Return of Kabuki – If We Let It

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To understand why the Face Diapers are coming back it is necessary to understand why they appeared in the first place.

More precisely, why they were forced onto faces.

Last year around this time, it was necessary to create the image of a “pandemic” and more than that, the image of near-universal agreement that there was a “pandemic.” Both were achieved by forcing practically everyone to walk around with a thing around their faces formerly seen only on the faces of the mentally ill – outside of surgical suites. It gave the visual of a national Hantavirus ward, sans the Hantavirus.

And of course, sans the bodies stacking up like cordwood. “The cases! The cases!” were stacked up instead.

The problem with that was – and remains – that there are still a lot of people who can distinguish between a “case” and a corpse. These people could see that the bodies weren’t stacking up like cordwood, that hospitals were not overflowing with dying supplicants.

They also knew – as in knowledge, a thing distinct from belief, as in religion – that if they weren’t sick, they couldn’t transmit sickness and that it is sick (in the head) to walk around with a rag over their faces pretending to be sick or pretending to be in dread of sickness or because others are crippled by hypochondria – an obsessive fixation on and fear of getting sick.

They also knew that even if they did get this putative sickness, unless they were over 70 and not in good health, they stood a 99.8 percent chance of not dying.

To live – and look – as if they were over 70 and not in good health made no sense to them. It would be like a not-handicapped person using a cane or a competent driver limiting his driving to no faster than 25 MPH and only down to the corner store and back because some old people can’t see very well anymore and they lack the skills to competently drive 75 on the highway.

In addition, they also knew – once again, as opposed to believing – that wrapping a dirty old bandana around their faces doesn’t impede viral particles any more than a chain link fence thwarts mosquitos – and for that matter, neither does the “mask” that most of the population has been wearing, these things being dust masks of the sort used by people on construction sites and even if of the N95 variety, poorly fitted or fiddled with by fingers all day long – and after all day long suffused with schnott and far more disgusting than palliative.

These people, if given the free choice, would choose not to perform this sick kabuki – it being disgusting and absurd – and by not performing it, the sight of them would have prevented the image of a “pandemic” and the appearance of near-universal belief in the existence of one – each reinforcing the other – from ever having successfully implanted.

Which would have thwarted all of the evil impositions visited upon the people of this country, most especially little kids – who (unlike some adults) are more easily terrorized and traumatized and also much more helpless, in that they have to do what the adults tell them to do. Thus they were denied the usual childhood normalcy of friends and school, “locked down” like lepers and taught by the sick adults around them to regard others as lepers. The damage done in this regard is nothing shy of catastrophic and will take years to undo, if it ever is undone.

Some of the more suggestible would of course have Diapered up, regardless. But the sight of lots of faces – and no bodies stacking up – would have tempered the fear of many of these, who probably would have removed their Diapers, too.

None of that could be tolerated.

It is why Diapers were “mandated.”

And it is why Diapers are about to be “mandated” again – and already have been, in places like Los Angeles and St. Louis.

This time, because there are lots of people who know that the “vaccines” being pushed on them are – like the Face Diapers – of dubious value (people who have taken them are still getting sick) as well as known to be more dangerous than any other “vaccine” ever allowed into general circulation, having already caused thousands of deaths as well as thousands of serious complications and who knows what else in the months and years to come.

They know the “vaccine” pushers have an enormous profit motive and they know the “vaccine” manufacturers are legally immunized from the consequences of any harms their “vaccines” cause.

They are rightly cautious on account of all of that and rightly suspicious of the used car salesman/time-share condo hard-sell. They are also sick of the lip-snarling and threats – increasingly overt – that they’d better roll up their sleeves, or else. It makes a thinking person wonder what these drug pushers are up to.

Thus, millions of prudent, sensible people have not rolled up their sleeves – and so, the Diapers are to be re-imposed.

As a punishment – and as a cudgel.

The punishment is obvious. Most people loathe being made to walk around – and go to work – with a disgusting and degrading rag over their faces. The resumed wearing thereof – and accompanying restrictions – will be the “incentive” used to coerce the rolling-up of sleeves. The renewed social pressure of seeing everyone, almost, wearing the disgusting, degrading things will be deployed to demoralize and thus, defeat, the populace by wearing them down.

But there is a new element, this time.

The “vaccinated” will also be forced to Diaper Up and this will infuriate them. They will regard – they are being told to regard – those who have not rolled up their sleeves as the source of their woes and of their sickness (it does not occur to them, apparently, to ask why they are still getting sick if the “vaccine” works).

They are being egged-on by the TeeVee and horrid people like the governor of Alabama and the mayor of New York and of course, above them all, the horrible little docktor who stands at the apex of all of this, to loathe and despise the people who have not rolled up their sleeves. The Diapered-vaccinated will demand “action.” And “action” they will get.

It is a pogrom in the making.

We are standing precariously on the razor’s edge. Things could go either way. They will go the sane way if enough people simply refuse to kabuki this time. The last time, it was perhaps understandable why they kabuki’d. They didn’t know. They may have been afraid. Many just didn’t want to raise a fuss and figured if they didn’t this would pass.

It will be forever, if they kabuki this time.

It cannot be overstated. Do not put on a Face Diaper this time. Refuse to do it and don’t be ashamed to not do it. Do not give in to the fear – or the pressure. Even at the risk of your job. Your job will not matter if they succeed. Arizona Cardinals receiver DeAndre Hopkins understands this. He has announced his job is not worth his rights – or his life:

Never thought I would say this, but being put in a position to hurt my team because I don’t want to partake in the vaccine is making me question my future in the NFL.

And if we succeed, there will always be another job – one that doesn’t require abominable obedience rituals as the price of employment.

Not one inch. Give no ground on this. Stop deferring to other people’s hystericized feelings. Refuse to be cowed by their neurotic assertions about the harms not being caused. Insist on your right to not be harmed for the sake of their fears.

The time for tolerance is ended. Enough is enough. This madness has got to stop.

We have it in our power to stop it. We can have our lives back – if we don’t let them take them away.

By refusing, this time, to put the god-damned thing on.

. . .

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  1. This is the best group of commenters on the internet. I feel I would be instant friends with all of you.

    Thank you Eric.

    • Wasn’t that Great!?

      That will not wash off for a loooong time. They even sprayed the windows and sills. Perfect!

      Living there will not be fun. I imagine they have a beach house or something, I wonder if the farmers know the address?

      • That’s good to know, Jim. Thanks.
        Note to self: ya gotta scrutinize – Everything – more.

        I just read Allen Stevo’s latest, man that guy seems very level headed and calm. If anyone knows any Federal Civilian workers, such as Eric’s friend who works at the VA, consider sending them this link on how to react to being asked/required to get The Shot and or put on a face diaper so they can push-back and look for exemptions from the demands of evil lawyers and HR lackeys:

        Employer Wants Me To Get The Vaccine!
        What Do I Do?

        • Stevo: “Don’t name medical conditions. Don’t cite religions. Don’t quote scripture. Don’t share ideas. Leave that all private.”

          That’s great advice, I think. Once you start giving reasons, you’re sunk. I’m on a committee at our church that is considering whether to include a policy in our constitution about allowing our facilities to be used for things like gay “weddings.” My argument has been that we should state simply that the Board of Elders and pastor are to make all decisions about who may use our property, period. Never give a reason. The mob loves it when you do.

          • reminds me of a corollary I once heard: “never explain – your friends don’t need it, and your enemies won’t believe it anyway”

      • This was just posted to LRC which is where I found it. Even if it is old, it’s still great ! Maybe they have it cleaned up by now ? I’m thinking it’s way past time for a second helpin’…..
        Anyone have access to a tanker truck and Pelosi’s address ??

  2. Hi all,

    A friend sent this article to me written by a mathematician who claims that the formula used to calculate the PRR (proportional reporting ratio) of the Covid vaccines is intended to hide safety signals. The stated purpose of calculating the PRR is to compare the relative safety of these vaccines to past vaccines, and identify danger signals. The author claims that the formula used will never trigger a “safety alert”. Are there any mathematicians here who can evaluate his claims?


  3. There it is! The CDC changed their “guidance” to say that already experimented-upon people should go back to wearing masks, indoors, outdoors, in the gym, in the… go-fuck-yourselves… god dammit.

    You’re absolutely right Eric. If people don’t start to push back, this insanity is just going to get worse.

    What has it been?! A month?!?! I don’t even think it’s been an entire month in MD since the unconstitutional dictates were lifted.

    Oh and you can thank every single AGW for being a chickenshit bastard that never even stood any chance of upholding their oath. None. Zero. They are school yard bullies that knowingly sign up to be the violence division of the govt.

    Because, never mind random dumb asses electing to cooperate, but how about if the AGWs just refused to do it? I know they never will but if they did what that to which they swore an oath, these dictates would be impossible and would have been abandoned 18 months ago.

    But here we fucken are! Tim Pool is right… the communists already own everything. Their king sits on our throne.

    You know what else?! Fuck ’em! I double dog dare those bastards to do full lockdowns again. It needs to collapse. That’s apparently the only way it will ever change.

    • If only a good percentage of AGW’s (doctors, lawyers, pastors, politicians, etc.) would stand up, this wound end.

      But remember, your power is your own. It is the word NO.

      • Yup and my position still is “I’m not getting the poison”. I don’t care what they make anyone do. Good if they abuse people because of me choosing my own medical destiny! Good because this clearly demonstrates the sociopathic, even psychotic, nature of the people that run this government.

        So, if/when it pleases the King Hogan, I’m sure everyone will be back to masks soon enough and IDGAF. Blame me? OK. And then what? Tough luck suckers!

        They want to destroy everything in every direction to coerce people to do something they can’t already do via their existing oppressive laws? Gee, what a shame. Couldn’t be perpetrated by nicer psychopaths.

        Whose fault though?? It’s like the “…because of covid…” lie but abuse-oriented. “I’m sorry darling but I’m gonna have to teach you to listen better…” — clearly the fault of the abused wife. She should listen better.

        I don’t how to listen better.

        • I kind-of like the feigned outrage from republicans, who never once objected to any of this when the Orange Ass laid the groundwork. And who have to qualify every response with something to the effect that the vaccines work and are safe, so it’s just not fair that the vaccinated are affected.

          Vaccination without representation!

    • Indeed, Eure –

      I hate to be right about this but I have acquired a sense about how these SOBs operate and just knew it. They were never going to just let this hysteria bleed down. There is too much benefit (to them, of course) in ramping it up again and the fulsome scurvy truth is that a huge portion of the population are indeed dead-eyed cattle ready to be made into hamburger. Our job is to not be trampled in the stampede.

  4. To put a positive spin on a recent change that is occurring….11% of families are now homeschooling for the 2020/2021 year. This is from an increase of 5.4% from the 2019\2020 year. We don’t have numbers for the upcoming 2021/2022 year yet, but I would not be surprised if it increased to 15-17%.

    Personally, I think this is fantastic. Parents dismayed by the current indoctrination camps or taking charge of their children’s education. May the trend continue.

    • Here here. Public school is the largest, and most successful propaganda campaign in the history of the species, and one of the most patient. The current result is exactly what those who instigated it openly professed with the introduction of compulsory public education about 100 years ago.
      My grandchildren are being home schooled, and what my son and daughter in law quickly noticed was how little time they had to invest in it. Children WANT to learn. They don’t want to be driven to submission. Teach them to read, write, and do basic math, and leave material around for them to learn from, and they will for the most part educate themselves. They do need encouragement and instruction regarding subjects they may find difficult, or uninteresting, though necessary. Higher math in particular.

      • There are abundant lesson plans available that correspond with whatever your beliefs may be. Ron Paul publishes an excellent set. Remember, all you have to do is stay one lesson ahead of the student.

      • Hi John,

        My children have never seen the inside of a public school or have set foot on a school bus. They are now in middle school and high school. Last week they finished their annual standardized learning tests and we drove them to the testing center this morning. God bless homeschoolers….no masks in or out of the office, no hand sanitizer, no social distancing signs. It is a group for the sane.

        As you mentioned the hardest part of homeschooling is teaching the basics – reading, writing, and arithmetic. As mine are quite unschooled (I take them everywhere and allow them to learn what they are interested in at the speed that they want) we really don’t follow a curriculum. We usually read five to six classic novels a year and focus on math. I add in a bit of geography, animal husbandry, history, etc. but it is from going and doing, not sitting behind a desk or a kitchen table all day.

        I am very fortunate. Being that I am able to work for myself it gives me a degree of flexibility that many parents don’t have. I hope more parents find it advantageous to do this. It is worth it.

        • Hi RG, Re: working for yourself.
          I would have never imagined when my dad pushed me and pushed me from 12 yrs old to 28, almost every day, when I finally had the gumption to actually do it, that working for myself would allow the relative freedom my family has vs. my peers.
          My Dad never did, and probably why the push.
          It mostly happened probably because of my strong wife who decided to leave the corporate world, shortly after I had, and then we took a huge risk together, 2-3 months after our first child was born with $20K to our name, and a typical mortgage and expenses.
          We suffered financially for well over 5 years, but we still knew it was the right way to live. 25 years later, after many hard and smart choices we are looking forward to early retirement while still trying to make sure our little company thrives and survives without us.
          My spidy sense tells me that our current gov manipulators know we are one of their ‘problems’ and aim to try an fix it. And the interesting part is that we are probably the only ‘group’ that pays most of the taxes. And they don’t care if they lose it, so there’s the final answer, isn’t it?

          • Hi Chris,

            Early retirement is wonderful news!

            My dad became a business owner after being laid off from the union time and time again. He opened his business in his 30s. I was lucky that I was able to see his struggles and what worked and what didn’t. When I decided to go into business for myself in my mid 20s it was the scariest leap I ever took. As you mentioned it has its trials and tribulations….namely the inconsistency of a paycheck over the years. Also, it can be a little terrifying early on when you realize that the final decision rests with you. I can’t say I have ever regretted my choice. At times it is tough, but the flexibility and the pride that comes with knowing that you built this on your own is well worth it.

            What have you decided to do after retirement? Move to Florida like the rest of us? 😉

              • Hi Helot,

                I enjoy my work, which I’d continue doing even if I did not have to work. And I only have to work because of government – which steals 15 percent off the top of every dollar I earn (being self-employed) and then steals some more. Plus what the state and county steal.

                Absent this theft, I could have “retired” – in terms of financing – years ago. And worked purely for the enjoyment of it. Either way, I will never retire unless – per North – I am no longer mentally able to do the work. The nightmare scenario being staring vacuously at Price is Right reruns all day in some prison for the elderly, pissing my diapers.

                • Hi Eric,

                  Your scenario of watching Price is Right reruns drooling on yourself in a nursing home is death, not retirement. Retirement is not about locking one self’s away, unless that is what they choose. I know retirees that do that and fear that the money will run drive so they never live. I also know others that did without in their younger years so they could enjoy their older years. To each his/her own.

                  To me, life is short and should be experienced and exulted until our last breath.

              • Helot is right, I’m probably using the word retirement wrong. I think retirement to us will mean the day-to-day responsibilities. I’m guessing that I will always be consulting the new ‘owners’ or ‘managers’ of the biz we built. Our almost lifelong passion and human investment in the biz would probably be impossible to just walk away from. Maybe our kids, but it doesn’t have to be. We have been actively investing/training in youth and it’s working out great but with hard work, what else, haha….. I’ve seen too many older owners in our line of work not invest in new and they pretty much end up with nothing at the end. Our semi-retirement plans won’t work with getting nothing at the end.
                As for location, I am certainly tired of the NE hustle and bustle. I’ve always been fascinated with the West and we built a little vacation home in the rural Rockies that we love and visit a lot. But we also realize that the cold will not be as fun as we grow older, so we are thinking the current rockies place will most likely be our 3 season place with a snowbird place probably in the SW somewhere? What we do with the NE place remains to be seen. My guess is it will continue to devalue, so there’s that to consider.

              • Hi helot,

                I have no desire to work until 70, or even until 60. My husband and I may take some little minimum wage job to bide our time in retirement, but I am not going to be slinging 16 hours days like I do in the midst of tax season. I want a house on a river with 80 degree sunshine 300 days a year. I want a boat on said river where hubby and I can take the grandkids during the summer. I want to garden and volunteer at the local SPCA.

                If Mr. North enjoys working 18 hour days more power to him, but all of us don’t want that. I am not foolish enough to believe Social Security will be around if I retire (or hell if I am even still around). I am putting the time and hours in now so I am not scrimping by in retirement and I am able to enjoy it (if I am still healthy) in my later years.

  5. Albert Einstein: The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Seems pretty applicable to all the Covidiocy.

  6. I went to the big box hardware store today, I only saw two face diapers on some little old frail sickly looking women (I’d say, little old ladies, but it seems to me, ladies don’t wear face diapers) and one dufus wearing a big white bandanna.

    Previously there were quite a few face diapers in the isles, this time, not even the janitor lady operating the mini-Zamboni wore one!

    I saw two face diapers in the thrift store which previously I’d always see quite a few.

    If there’s a New Wave, thank goodness it doesn’t appear to be taking hold here in Iowa, yet.

    • Helot, my experience yesterday was not as positive. I hadn’t seen any Holy Rags around here in quite some time, but as soon as I parked at Lowe’s, a diapered couple came out. There were a few more inside. At Walmart, the employees were all wearing them again, and the sign was back up saying that the unvaccinated must rag up. Our county borders on St. Louis County, where a new mandate took effect yesterday, so I expect the sickness theater to creep out here again very soon. It will be just like last time: TV will keep interviewing a few loudmouth local doctors until they get their mask order from the city, county, or both.

      • Hi Roland,

        In re doctors: My understanding is that most hospitals are owned by a few large corporate interests that are very interested in the Jab. Doctors want their hospital privileges – and so toe the line. The whole system is corrupt, top to bottom.

        • Indeed, virtually all hospitals are now for profit. They are run by accountants, not MDs. They keep their staffing and equipment at an average demand level. Which means any spike from any cause is going to overload it. Not to mention the COVID bonuses they get.

        • Yep, that’s the case here. A group of doctors broke away for a while, but eventually overextended themselves financially with building projects and were bought out by the same gigantic outfit that runs the local hospital, which is nonprofit in name only.


  8. The bully loves to stick his victim’s face in shit. Mask mandates are exactly that.

    Telling people you will dominate them to the degree of controlling the most basic aspect of their existence – breathing – is an exercise of dominance and bullying, and a simple obedience ritual. So few realize that.

  9. I found the interviews with Dr. David Martin fascinating:
    With Reiner Füellmich:
    With RFK Jr:
    With Stew Peters:

    Dr. Martin is theorizing there was no release of anything. He may be right or wrong on that, but regardless … the facts he presents undeniably point to a conspiracy to make a ton of money for the insiders. I downloaded every patent he cited, and indeed, the dates clearly indicate the “cure” preceded the “disease” … while they broke every law on the books on bioweapon development, gain-of-function research, patenting naturally-occurring viruses … you name it. Jaw-dropping.

  10. ‘The “vaccinated” will also be forced to Diaper Up and this will infuriate them.’ — EP

    Damned straight. Moreover, even some vaccinated people I know are OPPOSED to vax mandates, despite their own choice to get jabbed for personal health reasons such as advanced age.

    The facts are perfectly clear: even the pro-vax NYT shows that while ‘cases’ have risen fourfold since June 30, deaths (7-day average) have fallen from 271 to 269.

    Math much?

    Deaths are not rising, and even the pro-vax media openly admits it.

    Meanwhile, with the vaccine declining in effectiveness — if not actually causing the virus to mutate — the public health rationale for vaccinating children and young adults having near-zero risk of death if they aren’t obese, seems nonexistent or even perverse.

    When the history of this pandemic is written with the benefit of post-mortem (so to speak) analyses, the ‘authorities’ (Lord Fauci) and their criminal henchmen (Dr Peter Daszak, Dr Ralph Baric, et al) are likely to be viewed rather dimly in a darkened rear view mirror.

    They had a chance to shine, using their expertise to serve humanity. Instead, they elected to shovel SARS for Satan, who obligingly lined their capacious pockets with filthy lucre.

    And will it be poison put in my glass?
    Will it be slow or will it be fast?
    The bite of a snake, the sting of a spider
    A drink of Belladonna on a Toussaint night
    Hiding in a corner in New York City
    Looking down a forty-four in West Virginia

    Well, I was dancing, dancing, dancing so free
    Dancing, dancing, dancing so free
    Dancing, Lord, keep your hand off me
    Dancing with Mr. D, oh, whoo

    — Rolling Stones, Dancing with Mr D

    • “the public health rationale for vaccinating children and young adults having near-zero risk of death if they aren’t obese, seems nonexistent or even perverse.”
      I would say perverse at a minimum. I find it reprehensible, immoral, evil, disgusting. It’s nothing less than child sacrifice to the virus gods.
      The Delta variant increasing in contagion and decreasing in danger would follow the normal cycle of mutation for viruses. A successful parasite spreads easily and does not kill its host.

    • Hi Jim,

      I think the goal is for the vaxxed to be irate on masking, because it will create a larger wedge between the unjabbed and jabbed. I read it on a variety of comment boards across the country. The hate is pretty extreme on both sides. The vaxxed will demand the passports that are making their way through Europe right now. They will make sure the unjabbed are unable to participate at concerts, amusement parks, sport stadiums, restaurants, bars, movie theaters, etc. It is happening in France, Cyprus, Ireland, Italy, Greece, England, Singapore, and will grow. If there is plus to all of it we can at least see it coming and can prepare.

      • Bingo! the vaxed will demand some sort of check; their logic being I got jabbed and deserve to be exempt from diaper mandates.

        “It is happening in France, Cyprus, Ireland, Italy, Greece, England, Singapore, and will grow” You don’t have to go that far, it’s already happening in Latin America too. Chile has already announced plans to introduce a green pass, I think Uruguay also has.
        And here in Panama, the government already said they don’t see that as a bad idea. Worse, the application for that and the infrastructure is already in place. It only needs the President and the Minister of Health approval via an Executive Decree (the equivalent to an Executive Order).
        There has been some backslash to that idea, but unlike in Europe, it has been pretty weak. OTOH, the French look REALLY furious about the vax passport.

        Me thinks one the goals of this is the Digital ID, proposed by…the WEF. One of the highlights of the Cyber Polygon July 9 2021 exercise was the need for adopting Trusted ID single sign-on for accessing the internet public and private websites.

        Speaking of which, it looks like Australia is going even more retarded:

  11. I’ve been on vacation in Florida recently, and it was refreshing not to be the odd man out without a mask, then I got back to the Bay Area of CA and the insanity returned. I went shopping yesterday at Costco and Safeway, and in both places, I was the only unmasked person. I got looks, and in Safeway, they asked me to put a mask on, to which I asked whether it’s required, and they said no, so I didn’t (but why ask, then?).

    Local policy here follows fear, so it’s inevitable that we will have mask mandates again, it’s depressing. I’m not going to comply and see if the actual blue collar people care.

    I’ve been reading a bunch of the research around covid19, and it’s clear that the new variants have evolved resistance to the silly masks we’ve all been forced to wear for a year. If you want to stop Delta or Lambda variants, you need a properly sealed N95 mask (it’s got to adhere to your skin. If you breathe out and it goes arund the mask, it’s pointless). So, any return of a mask mandate is pointless, for show. Any real mask mandate that’s effective will need strict enforcement of mask type and correct usage – do people have the stomach for that? I sure hope not. I guess we’ll be forced to go through mask Kabuki again for no purpose other than dehumanize all of us and make us scared.

    • Hi OL,

      “… the new variants have evolved resistance to the silly masks we’ve all been forced to wear for a year”.

      The original was also resistant to the “silly masks”.


      • The original resulted in a wide range of respiratory particle sizes, and the masks cut down the bigger ones, even cotton masks, leaving smaller particles to go through. Stats seem to show minor effectiveness from those masks. However, the viruses which resulted in smaller particles, and even those which result in aerosol sized particles, propagated more effectively. It seems that the universal mask mandates actually made masks less effective for people who actually need them as protection. So yes, you are right, the original strains were only inconvenienced by basic masks, and their descendants don’t care.

        • “strict enforcement of mask type and correct usage”
          Which would include keeping your beard shaved, which I’m not doing. To me shaving is a form of self flagellation.

          • Hi John,

            A friend of mine has been cultivating a full beard for at least 50 years. He was never a mask Nazi, but dutifully wore them and thought they “helped”. I told him that the CDC clearly states that a full beard renders masks completely useless, and asked him, “if the governor mandates that you shave your beard, will you do it?” He didn’t answer.


          • Yes, because without a proper fit, any “facial covering ” is useless. Those of us who have been safety trained know this.

            Have you ever seen a firefighter, or a SCUBA diver, with a full beard? No, and you never will. REF: 1st World War and gas attacks. The “clean shaven” look came into vogue because soldiers were required to don gas masks. It stayed in vogue until the late 1960s, when “things changed,” or so they say…(I have my doubts).

            If there really were a “threat,” facial hair for men would have been banned. That it has not, speaks volumes. Confirmation that “face coverings” are nothing but (bad) theater.

            Shaving is a form of self mutilation.
            Not going there, voluntarily or otherwise.
            Adult male humans have facial hair.
            Deal with it, or don’t, but leave me the *fuck* alone.

            • Actually, I was a diver in my youth, and did wear a beard. Not terribly long, but not short either. I had to fiddle with the mask a bit to get it to seal, but always got it done. Perhaps the water helped seal it. Which of course would not apply here.

            • If you have to wear a respirator for your job, OSHA requires you to be clean shaven. You can maybe grow sideburns and/or a moustache, as long as the mask will seal. And, if one of their hired goons sees you with non-approved facial hair, at any time, even if you aren’t actually doing anything right that moment, they can fine the company.

              How do I know this? That’s what they told me. I have to wear that type of PPE for my job. And get it fit tested annually, and have a physical.

              That’s why I can’t go up against the face condom requirements directly. If I claim I can’t do it for any reason–religious or physical–that will open up a lot of cans of worms, get me fired, and make me unemployable. Contracting/freelance is not really an option for what I do.

              Never major in STEM. The money isn’t there anymore unless you’re a software developer, the prestige isn’t there, and you will be effectively enslaved to the corporate borg with no way to pull the plug, put out your shingle, and go it alone.

              In the meantime, you probably won’t make it into management (if you even want that job after a few years), but you aren’t labor either so you get caught in the middle of both.

              • Publius-
                I can confirm what you have said.
                Moustaches are permitted, so long as they do not extend beyond the upper lip, and are neatly trimmed.

                The main concern, as you have said, is that the face mask must seal. Like you, I have worked in “fresh air” (SCBA), many years ago, in environments which were IDLH (immediate danger to life and health).

                As you know, the final requirement is proper *disposal* of the required PPE. IOW, decontamination. Without proper decontamination,. you are, potentially, spreading toxic substances to the general environment outside of the contaminated area.

                The principle is the same, no matter whether the toxic substances are chemical, biological, or radiological in nature. My personal experience is with chemical and radiological, rather than biological, hazards.

                • I wrote up a near miss over disposal procedures for used face diapers at my workplace.

                  Guess how much corrective action was taken to address the issue?

                  That’s right…not a damned thing.

            • I’m surprised that they haven’t enacted a beard tax here yet, like they did in merry olde England of the past. Another tax they will have much difficulty collecting from me!

        • Never wore a face diaper. Didn’t get sick. Still not sick.

          Decades of studies pre-convid demonstrated that masks don’t work. A simple anecdotal analysis of your own physician’s practices pre-convid should have demonstrated that.

          You don’t need to be a “scientist,” just have simple common sense.

        • Hi OL,

          No studies have ever shown causation. Every randomized case trial ever done on general mask use found no statistically significant benefit in reducing the transmission of an airborne virus. A lot of observational studies, which cannot establish causation, showed a possible association with masks and reduction of cases. However, these observational studies always cherry-picked the data, usually by carefully selecting the start and end points. There is no credible evidence that show that masks have ever “worked”. Of course, they “worked” to keep fear alive which, along with the fact that politicians are incapable of ever admitting they were wrong, is a much more plausible explanation for the hysterical insistence that we wear them, than actual efficacy.

          “Masks work” is dangerous misinformation, peddled ad-nauseum by the corporate media, politicians and public health authorities. “Masks work” is a causal claim. No study has ever established causation, at beast they establish weak correlation. If the above group were honest, and not interested in sowing fear, they would have said, “masks may help reduce transmission”. BC, the costs of mask mandates would have been weighed against the theoretical benefits, and sane public health policies would have ruled them out (as they did prior to March 2020). Masks have never been anything but theater. Masks are not harmless, aside from health issues, the psychological damage has been enormous, especially to children.


          • The way people debate this Covid lunacy reminds me of how a child might come up with a fanciful way of describing how something works, but which bears absolutely no resemblance of reality. Akin to arguing over how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.

            Government, the intelligencia and the media are simply lying and misrepresenting most of the facts surrounding the phenomenon of illness and death among the class of people that have historically gotten an ill or died. This has been common among humans during my lifetime, so why treat it differently since March of 2020?. It hardly seems worth the effort to parse their words to determine whether any crumbs of truth actually exist in there cesspool of lies.

          • Note this meta-study hosted at the NIH:


            They analyzed mask effectiveness across many studies, some blind, some comparative, and found that randomized trials showed a very low level of effectiveness, to the point that they called not statistically significant. Observational studies confirmed this.

            They then go on to make a whole bunch of models which assume that everyone masks up effectively (100% compliance) and these models predict that masks are effective. Shocker.

            The research around this is quite frustrating, because it’s full of weasel wording like this. My impression is that there is a very weak positive effect, however, it’s so insignificant that mask mandates are worthless, as is masking in most circumstances. I would absolutely, 100% shave my beard and wear an N95 mask if I’m walking into a hospital ward treating covid patients, but outside of that situation, it’s pointless.

            Here’s another example of weasel wording in a study. Masks are super ewffective, then scroll down – mask effectiveness is up for debate.

            • Again, all this effort is wasted on something that a child could figure out.

              If you can breathe through the mask, it won’t trap “viruses.”

              Not to mention that you are also breathing in toxic chemicals, fibers, and your own waste (CO2), depriving your body of a full complement of oxygen, creating an acidic condition in your blood, as well as creating an environment for pathogens to thrive on the damp and dirty rag.

              No “science” needed to confirm the obvious, but there is plenty already out there.

  12. Seems my previous post didn’t make it, probably was flagged as spam as I put 2 links.

    “It cannot be overstated. Do not put on a Face Diaper this time. Refuse to do it and don’t be ashamed to not do it. Do not give in to the fear – or the pressure. Even at the risk of your job.”

    The saying “Give them an inch and they will take a mile” applies perfectly to this. If we don’t put a stop to this, then there’s no turning back.

    BTW, did anyone heard about the protests in many cities around the world last weekend? MSM here barely covered them, and unsurprisingly labeled them “extreme right and antivax”.

    Here’s some coverage, focused mainly in France:

  13. I don’t get why any business would want to enforce masks this time around. Didn’t most of them lose money over the mandates (especially restaurants)? Around town there were quite a few signs in stores saying, “Welcome back–we missed you!” once the mask mandates were removed. Unless you’re Walmart or the grocery store, I just can’t see the incentive for them to enforce diaper mandates.

    • You’re applying logic where it doesn’t belong :).

      In my area there is a grass-fed burger place that still refuses to open its dining room. Although it is only offering walk-up window service, they will not serve anyone that doesn’t diaper (this includes their food trucks). Their stated reason – “not all of our employees are vaxxed, so we want to protect them”. So many fallacies, it’s mind-bending to rehash them.

      Pure idiocy.

      • Oh, and they have mocked those who posted complaints about this nonsense on their FB page.

        They richly deserve to circle the drain. I can’t wait to see it.

      • You’re probably right, and come to think of it, I’ve seen at least one local business “circle the drain” by adamantly refusing to lift diaper requirements. And of course the ones that didn’t enforce diapering are outperforming right now.

  14. “It cannot be overstated. Do not put on a Face Diaper this time. Refuse to do it and don’t be ashamed to not do it. Do not give in to the fear – or the pressure. Even at the risk of your job.”

    The latter is what they are going to exploit probably. They know a lot of people cannot really afford to quit jobs due to debt and children. And in poorer countries like mine, it is even worse, as the economy has taken a huge hit (thanks to the lockdowns). I expect big business to be the worst in this.

    The saying “give an inch and they’ll take a mile” applies too well in this case. If we give in on this, there’s no turning back.

    BTW, did any of you heard the protests that happened around the world this last weekend? MSM here barely mentioned a thing, and unsurprisingly labeled it “extreme right-wing and antivax”

    Here’s a thread, focus mainly on France:

    Hopefully more small business go the same route this French guy did:

    (It is in Spanish, and the paper is in French. It basically says “vax pass free zone, everyone welcome”)

    • Can’t afford to, or are unwilling to make lifestyle and/or living standard sacrifices to do so? No doubt there are some of each, but I suspect many more of the latter.
      Freedom isn’t free.

  15. The power, as always, resides in the individual. Each person must make up his/her mind to RESIST. That power is multiplied as millions apply it to their lives. It is not a question of “organizing,” but rather committing individually. The result will be the same (better, actually, bc no hierarchy or chance of infiltration) as more and more individuals just say NO.

  16. Has anyone been able to find any figures on how many Americans have died in 2021? I am unable to locate any, which I assume, because they don’t want us to. I have ran a few figures though on current death tallies from 2021 and 2020 just by reading the obituaries. In my town deaths have doubled in the majority of weeks in 2021 compared to 2020. In 2020, we averaged about 6 deaths per week. This year during the same time period we are averaging 13 deaths per week. Listening to the propaganda shouldn’t these figures be reversed? Last year we were told that people were passing away from the deadliest virus on Earth. We were told if people were vaccinated these deaths would decrease. Why are they double from last year? My sample is a very small section, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this trend was realistic throughout the country. If they aren’t dying of Covid what are they dying from?

    The CDC link below shows last week 223 Americans died from Covid, the week before 204 died with Covid.

    The majority of hospitalizations (with Covid) are occurring in those over 65. How can that be though when this age group is 75% vaccinated? We were told the Delta variant are searching for children and young adults, but the CDC’s own website conflicts this information.

    • Hey Raider,

      It does seem that the CDC have made finding the table of death counts much more difficult for some reason…

      And you’d be correct if their own data doesn’t show much of an increase in deaths just yet.

      I have looked to India, the origin of the dreaded Delta variant. They have now done recent antibody studies of their population, with the results being about 2/3 of the population have antibodies to COVID. Only about 6% of their people who have received the Annointing, so that would mean 60% have natural immunity.

      419,470 (India COVID death count) / (0.60 x 1,392,000,000 (India pop.)) = 0.000502239 ~ 0.05% death rate
      I.e. 99.95% survival rate

      …Of course, that’s with the data we are given, and over the total course of the horror show, but it luckily doesn’t sound TOO dreadfully dangerous.

    • ” If they aren’t dying of Covid what are they dying from?”
      Well, for one thing, alcohol sales went up FIVE HUNDRED PERCENT last year. For another, opioid overdose has increase substantially. The willful destruction of our economic, social, and mental health in a useless attempt to stop COVID is likely what they’re dying from.
      You can get a current estimate of overall deaths this year at this site.
      Though it gives little else.

      • Step 1: Drive people crazy
        Step 2: Put the capital under military armed guard while complaining about crazy people (i.e., your constituents)
        Step 3: Profit?

      • Given enough cycles in a PCR test, any death can be made COVID. Especially when hospitals are being paid a premium for diagnosing and treating COVID.

  17. I’m in a race, now. I’m finally going to sell my house in the city, IF I can finish this sewer line and a few other things before the housing market crashes.

    The profit margin is too great, and can fully facilitate my finally moving to my rural land. And luckily, for the time being, I need not even quit my job, here, as I can do most of it remotely, and come stay at a hotel once a week to do the couple days work in which I am required physically.

    This is truly the way to foment a resistance against all of this coercion. Soon, I can be unstoppable, making my own food and resources (along with my GF, or course).

    It’s just a question of if I can pull it off quickly enough.

  18. All predicated on the idea that we can, or that we should even try, to achieve zero covid. The hubris that we can put this genie back in the bottle. So we must perform bizarre rituals, self-flagellate, and partake of poisons. Surprised they have not recommended a covid dance.

    Wearing funny masks, hiding/isolating, and taking weird concoctions made by the witch doctor – when practiced by indigenous tribes to ward off evil spirits, would be laughed at and impugned by the same people doing the exact same things. Practicing superstitious behaviors in the modern world does not make them any less ridiculous or ineffective.

    • If this virus were to be contained, it would be the first time it’s ever been done once the virus reaches the general population. They circulate, and a combination of herd immunity and mutating into lesser form combines to do away with them, or make them inconsequential.

    • Hi BAC,
      Found this article, which discuss broad immune memory post infection:

      (A complete PDF version can be downloaded)

      A part that caught my attention was this:
      “Interestingly, CD4+ T cell responses equally target several SARS-CoV-2 proteins, whereas the CD8+ T cell responses preferentially target the nucleoprotein, highlighting the potential importance of including the nucleoprotein in future vaccines” (that was in the summary)

      This seems to reinforce what I’ve read from others (Dr. Malone and Vanden Bossche), that these concoctions won’t achieve herd immunity as they don’t produce long-lasting immunity. Am I correct?

      It also mentions the kinda obvious thing: natural immunity is durable (and by the looks, superior to jabs, specially variants); no need to jab those who recovered, but well…seems the world has gone insane. And people have been deluded into thinking antibodies = immunity. That once these disappears, one is susceptible again.

      BTW, your post is completely accurate. I’ve come to call these rituals

      • Hi Marauder

        It has always been the case that true infections produce long term immunity through T memory and B memory cells, that kick into gear immediately upon re-exposure. There is a theory, which I agree with, that the body keeps a small amount of infectious material around to keep immunological memory going. It’s why you always need a booster for vaccines, but you wouldn’t, if, for example, you actually had the chicken pox or measles. Or if you get allergy shots, it’s why you have to keep getting them. I see no reason the current crop of whatever these are will produce long term memory. And, we see evidence of this now, that they are saying the beneficial effects, if any, seem to wane by six months. So boosters will be needed, and boosters they will recommend, in perpetuity. Which is why it is also strange why they want to vaccinate those who already had covid and recovered.

        • Hi BAC,

          It’s sad that most of the population have been deluded to think this will end if all get the jab, hence the HUGE pressure (at least where I live) to get it.
          Worse are some doctors pushing it relentlessly, even to those who recovered – they look more like merchants.

          It isn’t looking too good over there in the US either:

          And this makes vax passports useless…or not. If boosters are introduced, a model similar to subscription-based services could be applied. Miss a booster, and the vax pass is revoked. Creepy.

          Thanks for the explanation!

          • Hi Marauder,

            I’d like very much to continue writing my columns and be let alone to do so but if these creeps won’t let am alone I am determined to resist with every last measure of my strength. I have acceded to taxes and all the endless petty hassles/infringements so far – but this is beyond my willingness to put up with and so I won’t. If that means going Amish or living in an off-grid cabin, so be it.

            God damn these people.

            • Yep, I agree, it’s sickening. The articles you previously wrote regarding self-sufficiency become even more relevant.

              Still, we got to resist. Over here, at least the vax pass idea wasn’t well received by many, including folks who got the jab.
              The issue is there are many who are on board with that, including small businesses (mostly restaurants) that have been wrecked by lockdowns and restrictions. The latter sees the vax pass as a way to get rid of those (which won’t, if looking what’s going on in other places).

              In the US, the federal gov seems hell bent to pit the population against itself. The vaxed may go mad and vent their anger against the unvaxed, and demand more mandates and restrictions for the latter (or that’s what the gov and their shills expect to happen). Divide an conquer.

              As I see, things will get ugly. We must resist, but be prepared also for the worst.

  19. We are irrelevant. The unthinking media-controlled brainwashed masses who go along -whether from actual belief, or because they just don’t care and will do whatever is required of them- comprise the vast majority. These are the same people who believe in and parrot “Climate Change” and “socialized medicine”, and who believe that some third-world Islamic flying-carpet jockeys did 9-11.

    We are the 0.001% who can see reality; We are a much smaller minority than the Germans who opposed Naziism. All we can do is resist, avoid, evade, and not comply, so as to maintain our own freedom and dignity- which I will certainly do to the death- but make no mistake, our actions make not one iota of difference in the overall scheme of things, for the politico-media cabal and those whom they control is the size of the sun, and we are but a speck of lint by comparison.

    Rather than affecting any positive change, we will instead be branded as public enemies- by the controllers and the controlled alike- just as was the case with Germans who opposed Naziism and or hid Jews. Just as with taxes or airport fondling, we who resist have absolutely no effect- and are are seen as nothing but nuisances by those whose rights we seek to uphold along with our own- yay, they would say that we “deserve what we get” and even vote to throw us in jail for not cooperating with the tyrants who are destroying them.

    This is the reality- and it is important to remember it. We are not a part of any society, any more so than would be a North Korean who opposed communism. Our enemies are not merely those who issue and enforce decrees, but also all those around us who dutifully obey or just don’t care- and the just-don’t-carers are as bad as the pious believers, because they see us as the troublemakers for not merely going along- “What’s the big deal?”- and they blame us for any inconvenience they suffer, rather than blaming those who issue the decrees and who have destroyed the economy and what was left of a civil society.

    • What sucks is We are along for the ride. Passengers on the crazy train to oblivion, and they won’t stop it no matter we pull the cord.

            • That would depend on the rising cost of this male bovine organic fertilizer. And its been pretty high so far. You can’t eat your willingness to go along to get along. With the end of the eviction moratorium, increased unemployment benefits, etc. I suspect the price may become too high to go along for many.

              • This is an interesting point I hadn’t thought about – are they going to blame the evictions on the unvaxxed? Yet something else to blame on us, as they ramp up the anger machine against us?

                In hindsight, I should have seen that the relaxing of face diapers, etc. this spring were all a predicate to forced vaccination, by pulling the rug out from under all of us (as is happening) and blaming Delta and the retrenchment on recalcitrant vaccine deniers. I honestly thought we had turned a positive corner. But there are no coincidences with this never ending shit show.

                • If they do there may not be any land lords to rent from. They might pick up the tab. One can’t manage a property with no money.

    • 100% grim agreement, Nunzio.

      “they would say that we ‘deserve what we get’ and even vote to throw us in jail”

      I’ll say this: the feeling is mutual. I find myself surprised by my utter lack of any visceral sympathy for any of the vaxx-heads who have volunteered for vaxecution, or various other maimings. That goes double for their family members who are too busy virtue-signaling as “pro-vaxx” to actually grieve their own loss.

      It is without any irony or poetic license that I say those people are getting exactly what they deserve. They have proven themselves to be nothing other than foolish, domesticated beasts of burden, and callous culling is their appropriate fate. Then, when I contemplate that my dearest and I are also going to get the fate they deserve…that’s when the rage sets in.

      • Many of the vaccinated dead were deceived and/or failed to do their due diligence, or went full-on damn the torpedos. I don’t feel much sympathy there. But as a parent of two great little boys, I get enraged when I think about the kids that had the unfortunate fate of being born to dumbfuck parents, who, rather than protecting them, drove them to the place where they would receive a death sentence or a hobbling, likely while singing zippity doo dah in the car on the way there. This will happen some more when the EUA for young children is granted in a month. What desserts do such sperm and egg donors deserve?

        • They simply refuse to realize that their illustrious government is composed of sociopaths who don’t give a damn whether they live or die. With the flood of outrageous propaganda it’s not too hard to understand. All beginning 100 years ago with compulsory public education.

      • Same here, Freelance. Even among my relatives. They’ve lived their lives not giving a rat’s chooch about liberty- their own, much that of others. They’ve heard all of the lies over the decades and were fooled by them EVERY STINKING TIME; they have seen the true character of those who rule them, and yet they continue to fall for every new lie, and argue against every iota of logic, like a child at a carnival who repeatedly gets sucked into every crooked game by every carnival barker saying “Step right up and win a prize! Just get the ring over the peg and win the prize!”.

        This is the world they’ve allowed; the world they’ve helped to create by their complicity and nonchalance and refusal to ever take a stand.

        We have arrived at the point where the stakes are now very high -life and death- and it is past time to mourn for those who reap the consequences of their own actions and choices, because it’s not like these things have arisen out of the blue, but rather, they have had many years of practical experience to know how these things work, but they have chosen to ignore all of the evidence.

        At this point, those who reap severe consequences may at least serve as an example to those for whom there may at least be a glimmer of hope.

        I’m just grateful that my mother has come to see the truth about this nonsense. The vast majority of my other relatives have drunk the Kool-aid….or at least gone along with drinking it because they consider the prospect of finding another “crappy” job, or doing something else more egregious than anything they might suffer from the vax. We’ll see if they still feel that way when they start manifesting severe “reactions” or dying. Was it worth it for the crappy job that they hate anyway, or for a little convenience, or so as not to “offend” some stranger at Walmart?

        I just find it hsard to care. Touch the hot stove and get burned. Told ya not to, stupid!

        • “were fooled by them EVERY STINKING TIME”
          Indeed, it is amazing. You can walk up to most anybody on the street and ask them if they trust politicians, and they’ll say “hell no”, and then turn right around and vote for one, and believe them.

  20. One of the most frustrating aspects is the cognitive dissonance of people saying one thing and doing something entirely different. I have numerous friends and family members that have talked very strongly about how all of this is nonsense and they won’t be swayed by the propaganda. I was initially comforted by that, but then slowly found out many have capitulated for various “practical” reasons.

    They justify it with things like: “I decided to wear a mask because I don’t want to make others feel uncomfortable.” “Well, how am I going to buy food?” “Yeah, but I’m not going to get into a fist fight over wearing a mask for a few minutes while I shop.” “But I had to get the vaccine because my employer requires it.” “You don’t understand, I want to travel outside the country; I have to get the vaxx.”

    I’ve had many conversations with a family member that has said he knows this is all bullshit and a complete power grab. Yet he recently submitted to the jab. When I asked why, he told me his employer required it. I asked him why he didn’t quit and get a new job. He said he didn’t think he could find a job that pays as well. I asked him what that made him. His literal response was: “I guess that makes me a whore, huh.” Bingo!

    The weakness of people is nothing less than astonishing to me.

    • I know some small businesspeople who were effectively forced by their customers to both a) largely ignore the mask mandate and b) get themselves vaxxed. It was either that, or fold up shop & go out of business, and they can’t afford to retire yet.

      It’s a weird world.

      • What is wrong with (a)?

        Of course, a business owner should not have to be convinced to ignore mask mandates, but, if he is initially complying with the same, how dare he act the totalitarian and deprive his patrons of their respiratory rights?

      • What customer is asking/insisting small businesspeople get vaxxed? This is nonsense. It sounds like a small businesspeople justification for getting vaxxed. “What was I supposed to do? I was effectively forced to get vaxxed or go out of business.”

        Not buying it at all. It’s just justification of weakness to social pressure from the TeeVee.

        • Hi ML,

          I am going to burst your bubble, but their are a few customers that will not deal with one that is unvaxxed, especially if you arrive to their home or business. I have a few. Am I getting jabbed? No way in hell.

          At first I tried to be sympathetic, but I am at a point where I refuse to participate in it any longer. If they require one I tell them that I am not and if they want to handle everything by mail or email or if they wish to find someone else I am sorry to hear it, but understand. I have had several wishing to switch work from in person to mail, but so far, no one has terminated a business relationship with me. Knock on wood. I have had many others who we meet in person and no one says anything, which is how it should be.

          • I probably shouldn’t have used the “asked” when I really meant insisted. Customers “ask” for things all the time that they don’t get. It sounds like nobody has insisted that you vaxx, and if so you would have the conviction to say the magic word: NO.

            I find it implausible that somebody, who would not otherwise submit to the jab, would do so because a customer demanded it. Publius’ statement that “I know some small businesspeople who were effectively forced by their customers to. . .get themselves vaxxed” sounds an awful lot like: “I had a friend that died of Covid; therefore it’s a deadly disease,” only to learn after a bit of inquiry that it was really a “facebook friend’s” 82-year-old uncle that died and “and they said it was Covid.”

            • Yep, Mr. L. If this were a REAL “pandemic” I think it safe to say that after a year and a half I should personally know of many people who would have died from the dreaded boogeyman….but in reality, after a freaking year and a half of “The cases! The Cases!” and “overwhelmed hospitals” and “millions of deaths”, the only one I know who died, supposedly from COVID, was a 90 year-old aunt, who lived at “Ground Zero” (The Flushing section of Queens, NYC- appropriately named, for such a toilet!)…in a state where every hang-nail is counted as “COVID”- Far more likely that she died from being put on a respirator- or from the vax, which I have not been able to sonfirm if she had or not…but likely had taken, as her husband has [AFTER also havin COVID]….as their physician is/was a personal friend of theirs.

              Gee…how “rare” is that, that a 90 year-old should die?! ……. “Cut down in her prime by the dreaded disease”! 😉

              • The WHO changed its qualifications for pandemics. They no longer apply illness or death as a requirement. All it has to do is be contagious and wide spread. Just in time for COVID. If it was contagious dandruff would qualify.

            • It’s a dance studio, husband-wife team. Lots of old people clients, widely varying risk perceptions/tolerances.

              I fully believe they were at serious risk of losing half their clients on both sides of the spectrum. In addition, one was vaccine-hesitant, the other was vaccine-gung-ho. And half of their teachers literally spent a year not going outside. And someone called the cops on them for filming themselves alone in their own studio (did I mention they are married to each other?) to put up videos on the studio Facebook page during lockdown.

              I’m not going to name names here, they are good people & good personal friends of mine, and they managed to keep an island of relative sanity afloat during the worst of it so far. I’m grateful for that.

              I am going to point out that Scylla is on one side, and Charybdis is on the other.

              • These are real people, who got put in a bad situation by the social milieu.

                I’m also saying, remember that this is real, this is not the faculty lounge, and we’re playing with live ammunition here. Not literally, yet, but the risks and the costs are real and immediate, while the benefits—although they are, I believe, immense—are unrealized and remain in very much in the indefinite future.

    • DO you want to know something more infuriating Mr Liberty ? The amount of people who are realising this was mostly a con, particularly how dangerous and useless the Jab is, but not only play along but talk you down and spout venom and vitriol your way because you’re one of those who’s been saying its a con since the start….

      Have recently had a lot of that in the UK, where all the sheep were thinking if they were good livestock and did as they were told, they would be “allowed” to travel in the summer…. ofcourse our “freedom day” came and went and in reality nothing changed…. so many at a party the other day were talking about what a con it was, so far as saying “whats the point of a jab”…. to which I responded – yeh some of us have been saying that for over a year… !! To which they ganged up on me for hilighthing that and started back on the old logic of how people are stupid and dont take it seriously, and how big a deal it is… and how wonderful the jab is !!

      Jealousy is a strange thing it seems….

      • Hi Nasir,

        There is a weird element of masochism and sadism operative here. These Kabuki-ites seem to enjoy being degraded and made to suffer but they also burn to make others suffer and to degrade them, too. It is exactly of a piece with the person in prison who is delighted when an escaped inmate is caught and punished.

        • Eric, personally for me this was very disappointing I have to say. I thought we would reach a point where the people will realise what a con this was and SUPPORT people like us who were against it from the start (thats what you do right, you realise your mistake and try to make the most of the situation).

          But after that gathering Ive started to think we may just have a steeper up hill battle….. and the desire for us escapees to be punished is more than ever…..

  21. Act or react.

    Why is there so much Sturm und Drang about a paper mask that is harmless? Just wear the damn thing and respect the request. Jeebus, go along to get along. Come on, man, cooperate, you will if you know what is good for you.

    The beatings will continue until the morale improves. In addition, the mask mandates will continue until there is 100 percent compliance, everyone’s morale will improve then.

    Weren’t there about a million Europeans protesting the mask/vaccine mandates over the weekend?

    Resistance to the vaccine is there, I suspect this is all going to go kinetic very soon. The French aren’t happy about all of this stuff at all. Assimilation ain’t really happening. There is probably some foundry in France building a new state of the art guillotine, some kind of laser one, with a laser gyroscope to boot.

    “We will not submit to your bullshit.” – words that appeared on a US federal building after 911.

    People don’t need to live in peace and harmony, the powers that be can foment discord from time to time.

    Don’t have to look too far to see what’s really going on.

    Slavery won’t be all that bad, have to give up a few things, but you’ll still be alive.

    Probably not too happy about it by now, but at this point it makes no difference.

    If you wear a mask, you are already enslaved. Enjoy!

    • Can you imagine the lawsuits over being forced to inhale fibrous polyester material all day (occupational exposure), if it turns out that it’s not harmless? What if it causes lung cancer, or a version of black lung?

      It will make the asbestos lawsuits look like Romper Room.

      • Those polyester masks can do harm and are to be worn less than twenty minutes. Says so, so don’t wear them. IOW, they suck, literally.

        You can’t have barley malt unless you sprout it, then bake it to seal in the biscuit-flavored maltose, then you can make beer.

        At one time I managed a grain handling facility, a concrete elevator that held 327,000 bushels. I wore masks because grain dust is everywhere when you are elevating grain.

        The form fitting paper masks were useless. The only mask that prevented grain dust from entering my lungs was a 3/16th inch felt material with a silicone seal over your nose and to the chin. A felt mask was the most effective to stop grain dust being breathed into your lungs.

        If you fear fresh air, wear a mask at all times, a felt mask will do the job.

        There has been a smoke haze in the air for two weeks from fires in California, Oregon, Canada, Siberia. No end to the haze this summer. A lazy, hazy, crazy summer is happening as the world turns.

        Since the middle of March to now, nearing the end of July, there has been a mere five inches of rain. Not enough, crops are failing, the very poor to poor to fair is 67 percent of all planted crops, except for sugar beets. There is a small town twenty miles south that has had one inch of rain. That’s arid desert in the making.

        Not severe drought, the rivers and lakes aren’t going dry, but extreme drought conditions do prevail. It has never been so dry in my lifetime, 1959-60 was dry, but not like this. 1988 was hot and dry, but this is worse, record temps set in 1988 have been broken.

        During the 1930’s a lake, a sink, a source, was completely dry, you could walk across the dry lake bed. It ain’t like that yet, although, you have to water constantly to have growth of plants, water is the number one limiting factor this summer. One for the books.

        Not complete disaster, but disaster looms.

        If not for irrigation in some states along the Great Plains, it would be fubar beyond hope. The USDA crop reports for all states translates to this is not Armageddon.

        “Things ain’t bad yet, I’ve seen one dog eat another.” – words of an old timer during the Great Depression

        Too much gloom and doom, time for more beer.

        If anything, masks cause psychological depression, which makes sense. Klaus would approve, George would approve, Bill would approve, Paul Ehrlich would approve.

        Don’t wear them, you will be glad you don’t.

        Furthermore, don’t listen to idiots like Dr. Fauci, common sense tells you not to pay attention whatsoever.

        Pay attention, don’t wear masks.

    • “Slavery won’t be all that bad, have to give up a few things, but you’ll still be alive.”

      So…what’s the upside?

  22. “Not one inch.”
    Indeed. I hear people who seem to be generally opposed to diapers conceding that, well, you should wear one if you’re in a susceptible group, or if you’re going to wear one make sure it’s an N-95, or if cases in your area are up, yeah, it’s good to put one on indoors.
    No, no, no. These tiny viruses will not be stopped by any “face covering” that has holes in it big enough to allow you to breathe. They do not work. I’ve been using N-95 masks for 40 years for what they are designed for: to keep dangerous dust out of my lungs. There are many pre-covid randomized controlled trials that show there is no benefit to them when it comes to the spread of respiratory viruses. This was not controversial until it was dragged into the sewer of politics in 2020. Plus, the covid results are now in. @ianmSC tweets the proof every day.
    It has been shocking to hear doctors pushing these things. How can you make it through medical school when you’re too stupid to understand something so simple? The St. Louis mandates that are reinstated as of today were imposed at the urging of physicians, one of whom claims “We squandered a big opportunity to really crush coronavirus in this country” by not meekly obeying every order that comes down, regardless of its absurdity.
    Note that in this story, a guy who has been vaccinated since May is now quarantined with covid. He thinks it’s because he didn’t wear a mask:

  23. I am in a dark blue California town and the masks never really came off outdoors even when Newsolini allowed us to have “freedom” on June 15th. I’m noticing even more diapers coming back in indoors and outdoors again. A few local businesses are going back to requiring masks indoors due to a new county “recommendation” to diaper and because of the “quickly spreading delta variant.” These businesses just eagerly jumped on the opportunity to diaper their customers again either out of fear or out of a sense of sanctimony. I’m just really disappointed in people. I never realized how fearful and sheeplike most people around me are. You are correct, Eric. This will be permanent if most people choose to diaper again. The kabuki is already permanent in looney far left areas like mine.

  24. Meanwhile, the WHO and the CDC have put a dagger through the heart of the entire charade. Both have determined the PCR test is not credible. The CDC will NOT seek to continue its Emergency Use Authorization past the end of the year. Which means that according to the WHO and the CDC, none of the statistics published since the beginning are valid, since the PCR test was used to generate them. Of course CNN et al will fail to notice. Cycle count has been increased and decreased to provide the desired propaganda numbers of cases. Still going on, even after being openly admitted back in January.

    • It would be hard to overstate how huge this is to the whole scamdemic. I suspect that, rather than causing a unified groundswell of popular opposition, those that don’t want to know about it will continue not knowing.

      • I suspect few will ever hear about it, since they barely care about information of any kind, and so get it all from CNN and the like.

    • Covidus is like Jason or Freddie: putting a dagger through its heart only makes it madder, and redouble its brutal rampage. It is an undead ideology that finds supernatural strength in its very putrefaction.

      • Like I said, CNN et al won’t manage to report it.
        It would be a hoot if Facebook flagged it as misinformation, even though it comes from their favorite source of “real’ information.

  25. “It cannot be overstated. Do not put on a Face Diaper this time. Refuse to do it and don’t be ashamed to not do it. Do not give in to the fear – or the pressure. Even at the risk of your job.”

    I quit a job a bit over a year ago over the face diapers. Tried to get another “normal” job as a tax preparer, that didn’t work out either partially because of the corona nonsense. Today, I won’t work a “normal” job unless and until all the stupid bullshit stops. And maybe not even then. I’m in the process of learning web design, and since my financial needs are few, I can just continue to freelance and say to hell with companies, paranoid bosses, the whole lot of it. There are plenty of ways to make money without a “normal” job, and I aim to find out what some of them are.

    • It matters little if you keep your job if you’re dead, or disabled to the point of becoming invalid and unable to work any job. Wear the mask and your argument not to be vaxxed is on shaky ground. Take the vaxx and your wellbeing if not your LIFE are on shaky ground.
      If you have to pay people, or hold a gun to their heads to get them to take the vaxx it doesn’t exactly inspire confidence.
      Curious that the “champions of the poor” haven’t pointed out how the lotteries, and other sources of payment to take the vaxx are most abusive to those in financial straits.

    • Amen, Jim –

      Whatever it takes.

      Because it is that important.

      Some took issue with me over my adamant refusal to Diaper and my criticism of those who did. I urged them to consider that accepting the Diaper meant accepting the lie and would need to the Needle. It was incandescently obvious to me. I wish it had been to more people. I hope it is still not too late for them to see it – and to refuse, this time.

    • Good luck, Jim!
      i think this mask requirement to work is coming to my workplace soon. I am not as young as you, perhaps, to find something else. I am still wondering what to do if I am forced to vax or leave…

      • Hi MASH,

        I understand this is – and will be – difficult for many, me among them. But how much are our lives worth? How much is it worth it to buckle to this and what that buckling will mean, going forward? Do you have kids? I don’t but I do have a niece I care about a lot and I do not want that kid to grow up in a world of fear based on a lie. I will do everything within my power to prevent it.

      • I can only imagine what a quandary this must be for many. Especially given that available employment may inflict the very same theater on you again. I can only suggest you make your footprint as small as possible, so it takes less for you to live, and opens up more employment possibilities. I did it in preparation for retirement, and now the $1400 I get from SS is a saving wage. I do live alone, so I have an advantage over many if not most.
        He is richest whose pleasures are cheapest.
        One that has nothing, and wants nothing, has everything.

      • Not as young as me? I’m pushing 60 (next year). Was a programmer for over 25 years, that’s why I decided to try my hand at freelance web design. The best moves I made were to first, get a divorce (you know the old saying that it’s cheaper to keep her? not my ex) and second, to get most of my debt paid off in the years following. Without a ton of bills to worry about, I’m in a position now where I can afford to freelance and have inconsistent income. Honestly, that really needs to be taught to all our kids, it will save them a world of hurt later.

        • Hey Jim,

          That’s awesome about having a freelance programming job. I’m shooting for something a bit like that, though I’m not really a web-designer (yet). More at analytical software, data visualization, that sort of things, among many other possibly lucrative pursuits.

    • Wow jim amazing…. hope I have the kind of balls you do to make that sort of choice if im forced…. though i guess I dont have as few needs as you. Trying to set up a couple things on the side so I can kick the corporate gig if it ever comes to that… wish me luck…

    • That’s the spirit!
      Best of luck to you!

      Debt is perhaps one of the worst things to have right now (specially if one doesn’t have savings). You probably feel like shackles have been cut from the feet.

      • Indeed, I was raised to avoid debt like the plague, and haven’t had any for about 25 years. Sage advice from my late father, “if you live above your means you never have money, if you live beneath them you always do”.

        • Amen, John! Avoiding debt is the pivotal thing one can do in the modern world to remain free (That, and choosing carefully where to live). Debt is slavery, and is something upon which so many other aspects of enslavement are predicated. The avoidance of debt will do more to help secure one’s freedom today than virtually any other thing that we can do. Once we take on debt, we also take on all the other obligations that debt incurrs, which is what keeps most people bound to the system and determines so many other aspects of their lives.

          It is easy to see why banks (credit cards…) and government (student loans) are so eager to start the cycle of debt when we are but mere teenagers. Get a student loan, a car payment, credit card debt, a mortgage, and it is near impossible to ever break free of the cycle for many decades, if ever- and not until one has squandered the best years of their life.

          I heard this great little parable t’other day- I found a copy of it online that I can link to:

          The Story Of The Mexican Fisherman (It’s very short)

          The Mexican in the story represents how I’ve always thought- and how one would think would be the norm for sane people- but instead, it seems that most around us think more like the businessman in the story. The story, IMO, illustrates that what so many are pursuing today is all for naught.

          • One of the employers in my life got to hear my favorite word quite often. NO. On numerous occasions he said “your a good hand, but I wish you would buy a big house and a really nice car, and quit telling me aren’t working late or this weekend. It’s hard to get enough work out of a guy who has nothing but wants nothing.”

          • Hiya Nunz!
            Great story, thanks for that link; of course the business man makes the assumption that everything goes right and according to plan. Meanwhile the fisherman missed all that BS and is right where he wanted to be all along.
            An old buddy of mine had a good part time gig where he only needed to work three days a week, when people would ask him why he only worked three days his reply was “because I can’t make enough money in two.”

            • Hey Ya Mike!

              Ha! Yeah, that Mexican sounds a lot like me. I’ve pretty much lived my whole life that way.

              It seems that all my peers tool the other route.
              “But how will you get into a good college if you skip school/drop-out?”
              (I don’t want to go to college…)

              “How will you land a good career if you don’t go to college?”
              (I don’t want a ‘career’)

              “How will you get a mortgage and credit cards and but a new car if you don’t have a good career?”
              (I don’t want a mortgage, etc.)

              “How will you afford health insurance?”
              “How will you be able to retire?”
              Ad infinitum.

              I’ve had a great life thus far. Have not worked very hard; spent a lot of time doing what I want/enjoy. Live in a beautiful place that I own free and clear. Have changed “careers” often, so avoid boredom, and satiate my curiosity, while not having to live like a perpetual school child. I’ve essentially been ‘semi-retired’ all of my life!

              My peers? They’ve pretty much lived the rat-race, living in expensive placves that are not conducive to a pleasant life…having to take ‘vacations’ all the time to have a few days of relief (I’ve never taken a vacation in my life…always enjoyed where i was and what I was doing far to much to go globe-trotting)….some of those peers may make it to retirement- to have a few good years, likely when they are no longer able to enjoy it- but the thing is, SO MANY of them are dead already, never making past their 40’s or 50’s….and those decades they had were spent always grasping for some future benefit while squandering the present. For all of their investments and retirement plans, et al, I know of none who have had the freedom, satisfaction, and experiences I have had thus far. And now even the ones who remain alive, what do they have? The world has gone to hell…….

              I like your buddy! My sentiments exactly!

    • @Jim, my husband spent the past year studying for a career change too. It’s a smart idea for you to do, IMO. His career path is, or will be, appliance repair > tech support > sysAdmin > software development, and most of the jobs in the third category are (or can be) work from home.

      On the other hand, I have been out of work, and it’s nothing to do with CONvid. Am dealing with an illness that could become quite catastrophic if I agreed to take the Holy Poison demanded by Pope Fauxi, Hizzoner Warren Wilheilm DeBlahBlah, “Uncle” Pedo Joe et. al. But all that is actually irrelevant. I would not comply even if I technically “could.” I do not bend the knee to tyranny. As I am in a related branch of the tech industry, I also will seek to WFH in my next job. As I will absolutely NOT degrade my health further for the pleasure of a skill-free HR crone on a power trip or to feed into the Munchausens-by-proxy of some pink-haired “gender-neutral” degenerate sporting those glasses that scream “ATTENTION: I HAVE A CLUSTER B DISORDER!!!!”

      Still undiapered on the NYC subway, whenever I have to take it. The rage faces I get from the usual suspects is breathtaking, albeit hilarious. And hypocritically absent when young men, especially those of the “rapper-American” or “basketball-American” persuasion likewise board sans Diaper. But I am a middle-aged white lady, making me a top cause of all national ills per the criminal Biden administration and its acolytes, and a Karen no matter what, so I best OBEY or else!

      (The upside: Have seen more young white women refusing the diaper on the trains in the last 2 weeks. I guess some of them are fed up, too—or realizing, too late for some, that the Party of Donkey is not their friend—and are saying fuckit.

      Related to this, I have an amusing story about Diaper antics on the NYC subway to share—hope to make a separate post about that though.)

      Eric, I am so glad to hear you got to see your Mom. I hope the visit went well; it sounded like it did. I am still reading fairly regularly, just not commenting much due to struggling w/ energy and pain. Thanks, as always, for providing a beacon of sanity in an insane world.

      • Lol, the gayboy New Yorkers don’t dare give the basketball Americans rage face.

        I enjoyed reading your comment. Wishing you more health and ENERGY!!

    • The likewise government created catastrophe that awaits us is the destruction of the dollar. Having a job or not may not remain such a critical issue. Wear the mask and take the vaxx to keep your job, and then get laid off. Now your sick from the vaxx, the government is NOT paying out for injury from these vaxxes as they do others, and you have no income. Might as well have refused the mask, lost your job, and at least been more likely to be healthy.


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