The Hazmat of the Sick

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Here’s a sight you have probably seen – a disgusting Face Tampon discarded on the ground by its ex-wearer, who – I assume – must be one of the Face-Effaced Freaks so “concerned” about sickness that it walks around with one of these things strapped to its face. And then just tosses it – all the filth it contains – on the ground, for other people to see, step into (or around) and  – possibly – for  a kid to pick up.

Think about it . . .

These Freaks wear these things, ostensibly out of “concern” over spreading or getting germs, i.e., biologically hazardous material . . . yet many of them will just casually throw them on the ground, like used rubbers after some  anonymous glory hole sex.

Would you do that if you really believed that your “mask” might very well be suffused with dangerous viral material that could spread sickness? But of course, these “mask” wearers do not really believe it. They believe in their religion, but that is something else.

This “mask” business being evidence of that – of what – by now – out to be obvious to anyone with a half-lit boiler: This is Kabuki – a virtue-signaling show of political Faith. It has nothing to do with “health” – yours or theirs.

Either that, or these people are outright imbeciles. 

If it were not so, then they would not just throw them away – on the ground or in ordinary trash bins, either. One does not put medical waste in ordinary trash bins. That is the actual science, but don’t expect these worshippers of political science to “practice” it.

If it were not a show, a sick Kabuki performance engineered to degrade people rather than to “stop the spread,” there would have been OSHA standards for “masks” – so that literally wearing a Diaper – or a pair of women’s panties or a Maxi pad over your portal – would not qualify as a “mask.”

And yet, they did. You could put anything over your face – so long as you had something over your face. This is still the case. Most of the performance artists one sees with a “mask” on are wearing a “mask” that is worthless, as a shield against viral particles. A “mask” made to be worn while cutting the grass or working a wood lathe. A disposable “mask” that announces – right there on the box – that the thing does not “stop the spread” of anything. Why are people allowed to wear beards?

What does it tell you?

Why are there not bio-hazard receptacles at every street corner – and huge fines for leaving biologically hazardous material just laying around?

Yet people do it, routinely and without consequence.

It’s as porous a “practice” as that practiced at the Wuhan Virology Lab.

But they lock people out of commerce for not wearing a literal Face Tampon or Diaper on their faces and do nothing – nothing – about the disgusting Freaks who litter the streets with their vile detritus.

Because they know it’s for show. To show that they believe – and obey. And – if they succeed – to make sure you obey, too. First this – and now that (i.e., the Jab, just as medically useless but – this time – actually dangerous).

The things are as disgusting as that which they represent.

Which is something akin to what the armbands of 1930s Germany represented. But not even the Nazis spewed goo into their disgusting symbols of faith and tossed them onto the ground like these Freaks do.

. . .

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  1. I went to a food store, I didn’t wear a slave muzzle because I’m not sure what the evil dictators’ latest BS is, but none of the employees said anything to me. However, signs are everywhere. Hmm. Anyways, one of the cashiers told me I had to put on a slave muzzle, and he offered one for me since I left my thingy in my car. I refused, I said I don’t want that one, I like mine better. I bet those blue ones they give out for free have toxins on them — probably laced with poison on purpose. Anyways, he said I couldn’t go through his checkout without one, but maybe the other cashiers would let me. Another cashier did let me and didn’t harass me. Can you believe that guy? He’s the big boss/dictator of his checkout aisle. Wow, he must feel so proud of himself. An idiot aiding & abetting evil crimes against humanity. But at least he’s only 1 idiot, and the rest of the employees weren’t doing that. The idiots are now being empowered with all of this lawlessness going on. Then, after they get their quackcine, they’ll be even MORE brain-damaged & evil. Although hopefully they’ll all just drop dead or be so ill that they can’t work anymore — maybe that will be our saving grace, I’m sorry to say that, but if they’re going to be evil then they deserve that.

      • Good stuff, FP!

        If life vests were subject to the same non-standards as “masks,” then it would be acceptable to make them out of cardboard or powdered sugar for that matter – so long as they had the right look. And so long as people were forced to wear them.

        • LOL. It’s been 1.5+ years of this absolute bullstein. I’m sick of it. The only sickness going around is MENTAL ILLNESS and RETARDATION from being brain-damaged from the quackcines! The sheriffs & police are welcome to join we people as we organize — they can join us and we’ll pay them a full salary — come work for us and we can all arrest these evil criminals once and for all.

      • I watched the video. It’d be funny if it weren’t true. I’m ROFL. Workers feet right near the pile of masks, etc etc, LOL. Nano fibers in the masks too. Nano fibers… kind of maybe like asbestos? OMG. I bet they laced the fabric with toxic chemicals too… now I know they laced them with nano fibers. And the blue dye is from some chemical/metal too. No thanks. Not for me!

        And what is up with the black masks — the people look like sinister terrorist bandits! Everyone likes living in a horror movie apparently. Sickos. All these sickos should be in jail. Everyone is a terrorist now. I guess they wouldn’t mind if I walk around with a full ski mask & a rifle on my back? Hey, maybe they wouldn’t mind!

    • Hi Harry,

      In that situation, I might have just dumped all the stuff on the conveyor belt – maybe after having Achoo’d! – and then walked away.

        • Me too, Harry –

          I can’t stand the sight of them. It wears me out. I’ve had enough – more than. There was one – one – at my gym yesterday. One guy, on the floor with probably 40 others of us normal people. This Freak, walking around with his little Face Panty on. It was all I could do to not point at him and say . . . Freak!

          • LOL I hear ya. Oh my gawd, just trying our patience these days. I just try not to look at them. Sometimes the diaper zombies talk to each other — through their diapers [so stupid] and they can’t see their faces so they have no idea what emotion they’re thinking. It’s very weird talking to people with their face covered — I might as well talk to a brick wall. Just so stupid. World’s gone stupid. I bet the crooks running this scam didn’t even think the people would be this compliant & stupid — they probably planned to stop it all last year. But the people just bend over backwards for this insanity. I’m starting to wonder if we sane normal people may all have to decide on one place to all move to, just so we can live in peace away from the zombies & their fuhrers.

  2. I heard, through our VA office, that VA now requires face cloths to be two layers at minimum. How in hell are they gonna know if you have two layers?? Take it off and inspect it?!

  3. Allan Stevo suggests buying some sidewalk chalk to carry around and scrawl anti-mask, anti-vax messages on the ground. (I’m seriously contemplating taking him up on it.) So from now on, whenever we see a discarded mask on the sidewalk, instead of just walking away from it, why not chalk out the message “sheep scat” (or some such) and draw an arrow pointing to it?

    • I saw at a park here a few months ago in NE Ohio, there was a colorful custom made sticker slapped on a park sign that said something along the lines of ‘take your mask and shove it’. I wish I could remember exactly what it said. I wish I could order some and stick them everywhere.

  4. ‘President’ Biden, yesterday, on enacting vaccine mandates: “We’re making sure healthcare workers are vaccinated because if you seek care at a healthcare facility, you should have the certainty that the people providing that care are protected from COVID and cannot spread it to you.”

    • CDC director Rochelle Walensky, Aug 5, 2021: “[Vaccines] continue to work well for Delta, with regard to severe illness and death — they prevent it. But what they can’t do anymore is prevent transmission.

      Two months later, ignorant, dogmatic ‘Joe’ knows nothing of this.


    • WTH are women supposed to do? I don’t even want to imagine how I would have to contour myself to use one of these things. Note: Anyone that is watching this video make sure you are not eating while doing so….you may lose your lunch.

      • Sorry should have put up a warning.

        But it does demonstrate the tragedy of the commons. When no one owns anything, the gross stuff gets left for “someone else” to take care of. Serpentza has other videos showing people blatantly stealing toilet paper (those really big industrial rolls), people blowing out their nostrils “farmer style” in the streets and subways -and not just a snot rocket either but full on respiratory issues, and kids pissing in the storm sewers. And the CCP thinks creating a social credit score is the solution. Maybe if they didn’t kill off all the science teachers during the cultural revolution the people would know about germ theory.

        But then again, we have Gwyneth Paltrow…

    • Hilarious RK!
      I remember trying to take a piss at a historical site along the Yangtze River outside Wuhan in early “96”.
      The ammonia smell was so strong it was literally burning my eyes at 10 ft from the door!
      Glad I could hold my breath for a couple of minutes.
      I shit you not 😂😂😂

  5. Although “The Face Covering” technical requirement here in clown world is embraced by the devout Covidians, it strikes me as less than rigorous protection for all concerned.

    The way forward is clear. To borrow from prior pandemics of violence, i.e. the much maligned “Gun Violence” outbreaks, the solution is so simple.

    Signs! Big metal ones around the perimeter. Maybe in viral-Yellow with red edging. As per Faucian Code they must be placed every 6 feet.

    “Virus Free Zone”

    How could this have been overlooked for so long???

    Anyway, you’re welcome.

  6. If more people who were forced by retail employees to mask up as a condition of transaction, discarded the mask upon the store’s floor upon transaction completion, perhaps the retail employees who now have to pick them up will be less inclined to impose such subjugation on their victims.

  7. Hello Eric,

    I’ve thought the same thing about stores and restaurants, etc., requiring face diapers indoors — if the purpose of the “mask” is to “catch” a virus someone might have, then the “mask” *itself* should be contaminated. Yet these establishments never seem to direct you to toss the face diaper in a hazmat bin on the way out. So they’re willing to let people walk out with suspected biohazards on their person — that could be laid down or thrown anywhere, for anyone to pick up. So much for their concern for “stopping the spread”! 🙄 The stupidity of this defies comprehension for me. 🤷‍♂️

  8. I’ve been noticing these discarded face rags since the beginning of this skull-fu**ery. It is beyond disgusting and not very green of these climate warriors. “Yet many of them will just causally throw them on the ground, Like used rubbers, after some anonymous glory hole sex.” I doubt these noxious miscreants wold be inclined to wear a rubber, glory hole or not. Many of them are so fat, I doubt they could even find their d**ks, let alone do anything other than piss all over themselves.

  9. A face mask should bear a label from an independent lab that it has been tested and complies with ASTM Standard F2100. Otherwise you should assume it is worthless. Yet, I’ve never seen a box that bears such a label (even the 3-plys). Nor have I seen a cloth or bandana that bears the label. You wouldn’t get away with that shit if you were using it at work for a hazardous atmosphere and OSHA popped in for a visit. It is absolutely blind faith to believe that they do anything without the label, yet every believer in the cult wears them.

    Plus, I’ve never seen anyone properly don/doff the masks, seal check them, fit test them, properly dispose of them (as you mentioned), or even wear them consistently (like sitting at a table). Any protection they do provide disappears once the fabric gets moist anyway.

    Perhaps regular people don’t know all this, but our health “experts” do. They could be advising all this if it were truly for health. It is clearly a conformity symbol, a comfort object, a tool of security theatre.

    It is no different from buying a fire extinguisher with no UL listing, in the sense its effectiveness is uncertain, but it’s false sense of security is dangerously high.

    • RE: “You wouldn’t get away with that shit if you were using it at work for a hazardous atmosphere and OSHA popped in for a visit.”

      I worked at a place where we had to wear actual respirators in order to stop fine particles. (They never totally did so) The company had a – requirement – that All workers had to be clean shaven At All Times, just in case they had to put one on.

      The ignorant people I see out in public with full beards wearing a face diaper… yeesh. What’s that saying? “Ignorance knows no bounds”? Dummkopf’s.

    • Hi Big Daddy,

      It’s worse than that. Carrying around a rabbit’s foot out of superstition is just that – superstitious. But these Face Tampons? They are meant to degrade people as well as train them to submit.

    • Yep.
      Those of us whose jobs (past or present ) require extensive safety training know this, but the general public is ignorant, and so are the “powers that (should not) be.”

      We’ve all seen the NFPA diamonds: some even know what they mean.
      Where are the biohazard warning labels on doctors’ offices and hospitals?
      Where is the mandatory safety training for entry into biohazard facilities?
      Where is the federal prohibition on facial hair which extends beyond the upper lip?
      And, as Eric and others here have already noted, where are the disposal facilities for “contaminated medical waste,” a.k.a. “face diapers?”

      I avoid the “snake people” as much as possible.
      When in their presence, I am too polite to point out that their Holy Vestment (the leaky light blue mouth and nose covering) has absolutely no value as personal protective equipment, nor is it designed as such.

      As I am not an ordained member of their sect, I also will not mislead others by pretending to be one by wearing their Holy Face Covering. If told I must wear a “mask” to be in their presence, I choose to wear a black balaclava. So far, I have not been refused an audience for doing so.

      I (and, I expect ,others who post here) am qualified to work safely in IDLH (Immediate Danger to Life and Health) environments, including those which require full encapsulation with supplied air. Those of us so trained know that correct safety procedures involve the proper a) selection, b) use, and c) disposal of personal protective equipment, which may include extensive decontamination procedures when exiting a contaminated environment.

      Most medical doctors, AFAIK, are completely ignorant in this area, barring only a very small minority who may have worked in research laboratories where highly dangerous disease organisms were present.

      Just sayin..

  10. This article reminds me of what I guess you could describe as a pet peeve.
    IF this covid-con was such a big deal as they like to say it is, where’s the requirements for full-on Nuclear Biological & Chemical suits (NBC) in the workplace setting???

    Why isn’t it an OSHA violation, to require disposable cloth napkins (which have Giant micron-sized holes in them) as ventilation filters, in place of NBC suits??? Isn’t that a bit like saying bungie cords are acceptable alternatives to nylon safety harnesses while working at heights??? Or that cardboard is a good substitute for those temporary concrete walls they put in to prevent cave-ins for those working in trenches???

    In light of that, Osha & corporate safety managers everywhere, look like drooling fools.

    I’m very surprised I haven’t read about someone demanding TRUE environmental protection in the workplace setting. Where’s that corporate safety coordinator asshole I worked for who Demanded forklifts honk their horn at every open space, yet looks the other way when cloth napkins are used when full-on NBC suits are the obvious requirement???

    …IF this covid-con was such a big deal as they like to say it is. WTF??? Bodies stacked in the streets, they said. So, here’s a cloth napkin to protect you??? [We’re too cheap of a company (or, government) to provide the true protection of NBC suits???] Hasn’t there been countless ‘investigative reports’ over the decades about similar shoddy safety protocols resulting in accidents & death??? [Yeah, it’s funny how so many reporters & editors are asleep about that angle, it’s. almost. like. they. are. being. PAID. to. look. the. other. way.??? Whores.]

    I sooo get your bit about face diapers being tossed on the ground, it’s an environmental hazard – IF what “they” say is true – and should be subject to penalties and fines??? [Not that I support that idea].

    I’m reminded of the anal reaction/signs on placards about, “sharpies”. As I recall, even at the county landfill, or stickers on the city trash cans or everywhere in hospitals, they harped on about, “sharpies” and how much of a hazard they are, yet the biological trash face diapers are dismissed, overlooked, and un-mentioned by all the usual ‘watermelons’ (people who are fashionably ‘green’ on the outside, yet really they are, ‘communist/marxist red’ on the inside & in their objectives).

    Bald faced hypocrites & criminals. FJB, and the horses he rode in on!

    • FJB and the dead horse he slid in on! That these people somehow seem to not notice their own inconsistencies is a lie too! They know it 100%. And that’s the tell.

  11. Waste not, want not. Let’s sew these discarded face rags into patch quilts and send them as Christmas gifts to Fauci et al.

  12. “They’re everywhere!” -Eric Peters (On many occasions)

    One of the hallmarks of collectivist thinking is that someone else will always solve your problems and take care of you. Thus, it’s not your responsibility to properly dispose of your face diaper, or your syringe, or your used condom.

  13. You know what? My comment below in response to BAC reminded me of something! As I mentioned, I lived in San Diego (and exactly NOT the “better” parts). So point being, I knew about way more of liberal degeneracy than I ever cared to know.

    But here’s the point. These people were all liberals. Way liberal. And their families and their friends, coworkers, employers, family… also all liberals.

    These are people that wear “gauges” in their eyes, have piercings all over their bodies, are tattooed up like the Illustrated Man, will fuck a monkey in the park, slam whatever dope is handy, and otherwise vote and support Democrats.

    A vaccine?! Even a face mask? These degenerates have ingrained/inherent disrespect of their own bodies. They probably are hoping these mandates will get them high.

    And because the combination of these “wonderful” people, the large number of them, and the fact that they vote democrat, is destroying this country and our lives. With those kind of people and their numbers in mind, very little of where this is going should be any amount of surprise.

    These people slam dope from from Juan “the guy on the corner”. They don’t give the slightest shit about their own bodily integrity and the thought of yours/mine just makes them sick.

    This is the enemy.

        • Gauges, unless I miswriting/misquoting (or just misinformed) are the hideous spacer things the degenerates put into their ear lobes. They call ’em “gauges” because (AFAIK) there is a standardized width to the implant things. They’re just like spacers/washers that people put in their ear lobes instead of an ear ring, etc.

          • Ah, yes, gauges…seeing these things freak me out. I don’t understand why someone would want to do this to their body.

      • After getting busted for meth, somebody I know took the gauges out of his ears to make a better impression on the judge.

        Now the big holes in his ear lobes remind me of them National Geographic photos of African women stretching their ear lobes a foot long with stones.

        Fashion victims don’t know they’re victims.

        At least muh stylish pink codpiece and matching nasal tampons are like, totally reversible.

  14. At some point, people of good conscious need to tell “Burt” that he is not actually invisible. Dude, sorry to say, we’ve seen you the whole time. Now this shit is getting old… Burt. Your insanity is not our burden to bear. When we cannot see a future that we might have the potential to enjoy, sorry man, we can see you and you are fucking nuts.

  15. The way our society is degenerating, with the apathy, mean-spiritedness, and general dispassionate lack of concern for anything, I fully expect people to soon toss used tampons themselves wherever, like a cigarette butt. Nice and swollen and filed with blood and uterine endometrial tissue. No civic pride, and diminishing civility leads to such degeneration. People are gross pigs, and getting grosser and more piggish. Worthy of contempt and what’s coming to them.

    • That is a super gross image but it’s not that you’re wrong. You’re right. But eww. It’s like when I lived in San Diego and a certain “subclass” of “people” would conduct certain “business” in Balboa Park overnight and leave actual condoms and needles all over the place. On the grass, in the gutters by the curb, just the nastiest shit you could imagine. That’s why the visualization of your comment is so gross. These freaking lunatics, they would literally do that. These people are insane. “These”… i.e., most. Or at least it seems likes most. Maybe just hard core lefties… I dunno.


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