How Will We Know?

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In Israel, the number of people reportedly “testing positive” for the ‘Rona or its Variants is skyrocketing. Which is interesting, given reports that around 90 percent of the population of Israel has been “vaccinated.”

And not just because it raises the obvious question about the effectiveness of the Jab.

Or rather, the lack thereof.

The more troubling question is: How do we separate out sickness masked by the “vaccine” – which apparently “works” (briefly) by suppressing symptoms but not, as vaccines are traditionally defined, by preventing the vaccinated person from becoming infected? What if their sickness is exacerbated by the “vaccine”?

What if sickness is caused – and propagated – by the Jab, itself?

Are “vaccinated” people not only getting sick – but spreading sickness, as appears to be the case? How else to account for the massive uptick in sickness among the Jabbed, as in Israel and not only there?

What if they are the “superspreaders” – being used to generate serial sickness, in order to maintain the excuse for Sickness Kabuki, indefinitely?

If so – and even more worrisome – will the healthy, who have relied on their immune systems and good habits to avoid becoming sick and who don’t spread the sickness they haven’t got – become the scapegoats (again) for this new “outbreak”?

Was this intentional, all along?

That is hard to prove but the way that the “vaccines” are being pushed with the hysterical fervor of religious conversion-by-the-sword is strongly suggestive, for two reasons. One, if everyone is Jabbed it muddies the waters perhaps irrevocably. Without a large control group – people who aren’t getting sick and who have not been Jabbed – it will be very hard to dissipate the narrative that sickness abounds and that the only cure is the Jab.

Two, it will be much harder to hide the harms caused by the Jab. Mass Jabbing will mask what would otherwise inevitably be inquiries into whether it might be the Jab, itself, that is making people sick – and spreading it.

It is interesting, in this vein, to consider reports that the CDC is recording as “unvaccinated” the deaths of people who got Jabbed and died within about two weeks or less of receiving the Jab. The opposite is of course indicated; i.e., that it was the Jab that caused these deaths.

Also of interest – and cause for worry – are reports of children, previously all-but-immune to this sickness,  naturally – without the Jab or the “masks” – becoming sick. It is interesting, if it is accurate, because it is also coincident to the mass Jabbing of kids. Are they, too, becoming sick because of the Jab? How will we know, if all kids are Jabbed?

Another, even more worrisome conjecture is that kids are becoming sick because their Jabbed parents are emanating sickness induced and enhanced by the Jab and superspreading it to their progeny.

And, to the rest of us. To anyone who happens to get too close to the Jabbed.

It is an interesting inversion. Even if it is not based on facts. After all, there were never any facts to support the hysteria about “asymptomatic” spread; i.e., of presumptive contagiousness. Yet healthy people who weren’t coughing or sneezing or giving any reason to worry they might be spreading anything were told they must wear a “mask” over their faces and perform various dehumanizing acts of sickness kabuki, such as “maintaining social distance,” i.e., stand an arbitrary number of feet apart from other people, taught to be terrified of the proximity of other human beings.

Should we turn the tables? Perhaps to let them know how it feels?

It may even be more rational to dread “prion shedding” emanating from the pie-holes and nostrils of the Jabbed, as there is the fact of their having been Jabbed – and none of us can really know what that Jab does – or portends. Whereas rational people not afflicted with a case of weaponized hypochondria know that a person who isn’t sick cannot get others sick – and that natural humans, unmodified by “messenger” RNA cannot give other humans “spike prions” they haven’t got to shed.

The Jabbed are in fact the ones glibly risking their health – and possibly, recklessly, that of others. They are the ones who may be imposing “costs on society” – via whatever the long-term afflictions they end up suffering end up costing the rest of us. And what if it is they who are costing us a return to normality by serving as the walking petri dishes they accused us of being – via the ongoing propagation of “variants” without end, which would otherwise have petered out by now to near-irrelevance?

All of this is possible and may even be probable.

It is why it is more important than ever to resist being re-masked – and Jabbed – for the sake of the principle at stake but also to drive a stake through all of the lies. If half or more of the populace doesn’t get Jabbed – and doesn’t get sick – it will be impossible to maintain the lies, about the sickness.

And about what may be enhancing it.

Trust your instincts. Trust the facts. Do not trust anything the lying, criminally corrupt government tells you – particularly when it tells you that you must, or else. Good things do not require that or else.

Only evil things, pushed by evil people.

Let’s try and stop the spread.

. . .

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  1. What about a few evil, but mostly stupid people. Hanlon’s Razor “never attribute to malice that which can adequately be explained by stupidity”

  2. When you started up an auto blog, did you have an idea you’d end up talking about genocide? It’s a mad world, upside down, inside out, corrupted and inverted by Evil. They took the fun out of cars and the joy out of life.

    • Hi Dennis,

      No, I didn’t. But it became impossible to not discuss/write about these topics as they impact everything. On the upside, it provides a vehicle to reach people who might not otherwise even read about such topics and I hope I do some good thereby!

      • “provides a vehicle…”, Oh, PUNNY….

        Yet, the automobile, largely what it is in terms of economy and socially due to AMERICA, is inherent a PART of our existence, much as HORSES were in the centuries past. MOBILITY…the ability to move about, beyond one’s own two feet, and HAUL things (cargo, passengers, weapons, etc.), i.e. LOGISTICS.

        Hence why we discuss at length the tendency of the Corporate State to forces rides on us that become UNFIXABLE, that have features we neither need nor WANT, and that other costs imposed thanks to bureaucratic “Fatwas” that contravene the Rule of Law. We also discuss other “Gubmint Fatwas”, especially those by the statist control freaks that desire to FORCE us “out of our cars”, to be herded and collared like cattle, IAW THEIR desires.

        Mobility is essential to freedom, for, if nothing else, when a minority is oppressed, or conditions in a state become oppressive, folks tend to “vote with their feet”, if they CAN. We saw this in the Communist countries, which had significant border guards, not to keep invaders or marauders OUT, but to keep their subjects penned IN. As many try to impose THEIR brand of Communism in America (“but, it’s never been done ‘right’ before…”), mobility will be what they’ll attempt to impede, as an immobile populace is easier to CONTROL.

  3. For those that enjoy reading a GOOD Israeli paper enjoy this one!

    Comparing SARS-CoV-2 natural immunity to vaccine-induced immunity: reinfections versus breakthrough infections

    A little incentive: “SARS-CoV-2-naïve vaccinees had a 13.06-fold (95% CI, 8.08 to 21.11) increased risk
    for breakthrough infection with the Delta variant compared to those previously infected


    It is based on the same fundamental flaw surrounding the PCR kit, but nowadays there is no point wasting time explaining what the PCR lab technique is, and above all, what it is not.

    • The irony is that supposedly many of the early “movers and shakers” in Israel were indeed those that endured the Nazi concentration camps. Now their grandchildren and great-grandchildren go back to enslavement…

  4. If you test an individual at 2 to the 40th Power (PCR Test)…you will find whatever you want to find.

    Can the PCR test even distinguish between the common Flu and this ‘novel Covid-19″?

    Where is Art Bell when you need him!

  5. From a Riverside Press-Enterprise article posted and linked below by turtle blues:

    ‘Dr. David D. Lo, senior associate dean of research at the UC Riverside School of Medicine, said “the main message — vaccination is far better than post-COVID immunity.”’

    Dr Lo is not only flat-out wrong, he’s more than an order of magnitude wrong — as in ‘couldn’t hit the side of a freaking barn’ wrong:

    ‘A new analysis relies on the database of Maccabi Healthcare Services, which enrolls about 2.5 million Israelis.

    ‘The study, led by Tal Patalon and Sivan Gazit at KSM, the system’s research and innovation arm, found in two analyses that people who were vaccinated in January and February were, in June, July, and the first half of August, six to 13 times more likely to get infected than unvaccinated people who were previously infected with the coronavirus.

    ‘In one analysis, comparing more than 32,000 people in the health system, the risk of developing symptomatic COVID-19 was 27 times higher among the vaccinated, and the risk of hospitalization eight times higher.’

    Israel does actual science, using one of the best population health databases on the planet.

    Whereas credentialed experts from ‘Gain of Function’ Fauci to Dr Lo, and on down the evolutionary ladder to know-nothing, dung-ball-rolling journos and social media censors, spew uninformed, easily-demolished horseshit.

    Who are these people, to presume to tell us what to do? They can kiss mah ass.

    • Agree with all, esp. your last line – should put it on a bumper sticker :).

      The truth is out there, it is just being overridden by the propagandists. There must be some kind of thrill for them to admit the truth, then cover it with lies, then stand back and watch what happens. Sickos. Psychotics. Demonic.

  6. Its seriously crazy eric. Anyone who objectively looks through the data realises that the vaccines at best make no difference, or just make it worse. Ofcourse they are not testing any of the inflammation markers to show if there are any cases of ADE reactions, so perhaps we will never know the reality of what is happening. BTW a guy here in the UK named Toby Young runs a real good blog under lockdown sceptics who gets out a lot of good data and analysis on the dodgy jabs. Strangely, he is NOT against the vaccine, and says he will take it (though maybe some suspect he says that to still be accepted by the mainstream)….. but its a good blog to follow.

    • Morning, Nasir!

      I’ve used religious terms to describe this movement because that is what it has become. Not reason nut faith. A fanatic, impervious faith that cannot brook challenge or even discussion. One must simply believe – and obey.

      • I am now a sincere believer in God, watching Satan’s evil doers across the planet destroy our world. There is no earthly way those ‘leaders’ of this planet could ever plan and implement this psyop on their own with this much unity. They are simply not smart enough.
        Normal people DO NOT take a poison when tens of thousands are known to have died and been injured from it nor do they try to force others. We have been put under the great deceivers spell. This is a spiritual battle between the forces of good and evil. We must return to God or we will perish. We are a tower of babel,,, a Sodom and Gomorrah and will be destroyed as Jerusalem in 70AD was.
        I bring this message to many that will scoff. I am not sure what drives me. I only know I have to. We’re doomed otherwise.

        • At the risk of sounding trite, Amen Ken. I also have has the illusions stripped away and the scales fall from my eyes- though many will scoff, it is important to speak out.

    • The main function of these inoculations of gene therapy spew is to cull the old and weak and to test the CONFORMITY of the SHEEPLE…

      They are a huge success in those two main functions.

      They are also a huge success in the BONUS part… they are generating HUGE PROFITS and new big-pharma Billionaires.

      Moderna is going to start very soon trial (phase 1) to use the gene therapy mRNA to create a new source of PROFIT using the good old (also fake pandemic) “HIV”!

      So enjoy your MANDATORY JABS FUTURE… This is the new normal. Jab, Cull, Profit and Good Lives for THEM!

  7. speaking of Israel:

    1. CDC Director, Rochelle P. Walensky, is a jew.
    2. CDC Deputy Director, Anne Schuchat, is a jew.
    3. CDC Chief of Staff, Sherri A. Berger, is a jew.
    4. CDC Chief Medical Officer, Mitchell Wolfe, is a jew.
    5. CDC Director, Washington Office, Jeff Reczek, is a jew.
    6. COVID Czar, Jeff Zients, is a jew.
    7. COVID Senior Advior, Andy Slavitt, is a jew.
    8. HHS Ass. Secretary, Rachel Levine, is a dude and a jew.
    9. Pfizer’s CEO is a jew.
    10. Moderna’s vaccine created by a jew.
    11. Johnson & Johnson’s CEO is a jew.
    12. Teva is an Israel pharmaceutical company with a jewish CEO.
    13. Regeneron Pharma CEO is a jew
    14. AstraZeneca’s CEO was to take over as CEO of Israel’s Teva Pharmaceuticals which means he’s a jew.

    • So what, antisemitism still looks ugly and does not help us in the current situation. Get a fucking life, it is easy to spew hate behind an Anonymous posting, but come out into the light and show yourself for the hateful prick you are.

      • FWIW, agree with your sentiment, but there are a lot of us anonymouses on this site. In fact, only Eric is “not” truly anonymous.

      • Guys like this “anonymous” are braindead cowards. You could show them the long laundry list of white christians who have done and are doing evil and they’ll spew out garbage about anyone they don’t like being “crypto jews” and similar nonsense. Their entire worldview is filtered through a haze of blind, unthinking hatred. I do sometimes enjoy shoving their noses into their own bullshit and have done so many times (hard to resist since it can be lots of fun), but really they’re best ignored.

      • Most of the billionaires who are really behind a lot of the vax crap, and lots of other things to screw over the rest of us, are not Jews. The Tribe just happens to be a scapegoat.

        Klaus Schwab of Great Reset fame? Not a Jew. Bill Gates? Not. Jeff Bezos? Not. Elon Musk? Not. You get the idea. George Soros is, but he’s one of a few exceptions.

        Fauci is not, either.

      • He’s suggesting that it’s all some sinsiter “Joo-ish” plot.

        Then he should ‘splain why Israel, which claims a 90% vaccination rate, is suffering a huge spike in “breakthrough” cases. If indeed the whole thing is some nefarious plot by the “Evil J-O-O-s”, then he ought to be dancing a jig (like a certain Austrian paper-hanger was made to look doing on film, on June 22, 1940, when he visited Paris and celebrated the French surrender) that it’s obviously BACKFIRED!

        Methinks it’s nothing more than a preponderance of Jews in medicine, which is neither good nor bad, but simply reflecting ambition and talent, skills which an outnumbered people, not necessarily loved, have to cultivate in order to SURVIVE.

  8. It’s very difficult to determine how much the vaccines are affecting the number of COVID hospitalizations and deaths.

    The “cases” numbers, based on PCR tests, have so many false positives that I ignore those numbers.

    Here are several known trends of viruses that affect the number of hospitalizations and deaths, that have nothing to do with vaccines, based on data through 2020 (including the first year of COVID):

    A strong seasonal trend, peaking in the cold months.

    Variants tend to spread easier, but are less deadly.

    To those very likely trends, we added vaccines in 2021, and
    perhaps a reduction of social distancing by people who assumed the vaccines will protect them.

    The EXPECTED trend in 2021 with no vaccine was a large decline of deaths from the winter to summer, just like the trend in 2020.

    That trend happened in 2021, even more than in 2020.
    Was the cause the vaccines, or the fact that Delta variant is less deadly?
    No one knows.

    We know the COVID vaccines have the worst adverse side effects of any FDA approved vaccine in history.

    We know vaccine boosters are going to be required every six months, because the vaccine-induced antibodies are short term.

    We know the vaccines are much less effective with the Delta variant.

    We know the vaccines do not prevent infection — they reduce symptoms.
    Meaning an infected person can carry a much higher viral load than an unvaxxed person, without having any symptoms, unintentionally spreading the disease.

    The data from Israel is telling us the Pfizer vaccine is performing more like a traditional influenza vaccine with the Delta variant, although with FAR WORSE side effects. A typical influenza vaccine is 40% to 60% effective, with minor side effects — usually a sore arm for a day. 40% to 60% seems to be the effectiveness range for the Delta variant with the Pfizer vaccine.

    We still have no idea what long term adverse side effects will be — hoping they would be mild, after observing horrible short term adverse effects, would be wishful thinking.

    In addition, it could take two or three years to discover the adverse long term effects. If you are getting two shots every six months, you could possibly have 8 to 12 shots BEFORE adverse long term effects are discovered ! I would guess that taking more shots would result in worse adverse long term effects, than merely getting two shots in 2021, and then getting no more shots forever after.

    In the history of vaccines, the polio vaccine was great, but so far the COVID vaccine appears to be mediocre, at best. I doubt if COVID will ever disappear, just like influenza never disappears.

    • I get so sick of seeing this B.S. spewed by so many ignorant but perhaps well meaning people, “In the history of vaccines, the polio vaccine was great”

      From Forgotten Moments From the History of Vaccines; Yes, History Matters By Jon Rappoport

      “So far it is hardly possible to gain insight into the extent of the immunization catastrophe of 1955 in the United States. It may be considered certain that the officially ascertained 200 cases (of polio) which were caused directly or indirectly by the (polio) vaccination constitute minimum figures…

      “But already before Salk developed his vaccine, polio had been constantly regressing; the 39 cases out of every 100,000 inhabitants registered in 1942 had gradually diminished from year to year until they were reduced to only 15 cases in 1952…

      “Many published stories and reports have stated, implied and otherwise led professional people and the public to believe that the sharp reduction of cases (and of deaths) from poliomyelitis in 1955 as compared to 1954 is attributable to the Salk vaccine…That it is a misconception follows from these considerations. The number of children inoculated has been too small to account for the decrease. The sharp decrease was apparent before the inoculations began or could take effect and was of the same order as the decrease following the immediate post-inoculation period.”

      “Suffice it to say that most of the large (polio) epidemics that have occurred in this country since the introduction of the Salk vaccine have followed the wide-scale use of the vaccine and have been characterized by an uncommon early seasonal onset.

      “The live (Sabin) poliovirus vaccine has been the predominant cause of domestically arising cases of paralytic poliomyelitis in the United States since 1972. To avoid the occurrence of such cases, it would be necessary to discontinue the routine use of live poliovirus vaccine.”

      And, there’s this:

      WHO Admits Polio Outbreak in the Philippines Caused by Polio Vaccines…
      Outbreak “caused by vaccine-derived poliovirus type 2”
      By Mike Adams Natural News October 10, 2019

      And, this:

      The Forgotten History of Vaccinations You Need to Be Aware Of
      By Joseph Mercola January 19, 2015

      “In my research, I was startled [to realize] that what I found was completely counter to what I have been told and taught my entire life. I now don’t believe that smallpox vaccines eradicated smallpox. I now don’t believe that polio vaccines eradicated polio.

      The stories are very twisted, long, and complicated, and the vaccines have changed over time. It’s really easy to kind of throw up smokescreens here and there and make whatever argument one might want to, because people are so ignorant and because the story is so complicated.” – Dr. Suzanne Humphries, author of Dissolving Illusions: Disease, Vaccines, and the Forgotten History

      • Helot- Thanks for posting this. I’ve been reading Jon R. as long as Eric and many others and his stuff was in front of mind for me immediately in March 2020. It stays there today.

      • I can add only the first hand observations from my folks, born in 1939 who lived through that history. Dad and I were discussing vaxxes, and I made that point, that vaccines have done very little to eradicate disease, that it was pretty well defeated by refrigeration, sanitation, water treatment, and improved nutrition. He told me that he remembered that the kids who ended up in the iron lung with polio were all after the shot in the early 50’s. Anecdotal, but there is value in anecdotes if not proof.

    • If studied in depth, as I have done in years past, one discovers that vaccines in general do not have an exactly stellar record in either effectiveness or safety. Nor does Pharma in general, but people don’t clamor for all drugs like they do for vaccines.

  9. Another day of Covid madness, vaccinate everyone so everybody gets sicker than dogs.

    Wise move, Weedhopper.

    Remember when the Marines were attacked in Beirut back in 1983 in October?

    38 years later, it is the same mess, different day.

    May want to re-evaluate diplomacy and priorities. Better start making some good decisions.

    Been going on for some time now in this post-modern world.

    Don’t know when to call it quits.

    Might be a good time to start.

        • Anyone that dares speak the TRUTH.

          Since even Larry Elder was branded by the NYT as the “BLACK face of WHITE Supremacy” (By “Gawd” and “Sonny Jeez-Uz”, I shit you not!), actual racial characteristics are irrelevant as to whether one is a “White Supremacist” or not.

          • You’d think these people had seen the Clayton Bigsby skit by now and would know better. But no.

            Anyway ‘white’ is a word that is used as a shortcut for productive, merit, etc and so on. The left hates the productive. Everything that goes along with being productive and having merit is hated, attacked, and labeled ‘white’.

            • If “white” is equated with “productive” and having succeeded on MERIT, then I’ll be CASPER, the WHITE-ASS GHOST!

  10. I have a coworker who has been down with the ‘Rona for about a week. He finally went to the doctor, who said he had pneumonia and gave him a Z-pak, but no x-rays, saying they couldn’t because he’s still positive (?).
    He’s about 40, but overweight and just quit smoking and drinking this year, as early this year, he had an enlarged liver. Also, no exercise. He wasn’t vaxxed. Not sure about his wife, who also got sick, but seems to be recovering.

    Scary, though. I really hope he pulls through quickly.

  11. Hi Nunzio,

    One was a brother-in-law, in the military so I want to think, since he has already been vaxxed with who knows what just for signing up (he is a 20 year lifer), he probably has or soon will have to get the jab. Two are both unvaxxed, but they may have come in contact with vaxxers, not sure though. Now two more, as of 1300 today, sister in law and her hubby, no vaxx, but crazy outdoorsmen, deer, turkey, bear, fishing, camping, they got near the military guy, they went to the ER and got sent home with oxygen tanks(!), hence my query as to the jabz being how the scary respiratory stuff is being spread to the rebellious refusers, of which we are.

  12. Also, regarding this report:

    Yes, when properly weighted, it would indicate that the jabs are somewhat effective, though certainly they leave something to be desired…

    But they include data all the way back to Feb 1st, when many fewer people were “vaccinated” in the UK. It would seen that this would greatly increase the number of unvaccinated “cases” recorded, and hence the percentages as well.

    Is that cohesive reasoning, or should I order another stimulant from Dr. McCoy?

    • A crude weighting can be done by focusing only on the ≥50 group.

      From Line 2, of 21,472 delta cases in the fully-vaxxed ≥50 group, 389 died, or 1.8%.

      But of 3,440 delta cases in the unvaxxed ≥50 cohort, 205 died, or 6.0%.

      So vaccination cut the death rate in the ≥50 group by 70%.

      But recall that the earliest Israeli data showed 99% vaccine effectiveness in preventing death from the original alpha strain. Not only is 70% effectiveness against delta a big drop … but also, effectiveness apparently continues to decline under selection pressure applied by the vaccine itself — a kind of self-defeating spiral.

      Booster jabs may prove to be a epidemiological hamster wheel, where running as fast as you can gets you nowhere at all.

      • >gets you nowhere at all.
        True, but it gets Big Pharma a river of money which never ceases to flow.
        A veritable Amazon of revenue, so to speak.
        Move over, Jeff Bezos, here comes Pfizer.
        Ya’ll will be having rocket races RSN, I expect.
        Personally, I do not care to watch.

      • The big rub is that there is no data on who was exposed and didn’t get sick enough or sick at all to be counted.

        We only know that people who got sick enough to a certain threshold got counted and then only what percentage of those died. that number does not mean much.

        To do any proper analysis we need to know the number exposed. But we can’t know that number so proper analysis is not possible.

        For all we know the vaccination makes people more likely to get sick enough to be counted but less likely to die if they get that sick. We really don’t know. The closest we can get is maybe from the trials with a control group but that data is probably not even valid any longer even if we disregard potential problems with it.

    • As I read through scientific reports, I feel that the vaccines do seem to lessen disease severity in some (unclear how much) percentage of the recipients. Extending that forward, it stands to reason that it will also prevent some deaths. Thus, there is some efficacy. How much and how long it lasts are still up in the air, obscured by lies and conjecture.

      But, all this is counterbalanced by some other observations: 1) in some percentage of the vaccinated, it will make the disease much worse. Probably ADE on some level. 2) some people will die or be seriously, maybe permanently, injured as a result of the vaccine itself. 3) the long term effects are unknown and unknowable at this point, presenting a huge risk for unknown reward. 4) most/all indications are that vaccinated people can still get and transmit the virus to others, perhaps even more so as they are more likely to be asymptomatic or have very minor symptoms. 5) mass vaccination when the virus is still burning through the population will create selection pressures that will drive the generation of new and potentially more dangerous variants, called escape mutants. 6) the spike protein itself appears to be a toxin, so it makes no sense to administer a toxin to people for purposes of making short-lived antibodies + continual or repeated exposure to a toxin presents risk of cumulative damage. (Think about it this way – would you inject yourself with snake venom so you had some protection in the event you got bitten by a snake at some point in your life?)

      • Since the main factor in death by covid are the comorbidities, it stands to reason that people aren’t really dying from this flu virus, but they are dying from being unhealthy. Sugar eating, smoking, alcoholism, sedentary lifestyle, are all killing people when they should be able to fight off this virus.

        • Of course, Andy. They want to be absolved of responsibility for their gluttony and sedentary lifestyles, and their cigarettes and beer. Many of these same people ride the electric scooters around the store as they can’t even be bothered to walk. They turn to chemical (and in this case biological) interventions rather than strive for proper diet and exercise. The perfection of this is that they now expect the rest of us to turn to chemical and biological interventions to protect them from their poor life choices. And they call us selfish?

        • And the poor lifestyles are being encouraged by the constant onslaught of economic, social, and ,mental health destruction we are pounded with day after day, causing more and more poor health results, brining on more pounding, etc. People need to get off the carousel.

      • ‘4) most/all indications are that vaccinated people can still get and transmit the virus to others, perhaps even more so as they are more likely to be asymptomatic or have very minor symptoms.’ — BAC

        The original Pfizer trials only administered PCR tests when symptoms were reported. No routine testing was performed to ascertain whether the vaxxed cohort were asymptomatic and carrying a transmissible viral load.

        Thus the ‘stop the spread’ rhetoric, which underlies all mandatory vaccination campaigns to this day, was a Big Lie from Day One.

        And since leaky, non-sterilizing vaccines do NOT stop the spread, they are functionally useless in contexts such as Navy ships, submarines, and cruise ships.

  13. Hmmm, the radio just ran a little sound bite about the bodies stacking like cord wood in Oregon. While the data don’t really indicate that, their “case” count is higher than it’s ever been, even with their universal diapering requirements.

    Their population appears to be about 60% vaccinated, which appears to be among the top quartile, at least.

  14. “Also of interest – and cause for worry – are reports of children, previously all-but-immune to this sickness, naturally – without the Jab or the “masks” – becoming sick.” EP

    Tell me about it Eric! An 18 year old kid who works with my daughter at a burger joint was off work for 2 weeks, and even went to the hospital for Rona. He is fine now, thank God. I will find out if he was jabbed or not. This is getting interesting (frightening?).

    • Hi Zek,

      This is bad news; it means a war is probable. The “vaxxed” against those who refuse to be – and made perpetually sick for the perpetual profit of the pharma cartels. These stupid cattle – sorry, I’m not in a good mood today – are going to try to make us bear the consequences of their idiotic choices.

      • Between Afghanistan and the vax mania and the slowly revealed election audits, Biden the zombie and Commie LaWhorish are on their way out. They’ve served their purpose, they’ve distracted everyone, they’ve fomented unrest. A few more peasants and pawns were just sacrificed in Kabul to further the agenda, sure to ignite a firestorm and push out poor ol’ Joe and Cackling Kammie.

        Trump served his purpose, the got in front of an incipient populist revolt, discredited it, and retired to his rewards. The peasants were catching on to the scams, starting to rattle their chains, they had to be shown who the real boss and master is.

        The only question is what quiet, unassuming bureaucrat, will resume the work of Davos. Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis.

        When the smoke clears, the grand plan will have advanced, with all credible opposition routed.

        • ‘A few more peasants and pawns were just sacrificed in Kabul to further the agenda’ — Ernie

          If Bi-dumb thought the miraculous reappearance of ISIS-K would distract from a botched operation, he was badly advised.

          Mandatory jabs for the troops, followed the next day by four Marines getting killed in Kabul, might just upset some folks, both in and out of the military.

          And the chaos in Kabul probably is just getting started. No one could have seen this coming! /sarc

  15. Check this out. My now former girlfriend bowed to the alter of Jabbo and took the first Pfizer vaccine about 4 months ago. She got sicker than a dog off it and STILL suffers from swollen lymph nodes that are painful enough at night to wake her up. Docs won’t tell her anything. She tried VAERS multiple times and failed to get anything registered. She then took the second jab so she could claim “fully vaccinated” status. She has not had any additional side effects, as if lymph nodes the size of lemons are great.

    Now for the sick part. She contacts me and says she will give me $1,000 if I bow at the alter. I say hell no and she jacks it up to $5,000. I told her I wouldn’t take a million and could not believe that she would recommend me getting it after what she is going through. This woman was once considered one of the most reasonable people I knew. The island of the sane is shrinking, liberty lovers.

    Cut all possible ties with the anointed. They intend to bring us down with them one way or another. I ain’t going down like that.

    • Hi Jason,

      I am sorry to hear about the ex-girlfriend, but why would she contact you and place a bet that you could possibly be as impaired as she is? Misery loves company? Being a woman, I try not to degrade my fellow peers, but it sounds like you ditched this one just in time.

      Their are sane women out there. The problem is they are hiding because they believe there are no sane men.

      • RG –

        If she ditched him, I would invoke an old maxim, and tell Jason, “she did you a favor.”

        More than once, those older and wiser, told me the same.

        • Hi Mike,

          Whomever did who a favor it sounds like he escaped a certain hell, which is all that matters. It could have been worse….she could be the Missus screaming he needs a shot and why doesn’t he love her enough to get one. (Gag). Getting out early guarantees he at least gets to keep all his stuff.

          • He got out before he married her or at least became his “insignificant other”. Therefore, as long as he didn’t knock her up anyway, he gets to walk away with his stuff (what she didn’t STEAL, of course!), and his FUTURE earnings. I’d call that a WIN, certainly avoidance of a severe LOSS.

        • Hi Jason,

          A little weird.

          I don’t have ex-boyfriends, but I can’t imagine I would care if they got sick or not since I would unlikely have any contact with them. Sounds like she wanted to get back together and was looking for an excuse. Since you refused to play along in Jabuki she needed to find a guy who would be swayed easier.

          I still believe you made the right decision.

          • Raider Girl, I will clarify that she was indeed my girlfriend up to the point of offering money for me to get the needling. Her concern is genuine, even if misplaced.

            • Hi Jason,

              I can understand her deciding to get Jabbed – because I understand the power of the propaganda used to cajole people to get Jabbed. Many have fallen for this. What I cannot understand is her begging you – offering to pay you – to get Jabbed after she experienced terrible side effects caused by her Jab. It is like someone who ate tainted food and got violently ill urging you to have a bite, too. She is clearly ill – and not just physically.

              • eric, I was flabbergasted that she would even suggest that I get it. I was pretty pissed and decided to end it right there at the restaurant. Ill indeed. At least I don’t need to concern myself with her shedding whatever on me now…the next girlfriend will need to be free of this madness. There aren’t many women not eaten up by it, but they are there.

                They are creating a hell on earth.

  16. “We’re all gonna need new conspiracy theories, ’cause all the old ones have come true.” – somebody.

    We now live in a world where Alex Jones must be regarded as a prophet. You just can’t make this shit up any more.

    • No kidding. I am just waiting for the shape-shifting lizard people to show themselves. That would make as much sense as what is happening right now.

        • I would love for eric and MAG BITTER TRUTH to do a collaboration video. I have been a closet watcher of his videos for a while. Let me break it down for you!

          The more seemingly sane in the comments are saying rosary beads. I am going with mini alien cobra head. Why not.

          • Mad Love to da Mag, all de weh.


            So, Free_Phi regards da Mag as perhaps the most vital, essential Voice in the wilderness during this Reset/End of Times. I don’t subscribe to all of his beliefs/points, but I find that at the core of his mind is a gleaming jewel of true and staggering wisdom. His conviction is like a ROCK that I take enormous comfort in leaning on. And of course this naturally draws a parallel with the stalwart conviction of Mr. Peters!

            But I think Mag is SUPER prickly (much like the singularly brilliant Alison McDowell, who approaches this same Becoming from a different angle and from a different plane of discipline than Mag). I tense up at the idea of putting Mag in the sound booth with another great, such as Eric (who I think tends to be more agreeable than many of the Voices but still has his edges), because I am always afraid that what should be inconsequential differences have a tendency to rub, and take on inordinate emphasis that can scuttle the search for commonality. (Mag is such a lone wolf, as far as I can tell, he doesn’t even maintain a contact e-mail, website, or support link other than the support widget!) Maybe it would be great…but at this point I wouldn’t want to invest in promoting such a crossover!

            As to what the…thing is? It’s a symbiotic cybernetic sleeve-snake.

            (More on this down the road!)

            • Morning, Freelance – and thanks for the kind words!

              I try to focus on what’s fundamental – facts and reason – and set aside quibbles that aren’t. It is why I respect guys like RFK, Jr. and expect he and I could have a useful and edifying chat, even though he and I would disagree on many things. Because he strikes me as honest, a respecter of facts – and that is the only basis for any kind of meaningful discussion. I’m also extremely liberal – in the old meaning of that once respectable term – as regards personal quirks, life choices and general oddities. Provided I don’t have to endorse (or subsidize) those I don’t find agreeable myself and provided, of course, no one is victimized thereby. I’m a Gomez Addams kind of guy, otherwise. I like it a little weird!

            • Freelance_Philosopher, that’s a good take on Mag. His techniques and style are extraordinary, but we live in extraordinary times. Symbiotic cybernetic sleeve-snake. Hell, I’ll buy it.

  17. This entire con is based on the lie that there is a dangerous virus on the loose called covid. IMO if one eliminates the base, the rest goes away. no?

    Many pundits and blogs claim the virus is real,,, some even claim they have had it simply because the bogus PCR came back ‘supposedly’ positive or the medical quack said so. One particular pundit that claims to be a truthsayer and says the rest of us are insouciant claims in writing the “virus is real”. He is dead set against everything else but the virus is real.

    I have recently offered this pundit $500 dollars to “prove it” by documentation showing the virus has been properly isolated, its actual genome sequence obtained and scientifically proven to cause the covid disease. So far,,, No replies.

    So I have decided to offer it on a few other sites for someone to prove the virus is factual. There are a couple restrictions.

    No “we found it in a petri dish swimming around with other bio garbage.” as the CDC says it.
    No “insilico genome sequence bs”. insilico means computer generated fantasy. A term the CDC uses for its supposed sequence of this and other viruses.

    I am not a wealthy person but this con is getting old so I thought I’d try money as a way to snap people out of their hypnosis AND if it is proven real I’d like to know.

    So far no winners

    • Correct. No governments have an isolated, purified sample of the claimed virus to provide for honest scientists to analyze and confirm or deny its existence. Governments of USA (by way of the site last year) and of Ireland have admitted this in writing.

      Thus, it does not exist.

      I have provided the documentation of this on my website and on video platforms where I post, such as WorldTruthVideos. Search “MyWhiteTV” and “No Such Virus Exists”.

      Most people think the government and major media cannot be lying TOGETHER and so MONSTROUSLY. Most people have a LOT to learn. 15 years ago, I was one of those who had a LOT to learn. I have learned.

      • Hi JL,

        You touch on the key point, I think:

        “Most people think the government and major media cannot be lying TOGETHER and so MONSTROUSLY.”

        Indeed. Because most people aren’t psychopaths and so cannot imagine how such creatures think.

        • Folks with an AGENDA, repeating a NARRATIVE, aren’t interested in the “TRUTH”, like some “half-assed Princeton debating society” (Ron O’Neal’s XO character, CDR Dan Thurman, from “The Final Countdown), their interest is to get what they WANT, period. If being a bunch of “lying m-effers” accomplishes that, what do they CARE?

          You can’t shame those types, because they have NONE.
          You can’t reason with them, because when you demonstrate the superiority of your position, it will only anger them, at least to spew the ad homimens, or to unleash VIOLENCE against you.
          You can only DEFEAT them, by whatever means are appropriate. And in doing so, you’re inherently at a disadvantage, b/c to adopt their tactics of the lie, of deceit, and aggression, you become JUST LIKE THEM.

    • Remember, Mandates aren’t laws, just like your neighbors yapping little shit can’t get you from behind the closed door as you walk through the neighborhood.

      Ignore them both

    • I’m not going to share my medical history with my employer. That includes what “vaccines” I’ve been jabbed with.

      If they insist, they’re going to have to fire me.

  18. It should be interesting to see how this one plays out:

    Doctor of Medicine who contracted, and is fully recovered from, COVID is suing UC system, petitioning to be exempt fem mandatory “vaccination,” on the grounds that recovery from an illness implies a successful immune response, and provides antibodies which protect against subsequent infection.

    This is a basic scientific principle. It is actual science, as opposed to “The Science” (a.k.a. The Will of Landru). The ability to grasp such concepts, and the will to challenge received dogma, may be beyond the capability of judges and politicians, and is certainly beyond the capability of the “good German,” Herr Schwebke, who wrote the referenced article.

    We shall see…

    • I’ve tried so much to get people to see the science fiction parallels over the last 18 months and this is the only place people get it.

      Now I know why so much sci-fi got past the censors back in the day when it was good. Most people really do not grasp the messages in it. Even self proclaimed sci-fi fans do not understand the messages in a way that is applicable to real life.

      We are headed to be living in the sort of world Dr. Who would travel to and practically nobody seems to notice or care.

      Also I do wonder if the destruction of the three major sci-fi franchises, Star Trek, Star Wars, and Dr. Who wasn’t a deliberate part of some plan that this beer bug fits into. I understand why it was done independently of anything else but it seems all so convenient.

      From Twilight Zone to Star Trek TOS to Stargate SG1* and others people should understand. Yet few do.

      *The episodes concerning the Aschen.

      • Never really followed “The Doctor”, but I can attest to the sabotaging of the SW and ST franchises by Disney and Paramount, respectively. Although obviously the “Stars” were Sci-Fi “pap”, the better-written episodes or movies were THOUGHT-provoking. The last thing that the Tech Lords and Media Moguls want is a THINKING consumer base.

    • Speaking of ‘actual science,’ two competing assertions in the linked article cannot both be true:

      1. ‘a study in Israel that found vaccinated citizens were 6.72 times more likely to get infected after the shot than after natural infection.’

      2. ‘Vaccination is far better than post-COVID immunity.’ — Dr David D Lo, UC Riverside

      Item 1, the Israeli study, is actual science. Other researchers should test its conclusions by replicating it. That’s what scientists do.

      Item 2 is a dogmatic personal opinion, shared by Anthony ‘Gain of Function’ Fauci. It is the foundation of US vaccination mandates.

      Ruling with the same fanatical dogmatism that confronted Galileo, and suppressing contrary opinions, the US is no longer a suitable host country for scientific research. With freedom of debate canceled, science is no longer possible.

  19. Just wanted to throw this out there. My wife and I, no jabz. None for any of my immediate family, either. However, we are seeing out of state family and in-laws from as far flung as Florida to NY, being hospitalized with double pneumonia, 5, in as many days. As Ian Fleming wrote: “Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. The third time it’s enemy action.” Anybody else experiencing anyone being diagnosed with double pneumonia? I wonder if these “spike proteins” are the cause of it and intended all along, since these evil bastards had the patent for the virus AND the “vaccine” years ago.

    • Just curious, did any of these 5 folks receive a concurrent or coincidental diagnosis of convid? From anecdotal reports on here and elsewhere so far, it appears unvaxxed folks are diagnosed with either convid and pneumonia or severe convid pneumonia. Vaxxed folks appear to be diagnosed just with severe or double pneumonia.

    • I know of numerous people who have had severe and chronic damage up to and including death, within a few weeks or months of the jab. One was hospitalized within a week, and dead a week later. Another, a newly retired RN, died after several months of suffering in the hospital. Why she got the jab, I’ll never know, but I doubt it was forced as she was retiring/retired anyway.

      BTW, to answer your question, a lady in our church was recently in ICU with respiratory illness (not sure but I think she was intubated). She was a masker and I would assume a jabber (although it seemed indelicate to confirm this with her family). Her O2 level dropped into the 60s at one point and they thought they were going to lose her. Nowadays, when I hear that someone is “hospitalized for co[n]vid,” I always want to ask if they were jabbed.

    • Echoing Hatt – my neighbor was diagnosed with double pneumonia, but the original diagnosis, just a few days ago was Covid-19. So far, she is receiving treatment at home and seems to be improving. She is older, but in good shape, physically – she was frequently outdoors, tending to her landscape or walking her dog. She’s been vaxxed.

    • Silence, are your afflicted relatives maskers? (I’d assume so, if they are vaxxers….). The mask-wearing has been causing a lot of bacterial pneumonia…long before the vax became ubiquitous. I’d imagine with the detrimental complications compounded by the vax…. (Well, you get the idea).

      • Yup. That’s exactly why my spidey sense tingles when I hear of folks getting treated for “rona-monia” with antibiotics.

  20. “Should we turn the tables? Perhaps to let them know how it feels?”

    Yes, absolutely! Count me in!

    And we don’t have to be persecuted forever. After looking over a bunch of articles and material (like videos) from people in the know (highly qualified scientists, etc.), it seems to me that a couple of years from now, tops, we should start seeing the long-term effects of these jabs, and they ain’t pretty. Autoimmune diseases/reactions, death, etc. With the large population of unvaxxed that we currently have, it will become obvious to the world.

  21. My body, my choice. Just say no. Be yourself. A mind is a terrible thing to waste. The body machine & do the circulation. All swept into the corononazi dustbin of history. What a sad time to live in.

  22. ‘Are “vaccinated” people not only getting sick – but spreading sickness?’ — EP

    Thanks to Pfizer’s ZYKLON B vaccine, Israel’s daily ‘case’ rate ticked up again yesterday to 918 per million, a rate exceeded only by Georgia [the country], Kosovo, and Montenegro.

    Israel’s public health faceplant is occurring with most of its adult population double-vaxxed, and approaching a third of adults triple-vaxxed.

    Despite Israel’s abject failure, ‘Biden’ is greasing the rails to shove third jabs onto Americans next month. Hundreds of millions will be subjected to reckless medical experimentation, based on a Pfizer study of 308 (not a typo, 308) triple-vaxxed subjects who weren’t even checked for SARS-CoV-2 infection, but only for ‘antibody titers.’

    Blogger The Saker calls the US ‘the least competent imperial power ever.’ In light of its contempt for science — its inability even to get a clue from Israel’s triple-vax meltdown — his claim rings true.

    Forcibly injecting US troops with the Pfizer-Fubar vaccine — which does not ‘stop the spread’ and may even accelerate it — is a formula for accelerated collapse of imperial rule, both abroad and here in the restive, decaying ‘Homeland.’

    On my TeeVee, the ‘Biden’ hologram wavers and flickers alarmingly, interrupted by bursts of reversed-speech gibberish on the sound track and peals of cynical laughter.

    Nobody’s in charge. Everybody’s a target.

    Sitting on a corn flake
    Waiting for the van to come
    Corporation T-shirt, stupid bloody Tuesday
    Man you’ve been a naughty boy
    You let your face grow long

    I am the egg man
    They are the egg men
    I am the walrus
    coo coo ca choo

    — The Beatles, I Am the Walrus

    • One should never trust that the government will protect the individual. Each of us must decide and determine to do that for ourselves.

      Per Dickens: “The law is an ass.”

    • The FDA also approved Fentanyl. So when do we start the daily dosing.
      The FDA is an agent of Pharma, not its watchdog as advertised.

      • The opiate trade is now handled by synthetic fentanyl from China.
        We don’t need to protect the poppy fields any longer. Time to come home, boys!

        — comment on the internet, after today’s bombings at Kabul airport

      • Yes, of course, John. Rappoport is merely saying that if you refuse an employer mandate based on the argument that the FDA has only approved the Comirnaty product and not the generically packaged one that is now stockpiled (and that you would likely get for the time being), you are on very shaky ground, since they are exactly the same substance.
        Another LRC article today says you should demand to see the label, and if it doesn’t say Comirnaty you can refuse it. I agree with Rappoport: this “distinction without a difference” argument is probably a loser.
        Better to take a principled stand and say, “I’m not taking that crap no matter what it’s called.”
        Easy for me to say in retirement.

        • Exactly, Roland! I don’t need an excuse or a legal technicality to refuse having ANY substance injected into my body which I do not want. It doesn’t matter if my objections are based on science or hunches, facts or fairy tales, political, moral, religious or philosophical objections. I am a grown man and have ultimate authority over and responsibility for my body, my health, my conscience, my property and my ‘pursuit of happiness’- and I don’t need ANY excuses to exercise my prerogatives over those matters, and to deny, reject and rebuff anyone or anything that would presume to deny me those most basic prerogatives.

          Once we start using legal arguments and rhetoric based upon the technicalities contained in the tyrants decrees, we are granting at least a degree of legitimacy to such decrees, and putting ourselves under their authority by accepting that those who penned such decrees have the legal and or moral authority to have dominion over such matters- As they say in the legal profession, we would thus be entering into what they call a ‘contract by adhesion’- which simply means that if you behave as though a contract or law has authority over you when it doesn’t, you are granting acceptance of that law opr contract, because you are accepting it’s terms rather than ignoring or resisting them- just like when you grant a pig permission to search your property without a warrant.

  23. “Conflicting plans flatten the human being. This is a principle which far transcends the barbed wire of the Archipelago.”
    Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn-the Gulag Archipelago
    Time for your booster.

  24. A control group MUST be maintained if we ever expect to get out from under this evil empire crap.
    Any question about the benevolence, or malevolence, of those zealots insisting on universal vaccination is clearly demonstrated as malevolence by the big push to get children vaccinated. Children who suffer little to no risk from the virus, have been repeatedly shown, and declared by St Fauci himself, not to be significant transmission vectors. Who nevertheless DO suffer adverse events from vaccination. This is nothing less than child sacrifice to the Pharma Gods. I know of no parent or grandparent that would propose their child or grandchild be exposed to such risk to protect themselves, even if they were a significant transmission vector. If there are any, I do not wish to know them.

    • “I know of no parent or grandparent that would propose their child or grandchild be exposed to such risk to protect themselves, even if they were a significant transmission vector.”

      I know of 3 families who happily offered their spawn up for pope fraudci and the convid religion. 1 is still pushing to have others do the same even while their kid has had severe reactions to the jab and is currently in the hospital.

      • Then I do not wish to know them. They are not human. Keeping them out of the gene pool would be a good thing. Looks like they’re willing to help. Pity the children.


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