Show Respect?

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An even better way than ordering you to do something is to make you feel bad about not doing something. Then it isn’t necessary to order you to do it.

Communists excel at this. They make it a moral crime to assert your individuality. They shame you for not being – as the current saying has it – all in this together.

They being the ones who decide what “this” is.

Your duty being to obey what they say. Not because it’s the law – but because if you don’t you are a bad person.

One can see this almost everywhere. Injunctions not merely to “wear a mask” but to “show respect” and that “you care.” The obvious implication being that if you do not wear the Holy Rag then you don’t care – and aren’t being respectful.

Which is, of course, true – and ought to be loudly proclaimed.

Why should anyone care what some other person believes if what the person believes is absurd? Put more finely, one may have an obligation to respect the other person’s right to go about their business however they wish, to the extent they don’t impose their absurd beliefs upon others.

Michael Jackson wasn’t turned away from stores, told he couldn’t work unless he took off his “mask.” Most employers won’t fire an otherwise competent worker simply because he washes his hands a dozen times a day.

People’s quirks shouldn’t be actionable in a free country.

Do as you like  . . . so long as you leave me be.

Michael Jackson was less a freak than many of the people one sees walking around today in that he didn’t scream at people who weren’t wearing a “mask” or who got closer than six feet to his presence. Even he understood that aberrance doesn’t impose obligations on the non-aberrant.

Of course, Michael Jackson wasn’t a communist.

The “mask” pushers are precisely that, even if many of those who wear the “mask” don’t understand this. They are latter-day Useful Idiots – the term used by Lenin to describe people duped into believing something in order to get them to do something.

Lenin got people to believe in “land and peace” – the early slogans of a political movement determined to seize all land and give no one peace. The Useful Idiots fell for it. Lenin – perhaps the most brilliant practical politician of all time – would tell people anything in order to get them to believe.

So as to get them to obey.

And then, it was too late to object.

Today’s Useful Idiots believe that wearing a piece of gauze or something even more porous – like a bandana – can shield them against viral particles so tiny as to be almost not physical things. One has to be an idiot to believe such a thing. But there are many who believe they are doing the right thing, even if it is doing nothing – other than serving as the symbol of their Useful Idiotness.

The dangerous thing is they’ve been programmed to regard unbelief as a kind of moral affront; that those who aren’t Useful Idiots don’t “care” and lack “respect” for the “community.” Exactly – almost verbatim – the way Communists (and it is specifically the Communists) use language to invert morality, pervert the natural inclination to do the right thing which most humans have and to lay the groundwork for the brutal suppression of anyone who opposes their rule by characterizing them as . . . bad people.

The Soviet dissident and writer Alexandr Solzhenitsyn explained this in his best-known work, The Gulag Archipelago. In it – among many things – he describes how he almost hired on with the NKVD, the Soviet Union’s political police:

“And just so we don’t go around flaunting too proudly the white mantle of the just, let everyone ask himself: ‘If my life had turned out differently, might I myself not have become just such an executioner?’ It is a dreadful question if one answers it honestly.”

As an NKVD commissar, Solzhenitsyn would have been empowered to round up people and have them sent to their deaths; to actually kill them himself, if he wished (the NKVD was endowed summary execution powers) and he would have done it not because he was an evil person in his own mind but because his mind told him he was doing the right thing.

But his conscience told him something was wrong.

His decision to shy away from the blue-capped uniform of the NKVD was “… not founded on rational argument. . . . It certainly didn’t derive from the lectures on historical materialism we listened to: It was clear from them that the struggle against the internal enemy was a crucial battle front, and to share in it was an honorable task. . . . It was not our minds that resisted but something inside our breasts. People can shout at you from all sides: ‘You must!’ But inside your breast there is a sense of revulsion, repudiation. I don’t want to. It makes me feel sick. Do what you want with me. I want no part of it.”

Italics in the original.

Something very sick is afoot and – as in Soviet Russia – its etiology probably has something to do with the same etiology that led to the success of the religion of Communism in what became Soviet Russia: Loss of faith, despair and fomented terror.

Save us. Give us purpose. Something to believe in.

And damn the heretics, who are to blame for our misery.

Solzhenitsyn spent years in the Gulag, where he was tortured for his unbelief. The Soviet Union tortured an entire people for 70 years. The world now stands on the knife edge of succumbing to the same fate, for the sake of a new religion that may destroy everything in the name of doing good.

Unless enough of us care enough to put a stop to it.

PS: I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. Italicized to emphasize the point. Don’t let these gaslighting sourpusses tell you to keep apart from family and friends, to shun them as diseased. It is they – the sourpusses – who are diseased and it is high time to stop giving a damn about anything they have to say.

. . . .

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  1. Howie Mandel in a hazmat suit sporting a gas mask makes the idiot vulnerable to be lassoed and hogtied, the stupid fool. Pigs and horses are smarter than that dumb nut. Holy cow, you can’t fix stupid. Absurd and bizarre both. lol

    Just start walking up to people with a nerf stick of some kind, don’t use your hands, and rip off their masks.

    Do it over and over again until you are charged with an assault, then you can go to jail for 90 days and receive free food and lodging.

    Something has got to be done, people follow like sheep.

    Bah, humbug. har

    • Was Howie mocking the FakeFlu “emergency”? I honestly don’t know, as I’m unacquainted with your reference.

      • Hi Marcus,

        Mandel has a reputation for being a very obsessive germaphobic. Apparently, shaking hands (even before Covid) was too much for him. He actually wore the hazmat suit in serious consideration of the virus, not as an FU to the government, like Matt Gaetz did with the gas mask on the floor of Congress.

        I liked Matt a little more after that and he apparently isn’t a big mask wearer. Those crazy Florida guys, trying to pretend everything is normal and all. 😉

  2. In truth, the only power government has over us it that which we grant them. And as time goes by, government is seen as a vehicle for control and submission by those who seek to do so. Seeking power over someone is actually a belief that in some way that person will feel more secure and worthy if he has someone to boss around. The most insecure, scared and non balanced people enter government.

    They often tell themselves they want to become involved to make a difference. There is absolutely no way they can make a difference to anyone but a few of their constituents. So, they try to lump everyone into the same one-size-fits-all class, which is the erosion of individuality and self responsibility, and make some claim that their actions are for the greater good. The greater good is a completely undefinable objective. My greater good differs from thousands of others as does your greater good does. It’s basically Marxist BS.

    Eventually, we end up where we are at now…a government filled with do-gooders, academics, dreamers with no practical experience, control freaks whose greatest fear is losing control, propagandists whose brains have melted into one non-thinking lump, people lost in some past delusion of utopia, people who can never get enough wealth and power. They believe they get more power by telling people what they can and can’t do or think. The only way to overcome this is by refusing to be controlled.

    This may lead to an all out revolution or civil war, but those choices, as difficult as they can be, are superior to living a life of servitude and slavery and pandering to a bunch of moronic idiots who are nothing more than exaggerated psychos. i.e. government authoritarian figures.

    • “…the only power government has over us it (sic) that which we grant them.”

      To be more precise: that which fifty percent plus one of the counted votes grant them.

  3. To the mask mandator-tyrants, their nags and snitches, et al. simili Vichy citizenry: I wish none a merry or any other kind of Christmas. I wish them all plague. In other words, nothing other than what they wish for everyone else.

    There! I feel so much merrier now.

  4. A Merry Christmas to All!

    I see the reactions to the WuFlu as one devoid of logic and reason , near purely emotive , and hence those in such a state cannot be reasoned with . “Feelings….nothing more than feelings…” as the old song goes.

    As for face diapers, I’m blessed to be in an area where (though our Governor insist they be worn in establishments) many don’t take it seriously (such as my Amish and Mennonite neighbors) or just refuse to be pressured to conform. The rest that cling to their diapies like Linus to his blanket are the ones either genuinely afraid (usually the elderly or Karens) or those who give in to the “peer pressure” and just go along to avoid any confrontation.

    I trumpet this constantly – This will only end when enough cry “ENOUGH!!” and push back against the tide of sheeple seeking their conformity.

    • In many environments such as refrigerated warehouses amd rainy outdoor areas, masks are a purely harmful rag that soaks up moisture and causes pneumonia. Meaning that even without any infectious materials in the air, they will cause respritory illness from water inhalation. Ad in the fact they are extremely itchy and fog up safety glasses they are extremely dangerous and abusive to our food distribution and manufacturing workers.

      The massive welfare payments drove up the costs of food, Suppliments, used cars so that food workers had to work overtime and were unable to obtain healthy foods & Suppliments. Injuries and infections went up as temporary workers filled in without good training and they couldnt see or breathe properly either.

  5. I’ve always embraced the “EVIL” moniker bestowed onto me by kooks, lunatics and nut jobs with whom I refused to play along. Politics, Religion, etc. I am a progression from Conservative, to Libertarian to ultimately Anarchist in politics, tried the Christianity thing for a number of years. Wasn’t entrenched in church or religion at birth, may be why it didn’t take, happily an unashamed Atheist. I’ve supported and still support D.Trump as my President (makes me evil) though he has only been 10% of the Man for who I voted (evil), if I don’t believe in a big man in the clouds to rule my life, why would I believe in the new religion of the Holy Rag or face bag? Also the right about this, I don’t care for my fellow person except for those that are close to me, I am not my brother’s keeper. Sadly, I was the only face bearer in my Walmart yesterday. Merry holiday season to all.

  6. Merry Christmas Eric and all the good people who comment here!

    I was at a Meijer yesterday here in Michigan. This is a state where the supreme court unanimously struck down the governor’s decrees. Even with this, the sheeple are wearing the diaper pretty much exclusively. At the Meijer, the greeter asked if I needed a mask. I sad I was ok and went on my way. On my way out we exchanged a friendly “Merry Christmas. ”

    I think think the important thing for all of us who resist diapering is to stay friendly. It helps to prevent those who don’t believe in the religious dogma but are going along anyway, from turning against you. It also infuriates the true believers even more because they can see their spell not working.

  7. MJ wore the mask in public not because he was afraid of the public, but because he was sick of the tabloids cashing in on his likeness without compensation. Not only that, he also didn’t want or need the publicity, especially since most of the tabloids in the ’80s were more interested in smearing celebs than promoting them. Very capitalistic idea, especially when you’ve invested so much in your puss. Very libertarian idea, owning your own body and withholding access to it from the public.

    But Communism didn’t invent guilt. That goes back at least 5000 years with the evolution of the Jewish mother. Governments always co-opt religious techniques for their own purposes. Demonize the enemy and make them subhuman. “Solve” a problem that doesn’t need solving (see also: War on Terror™). Shame people into going along with the crowd even to their own detriment.

  8. You know, this realization strikes me, over and over again, as I contemplate all the BS happening in our world, and throughout our human history: Collectives do not exist. Collectives do not exist in reality. I cannot talk to a collective; I cannot touch a collective; I cannot reason with a collective. Every collective I believe is real… is not. All collectives, all groups of any kind only exist in my mind. Nowhere else.
    IOW, governments do not exist. Corporations do not exist. Countries do not exist. The United States does not exist. The IRS does not exist. I cannot see them, touch them, speak to them. All I can actually do is see, touch or speak to a regular living, breathing human being. That’s it; that’s all there really is. All the beliefs layered on top of that simple reality are make-believe, false, fictitious.
    The problem, of course, is that this other regular IRS-employed human being 100% believes in the same illusion. The IRS employee firmly believes that he is ‘working for’ an actual living, breathing entity called the ‘IRS,’ which has legitimate legal, moral and political power to steal, kidnap and kill, powers ‘given’ to it by the ‘United States Government’, which itself is an entity that was magically created by ‘We The People’ several hundred years ago out of thin air. How did the ‘Founding Fathers’ magically assume they had the ability to ‘create’ a new ‘government’ out of thin air? After manifesting this magical creation out of nothing, how did they ‘delegate’ to it a ‘legitimate’ power to steal (tax), kidnap (arrest and imprison) and murder (war)… powers that the founders themselves did not have? How do you delegate something you do not have?
    All these collectivist ‘things’ are merely concepts… ideas in one’s mind that are believed to exist as separate, living, breathing entities… entities that have a will and ability and legal power to act on their own.
    They do not… unless we give them the legal legitimacy of ‘personhood.’
    Once I was able to wrap my mind around this simple truth of collective illusion, it was very destabilizing for quite some time. It has taken me awhile to reconfigure, and assess the damage. It has taken me awhile to realize how utterly deluded I was. And now I look around and see 99.9% of the rest of the human population is swimming in the same deep waters of their illusions, completely oblivious.
    It’s very humbling, and disheartening…

  9. I haven’t been to my church since March, even after they “reopened” over the summer. I also haven’t gone back to teaching Sunday School. My reasoning being that everyone must wear a mask when they are inside the building or they will be asked to leave, and I do not care to wear a mask. There is also a prohibition of singing inside the sanctuary.

    I voiced my objection to the pastor, who said he agreed with me that it was “ineffective” but that it was a “small sacrifice” to make for the people who feel it is effective. I told him I would continue to watch on the internet and honor my monetary pledge for the rest of the year, but I could not attend in person if I were forced to literally bear false witness, even if it was only in the form of patronizing someone else’s misperception.

    Fast forward to last night, we had our Christmas Eve service outdoors at a local minor league baseball stadium. There were strict admonitions that everyone must wear a mask while entering and exiting the stadium and they could only be taken off when in your seat and participating in the service (including singing).

    I had my neck gaiter around my neck the entire time but never once pulled it up and no one ever said a word. And there were several other people who walked uncovered even though most everyone in attendance was very dutiful in showing their mask piety.

    This is similar to my experience in other places. No one really cares and no one is going to confront you over it, especially those in authority. It’s solely based on the goodwill and shame of the (non)wearer. Despite the “mandates” this will all go away as soon as there is critical mass of citizens who are no longer willing to play along.

    • Hi JR,

      In re:”it was a “small sacrifice” to make for the people who feel it is effective.”

      Really? A “small sacrifice” to give in to someone else’s neurotic feelings? To subordinate your sound judgment to their hypochondria? What happens when these neurotics feel everyone must be vaccinated?

      You are exactly correct about bearing false witness; about being pressured – and forced – to do so, for the sake of someone else’s feelings.

      These people need to be told – firmly – that their feelings impose no obligation on others beyond toleration for their right to feel however they like.

      • “Really? A “small sacrifice” to give in to someone else’s neurotic feelings? To subordinate your sound judgment to their hypochondria? What happens when these neurotics feel everyone must be vaccinated?”

        I think you stumbled upon the concept behind accepting “transgenders”. We’re indulging in the neurosis of people who are mentally ill. It’s to get you to accept something so critically false. If you accept that someone can be the opposite gender, regardless of basic biology, you have removed all Barrie’s that critical thought would have naturally put up.

        • Spot on, Mattacks!

          Being forced to pretend a biological male is a female because “she” says “she” is . . . is how you acclimate people to being made to show they fear the WuFlu… so as to “respect the feelings” of those who do fear it.

          • I am going to skip ahead and say, yes, that’s exactly what “being polite” to transgenders boils down to. And I am usually “polite” to everyone (or at least I try), meaning I don’t put them down or act rudely or call them out, at. least to their face. To me, that as far as “being polite” goes. I’m not going to call you names or purposely hurt your feelings to your face if it can be avoided.

            But it’s not a matter of “good manners” to pretend something is true that it’s not. The reason 3rd party pronouns are so important to these mentally ill people is because that’s a form of compelled speech. They are trying to force people who disagree with them to pretend a falsehood is accurate, even when the mentally ill person isn’t present. By definition, the object of a 3rd party pronoun isn’t present in the conversation, so “declaring ones pronouns” is an attempt to control the speech of other people. That’s not being “polite”, that’s being cowed into lying.

            As far as my pastor goes, I have always a good deal of respect for him and I’m sympathetic to the situation he is in at the moment. He says he understands my position and did not attempt to argue or convince me I was wrong. Ours is a relatively conservative congregation and he has held the line on plenty of other modernist topics, so I’m willing to be patient on this one. There are lots of people on the topic of masks who are well meaning but just don’t have all of the information yet. I will keep working on him and being vocal about my opinion.

            Speaking of feelings – back in May, just before mask mandates really took off, I was in a local Big Box Store and the atmosphere was oppressive. About 50-60% of the people in there were wearing masks and the rest were doing their best to act normally, but the feeling of fear in the air was heavy. You couldn’t act normally with all of the masked scared people in the store. Shortly thereafter, our county instituted a mask mandate.

            I sincerely believe one purpose of the mask mandate is just to remind people to be scared. And accordingly, I strongly believe that wearing a mask is a violation of my freedom of conscience because the government is compelling me to spread a message with which I do not agree.

            Asymptomatic spread is not a real thing. Truly asymptomatic people cannot spread the virus because symptoms are a sign that the virus is reproducing. If there no symptoms (or recent symptoms) there is no virus to spread. QED

            Similarly, I do not believe that Covid is the end of world disease that it has been made out to be. I am not scared of it and I know that my odds of dying from it are very small.

            Ergo, if I am not sick and I am not scared, then why should I have to wear a mask?

            • Indeed, JR –

              It’s one thing to be polite; it’s another to be pressured to approve – to literally deny objective reality. If a biological man wishes to be called Susan, that’s cool with me because it’s his right. But if Susan insists I refer to him as “she” that’s another thing entirely.

              The Earth is a sphere; 2 plus 2 = 4. A biological male is a male.

              • Yes, good example.

                I don’t mind saying, “Caitlyn” Jenner.

                But I will not say that “SHE” won the gold medal in 1976.

                That’s simply not true. A man won the gold medal and Caitlyn is still a man today.

                • I could have sworn that Caitlyn Jenner had his hydraulics removed and is now a freedom blessed, manufactured human being of the feminine denomination.

                  • Hi Bahmi,

                    Even if he cut it off, he is still not she. Sex is a function of chromosomes as much as genitalia. I feel bad for people like him; I don’t doubt his confusion is genuine. But I am not confused about reality – and refuse to pretend otherwise for the sake of his or anyone else’s feelings.

          • I might “respect the feelings” of someone who believes the Earth is flat.
            I would certainly not base my navigational calculations on his misapprehension of reality.

    • JR, at our small rural church, less than half of the people were wearing masks – until the county commission mandated them in November. Since then, my wife and I have been the only unmasked ones. Now masking continues (except for us) even though the order has expired. It was sickening to see the kids all ragged up for their Christmas Eve program.
      Our pastor has been quite pleasant about it, but I wonder how ridiculous, humiliating and sacrilegious an order would have to be before he would tell us to disobey. What if the county ordered that every 10 minutes we all have to rise, spin around three times, and chant “I believe in the Holy Magical Rag”? Would he tell us to obey, because “Render unto Caesar”?
      That is what Christians are telling the world when they wear masks: “I believe in magic.”

      • You are exactly right. Wearing a mask sends a confusing message – that you don’t really trust God, but you can trust in a flimsy piece of fabric for your well-being.

  10. In line with morality inversion, I highly recommend this new book: Humankind – A Hopeful History by Rutger Bregman. The gist of it is that humanity (excluding psychopaths) is almost always helpful, caring, empathetic. However, we all have such basic instincts for caring that that very notion can be inverted and used against us as we each wrestle with our own personal morality vs the ‘needs’ of the ephemeral.non-existent ‘collective morality.’

  11. I only donned a mask at the very beginning for one doctors visit with my 85 year old employer, that was back in March, and although He continues to see Doctor’s, I no longer accompany him on these visits of his own choosing. Since March I’ve been forced to use third party maskers to do my shopping in New Mexico because every tin pot tyrant whose law is rule by decree makes me a reclusive introvert.
    I appreciate your candor and research and these comments that bring much truth to the table. I hope we can get through this next year by the Grace that God has shown to America in days past. But I really don’t see any relief in sight currently from the current psychosis in my current location. There are too many “believers” that refuse to be reasoned with. The resistance has go grow much stronger if we are to overcome these evils. I know everyone here will do their part to preserve the individual life, liberty and property of the sane and hopefully turn the tables and usurp and supplant the insane from advancing their delusions of grandeur on the rest of us…
    Thank you Eric and commenters for your continued science of seeking the truth and exposing the errors when the world around us is admittedly bleak from a human perspective. The torch of freedom burns brightly in the bosom of the American breast, and I believe it will prevail with enough persistence.

    • Hi Clyde,

      Be of good cheer; I strongly suspect there are more of us than they want us to think there are. Not a numerical majority – that will never happen. But a critical minority – enough to make all the difference, if we hang together.

    • I don’t know if any of us will ever truly know that for sure. He definitely had mental issues and acted like a child, and seemed to have the mental capacity of one since he didn’t have a childhood.

      One thing I do know is that the parents that took let their kids stay there were looking for a payout. What same parent would let their kids spend the night with a daranged stranger? They willingly sent little Billy there, and then coached little Billy on what to say afterwards. Even if Jackson was guilty of everything he is accused of, the parents are just as guilty if not more so.

  12. Eric,
    If you know the truth about yourself, it does not matter what anyone else says or thinks.
    Merry Christmas to you as well and may the New Year be productive.

  13. Saw a pic in an “alternative” social media, the text of which says it all.
    “It’s not ‘science’ if you’re not allowed to question it. It’s a belief system, a religion, a cult, but not science.” And that sums it up perfectly.
    Think of the centuries of heresy laws, where you couldn’t speak again The Church, lest you be, at best, outcast or even put to death for questioning the holy doctrine.

    Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and thank you and the rabble in the comments for being a small beacon of light in the darkness.

  14. “Why should anyone care what some other person believes if what the person believes is absurd?”

    Because the sad fact is that very few of us are Solzhenitsyns, and most of us, like it or not, can’t afford, for our loved ones’ sake if not our own, to be go-it-alone types, content to alienate the members of our communities especially where our jobs and well-being are on the line. To dream otherwise is childish. This is why, tragically, tyrants so often gain the upper hand. My town is masked to the hilt and will be masked long after the bug has passed. Folks here WANT to be masked. Sure, it’s crazy but until I move to a saner place (and it’s not just my choice, I have others to think about.) I’m stuck whipping on the diaper when I go out.

    Nor can you simply wave a wand and make new connections and form new networks, the key to survival for all but the heartiest preppers, and even then, you need land, water, resources. Yes, we’re being robbed blind and most kids today will be poor when they grow up and will curse the current madness. “Why did you let them do it?” Endless harangues get tiresome. The brave are few and far between which is why we praise and admire them. And anyone who can do little, helpful things like advise us on how to extend the road life of our twenty year old, used sh*tboxes is also to be praised.

    Merry Christmas.

    • “I’m stuck whipping on the diaper when I go out.” No, you are not. “I have a medical exemption.” These are the magic words. These clowns KNOW that to force people to do something to which they do not consent is a major no-no. This whole system of legal nonsense is predicated on the consent of its victims. It is universal law that cannot be overcome by mere health boards and governors hoping you will be timid enough not assert your authority as their creators. It isn’t about being brave or having the courage of a Solzhenitsyn. It’s about listening to what your gut is telling you and not betraying your own self. To do otherwise is to slice yourself right down the middle. And that’s just dumb.

      • I have used the medical exemption in the past. I am a healthy person, and in keeping with the spirit of the ADA, I refuse to cause myself bodily harm by breathing in chemicals/dyes, fibers, and CO2. That’s my medical exemption :).

    • “Sure, it’s crazy… I have others to think about…”
      We ALL have others to think about. And we all, likewise, INFLUENCE the others we care about. How are you going to influence them? Kowtowing, bending the knee, licking the boot? Or standing confidently in your gut feeling of what you know is right?
      It really DOES matter how you are influencing every other person you encounter. Most of those others also know, in their gut, that this is terribly wrong. The influence of your acts of confidence, righteousness and courage have a lot more power than you know.

      • Hi BDev,

        On this accommodation of “feelings” business: It’s completely arbitrary. Do you suppose the people urging the sane to cater to the feelings of the insane, for the sake of their “feelings,” would feel the same way about catering to the feelings of a racist? Well, of a white racist? Would they wear an armband, say, out of “respect for his feelings”?

    • Imbroglio,

      I know how you feel. It’s tough being the only one who is willing to realize the Emperor has no clothes. I imagine the kid that pointed it out got his butt whipped but, he broke the spell for others. I imagine you think you might lose everything of you don’t wear The Mask. I seriously doubt that if, IF, you went in a store and just calmly went about your business anyone would say something. If they do, feign ignorance, “gee, I thought I’d heard we no longer were under a mandate…are you sure?” Then make them get you one…while going about your way. Start small and work up. Remember, it’s easier to get forgiveness than it is to get permission, use that to your advantage.

      • >I seriously doubt that if, IF, you went in a store and just calmly went about your business anyone would say something.

        Already I have had a grocery store manager, a fellow American, refuse to sell me food because I refused to wear a face diaper. Let that sink in. To deny someone food is to deny him life. I damned near lost it last Monday. Dead men have nothing to lose. I was ready to return to the store with a very sharp knife and butcher the puke like a sheep. It would have given me great pleasure to “go bowling” with his severed head, before using it for target practice.
        I am only still alive because:
        a) two close friends advised not to “waste a martyrdom” (you only get one) on such an insignificant target, and
        b) a poster on this site advised of an island of sanity where food could be had without having to conform to the thought police.
        Thanks, Gregabob, for your life saving tip. And thanks, moreover, to Eric for hosting this site, where like minded individuals may gather.
        IMO, we are at war. It may be low level right now, but the Day of the Blade may come.
        It would give me great pleasure to operate das Fallbeil should that come to pass.

  15. Thank you for this excellent column, Eric, and my thanks to all the commenters here. Merry Christmas to you and yours! I despair at how few of us there seem to be–committed wholly–and to the end–to liberty, but I do believe that we’re going to win this. That said, I share your indignation, Eric. The compliance, credulity, and sickening sanctimony of the vast majority has wrecked any lingering respect I had for “the average person”. It’s gone…and it ain’t coming back. Only you and the likes of you (represented here) are my countrymen.

    • Slowly but surely legions of our compatriots are coming to the same conclusions as you, Kathleen. “Come out of Babylon” – secession from evil in body, mind and heart – is likely our final choice. Do it every way you can… in body by forming small sane communities founded on righteous principles, in mind through virtual online communities based on the same principles, in heart by asserting your sovereignty in whatever opportunities arise day by day.
      IMO, the only avenue remaining is to form ‘islands of sanity’ amidst a world gone loco.
      Huge Thanks to Eric for creating and allowing input to his excellent website. It has become its own virtual island of sanity.

  16. Take it all someplace else, Joe. Like you care.

    Like Joe Biden really cares about anybody. How can he possibly care about anyone other than his immediate family and friends?

    Go hang out with them, Joe, I know you don’t care about how I get along in this world, you covidiot.

    As long as it all pays, why should Joe care? He doesn’t.

    I don’t know Joe, would recognize him when I see him, which is not going to happen in a lifetime, however, I can hardly care about what happens to him, have some empathy, but that’s about all.

    Do you really think he is the duly elected President-(s)elect? Was it really a fair and accurate count? Do you believe the results?

    Not quite, not hardly, almost, not even close – Hoyt Axton

    Caring is wearing… thin.

    After 50 years of working, basically, paying taxes of all kinds through the nose, paying insurances, tax accountants, the total amount of dollars is more than a small fortune paid to everybody and anybody with their hands out, gov and the fiduciary interests.

    You pay (with hard earned money), they play.

    Read it and weep, suckers! har

    Permanent War, Homo the Sap

  17. Merry Christmas to you Eric, and to Nunz, Eight, and all the other voices of sanity that post here. Wish we weren’t spread out so far across the country so that we could get together for an in person, face showing party.

  18. Merry Christmas to you Eric. As for (most of my) my family, we are not hysterically fearful of a virus and as such, we are carrying on our long standing traditions. I encourage would-be tyrants to attempt to stop us!

    My HR manager demands that if we spend time this “holiday season” with anyone outside of our immediate family, we MUST report this to him and self quarantine for 14 days (to be graciously reduced to 7 days if we present proof of negative test). As for me, I ought not obey, and I shall not. I am not easily swayed by the demands of the demon possessed.

  19. I have taken to collecting discarded “doctor costumes” (the light blue “medical” face diapers) which I find on the ground (in the gutter, usually) and using them for bum wipe. Not to flush them down the commode & clog it up. Of course not. Proper use? Use your imagination..
    You can stick your filthy diaper up your arse
    You can stick your filthy diaper up your arse
    You can stick your filthy diaper
    Where the odor will get riper
    You can stick your filthy diaper up your arse.

    To the tune of “She’ll Be Coming ‘Round the Mountain”

  20. The liars, social engineers, pedophiles, blood drinkers, teleprompter readers, et c. have imbued the masses with a sense of MEANING to their previously-made-meaningless lives.

    In the 2000s, 2010s, the “meaning” of their lives was to send their kids to skool, go on vacaytion, watch TeeVee, et c. Women were devoid of meaning and went to “go find themselves” in an Eat.Pray.Fu*k style of travel. Never mind having children, that’s oppression.

    Soy boys played vidja games and got excited for Starrrrrr Warrrrrs.

    This “terrible virus” now gives meaning, REAL meaning to their farcical existences. Now the door bouncer is IMPORTANT. He/she is SAVING LIVES. So is the self-righteous sales clerk and store manager. Now, watching the noose isn’t a waste of time, but contains IMPORTANT UPDATES FROM THE FRONT LINES.

    I’ll stop there. Pathetic creatures. But that’s why this is so dangerous and I don’t think abating any time soon. These covid fags are clutching to it as if their lives depended on it.

    • Spot on, Michael. These multitudes lacking any real sense of purpose in their lives now suddenly can freely glom onto this grand fear narrative. This narrative, this paradigm, this belief system brilliantly plays into the need for a ‘reason to be’ in all these hollow lives.
      I must grudgingly acknowledge the brilliance of this totalitarian, technocratic fascistic scheme being imposed on our whole planet. The bastages who are pulling the strings behind the scenes have done their homework very thoroughly. And, so far, their execution is successful beyond all expectations. They must be laughing often in astonishment for how easy it is to pull this off.

      • Correct sir. The people pulling the strings are pissing their pants laughing at how easy this has been for them. I’m sure they love the riding in cars alone with masks on.

        They know extremely well how the psyche operates and how to prey on it. These dark occultists are ancient master psychologists, while most “adults” have the maturity and self knowledge of a 5 year old.

        Child’s play for them.

  21. Merry Christmas, Eric! Peace be with you and all who meet here.
    “But inside your breast there is a sense of revulsion, repudiation. I don’t want to. It makes me feel sick.”
    Such an appropriate way to sum up what sets us apart. Most people just don’t get it. It doesn’t make them sick.
    I’ll wear an N-95 mask all day when deburring and hand blending aircraft parts or sharpening lawnmower blades; no problem. But I don’t think I could put one on now in a social setting without throwing up.

  22. Hi Eric and all others of good will,

    Merry Christmas!

    The propaganda phrase “wearing is caring” is true, just not in the way its’ architects intend.

    Wearing is caring – more about your hysterical and irrational fear that you might die than the hundreds of thousands of elderly people dying alone and confused, denied contact with loved ones.

    Wearing is caring – more about virtue signaling than the 1.4 million people expected to die from TB due to the lockdowns.

    Wearing is caring – more about fitting in than the expected 1.2 million excess child deaths due to the lockdowns.

    Wearing is caring – more about expressing contempt for Trump than the 130 million people at risk of starvation due to supply chain interruptions, caused by the lockdowns.

    Wearing is caring – more about feeling morally superior than the enormous psychological harm being inflicted on millions of children by the lockdowns.

    Wearing is caring – more about indulging in condemnation of others than the life work of countless business owners, who’ve seen their work and passion destroyed by heartless politicians.

    Wearing is caring – more about yourself than the 500,000 people expected to die from HIV, denied access to treatment, because of the lockdowns.

    Wearing is caring – more about parroting the right opinions than the explosion in substance abuse and overdoses, caused by the lockdowns.

    Wearing is caring all right, what it reveals about the priorities of many people is dark and disturbing.


    • The woman at the grocery store got all indignant when I said the mask were a waste of time. Red faced so. “if it saves one life” was her breathless reply.

      I said that their is a huge waiting list for people needing organ donation, many will die without them, and if she were cut up for parts she could save several lives. Hey, if it saves one life was your words….

      She could not grasp that if the government can say “you must”, that is a possible scenario. I mean one dead to save several? Seems like solid math, “if it saves several lives” destroying one is OK. Right? Isn’t that what is happening now? People driven to despair, suicide, financial ruin, etc. “to save a life”.

      She probably has two kidneys and really only NEEDS one. She can donate a liver lobe at the same time. Report to the hospital to donate, “to save one life”.

    • Clear,concise, succinct, to the point, rational thought and pertinent analysis is not allowed. Those are thought crimes, you are guilty. You can’t do that.

      Thanks for the truth, however, the truth is too revolutionary, especially in times of universal deceit. Who said that? Although, it is necessary to ignore the truth, accept the surreal predicament. The truth can then be fully discounted.

      Ignorance is Strength, we’re all in this together, even if they want us all dead, just have to face the inevitable, there are consequences for such foul deeds as to want to stay alive, work, live, and make the best of it in this world. How dare you!

      Only lies are allowed to be the truth, so wear your mask, go along to get along, lies matter, not the truth.

      Also, stop doing body counts! We don’t do body counts!

  23. Thank you Eric and Merry Christmas,
    I can’t think of a more appropriate 20th century literary giant as Solzhenitsyn and his documentation of Marxist evil in “The Gulag Archipelago” to describe the current ideology being forced down our throats for the Left’s quest for power.
    Here is a pull quotes I highlighted from the Archipelago:
    “Macbeth’s self-justifications were feeble-and his conscience devoured him. The imagination and spiritual strength of Shakespeare’s evildoers stopped short of a dozen corpses. Because they had no *ideology*.
    Ideology- that is what gives evildoing its long-sought justification and gives the evildoer the necessary steadfastness and determination. That is the social theory which helps to make his acts seem good instead of bad in his own and others eyes, so that he won’t hear reproaches and curses but will receive praise and honors. ”

    “We have to condemn publicly the very *idea* that some people have the right to repress others. In keeping silent about evil, in burying it so deep within us that no sign of it appears in the surface, we are *implanting* it, and it will rise up a thousandfold in the future. When we neither punish nor reproach evildoers, we are not simply protecting their trivial old age, we are thereby ripping the foundations of justice from beneath new generations. It is for this reason, and not because of the “weakness of indoctrinational work” that they grow up “indifferent”. Young people are acquiring the conviction that foul deeds are never punished on earth, that they always bring prosperity.”

  24. Merry Christmas to all on here (Clovers excepted). Nuff respect due to YOU! My gift to ya’ll is a song to pour a strong one or maybe blaze one up to, if that’s your thing. The song Connection has been in my head for months now. It was written by Keith Richards and Mick Jagger and recorded by the Stones in ’67 but the version I hear in my head is the ’74 Montrose cover (slowed down with a great Sammy Hagar vocal performance). It’s about the Stones troubles with war on some drug warriors in the 60s but seems eerily relevant today.

    The lyrics:

    Everything is going in the wrong direction
    The doctor wants to give me more injections
    Giving me shots for a thousand rare infections
    And I don’t know if he’ll let me go

    Connection, I just can’t make no connection
    But all I want to do is to get back to you
    Connection, I just can’t make it, connection
    All I want to do is to get back to you

    [Verse 2]
    My bags, they get a very close inspection
    I wonder why it is that they suspect them
    They’re dying to add me to their collection
    And I don’t know if they’ll let me go

    Connection, I just can’t make no connection
    But all I want to do is to get back to you
    Connection, I just can’t make no connection
    And all I want to do is to get back to you
    Connection, I just can’t make no connection
    All I want to do is to get back to you

    The Montrose performance from the 1974 album Paper Money (also a surprisingly great title track, who knew these guys even thought about sound money!):

  25. I had breakfast yesterday with a friend and former co-worker(broadcast news biz) that I hadn’t seen since March. He and I, over the years, have had numerous lively conversations about politics but, always remained cordial despite our differences. He despises Trump, needless to say. However, I wasn’t prepared for the over the top Covidiocy.

    He shows up at the restaurant (one of those chains with contrived hipness, where we formerly met a a Mom & Pop greasy spoon that has shut down due to fatwas) wearing TWO masks. He tells me it’s the first time since March that he’s been inside a business that wasn’t his workplace or grocery store. He then launches into a rant, eyes bulging, veins popping on his temples while waving his arms about, how anyone that doesn’t think that this is The Plague is only doing so on an emotional basis and denying “science” (he must have said “science” a hundred times in our 90 minute get together).

    I can’t recount our entire conversation but, as my wife said when I told her about it, “he really doesn’t have any faith, does he.” True, he sees no life beyond this existence and has made this into his religion. As Anon said previously, “There will be justice for each one of those responsible for this wickedness. I hope to see it in this life, but it most certainly will be in the next.” But for my friend and many others, they don’t have that sort of reassurance of any “next” life. It’s sad, really. I will pray for him and others so afflicted.

    May the blessings of the Prince of Peace be upon you all, now and for ever.

    • ‘he must have said “science” a hundred times’ — Mark in BC

      If Time magazine’s clamoring journalistic rabble hasn’t named ‘science’ the Word of the Year yet, they’ve only a week to get it done.

      One can infer, from the way journos and Democrats parrot the word, that they believe science to be a closed canon, immune from further amendment. Obviously anyone who believes this is no scientist, and probably never even met one.

      In fact, science is an endlessly moving target. It’s not just appending new insights to old ones, but also revealing that some previous scientific knowledge was either incomplete (e.g., classical Newtonian mechanics emerges from more general quantum mechanics) or flat-out wrong (e.g., the medical belief that peptic ulcers were caused by spicy food rather than H pylori bacteria).

      Moreover, science’s endless process of questioning, revision and refinement is done by egotistical humans who form ideological camps and act (sometimes) out of self interest rather than pursuit of truth — just as in the squalid sausage factory of politics. No one would mistake political claims for revealed truth.

      The intellectually infantile belief that ‘science’ makes any given assertion beyond challenge signifies a deficient education which imparted only the shallowest grasp of scientific inquiry and the conclusions that can be drawn from it, which often enough are probabilistic rather than binarily true or untrue.

      • Exactly, and well said.
        These jackasses frequently reveal themselves by using the nonsense expression “*THE* Science,” by which they evidently mean: their preferred dogma.

      • Indeed, if there was such a thing as settled science, we would still believe the earth is flat and the center of the universe. Real science is the ongoing questioning of every thing, without pause. In other words, totally absent from the current conversation. Except among those few of us that managed to retain some reason, logic, and critical thought in spite of 12 years in the indoctrination camps called public schools. Curious that the proponents of our impending enslavement proclaim something they haven’t a clue about as the foundation of their “reasoning”.

      • Yes, “science” is evolving, most agree on that. What gets me is when you point out that at one stage Fauci said masks are useless then, turned on a dime and said it’s a universal mandate, the response is “well, we keep learning new things”. But, you are NEVER to question the latest fatwa no matter how contradictory it is to previous dogma. It’s the old, “We’ve always been at war with Oceana”. They are eternally faithful to their earthly gods, Fauci Birx, Gates, et al.

        My friend has always been critical of “business” as an exploiter that would kill all its customers if they could make a buck. I would argue that it’s not good policy to kill your customers in the long run. Now that we see one of the biggest of all businesses, BigPharma, with legal protection from lawsuits for their harm, seeking to give us God knows what in a shot, he thinks they will save him. I point out that what he’s always complained about is now actually happening and that guys like Klaus Schwab and Gate are seeking eugenics and population reduction and he calls it a conspiracy theory. Simply amazing.

        • Hi Mark,

          “Fauci said masks are useless then, turned on a dime and said it’s a universal mandate, the response is “well, we keep learning new things”

          Actually, Fauci is so arrogant that he didn’t even bother to claim “we learn new things”, he said “we were concerned that there be enough masks for health care workers”. In other words, he lied. The most charitable interpretation is that he lied to promote what he deemed the “greater good”, the loathsome, “Noble Lie” concept so eagerly embraced by Neo-Cons. Personally, I think he knows masks don’t work, was telling the truth back then, and lying now. He quite obviously loves being the most important man in America and wants to keep it going as long as possible. The rat faced weasel is truly an evil man.

          Merry Christmas,

          • Yeah, Fauci’s claim that he was merely trying to save masks for healthcare workers is baloney. He said, “There’s no reason to be walking around with a mask.” You don’t say it that way unless your intent is to ridicule people: Haha, all you dumb non-scientist rubes are walking around with masks!

          • Not only does (not a doctor) Fauci know that masks don’t prevent a virus, he wrote about the Spanish flu four years ago. He stated that most deaths were not from the flu, but from bacterial pneumonia caused by the mask wearing.

        • I have found if you ask them “What science?” you put them back on their heals, unable to cite any “science” only the platitudes of the talking heads on CNN.

  26. There are only two sides to this fight – good and evil. Good allows each person his God-given, inalienable right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Evil seeks to rob, kill, and destroy. It isn’t hard to see which side is trying to reign in the world at this moment in history.

    I appreciate your quotes from Solzhenitsyn. Every now and then, I am briefly tempted to say to myself, “why not wear this thing? What’s the harm?” I believe those words come from the father of lies himself, Satan. Thankfully, like Solzhenitsyn, my conscience won’t allow me to peddle this outrageous lie, even for a moment. The thought of it is repulsive.

    Yesterday was the graveside service for an elderly family member with a large extended family in the local area. We had heard through a phone call that we would be meeting graveside, so hadn’t seen the obituary. When we arrived, our little family (3 of us), and one of the sons of the deceased, were the ONLY ones not wearing the rag. His widow had it below her chin. She is nearly 90 years old. We later learned that another son, who had written a beautiful obituary, had included a statement that “masks and social distancing are required, in accordance with covid-19 requirements.” WHY WAS THAT NECESSARY? Haven’t we all been “reminded” enough of this nonsense? Why allow it to infect what would have otherwise been a peaceful and beautiful tribute to a God-fearing man? I was so disappointed. No one said anything to us about masks, and we weren’t denied any hugs, especially to the widow of the deceased. But it soured the event for us. It was bad enough that only 10 people were “allowed” at the funeral home so most of us had to wait outside in the cold for the graveside service to begin.

    There will be justice for each one of those responsible for this wickedness. I hope to see it in this life, but it most certainly will be in the next.

    • I’m very sorry to hear of this unfortunate episode, Anon. Incidentally, your post has inspired me to make a prediction for the coming New Year. If it hasn’t happened already, I predict we’ll hear of people writing into their wills that they wish their corpses to be masked during the viewing ceremony. It stands to reason that some of these Covidians will want to wear the rag to their final destination “just to be sure.”

    • Howdy Anon
      The conflict of the ages. That’s what I remember hearing decades ago. I think you and I “see” some things in exactly the same way. There is a lot of talk about God. Much of it in a very derogatory vein. Disrespectful, to say the least. It appears that most of those who do believe in God, are like the Greeks who didn’t know Him. And even had a statue declaring their ignorance of Him.
      But when it comes to “the Dragon, that old Serpent, which is the Devil and Satan.”, They don’t have a clue do they? God and Satan are both as real as real gets on this planet. And right now I’d have to admit that Satan has been given the upper hand for the little time he has.
      Since I’ve become aware of this reality, I, like you have had the hope of seeing “them” get their just deserts for all they have done and are doing. But I have to admit that it is only by God’s gift that I might be forgiven and so I need to be careful about how I feel and react to all that’s going on.
      My pastor once told me that someday the best people will be driven into the scriptures to find the answers they need, by those who are carrying out the Lusts of their father the devil.
      I keep thinking about the magician waving his hand and drawing my attention to the pretty girl or other distraction up there with him while he uses the other hand to do the dirty work. Covid sure is a big attention getter isn’t it? So what is really being done behind our backs right now? I could go on but for now it’s enough.

      • True that. I am grateful for God’s mercy and grace, and His protection over me. The events of this year have solidified my dependence on Him, and it makes me that much angrier at those who are trying to exalt themselves above Him.

    • My 90+ grandmother passed away in September and my brother fought HARD to have just a “virtual” memorial. He eventually was out-voted by the other family members, so to say, and we did have a somewhat traditional graveside service. Outside in the Texas heat and wind. My brother wasn’t originally going to attend but the rest of the family guilted him into coming.

      He and his wife sat in their car until the service started, then they stood at the very back of the crowd during the service, and then as soon as it was over they got in their car and drove the 3 hours straight back home. The rest of us all went out for lunch and had a fine time and, as far as I know, no one came away sick that day.

      That’s the only time I’ve seen my brother in the past year.

      • Good for you for standing your ground and honoring the memory of your grandmother. The graveside service is an opportunity for everyone to comfort one another, share a laugh and a tear and a hug. Too bad your brother didn’t want to be a part of this.

        The thing I still don’t get is, for those who want the “virtual” thing – it is not being denied to them. However, the virtual types aren’t satisfied unless they can deny to everyone else the choice to gather. We had a similar episode with our small homeschool community when it was time to plan for a graduation ceremony this year. After all that these kids had been denied, we had one family that wouldn’t be satisfied with a normal ceremony in the church building where we met. They were trying to get everyone to mask and “social distance” – I’m sure they wanted to be outside in the heat, too. They also admitted they were contact tracers. They were outvoted and didn’t participate. Their loss.

        Your brother and his wife could have zoomed in virtually and saved themselves the trip. Probably grumbled all the way home.

  27. Merry Christmas, Eric and God Bless. Thank you for all the insightful articles and for being the voice of reason in a sick and sickening society. 😎

  28. All governments being mostly composed of psychopaths, the very notion that they are truthful, about anything, is itself a delusion. Their psychosis PREVENTS them from giving a damn about your welfare unless it happens to coincides with theirs. The only thing that stops any government from committing the atrocities committed by communist states is friction with the people they intend to commit them upon. If you hide in your basement they will have their way. If you cower in your house with the lights out while they round up your neighbors, they will have their way. The only defense we have is to keep the cost of their tyranny as high as we can. To paraphrase Frederick Douglass, “However much tyranny you are willing abide is exactly how much you will get”. Tyrants are predatory, always awaiting any opportunity to impose their will.

    • Exactly, JWK –

      Like most people, I will go out of my way to avoid a fight. I only want to be let alone;I cause none harm. But if that’s not enough to be let alone then I will fight.

      God damn these people.

      • My exact sentiments , leave me be, the rest can go on their lunatic way.

        Discovered you sir via David Knight and his(now former) show, enjoy your site and perspective.
        I do see David is continuing on his own….

    • That pretty much sums it up. I want to live free without causing others harm. But I refuse to be forced to follow some crazy nonsense just because the figurehead in charge says I gotta do it. Sometimes, resistance is not futile…it is absolutely necessary…like RIGHT NOW!


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