Something Creepy This Way Comes?

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I’m not sure what to make of this. Have a look – and tell me what you make of it.

As I was monologuing about the problem – for luxury car brands – of electronics getting less and less expensive and so more and more common and for that reason there is less and less difference between a luxury car and a common car, except for the price – I noticed that the eye of my video rig was picking up something my eyes weren’t seeing.

See for yourself:

I suspect the car – a brand-new Mercedes S-Class sedan – was “seeing” me. Or rather, watching my eyes. Scanning them for signs of “distraction,” so as to keep me “safe.”

It was the first time I’d seen this. The invisible eyes of the S-Class were only apparent through the eyes of another machine.

Many new cars have such systems, often styled Drowsy Driver Alert or some similar thing. Subaru, for instance, calls their system EyeSight. Computer eyes monitor your eye movements for evidence of distraction or fatigue, according to some programmed-in metric. If the computer decides you aren’t focused on the road, it triggers a cup of coffee icon that you can see – lit up in the dash – along with a “suggestion” you rest rather than drive.

It sounds benign – but it could be something not.

This is the “technology” – that word begins to set off alarms – which will be used to Off Switch your car, per my recent article about that and per the Biden Thing’s “Infrastructure” bill, which intends to rebuild society per the Biden Thing’s visions of a “diverse” and “equitable” society, rather than build roads.

One of the ways that will be done is by putting the government’s hands on the wheel.

No, that’s not it, quite. The government already has its hands on the wheel, in the form of such “technology” – that word, again! – as Lane Keep Assist, which corrects your steering inputs when the car decides you’re not steering according to your programming (e.g., you have failed to obey the traffic laws, such as signaling when changing lanes, to the letter).

This is problematic because people are still free to over-ride their programming. New programming is needed – to over-ride that.

It will take the form of government having its finger always hovering over the Off switch, to to speak.

In part already achieved by having taken away people’s keys.

Not the physical key that used to be used to turn the car on Those already hardly exist, in favor of fobs you carry in your pocket or purse that allow you to start the car by pushing a button . . . assuming the car decides to allow it. What follows from that is programming the car to prevent the car from running – or stop it – anytime the car (which is to say, the government) decides you’re “distracted” or “drowsy.”

How about recalcitrant?

The same “technology” that decides you need a rest can also decide you are too “aggressive” to drive. Steering that’s not sufficiently cautious. Acceleration that’s beyond the rate necessary to creep along. Any speed that’s faster than a predetermined speed. Anything that “technology” can monitor can be controlled by “technology.”

Are you wearing your Face Diaper . . . ?

We grow used to being watched – to having electronic eyes on us, even in our own homes (which they are, unless you’ve put a sticker or piece of electrical tape over the eyes embedded in your phone and your computers and probably also your TeeVee.

And now, in our cars, too.

Big Brother really is watching us.

It’s just that sometimes we can’t see him.

. . .

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  1. I spent a few minutes looking over many posts in the past few days that dealt with having the Coronavirus. All commenters survived. All commenters had cold/flu symptoms. All sounded like what humanity has always dealt with as far as the cold and flu go. Why did the commenters think they had Coronavirus? Symptoms are the same. I am guessing most had a bad cold or flu, same old same old. The tests? The tests are a joke. PCR or antigen. Just a scam for money or worse to get us all injected. Scamdemic.

  2. Man I’d have to be electrical taping over that cyber-creepy thing just like I put electrical tape over my laptop computer camera when I don’t need it !

  3. Hey Eric, I think your car reviews are gong to start to have things like “you can or can not disable the ASS, or Lane Keep, or auto-alert stuff and what/if it does or doesn’t do.
    If you still have the S class, put some tape over that thing and let us know what it does.
    I can see a time in the near future where we’re going to have to show up for a test drive with tape, haha……..
    I don’t currently own any vehicles with this stuff (that I know of) and they are all ’17 or newer.
    Yes they have back-up, crash sensor stuff, but so far there’s buttons to turn them off permanently.

  4. This presents much the same problem as “smart guns” do:

    1) It’s a digital solution grafted into a device that is, fundamentally, a mechanical device. That means it can be worked around/defeated with sufficient effort. This might also tie in to the push for electric cars, which are still mechanical but fundamentally require more circuitry to operate.

    2) Like with guns, you don’t want the system to “fail safe” because in an emergency it is no good to anyone unless it “fails dangerous”—which entirely defeats the purpose of having the device on there in the first place.

    Same old shit, different flavor. They should all be hanged from the nearest lamppost.

    • You’re right Publius. I was thinking something similar like what happens if the car decides for itself you are unsafe and does something that causes a problem. We’re seeing these issues with some of the auto-drive vehicles now.
      I can see a current problem with lane keep stuff now. If a car to your right starts coming at you and your reaction is to steer away but you didn’t put on your blinker and the car attempts to keep you in your lane? And the cars hit each other. Who’s fault?

  5. hmmmm, I wonder if my wife’s old ’12 E350 had that? When driving long distance I would see the ‘coffee’ icon thing from time to time, and I always thought it was just mileage related?
    My Mom’s M-B suv did it too. Again, I always thought it was going around 200 miles without stopping.
    We don’t have either anymore. Their proprietary service interval warning lights and low-profile tire/wheel damage did that brand in for us. All I can hope is that some manufacturers don’t do it so we can buy those. I guess it’s going to be a Fed mandate of some kind?

  6. If you take a TV remote and face the littler ‘eye’ that emits the infrared signal towards your digital camera/sillyphone/etc. you will see the same kind of light blink. These are infrasred beams which are undetectable to the naked eye…but the cameras pick them up.

    I wonder how many other things in the world are emitting such rays, that we are unaware of, until we just happen to point a camera at them?

  7. Not sure if it is a monitor or photo effect that is seen in LED lights on cameras, but the idea that a computer can “know” when someone is “distracted” is idiotic.

    7+ billion people on earth, each with their own mannerisms and quirks is somehow able to be deciphered by a code isn’t realistic.

    Computers operate on true & false if, then. else logic. There is no room for nuance or intuitive understanding, no matter what is sold to us by Hollywood.

    As we have seen esp since 9/11, the govt is using technology to spy on us all the time. Eventually, this spying will be used to actively report & control.

  8. Kind of a weird thing but a few years ago in 2019 my then 13 year old daughter started getting freaked out that electronics were watching her. She put black electrical tape over her personal phone and laptop. I got into an argument over this with my ex (her father) where he thought she needed therapy and I thought it was pretty normal for a teenage girl at that age to be body conscious. Who knew she was actually ahead of the curve?

    • Hi Amy,

      Yup – and ditto. I am sitting in front of my iMac right now… with the eye of Sauron covered with electrical tape. I am creeped out by the idea of a camera pointing at me inside my own home. One that may well be under the control of someone other than myself.

      • You Guys!! Get a PC- an older one will do just fine. Install a FREE [Free- as in free beer and as in free speech] Linux operating system on it…and say goodbye to all of the spyware and all of the phone-home BS., monitoring, restrictions, Silly-con valley remote control and intrusion, etc.

        Libertarians should be using a Libertarian OS. Obviously, Apple and Microsoft are the embodiment of the Orwellian state. There are so many things we fight in order to maintain some privacy and freedom in our lives…it just doesn’t make sense to fight tyranny on other fronts, and then voluntarily use products which foster tyranny and invade every aspect of your privacy. Using MS and Apple software is the virtual equivalent of taking the jab.

        [Avoid the larger corporate Linux distros, like Ubuntu, which are mimicking MS/Apple in many ways, and stick with the purer ones, like Debian (If you need something that has a lot of modern frills) or one of the more minimal ones if you just want the basics, with the option of high customization and or want to use old hardware].

        Think about it! Why strive so hard to fight tyranny, and then toss caution to the wind when it comes to computing- especially seeing as how that computing occupies and encompasses such a large part of what we do and touches virtually every aspect of our lives these days? It’s like proclaiming one’s love for the second amendment…and then moving to CA. or NY! -Only you’re bringing CA. to you, inviting it into your home, and even paying for the ‘privilege’.

        • Hi Nunz,

          Yes, of course – but the problem for your humble narrator is I am probably the least “hip” and “with it” person here as regards computers. UI use Macs because they are idiot-proofed. I don’t even know how to use a PC… let alone install the systems you mention.

          • Well said Nunz,
            People are afraid of linux thinking you have to be a geek and that it’s limited, but nothing could be further from the truth. I found it to be easy to install and run and any kind of program I could ever wish for either bundled in the install or easily available. It’s come a very long way since I first played with it fifteen years ago. I had a few problems in the beginning, but the help is out there and if a dumbass like me can figure it out anyone can.

            We are being incarcerated in a prison of our own making when we patronize Microsoft, Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, big box stores and big banks just to name a few. It drives me nuts when I hear people bitching about YouTube. I just shake my head and wonder why are you people still going to YouTube when we have better alternatives?

            • Exactly, Hank!
              Even when I started with Linux in 2010, it had already come a long way- but there were still some issues- especially with things like hardware not always being plug-and-play, and needing to find obscure drivers and such….but today, it truly is a different world.

              Linux is actually easier to use than Apple and MS OS’s, because Apple and MS gimp their systems by psending half of the systems resources hiding their proprietary code, which means that any time you want to do anything outside of the dumbed-down programmed-in simplified things they deign to allow you to do, or have to fix something (and there’s often a lot to fix, because all of the complexity means there is much more to go wrong- like with modern vehicles) you have to jump through endless hoops and needless complexity just to get to the basics…and even after that, one is still often frustrated, because they just won’t allow you to access many parts of the system which you paid for and which is supposed to be yours, and which is in control of your computer- which means that they have more say over what your computer can do than you do.

              With Linux, you have access to everything, with no obfuscation. Change it, play with it, break it…it’s your business. You realize that computers and OS’s aren’t as complex and mysterious as we’d thought, it was just these corps trying to hide everything and making everything inaccessible that created tons of needless complexity and confusion.

              What a revelation when poking around Linux and seeing how the OS works off of basic text files which can be edited with a text editor- and are accessible with the click of a mouse! (Not that ya need to mess with that stuff…but when ya see how simple it is, and what it lets you do…it really is hard NOT to!)

          • Hey Eric, Hans, & Anon,
            As Hans mentions…the days of having to be a computer geek to install and Linux are long gone. If you can follow basic instructions, you can do it! Actually, these days, you can likely get by with just following the prompts of the screen when doing the install. Believe me…I’m far from a computer geek. I had wanted to use Linux since I first got a computer in 1999…but it was still very geeky back then. I made the switch to it in 2010- cold turkey and never looked back…and it’s been glorious! Virtually no maintenance…and it lets you do whatever you want to do.

            Have a problem? Just go to an online Linux forum or Google[sic] your issue, and you’ll find an easy solution in minutes.

            The MS and Apple stuff is actually HARDER to use, because when they dumb stuff down, it often prevents you from doing anything other than a few standard functions…and if/when those functions cease working, the fix is usually of gargantuan proportions, or at the mercy (and price) of the corp, or there is no fix and you must ‘buy sa new one’.

            Got an old laptop or PC laying around (or buy one on Ebay or at a pawn shop or CL for under $100) and try it on that to get your feet wet. The smaller, lighter distros can even be run from a CD/DVD/USB drive to try them out, without even having to install them (That also makes a great tool for occasional stealth use…and for fixing/recovering data from Windows/Apple machines).

            The fact that there is such a GREAT alternative available…and for FREE, no less….doesn’t that at least make ya’s want to at least investigate and try it? Digital freedom at your doorstep…..all ya have to do is open that door- there’s no downside.

            • And no subscription-based software! You want Photoshop? You download GIMP (or, it comes pre-installed on many distros) and you have something as good/better than Photoshop…and it’s free..and you own it…and there’s no monitoring/phoning home/verification…it’s yours forever…and will work for the life of your OS/PC.

              You want Microsoft Office? F Microsoft Office! We have LibreOffice, CalligraOffice, FreeOffice, OpenOffice…..

              • I’ve been running GIMP and OpenOffice on windows for many years. Of course I started using GIMP on a mac running linux back in the 1990s at my then employer. It was junk machine we turned into a server for a group made tracking tool. IT didn’t like our little rebel box and kept knocking it off the network.

          • Eric, even if you understood what’s under the hood of your mac Linux would be annoying. The current MacOS under the macified GUI is probably my favorite commercial unixOS, NeXTSTEP. I went to linux from the world of NeXTSTEP, Solaris, HPUX, etc…. I found it annoying and a lot of work. Then I tried it again when it became ‘easy’. Yeah it was better, but I had less time and less patience to play with it. Meanwhile windows had vastly improved. It’s been years since I played with linux last, but I really don’t want to bother again.

            • Brent, imagine how erasy the IT’s guys jobs would be if all the ‘puters were running Linux?! Then again, I guess if that were the case, 90% of ’em would be out of a job…..

              • The first company I worked for as an engineer had all the engineers using unix workstations. There were still IT people and they were just as bad as now. I would get annoyed and ask them for the root password so I could fix the problem myself in a few minutes rather than wait in their queue and for them to figure it out.

                Linux is several times the pain in the ass of commercial unix so, yeah the IT people wouldn’t be going anywhere with linux.

            • Morning, Brent!

              For me, a computer is like a toilet – something I use, something I need. I am not attached to it nor especially interested in its workings. I just want it to work, so I can.

              Macs are good in that way. They just work. Which leaves me free to do just that!

          • There are easy ways to install it now. Several years ago I took a trash day find and made it a linux box. Install was painless but the usual hassles were still there when it came to using the machine. First lots of stuff that’s just there in commercial unix just isn’t there, and there’s an ‘easy’ way to install those now too but it sometimes doesn’t work. It’s just annoying. I long ran out of time to be playing with all these quirks and finding work around software.

        • I second (or third) that, Nunz!

          I haven’t used a Windows machine, save for at work, for about 6 years now. And Apple? Fuuuck Apple.

          There is so much variety with Linux, from the extremely user-friendly to the arcane and techie-oriented. All for free, completely under the user’s control, and with a legion of software ready to freely download.

          I don’t understand why more people don’t go in the Linux direction, except the fear of learning something new.

          • And the neat thing is, Bad, THE TERMINAL! Ya don’t have to use it…but just learning a few basics of it’s use really unleashes the power and convenience of one’s computer, and lets one automate so much that they do, without the need for software.

            I wanted to transfer over 1000 mp3 files from my PC to my mp3 player. The files were in nearly 70 different folders. I wanted them all in one single folder on the mp3 player. Imagine having to do that manually? Opening every folder, then transfering the contents…?! But thanks to the awesomeness of Linux, I just Googled for a a script, and copied and pasted it in the terminal, hit enter, and let the computer do it’s thing!

          • Been there, done that and linux means learning something new all the damn time. Software people love change for the sake of change and while it’s bad enough in windows for linux its several times worse IME because it not only involves figuring where in the menus stuff was moved and rebuilding functionality you have to learn new things just to fetch, install, and make operational.

            My energy and time for that no longer exists.

            • Brent, I don’t know what yer talking about…unless you’ve been using Arch or Gentoo or something. One of the things I LOVE about Linux, is that if you choose a stable long-term distro, you can use it for a decade without having to change anything.

              I’m one of those guys who never does updates or anything. I install a system and use it for many years without changing anything.

              And even if some particular software changes…you don’t have go with the new version or update it…..the old will keep working just fine.

              Heck, I tried Slackware about 6 years ago- I don’t think a thing about it has changed since then……

              I don’t see what the big deal is about an occasional workaround, considering that foir such a small inconvenience, you are completely cutting the fascist Silly Con Valley pricks out of your life, and getting total control of your computer and OS.

        • Re: Linux
          anon 1

          I switched to linux 13 years ago, still have the laptop, it was great, microsoft always had virus problems and other issues, a total nightmare. Then I had to go back to microsoft to run software for tuning ecu’s (nefmoto) and software for trading (stocks, options), there probably is a workaround with linux. I am thinking of going back to a flip phone to get away from smart phones, or make/buy a faraday bag.

          • Hey Anon,

            I might be asking the obvious…but just in case: Have you tried asking around in the Linux community to see if your software might run under WINE? (A Windows emulator that runs on Linux).

            I dunno though- I used to use some trading and charting software back ion the day…and it was very touchy and finicky even on Windows…so I don’t know if adding another layer would be a good thing, unless such software has become a lot more stable over the intervening 20 years….

            Me? Anything that won’t work on Linux, I don’t need/will learn to do without. It’s just so freeing to be away from MS. It really is similar to the whole mask/vaccine debacle: Do we give up the most basic rights/privacy just to go along/get along in the world they have created, or do we find work-arounds or do without, rather than caving just for convenience?

            • anon 1

              Hi Nunzio

              There is probably an emulator that works but I haven’t spent time looking yet. I really like linux, it is more private, less problems, I might look into a linux phone, there was about 8 different operating systems for phones but some aren’t working at the moment, far more private then apple or android. If/when the net or 5g goes down cb radios will work. a faraday bag would help, people need them for the remotes for new cars or for cards with chips to prevent theft.

          • FYI there are linux distros for phones. So if you want an option which isn’t beholden to the Goog or the rotten red fruit, Check it out.

            There are also emulators if you need a windows environment to run many softwares. I personally am stuck partially in the windows world because most of the automation stuff (Rockwell software) that I use doesn’t play well with emulators.

        • Nunz,

          I used to run Linux, many moons ago in another life.

          I can do it, and I still know some of the command prompt stuff, but keeping up with the constant stream of updates is a pain, OpenOffice at best semi-works properly, and none of the guis are all that good.

          I use MS for work, and Apple at home. I like the idea of Linux but there’s too much extra crap to learn at every curve, and the cost-benefit for timd invested just isn’t there.

          I remember trying to install plugin wrappers to go from 16 bit to 32 bit so I could just watch YouTube, failing oh so many times, and no one could show/explain to me how to make it work right. I never did figure it out. I learned that I was sophisticated enough to get myself into trouble, but not really enough yo get myself out of it…and I didn’t have the time or resources to get that sophisticated. And i have even less time for that stuff now.

          I need something that “just works,” not something I have to tinker with. I’ll save the tinkering for stuff like the garage door opener & the washing machine, that isn’t such a big stretch.

          • Ah, Publius, you oughta give Linux a look now-a-days…… It really does just work these days- elese I wouldn’t be using it myself!

            When I first got into it 11 years ago, it “mostly worked”- but it was still a little bit of a pain- like ya had to install a driver to paly mp3’s; a driver to play Youtube vids, etc. -and that was still a lot less hassle than dealing with Microsoft’s garbage and tyranny.

            But today? My last install (>2 years ago) everything just worked. Instant internet, audio, everything. All I had to do was install a driver my laser printer, and customize things to my preferences[not required, of course].

            The trouble is, I’d really like to be a Linux guru and or hobbyist, ’cause it’s such a nice system and allows one to explore the intricacies of computers without the obfuscations of MS and Apple…only problem is, the damn thing works so good, and never breaks…so I don’t devote enough time to messing with it, asnd end up forgetting anything I learn about it, from lack of use.

        • I know linux claims to be open source, but I can’t read or understand that code. How can I verify it isn’t spying on me? Am I just supposed to take their word for it? Or worse, your word for it, Nunz?

            • What’s wrong with me today?! That was supposed to say “Now, Brandon….”. [If us Dagos are supposed to talk with our hands, my hands must have a case of tourettes…or the shits!]

    • My employer was sooooo happy to announce we would be receiving spyPhone 11s recently. This coming from an employer who was so cheap, the phone they were replacing was a a FLIP phone.

      I think they let the cat out of the bag when they talked about looking at different platforms and that the spyPhone 11 is the one that met all of their needs. I know it probably has GPS monitoring to know where the phone is at all times, but I fear it has its own “Siri” or “Alexa” that listens all the time for keywords and records and reports to the company. They would never say they have put spyware on their phones, but I don’t trust them. As soon as I get home, the phone goes in a room where nothing can be heard until the next day when I go back to work. I do not look at the phone prior to being clean and in uniform and cover the camera when I move the phone through the house in its case (which blocks front facing camera but leaves main camera open) so it can’t snap random pics just because I picked it up and the phone lit up.

      And with the size of cameras these days, your daughter would be right to assume she is on camera pretty much all of the time.

  9. The flashing lights were very weird….now i want to see if my camera picks this up in my car! I’m still weirded out by the “auto update” in my 2020 3 series that suddenly made it standard to turn on all the assists unless i manually turn them off each time I start the car. When i took the car in for servicing the tech told me that yeah the assist now cant be globally deactivated. Even though there is still a global deactivate setting. Lane keep assist is downright dangerous, I have been driving for years and have never seen anything that impedes driving as much as this feature. So am creeped out totally about the kill switch. I don’t know, this stuff’s getting real now. As in unable to ignore….

    • LOL — every car should come with a free roll of black tape nowadays. I have an older car but even I STILL need some black tape — to cover up the ABS light, and the airbag light, etc.

  10. If inflation continues at the current speed, before too long most of us won’t have to worry about the “advanced safety” technology in new cars, because we can’t buy one. A new Honda civic may cost as much as that Mercedes you’re driving today.


    Was this a personal car, or a reviewer-loaner?

    Did you hear the beeping, or was that also only picked up by the recording, and if you DID hear it, what did you take it to be an indicator of? Seat belt removed or something similar?

    And, holy shit, just so I’m sure I understand, you saw NOTHING that corresponds to the white lights visible at the end here, such as a parking-light indicator?

    No doubt that shit is creeptastic, and the true-horror aficionados among us would like more circumstantial background.

    • The reason I ask about parking lights is that it is apparent to me that the white lights are emanating from the turn-signal (arrow-shaped) LEDs. To your knowledge, IS there a camera lens in the dash?

  12. Eric, it could be a good idea to write about the history of coach built cars in the early twentieth century. Even the history of Body by Fisher would be cool. Back then important enough to be bought by GM.

    People forget that many rich people basically had the same people who had built them their last carriages build them the bodies for their first luxury cars. At levels of customization that even custom car builders today probably couldn’t do (since todays custom cars are rarely “new” cars anymore).

    To be honest todays $300k Rolls Royce, Bentley etc is a rip off since it doesn’t really have custom options that are anymore than a regular car. There are probably more options for today’s $75k pickup trucks (not even including 3rd party stuff).

    I suppose most rich people today aren’t willing to wait the year or more to wait for a truly custom new car anymore. I would rather have something built than what is still off the rack luxury car, but I am broke so it doesn’t matter what I want……

    • You can’t build a street legal car today without crash testing and regulations compliance, which is expensive, so you only recoup those costs by manufacturing lots. I would LOVE to have this be an option, but it’s not. Even things like Koenigseggs or Bugattis can’t be customized too much.

      • anon 1

        Kit cars are being banned in many areas now, harder to get them registered, insured. The super 7 was the ultimate anti nanny state car, (that is why the prisoner drove one in “The Prisoner” series), they are small, very light (1200 lb.), tube frame construction, the frame weighs 100 lb., no air bags, ABS, no safety features of any kind, mechanical art made for one purpose to go fast, the closest thing to an old F2 car for the street, very fast, (a super 7 clone a Donkervoort had the record lap time for street legal cars at the Nurburgring in 2003, 2004). 50/50 weight balance, some had engines with no computer, just points and condensor, no power steering or power brakes, some no heater, no doors, some had no windshield, no roof (some had a convertible top), the ultimate analog driving experience, buy one. You are the prisoner now.

  13. It seems odd to me that manufactures make driver seats so comfortable, and so restricting. Every new model seems to get more difficult to stretch or even significantly shift your position while driving. Just moving a little bit makes a huge difference when it comes to overcoming drowsy driving.

    • That’s where 6 way or better power seats come in. It is also why seat belts are redundant- proper seats and interior wrap around you in a way my 50’s Fords don’t even approach.

  14. anon 1

    When On-star came out, you could see this was coming. Throw in GPS tracking and all the electronics, and next thing you know you car will drive you to your new home in the gulag.

    zh comments

    They’ll have to shoot horses next and burn buggies and wagons.

    It’s going global…Marxism & Communism for the world.

    I’m going to keep my classic car running forever. Zero electronics.
    they gonna make it illegal to run it on public roadways, hombre. if you do, they will seize it and jail you as an eco-terrorist.

    Dishonest money enables dishonest snakes. When it’s printed from thin air not many people pay attention to where it’s being spent

    Nazi America. Hyperinflation will make all of the ridiculous green new deal measures irrelevant. People will be burning furniture, tires and motor oil to stay warm

    So when they declare another lockdown in California they will shut your car down. And then when your kid overdoses on some random drug you can stand helplessly in your drive way while your child dies. I want a divorce. Their is no way to find a middle ground with the demons that posses the communist/woke left.

    “Didn’t get your death jab? Shut down his car, now! And call SWAT!” – Brandon

    I’ll make you a deal… You can install a kill switch in my car only if we can install a kill switch in all libtard politicians.

    Just keep driving and repairing your old one”… until prohibited.

    Federal Vaccine Database and now Automobile Kill Switches on top of Vaxx Passports, Mask Mandates and unlimited Boosters. Just two weeks to slow the spread they said.

    The car kill switch is simply the mechanism to limit your speed or keep you from traveling on certain roads or certain times or only to the supermarket if you’re unvaxxed and home.

    All used cars must be taken to the DMV for killswitch retrofitting or face a fine of $100 per day.

    Ever drive a car with traction control and electronic stability control on a slippery snow covered street or road. I don’t know what is worse; politicians, or automotive software safety engineers. Perhaps this new mandate is really a backdoor method to get cars off the road, as the new “softaware” will render cars completely undriveable.

  15. Volvo cars will pull over if they detect their driver is drunk.
    The Swedish car maker plans to introduce the technology to all new vehicles.
    The new cars’ safety intervention methods also include calling Volvo’s on call assistance service if it senses its driver is intoxicated.

    Autonomous cars will call police on drunk drivers.
    Driverless cars could call the police on their “controllers” if their systems detect that they are drunk.

    According to the patents, the systems would feature sensors and cameras that could not only judge if a driver was drunk, drowsy or agitated but would also be a be able to detect “suspicious objects” such as drugs or weapons in the car and even tell if a phone with text on its screen was being used.

    Huawei says that through machine learning the vehicle could then chose a course of action ranging from sounding a warning in the car, locking the controls so the human driver could not take over or even calling the police if it judged there to be a danger.

    How long before the car takes you to the nearest jail if your paperwork is out of date?
    Or to the nearest injection center if you failed to submit to the latest round of needling?

    Interesting times…

    • If I wanted a Volvo, I’d buy one.

      I have no issue with the technology being available for those who want it. I have lots of issues with being forced to buy it, whether I want it or not.

    • I read some of that website — yup — the leaders are definitely trying to mind control everyone … nice sounding “save the world” ideas, but the facts & actions behind it are actually destructive. Making everything sound so nice to all teachers etc (“care about lgbtq etc”), but the nice things are really trojan horses for getting everyone into their cult and controlling them for the purpose of destroying everyone. Leaders are employing classic 101 war psyop techniques on the entire population.

      • anon 1

        look at the covid hoax, forced lethal extermination injections……..

        it is green though: they say we are invasive species so exterminating it is the height of greenness for the GAIA satanic religious cult.

        if you want to exterminate an invasive species you have to trick it into a lethal injection with the right trick narrative.

  16. ‘This is the “technology” – that word begins to set off alarms – which will be used to Off Switch your car.’ — eric

    And the ideological underpinnings for this brazen intrusion were slipped into place decades ago by — you guessed it — Republiclowns.

    I’m thinking of Elizabeth Dole, widow of the archetypical RINO Bob Dole who died this morning. She served as Secretary of Transportation under Ronald Reagan from 1983 to 1987.
    Look upon her works, ye mighty, and despair:

    ‘During her tenure, the NHTSA mandated the installation of a center high-mounted stop lamp on new cars; these are sometimes called “Liddy Lights” in her recognition.

    ‘She worked with MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) to pass laws withholding federal highway funding from any state that had a drinking age below twenty-one. South Dakota opposed the drinking age law and sued in the case South Dakota v. Dole, but the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Dole.

    ‘She initiated random drug testing within the Department of Transportation.’ — Wikipedia

    Thanks, nanny Liz. You and ol’ Bob did a lot to us … especially your craven cave-in to MADD, which destroyed federalism by using withheld federal funding (a return of our own money) to bludgeon the states into abject submission to an all-powerful central government.

    • Dear sweet Liddy (/s) did not cave in to MADD. MADD was the latest incarnation at the time of the temperance women- petty tyrants always providing publicity to actual tyrants.

      As to Bob Dole- it is best to say nothing about the dead. Nothing! Nothing! Nothing! But why did I have to wait so long to say nothing?

  17. That was a little unnerving, Eric, but yes, you’re probably right about it checking your eyes for drowsiness/lack of attentiveness.

    Still not something I want my car doing. Not in the least.

    Also, how as Capt. America’s workout? You ready for your spot on The Running Man?

    • Ditto, BaDnOn!

      I took the Trans-Am out yesterday . . . to remember what a car is supposed to be. Which is a tool under my control – not a means of controlling me.

      Captain Freedom had a great workout… the one good thing (for me) that has resulted from this controlled demolition of Western civilization is that I’m stronger now, in middle-age, than I ever was in my youth. I’ve upped my bench and I’m increasing the distance I run. Anger is one hell of a motivator…

      • That’s correct, Eric. Anger is more useful than despair.

        Your video has made me wonder how it would look if we could extend the range of our vision to view the near-infrared. How many such sensors are everywhere, measuring and tracking everything, along with the legions of cameras?

        A walk in the city might come alive with such creepy lights. It might have a real “They Live” vibe to it.

        • You don’t get that vibe already?
          They’re pretty evil, they want biometric data to lock us into a “Matrix” asap. When it is cheaper to stuff us in the tube, they’ll do that, for now – we pay for our own prisons.

  18. But I do have a piece of tape over my laptop’s camera, and had one over that of the one previous. Far more than I fear the Psychopaths In Charge having control, I fear the AI having that control. Is there a human adult that has NOT seen at least one of the Terminator movies? Scale that movie to your own private domain, and what’s the difference?

      • This one’s easy – don’t connect your TV (smart or otherwise) to a network. If it has no access to the outside world, any data it collects goes nowhere.

        • Don’t know how it panned out, there was chatter a while back about using other protocols, like UDP, to just send data across a network, no password needed.

    • That trope, of the malevolent AI app, went from the massive, hyper-fast supercomputer, able to “think” ahead of the “meat bags”, as in the original 1984 Terminator release, to what’s effectively a super VIRUS, able to hop between networks and servers and replicate itself so as to not be able to be isolated and destroyed.

      Me, I don’t care for the “lane assist” on my 2020 Fusion, but haven’t been able to figure out how to disconnect it. Also haven’t figured out how to lock out it’s “nanny” function of telling me when, on a long trip, I “need” to take a break. It doesn’t seem that it’s actually doing anything biometric, per se, simply an algorithm to figure out that I’ve been out on the road, for say, eight or more hours. Which, for an all-electric, would be at least twice what the best of them can do on a single full charge. So, at some point, maybe they just shut down after so many miles and/or operation time, so you’d better have found a hotel or at least a rest stop, right? Sheesh.

    • True John, Skynet has been up and running for awhile now, only a matter of time before the AI decides we humans are bad for the planet and proceeds to terminate all of us. I’ve read that the Pentagram already has “autonomous” drones, next step is to upload pictures of all us anti-jabbers and turn them loose to hunt us down. Might even be advantageous to wear a face diaper so the facial rec can’t find you 😆

  19. The flashing lights were unusual to see. Reminds me of the road construction crews when they are working on the road.

    Soon they still have a claxton blaring: “Danger! Danger!”

    I guess we can see how luxury car makers are trying to be different from lower priced brands.


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