Wisconsin Wife Beating Hero Does His Thing at The State Capitol

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Officer Michael Syphard twice had felony charges of domestic abuse dropped to misdemeanors after beating his wife. He is still a Wisconsin Police officer and still carries his gun.

He also threw a videographer to the ground in 2013 – it looks fake until you see Syphard’s leg behind that of the videographer.

Video Description:

August 5, 2013 – As the Wisconsin police continue to arrest people for singing out their grievances against the Scott Walker Administration in the capitol, Officer Mike Syphard grabbed videographer Arthur Kohl-Riggs and threw him to the ground. He then accused him of being a drama queen and told him to knock it off.

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  1. Things were better for everyone not so long ago. As you and Seinfeld have said: “who are these people?” Really it doesn’t matter to me. Unless you’re a shark, I don’t see what’s in it for you to participate in their society of bloodlust, violence, and murder. Swimming about awaiting the next frenzy of gnashing, and for what.

    No soul or bones to care about one way or another. Just a lot of teeth and cartilage really. Endless circlings around this that and other flailing thing. The amazing survivor race dance of death with the idols and stars. It’s so boring and repetitive. If you’re still in the tank. Quietly swim away. Just make your way beyond their senses. Don’t let them see your fear or blood. Leave them behind. And then just forget about them.

    I can’t get to concerned about any of it. There’s just no funk. Nothing to celebrate and enjoy. Just a bunch of parasites and hosts. And contests to see which one you are. And mindless metabolisms and tissue consumptions. Energy in. Energy out. So what.

    The Gap Band – Party Train

    The Gap Band – Early In The Morning

    The Gap Band – You Dropped A Bomb On Me

    If this culture somehow rights itself and starts being even a little fun. I’ll think about checking back in. Otherwise, I can’t care too much about the 101st year of the shark. Just stay out of their bloodied waters in the first place. Then you don’t have to worry about all the screaming and blowhorning about GET OUT OF THE WATER. GLOBAL EBOLA WARMING CURRENCY WAR MELTDOWN YADA YADA YADA INFINITY INTIFADA

    • The meanness of late-model America is especially striking. By which I mean the blase indifference to such things as the open admission by the government that it tortures people. The shrugs that accompany news stories (if any) about the people blown to bits by “our” government. The general who cares? evinced by such as Clover about summary executions by cops, such as we now see on TeeVee almost every week. Such things would have, in my childhood, precipitated national outrage and disbelief. Remember: Dick Nixon was hounded out of office because he quibbled about a burglary of political opponents’ offices by his henchmen. No one was beaten or tortured. Much less murdered.

      Today, torture and murder are routine. Worse, they are cheered by “patriotic” Americans – who are too morally dead inside to realize that what’s good for the goose will be good for the gander.

      There has always been a streak of barbarism and nihilism in the American psyche. But it is now dominant. Everything is in place for a slaughter on a scale that will make what the German Nazis or the Soviet communists did pale in comparison. Industrial-scale murder is coming.

      And the average American will welcome it.

      • Soylent Green?

        I wonder about the “conspiracy nuts” any more. For example, the first use of flouride in the water? Concentration camps. Makes the prisoners more docile…
        I’m sure it works on the guards, too – making them more docile to the more psychopathic above them, and so on.

        I still think we need to disrupt those plans by any means necessary, but can’t figure out how… OTOH, with processing plants all being sent overseas, it may not matter…. 😉

        But if we give them time to dig in, it’ll only be worse for us in the long run. And if this country were to fall to the “Nazi” (communist, maoist, etc) approach? Where could anyone go, anyway? It’s still stand here, now – or fall forever. 😛

  2. eric, the really depressing part of this is the frequency of these things. When I speak of “these things” I refer to the actions, complaints and the no-billing by grand jury’s everywhere.

    I’m guessing(I know this happens in a lot of larger Tx. cities)the “grand jury” is handpicked from ex-cops or other known bureaucrats known for their sympathies to turn a blind eye to abusive, immoral and completely illegal po-leece conduct.

    The grand jury system in this country negates the possibility of a fair trial.

    There is a Tx. based legal blog, a very good one I might add, that addresses many of these problems and more. It’s called Grits for Breakfast and very much worth reading, not only for Texans but anyone in these united(sic)states.

    Here(http://p.feedblitz.com/t3.asp?/79553/34877759/4852114/gritsforbreakfast.blogspot.com/2014/11/contractors-press-behind-scenes-to.html?utm_source=feedblitz&utm_medium=FeedBlitzEmail&utm_content=79553&utm_campaign=0) is a link to one of the most egregious problems all over the country, not just one state. I think everyone would be well-served to read it.

    Ever had to make one of those $30 phone calls…..collect from jail? Ever had a request made of you to accept one? No names, just a collect call from a jail cell phone(computer). This makes it even more difficult for someone who’s broke, esp. with friends who might be tapped out too to even let anyone know you’re in jail. That “single” phone call you’re eventually supposed to be allowed could easily be your only chance to even let someone know you’re there and calling the “wrong” person could precede a very long time incarcerated just for that reason alone.

    Now we have this ex-cop thug in the Texas Lege who has a bill up so current thugs can be judge, jury and executioner on the spot. http://thefreethoughtproject.com/proposed-bill-texas-cops-collect-fines-spot-credit-debit-cards/?utm_content=buffer833d6&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer


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