Kabuki Pushback

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If you say no to something being pushed on you, you may avoid being forced to say yes to it eventually.

Apparently, that’s just what’s happened. Or rather, hasn’t.

Because of it.

The saying of no.

Wal-Mart, Kroger, Lowes, Home Depot and a number of other national store chains decreed a couple of weeks ago that everyone must Diaper to enter. They did so in an almost . . . conspiratorial manner, all at once and in conjunction with a sudden spike in Fear Porn about the cases! the cases! – i.e., the number of people who tested positive for having Corona, though not usually any symptoms and almost never death – the latter almost never mentioned by the  Fear Organ grinders, for all the ought-to-be-obvious reasons.

Good news – “mandatory” Diapering no longer is.

Because enough of us said no. And their fear – for a change – of possible repercussions.

These chains have just announced modifications of their mandates – policies, really – out of concern over the possibility of confrontations initiated by the Diaper’d and demented against the Undiapered, who aren’t. The latter are there to shop – and who, in mentally healthier times, would have done just that and no more. But the Undiapered are under increasing psychological assault by the mentally unstable – the Diaper Demented – for whom it is not enough to wear the Diaper themselves – and leave others alone.

Which, if sickness were at issue – and Diaper-wearing effective at preventing it – you’d think they’d be content with, since the Diapered are protected and the Undiapered can’t spread sickness they haven’t got.

That being what is regularly asserted is “the science.”

But  – as also ought to be obvious by now – it’s about compliance – the Diaper being the physical symbol thereof.

The antidote for that is defiance.

There have been several physical altercations resulting from this, including the shooting to death of at least one old man (story here) by armed government workers after store workers provoked the old guy by trying to force him to put on a Diaper and thereby assume the role-play of an obedient Leper Pretender. This was too much for the old man, who asserted his dignity – by asserting sanity – which led to a scuffle – that ended in a Hut! Hut! Hut! and the old man dead.

Which, as one of the store employees bravely admitted, would almost certainly not have happened had the old man been left alone in the first place.

More such incidents are likely as sane people’s resentment over being pariah-ized for refusing to  play along with Sickness Kabuki (which goes much deeper than a sick pantomine for the benefit of people PTSD’d by the incessant Fear Porn; the Diapering being the prequel to the Needling that is certain to come – if the Diapering isn’t beaten back) increases as their liberty to express their sanity decreases.

At some point, bullied people lose patience.

That this is already happening – just two weeks into what the corporations that are trying to do what the government can’t (yet, lacking legal authority) or doesn’t dare (yet, being afraid of public backlash). Thy had hoped their concerted Diaper Decreeing would be an exercise in easy acquiescence that turned out to be uneasy – for them – which is very good news for us.

For sanity.

It proves that resistance is not futile – much as they want us (the Undiapered) to believe it is.

What’s fatal is kowtowing to something you know is wrong for the sake of not making a fuss, thereby lending it a legitimacy it would otherwise not have.

A less serious example of the effectiveness of the power of no was the widespread refusal to say yes to the government’s insistence that everyone Drive 55 – the ‘70s equivalent of Diapering your car. The government actually tried to Diaper car speedometers by imposing – briefly – a mandate that none read higher than 85 MPH.

Which only encouraged people to drive even faster – motivated by irritation at the effrontery.

The National Maximum Speed Limit – as it was styled – was also sold as a virtue and many tried to signal it. As by deliberately using the cars to block anyone trying to defy it.

Those who ignored it were of course smeared as “dangerous,” lectured by Authoritative Voices that their disobedience would “cost lives.”

A familiar refrain.

But a critical mass of drivers refused to say yes – by ignoring the signs.

They knew that driving 75 on the same highways upon which it was previously legal to drive that speed was no more dangerous than a healthy person walking past a sign demanding they Diaper up.

Then – as now – people began to resent being targeted and harassed for doing nothing that wasn’t considered normal as well as legal (like breathing freely) prior to the passage of the arbitrary edict.

They knew that not driving 55 didn’t equal death anymore than “cases” do today.

The NMSL became unenforceable. But more important, widespread disobedience and contempt utterly destroyed the NMSL’s moral force, if it ever had any. It also undermined legitimate peace-keeping as people began to regard cops with great – deserved – cynicism as mere mulcters, performing kabuki at ticketpoint. It arguably encouraged good cops to resign – in disgust – and bad ones to take their place.

History doesn’t repeat – it rhymes.

It is also instructive. A society suffers what enough of its members are willing to tolerate.

Because a few brave people refused to tolerate Diaper Decrees, the pressure to Diaper has abated a bit.

Now it’s a question of increasing the pressure.

Whereby we may also avoid the needle.

. . .

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  1. It happened again! Same exact scenario as last week.

    Had to go to town to pick something up for Mater, so I swung by Walton’s Weirdoland to pick up a few things. (Different location than last week). Going down the cattle chute to approach the doors, the posted health-compliance associate (promoted from cart-wrangler last week) says “Do you have your mask, sir?” Like a dope, I forgot to say “I only wear masks on Halloween”- I just said “Nope!” to which he just replied “O-K.”- and just like last week, there were two NOT-elderly (but quite youthful) people in front of me- only goils this time, instead of guys- and when they heard my exchange with the cart-wr…err…health-compliance jigaboo, they immediately turned to look back in shock at who this radical mask-mandate defier was!

    That scares me more than anything- that they have been so able to successfully portray this BS as “normal” over so short a period of time, that if one does not buy into the propaganda and or dares to exercise any actual autonomy, that all who realize that you are doing so are literally shocked by our “radical actions” of merely going about our lives as we always have; as they always have- until a few months ago.

    • Morning, Nunz!

      There is an element of sadism a work. Also masochism – and I think they are related. The Diapered – not all, but a lot of them – seem to enjoy Diapering, in the way that some people enjoy wearing a gimp suit (or driving a Prius). They see themselves as enduring something for a greater good. Which morphs into resentment – and anger – toward those who do share their vision. Such people become punishment objects. Mark that. There is a clear desire to inflict suffering on people who do not Diaper. It is palpable. Solzhenitsyn describes this in his writings. People such as those you dealt with are dangerous. They are no different in their mentality than NKVD thugs and witch burners.

      Get ready as it may be necessary to defend ourselves physically from these very sick people.

      • Mornin’ Eric!

        All very true! In addition to that, something you mentioned in another article- “community” (The stinking AGW chiding the “non-complier” for not being a part of the community…) is likely the key psychological factor.

        The mask is the new visible symbol of the “global community of humanity”, and those who actually exercise any true traits of humanity by actually assessing facts and thinking for themselves, and exercising autonomy, and choosing the level of risk they are comfortable with, are not only outside of the community of sheep, but are seen as posing a threat to that community, and as being “hostile” to it because we “threaten their safety, and do not comply with the ‘benevolent’ dictates which were established to ensure ‘safety’ “.

        The way these people turn to look- an immediate reaction done candidly and without thought, as if they had heard the person behind them announce that they had a bomb or had asked where the kiddie-po rn section is, is proof of just how ingrained their belief and faith in the narrative which has been foisted upon them is! They turn in shock, as if expecting to see Osama Bin What’s-His-Name standing behind them!

  2. On one hand: I live in a fairly sane city with a milquetoast mayor

    On the other: I live in an area served by the sheriff’s department, which is run by a would be tyrant who was the AIC of the debacle at ruby ridge.

    I dont want some enforcer plugging me over a damn store policy, I have so much to live for.

    Well not really but I still dont want to get shot by some power tripping enforcer with dreams of federal service.

    • **”a would be tyrant who was the AIC of the debacle at ruby ridge.”**

      The fact that that prick is still alive is proof that the good people are in this thing alone. In a saner time or place, someone would have offed him long ago.

  3. This is in NO way a victory in fighting the diapers. Merely the enemies “losing a pawn in the long game”. It was planned. How many moves ahead in the game have been planned on both sides?

    It was bound to fail due to the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and HIPAA laws. Both ways in which one can use the laws for public accommodation and employment to resist diaper mandates from retailers and employers based on health or religious reasons. No need to say what is wrong with you or to quote scripture.

    Why did they put the pawn out there to die? Not only is it more mental conditioning for the sheeple but to put the onus on governors to mandate diapers. Which, eventually, they will. Nationwide. Once it starts getting cold, “the cases go up” (and I predict, the “mutant”, COVID-20 showing up), they will mandate everyone diaper.

    What’s after that? Well, you can’t get the diaper off unless you needle.

    What’s after that? Shame for not needling as you are seen with your diaper out and about as your Scarlett letter.

    What’s after that? Forced needling for the insane anti-vaxxers. It’s the same as castrating rapists after all.

    What’s after that? Long game, digital slavery. Seems so many are still upset about the last go-round with slavery but don’t see the tech-slavers are already putting the chains on them.

    • Yes, no doubt, J., one day soon one will have to show “legitimate proof” of a “qualifying disability” in order to be excepted from the likely nationwide mask mandate- like a doctor’s letter or certificate or something…and then they will morph that into an implanted chip which contain one’s exception or “proof of immunity or vaccination”. I have no doubts that that is the plan.

    • Well-said, J – I agree with your summary completely.

      Still, it is possible that Diapering can be beaten back if enough resist to make it impractical to impose it; if enough people grow weary of it. But I agree, it is not probable given the level of hysteria and fear that’s been created.

      Still, worth a try.

      • The results of one’s action are not the only criteria for taking such action. For example, Stalin’s extermination of the Kulak population may have been inevitable, but that would not excuse one for participating in it. Likewise, the ethical action of resisting masking may be fruitless, but should be vigorously undertaken, regardless. If one believes that masking is detrimental to both health and liberty, but undertakes to wear one for convenience, they are morally inferior to one who wears one because they believe they are effective. A position I refuse to occupy.

        • Well-said, JWK –

          I won’t wear for one for just those reasons; because I’m not spreading anything (except perhaps BO) and because I despise this business of literally costuming conformity.

      • There is still hope. Here in Missouri, there are an abundance of small towns that are still showing little acknowledgment that there is such a thing as corona flu. Masking there has lately increased slightly, but not nearly to the degree as in the local, larger college town. In spite of the large populations of metropolitan areas, most people, about 70%, do not live in them.

  4. On a slightly funny note of this mandatory mask thing – how do banks stop robbers ?!? i mean everyone is walking around with a mask on !! Or if an uber pulls up to a jeweller, with everyone wearing a mask – whats the guy at the store meant to do !!! I

  5. Was in the parking lot of a tractor supply store, you can’t get through the door unless you have a mask covering your face. You lose right away. No mask, no entry.

    See ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya!

    Sat in the parking lot at a Walmart, no entry without a mask. Okay, I’ll wait outside for the order to get there.

    These condescending patronizing shitheads can go straight to hell.

    Tar and feather time.

    Other local businesses could care less.

    I don’t need no stinkin’ mask and I ain’t buyin’ any of it. How do I know that the mask isn’t COVID-19 free? Masks could be infecting you, intentionally, if this is bio-warfare, you can’t trust any of it.

    How do I know that the person dispensing them hasn’t been tested and could be COVID-19 free or not.

    You ain’t got gloves on, I’m not touching anything you have in your hand. Ain’t no fool no more.

    You don’t want me in there unless I wear a mask from origins unknown, could be infected, no matter how or where you buy them, I don’t have to buy into your stupid shtick. You’re using your bare hands, you are liable at that point.

    This is blatant abuse of humanity, an evil nonpareil.

    • If MY Tractor Supply pulls that, I will never set foot in there again! (Doubt they will though, as the last time I was there, virtually no one was complying- and since their customer base here is made up of about 98% real farmers and rural-dwellers, the store would likely be empty if they tried that here)

  6. Ironically, the narrative I’ve been hearing of late is that if we’d all just diaper up we’d be through this already. Never mind that NY, CT, NJ, PA, MA have been diapering for four months now and we are no closer now than at the beginning of being through anything. Not to mention, to the extent the diaper is effective, all it’s doing is prolonging the spread and slowing the onset of herd immunity. Probably because Moderna and Pfizer need subjects in which to test their vaccine poison. After all, if herd immunity sets in and there are few/no cases, and no one to immunize, then how to make billions off of your vaccine?

    Relatedly, did anyone notice the billions of dollars being given by BARDA to Big Pharma companies? 450 million to Moderna, 2 billion to Pfizer, etc. While millions of people are thrown out of their jobs and given $1200 in cheese? WTF?

    • Well! Don’t you know that the masks are only effective if you follow the one-way arrows on the floors of supermarket aisles?! Go the wrong way down a one-way aisle, and all bets are off! 😉

  7. Great analogy – but I’d be surprised if non-compliance to face diapering is even 1%.

    Here’s my question to the maskers:

    So you think a piece of cloth works effectively to filter out the virus? OK. I strongly disagree, but OK – let’s go with your theory. We’ll even leave aside the gaping holes around the nose and chin of these stupid things, and the fact that 50% of the people I see have them pulled beneath their nose (so they can actually breath air not laden with CO2 I assume).

    I’ll also leave aside the fact that during a cough or sneeze, the vast majority of the air goes out those gaping holes I commented about. The cloth cannot handle the airflow needed to deal with a cough or sneeze. Those gaping holes will become even larger during such an event.

    Try sneezing with a mask on – the mask will lift right off your face and find the path of least resistance out the top, sides, and bottom.

    But I digress, let’s go with the maskers’ theory that masks are effective.

    So if a mask is effective for filtering out the virus by your own admissions, why do you believe this cloth only filters in ONE DIRECTION?

    If a cloth if effective for filtering the virus from “the infected” upon EXHALATION, then it also must protect the mask wearer during INHALATION.

    If the cloth filters my germ laden respiration products, then it also, by very definition, filters the contaminated air you’re petrified of breathing.

    So again – why do I need a mask?

    Logic is not a very strong suit of the maskers.

    • The propaganda mantra is but, but all the (completely apolitical, non partisan, sciency-type wink, wink) “experts” unanimously agree that masks “work”, or sumpin’. This buttresses the sheep soothing and alliterative 3 “W’s” chant of all levels of gov’t functionaries in NC. Contradictions, logic, facts, randomized peer reviewed science, none of it matters to these mask cultists. Nor do I think the insanity will end anytime soon. Orange Man has folded and is going in the wrong direction now. Ominously, I understand that, in some big box stores (fascistic accomplices of the gov’t due to the obscene amount of EBT and other gov bennies they hoover up every day) may even be keeping “lists” of those who “resist”.

      One major aspect of this is that the traditional business/customer relationship, among many other governmental and economic things, has been upended. Shopkeepers and low level employees who have always secretly hated and seethed in resentment against customers, including anyone they perceive as “better off”, or want everyone to suffer from masks because it is a condition of their employment now can live out their fantasy by harassing, if not outright rejecting, customers who don’t wish to comply with the kabuki. In some cases, organized labor is the unseen hand in this. My US post office is a perfect example. The postmaster is a public sector union “captain” or some such nonsense. I have never seen someone adopt masking so quickly, pervasively, and persistently, even before the official flip from “they don’t work” to “they do work, sorta, kinda, maybe not”. There are literally 5 “mask required” signs on every door Plexiglass and shower curtains between clerk and customer. Disposable q-tips to touch the credit card keypad. Since mid-March.

      There is no question that actual communists and their useful idiots are pouring over the ramparts literally and figuratively as we speak. When, not if, the money printing stops and/or inflation roars, Katie bar the door. The fight over masks will likely seem quaint.

        • Nah. Longtime reader/lurker recent commenter. Whatever happened to Ozymandias? Or another guy that was kinda prolific on here back in the day, Bevin?

          • Hi Hatteras,

            I’m not sure what happened to Ozzy. He may be angry with me for deleting some of his posts – not because they were offensive (I don’t take offense easily and I take seriously my obligation as a publisher to not stifle other people’s opinions, even if I disagree with them) but rather because they – the ones I deleted – were unintelligible. I couldn’t divine what he was trying to convey and figured others couldn’t, either. These posts were often paragraphs long – and so took up a lot of space – and weren’t adding anything to the discusion, so I nixed them.

            No offense, Ozzy – if you’re reading this.

            Bevin had to deal with an illness. I hope he is doing well. If he is reading this, perhaps he’ll let us know!

            • Fascinating. Been a reader of this site and many other libertarian sites for about a decade. Comment sections on those sites and across the internet have changed so much over the years and I comment a lot less than I used to. Too many bots and ban hammers. I really like your simple comment interface without having to provide “papers please” to some big tech outfit. Also appreciate your light touch on moderation. Some guys, even similar minded libertarians, have gotten so touchy with the “muh private property” or ya gotta buy what they’re selling to pitch in your two cents.

              FWIW, I particularly liked your video hospital drive-bys (no bodies stacked like cordwood yet!) and follow the diaper report as I agree it is a serious moment that portends much for what will follow. Am also raising three Buff Orpington ducks since April and dealing with the same water/cleanliness issues you wrote about. Hope your ducks and chickens are doing well.

              Keep up the good work!

            • No ill-will towards Ozy, but I must admit that it’s a freakin’ RELIEF not having to see his gibberish clogging up my email notifications…..

              Hope Bevin is doing well. I really miss him! Top-notch Libertarian; inspirational!

  8. As crazy as it sounds, on a plane at the moment…. Looks more like we’re going to another planet than to Asia, with masks, visors, and the cabin crew wearing hazmat suites or something !!!! Oh well I got one of the cheapest long haul tickets ive ever purchased, so couldnt care less !!

    Though theres one (obvious Karen) on the airplane arguing with cabin crew why there isnt social distancing…. somehow, she expected there would be social distancing on a flying tube with 350 people on it!!

    On another note – my daughter refuses to wear a mask – part of me is quite proud of her!!

    • Hi Nasir,

      I am glad I travelled a great deal as young guy as I will probably never travel by air again given what it has become to even go in and airport and forget in an airplane. If I am going to be treated that way, I want to at least be convicted of something first (remember Con Air?) . . . very good news about your daughter!

      • It’s a bit of a pain, but worth it: get Global Entry, Pre-Check, and Clear. No more panty scanners, and no more crotch grabs, and cut the lines. It’s a shame you have to pay a premium to go old school, but it will enable you to travel again mostly in peace. Honestly, with these tools, it’s not bad; just need to shell out a couple bucks, but it’s good for several years. The process is a bit intrusive but it’s nothing they don’t already know about me. It is what it is.

        I have to travel alot for work, so might as well use what is available to make it tolerable. Plus, you’ll find very little airport security theater and nonsense abroad, apart from Germany. Even in Asia and the Middle East and Russia, I found airport security guys very respectful. They even mock the US as “uncivilized.”

        • I think airport security is getting worse everywhere. This time in the UK I got a bunch of pricks. My kid (8) forgot to empty her water bottle before security. And at security they were like throw the bottle, or drink it all. 1 litre of water. So we stood there all taking turns drinking the water. When it was done I threw it in the thing to get scanned…. guy was like “theres water still in there”. was literally a couple drops :P…. And that was before they made me open all the hand carry luggage because it had a playstation in one of them !!!

          Eric, I totally understand how you got off flying…. I love traveling, and have family scattered all over the place (parents, siblings all about 7 hours flight away from each other!) but all this has started to get to me. Maybe one day Ill also sit in one place.

          This time though – everyone was so in this mindset of not travelling, staying still, following “government advice” of sitting there in fear trusting the dear leaders to look after us…. that someone had to say “f**ck it” and get out…. so far am glad I have…. (though will have to get a bunch of scans and tests to prove im not a modern day leper before im allowed to come back to the UK. And I will have to stay home for 14 days in quarantine!)!!

  9. Notice how the “face” depicted in the “must wear a mask” sign heading this article only vaguely resembles a human being.

  10. Eric
    I think it would be of great benefit if you shared this with your readers / brothers in arms :
    COVID-19 Plandemic a Known, Live “Training and Simulation Exercise” under WHO, Treasonously Agreed to by 194 Countries



    IHR, 2005 and GPMB Report 2019 are official WHO/UN regulatory documents, no secret there. But don’t tell anybody…

    • Mike Pompeo stated this exact thing on live TV in one of the earliest pre-lockdown press conferences. He was talking about the Chinese and said, “we are in the middle of a live exercise here” I shared it with several people who all dismissed it.

    • Hi Anon,

      Indeed – and will do. This info is damning; also – as I harp on – the way the cases! the cases! is being endlessly hyped without the context – about the deaths, which are declining.

  11. Hey Eric!

    While this is indeed good news, I think it is not so much a result of resistance- but rather fears of litigation, since all it would take would be for a few “disabled” people who can not wear masks to sue a retailer for “discrimination”, and not only would the retailer be liable for a lot of money, but they’d receive so much negative publicity, plus their “policies” would then be toast anyway….. I smell lawyers more so than Libertarians- which is why some of the retailer associations are begging for a national mask mandate, so they can absolve the stores of any responsibilities. (And the way OM is going…they just might get that mandate… 🙁 )

    I don’t think they give a rat’s patoot about the c. 1% of us who won’t comply. Unlike the 55MPH speed limit, whose repeal had wide public support and took 20 years, despite the organized efforts to repeal it (I’ll bet ya Gail Morrison is a masker! 🙂 )

    • I know her personally. She is a masker. She is in a vulnerable age group who would certainly have issues if she got the corona.

      You make an interesting point about masking. I have no idea for the life of me why we have virtually 100 percent compliance with masking. It kind of reminds me of the days just before and after the 55 mph speed limit was imposed. A few months before 21 states lowered their limits to 50 mph. Speeds went down in all states to about 57 mph average down from 65. It was a noticable slowdown. As years passed, speeds slowly crept up and by 1985, the average was climbing above 60 mph. By the time the limit was raised to 65 mph, the average was close to 63. Disapproval of the limit was gaining steam. Back to today, I got accosted at a Wal Mart by two diapering idiots on the way in. I wanted to clock them. Because I was doing some shopping for an elderly person with stage 4 cancer who needed the items, I did momentarily put on the mask. Had I been on my own, they wouldn’t have had a prayer of catching me and I certainly would not have given them a break The wouldn’t have had a prayer.

      Although the compliance rate is near 100 percent now, I believe it will drop over time. By enough? I don’t know. Pockets of resistance are showing up. I am working with a group in Oklahoma to battle upcoming mask mandates there. Fortunately they aren’t far gone like Texas. Someone needs to show Abbott the door. I despise him. He’s the Dolph Briscoe of 2020.

      I”d like to jam a mask up Governor Abbott’s ass.

      • Heh, I know, Swamp- Gail is ol…err…elde…err, in “the vulnerable age group” 🙂 -but that’s just it- the stoopit masks do nothing to protect one from getting the flu (Maybe a tiny tiny bit to keep the sick from spreading it)- so masking is just a sign that they have taken the cheese.

        Hell, took my 95 year-old mother to the dollar store a few weeks ago- and she didn’t even mask-up, although she’s neither averse to it, nor exactly a Libertarian……. She was even telling the masked-up cashier “Don’t worry, you’ll be fine!”.

        • You mom sounds cool. And Gail is older. She also might have underlying health conditions at this point in time. Regardless, I think that she could be reasonably convinced that masks are BS. In any case, I’d like to take that modern day Dolph Briscoe and run him and his chair in a lake for what he’s done to Texas. Bastard.

        • Morning, Nunz!

          I’ve yet to have a rational, sensible answer to the question: If a person isn’t sick, what medical justification is there for forcing them to wear a Diaper? The not-sick can’t spread germ they haven’t got. It’s simple – and true. But people have been sold on the idea of might-be-sick and can’t-be-too-safe, i.e., the mere possibility of risk being sufficient to justify practically any imposition. This is something they bought into long ago and many times but now it has reached its apotheosis with Universal Diapering and – soon – Universal Needling.

          It will be the same argument all over again. That you, a specific individual, are not sick and have given no cause to suspect you are isn’t relevant. The fear of other people that you might be endows them with the moral right to compel you to wear a Diaper – and submit to a Needle. If you do not, you will be excommunicated from society.

          In which case, it’s not a society I want to be part of anyhow.

          • Well-said, Eric! This mask nonsense is proof that we are living in the midst of an insane, brainwashed, unthinking society. Every masked face we see is visible proof that the person so attired is being successfully controlled by something or someone apart from their own rational (or not so rational) mind. They have ceded their own thinking and autonomy to an outside entity, and obedience to and belief in that entity controls their behavior more so than does their own thinking. They do what is promoted and portrayed as “normal” (No matter how abnormal that thing may be) without feeling any need or desire to assess facts or make rational inquiry, because they have delegated such to others as a matter of faith. (The whole medical profession essentially operates on that premise- which is why I avoid it).

              • Or at least primed for it, Ernie, Gradualism- with it, they can get most peoiple to accept just about anything. Ot’s truly more powerful than the atomic bomb!

      • Amen, Swamp –

        Disobedience is contagious – especially in a situation where the doing of it results in no harm. Like driving 70 on the highway where it was legal to drive 70 the day before and for years before but suddenly a sign says it isn’t. Like walking around Undiapered was six months ago. The more of us who refuse to “see” the Emperor’s new clothes, the sooner others will stop “seeing” them, too.

    • Hi Nunz,

      Whatever weapons we have at our disposal, we should use. Remember Alinsky’s Rules. They can be used against the Alinskys of our time.

      As regards Gail: I know her personally and I doubt she would Diaper and I am confident she would never insist others Diaper.

      • Hi Eric,

        I hope you’re right about Gail. I remember when she participated here for a while- we may’ve had our disagreements, but I liked her.

        • Hi Nunz!

          I haven’t heard from her in awhile; she is pretty old – I hope she’s ok. Swamp may have some info. I can tell you she’s a hearty lady – someone I don’t always agree with (hell, who does agree with anyone on everything?) but who is the female mensch – a good “dude.”

  12. Hey Eric!
    I think the 55mph speed limit was originally started as a fuel savings measure during the oil embargo in the 70’s. Of course it didn’t take long for the saaaaaaaaafety cult to latch onto it and prolong it long after gas became supplies “normalized”; IMHO the “shortage” was manufactured anyway but that’s the subject of another rant. Even though the double nickel limit is gone govco just never gives up, as you’ve pointed out here frequently the mileage fatwas keep tightening even though gas is more affordable than ever.

    • I learned all the ways the safety cult played with numbers for the 55mph NMSL. As such I see it whenever these or other control freaks want to use something to achieve their goals. The COVID numbers, global warming, and much more use the same sort of basic tricks. The favorite being switching between rates and absolute numbers as it suits them.

    • The shortage was surely a manufactured event. My dad worked at a refinery at the time, and told me that every holding vessel was brimming full while the media was trumpeting shortages every night.

  13. Eric:

    Your words are most encouraging. I went to Ikea yesterday and was accosted by an obese security guard demanding that I wear a diaper. I tried to ignore him but he kept yelling SIR! After enduring about 20 seconds of this I turned to him and calmly said: “I have a medical exemption; do I need to make an ADA complaint against you?” He immediately shut his flapper and welcomed me to the store. Your advice about using the ADA has stuck with me: “Use the ADA like a an AK-47 found on the battlefield.” Brilliant metaphor!

    While inside I noticed two other non-maskers (i.e. sane folks). I struck up a conversation and we even mocked the masked NPCs a bit. We parted ways with much needed comradery and an old-fashioned hand shake (how dangerous!). The experience really brightened my day.

    But alas, I later went to a cafeteria-style BBQ restaurant. The guy scooping the meat demanded that I wear a mask. He graciously told me I could take it off once I walked about 5 feet away to the seating area (but would need to put it on when my order was called or if I went to the restroom). I gave him a condescending chuckle and told him to f-off and left. You require a mask? I don’t give you my business.

    Like you, this is where my line is drawn.

  14. Eric,

    I have couple of random thoughts about what you said WRT face diapers and the NMSL.

    One, the corporations are instituting face diapering here because then a law doesn’t have to be made. If the gov’t actually makes a law or does an EO/other decree, then they can be legally challenged; the gov’t can be taken to court over that because of due process, constitutionality, or other thorny legal issues. If the corps do it, then it’s just a private company doing it; it’s a private firm’s policy that cannot be challenged on Constitutional grounds. Since it can’t be legally challenged, it can’t therefore be struck down.

    Secondly, WRT the NMSL, it was originally sold as reducing demand for gasoline, thus reducing our appetite for imported oil. I’m a few years older than you, and I still remember Pres. Nixon talking about the 55 mph limit during prime time one night; he talked about how many millions of barrels of oil we’d save, etc. This happened during the Arab oil embargo, the gas lines, etc. The NMSL had nothing to do with saving lives-at least not originally; it was all about saving oil, so we wouldn’t be so much over the Arabs’ barrel.

    • I remember the same speech. It was November 1, 1973 when he gave that speech calling for a 50 mph speed limit and 55 mph for trucks. Back in 1989, as the Texas State Chapter Coordinator for Citizens for Rational Traffic Laws, later the National Motorists Association, I did extensive research on the 55 mph speed limit. Nixon had a long, secret plan to lower speed limits. In DOT papers I saw in the library, Transportation Secretary Volpe was talking to insurance companies about lowering speed limits as early as 1972, before the embargo. The embargo was the right catalyst for the change.

      It was sold to reduce demand for gasoline, but in actuality, fleet fuel mileage did not increase during its initial years. Fleet mileage went up during the initial phase in of CAFE beginning in 1978.

      The similarity between the NMSL and face diapering is that both are seen as idiotic by sane members of the public. Both had initial broad compliance. Compliance with the 55 mph speed limit began to drop sometime after 1975 as the country entered the Bicentennial. A lot of mathematic gymnastics were performed to show compliance with 55 and I believe that a lot of the same is being done today. There is a sizable population (about 10-20%) who are incorrectly wearing masks yet are compliant with the “spirit of the law.”

      I hope people wake up soon, though. There isn’t much time.

      • Swamp, people who were better than the majority inhabiting this country today have tolerated all of the BS foisted upon them for the last 100 years….they were less indoctrinated- but still fell into the stupor and did not wake-up, so I don’t think any significant numbers of their inferiors today, who walk around with their heads buried in phones, are going to wake-up.

        The overwhelming thing I keep hearing any time people talk about “current problems” is their desire for socialist medicine….

        It’s not looking good.

        And imagine if they give 16 year-olds the “right” to vote?! We’ll be so Sovietized that TODAY will seem like a Libertarian paradise…..

        • Morning, Nunz!

          There is a new element to consider, though – as regards your point about acquiescence in the past. It is that in the past, the impositions – the income tax, restrictions on free association, even seatbelt laws – while affronting weren’t life-ending. One could still live a somewhat free life – or rather, a free enough life to make it worth putting up with. But now we face the taking away of everything that makes life worth living. People ordered to walk around with Diapers over their faces; threatened with economic and social pariah-status for not submitting. Soon, the needling. They seem determined to put us on electronic currency, which will render us utterly defenseless against immediate cutting off of our ability to buy and sell for transgressing whatever the Order of the Day is. A total lockdown of us.

          That makes it not worth putting up with.

            • In addition to the obvious, ya know you’re dealing with a “woke” company of propaganda-meisters when ya see their ads always dominated by schvatzes and mulattoes!

              Advertising used to be about selling products by appealing to the largest segment of society and scrupulously avoiding offending them; Now it seems to be more about “normalizing” various philosophies and agendas, such as “multiculturalism”, more so than selling the actual product, while appealing to only a small percentile of the population, and not caring if they appear hostile to all who do not share their “values”. Any wonder that these businesses would be dead if not for Uncle’s continual bail-outs?

              Not thaqt there’s necessarily anything wromng with schvatzes or mulattoes….but when they’re perpetually plastered all over every ad and billbosrd in disproportionate numbers, one realizes the agendas that these companies subscribe to, and that by doing so, they are giving a big F YOU to whites and or all who hold traditional values, and who are less than thrilled with multiculturalism.

              Is that advertising? To tell the majority to go F themselves? To blatantly scream “We support multiculturalism” and or transgenderism, etc? Seems like they are trying to recruit amongst the thinnest ranks, and amongst those who will be their worst customers…..whilst telling everyone else to get lost! But we’re “raciss” for thinking that…but of course, they’re not “raciss” for grossly over-representing non-whites and non-straights and non-conservatives…….

              Well I have news for these companies: The minute I see such blatant evidence of their wokeness, I hit the back button, and make a mental note to avoid that company in the future!

              Imagine if they had had this BS in the 70’s? We would’ve had ads for the game Twister being played by Orthodox Jews! (Picture atangled mass of Jews collapsing to the floor as numerous voices are heard saying “Oy!” 😀 )

          • That’s a good point, Eric- but on the other hand, I think in the mind of the average person, since they see sickness Kabuki as “something which keeps them safe”, and the fact that Uncle is doling-out lots of free money (Many are making more by not working than they did by working) negates the facts that you mentioned…..even though in the long-term what you say (and I agree) is 100% true, because the public does not think in terms of cause-and-effect, nor in the long-term- which is ultimately why we see Karens screaming at we, the unmasked….but not T’other way around. (And if these people had a clue, it would be T’other way ’round).

            They see us as a threat to life, and “re-opening” for not complying, as opposed to putting the blame where it belongs- on the backs of those who issue and enforce the diabolical decrees.

            Therein lies the problem: The average person can not think- and they don’t recognize who the enemy is- instead, they have enlisted in the enemy’s army as foes of ours.

            Just like in Nazi Germany or 1984, where your neighbor or a stranger on the street was an enemy and informant to be feared as much as the SS or Big Brother, because they are his informants and think that they are doing their god’s work as good citizens by furthering their master’s causes and routing all those who do not comply.

            Whereas in the past, significant numbers of people would not comply willingly, and even took up arms to resist. Be it Prohibition, or the income tax (Which is why they had to institute payroll deductions to automatically snatch everyone’s money before they could even see it)….or, one of my favorites:

            In The Owens Valley of CA. when Mullholland built a huge aqueduct to siphon-off their water and divert it to L.A. (Thus ruining the land and livelihoods of thousands of farmers) residents actually took up arms to protect their land and communities from the southern CA. thugs, and waged a little law. Unfortunately, of course they did not prevail- but at least they fought a good fight, which was more than just a “demonstration”. (I guess that’s why CA. became the least gun-friendly state in the US. -the overlords realized that the public, if well-armed can mount a decent resistance. But now of course, we have not just a state, but a whole country in which the decent people must fear to use their weapons against the tyrants).

            • Ooooppps! Only meant to bold ONE word…not 3/4’s of my post!

              And “wage a little WAR” – not “LAW”….

              I think I have Tourettes assburgers or something in my fingers!

      • Hi Swamp!

        Mark is right, of course, about the NMSL being marketed – initially – as a fuel-saving measure. But as you know, it morphed into saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafety kabuki very soon thereafter. I don’t think anyone was ever issued an “excess fuel consumption” fine – but millions got “speeding” tickets… which were used to mulct them again, by their insurance company, which claimed that the “speeding” was evidence of “unsafe” driving.

        • For many years, Montana had a “failure to conserve energy” ticket. It was 5 bucks with not record, and was issued for (I believe) 20 or more over the PSL. It was their way of ignoring the federal edict and keeping their highway money. I remember this from the early 80’s

  15. While I’ll take any incremental victory I can get, I fear this only sets the stage for specific, codified “legal” mandates. The stores and their related associations are hangers-on of the govt (which is why they basically completely acquiesced to being shutdown) and they will start lobbying for laws/regulations so that the enforcement falls on the govt, not them. Just like the “no shirt, no shoes, no service” stuff.

  16. Sheetz did not get this memo. I went in, alone without a mask. Karen employee yells “Sir!”, I ignore and keep walking. “SIR!” she screams. An old, fat, diapered man, a customer, instead of continuing his walk, stops, and puts his hand on me, trying to stop my travel. I brush past him instead of punching him in his weak, diapered face. More proof they are not scared of my potential sickness, but of my non-compliance. The packed store stops and stares at me as I walk towards the bathroom, the only reason I ever enter that place. Haven’t spent money there since I got poor gasoline from them. Obviously will continue that trend.

    In the bathroom, a 400 pound security guard enters, more or less saying I’m rude and should stand to attention when spoken to. I need a mask to be here. I told him I would leave (because my objective is already completed).

    I walk out, everyone is staring like I’m naked or something. I smile and nod to the 400 pound guard, he tells me to have a good day.

    So that was my first physical encounter. Maybe I’ll be shanked for trying that next time.

      • He did indeed. A couple of those types in the same place and I could literally be dead. Today it was a grasp on my shoulder, tomorrow, who knows.

        • Didn’t you realize that you were endangering the health of the 400 pound security by your refusal to diaper?

    • Hypocrit violated the 6-foot rule too, total whackos! Security guard for THIS? That’s just bullying. I guess we’re all going to have to travel in caravans and go everywhere in groups from now on, with guns on our hips too. Geez. What the hell. Welcome to Mad Max World.

      • Yes, you can go online and find job advertisements for “Compliance Technicians”. $15/hour, full benefits. Job description:

        – Monitor employees, vendors, visitors coming into facility
        – Follow protocol if person does not meet the criteria for being on site
        – Track and prepare reports every shift for management

        I agree, going in groups is best.

  17. Until the sudden reversal, some stores (including the chain I work for) were trying to push the “local ordnance” lie, even in jurisdictions like mine where there is no such ordnance and where life was pretty much back to normal until the fear pornographers started up the hand-wringing again. Must be fun for the poor desk jockeys down at city hall (now there’s a sentence I never thought I’d say) who get reamed out by anti-maskers after a store blames them to keep the heat off themselves.

    As far as being conspiratorial: of course it’s conspiratorial. The decision was made and pushed by a consortium called the “Business Roundtable” which, as far as I’m concerned, should be broken up for anti-competitive activity.

  18. Funny how all the mass shootings stopped, as soon as this new ‘issue’ got going. Like… uhh… since when did all the mass shooters get together and decide to stop murdering people? I guess the ‘eff bee eye’ is too busy right now helping out with this global hoax? Maybe when this settles down a little, we can all get back to normal where they’ll shoot up our children in the schools or malls again.

    • First the ‘peaceful protesters’ will loot,,, Then they’ll burn the place down, then they’ll start shooting the place up. Cops in a couple of cities have already said they would not stop any of it. Seattle and Atlanta. More to come.

      • Yeah I was just reading about Seattle today, city council told cops they can’t use non-lethal things (pepper spray etc) so the cops said they won’t help… we’re supposed to think the cops have an excuse cuz it’s the city council’s fault… but they’re all just PLAYING us — any real cops would’ve arrested the city council on obvious criminal charges and then suppressed the rioters… so they’re all in collusion IMO of course.

        But don’t you worry, the cops will be available for gun confiscation, stabbing you with a poison needle, fake speeding tickets, persecuting ppl for morally/rightfully defending themselves, etc etc etc. I WISH they would defund all sheriffs & police, then the people would put an end to all this god forsaken nonsense by the end of the weekend LOL. ALL rioting would end instantly & forever LOL, and all govt would be fired (in more ways than one). OMG having no govt thug army to enforce their fake bad criminal laws would be the best thing ever for any country.

  19. Despite Michigan governor “witch Whitmer’s mask executive order”, I have confidently walked into many stores without being accosted by the “mask screener”.
    If you run into a “mask screener” who will not take “no” for an answer, why not wear a Halloween mask? Since the “type” of mask has not been codified or defined, a Halloween mask, preferably one with a “message” might get (some) people to think. It IS a mask…
    I have a “Guy Fawkes” mask as used in the movie “V For Vendetta” that has been used to gain access to stores. The bewildered looks of the official store “mask screener” speaks volumes.
    Try it…you’ll like it.
    The alternative is to wear a mask to gain access, then take it off once inside of the store. You can always claim that you are “light-headed” because of the mask. I don’t think that a store employee would push the issue further.
    We have to “monkey-wrench” the system. The above suggestions are a start.

  20. Unfortunately, long term, the corona virus will be far more damaging to civil liberties than even 9-11.

    Also unfortunate, most people are STILL blind to the power hungry politicians and bureaucrats. “It’s just a mask”, they say. It’s more than the damn diaper you dumb idiot you want to say, but you can’t. People are just sheep, ignoring the danger of an overgrown government. We saw how many of these politicians and even worse the unelected bureaucrats took advantage of it. They are everywhere, not just limited to the big urban areas.

    I hope this diapered mask nonsense is over by Christmas, but I am not holding my breath.

    The reality is we didn’t have to shut down the country (and economy) at all. This didn’t have to happen. This crap needs to stop.

    • The basic bottom line of all of these things is; “If you can’t go as far as you want, go as far as you can.” Then later, after things cool off, do it again. Because each time you do, you gain a little ground. Swingin for the bleachers isn’t bad, but singles win more games and are easier to get.
      If Satan could have his way, he would kill everything that lives on this planet. That won’t happen but until he is taken out he will continue to try and he has a lot of help right now. His number one weapon is deception to cover himself. I am sure that the overwhelming majority do not even believe that he exists in any form what-so-ever. He, to them is just a myth.
      But right off the bat, we were told, if we would just stop for a minute and think, he is MORE SUBTLE. That means that there is none that is better at it than he.
      The real and only fight that matters is the one for the soul.


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