The Needler Undiapered

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Why is the Needler-in-Chief no longer wearing his Face Effacer? Does he not heed the “science”? It has electrolytes, after all.

The “science” – the CDC – says that even the Needled ought to continue wearing Face-Effacers, a confession of sorts about the medical effectiveness of the Needling. Does Needlin’ Joe not care about the community? Doesn’t he know he might asymptomatically spread the Delta Epsilon Semi-Moron Scariant?

Aren’t we all in this together?

Apparently not.

Needlin’ Joe is also apparently not much worried about the 400,000-plus “adverse events” – injuries and deaths – reported by the “science,” the Centers For Disease Control’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting system, or VAERS. Including the wheelchairing of a 12-year-old girl who got Needled and is now not walking. Including 6,985 deaths coincident to receiving a Needling – many of these within 48 hours of having received it.

No correlation there, of course.

VAERS is admitting to more than 30,000 serious injuries associated with the Needling, including 1,792 cases of anaphylactic shock affecting previously healthy teenagers and some 300 cases of heart inflammation (myocarditis and pericarditis). Several thousand miscarriages and cases of Bell’s Palsy, too.

But no worries. The government appears likely to grant “emergency approval” for the latest Pfizer jab for five-year-olds by his fall.

They crave Brawndo, too.



  1. Let us not forget who brought us these needles at warp speed. And who put the crazed dwarf and the Scarf Lady on the stage. And who let the CDC’s political science make policy recommendations -to include face diapers and lockdowns – adopted by 95-plus percent of states and municipalities. And who golfed while the country burned. Absent whom Joe Kamel could not be possible.

  2. Personally i prefer pedo joe and call girl kamala in their face diapers. Less hideousness for us to witness and its a wonderful indicator of the world they are pushing on the rest of us. At this point, it appears clearly to anyone that will see that this is a religous movement. The movement’s most adherent disciples are determined to either get you to join with as much enthusiasm as they show to their god and savior, mother goverment, or to lock you away in a gulag until you see the light.

    • Is it really Creepy Joe? Or, some sort of actor? There is a trial somewhere, (Gitmo?), in which a victim of human trafficking accused Creepy Joe (not the actor) had “trafficked” her.

    • Joe’s over-sized face diaper is really a signal to the rest of the world that the U.S. is a “sick” country (mentally and spiritually if nothing else), and thus, vulnerable. What happened to the days when “presidents” were eager to show everyone the U.S. was strong and vibrant?

    • Hi Mark,

      More proof that this is a religious movement. If the “vaccine” confers immunity from the ‘Rona than you no longer need worry about the ‘Rona; more specifically, about catching it from someone who hasn’t been “vaccinated.” But that’s not what people like this horrid woman are worried about. They are worried that others may choose a different path; that others may not share their strange religious beliefs. It was just the same with the Face Diapers, which I have been saying since the get-go were the training wheels for the Needles now being thrust at us.

    • The gaul of this so called woman, to declare we won’t achieve herd immunity without all of us being vaccinated. Curious, since we have been developing herd immunity at no cost, or profit, to anyone ever since there were people. One of a couple of reasons that some virus didn’t wipe us out millennia ago. The other being that viruses normally mutate into a more contagious less dangerous form, as the Delta variant is demonstrating right now. It’s trying to fade away, if the MSM, “officials” and “experts” would let it. My home State of Missouri is now the leader in new cases, and it has been going up for at least a month. But there has been no correlating increase in deaths, so who cares, except those with a different agenda than our health? Looks like we are going to get a visit from a “federal surge teem”, to make our minds “right”. Could be quite entertaining.

      • Being that the numbers at all levels are completely cooked, the federal surge team will visit whomever cooked the best numbers for them to come. It’s disgusting

  3. The CDC’s own extensive research into whether masks are effective in reducing transmission of Influenza determined they were NOT significantly effective. Which somehow magically changed when COVID appeared, without any additional research. Of course the CDC has been in the pocket of Pharma for decades, along with the WHO and the FDA.

  4. No vaccine with the adverse event tally that these vaxxes have has ever been allowed to stay on the market. EVER!. Not even close.
    There has been not one shred of truth in the pontification of “experts” and “officials” since this psychological operation began. NOT ONE! Every damn thing we have been told is a bald faced lie. The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services just two days ago proclaimed the vaccines were “safe and effective”, even on the Delta variant. A bald face lie, and they know it. I strongly suspect its that “senior services” part that’s encouraging such deceit, since they are well aware that they have made promises they can’t keep.

  5. Thanks for the link re the NOQreport on vaccine adverse events. I wasn’t familiar with the site, but have been looking for a referenced, concise report on the effects of the jab. I am planning to include it in an email to our daughter’s college and sports officials to put them on notice that they need to stop “encouraging” student athletes to get a jab that doesn’t protect them from anything, for an alleged illness whose affect on people under 65 is statistically nil, and for which the injection has caused a growing number of documented harmful outcomes, including death, in young people.

    They are being warned that, although the vaccine makers are indemnified from harms caused by their products, they and any other person or organization that continues to “encourage” this harmful injection should expect to be held accountable for any adverse reaction. They are also being warned that we expect that our daughter will not be treated differently or adversely based on her personal choice to protect her health by NOT allowing this substance to be injected into her body (e.g., not just pressured, but required to wear the face cloth of submission and “test” continuously).

    • Indeed, coercion to take the vax is a CRIMINAL ACT, per US and international law. Liability for damage resulting from such coercion should be an easy case to win. SHOULD be.
      Pushing the under 20 population to get one is reprehensible, to say the least. Child sacrifice might be more apt. Since they are in little to no danger from the virus, especially the “new and improved” Delta variant that is more contagious but far less dangerous. And even Saint Fauci has stated more than once that the young are NOT a significant transmission vector. There is no even possible health reason they should risk their health, if not their lives taking the vax. Which means the reason has nothing at all to do with their health. Which means the reason is pure evil.

      • +1000. We will keep in mind the criminal legal aspect of this, esp. if the officials double down on the evil.

        Hoping they will scurry under their desks and leave her alone. Either way, we will come for them if they don’t heed our warning/diplomatic effort.

      • Given the mass ignorance spread by the CONvid Plandemic, it would be wise to study up on the EUA federal regulation, “21 U.S. Code § 360bbb–3 – Authorization for medical products for use in emergencies”:

        It starts out with this under (a)(1): “Notwithstanding any provision of this chapter and section 351 of the Public Health Service Act [42 U.S.C. 262], and subject to the provisions of this section, the Secretary may authorize the introduction into interstate commerce, during the effective period of a declaration under subsection (b), of a drug, device, or biological product intended for use in an actual or potential emergency (referred to in this section as an “emergency use”).”

        What is a “drug, device, or biological product”? Under 21 USC § 321(h)(1) FEDERAL FOOD, DRUG, AND COSMETIC ACT: “(1) The term “device” (except when used in paragraph (n) of this section and in sections 331(i) , 343(f) , 352(c) , and 362(c) of this title ) means an instrument, apparatus, implement, machine, contrivance, implant, in vitro reagent, or other similar or related article, including any component, part, or accessory, which is— (A) recognized in the official National Formulary, or the United States Pharmacopeia, or any supplement to them, (B) intended for use in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions, or in the cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease, in man or other animals, or (C) intended to affect the structure or any function of the body of man or other animals, and which does not achieve its primary intended purposes through chemical action within or on the body of man or other animals and which is not dependent upon being metabolized for the achievement of its primary intended purposes. The term “device” does not include software functions excluded pursuant to section 360j( o ) of this title.”

        That means that not only is the vaxx (in vitro reagent) falling under this regulation, but this also includes the face diapers and the “tests”. One can refer to the FDA’s webpage, “What are Medical Countermeasures?”, for a solid example:

        Anyway, the money shot within the EUA regulation is this section under (e)(1)(A)(ii):

        “Appropriate conditions designed to ensure that individuals to whom the product is administered are informed—
        (I)that the Secretary has authorized the emergency use of the product;
        (II)of the significant known and potential benefits and risks of such use, and of the extent to which such benefits and risks are unknown; and
        (III)of the option to accept or refuse administration of the product, of the consequences, if any, of refusing administration of the product, and of the alternatives to the product that are available and of their benefits and risks.”

        Yes, they MUST provide FULL Informed Consent under the law! That means they have to know, from front to back, ALL of the info of whatever bromide or muzzling one wants to inflict upon an individual. They also have to know of ALL of the alternatives, including the reliance upon one’s own Immune System that God has blessed us all with! Likewise, as part of Informed Consent, a risk/benefit analysis plus the option to NOT use the suggested interventions without coercion via reprisals (being treated like a leper, job loss, segregation, etc.).

        Plus, if they’re claiming to be following the “law” via unlawful edicts and/or orders via Executive Fiat, they are violating the law under Color Of Law:

        Other laws to strengthen that foundation: Civil Rights laws, ADA, Constitutional protections under Article VI and Constitutional Amendments (freedom of assembly via the 1st, freedom to be secure in one’s person via the 4th, freedom to not be accused of a capital offense and punished without due process via the 5th, the right to Life, Liberty and Property under Section 1 of the 14th), the unlicensed practice of medicine, and so on.

        I may be missing something… but it’s a start. 😁

        • Silly serf- law doesn’t matter- It is your master, not your servant.

          Unless of course you claim the sovereignty the Lord blessed you with?

          The only legitimate laws are in furtherance of the Lord’s work- render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s. Render yourself only if you belong to Caesar. It is up to you, as a sovereign under only the ruler of the universe, to exercise courage, faith, and judgement. You cannot delegate it, or buy it done.

          This applies to toxic injections, masks, seat belts, and a myriad of other things great and small. You always have the right to refuse.

  6. i thought the WHO said keep wearing it & the CDC said don’t, but this is now Monday and the story could have changed

    of course none of this applies if you are taking public transportation, where it is commonly known that the corona multiplies on bus seats like a den of rabbits

    Once thing you can be sure of is that the focus groups didn’t like masked Joe, so the diaper got to go

    and if we think uncle alzheimer has any grasp on the facts of experimental deaths, think again.


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