Test Run?

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They don’t stage rehearsals for nothing. It is important not only to get the script right but to gauge the reaction of the audience. This may have been the primary objective of the Boston Marathon bombing almost nine years ago.

The bombing itself was far from unprecedented, awful as it was. There have been far worse bombings throughout American history – the very worst but least well-known of them being the 1927 bombing of a school in Bath, Michigan in which 44 people were killed. It remains – by far – the deadliest such incident in American history. Only three people were actually killed by the bombs supposedly planted by Dzhokhar Tsarnaev aided by his brother, Tamerlan.

Yet Bath was not “locked down” on account of the bombing. Roving crews of body-armored Hut! Hut! Hutters! were not ordering people to remain in their homes – and threatening them with deadly weapons if they so much as questioned it.

That clip, above, is from the 1980 movie, The Blues Brothers. In 1980, the Hut! Hut! Hut! was comical. Today, it is reality – and far from being funny.

Radley Balko wrote a piece for The Washington Post back in 2014 in which he noted the unprecedented nature of the reaction to the Boston bombing: “Not in Oklahoma City after the Murrah Federal Building bombing in 1995, not in Atlanta after the 1996 bombing in Centennial Olympic Park, not in D.C. during the 2002 sniper attacks, not after a series of pipe bombs went off in federal courthouse in San Diego in 2008, not during the dozens of instances in which a mass killer or serial killer was still at large” was an entire city turned into a kind of open-air prison, in which citizens lawful rights were summarily suspended in the name of an “emergency.”

But in Boston, “19,000 National Guard troops moved into an American city, not to put down a civil uprising, quell riots or dispel an insurrection, but to search for a single man. Armored vehicles motored up and down neighborhoods. Innocent people were confronted in their homes at gunpoint or had guns pointed at them for merely peering through the curtains of their own windows.”

If it seemed a bit much, that’s because it was. Arguably, intentionally – and not because of the threat posed by Tsarnaev, later apprehended unarmed and wounded, hiding under someone’s boat. Rather, the powers-that-be got to see what Americans would do when their rights were not only threatened, but taken away – just like that.

This was the rehearsal for America’s show of subservience to Do As You Are Told authority, with the command performance given about two years ago and still ongoing.

Never before was an entire American city “locked down” extra-judicially, no law having been passed, force majeure becoming the order of the day. How would Americans perform when subjected to it?

Cravenly, submissively.

They were weighed, measured – and found ready. The forces that applied force majeure there saw it could be applied anywhere. All they had to do was apply it. The pretext for it hardly mattered. A bomber, a “virus” . . . climate change.

Expect that, by the way, when the “virus” gets old.

As “terrorists” got old, before the “virus.”

It is true that in the Bath case, the nee’r do well – Andrew Kehoe – blew himself up along with the school and so there was no need to Hut! Hut! Hut! the community of Bath to apprehend him. But this misses the essential point – the essential difference – from then to now, because of what was staged so luridly – so in our faces – almost nine years ago.

It was the first time the term “shelter in place” was used against an entire population. It is a weasly-worded phrase meant to soft-pedal the force majeure behind it. Kids in school had already been conditioned to its more honest elaboration, the “lock down” – a thing formerly applied only to convicted criminals in a prison.

Which schools had by then become, serving in their way as community theater – preparing the actors for the Big Show to come.

People weren’t asked to “shelter in place.” They were ordered to. People who had committed no crime nor even vaguely suspected of one. Everyone was simply ordered – by authority – to “shelter in place,” with the threat of a Hut! Hut! Hutting! for the “noncompliant.”

If it sounds familiar, it should.

This writer – and I am not the only one – has warned for years of the criticality of never accepting a dangerous precedent, regardless of the moment – because the precedent is certain to become practice. If American citizens tolerate being ordered by the government to “shelter in place” because X then because Y will be next.

It is not rocket science – but it is political science.

Once you get people used to one thing you will have an easier time getting them to accept the next thing. If the government can make you purchase car insurance then why not health insurance? If there is a “threat” that “justifies” the “locking down” and “sheltering in place” of an entire community just because Authority says so – then you can expect Authority to say so again.

Whether on account of a “terrorist,” a “virus” or “climate change.”

The terrorists having an endless supply of pretexts.

. . .

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  1. “Shelter in place” wasn’t the only newspeak coined at that event. “Boston Strong” was also. And by “strong”, it means hiding in your house like a scared little junior high school girl.

  2. Not so fast re the recency of ‘precedent-practice’ here on cowarld:

    Boston, MA. January 26, 1902:
    In order to stamp out smallpox, which is semi-epidemic here, the Board of Health started compulsory vaccination to-day. The work was begun in East Boston, where 125 surgeons, each accompanied by a policeman, made a house-to-house canvass, vaccinating all who had not been recently inoculated. Those who refused to allow the operating will be hauled into court. ~ “Fighting Smallpox in Boston, 125 Surgeons, Accompanied by Policemen, Vaccinated 15,000 persons Yesterday,” New York Times, January 27, 1902 ~~ from Dissolving Illusions, Disease, Vaccines & the Forgotten History, by Suzanne Humphries, MD

    That chapter blurbs some other locations where this went on: Atlanta, Asheville, Passaic, Lead (SD), Montreal, Derby (CT), Philadelphia, & more.

    Like, maybe, what Barry Corbin acted in NCFOM: “What you got ain’t nuthin’ new. This country’s hard on people. You can’t stop what’s comin’.”

    But, to accurize that, country’s are hard on people – because that’s the way cowarld denizens want it. And, ‘what’s comin” is just more of the same as has already come, over & over again. Time – & its contents – is a flat disc, spinning, revolving — not evolving.

  3. Ahhh yes. I remember back in 2012 I watched some videos on youtube about the good ol’ Boston Marathon lockdowns. Back when youtube allowed such videos. I knew it was staged, yet no one in my circle believed me. They probably still wouldn’t. If they still can’t see 9/11, they won’t see anything. And they sure as hell wouldn’t accept ol’ crisis actor Robby Parker’s alligator tears, as he is getting ‘into character’ to talk about his supposed very recently shot child in Connect-it-cut.

    • I agree, Andrew –

      Because I don’t believe in convenient coincidences. In marketing, one tests the waters using a sample audience of the targeted demographic to see how the like/react to a new brand name or commercial – or even the product itself. This is no different.

      Also “911.” I simply refuse to believe it just happened that “terrorists” decided to attack on the date that is also psychologically synonymous in most people’s minds with an emergency.

      I’ve mentioned previously some other interesting aspects regarding the above that I personally experienced as a then-member of the (almost) “mainstream” media.

  4. I lived just outside of Boston at the time of the Tsarnaev panic and it was appalling.

    But you know what was even more appalling than the heavy-handed police reaction?

    The fact that when it was all over people lined the streets and cheered for the cops.

    It was pretty dang sickening.

    • Hi James,

      I’m a Gen X’er… those of us who are (and who are older) remember when a “lock down” was something that only happened in a prison. Schools were boring and bureaucratic but we were free to come and go as we wished. The doors were not locked. There was no “school resource office” – i.e., an armed cop. No metal detectors.. etc.

      This was the ’80s. Not that long ago. But a lifetime ago.

      • The older among us, who received at least a reasonable imitation of an education, suffered public school before there was such a thing as a Department of Education. Which sent what passed for education in public schools down the toilet, and turned them into detention centers.

  5. Contrast this with the search for Eric Rudolph in Appalachia.
    The residents out there got quickly fed up with the Feds & made them persona non grata.

    They left without finding their man.

    Most people are weak and compliant. They will do what they are told because Americans are a soft people, content to live the lie of “land of the free, home of the brave”.

    All they want is for someone to be responsible for making everything OK.

    They will do whatever told when scared. Stay inside, get jabbed, run naked through the park – whatever it takes for someone promise to make it all better.

    If any of them engaged their grey matter, they would find masks don’t work. They would see the link between govt/pharma & $$$.
    They would read the research that shows the vax isn’t effective against a wide range of covid variants & not for long either.

    They happily line up for boosters and will continue to line up for years.

    They choose not to know.

    So yes, 80% will do as they are told. But those of values and intelligence don’t need them.

    We are the Southwest pilots. We will find our own way and be the example those mush minds will look to and wonder, “why do they have spines”?

    • “They will do whatever told when scared.”
      Fear turns of the part of one’s mind that thinks. Leaving the lizard brain in charge, which only knows how to react to stimuli. Eat, fuck, flight or fight.

      Fear is the mind killer.

      • No atheists in foxholes. So the govtool raison detre is to dig, & fill, foxholes. But, also true ya’ can’t foxhole an honest wo/man. Most Brer’ foxes ain’t honest.

  6. In 1905 the supreme court upheld a vax mandate for smallpox. This precedent was used to uphold eugenics era forced sterilization. Thus I keep telling people the jab is about the precedent more than anything else. It is to send us down the eugenics road again except this time it is intended to be more of a superhighway.

    Eugenics never went away. It is still a desired end in the management of human society. But it cannot be achieved without having power over people medically and biologically. The new jabs can establish this precedent.

    And look how the jab mandates and the jabs themselves argued for. With an expostfacto slippery slope. That is their ‘because we do X’ jab mandate/passport/whatever is perfectly acceptable. Never mind had been argued as a consequence of X it would have been a loony slippery slope argument. For some reason the slippery slope can be argued backwards and that’s considered just fine and socially acceptable.

    So if they get their way now, expect each step of the eugenics agenda going forward to be justified because they were allowed to force the jab.

  7. Did ya’s notice? The one common thread that ties all of the psy-ops, false-flags and convenient random incidents together is that they are all spun into a narrative which goes: “Some public enemy (“terrorists”, China, drug dealers….) is out to get you and causing you to lose your freedom; but don’t worry, the government will protect you if you give up those pesky freedoms and stop complaining when we kill you or steal your stuff, because, after all, we’re here to help you!”. And thus 98% of the public sees the problem as coming from the entities touted as being the enemy, and tolerates and even turns to the true enemy for “safety”. Thus the state is cheered for taking away our freedoms, and those who dare seek liberty and oppose the injustices of the state are seem as being as bad as the enemy.

    This is what I’ve been saying, of how WE are becoming the ones perceived as complicit with “the enemy”, and thuis hated by the majority, who in-fact are the ones who are truly complicit with the enemy, and who will happily saide with that enemy and against us.

    • As Mencken wrote nearly 100 years ago, “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed, hence clamorous to be led to safety, with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of the imaginary.”

      This should be obvious to the most strident koolaid drinker.

      • Or, about 75 years ago, almost to the day he cheated the hangman, Hermann Goring told his Jewish interviewer, a psychologist by the name of Gilbert Gustave, this little ditty about motivating the German population to fight for their (late) Fuhrer…

        “Naturally the common people don’t want war: Neither in Russia, nor in England, nor for that matter in Germany. That is understood. But, after all, IT IS THE LEADERS of the country who determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is TELL THEM THEY ARE BEING ATTACKED, and denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. IT WORKS THE SAME IN ANY COUNTRY.”

        So, instead of the “Jewish, Bolshevik Cabal”, or the ‘Evil Capitalists”, or the “Commie Rats”, this time, it was a VIRUS…same fear porn, same manipulation.

    • I think one of the main reasons why people are so stupid is because they got injected already — as a kid, and maybe also as an adult. I think it makes people brain damaged.

    • Hey Nunz!
      I was appalled at how many of my acquaintances (not calling them friends cause almost all have drunk the kool-aid from the saaaafety cult/PTB propaganda) were ok with that lockdown. “Boston Strong” my ass, I was ashamed to be a part of that psyop; I made it a point to walk around all over the place during that. Actually thought it would be a great time to rob a bank because every cop for 50 miles around was running after that one guy. They actually shot one of their fellow AGW’s (a transit cop – what was he doing there, was the guy getting out of town on the bus?). That incident was buried but Eric is correct, the precedent was set – please Mr. G-Man, please keep me saaaaaafe. Fish heads for all.

  8. “shelter in place”


    You and the others who read and comment here must be some of the few who have memories longer than last week.

    When they used that term in 2013, I recall asking people about it. “Ever heard that term used before?”

    Most people’s answer: “Yeah, sure. I’m certain of it.”

    What a load of hooey. I knew then that was a dry run for martial law in the United States. I’m glad to see there are others who recognize that for exactly what it was. Keep it up.

  9. On September 16th in 1920 the American Anarchist Fighters parked a horse drawn wagon loaded with 100 pounds of dynamite and piled on window sashes in front of the JP Morgan building on Wall Street. At 12:01 PM the dynamite was detonated, 30 people were killed instantly and eight more died of wounds the following day. Needless to say, it did some substantial damage.

    JP Morgan had made some money from WWI and some people took revenge.

    Wall Street was back to work the next day. Never did find the perpetrators.


    One of those test runs not controlled by the ptb.

    The Afghanistan defeat was a good thing, the US gov can suffer another here where it will count the most.

    2022 is going to be a good year.

  10. Boston knelt quite readily. The Sociopaths in charge likely took that as a green light for more. Not so sure every area will be so compliant. But, since they got the green light, they will surely try.

    • John, where have you seen any real resistance the last 2 years, other than in the ‘hood, when the fuzz kills one of their drug dealers?

      • Hi Nunz,

        I saw it in several places last week. Southwest Airline employees refusing to be Jabbed got the “mandate” walked back. Delta CEO did the same. All around the country, people – lots of people – are putting their livelihoods on the line.

        Buck up, man!

        • Hi Eric!
          Awww, I’m all bucked up! 😉
          Thing is, in the eggsamples you mention, that really isn’t resistance- any more so than someone ignoring a speed limit. No one is holding anyone accountable and seeking to abolish the power of the tyrants. Instead, they are just doing what they have to do to protect their lives and health when push came to shove- which is great of itself- but is in no way going to have any effect on the powers-that-be.

        • Those are both fake rollbacks, unfortunately. Both those companies still have mandates in effect. All Southwest did was say they are going to keep people on the job while they evaluate “requests for exemption”. Nonetheless, a mandate remains in place, absent an “approved exemption” on either medical or religious grounds. Therefore, the precedent remains that coerced injections are presumably permissible, absent exceptions.
          For Delta, they didn’t actually change anything! They just came out with a weird PR overhaul. Their mandate remains, and always was as follows: if you refuse the shot, you get a $200 per month penalty and you have to undergo regular PCR tea-leaf mummery. The PR pitch of “we-won’t-mandate” on their part was pure verbal acrobatics.

          • Exactly, F_P. That’s the way it is almost unanimously with fascist corps- It’s all about image and perception. Whether it be eco-greenie-ism or “human rights”, etc. if they detect a strong undercurrent of opposition to a given policy, they just hire a PR firm to change how they define and portray that policy; then run some touchy-feely commercials: [Some mulatto he-she]:”Southwest: F*cking you up the ass to prove how much we love you”.

      • Nunzio, the last real resistance? I’d go back to the armed resistance to the Feds at the Bundy Ranch in 2014. We have done jack since.

        • Great example, MT. Guy! If only we had more people like that…all over the country! I admire those people; They are better than I.

          But just look at what the rest of the country is willing to put up with- even prior to the flu nonsense: People paying 5-figure property taxes; slave-level income taxes; being groped to fly; etc. etc. and about the most resistance we see is someone threatening to write a strong letter to the editor once in a while or voting in a new slave-master.

              • You’ve got one over me, Nunz, I did start early on (hoodwinked like most people) but broke the habit over 40 years ago now thanks to the educational efforts of people like Irwin Schiff and Red Beckman. At this point I forget what the federal mafia’s stupid forms even look like.

                • It’s funny, Jason- Back in my early days I didn’t know that one could keep one’s income below a certain level and not even be required to rat on oneself- but I just pursued little one-man cash businesses and figured that since there were no bank accounts or records (The only ‘books’ were in my head) how the hell would they know I even exist, much lees how much money I make?
                  I’ve long heard that once you’ve filed and then stop filing, that it triggers all sorts of red flags….but I’ve come to believe that that is likely a myth- right up there with taxes being “voluntary”- because I’ve seen several examples of people, such as yourself, doing it with no problem. Likely the nyth was invented by the IRS to ‘discourage’ people from leaving the plantation.

                  • Nunz, and all of the above, there is no law that even requires you to pay personal property tax. The “law” reads “income DERIVED from wages, tips and other compensation”. Since the
                    SCOTUS has on at least four occasions defined income as profit or gain, and has likewise determined that conversion, as in labor to dollars, is not a gain, your employer can DERIVE income from your labor. You in fact work at a LOSS, otherwise your employer could not gain from it.

        • Ammon Bundy lives in Idaho. I don’t trust that he’s not made some deal with the FBI or something. He went to the Malheur wildlife refuge in 2016 and people got killed and injured. He went to court and won in Oregon. None has that much success within the system if you are really their enemy.

          He’s starting to remind me of Stuart Rhodes. Stirring people up to do things that seem right. People die, go to jail and/or get fined into oblivion while Ammon comes out smelling like a rose each time. He’s in the news almost monthly in Idaho getting kicked out of the state house for various things. He’s running for Governor and believes things can be fixed by getting “back to the constitution” blah, blah, blah, blah.

          Simply put, Ammon has made a deal with the devil IMO. I wouldn’t trust allying with any movement he’s around now days.

          • The Malheur Refuge incident precipitated because the Bureau of Land Management was harassing the Hammonds who owned ranch land next to BLM land. The Hammonds were burning weeds, the fire escaped onto BLM land and burned 138 acres. The Hammonds were charged. Two members of the Hammond family were sentenced to five years.

            Nothing more than a land grab and extortion by the BLM.


            That’s the back story.

            Ammon Bundy et al came to the Hammond’s rescue, a rather reckless attempt that failed because the fedgov made sure it would.

            The fedgov always points with pride and views with alarm.

            First they came for the Hammonds, but I wasn’t a Hammond, so I didn’t speak up.

            • I believe that the Hammond’s cause was just. I don’t think Ammon has ill intent. But, in my opinion, he made the deal with the feds after the Malheur incident. I have no proof, just an opinion.

              I just don’t believe you can do what he has done and fight and win in the courts the way he has unless he’s now a tool for the feds. Seems suspicious to me.

          • I suspect you are correct, Ancap. They don’t even give someone that kind of national publicity unless they have a good reason for doing so- and anyone who is considered an enemy/danger to the state, if given any publicity, will only be given negative publicity and be portrayed as a loony or public danger, etc.unless the state has a reason for using them/promoting them. I’m not well-versed on the relevant incidents, but I wouldn’t doubt if the whole thing was ultimately used as a dragnet to squash a genuine militia movement which actually had some teeth and could have actually done some good for the cause of liberty.

            • I believe the 2014 incident at the ranch in NV was kind of an organic movement. Then Ammon seemed to notice he could get support. The Malheur refuge was intended for good but informants infiltrated into that fiasco. Then, when Ammon was in deep shit, I think he made a deal. No good comes out of those deals.

              Now Ammon is running for Governor of Idaho. He was always making headlines last year for attending a football game or going to the state capital without a mask. That all sounds good, but he wasn’t the only one at those events without a mask. He’s just the “constitutional conservative” that the patriots can rally around. The news did their job of riling all the “anti maskers” up and Ammon is just the hero that the news media wants you to follow. Smells really fishy.

              If he was legit he would have suffered fates similar to those of Red Beckman, Bill Cooper, Irwin Schiff, etc, etc. Jail or death.

            • If you take anything at the face value you’ve been given to face, face it (nevuh gonna happen), your face has been hijacked.

      • Most of us who might resist are also those who abhor conflict. So we will likely put up with it until there’s a serious conflict instigated by the Sociopaths In Charge. I have lines in the sand which I will not re-draw. I suspect many do.

        • Exactly, John. That’s the problem with good folk…and the PTB know it…and use it, until the good folk are so out-numbered (as we are now) that no matter what we do will have no effect, even if the tyrants never lifted a finger. They have already destroyed the society and culture which the good folks built, unopposed. Now it’s far, far too late.

          Hey, at least with all you guys here (Thanks to Eric!) we can be in good company as the ship goes down.

          • That method also works in reverse. If we do mount significant resistance, there will be little opposition from the public, because like us, they prefer to avoid conflict. And even our somewhat paltry numbers STILL outnumber the Psychopaths In Charge and their goons. And we are generally armed, many of us well armed.

  11. But, but, but, SAFETY Eric. SAAAAAAAAAFETY. You can’t let people walk around and go about life. Sometimes it’s not safe and they can’t decide that for themselves. Experts must decide what’s acceptable. Remember the program… I mean learning you were supposed to pickup in school? An authority must make all decisions.

    Why can’t you get it Eric? Existence is far more important than living.

    On a serious note, we’ve still got 3 weeks left in the timeframe of the DHS’s declaration of another major event. Remember, they said between August 13 and November 11. Not that our overlords would stage a worldwide dramatization of something. They have no agenda and nothing to gain, of course. Just want you to “stay home and stay safe” after the next event. For SAAAAAAAFETY.

    • Safety is not a thing. It’s a feeling. It does not exist in the real world. An illusion. We are bags of jello with some bones. We fall down wrong, we die. This is called life. Deal with it or go ahead and end it.

      • Put simply and with vulgarity, it’s the absence of FUCKUPS.

        You can give the command, “Thou shalt NOT fuck up”, and few actually INTEND to break that “commandment”, but it’s notable when one does. And it can be a good thing to encourage the troops to not “fuck up”, but when enforced too harshly, it STIFLES creativity and innovation, and brings about stagnation. Which sort of explains the overall mental funk going on for about the past twenty months.

  12. The change is real time broadcasts and constant video capture. Not talking about actual surveillance, but millions of cameras everywhere capturing high profile events. Back in the film days, or before LTE cellular was ubiquitous, there was a marked delay in reporting news, either from news sources or friends and family capturing the event. It started in the 1980s with microwave relays around town and in major markets, helicopters. The news department got a ratings bump when they broke into the afternoon soaps with a car chase or brush fire. There were guerrilla crews with scanners ready to pounce on the latest tragedy. Great adrenaline rush and it got eyeballs watching.

    The politicians picked up on this and began to exploit it by Monday morning quarterbacking the police. The cops needed to make sure it looked like they were doing something, so soon they began asking for (and getting) military level equipment and budgets. This was fantastic news for the media, who could now have a new narrative. Anyone remember Judge Dread? Anyone remember the drunk tank and arraignment court at Philadelphia Eagles stadium? Anyone really think that Eagles fans are somehow more criminal than any other fans?

    Now we have the citizen journalist, who can get a story into the stream from any number of social media amplifiers, using algorithms and likes to get the story to bubble up to the mainstream. And it is surprisingly easy. Just do something exceptional on camera. Cops need to keep up so they ramp up too. Not in a boiling frog way, actually much worse. They exploit the true exception and make it the rule for their own benefit. And now they have cameras too.

  13. Yep. The casus belli of the Revolution was the British “lockdown” of Boston — which included suspension of the legislature, troops in the streets, censorship of dissent, searches without warrant, a ban on public meetings and ultimately, attempted gun confiscation at Lexington.

    FedGov does all of this an MORE on a daily basis.

    People today like to talk bullshit about our revolutionary heritage, but today’s “conservatives” are all basically Loyalists.

    • Weak men make Hard Times (we are here!!)
      Hard Times make Hard Men,
      Hard Men make Good Times,
      Good Times make Weak Men.

      Please spell it out for the idiots of the world who lack the gray matter to comprehend it.
      I’d draw a picture for their sake if I could.

  14. I believe this paraphrase is attributed to a Frederick Douglass quote, though I can’t find it: “What tyranny you will tolerate is exactly how much you will get”. There is always a socio-psychopath, or a gang of them, just waiting for an opportunity to enslave you to their desires. All it takes is your weakness, much less your permission.

    • But, far more die as a result of tyranny than do opposing it. You really have nothing to lose. “Give me liberty or give me death” is instruction for survival. Get shot by the goons with guns, or get sent to the Gulag. 20,000,000 Kulaks can’t be wrong.

  15. A highly obedient society invites tyranny.

    Or, as Calvera (played by Eli Wallach) said in The Magnificent Seven, “If God had not intended them to be shorn, He would not have made them sheep.”

    I’m not waiting on Yul Brynner and the boys to come riding in to save us.

    • There are already millions of cars off the road, they’re all in junkyards these days.

      Cars of Cuba was a featured story at The Daily Drive.

      America’s future according the the dumbass Joe Bidet.

      A site much like EP Autos, good stuff.

  16. ‘The pretext for it hardly mattered. A bomber, a “virus” . . . climate change.‘ — eric

    Ah, yes … climate change. Billy Gates fancies himself a self-educated expert on the subject:

    ‘In an interview that aired Wednesday as part of the virtual SOSV Climate Tech Summit, Gates said future returns in climate investing will be comparable to what the biggest tech companies have produced.

    “There will be eight Teslas, ten Teslas,” Gates said. “And only one of them is well known today.”

    “For the winners, anybody who invested in Tesla is feeling very smart,” Gates said. — CNBC

    ‘Very smart’ — LOOK OUT! Gates’s effusion is the sort of self-congratulatory triumphalism that appears at the top of a bull market, when trillions of thin-air keystroke kurrency have convinced punters that they are freaking geniuses.

    But Tesla faces the same headwinds as other auto makers: falling sales, recession, chip shortages, magnesium shortages, and rising input costs.

    Gates likely has rung a bell just as the trend is ending — perhaps intentionally, so he can unload his holdings onto his dupes. Tesla appears to be making a giant double top [stock chart]:


    This is as good as it gets, for a long time to come. Sic transit gloria Tesla.

    • Hi Jim,


      And – among other things: There will be just a few car companies – maybe only one – in the electrified future. Because it would be superfluous to build multiple iterations of the same thing.

      How many different brands of cordless drills are there? Three? Four?

      • ‘There will be just a few car companies – maybe only one – in the electrified future.’ — eric

        Or if THEIR vision comes true:

        ‘There will be just a few mobility companies — maybe only one …’

        Indeed, why not dial it back to 110 years ago, when electric utilities owned the streetcars and interurbans, under exclusive franchises?

        Self-driving EVs make this old monopolistic model extendable to individual rides in place of mass transit.

        And the jail door clangs shut …

      • Competition is for losers. ~ that paypal guy

        And choices ~ “redundancy” ~ is “waste.” Wastes the plutos resources, according to the plutos’ circular orbital t/reasoning.


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