6 Car Repairs You Shouldn’t Do Yourself

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Many people who go DIY on their car repairs (see axioma.co.uk ) either do it out of interest in how their car works or save money. However, there is a limit in the automotive world to the things you can and cannot repair in your vehicle. Some operations require an expert’s touch or specialized machinery to accomplish, either due to the nature of their complexity or risks involved. Here are some car repair jobs that are best left to a trusted, experienced mechanic.

1. Windshield repairs

Is a cracked windshield dangerous? Yes, it is a serious safety hazard. If your windshield chips or cracks, it is essential to repair it within the shortest time possible, or you will find yourself replacing it entirely.  This highly specialized windshield repair or replacement job requires a technician’s specialized tools and specialized skills to get the windscreen repair job done right and get your car back on the road.

2. Transmission repairs

Have a licensed MOT Stockport garage or mechanic work out your car transmission repair issues. Arguably, this is the most complex component of a car that engages it either in a forward or reverse drive. The results of an inexperienced person trying to carry out transmission repairs can be disastrous. Don’t attempt this unless you are a qualified and experienced mechanic, or you will find yourself scrapping your car altogether. 

3. AC repair and recharge

The AC system of a car is complex, although some people tend to think otherwise. The car’s AC plays a role in keeping you cool in the car. A leak in the Freon, worn-out compressors, and broken fan can make your drives in the summer heat unbearable. It would be best if a professional looked into your AC issues since the chemicals in its systems make it risky for you to attempt to repair or recharge.

It would be best if a professional mechanic looked into your AC issues since the chemicals in its systems make it risky for you to attempt to repair or recharge.

4. Wheel mounting and balancing

Most people can easily handle a tire change, but when it comes to balancing the tires or mounting them onto rims, you should have it done at an auto repair shop. Your tires need regular rotation so they can wear out evenly and avoid a scenario where you will replace them prematurely. The mounting and balancing of tires is a sophisticated job and since it requires special tools, leave it to the experts.

5. Engine diagnostics

An engine is a critical component, and you just cannot afford to have an amateur fumble with it. If your car’s engine isn’t operating at its best, it will burn more gas than needed and even end up causing more damage to itself. Please don’t attempt to do engine diagnostics yourself, whether your engine requires some extensive repair work or simply a tune-up.

Many cars now have highly technological engines run by a computer, so it may not be as simple as popping the hood and taking a look. Have a qualified professional handle all your car engine diagnostics.

6. Bodyworks

Accidents and normal wear and tear will have your car needing some bodywork repairs. It can be repairing damaged panels, applying a fresh coat of paint, or simply giving it a buff. Bodywork can be an expensive, time-consuming, messy, and noxious exercise. Leave the work to the specialized professionals.


If you love your car and would also love to keep driving it safely on the road, don’t put it at risk by attempting some DIY repair works. If you aren’t sure about what you are doing, let trained professionals carry out those car repair works for you.