The Ever-Shifting Narrative

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One of the tools psychopaths use to keep their victims off-balance, confused and unable to understand they’re being victimized is to constantly shift the narrative. They change the subject serially, so their victim never has a chance to finalize dealing with this before having to deal with that.

Consider the way the narrative about “vaccines” has shifted.

At first, the narrative purred that these “vaccines” miraculously Warp Speeded into existence would end the “crisis” (in the usual air-fingers quotes to emphasize the falsity of usage in the case of a sickness that 99.8-something percent of those who get it recover from) just like that.

Salvation! Deliverance! Our freedoms returned!

We were assured – to a “95 percent” certainty – by the head psychopath-in-supposed-charge, the Biden Thing, that those who got “vaccinated” – just the once, you’ll recall – could not get or give the sickness.

This lie caused millions to willingly get “vaccinated” in the early months of 2021. Many of them probably would have thought twice about it if they had known the truth, beforehand.

Now they know the shot they got – it is not a vaccine – didn’t confer the immunity they thought they were getting. The thing specifically touted by the Biden Thing.

Even if you’ve had three or four “vaccinations.”

People began to ask perky questions. The primary one being – why should I get a “vaccination” that doesn’t immunize me against getting sick? And what is the point of a “vaccine” that doesn’t prevent the further spread of sickness?

Change the subject – quickly.

“Vaccines” reduce the severity of sickness. Those who get “vaccinated” – over and over again – can still get sick, it’s true.

But the psychopaths pushing the new narrative coo that you are less likely to become seriously sick (How much less likely that is – given the established recovery rate of 99.8-something percent for the unvaccinated – is a math problem apparently too ponderous for examination) if you just take the shots.

Plural – and ongoing.

Never ending.

In prior normal times, this shifting of definitions (and just trust us, this time) would go over about as well as the promises of a known check-bouncer that the check he just wrote you won’t bounce, this time. Yes, indeed! The money’s in the bank.

Rest assured.

How many would accept a second check from a known check-bouncer? Never mind, it’ll go through, this time. Or maybe next time. No, wait. It’s all ok if you accept that a “check” means you might get paid. Maybe not full face value, but something is better than nothing, eh?

Vaccines immunize. Clearly cut. Either they do – or they don’t.

If they don’t, then there’s a much weaker case for taking them. Especially if by taking them one assumes the risk of potential consequences more serious than the sickness they’re not being immunized against.

There is no moral case to be made for forcing anyone to take them. No more case, at any rate, than forcing people to exercise and follow good eating habits, which also reduces the severity (and likelihood of) sickness. And which would also address the secondary argument trotted out by the “vaccine” pushers about “overwhelmed” hospitals. Which are “overwhelmed” with people who don’t exercise and have terrible eating habits. Getting them to lose weight and exercise would be far “safer” – and much more “effective” – than forcing people who are healthy to accept being shot up with a “vaccine” that doesn’t immunize. Over and over and over again. No matter how long it takes not to work.

“Vaccines”  . . . “climate change” . . .

There is dark brilliance in the purposeful ambiguity of these terms. They can mean whatever those who bandy them about want them to mean at any given moment – and there’s no clearcut way to challenge that which has no specific meaning.

To what degree, exactly, is the “climate” changing? How, precisely? What is the mechanism, specifically. Can you show me the data? Never mind all of that. It is just  . . . changing.

Warmer today, colder tomorrow.

Whatever way – and to whatever degree – it is always evidence of “crisis.” One that never ends. No matter what doesn’t happen – or does. Because something is always happening. And it has got to be stopped.

Just like the “spread.”

Magnificent, isn’t it?

Take this “vaccine.” It will reduce the chances you’ll get seriously sick. To what degree, exactly? For how long? How many “vaccines” will I have to take?

Never mind that. Just take the “vaccine” . . . and this one. And then the next one. The fact that the last one didn’t prevent you from getting sick doesn’t mean this one won’t prevent you from getting sick.

Meaningful specificity – as in a vaccine that confers immunity or not – and a climate that is warming or cooling dangerously and for unnatural reasons – is precisely what power-lusting psychopaths want taken off the table because it provides the target with a basis for evaluating – and rebutting – the ever-shifting-claims made by the psychopath.

These claims have no end because there is no end to the demonic urge of the psychopath to keep his victim in perpetual catch-up mode, desperately trying to figure out how to deal with the latest claim while simultaneously trying to structure a counter to the prior claim. On and on it goes.

Forever, if the victim allows it.

. . .

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  1. England taking off all covid restrictions, mandates maybe they are getting more scared now of the whole economy crashing down on their head and torches and pitchforks coming out.

    The fake virus was a good distraction and thing to blame for the coming meltdown, they will blame the unvaxxed of course.

    watch live here as it crashes on their heads…

    • Is this the next stage in the reset?

      stock market crash

      use this as an excuse to freeze ALL financial markets and only let people get $50/day out of an ATM

      (Jeroen Dijsselbloem called this “a template for Europe” when the EU did the same in Cyprus in 2012, remember? Jim Rickard’s referred to this as “Ice Nine.”)

      do a debt jubilee, seize all pensions and 401K’s, ban cash, and roll out UBI, MMT and digital currency

  2. Rense dot com has a featured video of a Canadian trucker on a rant about the vaccine mandates.

    It’s worth watching.

    The number one advice he gives is to stock up now, today.

    • Good video, drumphish. 👍

      He is right. People don’t realize the amount of truck drivers that will quit. Only 50% of US truckers are jabbed. If they have held out this long why succumb now? They won’t. Very much like this guy they will park the truck and clean it out. Only the densest among us cannot see the snowball that is coming

      Here is the video that drumphish was referring to.

      • Indeed, RG –

        No job – no paycheck – is worth your health. Much less your life. And it’s arguably more than that, because the overarching theme here is the bending of the knee to these power-addled control freaks who see us as cattle and themselves as ranchers. If we abide this, we will abide more and worse until we are reduced to the state of . . . cattle.

        No thanks.

  3. I don’t mind if all the goobers on TV wear a mask — at least we don’t have to see as much of their ugly mug. It’d be even better if they’d wear a paper bag over their head.

  4. Eric, as you’re noticing there, the narrative is shifting to our favour. but (and maybe im too deep down the rabbit hole) im worried. Much of the stuff the medias now reporting on has been mostly public knowledge for ages. There are many videos of politicians not wearing masks, or the CON-27 when our dear leaders were unmasked while the servants at the back were dutifully wearing theirs. But suddenly these parties Boris had are a big deal in the media…unsettling some of the sheep, some who are going as far as waking up and joining our side of the argument. Which makes me wonder why now? Whats the next step in “the plan” , whatever that is. Its almost as if theres an eerie calm before a bigger storm….

    • Hi Nasir,

      China’s economy is about to tank. The housing market is about to collapse.

      Then we have the US Fed who has promised to start raising rates in March. I would anticipate the USSA economy to be right alongside their nemesis. From there it becomes a domino effect. Europe. Asia. Australia. Africa. In globalization no one makes it out alive.

      The US Fed is stating that they plan to increase interest rates 3-6 times next year. I laugh my ass off. After the first increase in March the stock market will be the avalanche that doesn’t stop. The Fed will back track and be terrified of enforcing a second increase.

      There is no easy out. We have two choices – skyrocketing inflation where no one can afford anything or a deep recession where no one can afford anything. Pick your poison.

      • Hi RG,

        I stopped at Kroger a couple of hours ago and the percentage of empty shelves has increased from around 8 percent or so to around 20 percent or so, with certain shelves almost completely empty of groceries. It’s the worst I’ve seen so far – perhaps on account of the snow. But that ended three days ago…

        • Hi Eric,

          Welcome to the new normal. This doesn’t have anything to do with the weather. The stores in Port St Lucie, Florida, and Columbia, South Carolina, are just as bad.

          It will get worse when the USSA enforces Mexican truck drivers to have the vax this Saturday. We are looking at approximate losses of 40K truckers between Canada, the US, and Mexico. We also have not seen the impact of the fertilizer shortage – that won’t hit until Spring.

          Treat those chickens well it may be your only protein for a while. 😉

          If people have not started creating small communities with their neighbors and families, I highly recommend doing so. We have a tendency to want to protect which is ours, but if someone else has a usable skill that would aid in the road to Hell I would recommend banding with them.

          • wow -its interesting. Is the US really that bad??

            Maybe that is the next big one – some sort of shortages. Im also hearing of something stirring at the russia ukraine border. Perhaps a good war in a far away place we know nothing about is needed to help our political class survive this one……

            • Hi Nasir,

              From what I am seeing in the UK and Australia, it is just as bad. For a while the USSA grocery stores were maintaining, not full, but decently stocked shelves. This all goes back to the lockdowns and government handouts. It is worldwide. One cannot bring the entire world to a screeching halt and then believe everything will continue to be back up and running with no lag time.

              I don’t know if it is intentional, or the higher ups are just plain stupid. In November 2021, Uncle Joe and his Band of Idiots decided to implement vaccine mandates for nonresidential truckers. Obviously, they expected all truckers to roll over. Forty thousand of them have decided they aren’t.

              This mandate will take several weeks to a couple months to feel the effects of. Right now, we are only seeing what happens when government tells everyone to stay home and not work. Globalization will crack. Each country will fight for its natural resources, medical supplies, and food for their people. The rest of the world be damned. It is going to get ugly pretty quick.

              • Personally – I have noticed some empty shop shelves and hear some things are not available. Like when I was at the pharmacy (big chain type) the other day for floss I noticed a couple shelves empty. I thought i’d check what it was but really couldn’t be bothered !!. I normally dont shop much, and well stay away from the supermarkets, and if I do go I normally just go for milk / some fruit when I cant make it to the market in the day.. One of the good things about this con is I spend a lot less time going to shops and malls and stuff. !

                But yes I do agree – things I suspect will get worse before they get better unfortunately, and the UK probably has one of the worlds most complicated supply chain with the heaviest regulatory burden – as nothing grows here anyways, and even if it did nobody works here when the dole is so cushy…. So I am afraid that when it comes here will be much worse than other places.

              • “I don’t know if it is intentional, or the higher ups are just plain stupid”
                Yes and yes. It is intentional, they believe their own bulls$$t and they are stupid. They think they will come out ruling.

          • Hey folks
            The Dominican Republic already has beaucoup endemic local supply chains and is a big net exporter of organic crops and free range grass fed edible Tellurians 😛.
            Just finished up with my dental work at Juan Cestero’s all in one clinic in Santiago. ( The guy loves his Ferrari and Porsche IC’s) This weekend it’s off to do some whale watching in Samana bay .
            With respect to fertilizer…. No petroleum based “Shit” just organic chickenshit, cow pies and my “free range “ urination habit!
            I’m doing my part!😂😂
            Just saying 👍

            • PS
              While “wading “ through a herd of goats on the road , easy to do just “keep it in in first gear and don’t Gun it” the herd incorporated us and slowly parted like the biblical Red never knew goats had rectangular retinas!

        • This empty shelves problem is so shocking here in SE Michigan that I’ve written a column about it — Supply Chain Survey — every week on my economics blog.
          45 years of grocery shopping in Michigan — decades at the same store — and suddenly shopping is an adventure.
          i regret to say we are hoarding items if they show up, not knowing if we will see them again in the next month. This has been getting worse since last Summer.

          My last column:

          • It isn’t Omnicron, this is old people getting the hell out of Dodge. The Great Resignation hit in September and has been going strong for the last four months. It is made up of 55+ year olds saying “I don’t want to deal with this anymore”. Whether they are fearful for their health, don’t want to deal with the new protocols of swabbing their nose each week, or just looking at their pensions and saying, “I have plenty in my VanGuard account to retire”.

            Many twenty and thirty years are still in school obtaining their MBAs and don’t feel the need to work, especially with Mom and Dad paying for it all. Then we had the school closures. How many parents are now one income families? One cannot have a career if Little Jimmy is home every three weeks quarantining or better yet…virtual schooling. Mom has quit. And last, but not least, let’s not forget about these lovely vaccine mandates. For those of us that wish to work and produce are now sidelined by “safety”. We must be vaxxed or swabbed to even receive a paycheck.

            I refer to as the Year of the Gigs. That is how people are making it. They are creating small little one person businesses working with consultants, selling jewelry, and working for Door Dash to eke by. They see no reason to have to get up each morning, get dressed, head into the office, and play mind games with management. We are seeing it in our supply chain and it will only grow worse.

            • RG, you have very interesting comments — do you have a blog or website?

              I was 18 years ahead of this early retirement trend.
              At the end of 2004, at age 51, I retired to live on my investments until Social Security started for me at age 65. Everyday is like a Saturday when you are retired. So I have no problem with others who retire early. But they’ll need a lot of savings to do that. And with the high inflation rate these days, that will be tough. With high stock valuations, and the Fed thinking about fighting the inflation they caused, 2022 not a good time for stock market investments.
              So there is always the risk of running out of money. Not me, but the people who retire early right now, at what could be the end of a long bull market.

              • Hi Richard,

                Thanks for the comment, but I have no blog or website. All of my infinite wisdom can only be found on Eric’s site. 😉

                Congratulations on being able to retire early. It takes a lot of discipline and hard work.

                I expect many that are retiring now will have to return to the workforce in a few years. Due to inflation and a possible stock market bubble most will not have enough to survive for the next 25+ years without additional income sources.

              • Hi Richard,

                I’m glad you were able to retire early! Once upon a better time, most Americans who lived prudently could afford to do so, too. When they weren’t serially bled by taxes – especially taxes in perpetuity on their homes and land – and by mandated “insurance,” including Social Security (which only ensures that most people will be broke when they reach retirement age).

                I once added up what I have been forced to hand over just in property taxes on my house – and in Social Insecurity. If I had that money back – if it had never been stolen from me – and if I did not have to pay “rent” on my house, forever – I could also afford to retire. If Social Insecurity is still available when I reach 65, I will use it to pay the property taxes – thereby letting the government pay itself. I may then be able to retire…

      • The vix guy is back, he says the vix should collapse, he is a contrary indicator. Vix is the fear index.

        Investing Legend Turns Apocalyptic, Expects Stocks To Crater 50% In Largest Wealth Destruction In US History.

        Long spx puts and long vix calls might work soon.

        On the other side someone said they think interest rates could go to minus 20%, to get rid of the debt on the balance sheet.

    • It could be part of the psychopath’s MO – apply torture, then mild relief, then apply torture again, then relief…with the end game to wear us completely down.

      Another reason to resist and reject all of the nonsense completely, full stop.

  5. The entire response to the fake pandemic has been a futile exercise of whack-a-mole. The agendists cannot get their false narratives straight and the TV news knows no truth. Authorities can not be trusted and big pharma is now enemy number 1, surpassing China and Russia and maybe Dr. (ahem) gates and fauci, the new Kray brothers. The billionaires sponsoring this madness have come across as strictly a gaggle of buffoons and malcontents. Money never guarantees brilliance or intelligence.

  6. The article contains Covid MISINFORMATION
    The claimed infection fatality rate (IFR) of 0,2%
    (Called a survival rate of 99.8% in the article)
    The 0.2% IFR only applies to Americans under age 60.
    The IFR for people in their 60’s was about 0.65%,
    and for age 70+, the IFR was about 4%.

    The IFR rate for Omicron is much lower,
    probably the same as a common cold, because
    Omicron is a new coronavirus common cold.
    It is not a new Covid variant, based on it’s
    30 mutation of the spike protein structure
    and common cold-like symptoms.Clover

    In addition, including climate change in the article
    was a distraction. Climate change is real, and we have
    lived with it for our entire lives. Here in Michigan,
    we love the slightly warmer winters since the 1970s,
    and want more warming (which primarily affects
    night time temperatures in the colder months).

    Unlike climate change, COVID is real bad news now,
    not at some unspecified decade in the future..
    Climate change is nothing more than
    always wrong predictions of climate doom
    at some time in the future.
    The predictions began in 1957 with US oceanographer
    Roger Revelle. That’s 65 years of wrong predictions,
    which may be some sort of a record.

    • It’s not “misinformation” to observe the fact that for people who are neither elderly nor sick, the chances of not recovering from the ‘Rona are, indeed, 99.8-something percent. Yet this fact is constantly suppressed – so as to support the narrative that the ‘Rona is a serious general threat – which it’s not.

      As far as “climate change”- as I’ve tried to point it, the phrase defies definition – beyond “change,” which is both natural and meaningless as regards any specific claim regarding unnatural causation.

      • First of all, this is a good article.
        But I didn’t notice details of the 99.8%, a number that does not apply to people age 70+, so it can be deceptive (especially if you are 70+).

        Covid IFRs may now be moot, because Omicron has the IFT of a common cold, and vaccines have no effect.

        In fact, the Covid vaccinated are less likely to observe social distancing, so become more prone to Omicron infections. Not that such infections are a big deal. But the government fascism that this pandemic revealed IS a big deal.

        I’ve been following climate science or 25 years, and have a related science and energy blog with over 281,000 visits. Let me define climate change for you:
        — Bad weather or unusually hot = climate change
        — Good weather or unusually cold = weather
        The sad thing is I’m not joking.

        Climate science is the study of present and past climates using data.

        Climate change is always wrong wild guess predictions of the future climate. With no data, because there are no data for the future
        … so climate change is basically climate astrology practiced by government bureaucrat scientists, with a small amount of climate science thrown in, so it’s not 100% science fiction, but more like 95%.

    • Your data point of 1970 on climate is interesting because that’s the low point of the cooling period that was the cause of that period’s “ice age is coming” alarm-ism from NASA. In Orwell’s 1984, the main character’s job was to edit history. This is what NASA is doing today.

      Writers like Tony Heller somehow have access to old newspaper clippings going back to the 1880’s or so which document the hotter (than today) climate of times like the 1890’s and early 1920’s and mid 30s. The Grapes of Wrath book and movie is about the climate “dust bowl” of the 1930’s which led to the great migration to California.

      If you look at the data before 1970, you will see that 1970 was chosen as the starting point since it was a relative low temperature point and so it is easy to find that higher temperatures would both precede and follow in something that is so cyclical as weather. But to fool people, you chop off the data before 1970 to make it appear that the world is heating up.

      Tony even has copies of graphs that NASA used to have on it’s websites, but after Biden was “elected” have been changed to more completely erase the prior inconvenient data.

      As a new grad in the 1970s one of my first computer jobs was to convert paper forms with pencil markings to punch card data. Most of the time my job was to clear the paper jams. Ripped forms were simply discarded.

      Years later, I was on a silly project at NASA to convert “raw” magnetic tape data from early planetary missions (surveyor etc.) to preserve on cd’s. I got the job because I had written a magnetic tape utility that could read damaged tapes without retries (that would further damage the tapes). And these were tapes stored in special humidity controlled vaults.

      It turns out nobody really wanted that data anyway. It was generations before the “processed” data that the scientists preferred. JPL had a division called the Image Processing Lab. There was much infighting over who exactly owned which data. Job security was the most important factor.

      Today, all weather data is found only on computer hard drives. It goes through conversions to get there, often called “corrections”. I’ve seen the program code comments that were used to hide inconvenient data. There is no such thing as the “raw” data to be found anywhere, and especially for data before there were widespread computers available (1950s).

      How, for example, was the data from the 1800’s stored? Who exactly did my job of digitizing that data to get onto the disc drives of today? How many “adjustments” and “filters” have these data gone through?

      And what of the 3/4ths of the earth covered by water. How did they monitor the entire oceans back before we had computers? Were ships going around to find buoys with thermometers and paper graphs with pens? Clearly that wasn’t happening during the world wars.

      Did they have solar or nuclear powered stations in the middle of the Pacific back then? Or did they just use car batteries to keep them operating. Did they send back data by radio? Anyone who has seen old war movies knows how big and clumsy portable radios were back then, and all made of vacuum tubes. So, again, where did the world temperature record come from, if not simply manufactured, and likely created recently to push an agenda?

      Or is it actually only data from the US mainland that comprise the entire “world” climate data? The US is only 2% of the earth’s surface. Reducing that to just Michigan is even less meaningful, since one can choose other places, such as Texas last year that have been much colder lately, but that’s also not a good way to measure world climate.

      So, from my experience, I would think that most of the data used to prove anything is suspect. However, before the NY times had a climate agenda, they reported on cold waves, floods, heat waves, etc. and Tony has been able to dig up photos of those newspaper headlines. So whenever you hear about “this is the hottest year on record” you know they are lying.

      If there’s anything true, it’s that human beings use more deception than any other living creatures. And that is why there is no way to know if the vaccine is killing 1 in 100 or just 1 in a million. And the death rate from covid is equally obscured, and purposefully so, to achieve someones agendas. It’s probably best to just follow the money. An audit of Fauci would likely be quite interesting.

      • 1940 to 1975 was originally reported as a global average temperature decline by NCAR (US) in 1975.

        Today NASA-GISS claims there was no global cooling at all = that arbitrary revision was science fraud.

        It was inconvenient to have global cooling while the CO2 level rose — that negative correlation trend did not fit the global warming narrative — so that “inconvenience” was gradually fixed. Tony Heller does a good job of reporting on the science fraud.

  7. What amazes me is how reality changes for the cult. I have had several cult members tell me it was NEVER claimed the vaccine delivered immunity or would slow the spread, it was only ever said to REDUCE SYMPTOMS. They tell me this, and they BELEIVE it. And I don’t think they’re trying to gaslight me! Somehow, some way, their minds, their memories have been altered, so they actually REMEMBER it that way. When I say, “No, it was claimed by “authorities” the vaccine would prevent you from getting it and would prevent the spread”, they become very angry and tell me I’m misremembering. I don’t think so.

    • The vaccine manufacturers never said that.
      It was the politicians.
      One should never accept medical or scientific
      claims from politicians, and it makes
      sense to ALWAYS assume they are
      misinforming us or lying.

      • I have seen video of Rochelle Walensky and Biden saying it. Probably wouldn’t have to look long to find one of Fauci saying it. If the drug manufacturers knew that was false information, they certainly did a great job of keeping their mouths closed, eh? I agree with you completely about the politician and the lying.

      • Hi Richard,

        In re “The vaccine manufacturers never said that…”

        But they didn’t correct Biden and other politicians who did say it. The pharmaceutical companies are run by sociopathic scumbags; rich ones – who’ve acquired operational control over the government.

        • Correct. But as an investor (although out of the market this year) I understand the drug companies got an incredible amount of free advertising for their vaccines from the government. So there was a huge financial incentive to not correct the government misinfoemation. I imagine the same companies will now promote new anti-viral medications because they are more profitable than vaccines. They will most likely not better than ivermectin, and less safe, but profits will be far higher than generic safe ivermectin. Not that any of the drugs would be very useful with Omicron or other common colds unless your immune system is in very bad shape (such as the elderly in nursing homes).

          • Because of government interference and threats to licenses of doctors when prescribing Ivermectin, I had to buy a supply from honneybee health and push health (to get a prescription). It cost me $240 for 45 pills (a 5 day treatment), and $60 to find a doctor willing to prescribe. I’ve heard Dr. Robert Malone say they actually cost pennies to produce.

            But it’s probably worth the cost, since Ivermectin has to be used early on, as soon as one has symptoms.

            I also have a friend in the hospital today for a AV problem that’s causing circulation issues in his legs. They gave him a covid test and said it was positive, so no visitors and other restrictions. His wife, an RN, demanded a retest, and gollyeeee, it came back negative an hour later. The staff were stymied.

            • ET,
              Just scored my second supply of ivermectin as an over the counter purchase at a DR farmacia 30 6 mg tablets for 15 bucks US.
              Front Line Doctors recommends 18 mg (3 tablets per day for 5 days along with other supplements for my weight) therefore I have 3 regimens….and I’m set. The vitamin D here is free… 30 minutes of sunshine and I just generated 10,000 IU’s.
              If I need extra vitamin C I’ll just go back to Elvis’s EZ motors rental car property..stroll out back behind the converted 40’ container and suck down a bunch of acerola (aka creole cherries) and I’m good to go 😛
              It appears everyone down here has edible greenery on property….👍

        • The vaccine manufacturers together with various health agencies also rigged the vaccine trials. One woman was in a vaccine trial and suffered severe side effects from it. The phone app to report side effects didnt have all of her symptoms listed, and there was no box for “other” and she was unable to report them. She was then dropped from the trial, her data was not included and they only briefly paid her medical bills and now shes crippled and poor from medical bills to diagnose & treat her vaxxinosis. Many similar cases.

          A whistle blower from a pfizer subcontractor also said that she was unable to log all of the adverse events of her test subjects, not everyone was blind to the placebos, and they dropped a lot of participants, denied them promised long term monitoring and medical care.

          • I don’t doubt you. And remember these were younger and much healthier people than the elderly who were the people who most wanted vaccines, and were the first to get them. The VAERS reports in a just a few months should have shut down the vaccines. Ivermectin would have worked as well to reduce hospitalizations and deaths. It is a crime for children to be vaccinated when the side effects will almost certainly be worse then Covid.
            And much worse than Omicron, which i consider to be a common cold. Not that two months was really a trial. Vaccines typically take 5 to 15 years to develop and test, with a 98% to 99% failure rate — noy t nine months.

            Source of list below:

            Unprecedented “Vaccines”

            Many aspects of Covid-19 and development and deployment of vaccine development are unprecedented for a mRNA vaccines against the targeted class of vaccine deployed for use in the general infectious diseases under the umbrella of “SARS-population. Some of these include:
            First to use PEG (polyethylene glycol) in a vaccine

            First to use mRNA vaccine technology
            against an infectious agent

            First time Moderna has brought any product to market

            First to have public health officials telling those receiving the vaccination to expect an adverse reaction

            First to be implemented publicly with
            nothing more than preliminary efficacy data

            First vaccine to make no clear claims about reducing infections, transmissibility, or deaths

            First coronavirus vaccine ever attempted in humans

            First injection of genetically modified
            polynucleotides in the general population

  8. How do like our new antichrist satanist leaders so far?

    The reset administrators like fauci are very good at making people scared of the shadows on the wall. psychological warfare.

    Klaus’ Great Narrative: Locking The Plebs Into Plato’s Cave For The 21st Century

    These monsters think/say they are the new gods, a long time ago there was a warning about an antichrist taking over, the antichrist is multiple as in antichrists, there is 3000 monsters at the top controlling this reset, they are the antichrists, replacing a good god, with satan.

    The new olympians, the guardians, that is what the globalist/satanist/one world government trash call themselves, the new gods.

    The pleb’s (the useless eaters) are locked in plato’s cave, the guardians control them by making up scary stories interpreting the shadows on the cave walls.

    A bat flew through the cave, the bat’s shadow on the wall was described as a monster virus that was going to kill everybody unless they took an extermination injection, (the real motive was to reduce the population in the cave).

    When the fear level dropped a rat ran through the cave, the rat’s shadow on the wall was described as a monster virus variant called omicron, more people were scared into taking the injection. omicron another mythical tale, fairy story.

    There is no escape from the cave.

      • >“believers and non-believers”
        Not surprising, considering Tony’s education.
        A.B. in classics at a Jesuit college.
        Dr. Fauci possesses a medical degree, but *NO* science degree.
        He is a Doctor of Medicine, but no scientist, unlike some who post on this site, and unlike many qualified and competent scientists who question his judgment.

        • Fauci is an incompetent government bureaucrat. His degrees are irrelevant to that obvious conclusion. His policies increased US deaths with Covid in 2021 versus 2020. That is incompetent guidance.

    • Has there ever been an instance in history where a tyranny ended before the tyrants either: a.) expired, or b.) were exiled? I don’t believe there has. Considering how many tyrants are involved in the present tyranny, we’ve got a serious problem on our hands.

      • Hi Jim,

        The one plus that we have working for us is that all of the tyrants have an average age of 116, so the suppression should be short.

      • Somoza Three, dictaor of Nicaragua till he decided to assassinate the wrong guy, was deposed, packed onto a DC 3 in the middle of the night,which lifted off the tarmac at the Augusta Cesar Sandion airport south of Managua. The public had no clue where he was taken, or even if he was alive. No mtter. A nine man ruling junta ws estalbished, and the dirtbag Daniel Ortega managed to take over and become the de facto “el presidente”, a rel tyrant and ition. (his brother was Fidel Castro’s cheif military guy national security or some such thing— big cheese) After ten years of pressure fromUS and otehr governments, he agreed to “free and fair” elections. He jiggered the rules, rigged ballot boxes, intimiadated voters with a system where the “guards” know for whom each one voted, stuffed ballot boxes, forced folks under rifle muzzle threats to put their ballots in the Ortega box, etc and STILL lost by a landslide. The widow of the national hero Somoza had assassinated won. SHE had a heart for her people, and ruled well for her one six year term, got a new and good constitution in place, and peace returned.. and prosperity began to come back. New president, free and fair elections, Ortega, aho had NOT been exiled or terminated (BIG mistake) managed to get the law changed, eventually allowing him to run for a second term as president. (new constitution said no president can be elected again) Ortega is STILL the president in that wreck of a country, I think he’s just started his fourth term). or at least third. He is for all intents and effects, a dictator, a tyrant of the worst order.

        The ONLY case I know of where a tyrant was removed and lived, and was not exilled as was Somoza.
        Somoza DID briefly pop up from obscurity onc more time.. news reached Managua of a big black Mercedes Saloon car, wending itts way along a rural mountain road in Uruguay some ten years after Somoza’s last flight on a DC 3 A missile came from “nowhere” and found the Benz.. making it go POOF. Somoza ‘s body or what remained of it, was found in the scrapheap that resulted. So HE was exiled AND eliminated. Maybe Ortega figured he’d even thescore by having been neither? Can’t help but think some one of these days he will get HIS.

      • Sure, Jim. The Soviet tyranny ended quietly a few decades ago when the indifferent victims simply withdrew their consent. Apathy ended tyranny. When Soviet commands produced eye rolls instead of compliance, the evil empire collapsed. No fuss, no fights. Let’s follow their example.

        • Good points, but the Russian people suffered some 70 years under the tyranny by the time it fizzled out and most of the uber-tyrants had long since passed from the scene. I’m with you that we should by all means refuse to comply with our tyrants’ dictates. But how many of our fellow citizens will join us? (Here’s hoping for a felicitous outcome!)

  9. The narrative is shifting Eric, like the sands of Sonora. Yet few in the Hey Kool-aid herd seem to notice. Most are still walking around with their noses in the air, virtue signaling how much they care.

    I was in Bullhead City last weekend, a town pretty red and full of re-pube-iks, and conservatives. Still saw many at restaurants with the magic talisman. My granddaughter pointed out an morbidly obese relic who would pull up her mask between bites. I almost lost my appetite, but my heart was warmed by the fact that a little nine year old girl recognized the absurdity of this kind of behavior.

    Yesterday in Cottonwood, as I left the library, at the fire station, at least 20 cars full of masked drivers, lined up to “Test” for the flu. It was a cold and rainy day, heavenly in its brilliance and all I could think was I hope these fools come down with the bat flu. In for a penny, in for a pound, the true believers are going along until they’re in the ground.

  10. Well I am not feeling on top of the world today. Little achy all over, mild sore throat in the morning. Well I told my wife she is one of the semi believers. Asked me to take an in home Covid test. I did, peace at home being more important. It came back negative.

    So I will probably not die of the coof. But it is indicative of how far we have sunk. That a minor illness gets the response, take a test. Tests should be done after you go to the doctor and are really feeling crummy.

  11. My girlfriend apparently caught omicron recently, and says it’s indistinguishable from a head cold, and nothing like delta, which we both caught. She’s staying away from me because I’m still screwed up from… Something else. I don’t see my doctor for another week unless someone cancels.

    But I imagine that it’s obvious to most that any real danger has passed, and as people everywhere are saying, all the tyrannical nonsense is coming to an end.

    Now I just have to recover from whatever health issue ails me, and perhaps I can enjoy life again.

  12. Folks,

    The dam may be breaking; at the very least, it has serious cracks in it! This could totally blow up the narrative. What is it? The UK IS DROPPING ALL COVID MANDATES! Repeat: the UK is dropping all COVID mandates. BoJo has said that the British people can decide for themselves whether or not to wear masks, etc. Read more about it here:

    • Hi Mark,

      That just means something else is about to go down. The COVID narrative is falling apart, and I expect another bomb (hopefully, not literally) is about to be dropped on us. For all of the garbage that they have put us through everything (to me) is susceptible of being a red herring.

      • You could be right. Many on Twitter seem to be skeptical too. It could also be BoJo doing nothing more than saving his and his party’s asses; Labor’s made a lot of hay with BoJo’s COVID restrictions. It’s a good sign, so I’ll take it for now…

      • I agree with ya, RG!
        An obvious scenario is that now that so many have been vaxxed, once the debilitating/deadly effects of the vax start becoming ubiquitous, they will paint it as a “reappearance and strengthening of the pandemic due to relaxing the Kabuki”, and use it as an excuse to enact even more draconian tyrannies. “See? We stopped standing 6 feet apart, and now everyone’s dying!!”.

    • Even if they end the Covid nonsense this year, as some are predicting, they’ve already got Part 2 lined up in the form of bird flu (which they claim is transmissible to humans). Realistically, though, they could probably keep the Covid narrative going for another year or so. Biden handed out a billon test kits in January and he’s now handing out 400,000 N95 masks (“free” for the asking–at taxpayer expense, of course!). The PTBs obviously want to milk every last drop they can get from the present scamdemic.

    • “The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was to convince the world that he didn’t exist.”

      The covid narrative may be temporarily softened, but the game is far from over. My guess as to what the nature of “Phase II” will be is that it will involve some form of deliberate collapsing of economies, markets and global banking systems, probably triggered via a meltdown over interest rates but spreading quickly to all asset classes and leading to cash shortages. This will run concurrent with further deliberate supply chain and food shortages to leave large populations of entire countries unemployed, broke, and hungry – all at once. Enter the globalist promises to “build back better” and give everyone a digital currency UBI and “fix” the food supply chain issues. The price will be: hand over your freedom and your assets at the door as you file in to get the latest jab and receive your new biometric digital ID with embedded social credit and carbon scores.

  13. Of course at the beginning of the pandemic they closed down parks, Gyms, trails, public restrooms, salad bars, boat launches, and encouraged people to stay home and be afraid, if you have to go out get drive thru, dont wash your hands cause cause restroom is closed, and shit your pants, eat in the car. My area closed down the carwash & vacuums stores were restricted, so you had to stonk up on frozen/preserved food instead of fresh fruits & veggies.

    So they are actively harming people.

    • I keep thinking of parental wisdom from my childhood: “get outside and get some fresh air and sunshine! Go play with your friends!”

      Y’know, Vit D, fresh air, social contact…all that stuff that keeps us healthy…the “health experts” are trying to convince everyone not to do it.

      JUST. SAY. NO.

  14. Joe Biden is one nattering nabob of negativism. Time for an afternoon nap at the White House pool.

    It’s cold and flu season and has been that way every winter for centuries. What good is a vaccine if you still can become ill with the flu or a cold?

    Achy joints, rough stomach, don’t really know how to describe it other than it ain’t no bad flu where you think you are going to die. It is entirely different.

    Had a flu in 2016, was sicker than a dog, took three full days of rest and another week of recovery. It was bad. Was in Philadelphia for a visit, infected there, took weeks to get over it. Flew back to Colorado to walk around the Boulder hills for the mountain air cure. Holy smoke, it was dreadful.

    On June 6, 1915, Novarupta exploded up in Alaska, Novarupta became the ‘Land of 10,000 smokes’. The volcanic eruption changed weather patterns the world over. In 1917-18, the winter was as tough and as grueling as ever experienced, especially along the eastern seaboard of the US.

    Boston Harbor froze over. Maybe was a solar minimum at the same time.

    The severe winter of 1918-19 probably had something to do with the severity of the Spanish flu.

    There were a series of bad winters back then.

    Owl Gore predicted the Arctic Ocean would be free of ice about nine years ago. Owl the Gore just makes up things and you are supposed to believe every word of it.

    The inconvenient truth is Owl the Moron is full of horse feathers.

    It’ll be the end of snow. I see snow outside right now. Got that one wrong.

    You can lead a bull to the whatchamacallit, but you can’t make him stampede.

    If you can go outside, don’t want to, you will see a winter that is colder than hell right now.

    Tell us all another one, tell us more about global warming, Al, see what happens.

    Choked supply chains, disrupted transportation of goods might result in a crashed stock market.

  15. Speaks for the times when a person has to be “life flighted” from Mercy hospital in Minnesota to a Texas hospital to hopefully save his life.

    Mercy hospital starved this man,,, he was dehydrated, and they were going to pull the plug on his ventilator to finish him off to make room for another victim. They refused his wife’s pleas for Ivermectin and vitamins, instead had him on remdesivir and a ventilator… the CDC protocol. The Mercy hospital staff told his wife that it was his fault for not being vaccinated. He went in under his own power, albeit with a little trouble breathing, and had to be stretchered out almost dead. In fact the Life flight Medics had to fight to keep him from dying on the flight to Texas. His oxygen dropped below 60. His wife said these medics acted more like doctors than the supposed ‘real’ doctors at Mercy hospital.

    The doctor in Texas said he had never in his career seen a person this malnourished and dehydrated. Couldn’t guarantee he will survive,,, not the alleged disease,,, but the horrifying treatment he received at Mercy hospital. According to his wife they never fed him.

    The Mercy hospital was so intent on killing him they even hired a big guns law firm to eliminate the temporary stay order from a local judge but she got him out of the hospital and out of the state before it went to court claiming he was in danger of staying in a hospital which had clear intentions of killing him.

    If you are unvaxxed,,, steer clear of hospitals if you can. They have no problem killing you for all those government bonuses they get.

    Government wants you dead and they’ll pay well to get it done.

    • Ive been telling everyone who will listen that there is NO pandemic and probably NO virus. If they ask, and they usually point out that “it’s killed 800,000 Americans! How can you deny it?” to which I reply,”OK, can you name 5?”

      Until recently I have been able to say that I know 4 who have allegedly died of the horrifying bat plague, and know for a stone cold fact that 3 were bald faced lies. My alcoholic and cancer riddled brother in law, a car wreck fatality, and a gunshot wound. The only one I was unsure of was a colleague who got some kind of a flu, who was very obese, went into a hospital, and died after weeks of “treatment”. I found out yesterday that HE was killed by repeated doses of Remdesivir (Run! Death is near!)

      Fuck them all and I’ll be glad to pull the lever.

    • When I was in the hospital, some Slavic Dr. argued with me over natural immunity. He accused me of being a conspiracy kook. I refused all treatment from this clown.

  16. I had to take my 88 year old daddy to the hospital yesterday for surgery. I dreaded going because of the masking. I had my mask ready on my wrist. Never did put it on, never, not once. Every single person in the hospital of course was wearing a mask. Not one single person ever asked/told me I needed to put my mask on. I was very surprised, especially with all the cameras around that I wasn’t chased down like a criminal.
    Going back later today to hopefully to bring him home, am going to try going maskless again and see what happens.
    Also, the hospital was not overwhelmed with patients or understaffed. It looked like just the opposite. I was an RN at this hospital years ago and I would’ve loved to have had a pandemic then. More pay, less patients, less stress.
    I think everyone knows all this is BS, but are too scared to have a backbone or grow a pair to say this is enough, time to stop all of this ridiculous s—. I still say, if it wasn’t for the constant media blitz, no one would even know there was a ‘pandemic’. If not a single word had been said about this, life would’ve gone on as normal. This is just another flu bug (if that) and all of these theatrics were planned. It’s all about the money.

    • lockdowns are profitable
      Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko said last year via Belarusian Telegraph Agency, BelTA., that World Bank and IMF offered him a bribe of $940 million USD in the form of “Covid Relief Aid.” In exchange for $940 million USD, the World Bank and IMF demanded that the President of Belarus: he refused it, he has more ethics than these other leaders.

      • imposed “extreme lockdown on his people”
      • force them to wear face masks
      • impose very strict curfews
      • impose a police state
      • crash the economy
      – now forcing injections

      Overall, the Belarussian approach has been the least authoritarian in Europe. Belarussian football went ahead as normal and fans were allowed to continue attending games. Theatres, cafes, restaurants and other social events continued and there was no shutdown of the economy. Victory Day Parades also went ahead on the 9th May.

      England and wales who had lockdowns had more excess deaths per million population than belarus, so belarus had a better outcome without lockdowns.

      note: nicaragua is doing great with no lockdowns or masks.

      lockdowns don’t work they just destroy the economy, people lose jobs, businesses go bankrupt, the citizens lose all their rights, their life is turned into a nightmare living in a police state

      the big corporations owned by the .0001% cabal make way more money, the .0001% got richer, 6 trillion dollars richer since the hoax began., this is the best thing that ever happened, unless you were on the bottom.
      the politicians and their helpers and enforcers get richer through bribes, incentives and bonuses.

      the crooked politicians and their helpers took the bribes, if your country has a lockdown the leaders took the bribes.
      Some governors were paid 20 million $ to lockdown their states.

      Gates and Pharma are finding ways to control people’s health through unelected transnational NGOs which TRY to circumvent our Constitutional rights. money is routed through these NGO’s to crooked politicians

      How much were politicians), governors, mayors and health officials paid to lockdown, mandate masking etc.? How big is the bonus for the enforcers? How much for forced injection that is coming?
      How much is the bonus for businesses, big corporations like walmart to enforce masking?

      $940 million for belarus…how much was your leader paid?

      politicians and their helpers get millions of $ in bribes and maybe offer you a few pennies in ubi to postphone the revolution. while you suffer and go bankrupt.

      if you have to suffer through this you might as well make some money….should have been a politician, highest paid job right now, must be nice.

      Potential Generated Crisis #2: Climate Lockdown next…..
      more opportunity for huge bribes for politicians and their helpers…….

      Another generated crisis could be a Climate Lockdown or some sort of lockdown pitched on the idea that we must all work together to stop an impending climate emergency. This could involve banning red meat, banning people from using gasoline-powered machines or vehicles, and banning air travel.

      It would involve restricting energy use in general. For the average person, the lockdowns were devastating, while for the NWO psychopaths, lockdowns worked very well indeed. From their perspective, why not continue them using a different excuse?

      CDC data clearly shows there is no spike in overall deaths from 2019 to 2020 – proof positive that it is a hoax……but…2021 …after injections deaths increased sharply

        • I guess they didn’t want any satanists there with there masks, extermination injections, lockdowns, destroyed businesses, smashing protestors heads in on the street, the leader was probably offered the same $950 million belarus was offered but is too ethical to take it,

          people had masks ripped off their faces there, they were told it would alarm people, people would imagine there was a pandemic and everyone was going to die.

          The MSM doesn’t want to talk about Nicaragua because all deaths have been in the heavily extermination injected countries…

          Nicaragua was the least restricted country in the world……

          • RE: “people had masks ripped off their faces there”

            That would be a good video to see.
            However; I suspect the face diaper zombies in the western world would see it as barbaric, when in fact, it would just be the opposite, quite the civilized thing to do.

            I want to write something about this,…

            “they were told it would alarm people, people would imagine there was a pandemic and everyone was going to die.”

            The cursor just blinks,… there’s a thousand things within that one well put sentence.

      • “CDC data clearly shows there is no spike in overall deaths from 2019 to 2020 – proof positive that it is a hoax……but…2021 …after injections deaths increased sharply>
        MISINFORMATION ####################
        CDC reports 2020 total US deaths up +20% vs. 2019
        CDC estimates 2021 total US deaths will be up +15,000 versus 2020, which is almost the same.

        Your claim is misinformation. The previous CDC estimate for 2020 was +17% — now revised to +20%.

        • you are wrong

          The key date is 2026 when the money runs out to pay pensions, etc..

          David E. Martin is very interesting, listen to his take on the covid hoax:

          He said he looked at life insurance payouts in 2020, they didn’t rise, so a faked bs pandemic.

          He says the people who got the injection were people who had no life or a very negative existence, (these are very angry people) so when someone came along and said we can help you with the injection, they got it, this also made them part of a club, part of the cult, they belonged to something.

          He says the injection is a bioweapon killshot.

          The people who refused the injection were people who had a good satisfying life and didn’t need any help from the injection (nazi needle).

          He says there is a rush to loot money out of the system before 2026 (watch politicians and others loading up their offshore accounts), (2026 is when social security fails, goes to zero, the system fails, goes broke), so there will be tons of new injections coming that will be forced into your body before 2026 to grab billions more in profits. more fake germs, more extermination/killshots coming at you.

          They say the the purebloods resistors will end up in camps that have guillotines…….the end.

          in 1998 they knew the math didn’t work to fund pension plans, wouldn’t be able to pay the pensions.

          ATTENTION: in 2003 they said between 2020 and 2025 there would be a huge drop in the population numbers. This was a long term plan…..
          it is like managing cattle, if there isn’t enough resources to keep the animals, you cull the herd, less dangerous then trying to explain where all the stolen money is…………

          • I quoted the official CDC numbers.

            It would be difficult to fake the total number of deaths. The count of deaths FROM Covid IS manipulated by claiming deaths WITH Covid are deaths FROM Covid.

            If you do not trust the CDC numbers on total US deaths, please name a better source, and a link to it. If you don’t trust anyone in the US government, I don’t blame you.

            I believe the rest of your comment is a conspiracy theory, backed up by no facts, and no data. Just wild speculation.

          • I do my best to refute misinformation on three blogs, concerning climate science, energy, Covid, economics and other subjects where I spot misinformation from our goobermint.

            CDC reports US deaths up +20% in 2020 versus 2019, and about the same +20% in 2021 — two bad years in a row. One year with no vaccines, and one years with Covid vaccines. Vaccines made no difference in total US deaths.

            • Hi Richard,

              The CDC (like the FDA and EPA) has more than established its untrustworthiness; any numbers it promulgates ought to be viewed with appropriate skepticism.

              • Unfortunately, there are many subjects where the only national data are from government agencies.
                If you know a better source, name it.
                Several friends who work in hospitals have reported an unusual number of deaths in 2020 and 2021, supporting the CDC claim of higher US deaths in 2020 ans 2021.

                Fortunately, what politicians and the top government bureaucrats claim to the media is often refuted by the actual data compiled by the government agencies themselves. That is very common with their climate change claims.

        • cdc has lied about everything so far, why would anybody listen to them, quote a better source,
          does spreading ccp/cdc lies pay well?

          • I use my judgement on what to believe, and what not to believe.

            I can believe the CDC total death count, while not trusting many other claims they make about Covid.

            Most information about the entire United States comes from federal government agencies. If you want to distrust EVERYTHING from those sources, you will not be informed on many subjects. Do you prefer to make up your own numbers? How is that more accurate?

            • Hi Richard,

              I actually agree with you on the CDC deaths. This country had a higher-than-normal death rate in 2020, but I don’t believe it was COVID that caused it. Personally, I know nine people that died that year. Most years maybe one or two people that I am acquainted with pass.

              I attribute it to two things:

              1. Seniors living well passed the average life span of 78 years of age. Several of the people that I knew were in their 90s. Americans, age 80 and older, make up almost 4% of the population. When someone reaches 85, 90, 95 they are pushing their luck and it shouldn’t be surprising if we see a large number of seniors pass in certain years. Death is never spread out evenly. The year 2020 just happened to be a fluke. Remember 2016 the year of the celebrity death? Bowie, Frye, and Rickman all died within ten days of each other. Only to be followed by Prince, George Michael, Zsa Zsa, etc. It was a depressing year in Hollywood. Was there a virus? No, it just happened to be one of those higher than usual years.

              2. The lockdowns. I had a few clients pass, because they were unable to make it to the hospital to get critical care. One (in his mid 50s) appendix burst, but the local hospital was only able to take COVID patients. The client died before he made it to the next hospital. I had another client pass due to a heart attack. It took the ambulance twice their average time to get to his home and he had passed in the meantime. A few others had died of cancer. Let’s not forget the possibility of medical mistakes that likely went unreported and chalked up to COVID. That same year also had a large amount of drug overdoses and suicides.

              • Reemember that a lot of people in nursing home died “from Covid” when in reality they dies with Covid. Or even worse, they had some respiratory symptoms that were decalred to be Covid, rather than influenza or a common cold. That’s why the average age of death was so high in Spring 2020.

                Drug overdoses and suicides went up.

                People avoided doctors and hospitals for cancer screening and other procedures.
                I don’t see how anything other than Covid could be blamed for most of the +20% increase of US deaths in 2020 and 2021.

                • How about the amount of people that died when they placed them on ventilators and caused damage to their lungs since the staff was inadequately trained to use them? We used to call these “medical errors.”

                  We also cannot forget that the hospitals received a very tidy sum for labeling people with COVID ($11k per diagnosis) and $39K if they were placed on a ventilator. Also, nursing homes received $800+ per instead of the usual $225 a day from Uncle Sam if they would take in positive patients.

                  Not to mention that if your relative died of COVID the federal government would reimburse up to $9K of funeral and cannot afford to bury my mother, would I care if the hospital put “COVID” on the death certificate if it would allow me to provide her a proper burial while the American taxpayer paid the bill?

                  Do I believe COVID is real? Yes. Do I believe it caused the overflow of deaths in 2020? No.

                  • If you doubt that COVID had no part in the +20% increase of US deaths, then how else would you explain so many excess deaths? Ventilators alone can’t explain +529,000 more total US deaths in 2020 than in 2019.

                    • I think I already thoroughly explained it. People getting inadequate care due to the lockdowns, old people living past their prime, and a significant increase in suicides and drug overdoses, thanks to said lockdowns. Also, let’s not forget the increase in crime: burglary, murder, rape, and car jackings all substantially increased from prior years.

                      Do I believe a new virus could have attributed to some of the deaths? Sure, just as we have bad flu seasons where some years are worse than others depending what variant is running rampant. Did they cause 500K excess deaths? No way.

        • CDS (govt) “estimates”are, at best, meaningless. Have you really forgotten about all of their other estimates throughout this shit show? Unless you have hard numbers, you need to shut it.

          • Who lse collects total US deaths data?
            There might have been an incentive for the CDC to exaggerate deaths in 2020 — Covid fear porn style.
            But in 2021, their might have been an incentive for the CDC to under count deaths to make the Covid vaccines appear effective.
            The CDC’s current estimate of slightly more US deaths in 2021 than in 2020 makes the vaccines look bad — that’s not what you would expect if the CDC was lying about 2021 total US deaths.

    • from a nurse:

      In 2018 I had an interesting conversation with a friend that was in the finance department at my hospital. She told me in 3 years we were going to “ fall off a cliff” financially. They had been informed Medicare reimbursements were to be dramatically slashed. She said in doing this work for 30 years she’d never had seen such a looming disaster.

      I noticed my hospital went into panic mode though they never explained why. People weren’t replaced when they left and no new equipment was purchased. Raises dried up. My friend told me none of this was enough and to be prepared for insolvency. Our CEO retired at an early age “ to be with his family”.

      Then Covid hit. And the financial situation seemed to magically disappear! $$$$$$$$$
      all together the hospital can make $100,000 per covid patient,

      Because this was a Medicare issue I’m suspicious this situation was true for many hospitals. The scene was set for desperation and then the solution was presented. More evidence this was planned and explains why the medical field has sold its soul.

      Once you take your living from the government you are a Slave to the State. You are forever compromised. Even when you pretend to be a place of health and well-being.

      from a nurse of 40 years…
      I’m gonna tell you what’s happening in hospitals down south.

      Those that are vaccinated and present with Covid are now being given, wait for it, ivermectin. Ivermectin they’re giving them and they’re surviving the Covid and walking out of the hospital. And they’re going and saying “Look the vaccine saved me!” It wasn’t the vaccine that saved them it was the ivermectin.
      save the vaxxed to prove vax works

      And those that are unvaccinated and are presenting with Covid, because of a fake, fraud, useless pcr test, guess what they’re doing to them? They’re putting them on ventilators or giving them remdesivir, ventilators are the wrong treatment for people with Covid.

      It causes pulmonary edema and they drown, a death sentence, but the hospital gets $35,000 for putting them on a ventilator…..

      The WHO and the CDC have recommended treatments virtually guaranteed to kill. they give you Remdesivir.

      it was approved as part of a deadly protocol even though Fauci et al knew it causes Kidney failure – he knew because he had tested it in his Ebola studies, it knocks out the kidneys the lungs fill up with fluid and you drown.

      you die and they say the unvaxxed died because they had covid.

      all together the hospital can make $100,000 per covid patient, this is 50% about money, 50% about a cull,

      Someone said doctors can get $4,000 per extermination injection.

      This is what happened in America last year that’s why all the thousands of people died in America last year.

      at least they don’t waste the organs….. Hospitals in America Have Become Organ Harvesting Killing Fields!

      • I don’t trust claims by people who remain anonymous.
        Although it is a well known fact that hospitals benefit from having more patients, and there are financial rewards for Covid positive patients (even if they came to the hospital for other reasons, which is common, and don’t have any symptoms of Covid). That is medical fraud, in my opinion, and distorts Covid hospitalization counts.

        • One is “anonymous” just because he does not have (or perhaps did not use) a login. It is not necessarily a sinister thing.

          I believe I am effectively anonymous by not using my name. What assurance do I have that Richard Green is not a pseudonym to keep you anonymous?

          • If I wanted to use a miniker it would be a name that doesn’t get spelled wrong so often. Maybe my real name is Floyd R. Turbo?

            I share information in my comments and on three blogs. I have a policy to never delete posts on those blogs. That makes me more careful in choosing what to publish.
            I previously edited a for profit financial newsletter, ECONOMIC LOGIC, for 43 years. People are free to believe or ignore what I wrote.
            I try to be polite, but can’t help insulting leftists once in a while.

    • Elaine: The other major problem is that it is really difficult, nearly impossible, for people who have been conned to say “How stupid could I have been?” And they will defend their decision to do something foolish no matter how many facts you offer that cannot be rebutted. E.g. “The ‘vaccines’ neither prevent catching the disease nor prevent one from spreading it.”

  17. The clinical trial endpoint from the 2020 (sham) trials on the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines was only reduction of disease severity. This is what the 95% efficacy BS they trotted out in the summer was all about, nevermind that this number was created by statistical manipulation. Yet, everyone assumed this all meant that the vaccines would prevent infection, and this is still widely believed and is conflated within the narrative.

    So the question remains why? Why this endless push for vaccines and boosters in the face of all evidence that they don’t do what vaccines should do, but in fact do many other things – like cause clots, myocarditis, pericarditis, menstrual disregulation, decreased immunity, enhanced susceptibility to Delta and Moronic, etc.?

    Do they really believe they work? Nobody who is not on the payroll, a leftist, or in a trance can possibly believe this. Do they really believe they keep people out of the hospital? What evidence is there of that? Do they really want to see what it would take to vaccinate the world? Why would you want to? Or do they want to divide and conquer – which seems to be the only thing these vaccines are effective at doing.

    • These guys are the biggest liars in history:

      These extermination injections don’t stop you getting or transmitting what they call a virus, in fact they turn you into a superspreader, spreading more, a biosecurity terrorist.

      The only thing they claim the injection does is reduce symptoms but it can’t even do that so it is completely useless.
      the extermination injection is only 0.8% effective at reducing symptoms, not 86% effective, which they claimed but is a lie. lying with figures.

      ATTENTION: The extermination injection is only 0.8% effective at reducing symptoms, under 1% it is totally useless

      A vaccine under 50% effective is not supposed to be sold.

      there is a HUGE difference……why would anyone take this poisonous injection? they think everyone is stupid and can’t do math….

      NOTE: the lie……..comparative effectiveness instead of overall effectiveness

      14,300 group injected number got disease = 20 = .00139 (0.1%) 99.9% didn’t get it

      14,300 control group placebo number got disease = 140 = .00979 (0.9%) 99.1% didn’t get it

      they divide 20 by 140 = .14 so they say it is 86% effective. that is comparative effectiveness.

      actually the real difference is 99.9% – 99.1% = 0.8% improvement it is 0.8% effective

      so for an 8/10 of 1% improvement you take huge risk.

      The reality: actually one doctor said if you take the extermination injection you will be dead in 2 years.

      NOTE: the odds of survival after the injection are only 0.08% = walking dead

      the odds of not dying or being injured, disabled after the injection are above zero but not by much, so the odds of survival after the injection are 0.08%?

      the unintelligent will get the injections. darwinian. karen remover… the injection is an IQ test.

    • 95% is not BS
      It is the Relative Risk Reduction (RRR) following a very short trial of the healthiest volunteers the drug companies could recruit. RRR is used to sell vaccines.

      The Absolute Risk Reduction (ARR) was about 1%
      That means the difference between the percentage of
      test subjects who had Covid symptoms, comparing those with and without real vaccines, was only one percentage point.
      ARR is useful for people who want to make decisions about a vaccine — RRR is not.

      The people who most wanted a vaccine, the elderly with comorbidities, were not test subjects. Nor were children or pregnant women. Not that two months meets the normal definition of a vaccine test, which usually takes many years.

      • Stop with this crap. They claimed 95% efficacy (as you say, relative risk reduction) based on observations made in about 150 people. In phase II clinical trial parlance, 150 people is statistical noise. It’s under the margin of error. It was BS on that basis alone. And, as data from around the world would later show when the cohort grew, that 95% dropped and dropped and dropped. 95% was a made up number based on numerical and statistical manipulation (and fraud) – it was and is BS.

        • There were about 40,000 people involved in both mrNA trials. Both had Absolute Risk Reductions of about 1% in two months, after subjects fully vaccinated (which takes five weeks from the first of two vaccines). The first two months are the best two months for the vaccines, as their effectiveness declines at least 10 percentage points a month, maybe 15 points a month.
          The numbers are real, but 1% is not much of a benefit. Maybe if you were older and less healthy than the test subjects, the ARR foir your vaccines would have been much higher. But we’ll never know. The wife and I are not vaxxed based on our risk versus benefit analysis for Covid. The decision would have been easier for Omicron.

      • Meanwhile, Richard, these “vaccines” are killing healthy people at a rate and in numbers unprecedented in the history of of vaccines. Which by the way these “vaccines” aren’t, as they do not immunize.

        Another fact.

        At best, they are therapeutics; like aspirin you take after you get a headache. The aspirin makes you feel better. It doesn’t ward off headaches.

        • I publish articles every day on one of my blogs about the unprecedented risks. The wife and I are not vaxxed for that reason. Our preference is Vitamin C, Vitamin D, zinc and quercetin supplements.

          Every week I also publish a summary of VAERS data and my own estimate of actual serious injuries — 3x larger than reported serious injuries. As of January 7, 2022, reported -post Covid vaccine deaths (21,745) were MUCH higher than total reported vaccine deaths in any year from 1990 through 2020, which ranged from 99 to 599, for ALL vaccines in ome year.

          From my last VAERS update article:

          “Studies of VAERS have estimated that only from 1% to 10% of adverse side effects are ever reported. I triple the reported numbers shown below to add unreported side effects, and delete reported side effects that may be coincidences, not caused by the vaccines. Every other estimate I’ve read is higher. The pro-vaccine government wants you to completely ignore the numbers. And gullible people do that. This blog is not published for gullible people.
          Ye Editor


          For full year 2021 plus 2022 through
          the week ending 1/7/22

          Total COVID Vaccine Side Effects Reported:

          Total Number of People Reporting Side Effects:

          Deaths Reported:

          Permanent Disabilities Reported:

          Hospitalizations Reported:

          For my estimate of the actual number of side effects, I multiply the numbers above by 10, assuming only 10% are reported, and then I assume two thirds of serious injuries are coincidences. (The COVID Liars want people to believe these reports are all coincidences, making their beloved COVID shots a leading cause of coincidences.)

          The result is that I multiply the reported numbers by 3.3x. I believe my common sense adjustment will provide a decent estimate of reality, KNOWING under reporting is almost certain.

          Ignoring all VAERS data because they are incomplete makes no sense.

          No one knows the the long term adverse side effects.

          The COVID vaccines are also very political.
          I believe pro-vaccines Democrats are reluctant to report their adverse side effects. Two relatives of mine — both Democrats — did have significant side effects. One could not go to work for three days. Not reported to VAERS. of course !

  18. Someone upstairs is having some fun with these demagogues in that they *must* continually change their narrative because the *facts* keep morphing outside their story line.

    It’s a deadly virus….which only kills 0.5 of really old people and almost can’t be measured in others;
    We need ventilators..quick!! Well not so many now.
    We need more hospitals!! OK, send back the Mercy Ship not needed.
    Vaccinate the children quick!-Kids don’t get the disease.
    Don’t take the vaccines because Trump made them!;
    Take the vaccines which will *we* made which will cure the disease and all can go back to normal;
    The new normal is no normal;
    OK, the vaccines don’t prevent the disease but they help relieve symptoms;
    Masks prevent the disease any mask. Well not so much so wear two masks, no three;
    The variants are here!!! Where did Delta go? Omicron is here!!! Only a bad cold though;
    We need to achieve herd immunity! Omicron is giving everyone a mild dose of immunity so why the jab?;

    • Hans,
      It’s all part of the great reset PERIOD!
      Other commenters have outlined the strategy here in detail in prior comment threads.Therefore to summarize ,
      The billionaires want the planet to themselves and the rest of us proles should just go away.
      The classic strategy of FEAR and DIVIDE AND CONQUER is on full display with anyone possessing critical thinking skills .
      I am truly amazed AND profoundly disappointed that so many IDIOTS exist!!

      Have Ivermectin will travel ,could not give a shit about Covidiots.
      Watch the next arm of the Great Reset will entail “Dirty dollar bills “ to go cashless and these fools will suck it up in a nanosecond!
      Good riddance Stupidlandia ( the country formerly known as the USA)
      I’m in process to bail out to the Dominican Republic…..super glad Plan B is 90% completed 👍

      • Hi Licknickel,

        I think you are correct when it comes to voiding the world of the dirty dollars. My guess is digital currency is around the corner and that is the next shoe to drop. Hell, even Walmart has one! 🙁

        • I suspect the control grid needs further development before the Dollar drops. ?

          This is the first instance of human tracking (of non-criminals) I have seen which mentions Nothing about the covid-con as a reason.
          Do you suppose we’ll see many more similar applications this year?

          “The Mexican Football Federation announced on Tuesday that fans who are caught yelling homophobic chants at national team games will be banned for five years, The Associated Press reports.

          Soccer fans in Mexico will now have to register when buying a ticket and present a QR code and identification upon stadium entry

          The new policy comes after Mexico was penalized by FIFA in November over derogatory chanting during the October qualifiers in Mexico City. “

          • Hi helot,

            I believe the control grid has already been primed while the majority of the world was shut down and fearing for their lives. You wouldn’t believe it how quick it is to get through airports, on boats, and around in cars when the air isn’t stuffed with those pesky commercial planes, one doesn’t have to swerve their yacht through pontoon and John boats on the Bay, and those black Surburbans never have to lay eyes (much less sit) in a traffic jam.

            Keep your eye on the banks and a hand on your money. Something feels off.

            • Hey, RG!

              I just signed on with Erie… for about a third what Geico was demanding. I almost done’t mind paying for this coverage! Thanks again for the tip!

              • Oh, that’s fantastic. Glad I could help. 🙂

                I have had them for the last 28 years. They ended up paying for both of my business’s new fences (last year).

        • Hi, RG,
          Consider this:
          If you are in a grocery store attempting to buy food, and the store refuses to “ring you up” because you refuse to wear their religious face covering (which I have experienced), you can plunk down an appropriate amount in paper currency and leave with the merchandise without being accused of stealing. You paid. Whether the store “records” the transaction is up to them, and none of your concern.

          But if your only option is “digital” payment (debit card or whatever) then you are screwed. The store will be able to disallow payment, and have you arrested for theft if you walk out with the merchandise. Your only hope is the cops might be too overwhelmed to respond.

          In that case, a mass “attempted cash purchase” (say, fifty customers or more at multiple locations simultaneously), might get someone’s attention.

          One thing working against “no cash” here in SoCal is the number of illegals who work off the books, and get paid in cash. Get in the checkout line at any grocery with a heavily “Hispanic” clientele, and count the Benjamins being presented by customers ahead of you. You are unlikely to see many $100s in an “upscale” neighborhood store – mainly debit cards, with a scattering of people paying in cash, using $20s they got from an ATM.

          Just my observation in ZIP code 92882. YMMV.

          • Hi turtle,

            Doesn’t your zip code allow up to $950 in theft as a misdemeanor? The cops aren’t showing up for that. We all just need to shop in CA. 😉

            I don’t see cash going away. As I have stated before the drug cartels, the Italian mafia, gangs, people getting paid under the table are not going to sit back and go along with this. If everything could be fixed with a digital currency the drug trade would have died long ago and the government would be taxing the hell out of it. Not everyone follows the law, and it isn’t difficult for those who wish to keep their activities secret to find a way to circumvent it.

            • >The cops aren’t showing up for that.
              Exactly. 🙂
              >the drug cartels, the Italian mafia, gangs, people getting paid under the table are not going to sit back and go along with this.
              Yep. You got it.

            • No doubt they have, and so have (and will) plenty of other folks, both honest and not so honest. If nothing else, there is straightforward barter, as well as other “media of exchange, a.k.a. “money,” which will not show up on the “sales tax” reports. Jeez, the economy sure is tanking… My, my, how nice (punchline of an old joke).

    • “It’s a deadly virus….which only kills 0.5 of really old people and almost can’t be measured in others”

      MISINFORMATION #########################

      The infection fatality rate for age 70 and higher in the US
      was about 4% prior to Omicron, which has a much lower death rate. The IFR can, and fas been, measured in others.;

  19. My favorite is how the narrative shifted on the masks; they’re admitting that those cloth and blue paper masks are useless, but if everyone wears the latest and greatest N95 mask we’ll all be saaaaaaaaafe. Right. I used one of those once while cutting concrete, didn’t even last an hour before I couldn’t breathe, ended up just putting a bandanna over my face. Can’t wait to see all the Covidiots passing out from lack of oxygen.

    • N95s clog with dust & moisture. When doing toxic industrial or construction work, you should wear a fitted cartridge mask with exhaust valves or a pressurized hose from clean air source. The cartridge can hold more contaminants before becomming saturated and unbreathable compared with standard n95 dust masks. Furthermore what really lowers breathing efficiency with regular masks is half of your breath is wasted on expanding/collapsing the mask instead of intake/exhaust function. You also have to train yourself to breathe deep when wearing a mask cause most people just fill their lungs 40% unless they make conscious efforts towards breathing. Thats what drives the co2/o2 ratios when masking.

      Also there was a dangerous trend of reusing masks for over a week early in the pandemic which probably intentional as it caused brain damage and infections to medical workers as the masks became saturated with contaminants and the plastic fibers loosened up and got into their airways causing irritation

      • Dr. Vernon Coleman wrote a book on it and did huge amount of research says:

        Masks do nothing they are just for control and compliance. long term mask wearing is deadly. masks are extremely dangerous and completely useless.

        if you wear a mask for ten years you will be dead or demented. surgeons work in a climate controlled environment and change the masks every 2 hours, nobody else does, this is entirely different.

        they are higher risk to infect themselves and even worse higher risk to infect other people then people with no mask.

        “Those masks are only effective so long as they are dry,” said Professor Yvonne Cossart of the Department of Infectious Diseases at the University of Sydney.

        attention; “As soon as they become saturated with the moisture in your breath they stop doing their job and pass on the droplets.”

        Professor Cossart said that could take as little as 15 or 20 minutes, after which the mask would need to be changed. NOBODY is doing that, read it again.

        billions of masks thrown away destroy the environment. they are toxic waste, a biohazard and have to be handled as biohazard toxic waste. this is not being done anywhere and is breaking the law.

        disposing of biohazardous waste rules:

        Solid biohazardous waste includes microbial agents, tissue culture, and contaminated material (such as petri dishes, pipettes, contaminated glass, masks, etc.). These materials are collected in red biohazard bags that are double-lined and placed in cardboard boxes.

        Personnel should seal the waste container for pick up by the building facilities custodian or appropriate service personnel. The building and room number should be written (a Sharpie or similar permanent marker if appropriate) on the top of the box to identify its origin.

        CRC personnel should seal the waste container and fill out a pick-up request on the CRC website. The building and room number should be written (a Sharpie or similar permanent marker is appropriate) on the top of the box to identify its origin.

        A licensed vendor retrieves the waste from each building at pre-determined intervals to process the waste with an approved sterilization method. Medical Waste Tracking forms are maintained by EHS.

        there is no law to wear a mask, it is just a mandate. there is a law about disposing of biohazardous waste.

        people not wearing a mask are not breaking ther law. people not disposing of biohazardous waste (dirty masks) are breaking the law.
        report them.
        email or phone the local
        Department of Environmental Quality / Hazards and Cleanup / Hazardous Waste / Infectious Waste and report them.

        mask wearers are biosecurity terrorists,
        vaccinated people same problem, biosecurity terrorists.

        injected people , biosecurity terrorists. shedding spike proteins

        dr bossche says the mrna vaccine destroys your innate immune system, so you spread more. turns you into super spreader

        mrna replaces your innate immune system with an artificial one designed for only one virus. the virus can mutate in ten hours, so it is useless. your innate immune system protects you all the time, until it is destroyed with vaccines.

        all reporting increases in conditions that may be associated with face coverings, such as facial skin infections, nose/throat and sinus infections, even anxiety conditions.

        other health issues from wearing a mask: brain damage, blood clots, suffocation, dangerous co2 levels, dangerously low oxygen levels. mask wearing is also linked historically to occult activities.

        wearing a mask can cause braindamage
        “The reinhalation of our exhaled air will without a doubt create oxygen deficiency and a flooding of carbon dioxide. We know that the human brain is very sensitive to oxygen deprivation. There are nerve cells for example in the hippocampus that can’t be longer than 3 minutes without oxygen – they cannot survive.

        The second problem is that the nerve cells in your brain are unable to divide themselves normally. So in case our governments will generously allow as to get rid of the masks and go back to breathing oxygen freely again in a few months, the lost nerve cells will no longer be regenerated. What is gone is gone.

        NOTE: There is no unfounded medical exemption from face masks because oxygen deprivation is dangerous for every single brain.

        To deprive a child’s or an adolescent’s brain from oxygen, or to restrict it in any way, is not only dangerous to their health, it is absolutely criminal. Oxygen deficiency inhibits the development of the brain, and the damage that has taken place as a result CANNOT be reversed.


        • mask wearing is also linked historically to occult activities. these masks are very important…..

          participating in the occult is supposed to be very dangerous, you are leaving yourself open to demons, maybe that is part of the intended harm behind the whole pandemic hoax, they are forcing you to do this, forced and dragged into an occult practice, which can do you great harm, but the satanists say we are saving you….from what? from a normal life, the satanists won’t leave you alone, you will be forced into their satanic death cult…..

          Derek Prince in the video talking about getting tortured/attacked by demons,

          one example is inviting in the demon of death at 1:03 in the video…

          This is a pretty interesting video.

  20. It’s only a “crisis” because TPTB made it into one.

    They didn’t “have” to do anything.

    Moreover, they should have done nothing.

    It’s the government’s fault. They made the mess. They cannot clean it up. They need to go away and leave everyone alone. They refuse to do so.

    Therefore the solution is up to us, the people. And it is obvious.

  21. There’s one aspect of the narrative that never shifts, though: THEY demand total control, and YOU have no rights whatsoever.

    THIS should scare the hell out of you:

    “– Fifty-nine percent (59%) of Democratic voters would favor a government policy requiring that citizens remain confined to their homes at all times, except for emergencies, if they refuse to get a COVID-19 vaccine. Such a proposal is opposed by 61% of all likely voters, including 79% of Republicans and 71% of unaffiliated voters.

    – Nearly half (48%) of Democratic voters think federal and state governments should be able to fine or imprison individuals who publicly question the efficacy of the existing COVID-19 vaccines on social media, television, radio, or in online or digital publications. Only 27% of all voters – including just 14% of Republicans and 18% of unaffiliated voters – favor criminal punishment of vaccine critics.

    – Forty-five percent (45%) of Democrats would favor governments requiring citizens to temporarily live in designated facilities or locations if they refuse to get a COVID-19 vaccine.”

    • Hi X,
      I saw those articles as well, looks like the USSA has become the replacement for East Germany, everyone rats out everyone to the Stasi.

      • I don’t know, Mike. I look at France, Italy, Austria, China, and the crazy Aussies and breathe a sigh of relief. We still have our guns and Florida. 🙂

        • Most of the restrictions here in vicdanistan are off. You need to be stabbed to go into restaurants, hairdresser, concert hall, pubic buildings, etc. Being retired is great now. I do not miss work at all. It was slipped at a gov meeting here that only 50% of the concentration camp state are stabbed. Middle of summer here, last I heard “cases” in Oz are >250K. Enough stab shots on hand for 150 million stabs in a country of 22 millions. However, my wife went to the store today and no meat at all. I go 2X a week and have noticed shortages creeping into the stores. Food and hardware mostly. Hospitals clogging up with the stabbed and obese. Bureaucraps as insane as ever, and even more evil.

    • They despise the fact that we don’t dutifully fall in line with what their religion (statism) and its high priests command. Many of them realize they’ve been had, and resent those of us who maintained a level head and didn’t knee jerk our way into receiving poison. Either way, what do we have in common with people who believe or advocate such things (a better question is why are we even polling on such bullshit in the first place, unless the god damned media is trying to sow discord for their own pathetic purposes; I have a vague recollection about a warning about sowing things)? What – so we were born under a common arbitrary geographic boundary? And why does this obligate is to continue to try and accommodate incompatible views? They espouse evil. Most of the rest of us just wish to live our lives. It is past time to part ways, peacefully.

    • X, there is no point in being afraid. But at the very start of this I resolved to never go anywhere without protective tools again. If they refuse to obey of the rules that restrict them, they have no legitimate authority over me. As a practical matter, wipe all brass down after handling it- the finger oils can cause corrosion. As a practical matter, carry a tool which is not registered in any system. Freedom has a price.

  22. What really takes the cake is how right before a big holiday, Fauci et all trot out to issue fresh edicts to remind everyone of the current rules. This allows left minded families to have their requirements/punishments all lined up for the unvaccinated family members, chiming “those are the rules…” as if they’ve been etched in stone since the dawn of time.

    • I blew up Thanksgiving by not showing up, which caused them to get mad, and after I refused to grovel as they expected (to get back into their good graces) they backed way the hell off.

      So, I’ll take that as a win. I respect that they have different opinions to mine, but I expect that respect to be reciprocated.

  23. It is indeed absurd that so many will accept so much with so little evidence, if any.
    Politician: One most adept getting the most people to believe the most preposterous lies the most often. Usually a sociopath, if not a psychopath, as sane people do not do such a thing.
    Lying is what politicians, and their bureaucrat cohorts do for a living. Believe one, and you might as well believe in unicorns and fairy pixie dust. Never before has skepticism been so necessary. Complete skepticism. As in don’t believe anything they say without examining it closely. Which examination most often proves a lie. I need new conspiracy theories, because all my old ones were proven true. The pathological liar can only function by keeping track of what lies they told yesterday to keep from contradicting them today, or as Fauci has proven, changing your lies so fast no one can keep up.

  24. “there is no end to the demonic urge of the psychopath to keep his victim in perpetual catch-up mode”

    Christ cast demons into pigs who then ran down a steep hill & drowned themselves (one escapee became my ex wife). The point is, to hell with the demons; keep counterpunching, educating, critiquing, and outright laugh at them. They’ll eventually drown.

    • Our leaders at the top of the power pyramid on the planet are all satanists, worshiping satan (most of hollywood too now), this is supposed to be dangerous because you are inviting demons (spirits) into your body, so our leaders are all possessed, they are all insane now (insane, possessed = the same thing), this would explain why they want to cull 7 billion humans, that is not normal.

      so the reality of them inviting the demon of death (forced extermination injections) into the entire world population sounds logical, these bastards are all possessed. The government/church/medical system is one huge satanic religious cult now, and all the leftist/communists/satanists enabling it and collaborating with it are crazy.

      Derek Prince talking about getting rid of demons, one example is inviting in the demon of death at 1:03 in the video…

      This is a pretty interesting video.

      need to hire this priest

      a priest in rome said if these elite nobility/wef/ccp/.0001% globalist demons had been around in the middle ages, they would have been hanged, he says they would have been immediately seen as evil demons. today we are blinder, dumber. these leaders are deep into satanism they are all possessed, should be turned over to that priest to deal with.

  25. After the Superemes shot down the Biden vaccination order he gave a speech. Once again he encouraged everyone to get their third shot and to mask up because of the risk of catching the disease. He wasn’t wearing a mask while he gave this speech. Did he get the booster? Is he taking the virus risk seriously?

    I really don’t understand how this virus can be stopped at the White House door, at least well enough that the most powerful man on Earth can go through his day unmasked. Does that concrete wall they’re building somehow fortify the WH from airborne viruses? Or does the office inherrently give the holder super-immunity from viruses so that no physical defenses are required?

    North Korean children are taught that Kim Jong-un ‘is a god who can read their thoughts.’ We’re told that the FBI/CIA/NSA captures everything that crosses the Internet. Biden really can read our thoughts. And he doesn’t need to wear a mask. To my eye there’s very little difference between NK and USA at this point.

    From the LA Times in 2016:
    “The value of all the unpaid labor that North Koreans are forced to perform by their government amounts to around $975 million annually, according to a new report by Open North Korea, a Seoul-based NGO.”

    Divided by the 25 million citizens of NK, that works out to about $40/peasant. What was your tax bill last year? If you own a side hussle are you ready for the new $600 transaction reporting requirements? Seems like we’re getting even closer to North Korea but with more steps.

    • With respect to our unmasked leaders both left and right:

      One has to wonder if a reason they don’t wear masks is because if they get The Plague, they need not worry about getting seriously sick or dying because they have access to medical care that We The Deplorables don’t. Notice how the Orange Man and Boris Johnson got COVID and recovered remarkably quickly.
      Maybe they have access to things like monoclonal antibody treatments, or hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin (if they indeed work). Matter of fact, when the get sick, they don’t go to the doctor — the doctor goes to them.
      Just a thought.

      • congress is exempt the extermination injection mandate plus they get ivermectin….

        ATTENTION: Places you can work where the jab is NOT mandated

        1. The White House 2. The CDC 3. The FDA 4. The WHO 5. Pfizer 6. Moderna 7. Johnson & Johnson

        ATTENTION: in australia all doctors are exempt from injection.
        i would bet the doctors in other countries are exempt too, that explains why they don’t say one word about the injections, they don’t care and are probably paid well to cooperate.

        a scientist working on gene modification says he only has a piece of paper saying he is injected (faked)….haha….sounds like the scientists are exempt…
        NOTE: sounds like the exempted ones get a passport saying they are injected, but aren’t….so they can dine out etc.

        the nurses aren’t exempt, when the population is reduced 90% (the wef goal) less nurses are needed,
        same applies to enforcers, plus they will be replaced by robots soon, they are cheaper and follow any order. some of them are starting to push back because they are getting mandated now, joining with the little people on the bottom.

        The Governor of Virginia is making all Commonwealth employees take the jab or be fired.
        attention: but He has EXEMPTED POLITICIANS AND JUDGES, so it looks like that group are exempt too.

        NOW ALSO: Members of Congress, their staff, and federal court system employees are exempt from the Biden administration’s new vaccine mandates, plus they get ivermectin…

        another exempt group: U.S. postal service

        NBA players exempt

        ATTENTION: 6 million foreign chinese students exempt (the ccp doesn’t control the leftist governmebt…haha)

        NOTE: if you have a lot of money you can probably buy a faked exemption like the exempt get. so again this is just bashing poor people……….

        NOTE: here is another exempt group….the billionaire elite:

        gates and other .0001% rich families don’t vaccinte their own children,

        gates, his wife and their children have never been vaccinated…. gates uses hydroxychloroquine.

        elon musk and his family will not be vaccinated

        the 17 elite nobility families are exempt of course:
        one example of the families: the queen of england and her family (they are at the top of the pyramid of power on the planet at the top of the elite nobility control group, controlling the whole thing), they use homeopathic medicine.

        rockefeller who created our worldwide, fake, fraud, germ theory based, allopathic medicine, didnt use his own allopathic nazi death medicine, he used homeopathic medicine.

        FAUCI TAKES 6,000 IUs OF VITAMIN D PER DAY. but he tells you to get poisonous vaccines

        NOTE: Dr Suhab Siddiqi, Moderna’s former Director of Chemistry told CNN that he would not allow the vaccine to be injected into his body


        Putin said he will not mandate injection of their military,

        (xiden and blackface are owned by china)……..canada and the US will mandate injection of their military, (helping china’s agenda) that will cause them to lose the next war, maybe.

        Putin also says people should make their own choice for injection or not.

        china only has about 3% of their population injected, they do not use the mrna injection and they do not inject their military…..then they are healthy for the next war. china doesn’t exter minate it’s citizens for the elite nobility. (it had enough them in the opium wars).

        whole parts of the globe are no longer complying: China, India, Russia, most of Africa, Japan, Indonesia, US Red states, Denmark, Sweden….North Korea never did and has zero cases and no injections…

        japan just dumped millions of doses of the injections because they are contaminated with metal, they stopped complying, it is hard to exterminate the japanese with the experimental gene therapy extermination injection, they are too high IQ. japan has no injection mandates, in the U.S. children are mandated 72 injections. japan will survive, the whites won’t.

        what is in there?

        • Interesting stuff. Russia also has a low vaccination rate. Russia’s vaccine is also not mrna. It is not counted as proof of vaccination in western countries and neither is China’s Only gene altering mrna “vaccines ” are

      • Masks actually cause respritory illness, so that is why they dont wear them outside of photoshoots. Every single pandemic mitigation policy was designed to increase sickness. Masks make you sick, fast food makes you sick, lack of excercise makes you sick. Being afraid of sickness makes you sick. Aerosol Discenfectants make you sick, hand sanitizer makes you sick. When you close everything down, what do people do? Tv and internet. Just sit around eating junkfood, maybe smoke some weed & have some alcohol till bloodclots, diabetes, and insomnia makes you sick. Then close the hospital/clinic so your diabetes goes untreated. Then when diabetes and weed gives you a coof, they rush to put you on a ventilator and collect $40,000

        If you had an industrial job pre 2020, they showed a mask safety video that explained that you only want to wear the application specific mask in toxic environments, gotta change them out every x minutes depending on whats in the air and how much of it. it requires more training than what we got in that class, and our factory had enough ventilation that we didnt need them.

    • There is a joke about that: the people in N. Korea say we sure are glad we don’t live in one of the way left of communist countries like canada, australia, new zealand, austria, italy, etc., they are worse then N. Korea, n. korea had no cases, no masks, no lockdowns, no mandates, no deaths by covid, injection rate way under 1%,

    • people dream of the day we could rise to the status of serfs. Serfs were actually treated better than we are. The owner of the land took 1/3 of earnings while the serf kept 2/3, and it wasn’t even his land!

      Taxes alone take 50% of your income. Using farming as an example, when you factor in taxes, land cost, equipment, materials/labor, etc., you don’t even make a profit until 10+ years, and after that you would be lucky to take home 33%.

      Truth is, we are SLAVES, and our countries are open air prisons. The “great reset” is just a consolidation of power.

      • these serfs were so pissed off at the high tax, 1/3 of earnings, they welcomed in the Hunns when they invaded, today’s serfs need some Hunns………

        Serfs were actually treated better than we are. The owner of the land took 1/3 of earnings while the serf kept 2/3, and it wasn’t even his land!

        actually it is going to get far worse, schwab says you will own nothing and be happier, that is smart, slavery is the most profitable business, with the new world order, the serfs will work for free = the elite nobility get all the money…..this is just the reorganization of the 5000 year old slave market….


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