“Break Their Will”

I want to "break your will" . . .
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When a dog curls its lip and bares its teeth, you know what sort of dog you’re dealing with. One such dog curled its lip in Massachusetts recently. His name is David Ismay – possibly related to the Bruce Ismay of Titanic fame, but hold that thought.

This Ismay wants to “break the will” — his words – of people who rely on gasoline to power their cars and oil and natural gas to heat their homes, in order to “combat climate change.”

And he was in a position to do just that, being until just recently a government worker and having lots of armed government workers available to enforce whatever he decreed as the Undersecretary for Climate Change – yes, such an office exists – of the state of Massachusetts. A state nominally under the governorship of a Republican – Charlie Barker – it bears pointing out.

Of course, Massachusetts  is also the state where Obamacare was born, under the governorship of another Republican  . . . Mitt Romney.

But hold that thought.

“Sixty percent of our emissions come from residential heating and passenger vehicles,” Ismay told an audience gathered to hear him expostulate  – using the royal “our” as collectivists reflexively do when they mean to say everyone except themselves, especially when it comes to having wills broken. He went on to say that these “emissions” – of the dread inert gas carbon dioxide that doesn’t create smog or cause breathing problems – “that need to be reduced” – the assertion is taken as established fact – “come from you, the person on your street, the senior on fixed income.”

No matter what it takes,no matter what it costs.

He described “turn(ing) the screws” . . . in  order to “break (the) will” of such deplorables. That is to say, the desire of the deplorables to resist being impoverished – and frozen – by well-paid-by-those-who-are-forced-to-pay-them government workers such as himself.

Which he itches to do in the only way that government workers can do such things – using the force of government. Using armed government workers to enforce what he and those similarly empowered decree.

The “person on the street,” the senior on fixed income” (Isn’t everyone on a “fixed” income?) will be the target of punitive taxes and other measures – probably including energy rationing via the “smart” meters that have been affixed to practically every home in the country  . . . all of it designed to make the objects of these measures suffer.

In order to break their will.

If it sounds pretty Soviet, that’s because it is.

But at least Ismay was foolish enough to be honest – probably because he felt emboldened. Americans having been sovietized to an astonishing degree in terms of their willingness to put up with things that Americans would never have tolerated when the Soviet Union still existed.

Probably because they had the example of the Soviet Union. They could see what it was like to live in the Soviet Union for the “man in the street” and the “person on a fixed income.” This perhaps giving them the necessary motivation to not wish to see America turned into a replica of the Soviet Union, modeled on the pyramid – with almost everyone not at the apex.

But the Soviet Union has been gone for more than 30 years, long enough ago to have receded in the memory of most Americans over 40 today and unremembered by Americans under 40 today. Many of these younger Americans, having no understanding of soviet life – having never actually seen it – think it’s better than American life.

They are about to get an understanding of it, as America transforms into the Soviet Union – a place where the bourgeoisie, a Marxist term of contempt for the middle class and anyone who aspired to it – also had its “will broken” by Lenin and then by his mass-murdering heir, “Uncle Joe” Stalin – who used the exact same terminology and who themselves never worried about getting gas for their government-owned limousines nor heat for their Kremlin apartments, always kept toasty.

The post-Soviet inheritors of this tradition fly in their private jets, like the new federal Special Envoy for Climate Change, John Kerry. Who – not ironically – is often referred to as a “czar,” i.e., an autocrat who decrees and breaks wills.

As was the case in the old Soviet Union, the “emissions” of these czars” don’t count because their work – the work of breaking our will – is of the utmost urgency.

Not for the sake of the proletariat – or the “climate.”

For theirs.

Understand this – before it is too late to do anything about it.

Ismay – who made $130,000 annually as a government worker, roughly twice as much as the average American family earns  – was eventually forced to resign, which is good.

It’s a start, at any rate.

But much work remains if we are to “break the will” of creatures like Ismay . . .  because there are hundreds of thousands of them, still employed and still empowered. They are in a position to “break the will” of hundreds of millions. Getting rid of just one of them won’t solve the problem anymore than getting rid of a single termite will get rid of that problem.

Which is, fundamentally, the same problem.    

. . .

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  1. Something you really need to understand is this: your worst enemy is not other human beings. Your worst enemy is reality. The God of the Old Testament is awful because He is reality. Reality brings natural disasters. Reality doesn’t give a damn about you dying horribly over a span of many days of continuous pain, alone and desperate. Your enemies may feel sorry for you after you’ve suffered enough, reality never feels sorry for you. Reality doesn’t want to break your will. Reality will absolutely break your will, one way or another, if you don’t pay attention to it. If you keep refusing to pay attention, reality will break your will by killing you, and it may not be an easy sort of death.

    When a human being wants to “break your will”, chances are, they’re thinking that reality is pushing them to do that. And between reality breaking their will, and them breaking your will, they’re choosing the second. Because other humans are more breakable than reality.

    Your theory about why this man wants to “break your will” lacks any ideas on which reality is pushing him. Which shows that you are being blind to the real danger here. And you are running out of theories about what is pushing people to go on about climate change.

    Natural disasters will destroy you. You choose not to believe that natural disasters are becoming more common, and you choose to believe you can do nothing about it, reality will come and bite you.

    • There is literally nothing to indicate that natural disasters have changed at all in frequency since the beginning of recorded history. That is not a choice, that’s an observation.

      Climate “change” is cyclical – and this has been proven scientifically, with repeatable results far past any documented history.

      Anyone who “chooses” to believe the climate hysteria is either A) horribly misinformed, or B) willfully ignorant.

    • There’s nothing pushing people like this? How about the reality that some (most?) people want to control others, based on what they think is good for them.

      You’re trying to make this more complicated than it is. This man doesn’t have to be pushed by any reality in order to want what he wants. His own ego and sense of moral superiority is enough to do that.

      That’s as real as it gets.

  2. I looked at replacing my swamp cooler and hot water boiler heat with a heat pump. Quote for 4 zones was $20K or so. Rebate (carrot) was $800. New cooler was $1500 for a top of the line model and new 90% efficiency boiler was $6,000, installed. No rebates. I ran a $40 outdoor temperature thermocouple to the boiler in an afternoon. My gas bills are so low this season that the estimated readings are almost 33% more than the actual reading.

    But because heat pumps are “250% efficient,” I’m a horrible person. Never mind that for the last two months the heat pump’s resistive heating element would have been running round the clock. I probably could have gotten a little bit of a rebate for a HE boiler, but it also would have been more than double the cost, so I would have had to finance it, probably negating most of the rebate.

    We’re constantly barraged with the story that wages over the last 30 years have been flat. Then the very same people who are keeping pay down chastise us for not wanting to outlay huge amounts of capital (or abandon our homes for shitbox condos) for so-called efficiency. Which is it going to be? Risk the dividend by paying workers more therefore everyone “shares” the burden, or “risk” the planet?

  3. Unfortunately, we have a new “Uncle Joe” and he ain’t stallin’…he’s signing executive orders faster then they can dream them up. Does anyone have a clue as to what all these dictator mandates even say? Is there any end to these arrogant bozos who don’t know nothing but a wacky agenda?

    In 5-10 years, we will be having Texas style energy crunches across the country…all because the stuffed shirts claim it’s global warming causing the freezing cold. You cannot argue with an idiot…no matter how wrong and insulated they are from the truth, they will never admit they could possibly be full of cowcrap. Pompous jack’s.

    And I WILL ignore you Ismay…you can take that and break it you know where.

  4. Unfortunately, we have a new “Uncle Joe” and he ain’t stallin’…he’s signing executive orders faster then they can dream them up. Does anyone have a clue as to what all these dictator mandates even say? Is there any end to these arrogant bozos who don’t know nothing but a wacky agenda?

    In 5-10 years, we will be having Texas style energy crunches across the country…all because the stuffed shirts claim it’s global warming causing the freezing cold. You cannot argue with an idiot…no matter how wrong and insulated they are from the truth, they will never admit they could possibly full of cowcrap. Pompous jack’s.

    And I WILL ignore you Ismay…you take that and break it you know where.

  5. If there’s any justice in the world, this guy will end up living in a cardboard box under a freeway overpass while us “little people” get back to our lives.

  6. Carbon dioxide is NOT a problem! Ice cores reveal that it is near historic lows today. It was three times as high as now (about 1.5 parts per thousand) sixty million years ago, when dinosaurs roamed the earth and life was thriving (as long as one of the big guys didn’t eat you). CO2 is essential for plants to survive, and it’s amazing they’ve adapted to live on the tiny amount we have today. We animals require oxygen at around 20%, hundreds of times higher than the CO2 concentration.

    To help the earth we ought to be burning as many hydrocarbons and coal as possible today.

    • Until now, the scientific community believed that carbon dioxide levels were as high as 2000 parts per million during the Eocene era. But the research done by the Dartmouth scientists suggests carbon dioxide levels at the time were only half that high — about 1000 ppm. Today, CO2 levels in the atmosphere are around 400 ppm. The message is, disastrous consequences can flow from much lower concentrations of carbon dioxide than previously thought.

        • All trees, grass flowers and all plants and healthy algae require co2 to survive.and they produce the O2 for us and living creatures on this earth to survive. Reduce carbon dioxide will lead to starvation and death. No more trees, no more crops and grass. No more us. Is that what you want?

  7. Break their will to use reliable sources of easily stored power to keep them alive? I’ve long thought that the rise in life expectancy is due far more to heating especially and air conditioning than to medical advance. The increase almost exactly parallels the increase in available reliable and convenient heating and air conditioning, and obviously the elderly are much more vulnerable to the lack of either. Of course the powers that be are in the middle of an ongoing effort to dispose of the elderly. Gov. Cuomo for example. The elderly are a terrible threat to the amount of wealth available for them to skim from. And of course they trend toward conservative in their politics too.

  8. While I honestly try to maintain a pacifist attitude, this guy is among a group of totalitarian zealots whom I believe should be taken deep into the desert, ratchet strapped to a cactus, and see how long it takes them to kick the oxygen habit.

    • I’m with you on this. If this type of thing happened a few times, it would prove to be a considerable deterrent to such behaviors.

  9. “Sixty percent of our emissions come from residential heating and passenger vehicles,”

    That is so wrong I can’t even respond. It’s something like 5% and even the rest of man made emissions are a tiny fraction compared to what nature emits naturally.

    • Hi Mattacks,

      Yup; I considered dissecting it – the “60 percent” and the “emissions” part of it – but wanted to focus on the creature itself. However, the discussion – the clarification – is well worth having. The whole premise that “emissions” – of carbon dioxide, an inert gas that has nothing to do with air quality or public health – is an issue must be challenged. The “climate change” religion is just another facet of the same plan underlying the weaponization of hypochondria. Both are fabricated justifications for control of the masses; nothing else.

      • Any time any agent is “authorized” by the state to control anything, the intent is to control you and what you think. Period. The state is a criminal gang of psychopaths who have zero concern about your welfare unless it happens to coincide with theirs. They can’t help themselves. Their psychosis prevents them from caring about anything that doesn’t benefit them. This is not merely a pejorative, its a fact. Government position is the ideal environment for psychopaths and sociopaths. Which is why any government that’s around long enough becomes saturated with them. Like this one. Any time any of its members claim to be acting on your behalf they are lying. We don’t need them to act on our behalf, we are quite capable of voluntarily doing so ourselves, if no one is holding a gun to our heads and preventing us from doing so. We might make mistakes, but are far less likely to intentionally and consciously do a thing against ourselves. Not so for the state. It doesn’t make “mistakes” in this regard. It deliberately acts against our wellbeing in favor of its own. The worse the predicted “tragedy”, the more power, control, and wealth it gathers to its self. All it takes is our acceptance of their lies.

      • eric, the “creature” is a stupid sob. He reminds me of the guy who sent a mail bomb with his return address or the guy who shot himself in the head to prove to his buddy the weapon did indeed work.

        We are being assaulted by China from every direction. Going to take the family to Disneyland? Ah, give those Chinee more money. I got the list of companies doing bidness with China one day. It’s atrocious and now they’re loading the uigars up in endless looking trains and taking them no telling where. They are raping the women and aborting the pregnant ones and beating the men till they pledge allegiance to the heads of the Chinee state.

        Uncle Joe(perfect name)is all on board with it. Millions of Americans gave their lives fighting tyrannical regimes the world over in order to bring some freedom(that’s a fancy word for saying you can probably walk to the store and not be arrested……but don’t quote me). Uncle Joe says they’re a different culture and we have no right to correct them. Trump said they were a different culture and was working with the military to make sure their power waned as much as possible. Don’t quote me on that either or Yahoo with ban me.

        Every day that goes by I’m more amazed by the freedom we’re losing and how so many are all in on it(esp. women). I don’t have to worry about mine. She’s wanting me to buy her a you know what and is looking into internal “accessories”. Good day to all and don’t forget to order your Hueway phone.

        • I also saw a show yesterday where actual scientists and people knowledgeable of energy showed how a huge amount of coal and copper along with petroleum were required to make solar panels.

          Of course a wind generator sucks up a huge amount of money in fuel to build and wouldn’t exist without taxpayer dollars. Same for electric cars.

          As the oil patch kept producing more, so did wind generation since the lease for the land is huge. I saw the same transmission line changed to a larger one in a period of a bit over 2 years.

          The only thing going on out there that was a plus was oil and gas being produced and moved with pipelines. They might not do everything right the first time but that wasn’t often. A few large tanks on a hill were nearly washed away and the lines exposed. They didn’t know what to do to stop it since you have those torrential rains now and then. I suggested they build a French drain around it. Nobody on the sight including the bosses knew what I was speaking of. I explained how to build one.

          The next rain I was tasked to haul some loads to them and they were beaming that the tanks weren’t affected at all and there was no erosion all the say to the creek. Some times old dogs know a thing or two.

  10. We knew they would be coming for residential housing next, once ICE cars were out of the way. Hell, we talked about it here. Guess since ICE is on track to be gone by 2030 or whatever they’re amping up the plans for the next phase of impoverishment, destroying the single family dwelling. Can’t you just hear it now? Block apartment buildings are so much more efficient. Single Family Homes are a symbol of white supremacy. SFH dwellers are anti-science.

  11. Tar and feather time for the snake oil salesman!

    Who does this dumbass Bruce Ismay think he is? the Grand Inquisitor?

    Another human hater willing to commit crimes against humanity and think it is ethical, moral, legal and justifiable. Should be held accountable, brought to trial, self-incriminating evidence seals his fate.

    Break their will. Beat them into submission. Keelhaul everyone of them. Horsewhip them to death, beat that dead horse even more. The Untermenschen deserve it more than ever. dehumanize them, demoralize them, give them hell and then some, then some more.

    Piss on them and tell them it’s raining.

    Fuck fucking you.

    Sounds like the work of an evil oppressor, an obvious tyrant, those who suppress even your right to live. Go fuck yourself, shithead.

    His arrogance precedes his ignorance.

    Pride goeth before fall.

      • When the fate of Cuomo came up yesterday there were various means for punishing him. I doubt he’ll be punished at all. The mafia is replete in the entire legal system in NY so he’s probably not sweating it too much. I thought my idea of punishment would be to either Mussoline him, hang him by his feet the the whole thing wore away or take him out to international waters and throw him overboard. Either way is fine with me although I think the Mussolini method would have more effect on the other politicians. If there were ever a country that needed to purge politicians and bureaucrats it’s this one.

        • The only reason the fbi and doj would be involved is to cover up his crimes. He will receive no penalty for what he did and will probably be “promoted” by the pedo joe regime after this dies down.

  12. This is what smart electric, gas, and water meters are for: rationing from a central provider. I tried for 5 years to stop smart meters in PA, but all I got was apathy. And the spineless legislature rolled over for the Public Utilities Commission and the utilities. Along with that, the meters turn your house wiring into a giant microwave oven with dirty electricity.
    Smart thermostats will be controlled by our masters and we will only have what they so graciously allow. They will have all the power they want, however, since they are better and smarter than the rest of us.

    • Every time someone “in charge” decrees a thing we want or need is not allowed to be done, they have immediately created a black market opportunity for means to to avoid the decree. In this case, how to bypass control mechanisms known as “smart” meters, and/or the means to do so. The free market always wins, eventually. The Psychopaths In Charge didn’t start legalizing marijuana because it’s the right thing to do, but because market forces were negating their ability to control it. Note how all such “legalizations” retain some level of control. As much as they think they can get away with, which is the key point.

  13. OOOps. Someone let the truth out. Bad scumbag…. no caviar for you.


    Funny how ‘little-people’ regions in the ‘richest most advanced country in the world’ immediately become third world like as soon as anything environmental becomes abnormal. But the empty office buildings and parking garages remain fully serviced. Shows who matters.

    People in real third world countries are laughing at the ‘hardship’ these pudding soft first worlders whine about. Americans better get used to it too as it is going to happen more frequently and in more locations. This is your future under the socialists.

    And no matter how many times the system fails, those responsible will claim, “we could not have predicted this would happen”, despite it happening many times before. The herd will nod compliantly.

  14. Wow Eric, that’s the first I’ve heard of this guy, guess I’ve got to pay attention to the local “news” more. Of course all they talk about there is “the cases, the cases….” which is why I’ve mostly tuned it out. Also the PTB probably memory-holed that speech as soon as they realized he had spoken the truth and revealed their game plan; can’t let the serfs get wind of what’s in store for them.
    There’s been a push by these elitist bastards over the past few years to get rid of natural gas and get everyone on heat pumps, which work just fine at my sister’s house in Florida where it doesn’t get much below 40 on cold nights. Not so much here when it’s in the single digits for days at a time, not to mention electric rates are about ten cents a kwh there and more than twice that here. Also as anyone with eyes open can see the electric grid isn’t up to all that extra load, it can barely handle what there is along with needing actual base load generation, the kind that doesn’t depend on frozen windmills and snow covered solar panels.
    I’m beginning to hate these uber-greenies with a passion, I’m all for leaving a livable planet for future generations but it isn’t necessary to wear sackcloth and ashes (today coincidentally being Ash Wednesday) to do it. Feel free to live like an ascetic monk if you want but leave me the hell alone to enjoy the rest of my life in peace.

    • The truly pitiful part is that there is an existential threat to our environment that is being ignored in favor of the “climate”. Which I strongly believe is the exact purpose of climate hysteria. The planet is being saturated with an abundance of toxic chemicals, while we are told to worry about a theory of climate change with no definitive truth supporting it. I wonder how much funding “climate research” gets from DuPont and Bayer/Monsanto, etc?

    • I was born and raised in taxachusetts, lived there til I was 55. Best thing I ever did was to get out of that shithole and move to Florida. Yeah, we have some weird shit here in FL, but overall, my life is a lot better here than it was up there. The place is full of assholes like Ismay. His resignation means squat, because there’s a hundred more just like him ready to take up his cause. You couldn’t pay me enough to go back.

      • Hi Floriduh, I’ve been considering it lately, my sister lives in Sarasota and we’ve visited many times over the years. Really is a nice area plus Happy Hour in all the restaurants and no saaaaafety inspections for the car. Not sure I could take summers though, even in April the humidity wipes me out. Better than freezing and snow for sure on the other hand; will be on my down there if it gets much worse here.

        • Sarasota is a pretty good place to go, Mike. Big enough to have everything you’ll ever need, but not crazy big like Orlando or Miami. Lots of quiet rural or semi rural areas within an easy drive. Great fishing, much lower cost of living than MA, and a whole lot less taxes. And they pretty much leave you alone. Gun laws are easy going, and you can do just about anything you want to your car, remove the cats, tint windows, etc., nobody knows or cares. You’re right though, summer can be pretty brutal. We usually travel for a few weeks to get a break from the heat, go visit the grandkids, stuff like that. Like anything, you get used to it after a couple years. We actually look forward to summer because all the tourists are gone.

  15. Yeah, “break their will,” says the man who probably doesn’t even know how to change his own oil.

    He’ll be among the first ones screaming for mommy when it really hits the fan.

  16. Don’t know who penned this but thought it was perfect for the times. Gonna be my response the next time some sheep yells at me for being maskless.
    “If you are afraid to live your life because you might die – then you have already died.”

    • Indeed, life is a terminal disease acquired at birth. Quality far outweighs quantity in value. We have some control of quality, if left alone. We have very little control of quantity, and what we do have is being undermined by the very “officials” and “experts” falsely claiming a desire to extend quantity.

  17. Allowing him to resign is too easy of a fate for this parasite. Maybe it would be better if an example was made of this man. After all, that’s what they would do to us.

    • I hate to say it but this guy seriously needs to meet up with some mafioso-style street justice. Where’s Nunz, he may have some contacts…

      • I’d settle for stripping him of all assets, followed by permanent exile to a Communist country. Maybe he can even pick out which one.

      • Hi Jason,

        This guy – Ismay – is one of many. I used to live in the DC area, which is populated by hundreds of thousands of extremely well-paid bureaucrats – apparatchiks – like this one. The flaunting of other people’s wealth in Northern Va is something everyone who works for a living should see. It’s obscene and enraging. Many of these people “retire” in their 50s on grotesque pensions, plus (eventually) their Social Security.

        People who earn their living have no idea how the other half life.

        • I understand your rage Eric. My sons mother and father in law were both civilian employees at the Pentagon. They are in their late 50’s now, both retired and between the two, their pensions are about 300k a year. Drive a Tesla, live in a mansion (by my standards anyway), regular trips to Europe, the whole rich people ball of wax. All from 20 something years at relatively low level government jobs. And they have the gall to say that they worked hard and “earned” everything they have. I love my daughter in law, but every time I see her parents, I wanna punch ‘em in the face. Nothing but leaches and thieves as far as I’m concerned.

  18. People who live in the northeast NEED oil to survive. Not only are the electric rates the highest in the continental US, it’s cold enough there six months of the year to be an immediate mortal threat. To force electrical heating and transportation on such a densely populated and cold region of the country is nothing short of mass murder. Then again, the writing has been on the wall in the northeast vortex of evil so long that anybody who refuses to leave at this point has accepted their fate in the great american holomodor.

    • Back in the day, before electricity, the people there would burn wood to keep warm. Soon that option will also be off limits to prevent “deforestation.” (They’ll probably nod their heads and think that’s a double-plus-good thing).

      I bet they’ll accept heating every other night. Just like the fucking Soviet peasants shivering in their concrete block apartments.

      • Anonymous,

        Before mom passed she spent some time in Italy with her family. Her family there got water every other day. This is a normal occurrence not because of some weather anomaly. Won’t socialism be grand when its fully implemented here? Just wait till all those woke leftists who are demanding socialism get a full fledged taste of it here.

        • They won’t even learn when Stalins boot is on their neck. They’ll keep squawking about the able bodied and capable not “doing their fair share” or “but we haven’t reached true communism yet, more regulation!”

          • Hi Anon,

            This is purely anecdotal and “for what it’s worth” . . . but speaking just for me and a number of people I know personally, we are done. We aren’t going to start anything but if these bastards come for us we’ll be receiving them appropriately. We are peaceful people minding our own business and taking care of ourselves; we “don’t want nothin’ from no one, if we can’t get it on our own.” But if that’s not enough to be let alone then let them come. There is no option at that point because we haven’t got anything left to lose anymore and we know it.

        • When I was in Mexico the better off who lived in houses had drinking water delivered once or twice a week. A truck rolls down every street and they knew who their customers were. I’m sure once the truck was empty they took it back to HQ and another crew took over. Almost nobody had a “full time” job. But many bidnesses did operate for long hours and some 24 hours.

        • …the Earth has been ice free most of the time…to have both polor caps frozen means that we are in a warm spell of an ICE AGE…which last around 500,000 years…

  19. As for the “Break Their Will”, OPERATION COVIDIUS is about that and even more.

    They’ve spent the entire year of 2020 SUCCESSFULLY breaking the will of the Herd of modern slaves. And since They’ve reached such high levels of success without any reaction at all, They are now feeling even more EMPOWERED to deploy more CONTROL & COMMAND tools that will keep “Breaking Our Will” and if we resist much the nice copigs will come in and cull us!

    Simple and Effective!

    • Yeah, but after all of 2020 whoever’s left is gonna be a REALLY tough nut to crack.

      I don’t think they’ve figured this out yet.

  20. Wow, what a pretentious, self important a$shole. Of course he is not talking about HIS driving or home heating usage, just us little people need to suffer for the greater good of mother gaia. This is how all of these self important govt workers think, his only sin was spilling the beans to the media making the govt worker’s ability to break our will more difficult. This is also why they on the left are so desperate to disarm us. Much easier to break the will of a disarmed society than one that is armed and could defend itself.

    • This chart shows that ERCOT (Texas grid) lost most of its wind power (turbines frozen), nearly all solar power (clouds), and about a third of its natgas (wellheads frozen):


      Strange to think that if heartland America seceded, by ejecting the Pacific coast and mid-Atlantic/northeast coastal states, it would easily be energy independent.

      Indeed, this may become a necessity if the calicoms continue sabotaging heartland America by cancelling the Keystone pipeline, banning IC-engined vehicles, and forbidding residential natgas hookups.

      Theirs is a contemporary, warmunist take on how Stalin starved out the kulaks. We can’t let it happen. Nullify the fedgov.

      • Its amazing that this was allowed, in Texas of all places. However all those commiefornia transplants should have felt just at home with an electrical grid that fails when you nees it the most. You would have thought that over the past 4 years they would have reversed some of this and built additional coal fired plants even if those plants were kept in reserve for when the sun didn’t shine or the wind didn’t blow. Abbot is going to have to address this on his own because the current cabal in dc would rather people freeze to death by the thousands than be warmed by coal or oil.

        • ‘all those commiefornia transplants should have felt just at home with an electrical grid that fails when you need it the most’ — Antilles

          On its back foot, the schoolmarm Lügenpresse sternly lectures us for straying into Wrongthink:

          Republican U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert of Colorado puzzlingly [sic] labeled the Green New Deal as the culprit. Boebert tweeted on Monday that “renewables are clearly unreliable.”

          But the Green New Deal is irrelevant, as no version of it exists in Texas or nationwide, said Mark Jacobson at Stanford University.


          DUH … you don’t need to be no Stanford professor to work out that if Texas used all renewables instead of only 25%, its grid would be totally shut down now.

          • You know, i’m all for finding a way to let people decide how they want their energy delivered. Do they want energy from “green” sources like wind and sun or traditional sources like oil, gas & coal. But then you get to own your decision. If its so cold out that the windmills don’t turn or the solar panels are covered with ice and snow you get no energy. Your neighbor who chose coal and oil on the other hand gets to keep their power on.
            I’m all for giving people choices but at the same time i feel like those choices should hurt when you make the wrong ones. What i don’t ever agree with is forcing your choices onto your neighbors. Like the one neighbor who complained to me and my brother in law during hurricane sandy on day 5 of 12 with no power, that our houses had power and his didn’t. Well, we told him, some of us spent money to prepare for something like this happening. Others like him, spent money on toys like the utv he drove around the neighborhood in. He wasn’t too happy with that response and i’m normally a charitable guy, but his attitude and lack of preparation did not constitute and emergency on my or my brother in law’s part.

  21. I’m certain that he is comfortably searching for a new ‘position’ with the thermostat in his 4000sqft home set to ~72 degrees. He doesn’t strike me as someone who could tolerate a chill.

    • For real, what is it with dudes who look like that and all the trying to engage in tough guy talk? They really don’t want the fight they’re looking for.

      “Ismay went on to say that ““We can’t have no offshore wind, no transmission, no solar, and have clean energy,” adding, “Something has to give. There has to be some mechanism we trust to find a place to site a transmission line.”

      Something..something… well he could start by giving his life? The thought of all that CO² he’s exhaling ought to keep him up at night!

  22. ‘ “break the will” of people who rely on gasoline to power their cars and oil and natural gas to heat their homes.’ — EP

    Robert Bryce writes from his dark, freezing home in Austin:

    This blizzard proves that attempting to electrify everything would be the opposite of anti-fragile. Electrifying everything would concentrate our dependence on a single network, the electric grid, and in doing so make nearly every aspect of our society prone to catastrophic failure if — or rather, when — a widespread or extended blackout occurs.

    This blizzard proves that during extreme weather winter, solar panels and wind turbines are of little or no value to the electric grid. This blizzard proves that our natural gas grid is part of our critical infrastructure and that we shut it down at our peril.

    During peak cold events like this one, the gas grid delivers about 80 Bcf/d to homes and businesses. To equal the 80 Bcf/d of gas delivered during cold snaps, the U.S. would need an electric grid as large as all existing generation in the country.

    We can store vast amounts of gas and only tiny quantities of electricity. In short, our electric grid simply cannot deliver the massive amounts of energy needed during the winter to keep us from freezing to death.


    Simple truths … but of no import to calicom [california communist] warmunists in their elitist garden of pure ideology.

    To paraphrase a smash-hit bumper sticker from 1974 in Houston: DRIVE 90, FREEZE A CALICOM

    • Electricity is by far the least efficient and most vulnerable power source in common use. There is no means to store it at even a fraction of what storage is needed. Hence power generating facilities can only generate what’s being used at the moment. Which is why power suppliers DON’T maintain capacity for extreme conditions. They would have a lot of machinery in place that rarely gets used. Not profitable.
      Inefficient because significant electrical power is lost in transmission. Lost as heat, or going to ground. Heating by burning fuel has become VERY efficient, with units available that lose less than 10% of energy value.

    • Energy diversity, we need more coal and nuke (and even residual fuel oil) so as not to be so dependent on natural gas when things get cold. Another thing, lots of folks in Texas hurricane country have installed natural gas fired back-up generators…so, those gensets are also competing with the big gas-fired power plants for fuel And we’ve been decommissioning coal-fired plants and indigenous Texas lignite mines, and not adding units to the two nuke plants here. Not to mention decommissioned fuel oil fired plants. All three “store” their fuel source onsite. All three can mitigate against a loss of gas transmission.

      PUCT and ERCOT need to go away, or be retooled into RELIABILITY organizations. No more subsidies for unschedulable “green” crap generation!

  23. A fitting poem I found online. Don’t know who to credit but it’s excellent.

    –Good evening, and welcome to the upside down.

    Where what you see,
    can never be,
    and what you know,
    just isn’t so.

    Where bad is good and wrong is right.
    Where truth went down without a fight.
    Where you might just say,
    everyday is opposite day.

    Can I offer you a mask or an anal swab?
    Rape is the law, if its for a good cause.
    Oh no, it isn’t mandatory, that would be cruel
    but you have no choice, that’s our only rule.

    Before you enter I must tell you about the world’s deadliest disease.
    It can take you out with a single sneeze.
    It’s a clever bugger too, it can’t take out a violent mob
    it only thrives in those with jobs.

    But luckily, we have the only cure,
    it won’t stop it from spreading but that’s all we know for sure.
    So “What does it do?”, you may ask.
    No one knows, so please be sure to double mask.

    “It’s super safe” the doctor said.
    Even if you end up dead,
    because the antidote can’t kill you since
    it’s the leading cause of coincidence.

    Now roll up your sleeve and let’s go,
    I’ll take you through the backwards show.
    Where doctors kill and science shills
    for our lord and saviour, a man named Bill.

    To your left you will find our grand display
    of courageous men with nothing to say.
    They don’t provide, or lead, or slay.
    They smile, nod, and let you have your way.

    To your right you’ll see our exhibition of empathy.
    Where the rich stay home,
    and through their phone,
    demand that old folks die alone.

    Follow along the yellow dotted line,
    to our memorial of dissent, our evil shrine.
    The thought criminals and sense seekers and those who disrupt,
    the ones who tried to turn us right side up.

    They did not shrink, to double think,
    so all of them died from “suicide”.
    Thank you very much for visiting THE UPSIDE DOWN!
    Now please return to the circus with the rest of the clowns.–

    • I find this clumsy and aesthetically weak. As poetry it is too long, hard to follow, and requires thought- it is meant for us who already know what’s going on- preaching to the choir.

      But the idea is good- the people have been targeted with propaganda that targets the sub brain- that works in direct defiance of logic and reason. Accordingly, one of the best weapons against the evil upon us is going to be things like folk song, simple chants, and memes.

      A challenge for the smart, reasoned, creative people at Eric’s speakeasy- start creating that kind of stuff. I am already working on some things myself.

        • We really have little choice other than “preaching to the choir”. Those not in the choir are apparently deaf. Not that we should quit preaching to them, but don’t expect miracles. Expecting miracles is an oxymoron. Preach to them just in case a few get their ears cleaned out.

          • Hi John,

            What we’re doing is broadcasting a signal that some will receive. Think of the people – I was one, once – who never heard a contrary word and then,one day, heard it. And it got them thinking.

            I am under no illusions regarding changing the minds of committed leftists as their minds are lost. But there are people who can be reached and it is these people who will form the nucleus of the future, possibly a better one.

            • Indeed. It may only take reaching one charismatic leadership capable human with a a moral, ethical foundation. Well worth the sacrifice, says I.

    • This had some potential. Not bad, but the rhythm is inconsistent and chaotic, and there are simply structural difficulties throughout, which kills the poem’s momentum. I believe a little reworking could yield something more powerful.

        • Okay, I had a few minutes…
          I’m not any great poet, but this may be an improvement, if you can sync to my intentions. 😉

          Where what you see,
          Can never be
          And what you know,
          Just isn’t so!

          Where bad is good and wrong is right.
          Where truth went down without a fight.
          The Up Side Down, where you just might say,
          Everyday is opposite day.

          Can I get you a mask or an anal swab?
          Rape’s one way to support the cause!
          It’s not the law
          ‘Cause that’d be cruel
          But there’s no choice
          That’s OUR first rule.

          As you enter, mind
          The new disease.
          It can take you out with a single sneeze.
          It’s a clever bug too
          It avoids the mobs
          But it targets and kills those fools with jobs.

          But, luckily, we have the cure!
          But “stop the spread” it won’t for sure.
          So “What’s it do?”, you just may ask.
          No one knows, so double mask!

          “It’s super safe” the doctor said.
          Even if you end up dead,
          The new vaccines can’t kill you since
          They’re the leading cause of coincidence.

          Now roll up your sleeve
          C’mon, let’s go!
          I’ll take you through the backwards show.
          Where doctors harm
          And science shills
          For OUR Christ,
          A man named Bill.

          To your left is a grand display
          of valiant men with naught to say.
          They don’t provide or lead or slay.
          They smile and nod,
          Let you have your way.

          To your right
          Our virtue show
          An exhibit of those
          Who’re “In the know”
          Where the rich stay home,
          and through their phones,
          demand that old folks die alone.

          Follow along the dotted line,
          To our Den of Dissent
          Our evil shrine.
          Thought criminals
          who disrupt,
          The refugees from the Right Side Up!

          They did not shrink
          To double-think,
          So then they died
          From “suicide”!

          Thanks so much from THE UPSIDE DOWN!
          Now back to the circus, you poor slave clowns!–


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