Latest Radio: David Knight Show 6/22/21

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Here’s the audio of gabble earlier today with David Knight, who – like me – is on to the Orange Con. (Better later than never.) My segment begins at around the 54 minute mark:


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  1. Beyond Eric’s segment David Knight becomes the first person in the media to point out the difference in safety requirements for engineering products vs. science products that I have been repeating for many years at this point. Science products follow what I call ‘sucks to be you’ safety requirements. That is if you are in the small percentage, be it a half percent or 5 percent or more or less that has something go horribly wrong, well it sucks to be you. But if an engineered product has a design flaw that causes a problem for one out of a million units, that’s way too much and the if-it-only-saves-one-life standard applies.

    In the auto industry alone there have been massive recalls for things that require conditions that are 3 and four steps deep with the stars aligning just wrong. They get destroyed in the media for something that is unforeseeable yet the drug companies can shrug off the foreseeable harms because it’s only one out of 10,000 or whatever. Look what happened with GM ignition switches. Poor engineer has field failures land on his desk, he does his best effort to figure out why they broke, makes an appropriate assessment, does an engineering change notice per that assessment and the media turns it into a criminal cover up because the service part number didn’t change. Did the media take the time to understand how engineering change notices and part number systems work? No. They jumped right to evil coverup GM wants to kill people hang the witch. BTW, for those that don’t know a change in service number occurs based on the assessment of the field failures and the severity of the fix. Little differences at every company but generally its about the same.

    But with the vaccines the mere suggestion that they aren’t perfect and human beings are fungible is met with ‘science denier’.

    The only reasoning is the underlying political agendas. That’s the only explanation that works for this.

  2. “Joe Sixpack: A man barely alive.”

    “Gentlemen, we can slow-kill him. We have the technology.
    We can make him slower than before. Slower. Dumber. Fatter.”


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