Oils For You!

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This isn’t a rant; just an announcement – of something pretty happy, I think.

For years, I’ve been inspired and educated by the people who post here; this site has – by some act of divine intervention by the Motor Gods – attracted some savvy, thoughtful folks who regularly impress and humble me with the depth of their knowledge, the wisdom of their words and the way they put those words together.

I have wanted to express thanks somehow – beyond merely saying it. And I think I have found a way.

EPautos has partnered with AMSOIL to award one EPautos reader each month a care package of six quarts of the finest lubricant available, specifically ordered for their specific vehicle. The winner will be the reader who posts the pick-of-the-litter post for the month. This will be gauged by various criteria, including sagacity but also – equally important – the “coffee-on-keyboard” factor. If it makes us laugh while making us smarter, it’s a winner!

You’ll also see the AMSOIL ad on the main page, right side. I use AMSOIL in all my vehicles, including my antique car and antique bikes as well as my modern (sort of) truck and bikes. It may not have electrolytes – but it does have what engines crave! I encourage you to try AMSOIL and see for yourself.

Click here for that. And stay tuned for more!


  1. From all I have read, Amsoil makes really fine lubricants and related products like filters.

    I have a local friend who is a distributor. He doesn’t sell the oil. He doesn’t do oil changes, nor even own a garage. He provides customized sales links for buyers to purchase (with a commission to him), and referrals to garages that use Amsoil products (again, with a commission).

    My only problem is that it’s MLM “Amway oil”. Amway sells some good soap, but it’s still an MLM scheme.


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