK, Australia, Canada, and the US) taken these extreme measures against their citizenry? My first thought was the objective was to get Trump out of office, but this goes beyond our nation and is a crackdown globally. Is the objective a New World Order?

      • Hi RG,

        I think the Diapering is the means by which the Needling will be imposed. Or rather, accepted. Once a majority of the population accepts walking around with a Diaper, it will be easy to get them to accept Needling as the only way to take the Diaper off. The Diaperers will then demand that the Undiapared be Needled, too – so that everyone can, at last, get back to “normal.”

        This of course begs the question – what is the end game as regards the Needling?

        I am convinced it is the means by which the technocratic elites (the extremely rich, who control the politicians; people like Gates and Musk and Bezos) mean to”chip” and track the population. It is the only rational explanation for all of this. You might want to watch the interview given by the late film producer Aaron Russo back in the ’90s. Russo – who knew people like Nelson Rockefeller – said that “chipping” the population is the end goal.

        Total/real-time control of every human being. The end of privacy. Electronic currency tied into a “social credit” scheme in which you will be allowed to work and buy/sell but only as the technocrats – the elites – say you may. Any show of disobedience met with your “cancellation” – not physically, which won’t be necessary. Just your ability to earn a living, to buy and sell, to leave your home, to travel, etc. – turned off, just like that.

        Your “chip” being the thing inside you used to control you.

        • I agree with you that is likely the end result and thank you for the suggestion of Aaron Russo, I will check out the video.

          There is something so sick and demented about people wanting to own and control other people. A person’s individuality is their greatest asset. To have 7 billion people walking around doing the same things, thinking the same thoughts, reacting the same way. It sounds lifeless and mundane.

          How twisted are the powerful and wealthy? Why isn’t our media reporting the truth? It is hard to fathom that the most developed countries in the world find this acceptable.

          I have to have faith that this will not occur. The good has always defeated the bad. Such persons such as Hitler, Mussolini, Robespierre, and Nero were all defeated. Communist countries always fall. This too will fail.

  2. Yes, many Christians look at Romans 13 and think it means obedience to earthly kings and governments. I’m sure King James got a shiver up his leg when he first read it. However, look at 1 Samuel 8. In it you will find God’s direct warning against earthly government stating it was a direct rejection of Him. Further in the passage he warns that “you will become [its] slave”. Pretty clear. Also, when Satan tempted Jesus he offered all the Kingdoms of the World if Jesus would bow down to him, because they were Satan’s to give.

    As the Covid-1984 Madness spreads we can see that government will use it as a club to beat Christianity to death and on it will be emblazoned Romans 13. GovCo will allow no other gods before it.

    • Can’t remember the exact chapter and verse, and I’m too lazy to look it up, but it says “better to obey the laws of God, not men”.

  3. Have been re-reading Ellul’s book, “Propaganda: The Formation of Men’s Attitudes.” Wow, does this book come alive in light of the scamdemic! The first chapter alone explains every detail of how the commissars managed to mask everyone without protest. (“To be effective, propaganda must constantly short-circuit all thought and decision.”)

    Ellul also emphasizes that propaganda must be continuous and long-lasting and must “fill the citizen’s whole day,” and the victim must not be allowed to recover or collect himself.

    But what I found most disturbing was this observation: “For action makes propaganda’s effect irreversible. He who acts in obedience to propaganda can never go back. He is now obliged to *believe* in that propaganda because of his past action….He is obliged to continue to advance in the direction indicated by propaganda, for action demands more action.”

    Now replace the word “action” with “mask wearing” and we arrive at a frightening possibility….there may be no returning from this!

    • Hi Jim,

      Everyone should read these books (Bernays’ books being the basic “bible”). Whether it’s reversible is a question of time, among other things. In 1,000 years, people may look back on this period of madness as we look back on the witch trials. The worry is that it will take 1,000 years for that to happen…

  4. I like her suggestion about the rocks – a good project for someone crafty.

    As for Romans 13 and submitting to authority, I’ve thought about it too – but not for long. I look around and see division, lying, death, despair. All characteristics of the devil. So I Peter 5:8 seems appropriate: . . . “Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour. Resist him, firm in your faith. . .

    I figure God gave me a conscience too, and I’d better use it. It’s imperfect, to be sure, but I’m going to use it, the best I’m able and suffer the consequences.

    A few weeks ago, not far from where I live, a man tried to commit suicide by ramming his vehicle into a tree. He survived. A close relative knows the man that pulled him out of the burning wreckage. This makes me white-hot angry – that these political edicts are resulting in such despair, yet our witch-in-chief is focused on masking everyone.

    On September 10, Cap Con published an article that stated: Not ‘100% Safe’: State Medical Director Tells Parents To Cancel Play Dates

    So now we’re aiming for 100% safe?

    The goalposts keep shifting, just for a political agenda, an evil agenda, as this letter writer asserts.

    • Here in Australia more people have committed suicide than died from the chink bacteriophage. Yet the fakestream press do not mention that at all, nor the loss of life due to neglect of the dementia and Alzheimer patients who die from not seeing people help them through their life.

    • People make a lot of assumptions when they read Romans 13- and if one happens to be reading one of the modern Bible [per]versions, the assumptions are already made for us.

  5. As a devout Christian I had to give serious thought to what Romans 13 says. In a cursory reading of 13:1a it seems to command total subjection to all ruling authorities. Simple minds stop mid-verse and form their total premise on 1/2 of one verse of text. 1b is the modifier: “For there is no authority except from God, and those which exist are established by God.” That radically changes 1a from a total subjection command to a subjective command. It’s the difference between a Christian in Hitler’s Germany turning in Jews or saving their lives by hiding them. 1b Sites God as the final authority and His Word is with us- in print. One need only to read the body of scripture in it’s entire context to see that Colonists rebelling against England in 1776 were not disobeying Romans 13, but rather obeying God’s Word’s commandments and statutes. Likewise refusing the PREMISE of masking is not disobedience to a just law, but rather a testimony that immoral laws are invalid. It doesn’t take a legal scholar to see that the face diaper laws are indeed immoral, and designed to, among other rotten things prohibit worship services.

    Was Moses disobeying God by demanding Pharaoh release Israel- a demand against the law of the land? Was Daniel disobedient when he refused to quit praying to God rather than the image of the king? Was Jesus disobeying God by healing on the Sabbath? Considered in context of the entirety of God’s Word Romans 13 does not mandate blind obedience to arbitrary and capricious “laws” that stand in opposition to God’s written word. Ritual humiliation magic face burkahs included.

  6. I wonder what percentage of the population truly ‘get’ what this diapering thing is really about.. and I mean get it on the level of Eric, the writer of this letter, and readers here.
    I found this site linked from The Burning Platform, which is a site I’ve read on and off since 2010, and was a major factor in my own awakening journey. The diaper articles (and comments section) really connect with my experience. My wife and I have been on this since the beginning, for all the reasons you have spelled out on this site. We saw it the way you do, but what makes it so hard is outside of a handful of people COMBINED in both of our circles, including family… nobody else sees it.
    I’ve thrown the kitchen sink of information at some of my closest friends, some of which I consider more generally aware of this world than most people out there. They respond like programmed robots. I’ve flat out ask them if 1) they’re messing with me 2) swapped heads with a robot 3) realize how they’ve been programmed. Its totally crazy, and it wears on people like us that can see this for what it really is at it’s core.
    Anyway, I just wanted to thank you and let you know that I appreciate you. Just knowing there are ‘others’ out there is enough to stay vigilant in the face of this madness.

      • Don’t go to the nomorefakenews blog and read the comments, the comments are riddled with a plethora of thought crime.

        Actually, the comments are priceless, therefore, the nomorefakenews website needs to be shut down permanently. Only so much one can tolerate.

        It is time to mask up, it is time to get in line, it is time to be vaccinated, strike that, injected, it is time to be a member of the Great Unwashed Covid-19 phenotype, like you should be, for gosh sakes, please do your part, help eradicate Covid-19.

        If everybody is dead, there will be nothing to worry about.

        Be happy, drink the Covid-19 koolaid and forget about it.

        If you die, well, that is just too bad.

        Purdy obvious that this is an experiment on gullible brainwashed beyond all recognition humans.

        If you are wearing your designer mask, you are definitely the most gullible idiot who has ever walked the planet.

        Without a doubt, it will be pure hell brought to you by pure evil. Imposition of will is evil. Forced vaccinations, injections, are pure evil, an imposition of will.

        None of it makes any sense whatsoever.

        Beam me up.

  7. There is no conflict with Romans 13 for any of the people in the US to not comply with government rules or statutes. In the US, each of the people are the supreme authority i.e. the people are Caesar. The people already had the common law and we strictly constructed a government capacity with contractually bounded rules (Constitution) for “persons”, a man/woman working within the government capacity (on duty). With the natural law being rights are endowed by creator and God being the creator of people, the people being the creators of government and government persons in bounded servitude they obligated themselves to, this puts the order of authority as God>people>persons. The persons on duty in government must give to the people what is due-secure our divine and natural rights.

    American Christians keep putting Romans 13 into an improper, foreign and outdated context. In the the US, the people are Caesar. God creates nations, if you are American and are going to abide by God’s laws then you won’t put government’s laws before God’s. To do so would be to violate God’s law and intent for the US.

  8. Liberty or death, baby. Means more than ever for a lot of us out in the diapered wasteland of fear and safety.

    Have you ever asked yourself how you would know when “it’s time”. Well, it’s time.


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