Reader Question: Why Do They Diaper?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Joey writes: Today, I went to my local Toyota dealership to have the oil changed on my 2013 Toyota Prius. I told them before, which is in my records, I will not be wearing anything on my face as I have a medical condition. They didn’t question anything on the phone. I walked in, acted like I own the joint, and nobody bothered me. Probably doesn’t hurt that I’m 6’3” and 185 lbs and a gym rat, so I’m in better shape than anyone in the building. Of course I got plenty of stares, which I could not care less about. If these sheeple want to be a prisoner to their Face Diaper that’s their own mental illness problem and not mine.  I put my headphones on and set up a rumble account as well as a Ugetube account so I could subscribe to both yours and David Knight’s channels.  I completely ignored all the diapered faces and proudly showed I was the only non-slave in the entire store.  When my car was done with service they called me over and I paid. Funny, I thought it was No Diaper No Service? Guess when you stand your ground, in some businesses, it works. I can tell you, the look in most people’s eyes were, “how are you able to be in here with no Diaper on your face?” It’s simple, people. I choose to not bow to the lie of the sickness cult and their god, Pope Fauci the 17th.

My reply: Much of this psychosis, as you’ve discovered, depends on peer pressure for its perpetuation. It is a real-life exposition of the kids’ story about the Emperor’s New Clothes, which was really an adult psychological exposition on the nature of peer pressure. I am convinced many – perhaps as many as half – of the Diapered wear the rag because they see others wearing it and don’t want to be seen as the ones not wearing it. This is why the rags were mandated. They knew that if the were not, too many people would not wear them, which would make it clear how many people didn’t believe.  This would serve to undermine the sickness cult’s tenets.

This is why it is so very important for everyone who can – wherever they can – to not wear the rag. To show one’s face encourages others to show theirs and this can have a cascading effect, one that could bring us back from the edge of the abyss.

The sad truth is that many – perhaps most – people are very susceptible to peer pressure and will do practically anything to be seen as “one of the cool kids,” even as adults. Even if it means doing something very sick to earn that “coolness.”

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  1. I went to dealer for a state inspection on a vehicle that I don’t own. When I got there the staff was mostly clean faced. I was shocked but, this IS a more rural area. The majority of those there did not diaper, some did. It was refreshing to see so many eschew the diaper drill. Even the sales force came back inside (it was a beautiful spring morning in the Carolinas.) from their sales meeting undiapered.
    There may be hope after all.

  2. Mask mandates are immoral, an imposition of will, pure evil. Who in their right mind would force, mandate, anyone to do anything against their will? You are insane when you force people to do something like wear a mask when it makes no sense to do so.

    I see masked people in cars driving by themselves out on the highway. Must be afraid of nearly everything. The fear level is high, paranoia is contagious. Almost everyone is masked, masking is a happening thing. Don’t have to but they do. Do it day in and day out, the same thing over and over as if it will make any difference, it ain’t gonna. You’re just driving yourself mad.

    If you worship the mask, then you can be saved. Believe in the mask. Mask salvation will lead us home and away from the hell that the evil corona virus has visited upon us. Exorcise the wicked corona virus.

    Mask wearing will cause permanent psychological damage. Already has. All of this mask madness can be completely avoided unless stupidity rules, apparently, it does.

    330,000,000 lost souls in the US alone psychologically traumatized for no good reason.

    There is an excuse for ignorance but not for stupidity.

  3. “Probably doesn’t hurt that I’m 6’3” and 185 lbs and a gym rat, so I’m in better shape than anyone in the building.”

    I agree. However, I am a 5’2″ woman, not very threatening looking, have never worn a diaper and never intend to, by the grace of God.

    “To show one’s face encourages others to show theirs and this can have a cascading effect, one that could bring us back from the edge of the abyss.”

    ^^This is why I refuse to diaper. For my sanity, but also for the sake of others, including my children. Plus, giving and receiving a sincere smile is a great pleasure.

    • People are usually like dogs: The bigger they are, the more docile they usually are. And with people, the tougher they try to make themselves look, usually the more insecure and wimpy they are. It’s the little ankle-biters that’ll bite! The little chihuahua will give ya trouble.
      When I think of the truly tough guys I’ve known, not a single one has been over 6′. I can think of at least a few who are 5’2″, and one who I don’t even think is that. I’m only 5’10″/185, and am rather benevolent looking, like the tiger from Calvin & Hobbs (I forget which one is Calvin and which is Hobbs 😀 ), but for some reason, other men never mess with me- but on rather rare occasions when someone does, it always seems to be a woman- and usually a small one at that! (Ankle-biters!)

      • Well, speak of the Devil! Just had my second ever ‘Rona confrontation with a non store employee……and as per what I said above, it was some 30-something male blob who was too fat and decrepit to walk under his own power, so who was thus riding one’a them self-propelled shopping carts!
        Like the diminutive Karens who will confront ya, these turds feel safe because they are deemed exempt from the possible consequences of their actions. Seriously though, had there not been security cameras and lots of other people around, I well might have pounded this orca on the top of his skull with my fist.
        The dude (With presumably what were his [not at all]better half and their spawn) was upset because I was handling the produce “without even a mask”.
        It might sound harsh, but I truly hope that these scared, entitled, paranoid, idiotic freaks get the flu. Not that it will help them to see the folly of their sick ways, because they’ll just blame their getting of the flu or any symptons from the vaccine they salivated to have on us(!)- but because they deserve to suffer for the world they are creating, not only for their own children (Then I would be fine with it), but for us and every other sane and reasonable person who isn’t afraid of a falling leaf or an uncovered face.

        Damn these people! It really upset me that the only way I could retaliate was with words; Words which were of no use, because I’m not some talking head lying to millions of the TV, or some Mengele-eque politician masquerading as a doctor. In a world where this barely human blob might have had to take accountability for what he says, and may have faced being humiliated in front of his fambly, he would have kept his mouth shut, and stayed home if he is afraid of people who dare to show their faces- but thanks to Uncle, the weakest and most degenerative are insulated from such things.
        It just goes to show ya, get a good portion of the public to accept a given narrative, and you don’t even need more laws or government coercion- the people will champion the very cause which they would be fighting if they had a brain and a conscience.
        This is why even if there is a revolution here, neither side will be worth a damn; no matter who wins…we will be the perceived enemy, and our fight is every bit as much against 99.98% of our fellow ‘Mericans as it is against the relative handful who wrote the laws and the TV scripts.

        • It is very frustrating when some self-righteous idiot feels entitled to get in one’s face (literally) over showing one’s face, or for any other reason for that matter. However, for every maskhole idiot you have to deal with, there are a thousand others, hiding behind their cowardly diapers, who wish they were you!

        • Hi Nunz,

          Sorry to hear about this; the fat imbecile’s “health” is at much greater risk from his being a fatty. It might have been fun to so inform him and watch him hyperventilate. I no longer care at all about the “feelings” of such human debris. Indeed, I feel contempt for them – for what they have done to this country.

          • Thanks Anon & Eric,
            Ya know, it caught me off guard, because at this point in the game I just assumed that these scared little mice would continue to keep their psychosis to themselves, since this is not Libtard Karenland, but rather Constitutional-Carry Cow-poke Land.
            I have SUCH contempt for these fools, because THEY are the reason why things are like they are (Not just as pertains to the ‘Rona, but with ALL of the psy-ops and propaganda-ploys)- People who literally can not manage their own lives nor health, but who require some form of “assistance’ with every aspect of their lives, yet they presume to tell US how to live- even though we are doing just fine- but they feel entitled, because they toe the official line, just as did the drinkers of the Kool-aid at Jonestown.

            What sickening excuses for human beings. My parting words tro the jerk were “Grow up, you moron”.

            • Good for you. I have also been confronted and have given varying responses. The common denominator is a variation of MYOB.

              • Anon, sadly, I’m a slow thinker (Does that make me ‘A little bit slow’?)- The jerk had expressed concern about the disease which I don’t have being transfered to the produce via moisture transmitted from my unmasked face (Apparently, I either bear an uncanny resemblance to Sylvester The Cat, or go around emanating loogies without realizing it….)- It wasn’t till last night before bed that it occurred to me that merely stating “Most people would tend to wash their produce before eating it” would have illustrated the absurdity of the fool’s hypochondria perfectly! (I swear, IQ points are dropping off as I get older- by the time I’m 70 I’ll probably be low enough to qualify to be an AGW!)

                • Hi Nunzio, I also have suffered from the woulda coulda shouldas. That’s why it’s become my position of late to rely on the old standby, MYOB. 🙂

                    • Oooo! I like both of those examples, Anon! I think I will use them. Myu first thought is always to reason with people- but that is silly these days, as most people are now brainwashed idjits- and really, where has reasoning gotten us thus far?
                      Or maybe: “If I were black you wouldn’t have said that!”.

            • Morning, Nunz!

              Well-said. I have come to despise them, too. Their need for endless “assistance” is bad enough since we’re obliged to finance it. But even that would be tolerable if they were sequestered in a reservation for retards or some such and the competent were let alone.

              • Mornin’ Eric!
                What kills me, is that these are the people who egg the tyranny on! They are the ones who will complain to the manager and ‘write their CONgressman and demand more tyranny- and they will be listened to because what they desire coincides perfectly with the agenda, whicxh after all has taught them to have those desires- only now the managers and tyrants can sit back and say “See? This is what the people want!”, and maybe they’ll give the complainer a bonus for his effort, like making him an official video game, donut and lotto-ticket tester.

  4. Eric,

    Speaking about coming back from the abyss.

    I’ve always thought your analogy to the Juden armbands was ABSOLUTELY spot on.

    Fifteen or so years ago I was awarded a citation for not wearing a seatbelt. You might remember that seatbelt tickets were NEVER going to be a primary offense.

    But because of some freak occurrence it became a reason for the state trooper to pull me over.

    So before I went to court I picked up some iron on paper for my printer and photoshopped the “click it or ticket” logo onto the Star of David.

    I wore my shirt with the iron on star to court.

    Several people, including security, mistook the six point star with the five point star of the sheriff’s department.

    A couple of AGWs even asked where they could get the shirt.

    When I got called before his honor I opened my mouth. Bad idea.

    I said, “I don’t see the state’s witnesses. But before I ask you to dismiss the case I’d like to make a statement.”

    His honor allowed me to proceed.

    We had a short but lively discussion about my position that I thought it was settled law that the government can’t require one to wear things.

    The judge was Jewish and he agreed. He complimented me on the shirt and thought it was a very well designed political statement.

    At the end of the conversation he said, “This is a matter of safety. Please pay the clerk $75 on your way out of the courthouse.

    • Like i mentioned on a previous post. Last Wednesday night was my son’s first baseball game in 22 months. 60% of us at the fields did not bother to diaper. Of the other 40% i would guestimate more than 1/2 seeing so many smiling faces removed their diapers as well. The other 20%….. well, they are a lost cause, including 1 boy on my son’s team wearing multiple diapers at all times.

      • Oops didn’t mean to reply to you Tuanorea, although i agree with you that victimless crimes like a seatbelt infraction are just money makers for the state, county,l) or town. As are others like window tinting. The ptb have made it so you can’t get through a day without breaking multiple laws. Many of those “laws” they gratiously allow you to avoid incarceration if you pay the highway man his fee. (I hope you hear the sarcasm dripping in that last sentance)


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