Reader Question: Politically Incorrect AC?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply! 

Joe asks: What do you think about “updating” the AC system of older cars originally equipped with R-12/Freon systems? I know you have a car with the old, politically incorrect system and wanted to know what you did. Thanks for all your great commentary!

My reply: My ’76 Trans-Am is the orange avatar of political incorrectness! It is carbureted, un-computered and has no saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafety devices of any kind except for seat belts, which I never wear – on principle. It also has politically incorrect AC, with Freon refrigerant – and it still has that refrigerant.

I won’t change it over to R134a or some other PC refrigerant, also on principle. But also because of practical reasons. R134a is also becoming politically incorrect, which means- eventually – another change to another (PC) refrigerant, possibly one that will require major mods to make it work, such as replacing the pressure lines, or other components. I think it makes more sense to keep the R12 – even though it is expensive and even though it is hard to get.

In the main, because it is politically incorrect. And because nothing blows as ice-old as an old GM Harrison compressor pumping R-12 through the system.

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  1. R12 and R134A were replaced not due to environmental problems but because the patents had run out and once the patents run out the price drops.


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