FLorida Heroes Conduct “Live Shooter” Drill

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To acclimate kids to random official terror:

“We actually thought that someone was going to come in there and kill us.”

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WINTER HAVEN, FL — Classrooms full of students and staff members were terrified when gun-wielding police officers unexpectedly charged in and locked down their middle school — an event that was actually part of a realistic drill that no one was allowed to know about.

The disturbing event happened early in the school day at Jewett Middle Academy on Thursday, November 13th, 2014.  Without explanation, the principal announced at 9:00 a.m. that the school was being put into lockdown.

Moments later, police officers swept through the school, classroom-by-classroom, with weapons drawn.  The bewildered children and teachers actually thought they were in real danger.

“We actually thought that someone was going to come in there and kill us,”  said 7th grader Lauren Marionneaux to FOX affiliate WTVT.

The event was an “active shooter drill,” which are becoming commonplace in America’s public schools, with varying degrees of realism and notification.  Ostensibly promoted as a way to thwart school shootings, the controversial and dangerous drills also subtly shape the perspectives of young, impressionable minds.

Many schools run such drills during the summer or when class is not in session.  Many use volunteers rather than unsuspecting students.  But not in Polk County, Florida.

“I thought he was going to shoot me,” said student Stacy Ray to FOX 13, after seeing an officer carrying a rifle sweep through her classroom.

The teams of officers were not carrying prop firearms.  The weapons were real and they were loaded with real ammunition, police confirmed to the Washington Post.

Frightened children began to send text messages to their parents, sending them into a panic.  No parent had been notified that the dramatic event was going to occur, nor asked permission, nor granted consent.  The first official explanation came in an email, on the day after the drill.

The secrecy was intentional and required, administrators confirmed.

“We do not give advanced notice of fire drills,” the school rationalized to to parents in an email, “in order to evaluate how safety procedures work.”

After many criticisms, the only thing that officials agreed to change in Polk County is the presence of actual, loaded weapons during the drills.  The drills will continue, without warning or consent, whether parents like it or not.

“It really is to protect the children,” said Winter Haven Police Chief Charlie Bird.


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  1. I think this is worse than Stalin and Hitler. Because it’s moved beyond one group of people banding together to survive against another. It’s now nakedly about those who put soldiers/police/bureaucracies in power against anyone not placed in power by them. At least with Stalin and Hitler, the Aryan and Soviet minorities had some chance of gaining from the state violence.

    In the current scenario, no one outside the cartel benefits. The end game is for the reigns of power to be fiercely and irrevocably held by them. This is about dismantling and destroying as much as is deemed necessary, so one miniscule all powerful group can benefit. This time its not Jews, Christians, Muslims, National Socialists, or World Communists to be most feared.

    They are enabled/disabled at the whims of the VC – the Violence Cartel. Their is no ideology or breeding that lets you join this VC. You can only be targeted for VC assimilation. Obama or McConnell might kid themselves about who they’re serving. But the truth is they either pay tribute and cede more and more power to the VC. Or they lose their power and influence completely.

    It seems clear, not even the thugs in uniform will benefit. They are shuffled in and out, and are really in no better long term position than are the people they beat and cage.

    from school’s FB page

    Casey Grove
    Really? What idiot thought it would be ok have public servants enter a school classroom with loaded weapons as a surprise drill DURING school? Is this drill a prerequisite for “How to Have an Actual Shooting Incident in a School 101”, or “How to Kiss the Boots of the Police State 101”?

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    Casey Grove http://countercurrentnews.com/…/no-notice-given-by-cops/

    Cops Armed With AR-15s Give No Notice As They Terrify Students and Teachers In Mock School Shooting

    Winter Haven Police Use Loaded Weapons During Terrorist Attack On Elementary School

    Highest ranked comment:
    Jethro • 2 days ago
    Let’s call this what it really is: A conditioning exercise for the police state.
    The key is to start when they are children, and instill the mantra, “submit to the man in uniform no matter what”…. It’s a shame that we as a society have allowed law enforcement to progress from respected members of our communities to jack-booted thugs in uniforms who operate outside the law.

    Winter Haven FL is on the edge of Tampa Bay metropolitan area

        • The Cult of Safety ended all that.

          The generic cry, “safety” (ironically) justifies any specific abuse.

          The individual’s safety is unimportant. So long as “society” is alleged to be “safer.”

          Thus, actual individuals at airports are treated like convicted felons… in order to “keep them safe” from theoretical terrorists.

          And kids are subjected to the terrifying/traumatizing spectacle of armed goons hut! hut! hutting! through a school… because a hypothetical “live shooter” might be around someday.

          And innocent motorists are actually threatened by armed men… because of the possible “threat” posed by hypothetical “drunks….”

          And so on and so on.

          Clover is the high priest of this cult.

  2. Once again, “to protect the children.” One good thing may come out of this – these kids are going to be harder to brainwash that “the police officer is your friend.”

    • from article:
      “The teams of officers were not carrying prop firearms. The weapons were real and they were loaded with real ammunition, police confirmed to the Washington Post.”

      maybe that’s true and it would be a positive, but it also has a desensatizing effect that having armed goons there with firearms that are known to be loaded even though it is a drill sets a standard where in teh future, an armed goon is there with a loaded firearm at all times.
      no child of mine would go back to that school.
      people freak out about parents spanking a child and calling it child abuse but where are the people calling for these cops and the principal to be charged with child abuse/endangerment?

      • Good point, harry p – I didn’t think of that aspect.
        My kids went to public school, but their mother had custody and I had no say. When our foster daughter, came to live with us (at age 14) we considered home schooling, but were frightened into submitting her because she was ‘Special Ed,’ Now she is an unwed mother, living with us, and my wife is homeschooling our nearly 8-yr. old grandson. He will NOT be going to public school.

        • i went to both private catholic school and public school but with teachers in my family things are far worse today than they were even 10 years ago.
          my 3yo son will either be homeschooled or attend a private school of our choosing regardless of how much money is extorted and stolen from us via school taxes.
          as things are today i consider sending ones children to a govt school is a form of child abuse.

          hopefully there are more than a fair share of little ones having their eyes opened while having the gun of the govt pointed at them in the name of “safety”, go home and search for truth in places like EPautos


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