Price is Right Kabuki

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Dr. Fauci and his adherents have managed to ruin even The Price is Right – the iconic staple of daytime TV watched by generations of Americans. It is now unwatchable, because of the cringe-worthy Kabuki being “practiced,” as per “the science.”

There is no longer a crowd of cheering spectators, from whom a new contestant is selected at random and invited to come on down! – to stand beside others, previously selected, all of them waiting to guess the price of a new microwave oven or set of suitcases most closely and be  called to come up on the stage, to play Plinko or Hi Lo and – traditionally – give the host an obligatory hug.

Instead, a new contestant mysteriously appears from behind the stage – the live audience has been dispensed with, apparently – to stand socially distanced at one of three stands awkwardly erected the prescribed six-feet-apart distance from the other presumptively disease-laden contestants.

The host – Drew Carey, these days – stands equally distanced, still holding the iconic microphone once held by Bob Barker. When a contestant wins, he is allowed the usual expressions of enthusiasm – provided he does so at least six feet away from Drew. No more exuberant bear hugs or other expressions of human closeness. There appear to be marks on the stage floor to make sure everyone keeps their distance. There are no friends and family cheering on the contestants. It’s just Drew and the few.

Meanwhile, male models stand beside the new cars.

I find myself humming the Eddie Murphy tune about wanting to go back and do it all over. But I can’t go back, I know.

None of the Kabuki performers wears the loathsome Face Diaper, at least. But this may be worse for the more subtle alienation it presents. That it is normal for people to never get close. To speak to each other across a gap of six feet, as if that unspoken expression of mistrust and fear, of an insane belief that the proximity of other people constitutes a danger to be avoided by rote, were perfectly reasonable.

The images presented are normalizing this deviance, a very worrisome and depressing thing.

Also a stupid thing.

There are many reasons why, but the most obvious is the sheer idiocy of believing that “social distancing” preserves people from getting airborne respiratory bugs. It is of a piece with the idiocy – from a medically useful point of view – of believing that wearing a piece of tissue cloth or women’s panties over one’s face preserves people from getting or giving airborne respiratory bugs.

It is pure theater, of psychological value only.

Probably all of the contestants keeping their distance from Drew – and he from them – are “vaccinated” and have shown Proof of Jab to be allowed on stage. If so, it is not only stupid, it is reckless – if you follow the logic of “the science” – as such people are more likely to actually be the dreaded “asymptomatic” spreaders of the respiratory bug that has become the excuse for terrorizing the healthy population.

We know that people who get Jabbed are not immune; if that were not so, the people Jabbed would not be “testing positive” – as in the case of Israel, where almost the entire population is Jabbed and yet the number of “cases” (positive tests) is suddenly exploding.

Only one thing can explain this.

Well, other than the “cases” being based upon a tsunami of false positives.

The other explanation is that people are still getting the “virus” – but they don’t know they’re infected because they aren’t experiencing symptoms.

Because the “vaccine” is – at best – a symptom suppressor.

So they go on about their business – and spread the infection they believe they’re immune to, having been Jabbed. This would account for the spread of “cases” among almost-fully-Jabbed populations.

The Jab, in other words, provides the Jabbed with a false sense of security and incentivizes inconsiderate, even reckless behavior – if you believe that this “virus” presents more than the observed threat of a 99.8-something recovery rate for the unJabbed, otherwise healthy population.

Like going on a game show within breath-waft distance of  an “at risk” obese older person (Drew Carey; age 63) while pretending your “practices” are “keeping him safe.”

The true risk, of course, is that these bizarre rituals – and the mass derangement behind them – will become just part of the landscape, like spreading your legs at the airport so as to provide a government worker access to your reproductive equipment.

Just to be “safe.”

Having accepted that (and more, before) is why people are accepting this. It is what comes of “practicing” idiocy – and servility.

. . .

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  1. Used to love The Price is Right when Bob Barker hosted it. Drew was always a lousy host and because of that it’s a shell of it’s former self now, and with the Covid changes in place, it’s an absolute disaster.

    How can you have an “audience participation” show with no audience? That’s what TPIR has become.

  2. My mom watches the TV news a lot (usually the local channels, but one of the networks in the evening as well – have to keep up on the propaganda somehow). Before the noon news, she often catches the last 15 minutes or so of The Price Is Right. You’re right, totally unwatchable. And that blob Drew Carey made me sick every time he told us to muzzle up at the end of the show.

    I remember watching it many years ago, when it was still decent. Today? More garbage television, which is what most of it is.

  3. ‘Meanwhile, male models stand beside the new cars.’ — EP

    Are they clothed? It don’t float my boat. Might pull in Pete Buttitwitch, though, who’s passionate about cars and boyish buttocks.

    Speaking of male models, the suave Loathsome Newsom is having a hard time keeping his toothsome smile pasted on:

    ‘What’s at stake in the September 14th recall? It’s a matter of life and death.

    ‘With Delta surging, Gavin Newsom is protecting Kalifornia, requiring vaccination for health workers and school employees.

    ‘The top Republican candidate? He peddled deadly conspiracy theories, and would eliminate vaccine mandates on Day One, threatening school closures and our recovery.

    Stop the spread. Protect Kalifornia by voting no on the Republican recall.’

    He had me at ‘dangerous conspiracy theories’ (favoring the R candidate, that is, me being a mad fanboy for deadly conspiracy theories).

    But ‘stop the spread’ made me laff till I spewed spittle on the screen!

    Dixie Fire, Gav: STOP THE SPREAD! I’m beggin’ ya please, Mister Clowngov …

    • Thank goodness I don’t watch TV! The idea of male models makes me nauseous! (As does the sickness Kabuki). Yet another assault upon the remnants of a once-great culture and it’s institutions! I have fond memories of watching the Price Is Right when I was a kid. Would they would just cancel it instead of perverting it like this!

      They are taking everything that was once good- or at least benign- and turning it malignant! The average schmoe is so befuddled and clueless these days, they do not even see the war, much less realize who the enemy is.

  4. For some strange reason, my husband likes Wheel of Fortune. It’s weird now, too. No audience and when the contestants spin, they have to use this little condom over the grab things on the wheel. Each player has his/her own condom. But they are not six feet from each other. Then the winner spins the little prize wheel and Pat stands away, makes the contestant go to the mark, then picks up their card.
    Jeopardy, a show I do actually like, follows and it’s been a little more normal. Contestants have plexiglass dividers, but its not really noticeable. There is an audience. I assume they’re diapered, but they never show them.

    • Hi Amy,

      These Freaks are ruining every small pleasure, even the occasional game show watching. I cannot stand to see this insanity normalized and so don’t watch it anymore. The only reason I happened to see Price is Right the other day is because of the torrential rain that kept me from going for my usual run. So I went to the gym to ride the hamster wheel – and saw what I now cannot un-see!

      • Eric –

        I watch the very early price is right on youtube. I like episodes prior to 1974, for which, if you are a student of history, you could see the old America in a much better time. Before the energy crisis, in the very beginning of the malaise era.

        If I had a time machine, I’d go back and stay there.

  5. As a self-proclaimed libertarian, I’d think Drew Carey would be pushing back against this bullshit.

    Then again, Reason still considers itself libertarian as well.

    What the hell happened?

    • Anon, I’ve observed through the years that any celeb or well-known person who proclaims themselves to be libertarian, virtually never is. Penn Jillette, Eloon Musk, Gene Simmons, Lewis Black, Howard Stern, et al. Methinks they just like some of the anti-prohibition aspects, while supporting others (Like “anti-discrimination” laws) and state-funded “philanthropy”, etc. And it’s ironic that they as supposed libertarians would make their livelihoods through the auspices of the lying propagators of big government/globalist propaganda media.

      Kinda like so many these days who adopt “Christianity” for the forgiveness and warm and fuzzy feelings, but who would crucify Jesus if they ever encountered Him because He is completely foreign to their brand of “Christianity”.

      • Remember a few years back when there was a fetish among libtards of the younger generation for proclaiming themselves political Independents? They’d invariably vote Democrat, but for whatever reason didn’t want to be affiliated with the party. I suspect “Libertarian” is the new version of being “Independent,” i.e. furtively Communist.

        • Hi Jim,

          My perception is that this technique was used more by Republicans who didn’t want to “identify” as such. They’d claim to be “Independents.” I think Rush Limbaugh did this. I have also encountered people who claim to be “Libertarian” on social issues (some of them) but “socialist” when it comes to their politics – however that works!

          • There are distinct divisions among those who claim to be “libertarians”. There are those like you, me, and most who comment here, more Rothbardian, who understand there can be no such thing as “good” government, since it is predicated on violence, and then there are those like the Libertarian Party, who fantasize that the current system works fine, if only we could gain some power in it. Einstein, I think, and I will paraphrase, being too lazy to look it up, “a mindset that produces a problem is incapable of solving it”.

      • I long ago found that anytime I argued individual liberty the control freak arguing against me would use what some self identified Libertarian had said. Usually this person was not identified. For some damn reason this person’s blatherings were always my responsibility to defend or deal with. I would shut down that nonsense argument technique but it has made me wonder if beltarians and people like Musk and so on weren’t out there but for the sole reason to make the individual liberty arguments more difficult. this combined with needing a fully formed human society organization to directly and immediately replace what is. What I call libertarian wackamole. It’s most popular question being ‘what about the roads?’ Once dealt with there is an endless list of whatabouts.

        It all seems deliberately designed.

  6. One thing, Why is Israel the most vaxxed country? It it’s almost as though someone is trying to eliminate the folks that live in that country. Weird.

    In any event it looks like the world will be inherited by the descendants of the unvaxxed. I have a suggestion, slip the person vaxxing you you a C note to spray the shit in the air and list you as vaxxed. It is done in privacy at many places and many folks are willing to accept a few bucks for “missing the target”. Espescially if you need to keep a job.

    Fee for a service.


    • Maybe they feel that their group needs another cleansing, since it’s been about 80 years since they got Hitler to do it the last time.

    • A few years ago I watched an interview with Jesse Ventura, in his Mexican residence. The one thing that stuck in my mind is his statement that “my bribery bill to get the local constabulary to leave me alone is cheaper than my tax bill would be in the US”.
      Bribery is very effective achieving the desired outcome. Those you are bribing have few if any scruples taking one, or they would be doing honest work. My personal experience was in my early twenties, when I discovered that the Master plumbers license I worked so hard to test for and acquire had been for sale in previous years. I spent several years working for men who had apparently bought one, since I would hire neither to build me an outhouse.

  7. Not an expert, but have come across a few bits of info about the vaxx lately.

    MRNa induces titers against a specific thing [spike protien]
    In this case original corona

    This works kind of like the over prescription of antibiodics and forces the mutations to survive and thus create variants faster than nature. Blame the variants on the vaxxed

    Then there is relative risk reduction vs actual risk reduction
    There will be much debate on this, but it is a debatably sound point to say the shot is far less effective at preventing infection than the 95% magic number

    Yes, the mental gymnastics of the vaxxed to get vaxxed to be safe, but then act as though they are all disease factories is impressive, but they may be accidentally correct
    Factories they are

    • Just found out today hubby’s friend got vaxxed (apparently arm twisted by the missus….I won’t even discuss how revolted I am by that). The friend has been unable to sleep, is suffering from joint pain throughout the body, constant headaches, loss of strength, and is finding it difficult to get out of bed most mornings. He is truly a nice guy and I feel bad for him. Peer pressure got to him and he now has issues that may never improve.

      I cannot comprehend people who refuse to do research and bow to the propaganda. These vaccines are dangerous no matter what the TV states. I am wondering how many others are suffering from conditions due to this shot that will never be reported.

      • Hey RG,

        Science: anything proclaimed to be true by the “experts”.

        Research: absorbing, and vehemently defending, the opinions of “experts”, but only those declared so by the political, corporate and media gatekeepers of “truth”.


      • That sucks, RG. The initial effects of the vaccines often seem worse than a bout with the ‘Rona itself, and the immunity generated is now admitted to be weak and ephemeral.

        The media is attempting to downplay the VAERS data, now, as the knowledge of the existence and contents of that database are spreading. Any spin they can muster is presented; much of it is centered around the fact that the reports are unverified and the causation of the incidents has not been investigated. The fact that there are more entries for these vaccines than all of the rest, combined, for 30 years, means nothing, I guess.

        • The vaccines were never intended to provide immunity. The were named “vaccines” in order to sell them. Most people automatically assuming a “vaccine” DID provide it. And the “experts” and “officials” enthusiastically agreeing with them.

          • Heard someone say that if everyone had taken the shot when he did (the saint that he is), all these new cases wouldn’t be happening right now.
            I know politics doesn’t always play a role in people’s opinions on the holy jab, but it is a little interesting that the person who made this comment is a hard-core Trumpanzee.

      • I feel bad for the guy. His is a cautionary tale – don’t let yourself get coerced by any means into doing something you know is bad for you. If he didn’t know the con-jab was bad for him, then it’s all on him.

        Either way, he loses.

      • I suspect that if I was still married, my former wife would have done likewise. I let her badger me into taking a flu shot for 30 years. Which may be why I now have rheumatoid arthritis. Taking all those adjuvants, Aluminum and Mercury, to “stimulate” my immune system, which is now so stimulated its attacking my joints.

        • I badger my spouse not to take it. I think I would be so disappointed in my husband if he decided to take the Convid jab. I can’t say I would divorce him, but that he ignored reason and got caught up in the brainwashing I sure as hell would be disappointed.

      • Hey RG,
        “Research”? You’d think it’d just be common sense not to want to put some filthy foreign substances in one’s body…especially in the absence of any malady. You’d think it common sense not to believe the talking heads and politicians who perpetually lie, and the “eggspurts” who reverse position on practically a daily basis….. Now research is perfectly safe [As safe as their vaccine!\ because Goo-ghoul and TwitBook filter out any truth…err…’misinformation’.

        The other day, my cousin back in NY, who took the double kill shot, called Rand Paul a “kook” for daring to disagree with ‘doctor’ Fauci…. (Apparently she forgot that Paul is a real doctor…). This is the insanity of our world today- the ignorance is starting to make the Middle Ages look good.

  8. About all those game shows sucked. The one show I did enjoy was “Win Ben Stein’s Money”.That show unfortunately gave the Big Koolaid Drinker Jimmy Kimmel his start in the TV biz and like Herpes, he will not go away.

    • Every time I see these additional shots all I can think of is how anti-virus programs need updated all the time. I imagine that’s the model they’re using.

      • notice the booster is only for MRNa shots.

        this is probably due to how MRNa looks like it works, protecting only against original covid

        it is possible the “protection” wears off, or this is a cover for the fact that they shot doesnt protect against variants

        • No, you’ve got it backward. The “wearing-off” narrative isn’t cover for the variants; the “variants” narrative is cover for the fact that the shots not only fail to “protect” against illness, but they in fact contain numerous toxins and pathogens that cause illness.

          There is no diagnostic test for the “delta variant.” Ask any doctor. When they have a patient tested, it just tells them “covid: yes/no.”

          The whole “delta variant” thing is pure made-up nonsense for the TeeVee masses. There is no method for detecting that, or any other “variant.” All bullshit.

          • I actually dug deep enough into the CDC website to find how Delta is detected, which took some digging I must say. It’s done with a brand name test, called Amplicon, which is nothing more than another PCR test administered to one who has a “positive” ordinary PCR test. Which doesn’t exactly inspire confidence.

            • This is interesting. By whom is the supposed re-test done?

              Because in the video, Tim Truth calls around to all the vendors, and none of them have even heard of a vendor that performs a “variant test”.

              I guess that would mean it’s in-house at CDC (a/k/a Ministry of Health)…

      • Great observation, helot. Another parallel is that they often do more harm than good. I recently installed a new Windows 10 machine at our church. It came with all kinds of security crap (trials that you have to start paying for after a while). I couldn’t get the programs we needed to function properly until I uninstalled all that “take it – it’s good for you” stuff.
        Like the vaccines, it was free – sort of. Unlike the vaccines, it could be uninstalled.

      • No doubt, if taking two shots of a vaccine that doesn’t work, taking 3, 4, or 5 of the vaccine that doesn’t work will solve the problem.

          • After hearing the eagerness of people to get the booster, I put the probability at about 70% that there’s an addictive component to the shot.

            Doctors are falling over each other to “cut in line” for a booster before they’re “eligible” for it.

            • Hi Freelance,

              Doctoring has become a kind of cultic priesthood. Whatever the head of the cult says is orthodoxy, the priests obey (and impart) without question and often with enthusiasm. Lately, with anger – if met with any questioning by the laity. Including the simplest and most reasonable questions, such as why should an otherwise healthy person who stands almost no risk of dying from this “virus” (or its “variants”) given a 99.8-something percent recovery rate for otherwise healthy people run the known serious (and unknown long-term) risks of these “vaccines”? Why?

              It is not “hesitancy” to ask these questions. It is reasonable and prudent. You know, the things a doctor ought to be.

              • Spot-on, Eric. Doctors are a mystery guild that woke up one day in 2020 to discovery that they had been suddenly bootstrapped into the position of the “Outer Party” of the Biosecurity State. This promotion delights them to no end.

                Listening to their deranged techno-gibberish is to hear what Orwell called “Duckspeak.”

  9. Haha, I though you were using “The Price is Right” metaphorically at first, Eric. Took me a minute before I realized you were actually talking about the current, dystopian version of the show.

    Regarding “asymptomatic” spread, however: I believe numerous studies have shown that to be very unlikely, and I don’t think the Jab changes that.

    I do think, however, that the Anointed might believe their symptoms to be some other illness, or allergies, because they believe themselves immune from the ‘Rona, and then go about spreading the love. Same phenomenon previously seen in those who are Diapered, and think themselves safe and holy.

  10. Started watching a Modern Marvels show on History the other day and the host wast effaced. I turned it off. I can’t watch a host saying “hrrrhmmp” all the time behind the diaper.

  11. Eric,

    I think Eddie Money sang the song you’re referring to. Though Eddie Murphy sang a hit song, IIRC, it ws “Party All the Time”.

    As for “The Price Is Right”, I haven’t seen that in AGES! I can’t remember the last time I saw the show. Bob Barker was still hosting back then…

    • As a kid I watched the price is right. I noticed two things:
      1) the more a contestant spazzed out when they won something the more they would win.
      2) I saw the wheel accelerate so the spazzing contestant would win.
      3) calm contestants almost always lost.

      It was not 100% but these observations convinced me the show was ultimately rigged. I got bored before I started writing down prices to see if they changed from one episode to the next, which I suspected they did. Again so the contestants that were best for ratings had the best shot. It was like the way I observed how the NBA is rigged, through the calls of the refs. Things are just more difficult for the undesired to win.

      • It is all a show. I saw a show once that showed that when they selected contestants for most game shows, they would look for those who were energetic, excited, etc. They didn’t even have to interview the person, sometimes just being excited and very happy to be watching the selection process can get one’s name called. Calm and collective observers wouldn’t get picked.


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