What’s the Plan, Stan?

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A useful measure of intelligence is future-time orientation – i.e., thinking about what might happen tomorrow (and next year) and taking steps to prepare for it.

In the past, this meant making sure you had enough firewood split in fall to last throughout the winter – in my neck of The Woods. Today, it means making sure you have everything you may need to last throughout what may prove to be a Dark Winter, the term given to what could happen in a couple of months from now – if the worst happens a couple of months from now.

The worst being legalized (well, “mandated”) lock-outs of the Unjabbed from commerce and life generally. Which will be worth enduring, since it may well save their lives – and not just from the danger of the Jabs.

By now, a reasonably bright ten-year-old ought to be able to grasp the methodology. That “masks” led to Jabs – and that general acceptance of the Jabs – now openly plural and ongoing, as this writer suggested was inevitable – will serve, if it comes to pass, as the Enabling Act conferring police powers upon doctors and other “health experts,” whom we will no longer merely ask about the latest drug but rather be told which drugs we’ll take. If we refuse – if we question – we will be diagnosed as sick – in the head – as was done in the old Soviet Union (as well as novels about authoritarian collectivism, such as Orwell’s 1984 and Huxley’s Brave New World).

The “sick” will be sent off to hospital-prisons, where they will be “treated,” like it or not. The building blocks of this regime are already being laid, as in Australia. As in the state of Washington, where it has come to light that an “isolation and quarantine facility” is being built – and jobs listings for “strike team” members have been posted. This isn’t Alex Jonesian “conspiracy theory.” It is publicly established fact.

For the moment, no one is being forcibly “relocated” by these “strike teams” but the language is alarmingly suggestive – and so is the prior behavior of the various state and now federal Gesundheitsfuhrers, who are clearly bent on forcing compliance with their prescriptions.

It would be prudent to prepare for what’s next – while hoping it never comes and doing all we can to prevent it from coming.

If you are “locked out” from commerce – from your current job, from being able to shop at most stores – because you refuse to roll up your sleeve and present your “papers” – will you be able to provide the necessities for yourself and your family? Everyone – who isn’t willing to submit – is at risk from this threat and had better be thinking about it and what to do about it.

The risk can be greatly reduced by lessening your dependence on your current job – if it is one that may become conditional upon the rolling up of your sleeve – and by making yourself more independent of stores that won’t permit you to shop, absent Proof of Jab.

Many Americans are vulnerable – because they have bought into a lifestyle of debt-service that has made them dependent upon a high-paying job. They earn a lot, but it doesn’t accumulate, much – because of the endless expenses.

How to continue paying the mortgage on the expensive house without a high-paying job?

That is the trap, set carefully – many years ago. The very rich don’t have to work – which is what makes them independent. But one does not need to be very rich in order to not have to work for a corporate employer. To be at liberty to change jobs when a given job becomes unsatisfactory – or insufferable.

Live in a smaller house, in a more affordable area and suddenly, you are rich – in terms of the freedom you now have, to say no.

To do something else.

Many people have been quietly doing this over the course of the past year or so. There has been a mass exodus of people away from the “hot spots” – of medical and financial  tyranny (in the form of usurious taxes, including property taxes) and toward areas of the country where one can live freer, for less – and often, better.

The best scenario of all being home ownership – to the extent such is possible in a country that perpetually taxes things even after they have been paid for in full. Even so, to not have a monthly mortgage on a 1,500 square foot home will liberate you from the chains around your neck that come with the $1,500 per month mortgage payments on a 3,200 square foot home. If you own your home, they don’t own you. Even given the obnoxious taxes on what you own, which are far less than a mortgage payment – especially when not in addition to them.

Most property taxes can be paid for via part-time work.

If you don’t own your car, get one you do own.

By selling the one you don’t.

The market for used cars is bubblicious right now. Cash in – and pay off. Use what you have to buy what you can afford. Now you can afford to say no to any boss who tells you to Jab. Is having a touchscreen in your car worth being enserfed?

Take your kids out of government schools – which you’ll be able to do now, because you can easily live on one income rather than two. Now they don’t own your kids. No more “masks” – and never a Jab.

If you buy a home away from the hot spots, you will likely own some land along with it. Even if it’s only half an acre, that’s enough to have a garden and perhaps some poultry, to provide eggs, ongoing – greatly reducing your food dependence. You will also connect with people of like mind, build refusenik networks of people who have – like you – cut the ties that bind and who are thus much less vulnerable to being “locked out” of that which they have already kicked to the curb.

We can do this. Provided we stop playing by their rules.

. . .

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  1. wise advice.

    We bought a house we could afford at our pay years ago.
    then paid it off.

    I own everything.
    No one has leverage over me and it feels great.

    If I get fired – F everyone. I can get a lower paying job and keep everything I own.
    Life may not be quite as carefree – But we will adjust & get by fairly easily

    Saved enough to live 2-3 years without a job.

    That should be enough to carry me through to a change in attitude.

    • Hi Dan!
      Fantastic to meet a fellow SAVER 👏
      We appear to be as rare as 3 dollar bills in the debt slave USA USA.
      Just a quick humorous anecdote. While working on a consulting assignment, I received a call from the payroll manager stating that something appeared wrong with my first paycheck!
      I told her everything appeared correct.
      I guess she never looked at the 40% gross pay
      401k deduction column 😂.
      Also purchased a house within my means on a 15 mortgage and paid the thing off in 52 payments.
      Microsoft excel has a wonderful built in debt amortization schedule spreadsheet which will motivate you to accelerate your debt repayments if you “chuck in “ extra cash and watch the interest paid column drop substantially with each such infusion .
      The end result? I am experiencing REAL FREEDOM!

  2. Associated Press now writes ‘news’ articles that are indistinguishable from editorials:

    Debunked architects of Arizona vote review to release report

    PHOENIX (AP) — Ten months after Donald Trump lost his 2020 reelection bid in Arizona, supporters hired by Arizona Senate Republicans were preparing to deliver the results of an unprecedented partisan election review that is the climax of a bizarre quest to find evidence supporting the former president’s false claim that he lost because of fraud.

    Nearly every allegation made by the review team so far has crumbled under scrutiny. Election officials in Arizona and around the country expect more of the same Friday from the review team they say is biased, incompetent and chasing absurd or disproven conspiracy theories.

    The unprecedented partisan review — focused on the vote count in Arizona’s largest county, Maricopa — is led and funded largely by people who already believe that Trump was the true winner, despite dozens of lawsuits and extraordinary scrutiny that found no problems that could change the outcome. They’ve ignored the detailed vote-counting procedures in Arizona law.

    Despite being widely mocked, the Arizona review has become a model that Trump supporters are eagerly pushing …


    Freely melding venomous anti-Trump rhetoric with unsubstantiated personal opinion and a few scant factoids, the malefic Lügenpresse has abandoned any pretense of objective, professional journalism.

    And so another formerly trusted US institution gurgles ignominiously down the drain.

    The MSM is the enemy.

    • It gets worse when one knows that the bias is institutionalized. And I’m not talking about the typical meme of “liberal media” (it’s all domestic Bolshevik Pravda / Izvestia… but I digress). One can get a read on the AP’s own Stylebook blog updates here for the sheer cringe factor: https://www.apstylebook.com/blog_posts

      Speaking of Real News (of the David Knight kind), props to Mr. Peter’s favorites for some better sources to stay informed. The second biggest trick the devil ever pulled was to convince people to not only watch more television but PAY for television! As for the newspapers it’s all recycled wire copy printed on dead trees.

  3. So the CDC director unilaterally approves boosters after 6 months against certain recommendations of a CDC panel. Pure feelz, politics, and profits. Then there’s the Mercola article over at LRC about the AMA convid narrative messaging a.k.a what lies to tell boobus to keep the scam going. Every day is like living in crazytown.

  4. Some relevant choice snippets:

    “We Will Not Comply”

    “Whole communities need to be organized to say no to the mandates.”

    “The liberty movement does not need a traditional national org, it needs objectives and grassroots action. Nationwide actions can still be undertaken by many smaller groups coming together to achieve a particular goal, but top-down national leadership is a terrible idea that will end in disaster.”

    “I’ve been doing this for a long time, and anyone that claims they cannot find like minded people in their community has not tried hard enough. There are MILLIONS of us everywhere, but only a handful of people putting in the effort required to organize locally. This needs to change. If you are not putting out the word on a regular basis and holding meetings as often as possible, then you need to do more. You will find others, it is impossible not to. Even the most far left cities in the US have conservative preparedness groups.”

    “half the country is refusing to go along with the soft method and they are refusing to comply with any of the mandates. So, the establishment will have to put boots on the ground and SOON, otherwise the entire agenda falls apart. The boosters will be back within a couple of months, guaranteed. It’s called the totalitarian tip-toe.”

    “You have ZERO chance of survival in the face of government oppression or national collapse unless you have community security at the very least. Individual preppers will be picked off one at a time easily.”

    “When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle.”
    ― Edmund Burke, Thoughts on the Cause of the Present Discontents


  5. Deep down I find a calm satisfaction knowing that I’m pissing these people off. They stand before their cameras and tell us they’ve run out of patience. And I don’t care. They yap like high strung little dogs. And I ignore them. They hurl their threats. And I smirk.

    Knowing how much rage my non-compliance generates in them inspires me to keep going. They fume while I enjoy a leisurely beverage. They poison their own drink, and expect me to die.

    The best revenge is living well.

    • And I smirk.‘ — Anon

      Cadged from a professional smirker on the internet:

      Nancy Pelosi, visiting a primary school in Susanville, California, entered a 4th grade class. They were in the middle of a discussion about words and their meanings.

      The teacher asked Ms Pelosi if she would like to lead the discussion on the word ‘tragedy.’ So our illustrious Speaker asked the class for an example of a tragedy.

      One little boy stood up and offered: “If my best friend, who lives on a farm, is playing in the field and a tractor runs him over and kills him, that would be a tragedy.”

      “No,” said Pelosi, “that would be an accident.”

      A little girl raised her hand: “If a school bus carrying fifty children drove off a cliff, killing everyone, that would be a tragedy.”

      “I’m afraid not,” explained Pelosi. “That’s what we would call a great loss.”

      The room went silent. No other child volunteered. Pelosi searched the room.

      “Isn’t there someone here who can give me an example of a tragedy?”

      Finally at the back of the room, little Johnny raised his hand. The teacher held her breath.

      In a quiet voice he said, “If the plane carrying you was struck by a friendly-fire missile and blown to smithereens, that would be a tragedy.”

      “Fantastic!” exclaimed Pelosi. “That’s right! And can you tell me why that would be a tragedy?”

      “Well,” says Johnny, “It has to be a tragedy, because it sure as hell wouldn’t be no great loss … and you can bet your sweet ass it wouldn’t be an accident neither!”

      The teacher quietly left the room …

  6. Mr. Peters mentions 1984 and Brave New World, but the most on-the-nose cautionary/predictive-programming work of all was THX-1138. This was the one that foretold that in the future, the Technopoly would codify the law against “Criminal Drug Evasion.”

    That has now become a very literal real thing. We are now chemically-altered slaves to a pseudo-medical technological place state. Next stop: the only available “jobs” will be in constructing and maintaining the armed drones and Boston Dynamics robo-dogs that will police and corral us.

    Thing is: I’m not so sure that stockpiling at home will pay off in the end. If They shut down The Grid, it might be a lot better to bug out than to hunker down. “Hunkering down” just has too much of a ring of “sitting ducks” and “They-know-where-you-are.” Hunker down, and they can just go door-to-door Hurricane Katrina-style and demand surrender of weapons and “evacuation to safety”: the FEMA Center where daily Injections will be required due to the inability to “maintain social distancing.”

    Then again, bugging out might not do any good either, since there will probably be roadblocks preventing inter-city travel, and paramilitary patrols enforcing the pseudo-medical martial law.

    I don’t think any amount of cunning or preparation at this point can anticipate what is coming. Certainly, successfully dancing through the Rain of Needles will be more a matter of dumb luck than intelligence. The Ones with Guns have been meticulously planning the secret specifics of this liquidation since Poindexter was cooking up his “Continuity of Government” shadow program under Reagan. Us Herdsters, on the other hand, have been attending to the details of our trivial but oh-so-time-consuming “occupations.” We quite literally have no idea how They’re going to come at us. I’ll tell you this: Free_Phi certainly never would have guessed in January 2020 that by April They’d have the Herdsters executing crude behavioral programs like hex-spacing, self-isolation, and face-effacing. I suspect that the next real move will be even more outlandish, and non-psychopaths just don’t and can’t think that way.

    • Morning, FP –

      I’ve not yet read THX-1138; thanks for the recommendation. I will have a look soon! On the rest:

      Don’t assume the infallibility of our enemies. They are just people, like us – and even if psychopathic, imperfect. Indeed, their psychopathy is an imperfection that will be their undoing. Psychopaths have blind spots; their arrogance and recklessness often results in mistakes. I think they have made several. They have pushed too hard, too soon – and too clumsily. Perhaps because they felt they had to speed things up. Regardless, while they have indeed entranced perhaps half the population, the other half is awakening . . . to everything. People – lots of them – now see in a way that very few did just a few years ago. And once they see, they cannot un-see. Have some faith. Be of good cheer. And – again – don’t give up the field before the game is over.

      • THX-1138 isn’t a book, but a George Lucas film from 1970. Unfortunately, the incorrigible Mr. Lucas has compulsively desecrated it with gratuitous and distracting, anachronistic CGI “enhancements” so you really can’t see it in its original form any more. Nonetheless, the world that he (?) envisioned is beyond eerie, beyond uncanny, and into straight prescient.

        “They are just people, like us…”

        I think you are wrong about that.

        • They are sociopaths, or psychopaths. They have none of the ordinary human virtues, such as compassion, regret, remorse, charity, etc. They can only comprehend them as tools used against us to satisfy their desires. They are most definitely NOT like us, and that in itself may be their downfall. For example, they don’t comprehend the rage a parent will express, first verbally and then violently, in protecting their children. We’re hardwired that way. They aren’t.

          • None of that accounts for the seamless, smooth, uninterrupted continuity of the Agenda, spanning tens of generations without even the slightest hitch or deviation.

            Take a look at this exhaustive article about UNESCO’s 1981 plans for revolutionizing education with networked computers, known as “BEST” (Basic Education Skills through Technology): https://unlimitedhangout.com/2021/06/investigative-reports/from-unesco-study-11-to-unesco-2050/

            I can’t recommend enough reading the whole article, and at least glancing at the primary historical documents that it links to, but for the purpose of this thread, the short of it is that the UNESCO people knew EXACTLY what the technology of the 21st Century would be capable of, and EXACTLY what it would look like and how it would function, back in 1981 when “The Personal Computer” was still ostensibly in its infancy.

            Then, by 2014, UNESCO was saying that by 2050, “Artificial intelligence will attain the level of natural intellect and in a number of cases will surpass it. Machine-human hybrids, cyborgs and humanoid robot-androids created on a biological basis, will become more and more widespread. Also becoming ever more widespread are the ideas that technological intervention in the human organism, fundamental changes to the nature of man, are desirable and beneficial in that they enable a biological evolution which is truly controlled. Some call this world view transhumanism and some technological fascism. Either way, our future lies more and more in the hands of new engineers, genetic scientists and programmers.

            The Digital Technology that has now insinuated Itself into every nook and cranny of the human experience is not a spontaneous development. It has only been gradually revealed, built out, and imposed–not invented. Think about how long we’ve had “smart phones” widespread. Maybe 15 years? Not even a blink of an eye, in terms of the history of the human race. Yet here we are, this bleeding-edge DigiTech is already de facto mandatory…WORLDWIDE. A “virus pandemic” arrived not a moment too soon…or too late.

            There is a Machine running this Agenda. The extermination of the human race is coded into the logic of Its circuitry. The Herd of human bodies, and the processing power of the Earth’s supply of human brains, is being converged with the Machine, and assimilated. The “universal injection” step is only one of countless steps of manipulation and instrumentalization of the human Herd. The steps of this Agenda stretch out before us helpless monkeys into Infinity.

            Humans have already “lost” because humans don’t have a plan to begin with. Humans don’t have a vision. Humans are just frivolous primates that want to feed, breed, and play forever. Those simplistic drives have been studied by the Machine and reduced down to precisely predicable stimulus-response patterns, much like the tropisms of single-celled microbes in a petri dish. The Machine controls the hierarchy of humanity from the top down, using incentives, threats and blackmail. Countless vertical layers, and many, many more horizontal compartments are exquisitely coordinated and orchestrated in perfect, lethal harmony. Now, we are seeing an orderly transition into a world where natural humans (purebloods) will be reviled, shunned, and liquidated by the Herd, who are now fully committed to penetration by the Machine, and Its hydrogel concoctions.

            This Machine will not stop. It will not back down. It will not tire. You could dash every piece of DigiTech hardware in the world against rocks, but the Logic of the Circuitry would remain. Immortal. Cooly waiting for the curious monkeys to pick it up and re-activate it, only to begin the process of extermination and assimilation anew.

            • I’ve spent some time recently rereading a famous anti-technologist’s manifesto from the mid-90s. His arguments track closely to yours here, though they are obviously more expansive than an internet comment and offer a somewhat less unified vision of the system of technology or what you would call The Machine. First and foremost, this author explicitly mentions the already extant (mid-90s) potential for the “advancement” of technology to encompass unlimited genetic engineering of humans via gene therapy injections, either as a welcome “solution” to certain diseases in the minds of some or perhaps forcibly under totalitarian regimes which, at the time, were hilariously imagined to be limited to Iraq and North Korea. What’s interesting as well is how this author’s discussion of human “surrogate activity”, jobs, or as Mag put it so well, “occupations, work for others” due to basic needs being met by/for “the system” serve to support and propagate such system. Where the author differs from your view of inevitability is how instability potentially afflicting this system may be a limited moment to exploit in order to destroy it as long as none of it (technology) is retained to reform it in the future (your monkeys at the end). Disclaimer: this comment is for informational purposes only and the author does not necessarily condone or promote any or all of the methods/techniques advanced by the mid-90s anti-technology author described herein.

              • Mr. K had a lot of perceptive insights, but he failed to put it together in any coherent way. In fact, all of his imperatives were counterproductive in every conceivable way.

                What Mr. K. critically lacked was internalization of the fundamentally, deliberately, deceptive nature of “official” information and the inescapably exploitative nature of government. He had no libertarian grounding, and (obviously) zero appreciation for the sanctity of the Non-Aggression Principle. In fact, he pretty much subscribed to every mainstream, official narrative you can name. (As you give an example of, with his infantile Other-ization of N. Korea and Iraq.) This massive blind spot on Mr. K’s part sent him adrift ethically, leading him to truly perverse and misguided action. You could say that for all his revolutionary impulses, he remained fatally infected with Statism.

                Shit, he’s STILL a believer in the official narratives of “global warming” and “Islamystic Terrhrhrhr.” I presume he’s a Covidist too, based on the pattern. No principled philosophical grounding, so he can’t help but latch onto pure bullshit, even as he believes he is bucking “The System.”

                • The man was clearly of the “non-left” but not at all versed in libertarian doctrine or ethics, especially the NAP. He, perhaps somewhat inaccurately, described himself as a revolutionary but “non-political”. But then again, notions of libertarianism and politics don’t seem to come into play when you discuss your visions of the omnipotence of the Machine, either.

                  As for his understanding of gov’t, it is interesting that he lumped its predations under the system of technology in with all “large organizations”, which is in keeping with the vogue on here and elsewhere of equating the tyranny of nominally private companies with that of the gov’t. It actually sits better with me in this context than the term “corporations.”

                  As for his commentary beyond the text, who knows? I doubt the man’s organic thoughts are allowed to leave the SuperMax.

                  • “notions of libertarianism and politics don’t seem to come into play when you discuss your visions of the omnipotence of the Machine”

                    I think they do, but in a “background” or an “implicit” sense. I think revelation and realization have to come in order. That is, the layers of illusion (Maya) have to be peeled back one at a time. Somebody who doesn’t understand how government deceives and manipulates will never be able to understand how governments themselves are deceived and manipulated by supra-national organizations…let alone how supra-national organizations might be deceived and manipulated by yet-superordinate groups or non-human entities.

                    Mr. K was trying to peel back the third layer of the onion, while leaving the top layer intact. That never works.

                    • People argue the order of the layers all the time, so I’m not sure about that. In any event, the text suggests that, when addressing the system of technology, the layers of who is deceiving and manipulating who are simply irrelevant. In theory, all such things would cease should that system cease.

        • Hi FP,

          What I meant by “people, like us” is that they are flawed and fallible. In some ways, arguably, more so than us. Psychopathy engenders a blind spot in them. It inclines them to take reckless risks that often lead to disaster – for them.

          They are certainly not omniscient or omnipotent. It is easy to ascribe demonic powers to these people – but much of that is perception, not actuality. They have the apparatus of the state behind them. But then, so did Ceascescue. The lesson is instructive.

          • These crooks/control freaks need to be reminded that IT COULD ALSO HAPPEN TO THEM. Certainly they seem to do all they can to bring that fate upon themselves. If that happens, I won’t shed one damned tear, just as in this greatly “apocryphal” account of the end of one Laurenty Beria, one-time head of the NKVD, right-hand man to fellow Georgian Iosef Stalin, no one present feels the list bit sorry or compassionate towards him. Later on, as Beria’s body is set alight in the yard, Khrushchev taunts him, saying, “You smell like rendered horse, you burning ASSHOLE!”


      • You characterizing accurately would be my preference. But see the signature line from the Gambler remake. “Wanting a thing cannot make you have it.” Or the similar line from Unforgiven. “Deservin’s got nuthin’ to do with it.”


        I don’t think “fallible” has anything to do with it. These people you describe, and all those who follow them, are the epitome of fallible. Continuously so, not just at accumulated pent up gone kinetic punctuated equilibrium points. Time – the historical record – is a flat disc, spindle-spinning…folding…mutilating. Auld lang syne & ancestor worship is denial.

        Tool-making man’s tools improve, man-the-tool doesn’t. “Awakening” I think is vendor financing, in fedres fiat & at fedres interest rates minus “inflation” rates. Net negative…you ain’t gonna’ make it up on volume.

        Projection, & hopium, is inflation, too. Passing the buck.

        The velocity of hope/”money” that did, contrary the Greek mythology, escape Pandora’s Box & will never be put back in the box again, is one of the hot buttons that the herd responds to en masse – the vaqueros love it.

        It’s a numbers game. There are too many. And where that falters, man-tool has force multipliers…too many of those, too. Full spec dominance. No, wars never meant to be won do not disprove. “Foreign” (anything nimby) wars are diversion that contribute the divide/conquer & the spoils system extractions. The main war, that has been continuously won, not lost, is right here – & has been, from “day 1” (& all the negative numbered days behind “1” too).

        • Hey Ozy!

          I’m Freelance_Philosopher, but you can call me Free_Phi.

          Glad to see you’re back. I’m a new commenter, but a long-time lurker, and I always liked furrowing the ol’ brow over your posts. They’re like little puzzles that I sometimes can’t solve, but when I do there’s an audible click and a nice dopamine reward!

          Didn’t see anything from you for a long time even before I joined in, though. Hope I can reciprocate the dopamine dosage.

          • Howdy, Free_Phi. (I smell blood. But not pho-phum englishmun stuff. Mine own Grrrman red. Climbed a stepladder to put some things on a shelf yesterday & headbutted some angle iron sharp edge. Haven’t been literally scalp wounded in a long time. Got an igneous scab growing now. The I•sland is gaining a bit of elevation.)

            Thought to self whilst browsing the thread, whoa, who’s this guy? Good stuff, yours. Tight.

            Thanks for the compliment. I could use some dopamine. Not too much. Just a dab of the good stuff’ll do ya. (But no Brylcreem whilst the island’s still growing.) Over do it & you might wind up in front of a crowd of validators saying, “Hi. My name is Ozy, & I’m gambling sex addict.” Too much of a good thing circles round to Custer circled round by boys named Sioux (whose daddies – not to mention their stepdaddy in DC – without reservation tough-loved the shite out of them).

            A/Symmetry tho: Too much of a bad thing, like all this inner Prohibition-Puritan fetal bathtub rope-a-dopamine that blinds & brain damages does not lead to Dot’s & leprechauns’ rainbow ends. In fact, what lollypoptimism cannot see is that the rainbow coalition is just one bit of one coil of a constrictor ratchet-squeezing the life, human life, out of the world. Ouroboros. Good Head (Cop), Bad Tail (Cop), but both those, & allllll the support staff, punch into work at the same bordello. Pimprostitution…a House where, as the good tv doctor said once per episode, “People lie.” But that can be took to the deeper meaning that people will lie down with whoever, whatever, “pays” – & if waking up with fleas & their plague-spit nets the whole transaction way negative, biological determinism disallows changing a thing. So Rube Goldberg’s House of Pimprostitution it is.

            The ocean is vast & nobody ever leaves it. I just dropped into this particular wave to see what condition my condition ~ discovery ~ was in.

            Original & still the best (& the 2nd songwriter sung is a good one, too):


    • “Thing is: I’m not so sure that stockpiling at home will pay off in the end. If They shut down The Grid, it might be a lot better to bug out than to hunker down. ‘Hunkering down’ just has too much of a ring of ‘sitting ducks’ and ‘They-know-where-you-are.'”

      This. On Duck Dynasty, whenever the cops make an appearance, notice that Phil always just disappears into the woods, where he’ll never be found.

      • One of the best life strategies I’ve learned. The government and its’ cops are always the enemy. Where they are, I will be elsewhere. Or to as an older, wiser one put it 2500 years ago:

        When they advance, we retreat. When they retreat, we advance. When they stop, we harrass from a distance.

    • In my more paranoid moments I think the Bilderberger Back Better™ plan, along with COVID-19 is actually to get us to the Logan’s Run universe. Everyone is young (killed off by the ‘rona), owns nothing, and the population is about as vapid and agreeable as a golden retriever.

  7. It’s a good plan. In fact, right now it’s the ONLY plan.

    But let’s not forget that it’s the exact same plan that Randy Weaver had thirty years ago. So… let’s maintain a sense of realism about it.

  8. ‘The “sick” will be sent off to hospital-prisons, where they will be “treated,” like it or not.’ — eric

    Biden’s controlled demolition of US health services accelerates:

    ‘A North Carolina health care system said it suspended hundreds of its employees after the firm implemented a COVID-19 vaccine mandate, adding that workers who refuse to get vaccinated after five days will be fired.

    “Beginning this week, approximately 375 team members—across 15 hospitals, 800 clinics and hundreds of outpatient facilities—have been confirmed to be non-compliant and are not able to report to work,” stated a press release from Novant Health, which is based in North Carolina but operates in other states.

    “They will have an opportunity to comply over a five day, unpaid suspension period,” the release said. “If a team member remains non-compliant after this suspension period, he or she will have their employment with Novant Health terminated.” — the epochtimes.com

    This is happening nationwide. Nonconforming, noncompliant people in the medical field are facing a remorseless, Stalinist purge.

    They aren’t shooting them in the parking lot … yet.


    • Hi Jim,

      Yup; the key is to stand fast. They can’t fire us all – or even a third of us. I understand it entails a temporary sacrifice. It is no easy thing to put one’s livelihood on the line. But if only enough of us will do that, this will end. It is just like 20 years ago, when I urged people who did not absolutely have to fly to not fly. If even 20 percent had refused to fly until the TSA was disbanded and gate rape stopped, it would have crippled the airlines and forced a change.

      We do not yet have to put our lives in peril. All it will take is taking a stand.

      • Morning, Eric!
        I’m not sure that makes me feel better. They didn’t refuse to fly, so the security theater continues. Resistance has all but disappeared. The fact that terrists haven’t flown more planes into skyscrapers is widely accepted as evidence that it is working.

        • Morning, Roland!

          Yup – sadly. And in re “The fact that terrists haven’t flown more planes into skyscrapers”:

          I doubt it was terrists – at least, not the freelance type. Whoever – whatever – flew the airplane (if it was an airplane) into the Pentagon was one hell of a pilot. Descending corkscrew turn in a heavy jet, down to the deck – then flown straight and level into the side of the building…

          One of my friends is a former military (carrier) combat pilot. He says the maneuver purportedly executed by the “terrist” would have taxed the abilities of a highly trained and highly skilled pilot (as well as the airframe of a 757) and he doesn’t believe it was a “terrist” for that reason.

          I don’t believe it, either. Also because there is no visual evidence at all to substantiate the story that a 757 struck the Pentagon. No video or still photography of it coming in. Notwithstanding that the area is heavily surveilled and there are hundreds if not thousands of people – tourists – walking around the area on any given nice sunny day, many of them with cameras. Yet not one picture or video of the supposed 757 making its death run…

          • Yeah, good points, all. Reminds me of UFOs. Tucker Carlson claims that military pilots have been seeing these things every day for 60 years. But if it’s happening that often, why do they still not have any sharp pictures of one?

          • There was video of it- I have personally seen the video and what bored its way through the 20 feet of concrete which is the outer ring of the pentagram was not a hollow aluminum passenger liner, but a small missile with no visible wings- the video is from the parking lot security cameras, is grainy, and only a few frames due to the speed of the missile. I do NOT have the video to link to- I showed it to my dad a few years back and he was shocked.


            This is the one currently available which replaced it, with frames apparently removed at the critical time of the strike between 1:20 and 1:40. The older version you could clearly see a cruise missile in ta couple frames.

            • This was always suspicious. Some Saudi kid, part of a team that hijacks a ‘757, having NO flight experience, just simulator time, manages to bring the airliner in, ON THE DECK, and hit the wall squarely. Just even flying in towards the Pentagon and hitting at a steeper angle would have been a tremendous FEAT of flying for an experienced pilot, let alone some novice! More than likely, if such a novice was trying to strike the Pentagon with a large airliner like that ‘bird, hitting the side wall, he’d hit the ground short, and PANCAKE upwards, likely skipping right over the building! Given the circumstances, it was about 1000:1 that the suicidal pilot could have pulled it off this way, provided that was actually his intention.

              Also, WHERE is the tail section? Even when an airliner smashes into something, like the Air New Zealand 901 crash in Antarctica near Mt. Erebus in ’79, or the JAL 520 that crashed into Mt. Fuji in ’85, enough remains of the aircraft to identify it. That’s because the fuselage compresses like an accordion, absorbing much of the energy of the impact. Also, where in the walls of the Pentagon where it struck, were the holes from the turbofans as they would have torn loose from the wings upon impact and free-wheeling right through those walls! Or, since they’re slung BELOW the wings, didn’t they contact the ground, given the narrow margin to impact the walls on the side? Where are those RUTS?

              The entire story of Flight 77 stretches the bounds of credulity.

              • Hi Douglas,

                I’ve related this before but it bears repeating because it’s important: I still lived in Northern Va on Nahhhnnnnlevven. I was watching local affiliate news coverage immediately after the whatever-it-was impacted the Pentagon. Initial coverage – later memory-holed – showed a hole that was much too small to have been made by a 757 and – much more curious – the windows and walls on either side of the hole as well as above it were largely undamaged. How could this be? If an airplane caused the damage, I mean. Where did the wings (and those huge engines slung under them) go? Where did the vertical stabilizer go?

                As you’ve said, even leaving the above aside, it beggars belief that a novice pilot with some simulator time could have performed the supposed maneuvering. I have discussed this at length with an expert – a former carrier combat pilot – who told me that he probably could not have successfully flown a 757 in the manner described by the government. That is pretty persuasive testimony.

                • Wish your site had a simple “Thumbs Up” counter, Eric. Yes, the damage to the Pentagon is NOT consistent with a strike by a twin-engine airliner like a 757 or any in its class, and the wreckage, or LACK of same, is highly unusual. Nor, as your Naval AVIATOR friend pointed out, was it probably that some novice pilot, with but some simulator time, could have pulled off the necessary maneuvering to hit the Pentagon at all, let alone not pancake on the ground and “flop” over the building, or leave RUTS, especially from the engines, slung UNDER the wings, as it barreled in? In spite of fictional General “Buck Turgidson’s” description of the abilities of B-52 crews in “Dr Strangelove” (“its jet exhaust, fryin’ chickens in the barnyard!”) indicates exceptional skills at handling large, multi-engine aircraft, not plausible in REAL LIFE.

    • Curious that health care workers are emerging among the most adamant refusers. Could it be that they are seeing the adverse events first hand, and want no part of it? What good is your job if you’re permanently crippled or dead?

  9. The Biden administration is using the vaccine mandate to purge the non-woke from the military and other government agencies. Look at Australia, where the army is being deployed against peaceful antivax/lockdown demonstrators. Recall a few years ago when the all federal government agencies were buying huge quantities of ammunition? Now you know why. The stage is being set to use federal troops to put down the anti-government white supremacy insurrection (planned and instigated by the FBI).

    Next the climate “emergency” and purposely out of control gun violence will be used to institute ammo bans (guns don’t kill people, bullets do) and personal carbon allowances (drive you car or heat your house – your choice, the planet must be saved).

    If the government can make you take a dangerous experimental jab in the arm, your status as cattle has been confirmed.

    “In 2030 you will own nothing and be happy.”
    – WEF (World Economic Forum)

    • The “Land of Oz” gets its legal and military traditions from the UK, of which it’s had nominal “independence” from for 120 years, and still is in the “Commonwealth” thereof. It should be no surprise that Australia has turned its army on its own “subjects”, b/c they sure as hell aren’t being treated as “citizens”, as traditionally the UK’s “army” has been little more than a glorified colonial and domestic gendarmerie. When the British Army had to go up against a REAL army, it usually didn’t do all that well on its own, and had to rely on mercenaries, and ALLIES, most notably the very “colonials” that kicked them the hell out of American in the 1780s, the “Yanks”. It’s doubtful that the Australian military can hold its own against INDONESIA, and certainly it’s no match for the Chinese PLA, but it’s eminently suitable for bullying it’s own people.

      It should also be noted that Australia, like CANADA, or the UK itself, has never had anything like the USA’s Second Amendment, as gun confiscation was effected (and largely IGNORED) some 25 years ago, in the panic of yet another “mass shooting”, aka “False Flag”. Take note, Americans, when the gun grabbers start their BS, and point out how the Australian government is bullying its own people.

      • “…when the gun grabbers start their BS, and point out how the Australian government is bullying its own people.”

        I don’t think they’ll take the point. How many “gun-grabbers” are not also observant Covidists?

        On second thought, they probably will take your point, and redouble their gun-grabbin’ efforts.

    • Thus putting people with inside knowledge and military training right into the opposing camp.

      I say, let them purge away.

      Never interrupt your enemy while he is making a mistake.

      • Once the purge is complete, I’ll instantly go from being an anarcho-capitalist to the biggest neocon douche on the planet. I’ll be so pro war (not the bomb kids from 9000 miles away war, but boots on the ground guaranteed quagmire war), I’ll make Bill Krystol look like Ron Paul.

        Send the Woke Army back into Afghanistan.

  10. I’m not running away. Running away leaves the (((enemy))) in control, and they’ll get to you eventually. I’m not going to die in a remote cabin nor a prepper’s hole in the ground.

    I’ll state it this way: If our people are denied essentials to life, then our people must end the life of each and every denier of our entry and access. Example: grocery stores, and this includes Walmart and the like, too. Denial to food must mean that the deniers at the door cease to exist and their managers cease to exist.

    Social Security cuts off your funds? (And it is YOUR OWN money, part of which is being returned to you.) Then enough Social Security workers shall cease to exist so that the correct message is sent.

    A couple of years ago, I went into a Social Security local office for the first time. A militarized policeman was just inside the door. I wondered, what the hell? It turned out, the door he stood in front of was a door to an otherwise secret court room. He was the judge’s gunman, protector of the government not the people. A couple of people were not there to talk with a SocSec office worker. They were there to wait to be called into that room where a female judge I got a glimpse of would secretly decide their fate over whatever were the matters at hand. Good to know, I said to myself.

    For each of us, we can figure out a way to do what needs to be done covertly, or not. Either way, I will call it heroism, and progress will be made. Running away would mean no progress made.

    CLAIMER: We true U.S. citizens have the right to disagree with the government on who are the real enemies that need to be killed. The govt names and kills supposed enemies every day, foreign and domestic. I disagree with the govt. I say so. I name the kind of enemy the govt is infested with. I won’t say anything stronger than this on this website that is not mine. If you like, you can do a search on my first sentence above, starting with “CLAIMER: …” and likely find my site. J Laffrey is my real name. We won’t win if we don’t name the enemy. And we won’t win by running away.

    • I like what William Wallace said in Braveheart, when he and his fellow clansmen, who’d rebelled and killed off the English garrison, it’s local commander, and the Magistrate, when it was suggested they couldn’t hold up to the inevitable English reprisals, so they’d run and hide, the “Highlander Way”. Wallace looks up at the tall trees, and proposes, “We’ll make spears…TWICE as long as a man”.

      In real iife, it was in part Wallace’s use of the “schiltrons” (formations of Pike-men that frustrated the English cavalry, leading to their victory at Stirling Bridge.

    • I agree with you in principle JLaffery. There is no reason to run and hide. You’ll just die tired. You might rethink your idea on punishing the deniers at the door. If we spent our limited kinetic ability on the low rent peons, just enforcing an edict for a token of a check I think we lose in short order.

      Instead find and focus on the local .Gov officials that passed the unconstitutional mandates. They live near you and are very exposed. It is akin to cutting off the head of the snake, maybe more like pulling the weed up from its root, never to grow back, or breaking it off at ground level with more weeds to quickly follow.

      I hope everyone who has made the choice to stand up for freedom understands this. Corporate leaders, Local politicos and media shills are not loved by anyone except the most deluded covidiots. They will not be missed, whereas the mask Nazi outside the store will be. Turning on each plays right into the control freaks hands. Look around, a target rich environment exists in every local. When this started we had city council, and county officials sowing their dictatorial oats. Remember these people when they shut us out of daily life.

  11. here in Oregon, there is a housing crisis (and it seems widespread across the country)

    especially a RENTAL housing crisis – rooms in someone else’s house are renting for up to $1000 a month around here

    so, if you’re lucky enough to be a home owner, renting out a spare bedroom to, say, a quiet pensioner, might be a good way to boost your income

    teachers, contractors, and nurses are bartering their skills for housing too – the black market economy is just getting going – don’t miss out

    personally, I can’t wait to visit my first speakeasy

    • I can see one use for a VPN (which anyone should have to defeat the ‘snoops”) and the “Dark” Web…to set up a BARTERING exchange. The troubles with barter are (1) getting those willing to trade together, since you’re doing it w/o MONEY and (2) keep the IRS and your state’s tax authority out of it. The IRS especially goes to great lengths to stamp out folks working for “trade” rather than currency, as you’re SUPPOSED to report the fair market value against your gross income. Of course I say FUCK ‘EM.

      • Yeah, barter sucks except as a last resort. As Walter Block says, if I have a chicken but want a pickle, that makes me a chicken-owning pickle-wanter. The only way I’m going to satisfy my preference is if I can find a pickle-owning chicken-wanter to trade with. What are the chances of that?

        • Hence the great limitation of barter. But when taxes and onerous regulations get to the point where doing things “on the economy” make those transactions not worthwhile, THAT’s when barter becomes attractive.

          Some situations lend themselves to barter, as in a vintage parts “SWAP” meet. Whether or not the IRS busybodies will bother to harass folks, most of whom have something rare that they hope someone else wants, and in most cases, have a “laundry list” of stuff they’d like to acquire. Works better than just selling stuff, though EBay’s been around for quite awhile. Too bad the scammers have just about ruined it.

              • Missing the point Andrew. Money makes trade easier, more profitable for both parties, and easier to transport. Which is why we’ve been using it for a few thousand years. Gold and Silver money will return to usage. It always has after the fiat currency de jour collapses, as they always do. Not right away, but return it will.

        • Roland,

          That’s why you don’t barter-barter, you barter for jugs of Tide, packs of mackerel, or the like.

          It’s just like money, only it’s not money.

          • Ergo, STAPLE items, which are almost as fungible as current. When the SHTF, they become far more valuable AND fungible than currency or a purported bank ‘account’.

            HINT: So is AMMO.

            • Publius and Douglas, I would argue that when that happens with a staple item, it has become money. If it is widely accepted and you accumulate it with the intention of trading it for other goods, then it is by definition a medium of exchange, i.e., money. You are no longer just bartering.

                • Roman soldiers were paid in salt. Hence the phrase “not worth your salt”. Anything can become “money”. Gold and Silver just happen to be the best real money. Portable and can’t be made out of thin air.

                  • Beautiful factoid, John K.
                    Although I’m sure when times were fatter, the centurions got compensated in denarii or sesterci.

              • Roland,

                Intent is notoriously difficult to prove. And barter is notoriously difficult to tax. Barter may have to do, at least until something better comes along.

  12. ‘>…don’t need to be ‘coy’, Roy…Just LISTEN TO ME.”

    I recall that about 18 months ago or so, in the Wolverine State, that arrant cvnt, Gretchen “Witless” Whitmer, among her “fatwas” issued, ostensibly to fight the dreaded ‘Rona, forbad the sale of GARDENING SUPPLIES, TOOLS, and SEEDS. Think THAT one over, this was in April of 2020, when the last frosts are going away there in Michigan, and it’s time to plant a GARDEN. If anything, gardening would provide exercise, fresh air, and if reasonably successful, home grown PRODUCE that’d lessen the need for trips to the grocery store! I can accept that this dingbat was that oblivious to not see the obvious, or perhaps her “mentors” were aghast at the thought that Michigan residents would indeed take to gardening and other means of provident living, and thereby less the ability of the PTB to control them!

    • “Hop on the bus Gus….you don’t need to discuss much.”

      I urge everyone to stockpile a few essential seedlings for next year’s growing season. I just ordered carrots, cucumbers, and potatoes for fall planting in the greehouse and they are taking a while to get….especially the potatoes. My guess is that non GMO and organic seeds will be hard to find next year.

      Also, I would suggest anyone that already has a garden started to learn to use your own seeds to start new plants. Tomatoes and cucumbers take a bit of patience to dry out and replant, but it can be done.

      • OOOOH…OOOH…”A ‘PREPPER”!! You’ll be on Xiden’s “shit list”, to be handed down to the “Ho”, just in case. Expect to be treated worse than Al Capone or Robert Stroud (aka “The Birdman of Alcatraz”, even though he kept his birds at the Federal prison at Leavenworth, not “The Rock”).

        • Hi Doug,

          I should be worried and I would be if Biden’s name was synonymous with Stalin or Mao, but since he can’t tell the difference between his wife and his sister I am not breaking a sweat.

          • Worry not so much for what that real-life version of the mentally ailing Corrado “Junior” Soprano, ostensible head of the DiMeo Crime Family in North ‘Jersey, can do…worry about what his “handlers” (and I wish one of them WAS the vulgar Dingbat, Chelsea) and those that dragged him across the finish line last year can and are WILLING to do. Especially the FBI, which seems to be like more and more the ol’ GeheimStatPolizei, aka “Gestapo”, or the KGB these days. Even the KGB’s successor, the FSB (“Federal Security Bureua”) seems to act with greater competence and integrity than their “Amerikanski” counterpart.

            • Doug,

              Do you really think the FBI is worried about some little chick in rural VA who has a chest freezer and a greenhouse? Seriously, if this is what their focus is on there obviously is not enough going on in the world. If the concern is about how many different varieties of potatoes that I have planted than the world is shot to hell. The only reason why the FBI would show up on my door step is when the SHTF and they are looking for a grass-fed, organic, cheeseburger on a homemade potato bun.

              • What the FBI or other “Alphabet Soup” agencies may be “Worried” about is MAKING AN EXAMPLE. True, what actual threat does some “little chick” from Rural VA pose? None, of course, but to the PTB, anyone that declares ACTUAL independence, i.e., self-sufficient, is, in THEIR demented minds, a “THREAT”.

                • Indeed, What thread did Randy Weaver and his family present? Or the Davidians? Or any of thousands of others. The object is power, achieved only by inflicting terror and helplessness. The only problem is they’re used to helpless victims thinking they have the “law” to fall back on, and they’ve tipped their hand way too many times. In every conflict, the enemy gets a vote.

      • Unless the plants the seeds are taken from are heirlooms, open pollinators, etc. they will not breed true. Hybrid seeds often produce weeds instead of fruit. I’ve often seen volunteer tomato plants producing prodigious plant growth with minimal fruit production, if any.

  13. The smaller your footprint, the easier to maintain. He is richest who’s pleasures are cheapest. He who has nothing and wants nothing has everything. “Survival is a pass time” Thoreau-Walden’s pond. What is now considered essential isn’t. You can’t eat a cell phone.

  14. T’other day, I get a catalog in the mail from some mail-order schlock-shop called The Company Store! -I’m wondering if the maroons who run said company are too stupid to realize the negative connotations of such a name- or if they think that their intended customers are? (Why do they not just abolish the Post Office? It has become nothing more than a government-provided infrastructure for the distribution of junk mail!)

    • You know who owns The Company Store? Home Depot. If you’ve ever bought anything there with other than cash you’ll probably be put on a list to get those catalogs.

      • Strangely, there’s no Home Dee-pot near me (Only a Lowes 🙁 )…and I always pay with cash…and never give a phone number when asked….so I am wondering where they got my name! I suspect a pool supplyu co. (Dohenny’s) that I had ordered some chlorine from just before the shortage… Now I get spammed with pool supply catalogs every freaking week…even though I had ordered on their website, and even though I left then a scathing review warning others that they spam you with junk snail-mail even if you make sure all of ‘subscribe to this and that’; boxes are unchecked. [Bastards!]

  15. I suspect the inevitable collapse of the dollar, and so the world wide economy, that this “plague” was engineered to conceal, will be the far greater of the two catastrophes. There are two solutions. The “great reset” wherein all the debt is cancelled on the back of the slaves, or a decent into a more localized economic system. Essentially restarting from scratch. I prefer the latter. To the point of dying to defeat the former. I’m approaching my maximum expiration date, and quite creaky to say the least. Everything I do is to contribute all I can to my two generations of progeny. Who are all determined warriors of the NAP principal, and Anarcho Capitalist economy. If they are not ready and willing to eat the bugs off the trees to promote these notions, I’ve failed. They are. My son visited me a few days ago, and told me about eating hornworms, fried. I pointed out to that in order to use such, he had to sacrifice his tomato plants. Little things add up to big things.

  16. NY governor Kathy Hochul has a plan:

    “To those who won’t [vaccinate], we’ll be replacing people. And I have a plan that’s going to be announced very shortly,” she said.

    “We’ve identified a whole range of opportunities we have to help supplement them.”

    “We’re also reaching out to the Department of State to find out about visas for foreign workers, on a limited basis, to bring more nurses over here,” she said.


    I have a better plan: deport young Kathy to wherever the ‘Hochuls’ came from.

    She’s obviously failed to assimilate, while displaying alarming contempt toward actual Americans who don’t deserve her criminal enmity.

      • Hi BAC,

        LOL Were you eavesdropping on hubby and my conversation? 😉

        I actually stated this at dinner last night. I say we allow the Haitians in and create a libertarian utopia next to the DR. They seem like nice people (just don’t buy any alcohol from them). Earthquakes and hurricanes are an issue, but I will happily take my chances with Mother Nature than the clusterf’ that the USSA is revolving into.

        Just an FYI: Marsh Harbor in the Bahamas and Barbuda, near Antigua, are also contenders. Quite a bit of rebuilding needed. Also, Guatemala may be an option, too. My idea for trekking to the Canary Islands, from a few months ago, didn’t pan out too well. 🙁

        • Hi RG!

          I hate that we, good people and once proud Americans, are even having to think about these things. To contemplate fight or flight, knowing that we may soon be faced with such a choice. To think it utterly bizarre that I, who came of age at the peak of the Cold War and grew up in fear of the Soviet Union, have seriously looked into emigration to Russia.

          It’s my kids – I want them to have a chance. To maybe know a bit of the world I experienced. To grow up with an opportunity to be something other than a sterile drone. It’s so infuriating to know what WE once had – to have held it in my hands. To see it being dismantled and replaced with a bleak and awful darkness. Charlie Foxtrot is spot on, and God Damn the cretins who did this and those who enabled it and cheered it on.

          • You should’ve been thinking about this before the collapse of the Soviet Union. The whole free west vs commie east thing was a sham to distract from the fact that America was (and still is) also moving in the same direction as the Soviets. However, those who were warning us many decades ago were ignored and regarded as paranoid and divisive. Does “Great Society” ring a bell, old-timer?

          • BAC/RAC- thinking about running, it seems to me that this con is everywhere. And its really taken my off guard at how widspread and co-ordinated it is. I always had in the back of my head that if the west goes to shit I can always go back to Pakistan…. even talked to a number of my friends in the west about it… but you wont believe the rona con is even there, with mandatory covid vaccines and vaccine passports. It absolutely shocking – to put into perspective Pakistan is a country where they never gave everyone the polio jab. Where you couldn’t even get people to stop at red lights. Now they’ve coerced everyone one way or another to get the rona jab. Infact, even if I were to fly to Pakistan, I will now need a jab.Interestingly the rule takes affect the same day as the UK opens travel to the country!! Been so down about this the past few months…. i guess the way I see it now – maybe running isn’t an option, and just staying where you are and holding your ground…..

            • Nasir, I always appreciate reading your impressions from the Subcontinent. My understanding is that Kashmir went into a strict lockdown before “coronavirus” was ever even a thing, like in mid-2019, shutting it off completely from the outside world. My understanding is that it was explained as some sort of coup or military annexation of some sort, but what it really looks like is that the region got the test-bed treatment for the Masters to customize their mass-mind-control techniques for the South Asian demographic.

              Is this something you ever heard about through your personal network?

              • Hi FP. Yes – we were hearing about that in the Indian side of Kashmir, where they cut off all net connectivity and communications. They also changed the constitution to remove Kashmirs semi-autonomous status, and brought it more under the control of the Indian government. Again there were many reasons given for all this back in the day- but now that you mention it could have been a test run for this. We know Modi is very much a globalist NWO / WEF piece of shit.. – realised this when I saw the way he bought about the de-monitisation in India. personally always saw Pakistan better not his front, but unfortunately ive been proven quite wrong…. with these vaccine mandates. Even though i have a Pakistani citizenship, in order to return to Pakistan I need to have the wretched jab… can you imagine…. Never thought id see the day…

                • Thanks, and of course,
                  all sympathies.
                  None of us ever thought we’d be seeing any of this.

                  For those who say it’s a great time to be alive…I say that’s like saying it was a great time to be an Arawak when Columbus and his boys put to port on Hispaniola

                  • While in the New World during his third voyage at sea, Columbus and all his shipmates were captured by the Caribs.

                    It was over for Columbus.
                    Columbus was a navigator by the stars, he had some knowledge of astronomy.

                    The Caribs were not going to be kind to Columbus and the crew.

                    At the time, Columbus knew that there was going to be a lunar eclipse in three days, communicated the heavenly event to the Carib chief.

                    When it happened, the chief considered Columbus a god and set free those crazy Spaniards.

                    Otherwise, you would have never heard of Columbus ever again.

                    Might have even been eaten.

                    The rest is history.

                    • “If he knows something I don’t know, I’m not worthy & must defer” – but which part of that chicken egg came first?

                      Carib’s being cribbed reminds me of that solar eclipse scene in Apocalypto. “We’re saved!” elated the sacrificial captives. But only for a short postponement.

                      Rust Cohle monkey god straight shot across Titanic’s bow:

                      Detective Thomas Papania:

                      You figure it’s all a scam, huh? All them folks? They just wrong?

                      Rustin Cohle:

                      Oh yeah! Been that way since one monkey looked at the sun and told the other monkey, “He said for you to give me your f***ing share.” People… so god damn frail they’d rather put a coin in the wishing well than buy dinner.

                      Nietsche, ok, as far as he goes*, but the RC character considered himself to be a realist, not a pessimist, & I concur with that assessment. Pretty funny (because the whole sticky wicket of actors ~ an indictable offense ~ here an actor dissecting an actor’s character):


                      * Philosophically, Nietzsche is a mystic and an irrationalist. His metaphysics consists of a somewhat “Byronic” and mystically “malevolent” universe; his epistemology subordinates reason to “will,” or feeling or instinct or blood or innate virtues of character. But, as a poet, he projects at times (not consistently) a magnificent feeling for man’s greatness, expressed in emotional, not intellectual, terms.

                      Nietzsche’s rebellion against altruism consisted of replacing the sacrifice of oneself to others by the sacrifice of others to oneself. He proclaimed that the ideal man is moved, not by reason, but by his “blood,” by his innate instincts, feelings and will to power—that he is predestined by birth to rule others and sacrifice them to himself, while they are predestined by birth to be his victims and slaves—that reason, logic, principles are futile and debilitating, that morality is useless, that the “superman” is “beyond good and evil,” that he is a “beast of prey” whose ultimate standard is nothing but his own whim. Thus Nietzsche’s rejection of the Witch Doctor consisted of elevating Attila into a moral ideal—which meant: a double surrender of morality to the Witch Doctor.
                      ~ Ayn Rand

        • RG
          Some of the bug out locations you mentioned I would recommend against!
          For example go to a “real country “ NOT a sandbar that chases everyone out of the country at the mere thought of a hurricane (Bahamas etc) The Dominican Republic has the central cordillera with heights exceeding 10,000 ft that cuts Through hurricane formation like a buzzsaw ….as well as tempering earthquakes! No shit ,
          With respect to alcohol half of that fairly recent hysteria in the DR due to poisoning probably occurred from people drinking a homemade concoction called mamajuana otherwise the Presdente. Beer and brugal and Macorix rums are quite good
          Lastly, the DR is agriculturally self sufficient+,
          My favorite location is the north coast not far from Puerto Plata. Will probably be somewhere along Route 25 heading from Santiago north The Septemtrional mountain range Rocks!!👍👌👏😎

    • Hi Jim,

      I still don’t understand how anyone can think any politician is anything other than a moron. Yes, let’s bring a bunch of foreigners over who have not assimilated into our country, have no idea how to speak our language, have no concept how our operations work, and have zero experience in the industry at hand…hell, what could go wrong! I am sure many Americans would love to visit a hospital to be overseen by a nurse who just learned to set up an IV drip in a six week training course. Oops, they stabbed your artery instead of your vein…oh well, I guess we will chalk it up to another COVID death.

      • Hi RG,

        Gov Hochul probably is thinking of Filipina nurses, well-trained and English-speaking. Or their Mexican, Caribbean or European equivalents.

        It’s Hochul’s malevolent intent of making American nurses jobless, and replacing them with foreigners to punish noncompliance, that grates.

        I don’t live in NY no more. But if I did, ‘Hochul’ would be feeling the blowtorch of my rage.

      • I wish they were morons. Some are, but most are sociopaths or psychopaths, who are often quite intelligent, and charismatic. Which is how they got there. They aren’t stupid, they’re effing insane.

        • Okay, John….give me three politicians who are not morons. Anyone else feel free to chime in. Note: They must be alive and currently a politician. They can be federal or state government.

          • Hi RG,

            I wish they were just morons! But many are quite intelligent – in the way of the psychopath. They are expert manipulators and dissemblers, masters of the art of divide and conquer. Stupid people do not amass such power and (stolen) wealth. Take them seriously.

            • Hi Eric,

              Psychopaths and intelligence are not synonymous, unless one is a serial killer. Which politicians are knowledgeable? Politicians are needy, insecure, and enjoy attention. One becomes a politician when they can’t succeed at anything else in life. Every politician has left a strand of broken promises and pissed off people behind them. They have a ledger of blood a mile long. I don’t fear politicians, for they are puppets, I fear the people who are really in charge….the politicians campaign contributors.

              • The politicians are the public face of the Sociopaths In Charge. They are mostly morons. But their masters were successful putting them in place.

                • Explains the MORONS who “smile and wave” and don’t seem to be useful for anything else. It’s not a stretch of imagination that they’re there to do someone else’s bidding, i.e., those that BOUGHT them (and the “honest” politicians, when bought, STAYED “bought”). What’s incredulous is just how openly moronic they can be, and what an utter farce our Government has degraded down to.

  17. I’m back down in the Dominican Republic for the 3rd time in 2 years. If my enthusiasm for this locale solidifies further I’m applying for a retiree residence visa. To qualify you must make at least $1500/mo in retirement income.
    NOT BAD! And I can categorically state that the cost of living down here is effectively 50% of what a similar lifestyle could “purchase “ in the United States

    • 20-25 years ago, New Zealand was considered a libertarian Mecca. Now, not so much. Changing your geography can work, but one must be ever watchful, and prepared to change it again. Few of us have the resources to follow that path.

        • The criticism of OM went all over the place, providing further reason to DOUBT the hysteria. First he was “raciss and she-it” for cutting off travel from Mainland China, and the nitwit Speaker, Piglosi, communes with all those in Chinatown as at the time they were celebrating “Chinese New Year” (HINT: Here in ‘MURICA, we do it on Jan 1, nurse our hangovers and watch footy-ball). Then, by letting the various states manage the “crisis” as THEY saw fit, he wasn’t doing “ANYTHING” (except, maybe, FOR ONCE, staying within the bounds of the CONSTITUTION). As for when HE got it, very, VERY suspicious. That so many wanted him to “Eat Shit and Die” is further proof of the demented “death cultists” pushing the “Jab” and the “shaming” to go with it.

          • I was suss of the OM’s “moronavirus” diagnosis for two reasons: (1) I believed it might be used as a way to eliminate him – permanently, or (2) used as theater to push “treatments” – or as it turned out, the jab itself.

            Either way, it was suss. He may have had a cold or sumpin’ but how does one prove that he (or anyone else) had the moronavirus?

  18. There are plenty of small towns out there that have houses that are empty, the towns need new life, they’ve been abandoned for 80 years and more. Some are even ghost towns, can be revived, but it takes a lot of work. It can be done and probably has to be done at this point in time.

    The allure of the city is waning, not waxing. Uncertain, Texas is going to be a place to go to.

    “Leave it to a Dago to go half way around the world for a take-out dinner.” – Archie Bunker, referring to Marco Polo’s trek to China.

    The earth circles the sun in 365.25 days, travels 1,599,825.41702 miles per day. The earth is always moving into the coldness of space all of the time, it heats up because the sun’s rays reach the earth and are absorbed by the mass and the atmosphere. It is Solar Cycle 25, it will last for 11 years or so for the Grand Solar Minimum to end. SC 26 begins in 2030, fits the agenda, I suppose.

    You’ll get climate change, no problem, moving through space will do it.




    D=186,000,000, C=π x 186,000,000, the circumference is 584,336,233.568 miles, easy to see that it takes 1000 seconds for the light to travel 186 million miles, 500 seconds for the light from the sun to reach the earth, when you see the sun, it is in the past. lol

    Had a flat tire a few days ago, the tire had a hole in the face about the size of a dime, time for a new tire, not rolling a tire that might shred apart on the road somewhere, you’re a fool to try and fix it. I could use a new windshield, now there is a windshield shortage too.

    Remember Dan Hicks? He never took to ramblin’ ’til he was 21, then he took a notion to make it on the run. Feeling the blues in the bottom of his shoes, he didn’t know that old ramblin’s good news.

    Reelin’ Down by Dan Hicks is a great song, another American musical genius. RIP, Dan.

    • You have an interesting thought process, Drumphish. It’s rather like a neural pinball machine. Rarely do your comments fail to both amuse and perplex me. 😉

      • My late Uncle Jesse, from the Louisiana side, would appreciate your song.

        He loved to fish on Caddo Lake.

        Spent his final years in Waskom, a few miles to the south.

        • Hi Jim,
          I know zactly where Waskom is. There are a lotta folks that have lived in Texas their whole lives and have never seen Uncertain or Caddo Lake. That may be a good thing nowadays….
          Glad your uncle would have liked the tune…..

      • Bluesman, you must be familiar with Guy Clark, a talented songwriter from Monahans.

        Guy also wrote a song titled ‘Uncertain, Texas’. Wrote LA Freeway, Heartbroke, Desperados (waiting for a train), many songs. Guy was friends with John Prine, Townes van Zandt, those songwriters, all gone now.

        The song by Guy Clark is the only reason I know of Uncertain.

        Some Disney movies were filmed in the area, the photos viewed on your video says it all.

        • Hi Drumphish,
          I am very familiar with Guy Clark. Also, Don Henley was from right up the road in Atlanta, TX, I believe. He used to fish Caddo as well and bought up a bunch of land around Caddo to protect it from developers.
          I was wanting to take the current band to Uncertain to do some shows but the “plandemic” shot that idea all to hell.
          A lot of the props from the Disney movies were left behind after filming and are in the process of being digested by the cypress and Spanish moss…if you get a chance to visit, don’t pass it up !

  19. Basically, there are a bunch of people who are fools, stupid, and buy into the bullshit that’s going on around them (i.e. the totalitarian takeover of the world as we know it). There will always be people like that. Sell your big house and fancy car to them. They can be debt slaves if they want to be. It’s better for us liberty-minded people if we’re not. Don’t give a rat’s ass if they end up as slaves to the system, they’re going into it willingly.

    I’ve got a bit of a dilemma on my hands. I share an apartment with my elderly mother (she’s 89), and my sister (who is mentally disabled, though functional) lives in the same complex. I’ve been stocking up on food, bought a couple of camping stoves (you never know when the power is going to go out), a water filter, and a 5-gallon water jug (and I’m looking to buy more, you never know when the water is going to be turned off and we get a good amount of rain regularly here in Kentucky), as well as a 9mm and a fair amount of ammo for home protection. However, while I’ve been sharing articles and videos with my mom to make sure she doesn’t buy into the bullshit she sees on the nightly news, I have a difficult time getting her to stock up on groceries for the future. I’m to the point now where I’m ready to figure out what she likes to eat that is nonperishable, and stock up on that for her (we usually go grocery shopping together, as she doesn’t drive and has trouble walking too far). My sister, on the other hand, is impossible. I have no idea what she would even eat. Because of her mental illness, she goes back and forth – one day saying that she can’t eat bread, a few weeks later she’s buying a loaf and making herself sandwiches. I think when it comes to her, she’s just going to have to make do with what we have if it ever gets to the point where we can’t go to the store anymore.

      • I agree with Jed, Jim. Beggars cannot be choosers. My daughter is a pretty picky eater. My prepper pantry is to supplement my family of four. I don’t care what they like or don’t like. If they are hungry enough they will eat it. I suggest sticking to the staples….pastas, spaghetti sauces, canned tuna, lots of rice and various types of beans. Things with a long shelf life that can constantly be rotated out. I also have several boxes of cereal and shelf stable whole milk for those who refuse to stomach chili for another night. I also suggest flour, sugar (white, brown, and powdered) and lots of spices. I expect to be doing a fair amount of baking when the SHTF. Also, whatever veggies and fruits that you are able to grow on your own….tomatoes, lettuce, and strawberries can be grown on any porch or balcony.

        • Animal fat and protein are the hard ones. Unfortunately the most important. There is really little way to stock up, except the canned variety, store bought or homemade. If worse comes to worse, meat doesn’t really spoil. It just smells and tastes really bad. If you cook it long enough, you can eat it. And you will be delighted to do so if hungry enough. It’s been 50 years or so since I read it, but I think The Good Earth has some clear description of what real famine looks like. Eating dirt.

          • Hi John,

            I have the protein, as well, but that is tucked in the chest freezer that I rotate out…..hamburger beef, roasted chickens, pork chops, lamb, etc. I have enough for about 4-6 months. My sister and I also have purchased 1/2 a cow that should be ready around late October, which should buy another few months, but most people don’t have the additional space for freezers and the such, especially in an apartment. I would urge that everybody try to buy a few roasted chickens to freeze. You can get quite a bit of meat off a chicken that would feed an individual or two for a week.

            I was pricing canned chicken yesterday at the grocery store and I could not believe it was $4.25 a can! That’s crazy. I have never bought canned chicken, but for an extra $4 one might as well get a a whole chicken. One meal or five meals….not a hard decision to make.

            • Which puts you at the mercy of the electric grid. I likewise have a deep freeze and a refrigerator freezer full of meat. But if the grid goes down, one needs think about what to do with it. Jerk it or can it. Grids are failing around the world. California can’t keep up with AC demand. Bottom line is, one can prepare, but one cannot predict. What will be the first point of failure? I have long thought that power and water would be some of the last to fail. Now, not so sure.

              • That’s where solar and/or a backup DIESEL generator are needed. Solar, IF it’ll pay (i.e., you sell excess power back to the utility), to make use of the sunshine that falls on your land (and they haven’t figured out how to TAX that, YET, and don’t give ’em any ‘ideers!), and the generator for obvious reasons.

              • Hi John,

                We have backups if the grid fails for a week or two. I also have bug out locations (in a different state) if necessary. I don’t see the whole US electrical grid crumbling at one time. There are nine different regions throughout the country. To corrupt all of them would be war, in my opinion.

                TPTB do not wish to have 327 million people turn on them, which is what would happen when one is missing the three basic necessities of life.

                I prep for what I can see (which currently is shortages). I am never going to be 100%, but I prepare for what I believe will happen and not every doomsday scenario.

                I am also not prepared for an alien invasion. 🙂

              • As someone in the industry, I second JK’s comment. Think long and hard about what life looks like if the lights go out. If I recall correctly, RG’s family took some time a few months ago to talk through what SHTF would look like. It’s a great idea. Here’s a worthwhile exercise. Plan a day with no electricity. Plan two or three days. Kill all the breakers in your house then live through it. You’ll always find things you didn’t think about.

                From my perch the exodus of labor is hitting the utility industry hard. If it keeps up it’s just a matter of time before it starts impacting the level of service. Plan accordingly.

      • Yep. I never buy modified food if I can help it. I recently purchased some ‘long term’ food from a website and it has ‘modified food’ ingredients. So be it. It has a shelf life of 25 years supposedly, and I’ll eat it if I have to.

        • We are essentially engineered to eat and thrive on what’s available. Perhaps not living to 80 in the process, but long enough to send our children down the right track.

  20. Biden’s treasonous plan to gut the military and punish refusers of experimental vaccines:

    ‘Rep Mark Green of Tennessee proposed an amendment this week to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that would prohibit “any discharge but honorable” for troops who refuse vaccines.

    ‘The White House responded with a statement noting “The Administration strongly opposes [Green’s amendment],” reasoning that it would “detract from readiness and limit a commander’s options for enforcing good order and discipline when a Service member fails to obey a lawful order to receive a vaccination.”

    ‘The statement added “To enable a uniformed force to fight with discipline, commanders must have the ability to give orders and take appropriate disciplinary measures.”

    ‘The Biden administration is pushing for dishonorable discharges and even court martialing for troops who disobey orders to get COVID vaccines.’ — Steve Watson via Summit News

    Can Biden’s calculated humiliation and abuse of the troops provoke violent resistance, fragging, or even a coup d’etat?

    The mumbling, demented old fool seems hell bent on finding out.

    • Hi Jim,

      I am not sure what the Biden Administration is trying to do by implementing such an asinine plan….turn their own military against them? This COVID hysteria is already starting to unravel at the seams. Those that do not want to be jabbed don’t seem to have a problem walking away. To coerce people and threaten their livelihoods may have unattended consequences that this Administration have not considered (or refuse to acknowledge). This could backfire. People were willing to play by the rules when COVID looked like the next Ebola, they now realize it isn’t and most want to get back to a semblance of normal.

      You can only push a person so far before they snap.

    • Makes perfect sense. Let’s make it a criminal act to resist taking a vaccine Israel has proven doesn’t work, has the worst adverse event record ever, and has had no long term tests. Not to mention that these young, quite healthy people are under little to no risk from the virus, but under the same risk of adverse events as everybody is. A perfect incubator for natural herd immunity, unlike the vaccines which offer none. I’m far from a fan of the military, nor any who might join it. In a perfect world, this would be the end of the military.

  21. From Dr Joseph Mercola:

    ‘Law professor Todd Zywicki recently sued George Mason University in Virginia over their vaccine mandate, as he has natural immunity. Zywicki discussed his lawsuit in an August 6, 2021, Wall Street Journal commentary.

    ‘His lawsuit pointed out that people with natural immunity have an increased risk of adverse reactions to the COVID shot — according to one study up to 4.4 times the risk of clinically significant side effects — and that the requirement violates due process rights, the right to refuse unwanted medical treatment, and is noncompliant with the Emergency Use Authorization.

    ‘August 17, 2021, George Mason University caved before the case went to trial and granted Zywicki a medical exemption. Unfortunately, the school did not revise its general policy.’

    Alumnae of universities that impose vaccine mandates can and should cut them off from donations.

    Lots of marginal colleges are closing down. Your beloved alma mater can be one of them! 🙂

    • Jim, you heard of any challenge to this jab mandate for visitors to the US ? Not sure if you’ve heard but if I come from the UK to the US, I can only do so if ive had the jab !! Which I dont – so I guess I aint ever coming back (unless I run the southern border – then I guess I dont need one) !

      • Hi Nasir,

        The Southern border is the easiest way to enter and leave the country. Fly into Barbados or Antigua and work your way up. The way our stupid ass Administration is treating our Border Patrol I expect a mass exodus of resigning and retiring in the coming months. Who wants to work in such an environment? At this point, I am disgusted with this country’s politicians, the arcane rules, and this Administration’s determined objective to destroy whatever is left of this country.

      • ‘Jim, you heard of any challenge to this jab mandate for visitors to the US ?’ — Nasir

        Under the Alice in Wonderland rules of the US judiciary (which sadly has ditched the ridiculous wigs worn by UK magistrates), a prospective visitor to the US seeking to challenge the vaccine mandates would have their lawsuit invalidated for lack of standing.

        Non-citizens lack standing to sue, while citizens aren’t visitors and thus are unaffected (for now). Gotcha!

        The era of free international travel appears to be over, except for a privileged nomenklatura carrying black diplomatic passports.

    • Hi Jim,

      I’m a GMU alum. I’ve already written a letter to GMU Alumni Affairs, informing them that I have decided not to leave a cent to the school in my will given recent policies. This includes beyond obnoxious pushing of “masking” in the alumni publication. Screw them. As I have no kids, they just lost out on what might have eventually been a not-inconsiderable sum.

  22. the ad you posted is interesting. Earlier in the year, when they were talking about easing covid restrictions in the UK – many councils were advertising contracts and jobs related to covid…. such as “covid marshals” with contracts running to 2023….


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