Electrocuting Themselves

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The key to selling something is to not sell the same thing everyone else is selling. Elon Musk grasps this concept.

His electric emulators do not.   

Perhaps the latest sales figures will help them to grasp it. It appears that Tesla is about to become the best-selling luxury car brand in the United States, toppling BMW – which held the title for many years.

Arguably, because what BMW was selling during those years was something different than what Elon is selling.

Some will recall the old BMW slogan about  Ultimate Driving Machines. It wasn’t just a slogan. BMW invented the luxury-sport sedan with iconic models like the 2002 of the ‘70s. The numbers signified two-door sedan, two liter engine – connected to a manual transmission. It was a car you drove.

Other luxury cars drove you places.

The distinction isn’t about better or worse but rather about the differences. If you wanted the sounds and sensations of a high-performance sports car Matryoshka-doll’d within the body of a luxury car, the compass needle pointed toward a BMW store.

There was nothing else quite like a BMW.

Mercedes, meanwhile, specialized in overbuilt, under-stressed road-bound tanks that would last 300,000 miles. They were plush and even a little stodgy in contrast to the BMW’s taut and youthful.

These was nothing quite like them either.

Horses for courses – and that gave you choices. There were other choices, too – including Lexus (which offered a less expensive and even better-built Mercedes) as well as Audi (for the AWD experience, which others didn’t offer in those days) and gilded, bench-seated American dreadnoughts from Cadillac, Lincoln and Chrysler, et al.

None of these being the same things offered up under different badges.

Enter Elon.

Tesla was the first car company to sell new cars without engines. At first, they were converted cars, with the donor (Lotus) cars providing the shell, into which Tesla planted electric motors and batteries. These didn’t sell well, chiefly because they weren’t an improvement over the Lotus-engined cars they started out as. It is almost certain they would never have sold well, making it hard for Elon to make money selling them.

 But Elon had an ally.

The government saw Elon’s operation as valuable – to its long-range agenda to utterly control how and when and even if we are allowed to drive, which EVs are ideally suited to further – because he was selling the electric car on speed and “technology.” This might – it did – take people’s minds off of the electric car’s perennial economic and functional deficits – especially their much higher cost and much lower practicality. Maybe people would be interested in quick and slick-looking electric cars.

Especially if they had to buy them.

Even if they didn’t realize they were paying for them.

Here’s where the government could help.

It gave Elon a credit line to other car company’s tills. Since they didn’t make electric cars – since they weren’t selling – but because government mandated that they at least offer a certain number of them, in order to be allowed to sell any cars at all – they were forced to buy carbon credits from Elon. These “credits” would “offset” the “emissions” (of carbon dioxide) the other car companies were befouling the air with by not building the required number of “zero emissions” (ahem) electric cars. This provided Elon with his operating capital for many years, which he used to further develop his electric cars at the expense of his rivals. They were literally obliged to finance their own undoing. Money that would otherwise have gone toward R&D for new engines went toward motors.

Elon’s motors.

An obliging “media” helped by providing free public-relations for electric cars, touting their quickness and “technology” while rarely, if ever, mentioning their several liabilities and concurrently shaming the manufacturers of engine’d cars as the cause of imminent but never quite arriving catastrophic “climate change.” Which  change has yet to negatively affect the value of seal-level, waterfront properties – supposedly in imminent danger of inundation.

Interestingly, these properties are often owned by those most “concerned” about “climate change.”

Never mind.

Elon became not just a seller of electric cars. He became a savior figure. Almost Faucian in stature. His every utterance – no matter how ridiculous – treated with fawning approbation.

And without a peep of challenge by the car companies he was serially bleeding white. Rather they rolled up their sleeves and offered up their arms, practically begging to be drained.

Poltroonery at the highest level, probably motivated by the short-term financial incentives of major car company honchos to go along to get along  . . . knowing they won’t be around for long (and will hopefully be long gone when it all comes undone, safe somewhere else – ensconced on a mountain of cash) probably accounts for this selling-of-themselves out.

This kind of thinking has largely embodied corporate thinking at most of the major car companies since at least the ’90s, when a collective decision seems to have been made (your libertarian car guy was there to see it being made) that it was easier to go along to get along; that open resistance was futile. That money could even be made by anticipating the latest federal folderol and getting it into production before it was officially mandated. The last audible peep of protest over such mandating being the tepid hand-raising regarding first generation air bags, which the lower-down engineers knew were going to get people killed on account of the force of deployment and told the higher-ups. Who told them to shut up and get back to work.

Still, none of this was fatal, per se.

But it was – in principle.

Having accepted that government decides what kinds of cars shall be built, the car companies accepted – in principle – that nothing other than electric cars would be built, once the government so decreed.

And so it has unfolded.

Now, BMW – and the rest – find themselves losing sales to Tesla, the monstrosity they breathed life into. Trying to compete with Tesla by selling the same things that Tesla is known for selling.

Perhaps it will occur to them – too late, probably – that there’s not much future in trying to sell the same government-mandated thing that Tesla – and now, everyone else – is also selling. How many different varieties of cordless drills is there a market for?

It would wonderful if they remembered what used to make a BMW (or a Mercedes or an Audi or Cadillac) different  . . .  and decided to resume selling that, again.

All it would take is guts enough to publicly say – from now on, we’re selling what our customers want. Which is none of the government’s business.

It might just prevent them from going out of business.

. . .

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  1. Teslas have a 9:34 diff no wonder they are quick, they turn up to 18,000 rpm so they can use a very aggressive diff. After 9000 rpm the torque drops off, Teslas are only quick up to 120 mph.
    If you race a Tesla race it above 120 mph.
    Lots of ice engines have a flat torque curve all the way to redline so they accelerate better at high speed then an electric car, but they don’t have full torque at one rpm.

    If an ice powered car had a 9:34 diff they would be really quick too, but the top speed would be low, a 2022 Corvette has a 3:55 diff the top speed is 184 mph, even going to a 7:10 diff the top speed would be 92 mph.

    The difference in acceleration of these electric cars compared to ice cars has a lot to do with gearing in the diff.

  2. The Tesla cars have an oil pump and oil filter, for the motors and the gearbox/diff and two water pumps for the cooling system.

    How often does the oil and filter need to be changed?

    How often does the coolant need to be changed? How long do the water pumps last and what is the replacement cost?

    There is a very complicated cooling/heating system for the batteries, what happens if there is a leak deep in the battery packs?

    There is another separate HVAC system for the interior.
    There is also a heat pump system for heating the interior.

    Heat pumps are super-efficient, but they are known to not work as well in extreme cold (around -15C or 5F and below).
    Tesla owners in cold climates are finding their heat pump system isn’t working in low temperatures.
    Tesla deleted the old electric heater that worked, to save electricity to then claim longer range.

  3. Just did some back-of-a-fag-packet sums.

    Tesla Model 3, with a new battery, has a claimed range of 272 miles. Battery weighs 1054 pounds.

    If I burn 1054 pounds of diesel in my Citroen, I have a range of 7134 miles.

    That’s 26-times the range of the Tesla. It may be a bit less than that, owing to the extra weight of my car with the large fuel tank. OTOH, that is a weight which would decrease as the fuel is consumed.

    In reality, my Citroen only carries about 86lb of fuel in a full tank (about 53 litres). So, let’s make the comparison fair, and limit the Tesla to a battery weighing 86lb. That’s about 22-miles-worth of battery, by weight. If it’s new and fully-charged.

    I think that’s a great demo of the concept of “energy density”.

    Oh, and my engine delivers its full power of 105 bhp, whether the fuel tank is full, or whether it contains but a teacup of diesel. Batteries don’t work that way.

    • Well-said, Bogbeagle!

      The energy density of gasoline is phenomenal. Now add the ease of portability and storage; the much lower cost… remind me again why we’re being forced to give it up?

      • Because there’s a abundance of state money in giving it up, if you’re on the take.
        Gasoline is a miracle. No other thing has changed the landscape more. Ever. Diesel a close second, powering the railroads.
        Carnegie saved the whale. By implementing the tank car. Which allowed petroleum product to be delivered cheaper than whale oil. About the only thing positive he ever did.

      • Cause our fully vaccinated transgender/demoralized military can no longer secure overseas oil? Because our fully vaccinated doctors of LBGT and racial justice are unable to operate oil rigs or refineries? Cause liberal cities have such crime, regulations and housing prices that no one will man the gas station? Cause all our manufacturing went overseas and it would take a month to get critical repair parts to our processing facilities? Cause africans are drilling holes in oil pipes to fill their cars and leave them leaking all over the environment when they are done?

        Of course these issues affect the electric grid and battery manufacturing as well.

        An industrial society requires society minded and mechanically inclined population. 2 generations have been given antisocial and antiwork education, 4 generations have had increasing welfare & wages that dont keep up with inflation.

      • What happens to these EVs when there is a storm that knocks power out for a week or two. Good luck getting around. Damn the fools shoving EVs down our throat.

  4. Truckers can just not make it to the hub to unload, they can drive their trucks to secret locations and set up new distribution hubs. Smuggling will be off the charts.

    This cruel techno-tyranny can be brought to its knees one way or another.

    The black markets that will appear out of nowhere will probably thrive. It’ll be a real free market.

    The Last Days of the Covidian Cult

    • John has some ideas on how to stop the government operating……

      John says the fabian leftist/communists running the great reset have run out of gas, they don’t have the horsepower to run us over and don’t have enough gas in the tank to out last us, he says the only way they can win is to convince us we can’t win.

      He says these fabian communist leftists are very weak, they are all transvestite, purple haired, pedophile freaks, wearing a dress, easy to beat.

      Listen to John Wilson starting at 5:07 in video, a great speech ….


  5. All large multinationals borrow money to finance their daily operations. Even though they have billions in the banks. Witness Apple, who had at last count several years ago, $200 BILLION just sitting in the bank. This gives the banks the controlling say in how these large companies are run. I worked at a large multinat for 20 years and saw this in operation. It is in their contracts with the banks as to how these companies operate, and who the companies take their orders from.
    After the world trade center complex met its fate by controlled demolition, the lies by once honest companies started coming, slowly at first then becoming the flood as the standard operating normal. Companies that once valued creative initiative started telling employees to do what you are told to do. No thinking allowed. No questions allowed.
    The banks are driving the cashless economy agenda, from which the banks will have total control of all people and every bit of currency the people own. The electronic car is part of the cashless economy, in that you will no longer have control of your vehicle. That control will belong to the banks, governments, and large multinational companies. You are on a pension and want to take a day trip to see your children? You will have to provide financial data to the government to get them to activate your vehicle, and maybe you will get that approval. But if you have not received your 234 Pfizer vaccines, you will not be allowed to transport yourself anywhere. Want to buy that vibrator for your missus to get her orgasms? Either you will not be allowed to purchase it, or the small busness that made them was seized by a large company for nothing. But the price will be affordable only to the elites, not the common folks. These is just 2 examples. I will leave you to think of more.
    No small companies will be allowed to exist, all property will be owned by the 3 groups I mentioned.
    All these fools that pay all by card are helping in their own demise. Wait till the cash disappears. The gulags and concentration camps set up by the Russians and Nazis will be child’s play compared to the abolition of cash. No living off the grid allowed.
    The conjob19 plandemic is the test setup for the digital economy. Which will happen in a few years as most of the vaccinated population dies off.
    Note that while pollies urge us to vaccinate, the vax makers are NOT mandating their employees to vaccinate against the conjob. Why? Someone has to be around to make the vaccines and other drugs that allow big pharma to thrive, at the expense of the sheep.

  6. Oil is the ring to rule them all. If you think European power prices are crazy, just consider it a dress rehearsal for what’s about to happen when oil goes parabolic.

    Energy = Inflation and we’re just getting started here because the ESG crowd is still controlling the narrative.
    They’re restricting supply into an energy crisis, these leftists are insane..

    Meanwhile, politicians are already in panic and subsidizing consumption. Imagine a world where demand stays stable or even increases at higher prices.

    Failed government policies created this monster, they are beyond stupid….

    Global politicians keep making it worse. It will take a whole lot of pain before they finally adjust course.

    Hint: long oil call options might work….


    • The idea of a device that makes it so someone doesn’t have to pay as much attention but then saying they need to pay attention fails a failure modes and effects analysis automatically. Which is why you don’t see anything like it from a traditional auto manufacturer. It would never make it into a shipping product.
      GM or Ford or Toyota or any of the others would have been sued and forced into recalls by now.

      • Morning, Brent!

        Of course, the fact that “… a device that makes it so someone doesn’t have to pay as much attention but then saying they need to pay attention fails a failure modes and effects analysis automatically” is permitted is due to the fact that what is wanted, long term, are cars under the control of the programmers. Therefore, people are encouraged to not pay attention – so as to habituate them to not being in control.

        • Well someone has to be liable.

          If it’s the driver, no one in their right mind will let autopilot take over.

          If it’s the OEM or the software company, no one in their right mind would release the code.


      • Gmc has a commercial where some friends are driving an empty luxury truck when the driver turns on the self driving system to clap along with we will rock you. They are all promoting inattention they are all just passengers clapping to the music at that point. Even a “cheap” wagon like the subaru crosstrek has highway self driving – follows the lines and slows down when you come up to slow people. Its supposed to stop for pedestrians too but I didnt dare test that out. And you can set cruise to 90 mph and just zoom up & follow slow people close enough to watch them squirm and nervously check their mirror increasingly concerned cause its an open interstate. but it beeps if you let go of the wheel for more than a few seconds. Its fun to play with on a loaner car but it will absolutely make you a terrible driver and psycho if you have it on a daily driver. These systems also cost billions of dollars to develop and thousands to maintain. The salesman says it costs around $1500 to change an XTrek windshield due to the camera system. Subaru could have invested into better headgaskets stronger manual gearboxes, part time transfer cases, & v8 engines. Everyone wants cheaper more useful cars instead of high tech slowmobiles.

        But this gives an excuse to have a camera on the driver, higher insurance etc. And with people completely losing their skills it will be easier to oppress them.

  7. This does not have to do with EVs but is a transportation crisis in itself. I noticed, other than a few local station (e.g., Buffalo, NY, Carson City, NV) this has received very little national news. I have been getting most of my information from Canadian news sources.

    This past Saturday, January 15th, all US truckers going to and from Canada must be vaccinated. This upcoming Saturday (January 22nd) all Mexican truck drivers must be fully vaccinated. Canadian truck drivers will need to be vaccinated if delivering to the USSA.


    It is being estimated that approximately 11K-16K Canadian and US truckers will be forced off the road and about 20K Mexican truckers. We could be looking at losing 30K to 40K trucks that handle 70% of the goods imported and exported out of our country.

    We have all seen the grocery stores and how the supply chain is dangling by a thread. This will only cause the thread to break. We won’t experience this in the next week, but the next several weeks to months our grocery stores will be empty. Not the miserable sight that we see now, but actually empty.

    Most Americans (or Canadians) have little recognition on what is currently coming down the pike. Please, please, please have backups to your back up. If anyone thinks they are going to walk into Walmart and get what is needed (or even run around to the other three grocery stores in town) they are dreaming.

    Befriend your local farmers, grow your own garden, prep now. Who and who isn’t vaccinated will be the least of our concerns.

      • Kudos to the Canadian truckers, but we need to look around and see that the whole world is in our position – African nations, China, Europe, Australia, Canada, and the USSA. Why are they trying to sever the supply chain? Some will say to force us into compliance. Personally, I am starting to think their goal is to kill us off. The vaxxed are not going to come out of this any better than the unvaxxed.

        We have already seen the trains coming out of Los Angeles hauling the imports from the ships in Long Beach and LA. People (probably Soros people) are literally ransacking the trains and demolishing the goods. A real leader would have missionaries sitting on those trains with a promise of “shoot to kill.” Many will disagree with me, but people’s livelihoods are being affected – their food supply, their medicines, etc.

        Many are scared of going to war. Newsflash: We are already at war. Worldwide, governments have declared it against their people. What do the people do? Sit back and keep chanting the mantra “government will save me.”

        • The extermination injection is part of the cull, they can get some big numbers through starvation and they will cut your fuel off so you freeze to death.
          If/when the vaxxed get the non placebo injection = dead.

          • Gates bought a lot of farmland, he will stop all food production and starve you to death. The 500 million left after the cull will be forced to eat insects.

        • Hi RG,
          I’ve seen those videos of the trains being ransacked in broad daylight, whatever happened to railroad cops? Hire a bunch of linebacker sized security guards and equip them with baseball bats to start, if that doesn’t deter the lowlifes then bring out the guns. Same with the smash and grab robbers, I agree that these parasites are destroying other people’s livelihoods and should be slammed down hard. Of course “law” enforcement is too busy chasing after the unjabbed to be bothered with actual crimes.

        • RG,

          We’re absolutely at war! Only we’re not in the shooting phase-yet; we’re undergoing economic sanctions, which are a prelude to war.

        • Theft is far under played. Once upon a time grand larceny was a capital crime, as in you get hung for it. Most gain their property by investing their time and effort. Theft is not of the property so much as a theft of a portion of your life. A fractional murder, if you will. It should not be treated so lightly as it is.

    • Have you really talked to your farmer(s) about this? Small commercial operations and especially ones where it’s a labor of love trying to keep a family farm aren’t in any better position to weather disruptions than any other small business. The large operations might be better able to ride out supply and float capital for a season. I think it’s probable that all manner of independence is being targeted including any farm or ranch not well connected. Big Ag isn’t any better than Big Pharma or Big Banks in trying to squeeze out nimble competition and gobble up land at fire sale prices.

      • Globalization will soon be extinct. Everything will flow through small, local communities. Going to your local Walmart will be a thing of the past. Those that survive will have the skills to hunt, grow, and gather. The next three years will be shaky, but by 2025 it will have ironed itself out. Everything will be close to home and most individuals will be distrustful of large governments, big businesses, and the Western Industrial Medical Complex.

        • I think it’s likely food and energy shortages are going to hit crisis this year and that’s going to panic a lot of urban dwellers. When they have nothing to eat for a couple of weeks they won’t have any reason to stay put. Keep your head down and you powder dry my friend.

    • I can only tell you that a couple of the main local commercial unaffiliated chicken operations are worried. They aren’t big enough to deal with cost and paperwork to be strictly organic in the USDA sense but they really treat their flock well (e.g. pasture their non-vegetarian hens). They’re honest regional commercial farms with a few hundred hens helping supply a handful of indie supermarkets within about a 40 mile radius. However, they rely on supplements and feed. They’re still struggling to find reliable sources and as a result their flock is approaching concerns of malnutrition. Already the shells on their eggs are thin and the yokes getting more pale. This is really the most vulnerable time, it seems like a well planned escalation to further disrupt supply chains. Another 2, maybe 3 months and the weather here will start turning and early spring shoots and ground bugs start to show back up.

    • ‘all US truckers going to and from Canada must be vaccinated … all Mexican truck drivers must be fully vaccinated.’ — Raider Girl

      Thanks for bringing this ugly news to our attention.

      Look what vax mandates did to health care. The largest hospital chain in Arizona (Banner Health) now is allowing covid-positive doctors and nurses to keep working if they can stand on their feet without falling down — after Banner drove away half their staff with draconian, disrespectful vax mandates.

      Back in October, in a letter to the state attorney general, I called health care vax mandates (effective Nov. 1) a ‘controlled demolition.’ He didn’t listen …

      But a controlled demolition of the food supply is a rather more grave matter. Historically, food shortages have been a frequent precursor to bloody rebellions and revolutions.

      Time to buy a hundred-pack of those Joe Biden “I did this” stickers and starting plastering them on empty shelves in the supermarket. FJB

    • Giant just came out tonight stating there is a significant strain on their supply chain. Giant is a grocery store with most of their stores located in the Mid Atlantic region.


      Panic hasn’t set in yet, but it will shortly. Right now in my area the local governments are blaming the “weather” since we are being pelted with snow storm after snow storm. It won’t don on most until the end of February, early March how bad spring will be.

      A shortage of nitrogen fertilizer for plants, including grains, will not be felt until late Spring when most farmers will not have adequate supply for this year’s harvest. It may be a good time to start a compost pile and to hoard a few seeds.

      • I read about a trace nutrient for soils called Azomite that might be helpful for home gardening. https://azomite.com/ I already have most of my seeds ready for planting along with fresh chicken manure available to pitch fork into the soil. Also look into the Ruth Stout method of growing potatoes under rotting straw. It’s time to stock up on essentials now or try to buy it when the shelves are clearing out. Dollar Tree stuff works OK and is cheap enough for multiple backups.

      • Morning, RG –

        We went to Earth Fare yesterday – the new one, in Christiansburg – and saw many vacancies on the shelves. It looked like the gap-toothed smile of a Deliverance hillbilly. It’s unnerving. I truly never thought I’d live to see America go Soviet…

  8. This is precisely why, if the day comes where I have no choice but to buy an EV, it will be the dumpiest, least luxury, least featured, least capable and absolutely, positively, not from a German manufacturer.

    They may as well issue government cars made of silicon and rubber at that point. Wouldn’t make any difference to me. What made a difference, the reasons that I worked to hard to get the cars that I have, they’ve all made sure is going away for good.

    Also, Tesla, being the government-backed monstrosity that it is, is also at the top of my “never, ever” ban list. Some Japanese or Korean thing. Sure. Why not. Especially Japanese.

  9. I always laugh when I see an internet meme making Elon out to be a conservative hero or something. Swear to God most so-called conservatives are just as dumb as the marxist left so here we are.

  10. Eric, while I agree that electric cars are a solution to a government created non-problem, I think you may be missing the point.

    Tesla is a marketing phenomenon. They are selling something different in a world where conformity is stifling. They look different, they sound different, and they are completely different under the skin. The electric motor is simple, with only a couple moving parts- armature, bearings. The whole thing is designed as a system- very easy (and cheap) to manufacture.

    Yes, the batteries and magnets are very expensive, but the rest of it is plain old well established automotive engineering. The heart of the system is a CAN bus type network- so instead of a bundle of wires going to your door for (power sindows, power mirror, heated mirror, etc) all that is needed is 5 wires for power, common, and network high and low- which decreases the copper used, expense, and weight.

    They are selling a world class supercar for a fraction of the price of a Bugatti Veyron or an entry level Ferrari or about the starting level of an average modern Porsche. Less than or equal to the absurdity that the latest Corvette is, will be sold for.

    Planned obsolescence- absolutely. But so it is with all modern ICE cars. The supercar of 2022 will be yesterday’s news by 2025. Specialty cars are hard to sell, just like a used Caddy- the target market values shiny new status, not value. And they are all using ridiculously complicated engine management with lots of sensors and wires and rubber lines which all will fail under extremes of temperature and vibration, chemicals, and age.

    The range issues of the electric car are not going to go away (barring some revolutionary technology like portable cold fusion). I doubt they will double in any practical way- so they are simply not a practical highway car. But if they can go 140 miles reliably (and they are there- at least the Teslas)- they are going to work out just fine for most of the population.

    So while I’m not going to buy one (they are way out of the budget I’m willing to expend and will never be available as a viable used car)- I am an exception. I am a value buyer who needs a smart phone so buys brand new 3 year old ones off Ebay for a quarter of the latest and shiniest gadgets. Their target market is the cell phone addicted crowd who are perfectly fine blowing every penny they make to have the latest tech gadget- and that is a big damned market.

  11. Difficult to sell an EV like a Tesla when the cabin won’t heat. Purdy much an epic fail right there. Some Canadian Tesla owners weren’t happy when they were freezing inside their Teslas in cold weather up there in the Great White North.

    • ‘Difficult to sell an EV like a Tesla when the cabin won’t heat.’ — drumphish

      Teslas use heat exchangers, I read. Thermodynamically efficient, by extracting heat from outside air, a heat exchanger can deliver a multiple of the electrical input power needed to run the compressor.

      But there’s a catch: heat exchangers need back-up resistance heating coils, as their ability to extract heat from frigid outside air (30s F and below) is nil.

      In sub-zero temps, resistance heating is a heavy electrical load in an EV that doesn’t exist in IC vehicles, which extract cabin heat from circulating engine coolant.

      Maybe sub-zero temps are outside Tesla’s design spec. Maybe sustained heavy amperage fries fuses, relays and cables. In any case, it ain’t workin’ … Got blankies?

      • Kelly Gibbons, who owns a 2022 Model 3, told CTV, “one day when it was -12°C in the cabin, I was just shivering, and seems like the only fix that I can get is if I pull over at the side of the highway.”
        Other drivers have complained about failing heat pumps. People are tweeting images of their dashboard that show an alert that reads, “Cabin climate control system requires service — Cabin heating/cooling limited or unavailable.”

        in a few years these EV abortions will be the only vehicle available

        from zh comments

        Leave it to Tesla to omit emergency resistive heating, unlike every residential heat pump system on Earth. $94,000 and no resistive heater for when it is below 20 degrees and the heat pump doesn’t work, tesla just says piss on you, you can freeze, we got your $94,000 and won’t respond to your complaints..

        Heat pumps don’t work well below around 20 degrees farenheit . Heat pumps are nothing new and this limitation has been known for decades.

        here is a solution: cheap diesel heaters are available online, just install it in your tesla, then you will have heat, keep a jug of diesel in the trunk to top it up, problem solved

        another solution……..All Tesla owners believe that the globe is warming. Just sit on the side of the road and wait.

  12. My rabid liberal former friend (hasn’t talked to me since covidcon) has a beach house in Oregon and another one in Cabo San Lucas. Yea, global warming is coming but not quite yet for him to sell his beach houses and run for the hills. He bought a tesla, but wont be making the drive below the boarder with that unit. Interesting he is the first person to complain about the surly IRS agent who mistreated him and his wife or the cop that hassled his kid but don’t dare make a case against wasteful stupid Feds or any other government program in front of him.

  13. The corporations have the power in their hands to tell the Psychopaths In Charge to eff off. It would be in their long term interests to do so. Unfortunately, being largely run by accountants, they focus on the next quarter.

    • Sorry, John, but I disagree. The Psychopaths in Charge are the large corporations. Government politicians are nothing more than the vehicle being used for the elite CEOs to push through what they want. Politicians control nothing. They are highly paid puppets. Have you heard them speak? Kamala, Nancy, Joe, Boris, Trudeau? They are morons. There is no way in hell they could pull off world wide domination. Now listen to Pfizer’s CEO, Dimon, Gates, etc. Tell me who is running things?

      • “Pfizer’s CEO, Dimon, Gates, etc.”

        Those guys aren’t running things either. The men in charge aren’t on TV and their names are rarely–if ever–mentioned. They are literally trillionaires that control the currency and the policies of the “powerful” nations.

        A few of their family names are mentioned indirectly when one of their “not for profit” foundations is mentioned.

        • Yep, Ancap. Even the actors we see on the political stage aren’t running things; They are just actors and front-men for the ones who set the real agendas. Such is the case till one gets pretty high up the ladder till one reaches the ones whose names and actions aren’t even recognizable to the public. Play the part and get a piece of the pie (in money, prestige, power….).

          There’s a reason all of these corps are ‘woke’. We have transitioned from a free-market where corps were given certain protections in exchange for compliance to laws which they would not otherwise be subject to as individuals; and then through gradualism, that was used to make them more reliant on government favor and government money than on the favor and money of customers who could choose to voluntarily patronize such corps.

    • Pyramid of World Power

      at the top the controllers the elite nobility in the background, always hiding, nobody talks about them, the control group. 17 royal families in europe, they are working with the billionaires and others in the commitee of 300.

      one elite example……..Prince Phillip, late husband of Queen Elizabeth II said ….“In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, in order to contribute something to solve overpopulation.” He said the population should be reduced to 1 billion his son Charles agrees, he hired Claus schwab to run the WEF. Charles talks to plants.

      2nd level the Rothschild banksters provide financing for the elite nobility
      3rd level more 2nd level banksters

      4th level down the administrators, gates, schwab, etc..

      5th level the political prostitutes in the foreground, corrupt , bribed, owned by the elite
      the politicians just follow orders from their bosses the elite.

      6th level down the enforcers

      at the very bottom the little people, the common people, paying for everything, used and abused.


      part of the great reset agenda is changing over all governments to the ccp/china style government a one world government with central control run by the UN/wef. it is better to have the country under an emergency order and locked down while you do this… less resistance then.

      all taxes will go to new bankster/wef/nwo/.0001% central one world UN government now.

      all assetts, bank accounts, pension funds go to new wef/nwo/.0001% central one world UN/wef government bank account. you might get small ubi.

      the real estate you were obsessed with in 2019? gone….
      you won’t own properties, cars or anything. satan klaus….klaus schwab of the wef says you will own nothing and be happier…the nwo great reset, building back better.

      note: fascism (combination of government and big business) and riches for the cabal at the top. communism for the people on the bottom, own nothing, small ubi for the 10% not culled.

      the Great Reset nwo/un/wef/.001% worldwide UN government features:
      the totalitarianism of the CCP. It will have a great abridgement of individual rights—including property rights, free expression, freedom of movement, freedom of association, freedom of religion, and the free enterprise system as we understand it.

      5G-enabled smart city surveillance, the equivalent of social credit scores, medical passports, political imprisonment, and other means of social and political repression and control.

      The Origins of the World Economic Forum that runs your new government, Go Back to the Third Reich nazis.
      schwab runs the wef, his family was connected to the nazis in germany.

      the reality:
      they will be turning people left into appliances plugged into an all-seeing internet, more transhuman robots than people, dutifully following orders but unable to produce anything beyond what is programmed into their quantum microchips, bereft of the sparks of inquiry, innovation and joy in a electric panopticon that’s sterile and joyless, you are better off dead.

      they implant an operating system in you and connect you to the grid, they also connect an AI robot to the grid, this is so you can train the robot to do your job.
      you won’t be needed then = soylent green.

      quote from byrne……….(when you get your new bankster/nwo/ccp/un/.0001% government) “In 10 years, there’ll be prison camps with organs being harvested just as there are in western China,”

      The Chinese regime has been killing Falun Gong practitioners for their organs for more than 20 years, according to a panel of experts who attended a virtual conference hosted by the advocacy group Doctors Against Forced Organ Harvesting (DAFOH) on Nov. 19, and independent investigations.

    • By which time we may be doing well to live indoors, much less have mostly potable running water, and occasionally available electricity. Eating what we can catch, when we can catch it. If there is one predictable thing it is that things are unpredictable at this point. There is no defining limit to insanity.

      • I used to joke with a friend about that, there is caves out in the wilderness in some of the mountains, it would be a good idea to move into one and get there ahead of everyone else when this thing breaks down. Then like the caveman you would wander around hunting for something to eat then went back in your cave. A simpler life, no screens, 5G or taxes or government parasites.

    • ‘It will take the collapse of GovCo to end this madness.’ — Mark in BC

      Statutorily, GovCo is perpetual. But history shows that few GovCo’s survive more than two to three centuries before being replaced.

      Our fragile GovCo seems hell-bent on going out in an inflationary inferno. Zimbabwe-style quantitative easing, started in 2008, now is an obligatory heroin maintenance dose to spare the economy from withdrawal shakes — even as visible trembles already are commencing, with the life-supporting QE drip being yanked out of its arm as we speak.

      What could propel today’s mere double-digit inflation to hyperinflation? Glad you asked! War with Russia over Ukraine could do it. If you think we have supply chain issues now, just wait till ‘Biden’ commandeers what’s left of food and industrial production to ‘support the troops’ on the frozen steppes, as Russia’s hypersonic missiles whiz by their chapped ears.

      GovCo is a band of belligerent looters, burning our crops and setting fire to our huts, even as they counterfeit more of their worthless greenback currency to deliberately destabilize civil society.

    • **”It will take the collapse of GovCo to end this madness. “**

      It will take the collapse of society to end such madness, because if government fell tomorrow, the people would just build another one…only even worse.

    • The key date is 2026 when the money runs out to pay pensions, etc..

      David E. Martin is very interesting, listen to his take on the covid hoax:

      He said he looked at life insurance payouts in 2020, they didn’t rise, so a faked bs pandemic.

      He says the people who got the injection were people who had no life or a very negative existence, (these are very angry people) so when someone came along and said we can help you with the injection, they got it, this also made them part of a club, part of the cult, they belonged to something.

      He says the injection is a bioweapon killshot.

      The people who refused the injection were people who had a good satisfying life and didn’t need any help from the injection (nazi needle).

      He says there is a rush to loot money out of the system before 2026 (watch politicians and others loading up their offshore accounts), (2026 is when social security fails, goes to zero, the system fails, goes broke), so there will be tons of new injections coming that will be forced into your body before 2026 to grab billions more in profits. more fake germs, more extermination/killshots coming at you.

      They say the the purebloods resistors will end up in camps that have guillotines…….the end.

      in 1998 they knew the math didn’t work to fund pension plans, wouldn’t be able to pay the pensions.

      ATTENTION: in 2003 they said between 2020 and 2025 there would be a huge drop in the population numbers. This was a long term plan…..
      it is like managing cattle, if there isn’t enough resources to keep the animals, you cull the herd, less dangerous then trying to explain where all the stolen money is…………



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