Their Own Stupidity and Selfishness

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We hear – we cannot escape hearing – about the putative “stupidity” and “selfishness” of healthy people who refuse to pretend they are sick (for the sake of the feelings of people who are sick in the head) and who are refusing to be injected with a substance that has made tens of thousands very sick.

Including sick from the sickness supposedly “vaccinated” against. It seems a little  . . . stupid, does it not?

I’ll speak now of my own “stupidity” and “selfishness.”

I have never smoked a cigarette in my life. I drink occasionally and moderately. I eat almost no processed food – the occasional indulgence excepted – and I make the effort to hit the gym every other day and the trail (to run) on the days I don’t hit the gym. For these very selfish – but far from stupid – reasons, I am . . . healthy.

I can still wear the size 32 waist pants I wore in high school more than 30 years ago. I take no pills, because I don’t need to take any pills. This is not just luck. Or good genetics. It is because of selfish actions taken by me.

Because I am not stupid.

Because I do not wish to get sick. Which can be avoided, to a great extent – and greatly ameliorated – by keeping healthy. On account of which, I have not gotten sick, notwithstanding I haven’t once “practiced” any form of the sick Kabuki expected of the healthy – most particularly, the wearing of the medically idiotic but psychologically very effective Face Diaper, or “mask” as the disgusting things are styled.

Is it selfish of me to have kept myself healthy, so as not to become sick? Of course it is! And if only more people were similarly selfish, this obsession with sickness might be cured.

I’ve taken up no one’s space in the ICU nor cost anyone a cent for my care. Because I have cared for myself, selfishly – being interested for my own reasons in  not becoming sick. I practice good habits, which are far more effective – medically speaking – than wearing a disgusting rag over one’s face or standing some arbitrary distance apart from other human beings.

My actions have “stopped the spread” and “kept the community safe” – not hypothetically but actually. The proof is objective. I’m not sick. I’ve not gotten anyone else sick. I am a burden on no one else. The same can be said with equal objectivity by anyone else who practices healthy habits.

These are facts – as opposed to the speculations about my – or your – possibly getting (or giving) sickness, as was despicably-disappointingly done the other day by Arnold Schwarzenegger, another Democrat who identifies as a Republican.  “Screw your freedoms,” he said. This from a man who admitted to shooting up with steroids during his body-building days. This drug-abuser is telling me and others who never abused dangerous drugs that we must surrender our freedoms because he was stupid enough to inject his body with dangerous drugs, drugs that almost certainly caused or worsened the heart problems the former Mr. Universe developed.

Despite these facts I am accosted by accusations of “stupidity” and “selfishness” for refusing to pretend that (a) I am vulnerable to a sickness that doesn’t threaten me seriously and which (b) I haven’t gotten and so actually threaten no one else, since I cannot give anyone else a sickness I haven’t got.

I am hectored for abstaining from an injection which I choose not to take because I do not wish to become sick – in which case I would become a burden on society, to turn around the gaslighting of the injectors and shine it in their direction.

“Stupid”? By maintaining a sound body mass index? Why aren’t the obese – who do not maintain a sound body mass index – excoriated for their actual stupidity?

Unlike the hypothetical assertions about risks engendered that are leveled at people such as myself, who make the effort to maintain a healthy BMI and who thereby eliminate the major known risk factor for Death From Rona, the obese are just told to get injected. Not to lose weight. There is no vicious smear-shame campaign directed their way, accusing them of being the “superspreaders” or taxing the capacity of the ICUs.

Which they are – and do.

I don’t mean to abuse the overweight. I simply tire of being abused, often by the  overweight – viz, the governor of Maryland, a porker who points his porcine fingers at people like me but who is apparently unable to put down his fork. He says people like me are a “threat to his freedom”  . . . to continue stuffing his face without consequence, apparently.

If the Authorities were truly concerned about the health of the populace, they’d stop harassing the healthy – who aren’t at risk or causing any trouble for the unhealthy – and encourage healthiness.

Perhaps educational PSAs about the dangers of obesity – an effort made to help people who struggle with their weight – to help them take control of their health, as opposed to being passive victims of circumstances beyond their control – rather than the horrendous politically correct objections to “fat shaming,” in tandem with the normalizing of obesity  – e.g., “big and beautiful.”

It isn’t.

It’s objectively dangerous – far more so than not wearing that stupid Rag – and it is objectively selfish and stupid. No one has to be obese. One chooses to be obese. By eating too much and exercising not enough. These are choices that affect the individual as well as others, many of whom made better choices but who – in our sick society – are compelled (by the government, as via cost-shifting government-mandated insurance and now, government-corporate-imposed ‘Rona policies) to bear the cost of the stupid and selfish choices made by people who are so disinterested in their own well-being that they won’t even try to drop a few pounds and maybe go for a walk every day.

But I’m “selfish” and “stupid” – for taking care of myself, staying healthy and only asking to be left in peace as I leave others in peace.

. . .

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  1. We still have Sylvester Stallone and Kurt Russell. I’ll even bet Bruce Willis thinks it’s all a bunch of bullshit, too, but caved due to Hollywood pressure.

  2. I agree with what you’re saying wholeheartedly (no pun intended) and I admire people with discipline such as yours BUT… I want to also point out that even “moderate” concern over ones health and fitness is sufficient to beat this and most other seasonal cold/flus.

    Case in point… me. When I was young, yes, I was very athletic, went to martial arts for years on end and they wore me out like a rag doll in a quivering pool of sweat multiple nights per week. But ok, fast forward to now.

    No, I don’t wear the 32s as I did in high school. I’m pretty squarely in a 36 put, if I let things go too long, I need the 38s. Things could be better but, similar to you, I don’t take pharmaceuticals — don’t need to.

    I *had* the ‘rona and beat it… NO SWEAT. I literally worked from home the week that I had it (that was before the mandatory 2 week quarantines were rolled out) and, while moderately unpleasant, I did my job and certainly have had MUCH WORSE.

    And OBTW… since that time (early 2020), I have not been sick again outside of ear infections but I have a long history of that going back to my early childhood.

    So, again, hats off to people like EP that are that diligent and that disciplined. I do admire it and know that is the direction that I should be heading if at all possible.

    Now, the flip side. As a 56 year old software engineer… that is a bit overweight and moderately (IMO) healthy… if I die by natural causes (e.g., respiratory virus)… THEN MY NUMBER WAS UP. That’s how life works.

    The absolute EPITOME of selfishness would be to ask ANYONE to do anything differently with their lives to potentially (or even surely) avoid that possibility. Effing hell… I *am* going to die of something eventually.

    A respiratory virus… sounds quite merciful compared to cancer or stroke or…. etc, etc, etc. Regardless of what eventually “gets” me, unless I am your “friend” to the extent that I come over and we share our lives together… there is absolutely no reason for anyone’s concern over that. Ever. Period.

    That’s also how life works. We’re clearly in a futile exercise foisted upon us by grown children to attempt to prove that life works differently than we surely know it does. Every single thinking person should be utterly disgusted with this idiotic, oppressive, and non-sensical attempt to avoid reality.

    • Please remember that to “get” the “‘rona,” one must receive a positive PCR process/test, using a test that was not meant to diagnose illness. Thus, I am suspicious of all who say they’ve had the ‘rona.

      • Thank you for the reminder Trish. Originally, I was gonna tell you how I had to travel to Seattle and traveled with sick people to the airport, flew with sick people nearby on the plane on the way out, stayed nearby and worked nearby sick people in the hotel and in (name redacted), went to dinner nightly with sick people, finally got it myself, went back to the international airport in Seattle, where there clearly were numerous sick people and then flew back to MD on a flight with known and presumed… you guessed it… sick people.

        I *was* gonna get into that but I consider your point. As as anyone that has understood a single word that Jon Rapport (and similar) has/have written over the last 18+ months.

        They never isolated the virus. Still haven’t. There remains, not only the fact that there is no PCR test for variants, but that the PCR at 35+ cycles (as used in the USA) will come up positive on a ham sandwich.

        So… you’re right! The most important point, at least in my head, is not “neener neener I beat the boogieman” but that, while people like EP are doing it right, you don’t even have to be all that and you can easily beat these (unspecific) *things* that get into our lungs, noses, and throats, now and again… as happens to humans… all the freaking time.

        That re-emphasizes my point. One day, something is surely gonna “get” me and I mean dead. If it’s a respiratory virus, ok, I won’t like it (or anything other way) but there’s no good way to die. Only worse ways.

        And nobody should spend one second worrying about that eventuality. I got this. I’m good. You don’t wanna cover me getting treated if infected with COVID (or anything else) because I didn’t take the experimental poison. Hate to break this but… ok. It’s a deal.

  3. Reddit just “quarantined” the NoNewNormal thread, which along with Eric’s site, has been a major oasis of sanity in the past year with tons of pro-freedom, anti-vax, anti-mask postings. One must now surrender a personal email address or Google/Facebook account info to gain access to the thread (hmm, I wonder why?) Any time a major social media voice gets this treatment, it tells me the pump rate of the bovine fecal matter is about to accelerate.

  4. Anyone who says “Screw your freedoms” is an enemy and deserves to be treated as such. Arnold is an entertainer first, politician second, and lastly a huge asshole. I might have those reversed though.

    • Hi Fool,

      I respect Arnold. As I respect Putin. It does not mean I like them. Nor approve of them, personally. Both talented, motivated men who achieved a great deal. I have respect for their capabilities – which is wise, given how those capabilities could be exercised.

    • Arnold and Trump have remarkable similarirties. Both succesful, personable, never held office, said all the right things during their campaigns, and turned into giant pussies once elected and complete disasters in office. Theyre also both non-coincidentally flaming zios.

  5. Where I work most employees are still working from home but are supposed to be sent back in next month. This is a STEM industry so most are intelligent, well educated people and just as effective telecommuting as they are in the office.

    Several months ago the company sent out a notice that they’ve decided against making a full-time telecommute option. And turnover has been intense.

    Today they sent out a memo that they’re reinstating a mask requirement.

    This is going to be fun to watch.

    • I work in a STEM industry. After about 2 weeks we ran out of reports to do & had to get back into the lab. Need to gather data first, in order to write reports…

      What kind of cushy no-show gig is this, of which you speak?

      • Utilities. Engineers, technicians, drafters, analysts, accountants, IT. While linemen have to show up in person, most of what happens at the electric company exists as 1s and 0s.

        • Funny you should mention utilities. The office of local electric coop in my area is currently is currently closed (no humans in building, juice still flowing through wires, though) because an employee “tested positive.” Several restaurants have closed for this reason as well lately even though all employees were vaxxed. Keeps getting stranger…

  6. As Emperor Hirohito once said, “The war situation has developed not necessarily to our advantage.”

    ‘A memo obtained by NPR lays out the emergency preparations underway by American diplomats at the U.S. Embassy in Kabul — including the destruction of sensitive documents and computers — as most of them prepare to leave the country.

    ‘Embassy staffers were instructed to destroy important papers and desktop computers before they leave, according to the document.

    ‘One diplomatic source told CNN that Kabul could be isolated by the Taliban within the week, possibly within the next 72 hours.’ — NPR/CNN

    When the diplomatic chimneys start smoking in August, it’s ovaaahhhhhhh!

        • Jim H!

          I was also quite tickled by your own witticism immediately above that joke, on said thread.

          (Free_Phi has lurked that site almost as long as he lurked this one.)

    • Hi Jim,

      One might entertain the idea that this business in Afghanistan was meant to further demoralize and bleed the country. As in Vietnam. The degree of cynicism this must foster among “the troops” who “fought for our freedoms” has got to be off the charts. Imagine having lost a leg – or a friend/father/brother – in that shithole. For what, again? Meanwhile, The Chimp paints John Gacy-esque atrocities from the quiet comfort of his Crawford Ranch retirement, Dick Cheney is quietly filling up his Depends and Obama does the mambo in Martha’s Vineyard.

      It’s sickening. And that may be just what was desired.

      • Just to clarify the Cheney thing….. Sith lords don’t poop.

        It’s absolutely planned which is why the airbase pullout was so abrupt and complete. Of course you’d abandon your admin and diplomatic offices before removing your rifles and planes.

        We helped create and fund “ISIS” so it’d stand to reason there’s also funding for the Taliban. Probably some agreement to keep the poppy fields producing for the devils at Langley.

  7. I want Arnold Schwarzenegger to walk up to Mike Tyson and say ‘screw your freedoms’.

    “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” – Mike Tyson

    Comedy gold

  8. Accusing others of being selfish is what the unproductive do.
    Live below your means for decades and now you are safe from most financial trouble and turmoil? That makes you “selfish”.

    Anything a person does to better his position in life on his own of his own merits that doesn’t involve the political process gets labeled selfish. For obvious reasons people who have made fortunes through politics and never produced anything of value are exempt. It’s always the farmer, the blacksmith, the manufacturer, the storekeeper, etc and so on that get the label of ‘selfish’.

    They are hand-to-mouth fearful parasitic people and then they wonder why when they get the upper hand everything turns to crap.

  9. I hate to turn it into a generational thing, but boomers need to lighten up. They are the ones in danger, yet they are demanding sacrifices from their children and grandchildren. What healthy society sacrifices the needs of the young for the old? This generation has proven to be pretty self-involved and self-venerating, as opposed to my generation, which is merely selfish. (The difference: Gen X-ers merely want to live in peace and mind our business. We were repeatedly told that the world does not revolve around us and we took it to heart. Unfortunately, our parents and their generation, the ones doing the preaching about for whom the world revolves, did not.)
    Ah-nold extolling us to “screw your freedom” is pretty rich coming from a man who left an authoritarian country to enjoy, I am assuming, freedom. And he did enjoy freedom to boink the maid when he was married to someone else.
    Ah-nold and his ilk like to discuss “with freedom comes responsibility” whenever it suits them, (but ignore it when it doesn’t. See reference to matrimonial infidelity above.) And while that’s a nice sentiment, it is a moral judgment, not a law. Laws are written down, such as the Bill of Rights. My freedoms are the law, my “responsibilities” are obligations I take on freely and of my own free will, such as my responsibility to help my family or to pay my bills or do my job. It is not my “responsibility” to drive sober, pay my taxes or refrain from murdering some maskhole – it is the law. If you want to obligate me to do something, pass a law.

    • The boomers and those younger than us will gladly pass laws. None of them and most of our generation don’t seem to understand that laws have limits. They also equate legality with morality in both directions.

    • There’s an old saying, “anything that follows the word ‘but’ is bullshit”. Being 67, I believe I fall into your boomer box. Trouble is, I’m not in a box. Don’t base your conclusions on the fact that anybody is. I’ve seen bad actors and good, in all models shapes colors, sizes, and ages.
      What law? The only law I see remaining is what some professional liar, aka politician, claims it is today.
      I really don’t see how Arnold got where he is. Entertaining in action films. Not very bright, NOT a good actor, never bothered to learn the language. Got elected governor cause California. I could not possibly care less what he says about anything. Amazed anybody does.

      • John Kable writes, “Amazed anybody does.”

        Some of us kind of liked the character of the characters he played then erroneously assuming he had some of those same qualities or shared some similarities which were quite the contrast with some others of The Day, such as; Erkel, or The Smurfs, or the watered down version of Animal House in the flick, Revenge of the Nerds and such like.

        Silly TeeVee Generation X, some might’ve thought Jonny Quest was an ideal and G.I. Joe was a good guy, or something like that.

      • I’m on the tail end of the Boomer generation and do not reside in some box. Being in the technology industry, I sometimes get asked by younger ones how I know so much about some tech thing/idea. My stock answer is “There is nothing new under the sun, just refinements…besides I was there when it was invented.” lol

    • That is a broad brush you’re painting with Amy. As a boomer, I never asked for the younger generations to sacrifice anything for me or my generation. I was saddened when that type of shit started happening. Kids (anyone younger than me) need to live and let live. Evil comes in all ages, sexes, sizes, colors, races, etc, etc, etc.

      • I agree, Fool –

        Very important – because very wrong – to collectivize people. Isn’t that exactly what we here object to? We who are healthy, who object to being collectivized as sick? Who oppose collectivizing health? Etc.

        Unpleasant people come in all forms, older and younger, male and female. Let’s assess each individually.

        • The smallest and most abused minority is the individual. Those that have joined this or that cult love to gang up on them, justifying their joining. “We must be right, because we beat the crap out of these people who didn’t join.”

        • I get the “Okayboomer” thing. Every generation pays for the sins of their fathers. And every generation treats it like an amazing new discovery.
          I was born in 1955 of honest, frugal, common sense people who grew up in the depression and celebrated their coming of age with a world war. People that came home and created material abundance unheard of in human history and we took it all for granted.
          Never having had to confront True evil or suffer grinding privation, we forgot they existed. And so, here we are.

    • Ich bin Boomer.
      I was born 2 Sept. 1949.
      VJ Day + 4 years, to the day.
      I am of German and Dutch heritage.
      My Dad was a USAAF Bombardier, who would have been sent to obliterate Japan had the nuclear weapons either not been used, or not worked’. It is possible to argue that I owe my life to the Atomic Bomb, although I do not subscribe to that argument.
      I ask nothing of anyone, except to be left alone.

    • Actually some of us “boomers” attempted to resist the mandates and illegal laws passed despite our objections. If you want to blame someone, blame those of the “greatest generation” who foisted many of the unconstitutional laws on us “boomers”. In fact, us “boomers” were too young to vote when a lot of these shenanigans were going on. The seminal supreme court decision that unleashed federal power was Wickard v Filburn (1942) which expanded the federal government’s power to “regulate” intra-state commerce as well as interstate commerce. The floodgates of federal intervention were opened as a a result…

  10. It’s never been about health – theirs, ours, or grandma’s. Otherwise, why encourage people to stay indoors instead of enjoy the sunshine and make vitamin D? Or encourage to isolate instead of being with family and friends for mental well-being? Or encourage to lose weight and stop smoking, instead of not leaving your neighborhood? Or encourage to lay off alcohol, instead of keeping liquor stores open? Or encourage to take vitamin supplements instead of cholesterol pills? Or eat more fruits and vegetables instead of baked goods and assorted comfort foods? Or safe medicines instead of half-baked untested experimental concoctions. No, it’s all and only about these god damned “vaccines” and whatever fallout they cause or were intended to cause.

  11. Much as I like Arnold’s movies, I have always felt he has a limited vocabulary:
    —-“F*ck You Asshole.”
    —-“I’ll be back.”
    —-“Screw You…(insert name).”
    It wouldn’t surprise me if these one-liners came from his housekeeper…..

    • Lol! Thank you for remembering what a stellar husband the Governator was to Maria Shriver.

      Also, I’ve heard that Arnold’s daddy was a Nazi. Why doesn’t the L.A. Times report on Arnold’s family? Oh, they’re too busy making “anti-vaxxers” and “anti-maskers” look like violent Trump lovers.

  12. Eric,

    This is a great article about personal responsibility when it comes to diet and exercise.
    Sometimes environment is to blame for a rocky start. I worked for a great manager years back. He was a smart guy but very overweight, especially in the stomach. He grew up in Atlanta and his mom had fed the family a very high fat diet; fried chicken, sweet tea, etc. And being a road warrior did not help!
    It’s not easy to lose weight after you’ve gained it over decades, but you’ve got to start somewhere.
    The fraudulent lockdowns have been so bad for people’s physical and mental health, and led to overeating and excess alcohol consumption, due to enforced inactivity and surrendering to the couch and Netflix.
    It’s *so easy* – so far – to say “No” to the needle. Just need the same innate resistance to loitering at the fridge 🙂

        • You start by disposing of the FDA nutritional guidelines, which are remarkably similar to those published by the Dept of Ag for fattening cattle. Which also happen to be the standard adhered to by the Medical Industrial Complex. If I didn’t know better (?) I would think they were trying to kill us.

          • Heart surgeons need patients.
            F.o.a.f. is a heart surgeon in Oklahoma City.
            When asked “Why Oklahoma City?” his response was, “Lots of rich white people with heart problems.”
            He does very well there.

  13. The socialist shambles to our north takes off the polite mask to reveal its true snarling self:

    TORONTO (AP) — The Canadian government will soon require all air travelers and passengers on interprovincial trains to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

    Transport Minister Omar Alghabra said Friday that includes all commercial air travelers, passengers on trains between provinces and cruise ship passengers.

    The government is also requiring vaccinations for all federal public servants. Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs Dominic Leblanc noted the federal government is the largest employer in the country. [It figures — JH]

    The federal government is working on a vaccine passport that can be also used in Canada.

    What ever happened to ‘English liberty’? The cucked colonies and dominions that clung to Mother England the longest — as well as Britain herself — are now the international vanguard of disarmed Orwellian oppression.

    • I am in favour of vaxxing the “public” servants. If they start dying off massive numbers in 2 years, that will mean a lot less government for us healthy people to deal with. What a pleasure that would be, esp in the tax departments. This I see is the bright side of forced vaxs for govment workers.
      Especially if militaries start dying off. No one left to fight the wars. Between the pollies, pubic servants and armies there will be a shining light in their self imposed exterminations.

  14. Isn’t a bit selfish of them, to demand that we mask up and/or get ourselves vaccinated, possibly compromising our own health and well-being in the process, merely because they find it personally convenient?

    • Nailed it.

      The sewer that is a leftist’s mind believes that freedom and liberty means they have the right to be free of bad things. Poverty. Discrimination. Illness. Consequences from their shitty decisions. They believe that everybody else exists to ensure their cushy existence.

      It’s why they’re always at the center of tyranny, totalitarianism, slavery.

      • Hi Anon,

        Well-said. Also – as regards leftists and authoritarian personalities generally – there is an element of vengefulness, of wanting to needle others. Not merely make them obey but make them suffer, for its own sake. This late unpleasantness being a “case” in point. They wear a Diaper, so you must also. If the Diaper works, they’d be content to just wear theirs. But no, that’s insufficient. They suffer, so you must suffer, too.

  15. If anything good has come of this whole convid fiasco, it’s that I have gotten SERIOUS with my workouts over the past year+. At 46, I’m stronger than I’ve ever been. Sure, I still have a slight spare tire, but it’s shrinking. Plus, I think it’s healthy to have some fat on your body.

    I feel that I’m immune to convid, to their propaganda, and to their orders to get a vax – due to my newfound strength and clarity. Also, I’m in better shape to handle, physically, the loons that would cause trouble, if they so dared.

    Hardly the results “they” were trying to achieve, I’d say.

    The big fight I’m now preparing for is the inevitable vax requirement at my job. Still formulating a plan. ALL options are on the table.

      • I can’t bench my body weight yet, but I’m slowly getting there. Several years ago I hurt my shoulder benching too much weight, and it took over a year to heal. I’m reluctant to do that again, so, small incremental gains.

        I’ve been focusing on the main movements (vertical push and pull, horizontal push and pull, squats, deadlift. Throw in the occasional isolation movement for chest, bicep, triceps. It has been working well for me. Days: M-T, Th-F

        There was a point in my 30’s that the doctor mentioned the word “obese” to me. The difference in how I felt then (mentally and physically) compared to now is night and day.

    • Philo,

      There are some great resources available at especially when it comes to encouraging your employer to do the right and moral thing, via attacking the pocketbook of said employer.

  16. Maybe it’s time the not-mentally deranged stop conducting themselves in good faith and fight fire with fire with things like this:

    You’re shedding the deadly spike protein to others from your vax ( You’re a vaxxed super-spreader putting our lives in danger.

    Your vax has caused the “delta and lambda variants” by placing evolutionary pressure on the virus ( You’re a menace to “the public health.”

    The vaxxed have weakened their own immunity through pathogenic priming ( You’re a super-spreader! Get away from me!

  17. The simulacrum* named “Joseph R. Biden” asserts that:

    “Biden told churchgoers April 1, they were being ungodly if they did not become vaccinated. “I think this is the godly thing to do. ”

    So, we see that:
    1. This is a question of theology, not science.
    2. We now have an official state religion in the U.S., “Bidenism,” a.k.a. “Branch Covidians,” a.k.a. “Diaper Faces,” a.k.a. “Communicants of the Holy Needle,” a.k.a. “The Body of Landru.”

    F.O., bozos. I am not of your sect, and will not be forcibly converted via partaking of your Communion.
    *Appears to be audioanimatronic at this time, but may become full CGI in future.

    • The simulacrum named “Joseph R. Biden,” just to prove that Orange Man Bad was some kind of joke, thought it would be kinda cool and quirky and symbolic to extend Trump’s May 1 deadline to vacate Afghanistan to Sept 11.

      Windsock Joe, who’s never stuck to a single position in his entire shambles of a career, failed to reckon with an ancient code known as ‘honor’ among the Afghans. You stick to your word, or your bloody corpse gets dumped in a ditch in succinct reply.

      Waffling Joe the Scarecrow is now knocked off his pole, his limbs sundered, and his cotton-stuffing entrails strewn in the corn stubble. Nobody’s in charge. America is leaderless.

      • Too bad it’s not his bloody corpse, but those of countless young men sent there. Daughter’s friend is on his way this weekend.

        • ‘Daughter’s friend is on his way this weekend.’ — Anonymous

          Sorry for both of them. But that plan may be longer operational:

          “Taliban forces are now operating just 50 km [31 miles] from Kabul and have cut power cables leading into the city, depriving it of electricity, Luca Lo Presti, president of Pangea, an Italian humanitarian organisation which operates in Afghanistan, has told Sputnik.

          Presti was quoted as saying: “We are very worried, because the Taliban are within 50 km of Kabul. This morning they cut the cables for electricity, the city is almost completely isolated.”

      • Yes sir, you’re absolutely right!! I am not sure for how long this has lasted given all the sock puppets running the show… Some (me included) say Kennedy was the last real President..

  18. My complements on your maintenance of your health. Although the amount of work you are apparently putting in may discourage some. If I’m reading you right, one could easily maintain their health with 1/4 or less of the work you’re putting in. There’s no need to become an athlete to maintain one’s health. However, one can’t do it sitting on their duff eating Pringles. Your diet is the very first thing you need to examine. All the cardio exercise in the world won’t help until you get your diet under control. If you can afford to, eat organic. If you can’t don’t eat anything that comes in a box or bag. Unless it’s nuts or fruit unprocessed or similar. Throw that FDA nutrition guide out the window. It’s almost identical to the one the Dept of Ag puts out to fatten cattle. Stop using food as a source of entertainment. It can taste good without the explosion of sugar and/or salt almost all packaged food contains. Sugar is a poison. I’m not in favor of banning it. I’m in favor of not eating it. Enough ranting. You get the picture.

  19. Good one Eric! I am sick to death of all this BS and DC. Someone please drop a bomb on DC—-and maybe a few other selected sites.

  20. ‘Their Own Stupidity and Selfishness’ — quoting Eric’s title — is now at risk of provoking some rather serious consequences. To wit:

    ‘U of Michigan Consumer Sentiment crashed in early August, with the headline plunging from 81.2 to 70.0 — weaker than the April 2020 COVID crisis lows.

    ‘Over the past half century, the Sentiment Index has only recorded such large losses in six other surveys, all connected to sudden negative changes in the economy. [Two of those] occurred during the economy’s shutdown in April 2020 (-19.4%) and at the depths of the Great Recession in October 2008 (-18.1%).’ — ZH

    London-based Michael Every draws a conclusion so obvious it ought to be painted on the side of a freaking barn:

    ‘The key point is that not long from now, our narrative is going to collapse like a house of cards.

    ‘Until those cards come tumbling down, we can cling to our comfortable delusions supported by comfortable theories and comfortable gibberish, peddled by comfortable people in comfortable jobs, with comfortable pensions or comfortable after-dinner speaking fees.

    ‘But tumble the cards will, nonetheless, and quicker than people think – and very uncomfortably.’ — ZH

    Who lost Vietnam?
    Who lost Afghanistan?
    Who lost the vax war?

  21. I selfishly pay a shit ton of my income to local, state, and federal taxes which pay for services I don’t want & don’t need. Further, I selfishly pay for other people to sit on their asses rather than work; and the care & feeding of illegals; and bridges to nowhere; and …

    • for regulations that will require in car intoxilyzers and a pilot program for tax by mile. I wish that DC would burn down.

  22. I wonder if Ahnuhld’s tombstone will say “I’ll be back”? (We may find out sooner than he expects if he has taken the kill shot).

    A Republican…who married a Kennedy….. Just shows what theater it truly all is.

  23. Amen, brother. I, too, am one of the selfish- not eating out, exercising, staying healthy. Although I am very overweight, still losing each day. In my 50’s, still no high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. My doctor hates me.

    On another note, Lincoln Nebraska is reporting three death with covid- 70, 80, and 90’s years old. Two out of three were jabbed, one not. Go figure.

    Stay positive. Easy to be down on the whole human race, at times.


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