Affirmative Motors

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GM used to hire engineers – and build cars. Now it counts beans – and signals virtue.

Word arrives that GM will henceforth explicitly judge applicants for employment based on how they look  – i.e., the color of their skin – openly repudiating the quaint idea that academic and other earned qualifications ought to be the sole criteria for employment.

Your hue will count as much as your degree – a surefire recipe for competence in critical work such as engineering.

But then, GM is doing less of that these days while doing a great deal more in the way of signaling and perhaps different CV are relevant for work of that nature.

It’s not just GM, either.

The pharmaceutical combine Merck – one of the developers of the Holy Jab – is on board, which will surely engender confidence in the due diligence of the people who mixed and tested whatever’s in the Holy Jab – along with WalMart, Verizon, American Express, Caterpillar and IBM and others who have joined a new racial combine styled the OneTen initiative, whose purpose is to put race first while insisting not to approve is – can you guess? – racist.

Mass hiring of black people – because they are black people – is the goal.

The initiative will “focus on hiring and training black workers without four-year degrees” in order to provide them with “family sustaining” jobs that pay on average $50,000 annually.

But this is not racist.

It is racist – in the world-turn’d-upside-down – to point out that it is the very definition of racist to focus on race. So better not, if you want to keep your job. But what else is it to literally seek out and advantage people on account of their skin color, which necessarily entails disadvantaging people who happen to be the wrong skin color? But doing wrong when you’re doing right is good . . . in this world turn’d upside down.

Members of the initiative will “agree to specific hiring targets” – i.e., to specific quotas – beginning the second quarter of 2021. An astounding $100 million has been committed toward the effort, which aims at the hiring-by-race of 1 million black workers, for work they may not be competent to perform but which you’d better not question because – you knew it was coming – that would be racist.

Racial genuflection being the thing desired – the mandatory veneration, practically, of one race in order to assuage the racial grievances of the members of that race by practicing racism against people of other races – to make amends for what the people of that race didn’t do to the people of the first race.

It’s a lot of bother about race. Weren’t we trying to get beyond that?

Automotive Affirmative Action is certain to have grand results. Cars designed and assembled by people with top-shelf racial curriculum vitae are sure to be safe and reliable, especially given such people – once hired – are almost impossible to fire even in the face of gross incompetence since they were not hired on the basis of their competence and thus to fire them for incompetence would be, you know . . . racist.

But we all know – because we are so instructed – that the establishment of overtly racial hiring (and not-firing) policies is certain to not summon up resentment and create racial animus, especially where none existed previously – as opposed to the mean old past when what you did (competently or not) mattered a great deal more than your hue.

None of this is new for GM, which began truckling to racists who happen to be black a long time ago.

In the ‘90s – decades before “woke” became a thing – GM supported (with advertising) something styled African Americans on Wheels, a publication devoted to an explicitly racist take on all things automotive, from car reviews (because it isn’t racist to take the view that blacks view cars differently than people of other hues) to dealer relations (it’s obviously or at least suggestively racist if a given store hasn’t got “x” many black sales staff, managers and so on).

Today, this “identity based” empire – which isn’t racist at all – publishes Latinos on Wheels and Asians on Wheels, too. Because Latinos and Asians also think differently about cars than whites do.

That’s not racist, either.   

Meanwhile, GM now has a vice president of diversity who is paid handsomely to make sure that race is never off the table whenever anything is discussed and had an east coast public relations manager for one of its brands whose sexual identity was made a big issue of, as at events such as Out With Chevrolet . . . get it?

Because sexual preference determines your vehicular preferences, too.

There are – apparently – cars for gays just as there are cars for blacks and Asians and whites, as opposed to just cars and the individuals who favor them for reasons such as their styling or utility or value or what’s under the hood.

But never mind that. We’re not in the business of making cars anymore. We are in the business of remaking society.

. . .

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  1. I guess any reason for a young person to go to college and rack up a ton of student loan debts has gone out the window, if it hasn’t already. This idea of putting wokeness or whatever they are calling it ahead of competence, ability and ingenuity will eventually backfire. Imagine yourself living in Germany and it is 1937 or 1938…I think this is about where we are about now as a country. I would term it “selective stupidity”. Freedom of everything is being severely eroded and the terror that lies ahead is creeping upon us ever so quicker and quicker. We are among the trees and cannot see the forest on fire.

    It’s sad that many of the younger generations have been propagandized and pushed into believing that the coming utopia will be better for everyone. There are few greater pains than looking back and regretting your own stupidity…we have all been there if we have lived several decades. The masses, mainly giving up any sense of individualism and freedom of thought, are in for an extremely rude awakening. Then again, maybe the masses are going to fall in love with the pain and suffering and the slavery dished out by the Commies.

  2. Just stick to Hyundai/Kia and Toyota. Giving money to government or their USA automakers is like giving a gun to a mugger…It is providing material support to terrorists.

  3. Amerika public corporations don’t stand a chance in this competitive world. MBA Fucktards…HR department diversity hires…labor union parasite-monkeys. The Chinese must laugh at the “Feeble-minded Western White Children”.

  4. “GM will henceforth explicitly judge applicants for employment based on how they look – i.e., the color of their skin”

    Nothing new. Way back in 1977 I was told that Illinois Bell was only hiring minorities. Even though I qualified for all army jobs back in 1974 including finance, electronics etc etc. Does anyone remember when they outlawed tests with the Griggs vs Duke power case.
    “Duke Power Co., 401 U.S. 424 (1971), was a court case argued before the Supreme Court of the United States on December 14, 1970. It concerned employment discrimination and the adverse impact theory, and was decided on March 8, 1971. It is generally considered the first case of its type.”

    Wait till Biden/Kamala ramp this up because of “Systemic Racism”.

    • Hey europeasant! “Way back in 1977 I was told that Illinois Bell was only hiring minorities.”

      Yeah… I applied with Bell back in 1974 or so. I aced their applications test with what the interviewer said was one of the better scores he had seen. He told me, “you’re qualified and I would love to hire you, but we are only hiring Blacks and women right now.”

  5. At one time, an employee working at a private company had to be qualified and produce to be employed and stay employed unlike the government employee. Now, the private sector is saturated with employees that will be just as wasteful/non-productive as government employees. The effect on GDP and the quality of products and services will be devastating in the years to come. This can already be experienced as I have noticed increasing subpar customer service in the private sector.

  6. Back in the 80’s — that’s like 40 years ago — as a college grad having recently “served my country,” I went job hunting in the public sector and encountered “WM’s need not apply.” (Not SWM’s or cis-WM’s, these classifications came later.) How can you do that, I said. It’s illegal to discriminate on the basis of race. “Not anymore,” they told me and pointed to the SCOTUS decisions that upheld affirmative action racial quotas (since extended to gender and other non-SWM quotas.)

    But when you think about it, it makes sense. A company or agency hires primarily at the intro level. They’ll need to train these hires pretty much from scratch as high school and college education is now all but worthless. And they figure that the success/failure rate will probably track the categories fairly equally. So why not hire by quota and feel that you’re doing something.

    If, down the road, the success rate is higher for some group than another group, relative to their respective percentages, the company/agency can make individual adjustments. If 8% of the hires are Asian, for example, but 21% are among the most successful, you hold a few whites back and promote some of the more hopeful non-white non-Asians to even out the target white/non-white, success/failure percentages. Racially and genderly privileged hires may sue if they feel insufficiently promoted or compensated, but companies and agencies set funds aside for that contingency.

    If we’re concerned about automotive competence, we can always write to the Bureau of Automotive Competence and express our concerns.

  7. Systemic Racism is very real. It is called Affirmative Action. Government earlier outlawed the education of blacks. Now it mandates that they be rewarded for failing. Blacks should hate government, but since they are now educated by government, they are being turned into self-righteous dependents who love big brother.

    You would think that those whose ancestors were slaves would be the ultimate libertarians. Instead too many of them are the ultimate parasitic statists. Similarly, you would expect Jews – whose ancestors have been endlessly victimized by sadistic governments – to be the ultimate libertarians. But no, far too many of them are also a bunch of statists, promoting communism around the world.

    • It’s pretty strange what politicians can do to make the majority of a group of people go against their own interest like that. AND to make the few people of that group that see the truth and dissent from it into the wackos!

      If you been the victim of the government you should be against big government……. but they aren’t….. It’s so backwards.

      • I would argue that it is the result of the prevailing moral code that promotes faith and self-sacrifice. That’s religion. Those who engage in reasonable critical thinking and seek their own welfare do not believe in government.

  8. My GF was hired to work alongside a boon from Trinidad for a programming job. She had to do his work as well as her own, as he sat at his desk shelling and eating peanuts. Fortunately she was able to get out of there.

  9. Does this mean that in order to correct racial inequities that the NFL & NBA will make their businesses “look like America” by artificially hiring more Whities as athletes?

  10. for the last 40 years at least it is plain whites are to yellow to fight for their own survival. the result of this suicidal thinking will be the genocide of whites. for 45 years I tried to talk to guys at gun shows gun stores etc to get a armed march to DC. forget it they made me into the enemy. now I will delight in taking a personal interest in seeing them suffer. south afreaka is the future of the US

  11. Well, it’s one thing to say it but it’s another thing to actually do it and make it work. Not to mention the utter chaos and internal friction that’s going to take place when you hire incompetent people to work alongside competent people. I’ve experienced it first hand and it doesn’t work well at all. The interpersonal battles that take place will turn the workplace into a nightmare scenario. Good luck.

  12. Strangely enough, if a company said “We’re going to join a group pledging to hire 1 million white people” they’d get sued into bankruptcy by the “Justice” Department. The Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment and the Civil Rights Act of 1964 were supposed to make racial preferences illegal… right?

    Turns out that racial preferences are OK after all, as long as they are ANTI-WHITE. As a white man who has never had a “family sustaining job paying $50,000” and at this point probably never will, I have just about had it with this Negro-worship. I didn’t dislike blacks growing up, but today, with rare exceptions like Clarence Thomas, I can’t stand them.

    Thirty years ago I would have never predicted that today I’d agree with everything the Klan, the Birchers, and George Wallace were saying back in 1965.

  13. It wasn’t that long ago I remember GM catching flak from mainstream media for NOT hiring “enough” people wiht lots of melanin in their skin. My what a difference a day makes, hey?

  14. No personal cars in the UN Agenda 2030 sustainable development world. Who needs a car when Kama has us living in the remade collectivist former malls and commercial buildings. And taking an electric bus to the assigned job site. But it will have 5G for the adult gamers to while away their vacant hours.

    • This might be part of the plan to make people give up on cars.

      1. Introduce obnoxious driving rules
      2. Import incompetent uninsured drivers
      3. Design cities to be more annoying to drive in and make it difficult to park.
      4 . raise the fees for driving
      5. Turn the car into a mobile appliance and boost prices.
      6. Hire incompetent ghetto folk to engineer self driving high voltage electric & hybrid cars.
      7. H1b indians update the software daily
      8. Cars are outlawed for being extremely dangerous and unreliable.
      Society collapses with the environment.

      Not in order and some processes repeat

  15. It is an outrage that there are so many Native American words used in the USA, Canada too, even.

    Biden is gonna have to fix that racist dogma.

    Words like Piedmont, Algonquin, Manhattan, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Delaware, Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Minnesota, Kansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Wyoming, Navajo, Utah, Yosemite, Yakima, Idaho, Dakota, Iowa, Seminole, Alabama, Ontario, Huron, Michigan, Tecumseh, Pontiac, all aboriginal Native American words, all need to be scrubbed after the Great Reset, they are too capitalistic, which is always bad. No more Native American words in the NWO after the Great Reset, that is an order, er… mandate!

    Why do you think there is no more Pontiac? Pontiac Chief? No more, sayonara.

    Native Americans used flint to make stone age tools of some kind, gonna have to rename the word ‘flint’, great for skinning deer, antelope, and buffalo; no more Sitting Bull, no more Crazy Horse, that is also an order!

    Manitoba and Saskatchewan are Native American words too, so is Canada, Big Village, so after the Great Reset, those Native American words can no longer be used to define a nation, its provinces, and its borders.

    Great White North works. No it doesn’t, that is racist too.

    Das ist verboten!

    No more Potomac River either, get over it.

  16. I suppose that Mary has no place for a guy named Zora A. Duntov either. He might be slavic which derives from the same root as “slave”. Sorry Mary, I have enough problems with your diversity hires messing up the CTS-V with taking the basic platform and laying on all of the gee-gaws. I wonder if the hag can explain the hundred buttons to someone like Champollion.

    • Hi Erie,

      GM was once a great car company. It is now just another corporation that makes cars incidentally. Its main products are services, such as financing and (lately) the signaling of virtue. It once accounted for 50 percent of all the new cars sold in the U.S.

      Today,it’s about 17 percent.

  17. “There are – apparently – cars for gays just as there are cars for blacks and Asians and whites, as opposed to just cars and the individuals who favor them……”

    That’s not “news.” We’ve known about Miatas for a long time. 🙂

  18. The company I work for is doing all kinds of race based things now. All kinds of useless inclusion and diversity slogans, a yearly hour long training you cannot fast forward too.

    They just announced some kind of doubling of blacks to be hired with millions devoted to it….all while performing layoffs of thousands to save $1 billion dollars. i along with others are wondering where they are going to find enough people to fill engineering and other difficult positions as there just are not enough people out in those curriculums to fill that number of positions. I guess engineering will have to recruit from communications, gender studies, and africian american studies. Heaven help whatever is engineered and used by people by these diverse companies in the future.

  19. Wealth destroyed at unbelievable levels. Virtue signaling doesn’t create wealth, in fact quite the opposite.

    What happens when we run out of “other peoples” money?

  20. Don’t worry. What little worthwhile work is still needed will be done (as always) by straight white males. There are exceptions, the tend to prove the rule as a competent female tech, programmer, or engineer will be welcomed by the guys and share their sensibilities, and typically not promoted.

    As usual in my 40 years in the automation business, promotions will go strictly to those who toe the party line- especially if they are the right color and plumbing.

    • “As usual in my 40 years in the automation business, promotions will go strictly to those who toe the party line- especially if they are the right color and plumbing.”


  21. Jackie: How do you write women so well?
    Melvin Udall: I think of a man. And I take away reason and accountability.
    From the movie “As Good as it Gets”.

    Antifa, white women and gay white males supporting ideas that will destroy and impoverish them and their families. Forty years of feminism and “social justice” propaganda championed by communist dominated universities has poisoned young people’s minds. They support blatant discrimination against white men, their own fathers, brothers and uncles, not aware that they will simply be the last ones eaten by the crocodiles. If western civilization is to be saved, these communist pawns must be defeated and the universities that have spewed communist garbage for generations must be destroyed.

    • I agree, Griff –

      This evil – by which I mean all of it, the Safety Cult, the “woke” cult – which is all the same cult – must be ended before it ends us.

    • Griff,

      You realize 72% of Fortune 500 companies are ran by white men, right? You guys are causing your own demise. As a white non disfranchised woman (I work for myself, so I don’t have to worry about such things as disparity in pay or to make some ridiculous ass quota on who should hired) I cannot sympathize with you. You are slicing your own throats and then want to whine about it why you still have the knife in your hand. Stop supporting businesses that don’t adhere to your beliefs. Facebook is run by a white guy out of Silicon Valley. Twitter ran by another white guy. Most of the large banks, once again, white guys. Federal and state government, oh lookie, still a bunch of white guys.

      You wail that a few gay guys, every woman in existence, and some SJWs that do not know how to implement anything other than the burning down of buildings and looting of businesses are taking away your rights. BS. Why would you even want to shop or work at a place that does not practice to hiring strictly on merit? Better yet, build a better mouse trap. If you don’t like the world you are seeing, change it. Create your own business. Make your own rules.

      I deal with small business owners everyday. Do you know the last time a white guy came to me about starting a business and making his own way? January, yes, January. Do you know how many Asian and Middle Eastern men have come to me about starting a business? About one every week or two. How come they can do it? Do they not have the same potential for failure as a white guy? Are they braver?

      When I hear people complain life is unfair, my response is usually, “No, shit.” Nothing in life is fair, but it takes drive and a determination to thrive. The only time that success comes before work is in the dictionary. We are free men and women until we voluntarily hand over that control to Big Brother, the WEF, your spouse, etc. Stop blaming other people who have no say in your life, your abilities, or your ambitions. If they have taken it from you, it is because you freely gave to them.

      • RG, I hear what you’re putting down, but perhaps some perspective.

        Corporate America is a REALLY screwed up place and puts everybody ahead in line vs the straight white male. I work in a really difficult industry where you have to be really darned smart to function. You have to be able to conceptualize how to produce a product, design, build, and implement robots, servos, mechanisms, computers, databases, printers, and whatever else is thrown at you every day and take it out of your imagination and make it work efficiently and profitably. A lot of guys are geniuses/polymaths. A lot of them are borderline autistic, the best of us know not only all the disciplines but the politics and motivations of the people involved.

        Who gets promoted? The HR girls, or the salesman who promised the moon which we actually delivered even though it had never been done before and was thought impossible. Or maybe just the boss’ buddy from frat house days at business school. At automation trade shows, you will find a sea of middle aged white men, and a smattering of east and west asian men, a very rare black, and booth bunnies.

        After 20 years of trying to climb the greased ladder, of being paid as little as possible, of being shunted aside for reasons transparently false, one gets a bit cynical. After increasing the sales tenfold, after landing another million dollar customer, and being told that there is only the standard 2 or 3 percent for raises again this year, you get slightly jaded.

        I work for myself now and have for over a decade. I have fewer opportunities, but much fewer BS politics to deal with. I do all right, at least until goverona shut down my ability to get out and sell projects in my intensely hands on business.

        But you’re right- 70 something percent of the top brass are white guys as well as the scum at the top in silicon valley. And that’s the problem, because they took their success and they decided to smash the ladder behind themselves and only pull up other colors and ladies (usually of a radical feminist bent) while constantly trying to do crap like H1B visas to drive the worth and prospects of us down. We earned better, and there is a deliberate campaign to screw us. I don’t think it’s whining to acknowledge this.

        • Hi Ernie,

          I agree with you that Corporate America is not fair, it never has been though. I remember my mother working for a very well know telecommunication firm from the early 1970s through the mid 1990s when she said “hell with it” and decided to retire after 25 years. I remember her coming home a few times dejected, because she was passed over for another promotion, because it went to the boss’s golfing buddy or the new AE (Account Executive) that he was banging. It did not matter to anyone that without her these systems would never even get off the ground. That she and her staff worked twelve hour shifts to go in and re-engineer these systems, because the AE promised the client something that the system could not do. Corporate America has always been about politics and the size of the business did not matter. If there is more than one person as an employee, politics are always involved.

          I applaud you for getting out and succeeding. You may not have be able to change the system, but you changed your cog wheel within it and you should be commended for that. These men (and women) that believe they are stuck in dead end jobs need to find greener pastures. An entire group (whether it be white men, white women, immigrants, etc.) does not hold one individual back. My mother was not promoted due to all white men trying to destroy her, but one white man. The other 99.99% of the world had nothing to do with it.

          If the system isn’t working, destroy it. I have no problem with people venting. I do have a problem with people blaming this group or that group. Most people work for jerks. Those with balls work for themselves.

          I remember watching an interview with Warren Buffett who stated that there were only two ways to become wealthy:
          1. Real estate development
          2. Self employment

          That was some of the best advice I ever heard, because it is the truth. In Corporate America you are a slave. They can determine how much you get paid, whether you can take a day off, the amount of hours to work, what you will be trained on, your job description, if you are promoted, etc. Why be a part of it?

          • Indeed- even a poor man is vastly richer than a slave. Which is why I consider the years I spent getting an engineering degree mostly wasted- the whole point is to train you to be an employee. At the time I thought it a good thing- now I know better.

        • booth bunnies? I’ve heard they once existed but never saw one. At the shows etc I’ve been too as close as it gets is some companies seem to just get the best looking woman they have at the office in whatever capacity she actually works at to be in the booth. So basically less than one sees at any public place before the ‘rona was deployed as a reason to shutter them.

          As to corporate america well I’ve found bottom line successes are generally not rewarded with anything valuable like good raises and promotions or even bonuses and often punished as was the case at one company I was downsized from after making them millions by taking something expensive that didn’t work and replacing with something cheap that did.

          • I know they existed 10 years ago… and from being “forced” to interact with them that they were hired from outside firms NOT for their knowledge of the product. I had to chat with a few (part of the job you know)- nice gals, not dumb, actually doing a difficult job.

      • @ RG
        “Facebook is run by a white guy out of Silicon Valley. Twitter ran by another white guy. Most of the large banks, once again, white guys.

        The people who own and run big tech companies like Facebook, Twitter, and You Tube which have for all prcatical purposes eradicated freedom of speech, and who control most of the large banks, most especially the international central banking cabal which long ago eradicated honest money are not White people of European extraction, do not identify as such among themselves, and are protected from criticism by rigidly enforced legal, economic, and cultural mandates.

        • “and are protected from criticism by rigidly enforced legal, economic, and cultural mandates.”

          That these same white guys made up to exclude other white guys. Thank you for making my point for me. White guys are destroying themselves from within.

          Facebook, Twitter, BOA, The World Economic Forum, etc. are white guys of European descendant. I don’t scare what someone wishes to identify as, it doesn’t make it so. Science always gets in the way of emotion. Your enemy is within your own ranks.

        • I beg to differ, but Judaism has been around for 2500 years. They make up about 15 million people in a world of 7.8 billion. That is about .2%! Not even 1% of the population consider themselves Jewish. The Jewish people have about as much power as us non mask wearers. Blaming them for tearing down the white man is like blaming the 3% of us that don’t wear masks for the COVID infections.

          • Guess who owns the media, banks and big pharma and walls street. the whites have names like Goldman, Zuckerberg, cohen, silverstein and goldberg.

            • Of course you conveniently ignore the Rockefellers, the Chases, etc., etc., plenty of pork eaters right on down the line. The ethnicity of the elites is “diverse” and is irrelevant. Not that I would expect a hate-filled bigot to recognize that of course.

          • Raider Girl, you’re wasting your time trying to use reason, logic, or facts with these bigoted jerkwads. (The ((((Bubster)))) you’re responding to – assuming it’s the same peckerhead – even tried to order me to “GTFO” from this site on more than one occasion! It was a hoot! Wish he’d do it again, I get a real kick out of it.)

            These guys are just hate-filled maggots. About all they’re good for is getting a few laughs by slapping them around and watching the fur fly.

              • Well, I have considerable experience with people who adopt that mindset going back decades to the days when they were handing out badly-mimeographed hate sheets on street corners. Spend some time on a few “white power” type sites (I have accounts on several) and you’ll see what kind of twisted sickos a lot of these guys are.

                So carry on, just don’t be disappointed if it’s like talking to the wall. 🙂

        • Errrr, ((((you)))) are not a man. Like all bigots, ((((you)))) are a pathetic little coward looking for scapegoats. The litany of regular white guys who have led us to servitude is practically endless.

      • Raider girl,

        I won’t justify discrimination in the past and suggest you don’t justify discrimination in the present. Identity politics is an attempt to weaken and divide. If Western civilization is to survive and prosper against global threats from communist China and Islam, it must be a true meritocracy with everyone judged and rewarded by their abilities and character.

        • Griff,

          I don’t justify discrimination in any form in the past or present. As a libertarian I base each person on their own merits and then I decide I don’t like them.

          I was merely pointing out that YOU were calling out groups and blaming them for the white males demise. If that isn’t discrimination, I don’t know what is.

          The white male has been suffering from these afflictions since the Civil Rights era. Just a quick glance on other posts show that Affirmative Action has been intact since at least the early 1970s by large corporations.

          What has changed? Nothing. Large corporations may play the AA game, but they don’t put most women or minorities in positions of power or decision making. Most of today’s corporate decisions are made still made by white guys.

          The white man has reason to be fearful and to look over his shoulder, but it isn’t because a woman is gunning for your job. Asian men are going to break you guys into two and they have played it brilliantly. They have been building an empire over decades, buying up real estate, investing in large businesses as silent shareholders, increasing their manufacturing base, buying up US Treasury bonds, literally collapsing the USSA and Europe. When will the final death blow come? Soon. Unfortunately, you will be too busy worrying that a black woman is destroying you.

          • Raider Girl,

            I am calling out an ideology, specifically communism. Communist are now in positions of power in the universities and federal government. They are creating and using a culture of victimization and identity group politics to destroy Western culture. A culture largely created by white men and defined by capitalism and Judeo-Christian values.

            Who are these “Asian men” who seem intent on breaking the West. They are the Chinese Communist Party. How are women, gays, minorities and dissidents treated in China? It’s not just white men’s future that is in jeopardy if Western Civilization falls.

            • I don’t dispute with you the ill intent of communism, I hope as a country we avoid it at all costs. I also agree with you that the only enemy this country should be uniting against is the Chinese.

              Where I do disagree with you is in regards to the groups bowing to communism. Not all white men are backing capitalistic Judeo Christian values, actually I would state very few are. Many of these white guys have already kneeled to the Chinese way of life. We see it in social media, in professional sports, in Hollyweird, in large corporations, and in our own government. Yes, many teachers are teaching the communist manifesto, but it is our government and corporate America who allowed this to happen. In essence, the white man bowed to the bottom line. The destruction of life and liberty means nothing to them.

  22. This kind of thing violates the letter of every so-called anti-discrimination law ever written as well as the stupid but ubiquitous “Equal Opportunity Employer” boilerplate blather. Doesn’t matter. Just like the anti-mask laws STILL on the books in almost every state while diapers are decreed as mandatory. Or the election shenanigans. We’re already living in a post rule of law situation.

  23. I know it when I see it. – Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart, commenting on obscenity.

    Inequality can’t be quantified, yet we’re going to continue to try. Quotas aren’t the answer, but they can be measured with a census, so that’s what we inevitably get. The 20th century was all about merit, but when the meritocracy was found to be just as racist as the spoils system, we got quotas and handicapping. Then the work had to be dumbed down or it couldn’t be done.

    Personally I think most corporations are betting on more and more automation to remove workers from the equation. Design, marketing, sales and investor relations are what corporations do best. Keeping good employees occupied and getting rid of dead wood… not so much. Lights-out factories and automating management of the remaining employees is the future. We’d probably be a lot closer now if it wasn’t for the rise of cheap manufacturing in China (and free shipping courtesy of China Post). And if/when the “AI” wakes up… goodnight nurse!

    • Management within auto industry is no stranger to this, being early to adopt robots to do what hung over UAW workers couldn’t. When you think about it all AEC and manufacturing is two tangential worlds. You have the superficial (public facing) side and the actual doing stuff side. We long ago outsourced much of the *actual* design and manufacturing to Asia and Eastern Europe so your job as an engineer in the U.S. is paper pushing specification development and project management of your contractor overseas.

      • Anonymous: Yes, I believe you have described reality. “Designed in USA, manufactured in [cheapest, least government hassle place to manufacture, i.e., not here].”

  24. Maybe t’was jus’ PR drivel, but I distinctly remember reading MuskElon only hires SpaceX talent based on abilities demonstrated; giving no gravitas to Papers from diPlomaTiv Privilege mills & suchLike

      • The darkside will eventually consume him.
        He’s got that disease of the wealthy where they first tie themselves in with the government to do this or that or get more money and then start seeing themselves as having the right to engineer human society. Sure there may be some bright spots now and then but it will only get worse over the longer time span.

    • Which is why SpaceX can do what NASA once did faster, cheaper and with no significant difference in reliability. All that matters is performance, blind to superfluous qualifiers.

    • I don’t think Musk’s hiring practices are all that good or people who don’t know how to do things get to override people who know better. Or maybe Space X gets the better people. I don’t know. What I do know is that Tesla Motors has made and continues to make fundamental engineering blunders.

    • Hey you,ve assaulted my Indigenous gendering preferences. As a non nutritive single gamete AzzTechian of colour, I must call for your shamanic shame pride strut quid hoc to signal your future employee-abilities as a #me2too quiver offenderesian.

      Capichestan my Tokio Drift Papasan.?

  25. Never mind that the reason blacks don’t have the competence level that other races do is because the very Psychopaths In Charge that now proclaim the virtue of anti racist racism, are the same ones that destroyed any chance of a worthwhile education for many of those blacks. The same ones that intentionally destroyed the black family unit. The same ones who were the exact source of “systemic racism” in the first place. Governments were the last bastion of overt racism. They codified discrimination long after it had largely disappeared from private affairs. As did corporations, which I argue are NOT private businesses, but a creation of the state, and so beholden to it. Now they proclaim themselves the saviors of the very target of their past overt and systemic racism.

    • The educational system is secondary, the cultural destruction was what did it and that is what is being continued and amplified. The best education in the world might help a few willing to deal with the abuses of the other children and likely their own families but that’s all it can do. People are being taught that they don’t succeed because of discrimination so they will never succeed. So they won’t bother learning on their own or building things for themselves.

    • “Never mind that the reason blacks don’t have the competence level that other races do is because the very Psychopaths In Charge that now proclaim the virtue of anti racist racism, are the same ones that destroyed any chance of a worthwhile education for many of those blacks”

      So nature accounts for nothing. According to you it’s all nurture. If only we gave them more education then everything will be all equal outcome. We have been throwing money at them for at least 60 years if not longer but wait till Biden/Kamala tackle “Systemic Racism” then and only them will we have “Equal Outcome”. Keep dreaming.


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