ICs for Uncle

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Internal combustion-powered vehicles aren’t going away. They are being taken away – from us. But not from them – the ones taking them away from us.

Those people – government people – will continue to drive (or be driven around in) the gas-guzzliest internal combustion-powered vehicles conceivable – a literal handful of specially built Chevy Suburbans designed for the elite.

The latter being a misnomer – as is almost axiomatically the case with anything having to do with government.

They are “elite” in the sense of being a few, certainly. But they are not elite in the sense that Jefferson meant – as regards talent. Assuming you exclude their relentless, pathological urge to control others and their olympian cognitive dissonance as regards what they say vs. what they do.

Especially to us.

As they are doing with regard to forcing us into electric cars – while they are driven around in heavily armored and V8-combustion-engine-powered Suburbans, like the ones that will be built for them per the $36.4 million contract just awarded to Government Motors toward that end. The “carbon footprint” of these full-sized SUVs will be almost as big as their price tag. The contract specifies that 200 be built annually, beginning in 2023, through 2032.

That comes to 1,800 specially-built, cost-no-object Dear Leader Mobiles – none of which will be “electrified,” even partially. No plugs – but extra-capacity gas tanks.

Meanwhile, the Dear Leaders insist everything else be “electrified” – by 2030, no less.

We will be forced to pay a third to half again as much for an electric car and then pay, again – via the taxes we’re forced to pay – for their combustion-engined, super-sized SUVs and limousines.

Fill ‘er up!

But not for us.

As our mobility is leashed, that of the Leader Class is unleashed. The electric car is the tool that will be used to achieve the former, just as the weaponization of hypochondria has been used as the tool to inject the government into what had previously been the few areas of life that remained beyond its dominion.

The leash isn’t the range, by the way.

While it is true that electric cars cannot travel as far as practically any non-electric car – and make you waste ludicrous amounts of non-renewable time planning your life around and waiting for them to recharge – those are mere incidental inconveniences and losses.

From the Dear Leader point-of-view, what makes the mandatory electric car such a grand idea – for us, not them – is that they will have total control over when and if our EVs can be recharged as well as whether our EVs will move, even if  fully charged. 

Of course, the cognitively dissonant opposite is served up to us, via the government’s propaganda organs – just as they are serving up the idea that people will be “free” again, once they accept the Jab.

And carry their Proof of Jab.

No more “dirty” gas stations! We’ll be freed of that. We can charge at home! (Never mind how long it takes). No more oil changes! (Instead, battery pack changes).

But the real humdinger is that Smart Meter bolted to the side of your home – which they control. And which they can use to meter how much power (and when) you’ll be allowed to use. Think of it like a government-controlled gas station, with pumps that only work when government says and only pump as much as the government says you’re allowed to have – contingent, probably on your vaccination status, among what will inevitably be a bevy of obediences required of you as the price of being allowed mobility.

Some will say – but I have solar! I can generate my own electricity! They do not control that!

But they do control your electric car.

I’ve explained before about this but it bears repeating – until it is understood. Electric cars are also electronic cars. More precisely, they are electronically connected cars.

Electric motors are simple. The electronics controlling them (and their battery packs’ charging protocols) are not. Electric cars are constantly receiving updates from the central panopticon – just like your smartphone – over which you have as much say as you had in the last presidential selection. The updating cannot be turned off – at least, not by you. But they can turn off your car, at their whim. Its range can be modulated – to zero, if that is what they decide to do. As perhaps during the next “lock down.” Or to avert “climate change.”

Perhaps just because you lack sufficient social credit to – as per the Pakleds from Star Trek – make it go.

Because they are smart (same Star Trek reference).

They are strong.

They can make us buy them battleship-armored SUVs with V8s that slurp down oceans of gas and “emit” vast plumes of the dread gasses that serve as the pretext for forcing us to drive electric cars, instead.

If we are allowed to drive them, at all.

And many of us cheer it.

One can hear the echo of Uncle Joe’s laughter at the Spasskaya gate – entrance to the Kremlin – through which the Leader’s armored ZIS-110 limousine travelled, daily. It was a specially built, heavily armored version of the Packard Super Eight. Just 32 of these were made, all for the exclusive use of Stalin and his closest associates.

History doesn’t rhyme. It rumbles – with the sound of combustion (and luxury) for the elite, paid for by the rest, which is us.

Smile and wave, as the Dear Leaders’ 9 MPG armored Suburban rushes past.

. . .

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  1. Just got a glimpse of many a thing to come here in my LA neighborhood.

    Approaching the Chevron around the corner from my house in my trusty 2008 VW, I see a queue of autos wrapped from the far side of the pumps, around the parking lot, past the air-and-water, onto the street. All cars dead stopped, with drivers zoned out on their fondleslabs.

    I think, “Shit, all the pumps except one must be broken!”

    But then as I pull in, I see no out-of-order bags over the handles, and indeed, I see two cars unhurriedly filling up, and the rest of the pumps empty and available. Before I can even think, “WTF?,” I follow the long line of cars to its head, and–

    bingo. The electro-pump doohickey that I’ve never paid any attention to before.

    So about ten or eleven electric cars are all lined up, congesting not only the gas station but the fronting boulevard (you know, a four-lane highway with a designated state-route number!) while the drivers waste some unknown but clearly yawning amount of time, for a chance to charge their “innovative” toys of the “future.”

    Yep. This kind of gross, systemic, intractable dysfunction, with countless wasted man-hours and goosed risk of accidents, is exactly what they want, and they want more and more of. IC prohibition ahoy! Let the slaves languish in their bricked EVs! If you can’t nuke ’em, just put ’em on Time Out!

    • Hi FP,

      This is inevitable – the throughput problem. A given gas station has six pumps, say. It can fuel six cars, at once, in about 5 minutes or so. The same size electric charging station has six places to plug in. Six cars can plug in at the same time, let’s say. But it takes at least 15-30 minutes or longer for each car to receive a partial recharge. Meanwhile, the gas station with six pumps has refueled – to full – six cars per pump (roughly) during the same 30 minutes. And because these cars are fully fueled, they will not have to be refueled any time soon, whereas the partially charged electric cars…

  2. Even though most of the contributors to this forum eschew sports in general, and I can’t say I blame them, I still catch a wee bit of COLLEGE footy-ball, mostly my Alma Mater, Fresno State. An interesting phenomenon, mostly in the SOUTH (SEC) venues, but we even heard it from fans departing a NEW YORK Mets-Yankees ballgame…

    “FUCK Joe Biden!” (clap, clap, claip-claip-claip!)
    “FUCK Joe Biden!” (clap, clap, claip-claip-claip!)
    “FUCK Joe Biden!” (clap, clap, claip-claip-claip!)

    That, folks, is LITERALLY the sound that the “Natives are getting RESTLESS!”


    Week THREE and counting…

    When will the “Dear Leader” send in the helicopter GUNSHIPS?

  3. Given that mainstream news constantly pushes climate-change nonsense, you might wish that more people read alternative sources to see the folly. But much of the time, the folly is glaringly evident even in the MSM, if only you read to the end of the story.

    This has been the case with FBI claims of thwarted attacks in the War On Terra. Almost every time the headline claims that they stopped a crazed terrist, if you read to the end of the story you’ll find that all they really did was find some poor unstable sucker, and after months of coaching convince him to take possession of a fake bomb that they made for him.

    Similarly, most times when you see a panicky headline about climate change, all you have to do is read the whole story. The proof that it’s all bullshit is right there.

    A piece this morning is headlined “Wind gusts are increasing, and New York City is not prepared.” The premise is that climate change is wreaking havoc on street signs, even turning them into flying killers when they break loose in strong wind. “Those signs — and many other components of the urban infrastructure — may need to be, at minimum, wind proofed.” And The Models predict there will be stronger winds! Routinely up to 124 mph by the year 2100! The story is decorated with pictures of bent street signs.

    Trouble is, anyone who knows anything about how things get bent can see that all of them were either hit by trucks or mangled by vandals. No way could the damage have been caused by wind. And if you read to the end of the story, you find the guy responsible for the city’s signs saying that even in Hurricane Sandy, out of the 1,033,000 signs he oversees, only “a few hundred” were damaged. “I think that any anticipation of increased winds will be minimal enough where our current standards will be okay.”

    But the un-curious never get that far. Every story they “read” proves that a future of electric cars and poverty is necessary. The headline and first 26 words say so!

    • I do love it when the left starts screaming about “climate change”. Did anyone notice that there are currently 40 active volcanos ongoing in the world? La Palma in the Canaries Islands just erupted five days ago after laying dormant for 50 years. Mount Etna re-erupted just two days ago. There are currently three active volcanos in Alaska. Did you know that four days of an active volcano will wipe out all of the climate change initiatives that have been completed globally over the last five years? Yes, four days of an erupting volcano wipes out five years of extraordinary measures.

      How does AOC and Bernie plan to stop these dangerous, polluting, balls of lava?

      Personally, I am fascinated with La Palma, as I am fascinated by all things controlled by Mother Nature….hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, etc. If anyone is worn out by the COVID fiasco I would highly suggest taking up earthquake watching instead. I have been following the USGS daily earthquake update for the last week. Within the last 24 hours, Australia, Chile, and Nicaragua all have had earthquakes above 6.0 on the Richter scale.

      Watching the news in Melbourne this morning as people were leaving their apartments to catch a glimpse of crumbled buildings shows only one thing is really in charge…. and she isn’t human. Well, so much for the lockdown, AU!

      • Yes, RG, I often think there’s no point in arguing about whether climate change is happening or whether it is caused by human activity. The only question that matters is: “Do you really believe that the gang of buffoons who cooked up Cash for Clunkers can fix the climate of the entire planet by passing more legislation?”

        • About as ridiculous as English King Canute supposedly placing his throne at the seas’ edge and ordering it to recede AGAINST the Tide. At least the good King did it to show his courtiers the LIMITS of power of even “His Majesty, Royal Protector of England, Defender of the Faith.”

          Those Gott-damned fools that think they can legislate “climate change”, or to prevent inexorable trends, don’t know jack shit about climatology, geology, or even the basic Sciences. If nothing else, they don’t comprehend the enormous ENERGIES involved in even the ordinary weather, let alone occasional events like an earthquake, tidal waves, or volcanic eruptions, and just how PUNY that Man, even with all his technology, thermonuclear weapons included, really IS.

      • Excellent point, RG
        There’s also the fires that have been burning almost continuously in California and other western states. They’ve probably pumped more CO2 into the atmosphere than all cars driven from the Model T to this day combined. The whole “climate change” BS is a scam to put us serfs back into the dark ages while our overlords fly their private jets to hob-nob in Davos

  4. Back when I lived in Karachi, I lived in a neighbourhood where we had a lot of foreign diplomats. I remember the Americans would go by – they would have a whole convoy – a pickup with police, then a pickup with private mercenary guards, then 2-3 SUVs (Land Cruiser or Suburbans), then an SUV (Suburban) with some sort of round thing, i suspect some sort of satellite communications dish on top. Then another pickup with private mercenaries and then a pickup full of police. And this isn’t even the kind of political you see on TV – its for some sort of mid ranking guy at the embassy…. when the politicians came around the whole neighbourhood was closed up and each and everything was monitored…. I always wonder how much the poor US taxpayer got shafted by all of this…..

    I guess soon this may be the scene when you have in the US when a Dear Leader or one of their minions drives by….

  5. Castor beans can be weaponized.

    Remove the wood stick from stick matches, you can make a no say b word with the match heads.

    It will be peaceful violence.

    Kill for peace.

    We will have to destroy the government to save the government.

  6. Eric, what do you make of the messaging from various automakers about making their last great gasoline car? I’m thinking things like the Cadillac Blackwings, or Stellantis’ Hellcat products (I’m myself very tempted by the Durango Hellcat, it’s just over the top, but expensive).

    Why is uncle not bearing down on them for making these cars? Is this like the last meal before execution? Is this just a con, and some form of ICE will remain? Are we doomed to total electrification?

    As you point out, there are duty cycles simply not appropriate for BEV. Will uncle tell people who need those duty cycles that they’re out of luck, and that they’re not allowed to have a good work truck, or to tow a boat?

    This whole thing is confusing to me, perhaps because it’s so nonsensical.

    • Hi OL,

      It’s not nonsensical, if you understand their objective, which is to greatly limit (if not eliminate) personal mobility. The EV is a means toward that end. Once you grasp this, it all makes sense.

      • I don’t believe that limiting mobility is their objective, it’s a side effect. I’ve interacted with a number of senior automotive industry engineers as part of my job, and they’re practical folks for the most part who see these rules as impossible to meet, however they do their best with what they’ve got. The management, though, is criminally insane. Even within car companies, they genuinely believe that gasoline engines can be made a lot cleaner, and that EV’s are a better alternative for most people. They think of how they use their car – commuting from home to the office and back, and an EV fits that great, and if it works for them, it’ll be good for everyone, right?

        The regulatory side, however, is so evil, that reduced mobility may be one objective. They’re taking the opportunity of a major shift in the industry (which they forced) to encourage all manner of surveillance tech in these new cars.

        • Limiting mobility is the goal well above the automakers. Has been for a long time. Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, New Urbanist political activism for pedestrian and bicyclist “safety”, along with transit advocacy. It’s all foundation funded to the usual suspects. The media is in lock step with it. The schools teach it.

          All of it is to reduce personal independent mobility. And as I said before they will come after bicyclists. Even now I can still get on my bicycle and be 20 miles away in a reasonable time frame completely untracked. They can’t allow for that.

          • You’re not untracked and never will be, as long as you have any kind of communication device on you, AKA, “smart”phone, or any phone, even the old flip style.

            Even if you refuse to carry any electronic device, or turn it off, you are still trackable. Don’t trust me, just look it up. There is not enough space available here for me to detail the various methods available to .GOV and not to mention the resources at their disposal.

            Become the gray man. Resist passively, use your money places that align with your values, Blend in, go to Galt’s Gulch, and prepare for the long haul fight.

            • I agree, Saxon –

              I suspect the only way to “gray” is to eliminate modern electronics – including TeeVees and probably even “smart” appliances- from your life, in addition to going dark as regards smartphones and computers. I sometimes think of building a homestead, off-grid cabin someplace far, far away and just ignoring the outside world. But then, a part of me percolates upward and says – fuck them. I won’t be driven into a primitive, hidey-hole life on account of them. If it comes to a fight, so be it. Because if we walk away from it, there is no place we can go on this Earth that will be safe from them, eventually.

              • The “screw em” that boils to the surface for all of us, as Americans, is culturally cultivated into our character.

                My advice, and your plan for a remote bug out home, is not a bad idea, per se. Always have a plan “B”, and a “C”, if you can afford it. Definitely prep at least your current residence.

                Based on my prior life as military and the glimpses of deep state mistakes shown by the fawning 5th column press, I have hope for our country’s future yet, and that our current conundrum regarding China Joe and Co. will be somewhat peacefully resolved. There is a lot of “leakage” of realrawnews(.com) that is there is you look for it. How much of this conflict is really taking place, behind the scenes, so to speak, is hard to say. But it appears that the insurrection act has been invoked and we are in state of low-grade intra-governmental civil war, i.e., the deep state vs. elements of the military, and even within the military itself now. It seems to be madcap crazy stuff, and sounds completely off the wall conspiracy theory nutso, But, all the evidence is there, in open source information sources, nonetheless, you just have to be able to see it and put it together and understand it for what it is. Which, sadly, most (96%) of US citizens will not be able to do, or are even interested in trying to do. Good luck, we will all be needing it.

              • Yes, this is why self-sufficiency, while useful for short-term survival, is not the answer. These evil bastards hate voluntary win-win trade because it exposes how much we don’t need them. If those of us who understand their destructive intentions abandon the division of labor that has built modern civilization, they win.
                The past couple of years have proven that there are plenty of productive but un-curious people who are willing to parrot (and even help enforce) government orders as they lend their labor and brainpower to build the you-will-own-nothing utopia.

              • A combination of not-TOO-“old”-school gear and a “Faraday” cage for your communications gear may frustrate the “Gubmint” snoops. So would use of a VPN.
                However, I use my REAL name when I blog here and on other forums. If I’m going to be “damned”, then dammit, it’s for WHO I AM. If I have to cower behind Internet anonymity, where no one “knows that I’m a ‘dog’ “, else expect to be targeted by the FBI’s now “soy boy squad”, or paid punks, perpetually unemployed and unemployable, to “doxx” me, then FUCK IT, bring it. “They” might get me, but be assured, I’ll take a helluva LOT more of THEM before I go down.

            • “Horner’s Corners”, Texas, is looking REAL GOOD as a place to retire to…when it’s an hour’s drive…to ABELINE. As long as I have decent well water and can “see ’em coming”, like Garth and Hub of “Second Hand Lions”, I’ve a realistic chance to just live the rest of my life, being LEFT THE FUCK ALONE.

            • I have often set out on my bicycle without a phone or any electronic device. The only way I could possibly be tracked provided fedgov doesn’t have a special interest in me personally is with facial recognition cameras of which are used in the UK and China. Odds of me riding my bicycle to either place are zero.

              Now might I be picked up on a traffic congestion camera? Sure. Low rez garbage, but even they could identify me those locations are easily avoided on a bicycle and they would still have to be interested in me personally.

              • I’ve seen the commenter handle you replied to around here before. The 2 comments today and tick off quite a few boxes Let’s see:

                1. Vaguely racialized comment handle – Non Leftist
                2. Identifies as “former” military – Trust me
                3. Promotes “gray man” theory – Don’t speak up
                4. Promotes buzzword “insurrection act” and notion of white hats in military vs. deep state types – don’t organize, “they” got this
                5. Promotes gov’t surveillance omniscience – don’t think you can hide from it
                6. Promotes realrawnews.com…

        • Hmmmm… my above comment was an AMEN to Mr Peters comment, yet shows up below the one beneath. But I pretty much agree with Opposite Lock also.

  7. Yet again rules for you but not for thee. Government always exempts themselves from the dumb rules they create for us.

    Only government could spend 4 million a copy for a Chevy Suburban.

    Note that the incoming new hideously ugly post office trucks are going to start out as IC vehicles. They claim future one will be electric, but I doubt that will ever happen, as they will never be practical enough even for government “work”. I bet each of those trucks will be at least 300k a copy. I imagine electric ones will be $600k…….

    I doubt much of the military will be electric either. Tanks, planes and other vehicles would be even less practical as electric so they won’t be.

  8. Another prophecy from Idiocracy coming to pass. Proles will get the Frito Bandejo electric Yugos with the limp phallus thingy swinging in the windshield while the Feds get the Dildozers.

  9. Back when the phone system used in-band signaling, there were phones that had an extra 4 touch tone buttons. These were issued to the military so that in the event of nuclear war they could seize trunk lines and get their calls through. These became a status symbol in the Pentagon, because if you had one that meant you were just that little bit more important than everyone else. They never got used for anything other than impressing visitors and ordering pizza. I imagine the same thing will happen if enough of these electric vehicle mandates come to fruition. Stuffed shirts and other officials will get government issued gassers while the plebes and hoi polloi will just deal with electrics. That 45 minute recharge time will be just fine for a government lowlife, but for the rest of us who need to get on with our lives it will just be another annoyance. And if the electrified future really comes about and we see the end of the gas pump, they’ll need to establish some way of distributing gasoline to these vehicles (at the Afghanistan $40/gal prices). Perhaps a delivery service like the LP gas guys?

    • 4-wire AUTOVON instruments, they were called in AF slang. FO, F, I, and P were on the extra buttons, indicative of the precendence of the call to be made. No PB depressed = R (Routine) precedence. Most of the time, to get a call through to somewhere in USAFE in less than 2 hours of trying, you had to hit “I”.

      Well, tovaritsch, Comrade Stalin always had enough benzin, do you think our Dear Leaders in the Imperial Capitol haven’t attended to that eventuality? They will just nationalize the petrochemical industry, all the way from wellhead to gas tank, nicht wahr?

      • I recall an oil expert joking that the Soviets spilled more oil than they refined. Can you imagine the mess that the BLM will make of nationalized oil fields? We will have to switch to vodka to quench our thirst after the wells leach into the water table. Oh, I mean after the domestic terrorists destroy the well lining…

        • Wouldn’t surprise me at all. Under Soviet rule, the Aral Sea practically DISAPPEARED. It was an endorheic lake, sure, but large enough to once be called a SEA. And no “Lefty” game ’em any shit over it.

    • Because they are afraid of losing their jobs (which suck and don’t pay that well) working for large corporations (who are a large part of the problem)? Because they like spending half their income on taxes? Because they still think they stand to benefit from social security?

    • First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out — because I was not a socialist.
      Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out — because I was not a trade unionist.
      Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out — because I was not a Jew.
      Then they came for me — and there was no one left to speak for me.

      – Martin Niemöller

  10. Typical elitist hypocrisy – rules for thee but not for me. Waiting to see if they have the stones to declare an outright ban on IC vehicles effective in the year 20xx; more likely a ban on the manufacture of new ones. Gotta boil that frog slowly.
    Even if tomorrow someone invented a battery that could be charged in 5 minutes there is no way in hell the grid could provide that much power, not to mention multiplied by umpteen thousands of vehicles. Of course our overlords don’t deal in reality, they just cast down “mandates” from Olympus.
    Beyond time to cast them down instead.

  11. ‘Smile and wave, as the Dear Leaders’ Suburban rushes past.’ — eric

    ‘When all is said and done, General Motors will send the Department of State a bill for $36.4 million, which evens out to $3.64 million per Suburban. That figure includes research, development and testing, among other things.

    “Beyond the cost of each vehicle, design, tooling, government testing, development, and validation are also factored into the contract value,” the spokesperson told us, adding that the final cost of each SUV can’t be made public.

    Why would serfs be permitted to know the final cost of each custom SUV — you think this is a democracy or something?

    Obviously, it’s going to a minimum of mid six figures. Only question is whether the usual gold-plating process during development will push the unit cost into seven figures, as they add radar, lasers, machine guns, wet bar, satellite phone, etc etc

    Only the best for dashing young Tony Blinken!

  12. “pumps that only work when government says” -Eric
    Which will be shut off when the grid nears its capacity. Which happens more and more often all the time. Instead of building adequate grids, they limit the “customer’s” use.

    • ‘Instead of building adequate grids, they limit the “customer’s” use.’ — John Kable

      Ask the Spaniards who were protesting in force a couple of weeks ago about vicious price hikes by the country’s electric monopoly, until the Socialist government reduced its surtax on power bills.

      Indeed, thanks to a geopolitical conflict with Russia, Europe is heading into winter with natural gas inventories low and natgas prices ripping skyward.

      Push has come to shove in Europe. Granny may just have to freeze, or move into a public shelter. It’s a preview of the energy starvation campaign ‘they’ have in mind for Americans.

      • Just read that the UK is facing shortages of many foodstuffs, ones that require CO2 in production/manufacture. The reason? Fertilizer plant shutdowns due to outrageous natural gas prices. Turns out producing ammonia from natural gas has CO2 as a by-product. It’s all interconnected, like the isolation doors in that scene in Total Recall, and we’re in the rapidly depressurizing anteroom. What product will be next?

        • Remember the old TV program “connections”? I think it was from the UK but in any case it was a history program of how this led to that. Entire long chains of manufacturing often involving finding uses for byproducts and waste. Our dear leaders would never bother with such a thing.

  13. Deep Space Nine reused the Pakled makeup for “random bar aliens” on an episode that aired in the H&I rotation this week. Too funny.

    Also, the picture of the GE SmartMeter reminded me of the problems the company had with those going “en furego” when first introduced in California — another interesting story among many related to the elites attempting to control our resource consumption.

  14. Presently the “powers that be” are afraid of us mundanes just because of one major aspect of internal combustion engines–the use of gasoline as a fuel. This is an overlooked reason for the government’s “push” for electric vehicles.
    Gasoline can be “weaponized” very easily, being used to effect “revolution by any means necessary”.
    As gasoline is commonly available just about anywhere, THAT is what the “powers that be” are afraid of…there are many more of us than of “them”.

    • That could be true. That said, TPTB are going after diesel too, which doesn’t combust easily; it isn’t good for use in a Molotov cocktail as gasoline is. Diesel is cheap and easy to make, and diesel vehicles have much longer ranges. Ergo, I believe that TPTB are after mobility and freedom.

    • Anarchyst,

      So can a lithium battery. Arguably, a battery actually can be weaponized to create an even worse inferno. The only reason the elite are still alive, is because most people prefer to play nice.

      Be nice…until it’s time not to be nice.

    • A point I made to an armed government goon several years ago when stopped for speeding and asked if I had any weapons in vehicle. To which I replied, “Sure. I’ve got a jack, a tire tool, and enough gasoline to blow up the Sheriffs office”. Stunned silence ensued, and shortly thereafter, a warning issued instead of a citation.

      • lol

        Reminds me of something a fellow driver pointed out to me when I was driving OTR. He said every tractor trailer should display HAZMAT signs because they’re all transporting hundreds of gallons of diesel.

      • Nowadays, he’d do the “hut! hut! hut!’ thing, beat the living SHIT out of you, AND charge you with “assault” on a “peace officer”, and “making a terrorist threat” for that JOKE.


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