Diaper Report 10/7/21

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On Tuesday, my cat barfed all over my sail fawn. He had the right idea. It is something I have often thought of doing,myself. Or something else. But work makes it hard for me to not have a sail fawn and so I was obliged to venture to Evil Mart for a new one.

I have two interesting things to report.

The first being that sail fawns are in short supply. The Face-Tamponed drone behind the counter told me – after I asked him to say it again, since I had trouble understanding his mumblings as muffled by the Face Tampon secured over his orifice – that he only had Model X and Model Y; that all of the other models were “out of stock,” a thing that has never happened before, in my experience at least.

So I paid the most I have ever paid for a sail fawn – almost $70. Even though this is barely even a down  payment on the sail fawns some people buy, it still chafes for a guy who uses a phone to make calls – which a $12 wall phone makes just as well and more reliably. But then, the cord does not extend beyond the bounds of my driveway and – like most – I am obliged to be “reachable” when away from home, for the sake of work.

Segue over.

I wandered around Evil Mart, to gauge the degree to which the evil has taken hold. Notwithstanding that there is no “mandate” to apply a Tampon to one’s Face in order to purchase not-cheap Chinese-made crap, downer cow meats and GMO-laden “food” within Evil Mart, about half of those within were wearing them.

Including a couple I observed with interest ordering two large portions of deep fried, sugary-coated “boneless” wings and General Tso’s “chicken” (if you can call it that). A husband and wife, both carrying around enough for a third. Each was at least 50 pounds overweight. Both were wearing Face Tampons.

I marveled.

Such people, unwilling to do anything to be healthy – such as choosing to not eat two large portions of deep-friend, sugary sauce-coated “food”  . . . but so afraid for their health that they wear Face Tampons to get the food that is making them not-healthy.

Moseying over to the checkout kiosks I saw similar. Every other person wearing a Face Tampon was not only morbidly obese but furthering their morbid obesity, via the purchase of multiple six-packs of soda (sweetened with metabolic chaos-inducing High Fructose Corn Syrup) and bags of chips, along with the usual array of not-food sold at Evil Mart.

Are people really this dumb?

The late and very great comedian George Carlin thought so. He pointed out, in one of his epic rants, that the average person isn’t very bright. And then pointed out that half again aren’t as bright as that.


People like the ones I viewed at Evil Mart – who (apparently) are unable to notice they are extremely overweight and incapable of apprehending the risks to their health of being extremely overweight or unwilling to make the slightest effort of will to recover their health, as by not eating large portions of deep fried, sugar-coated garbage  . . . but who are so worried about their health that they will wear Face Tampons  . . . to get the not-food that is destroying their health.

This is sad, of course – and normally, I’d feel sympathy for these people or at least, pity them. Being stupid isn’t something you can help, after all. Do we fault deer for walking into the path of traffic?

The problem is that these “deer” are rabid.

They want you to be responsible for them walking into the path of traffic. They want you to “protect” their health by wearing Face Tampons – and receiving Arm Jabs. Never mind that neither even serves that purpose (more about that, here).

They demand you do it – because it makes them feel “safe.”

We ought to feel outraged.

I think more of us are feeling that way.

I find myself having to be very careful not to mutter – Freak! – as I pass by these Face Tampon wearers. I have lost all sympathy for them. Not even the sympathy I feel for a rabid possum that I am forced to put down, in order to prevent the poor animal from biting me or one of my cats.

The rabid possum cannot help it, after all.

But these things? Shoveling load after load of fried, sugar-coated crap down their gullets, washed down with oceans of  HFC soda, expanding to Hindenberg-esque girth and not showing the slightest concern for what they have done and are doing to their own health while expecting me to abide their idiotic and false “concerns”?

Richard Simmons, phone home.

. . .

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  1. Eric – guys, had some slightly positive news yesterday. Spoke to an ex colleague in the US about how it is with the covid thing particularly in the US. He lives in NJ and works in NY. He told me that its not as bad as they say with the vaccine passport thing, and people are pushing back, and it should eventually fall apart. Hes saying most people dont care, but even when they do they hardly check – you can show them anything.

    This was basically around what I mentioned some time earlier about me having to move to the US – What are your thoughts – do you agree? Do you think the narrative will fall apart soon?

    • Morning, Nasir –

      There are some hopefully signs, including ongoing Jab Refusal by a large percent of the population. Including to the extent of leaving jobs that require it. Apparently, there has been a mass walk-off by flight personnel in Florida, resulting in mass chaos for scheduled flights – which is a very good thing, in terms of monkey-wrenching this thing. All it will take is enough people refusing to take it. Then, it will fall apart.

      • Eric,
        Have you noticed how many healthy young people have died mysteriously lately ?
        Interestingly it looks the sheep are potentially starting to realise… look at the comments to this article


        (it was the headline article for the DM but got hidden away quickly and replaced by a more important one about how the queen is walking with a stick….)

        • It’s interesting Nasir- while the UK rags are not the greatest either…..they seem FAR superior to anything we have here in the US! Most US rags no longer allow comments- or greatly censor them; The US rags almost never question or promote the questioning of the ‘official narrative’; and US papers usually barely give ya even 50% of the relevant info- even with regards to mundane local stories.

          I don’t bother reading ANYTHING in the mainstream US rags…but I’ll often search to see if there’s an article on a given topic/event in one of the UK papers…as at least it’ll usually give some good info- and there will at least be some good comments.

          It’s like the US papers arfe now the official state propaganda and unabashedly so….but the UK papers at least still make an effort to at least not be so blatant about it.

          Then again, the ‘Merican papers can get away with it, ’cause Americans are a special brand of stupid these days. I remember on a forum once, a Glasgownian used the text-speak ‘ur’ in a comment to me- and I replied “Ur? -Of the Chaldees?” And he laughed. He got it! I had long quit using that line on Americans, as no American has ever gotten that one when I’d used it- And you would think if anything, it would be the other way around, what with America supposedly being more “Christian”, and thus, one would expect, likely to be more familiar with the quote.

          • Yeh wouldn’t go that far Nunzio…. its only really just the daily mail with some editorial diversity left, along with the possibility that the truth just might slip out momentarily. And even they censor comments, but I guess they cant always keep an eye on everything and the guys in some third world country who are tasked with the moderation dont quite get context, and therefore stuff like this article ends up with comments like the ones you see……. But apart from the daily mail which is bearable at best, all the others are hopeless and completely sold out to their chosen special interest… And that was before Covid. Really just scan the DM because I find the comments entertaining, and I guess I should have an idea of what the plebs are being told…..

            We do however have a couple good small papers / news sites – UK Column is really good, as is the City AM (though its only business, its much better than the FT if you ask me).

  2. I saw this at the bottom of a ZH article this evening, the opening third line was, “To live in the United States is to live in a permanent state of fear.” …

    Then This, at the bottom, I think I read it first when I was 12 or so in the 80’s, it didn’t stick with me enough through my early years, but here it is now:

    ” …from Frank Herbert, author of “Dune”: “I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.””


  3. This report has nothing to do with diapers or jabs, but the “woke” culture and transfer of wealth that is currently in front of our eyes.

    I have (now had) one personal credit card. I had an American Express credit card. Today, I received my whopping statement showing a balance of $65 was due for the month of October. Yes, I am a big spender. Because, I am paranoid about everything I reviewed all eight pages of the statement that they sent to me. On Page 7, Amex has implemented an interest increase to my account to 18.99% beginning December 9th! It gets better. Due to my FICO score (high 700s) they stated the reason for my increase was the following:

    Lack of recent installment loan information (because of I have no loans)
    Too few accounts currently paid as agreed (because I have no debt and no other credit cards)
    Length of time accounts have been established (apparently 25+ years and never missing a payment isn’t enough)

    How We Determined Your Rate: our new APRs are no higher than the rate you would receive if you apply for the same or similar American Express Card today, based on your FICO score.

    My blood pressure skyrocketed. I don’t carry a balance on this card, so many would say “Who cares, lady?” Actually, that is pretty much what the guy at Amex said to me when I called to close the account. To which I stated to him “It comes down to principle. I have been an Amex card holder for 20+ years. An interest rate of almost 19% when the prime interest rate is 3.25% is what loan sharks charge.” I wasn’t mean or nasty, but I was obnoxious. He offered me a discounted interest rate if I spent $3500 over the next 4 months. To which I declined. I don’t want Amex to profit at all. Why would I want to use their card and have some poor vendor pay their ridiculous merchant fees? That is how ticked I was.

    Obviously anyone with a 750-800 credit card is now going to be offered a 19% rate for the privilege of an Amex credit card. Unfortunately, I have a feeling many other bank issuers with follow. The question is what is coming that interest rates are increasing 15.5% over the Prime Rate? It took me over 15 minutes to reach someone in the Cancellation Department so I am not the only one tossing them overboard.

    Anybody else with any recent stories on ridiculous bank overreaches or absurdities?

    • Well, RG, I kinda have a ridiculous story…but from the other side of the spectrum. Bidness acquaintance of mine whom I’ve known for about 25 years, routinely runs up ridiculous debts on multiple credit cards- I mean maxes them all out; then doesn’t pay; then ends up settling with the card companies for pennies on the dollar- threatening to go bankrupt if they don’t settle- which he has done several times in the past. They always settle. Then, a few months later, he has new cards…and repeats the cycle. They KEEP GIVING HIM MORE CARDS!!!!! He essentially pays NO INTEREST, as well as getting a substantial discount on the principal that he owed, because he settles for like twenty cents on the dollar! He’d been doing this for decades….you’re essentially subsidizing people like him. And the card companies cater to people like that…not to those of us with impeccable credit who have never failed to pay a bill and on time, no less!

      It seems to me that the goal is just to keep people in debt…and those who repeatedly indebt themselves are rewarded, while the responsible are penalized. Just like welfare…reward the lazy, irresponsible and selfish, while stealing from their betters to fund such.

      • Hi Nunz,

        There is no doubt it is a redistribution of wealth. Gut tells me this is what Amex is doing. I am not quite sure this is a sustainable business model though. I was on my way of cutting up my card due to the CRT training that Amex has now put in place, but the absurd interest rate on a pretty decent FICO score was the last straw.

        One can definitely play the system if they want to go through life with low credit lines and jumping through hoops with mortgage lenders. My feeling has always been “if you bought it, you have a responsibility to pay for it.” I noticed Capital One is famous for soliciting people that just filed for bankruptcy. Every individual (client/family member/etc.) that I knew who had just gone through BK always had a Cap One in their wallet. They hand them out like they are lollipops.

        I don’t disagree with your logic. Remuneration for those that don’t deserve it, and punishment for those who play by the rules. I still have a business credit card, but I am 100% done with anything, but cash, at least, on the personal side.

        • Yep, RG! My acquaintance ALWAYS has a Cap. One card, among the many others. The ONLY possible way they can stay in busy-ness with such a business model is to make up for it by charging people like you and I (Who actually pay what we owe) crazy high rates.
          But considering that they do business that way, what is even the point of having credit scores- if they keep giving credit to the deadbeats, and penalizing the good risks?!

          It’s ass-backwards. So much so, that it smells of government. I wouldn’t doubt if some of Uncle’s schemes were indeed behind it all- just like with the sub-prime mortgages.

          Well, they’re not gonna get much out of me, as far as making money off of me. Didn’t get my first credito card till I was 40!- and that just so I could make online purchases….and to this day I only have one card. Last time I noticed, my rate was I believe 14%…errr….I mean “13.99%’- but I suspect they’ll be raising it (How I maintain a credit score of over 800 with only credit card that I pay off every month, and no other debts…I’ll never know!)… MAYBE if they’d give people like us good credit lines (Mine’s only $10K!) and low rates, we might actually run up some debts and they could make some money! (I wouldn’t, and you probably wouldn’t…but ‘people like us’ might!)

          • RE: “Why would I want to use their card and have some poor vendor pay their ridiculous merchant fees?”


            I’ve known of a number of people who think they are ‘sticking it’ to the credit card companies by paying off their balance each month in full & reaping the cash back awards.

            I tried telling them, if it seems to be free money, you’re the product!
            Not only do the credit card companies make tons of money charging the vendor for the transaction, they likely get a boatload of money selling your stats, buying preferences, etc.

            One baby momma with multiple university degrees I tried explaining this to, with the extra icing on top that what’s legal today, might not be tomorrow, replied: “I have nothing to hide”. As if that settles it.

            I didn’t know what to say. Since then, I learned the answer was, “You mean, you have nothing you want to protect. Not your family, not your privacy.”

            • Hi helot,

              Ugh! The liberal counterargument “I have nothing to hide.” The persons that use this as an excuse are the same ones that think their government is here to protect them. Ha, ha, ha!

              I don’t think they realize the massive data collection that Big Brother has on them. Yes, Susie, government knows who you text, what magazines you subscribe to, how many times you have ordered 50 Shades of Grey from Vudu, your Facebook password, how many times you have Googled your ex boyfriend, and that you purchased two different vibrators from Amazon. Believe me, none of us would want that much of our personal information out there.

              • “the same ones that think their government is here to protect them.”

                You are very perceptive on that count.
                I also heard the, (baby daddy?) say, “It’s ok, the government will take care of it.”

                I forget in response to what, but does it matter?Psft!

                I stopped offering info after that.

              • >government knows who you text,
                And if you carry a “sail fawn,” they know your geographic location, to within a few meters, provided the “phone” (actually, tracking device) is powered up).

                Not just the government, either. Given a mobile phone number, anyone on earth can query its last reported location. If the device is on, that is the same as its *present* location.

                Yet, some people stand in line to buy their own chains. Not I, thank you very much.

  4. Hi Eric. “after I asked him to say it again, since I had trouble understanding his mumblings as muffled by the Face Tampon secured over his orifice”. I do that every time I’m confronted with a diapered employee. I keep telling them that I can’t understand what they are saying. Eventually they remove the diaper to converse with me. And every one of them seems happy for the excuse to free their faces, if only for those few moments.

    • Great minds think alike Mike,

      Anytime and I mean anytime someone tries to talk to me with snot diaphragm I instinctively lean in and say “I cant understand you, it sounds like your mouth is full of ashes.” If it is a particularly fetching or woke looking younger gal I say “I cant understand you, it sounds like your mouth is full of glue.” Sometimes just to piss them off I add a “dear” or “Doll” at the end in an elderly gentleman like manner.

        • Thanks. If I couldn’t find the occasional humor in all this Id probably just go insane. Thats one of the great things about this site. So many stealth ideas shared to aid resistance. Humor, scorn, and derision is something they have know answer for.

          I agree with you that attacking on all fronts is preferable to doing nothing. There are many of us around who would love to strike at the root. The problem is, once you begin you’re all in. No turning back and that means the end of ones life. Thing is these CovIdiots, at some point will push the envelope too far, and this nonsense will get out of hand.

          • You are right about humor. For awhile, I think I totally lost my sense of humor. In many films the characters seem to stress the importance of maintaining a sense of humor in bad situations, I don’t know how accurate that is.

            Sometimes, like when Fre_Phi used to post defeatist thoughts, I would think of words from survivors of P.O.W. camps in Vietnam. When asked who made it & why, the answer was something like, “Oh, that’s easy. The guys who thought they’d be out next month, next holiday, etc.. they didn’t make it. The guys who thought they were there forever & this was it, they are the ones who made it out.”

            Anyway, it’s funny how the universe works, I posted that H.D.T. quote, then I visited geoengineeringwatch, I hadn’t been there in years, the first comment had this:

            “Disobedience is the true foundation of liberty. The obedient must be slaves.” – Henry David Thoreau

            • Never really read HDT but I did remember a quote of his I always loved. “Be not simply good, be good for something.” Turns out its part of a larger one I did not know. “Do not be too moral. You may cheat yourself out of much life, so aim above morality, Be not simply good, be good for something.

              I’m more of an Edward Abbey guy myself. Got turned on to him in high school. The characters in his novels resonated with me on a deep and profound level. Even back then I knew something was terribly amiss in our nation.

              Abbey does through fiction and his characters what HDT did through a fundamental understanding of the universe with philosophical discovery and exposition. Both men lived life to the fullest, marching to the beat of their own drum.

              Looking up your HDT quote made me look at his other quotes as well and realize that I’ve missed a lot. He had a huge impact on Abbey. I didn’t realize what kindred souls they were.

              The book Good News is a manual for the world we are about to enter. A really funny book about the limitations of the police state and how easy it should be in theory to knock it over with the weight of a feather. Its kind of corny and 80ish but it shows a deep understanding of human nature.

              I recently found an old dog eared copy of the Monkey Wrench gang and started reading it again. The heroes mercilessly mock and deride the villains and the villains just like in real life lose their s**t. The main characters philosophy boils down too “Resit much obey little.”

              It is funny how the universe works. Whenever I get down and out about this coming battle, and how it seems hopeless something invariably crosses my path from the past. Then I find or rediscover some new strength to not give in to the fear that seems to be sweeping the planet.

          • Hi Norman. Yes, humor is a key tool. Authoritarians have no sense of humor and absolutely hate being laughed at. We need to ridicule them at every opportunity. A small example: I go to Panera every week with a friend of mine. They have a sign at the door saying that they strongly recommend wearing masks inside. I always stop and pretend to read the sign, then say to my friend loudly enough for everyone around to hear, “Wow. This place is really anti-science”. It probably has no effect, but the hope is that it will get someone to start thinking for themselves.

  5. See similarity to face diaper wearing within this European tale of the beginnings of new horrors:

    “If the Covid Pass is allowed to continue, the problems will be fixed, bureaucracy will grow and become entrenched, and this regime will be normalized and accepted.” …

    Covid Pass in Lithuania and throughout Europe:
    How recent vaccine mandate laws have upended my family’s life


    • I found this to be a fascinating read. One can see the wheels in place to do something similar here. Lithuanians could not handle democracy for more than 30 years. They reverted back to the old ways of authoritarianism. There are days I wished I had become a psychologist rather than the current field that I am in. The human psyche is riveting. I believe the average human lives to be enslaved. The individual who promotes liberty, freedom, and disobedience is a rare find in a sea of zombies.

      I don’t believe the confines of this can be broken down by culture, country, gender, or race, but it is a mainstay in the mortal mind. The majority of individuals thrive on someone else calling the shots and making decisions on their behalf. We all know of people (probably many) who are unable to make a choice. They ask those around them “what would you do?” This can be anything from what to order off the menu, to who they should date, or who they should vote for.

      The conclusion is simple….the majority of human beings want to be controlled. No other outcome makes sense.

      • THAT is the simple truth, RG. I consider myself very fortunate to have picked up on that fact when very young- noticing such things as how adults, whom I had once assumed were reasonable creatures who had a good handle on reality, were in-fact perfectly content to live their entire lives as rats in a maze, doing whatever they were told; paying how ever much they were taxed; even being conscripted (The draft was still on!) to kill or be killed for causes which they did not even understand, much less have a reason to meddle in.

        They would literally allow themselves and their children to be made slaves of and human sacrifices, while saying that they were doing so for the cause of “freedom”.

        Seeing such altered my course in life, as I wanted no part of their system. And that was 45 years ago, when the world seemed like a paradise compared to today and was a lot freer (Or at least a lot simpler, and less technologically advanced- which made evading the extant tyranny much easier).

        • Hi Nunz,

          Unfortunately, this is not something I found out until I was well into adulthood and something I am noticing has become more and more prevalent as the lockdowns, fear mongering, and passports overtake common sense.

          After reading helot’s link one cannot come away with any other conclusion except people want to be owned, they don’t want to have to make choices, and they have no problem giving authority to someone else.

          I won’t lie, I was my father’s most difficult child. It was near impossible to push me into something I did not want to do. I never realized though how many people had no problem delegating or agreeing with advice, opinions, and recommendations that were considered harmful to themselves, not only mentally, but physically. I used to believe it was just ignorance, people don’t know what they don’t know, but most people enjoy victimhood. They thrive on it. It is very easy for the strongest and most confident person in the room to turn others mindsets and these people (the obedient) not realize it is occurring. They walk out of the room believing these were their thoughts all along. As an outsider, it is mesmerizing to watch an individual’s mindset become mush and not only hear them support the narratives that were declared to them, but to enforce this on others who are stronger than they are by shaming, embarrassing, and casting them from society.

          It is all a mind game and these same people refuse to contemplate that they have been played.

          • RG, I don’t think the majority even bother to think past the very basic response-reward level, like that of animal. They go through life believing what they have been told since childhood- what their parents who are the same way have taught them; what the government schools told them; and what the media-government tells them. They don’t really have a clue how the world works, except for their small very limited slice of it, which usually just consists of going to school or work, and being entertained the rest of the time.

            People these days are raised to be cogs in the machine which is the system- not to function as free and responsible agents under God, nature, and those they choose to associate with. They just do “their part” and rely on the others who do theirs, and it’s all regulated and controlled by the worst psychopaths (Government), and heralded as natural way of things, to the point where they don’t even consider that there may be alternatives.

            The longer this has gone on, the fewer there are who can see past it, at any age. I say that I was fortunate, not only to see, but that seeing at such a young age kept me from getting entangled (including keeping me from getting into debt!) because it’s harder to break free once you’re entangled, than it is never get entangled in the first place.

            At least compulsory school was good for one thing: It was the thing that first made me realize that we are not free. But to illustrate how ingrained from childhood the system is, even in elementary school, any time ‘freedom’ was mentioned, I’d always quip to anyone nearby something to the effect of that if they can force us to go to school I guess we really aren’t free- and that observation was ALWAYS met with rationalizations like “Are you stupid? Ya gotta go to school!” “How do you expect to get a good job when you grow up?’ (Little did they know, I had [and have] no plans of growing up!)….But it just goes to show, when freakin’ 9 year-olds can already be so indoctrinated, it amazes me that anyone can manage to ever escape that mentality. (Yes, I was a lot of fun at parties! 😉 ).

            And now today…you have kids planning out their edumacation, careers and even retirement when they’re 12…… They’ll NEVER have the time to ever see what’s beyond the bars…..

            • RE: “if they can force us to go to school I guess we really aren’t free-”

              Reminds me of Charles. He escaped the 1st grade elementary classroom and tried walking home. He made it pretty far, too. I vaguely recall the class getting updates on his progress & the attempt to catch him as if he were a run away slave.
              I’m pretty certain the entire classroom, minus the teacher, were cheering him on.

              • Could you imagine going to school today, in one these prisons they call schools?!

                I went to a suburban elementary school which was an old concrete block building on about 25 acres of grass and woods. The windows actually opened, and you could smell the grass being mowed by Groundskeeper Willie. Every classroom had a door that opened directly to the outside. There were no “school resource officers” or drug-sniffing dogs…the doors were unguarded- one (kids or adults) could come and go as they pleased.

                This would be unfathomable to anyone under 30 today. I doubt they’d even want to go to such a school, as they would feel “unsafe”. In just one generation…. Gradualism. Powerful stuff. First compulsory education, but in a “nice way”…then compulsory education with “safety”…then just overt “You don’t have a choice, just do as your told!”, and how many object? Far from objecting, parents pay absurd sums for houses with $15K property taxes to ensure that their sprog can go to a “good school”- which by definitionm includes all the protocols of slavery.

                I guess that unwritten sequel to Uncle Tom’s Cabin could have been titled Uncle Tom’s Locker- only Simon Legree (The fat bald-headed drug-dealing ex-felon school security guard) is now black, and Tom is now white, and has zero-tolerance enforced on his privileged skinny white ass every day when a ‘disadvantaged youth practices a cultural norm’ on him for his lunch money, even though the ‘yute’ gets free lunch anyway.

                • I consider the modern schooling system to be an institutionalized form of child abuse.

                  I also don’t think that would get very far in the courts system.

                • I experienced the same, Nunz… in the ’80s. It seems just yesterday. My high school in Northern Virginia had no “school resource officer” – and no metal detectors or locked doors. As you say, kids – and adults – came and went as they pleased. Kids who had cars would drive to school, then drive to lunch at McDonald’s. The windows were opened in summer, when it was hot. Our biggest dread was boredom. The authority was petty – compared with today. I cannot imagine the Hell a government school is now.

                  • Eric, the schools and very country we now have was unimaginable just those few decades ago when we went to school- The stuff of the Soviet Union and North Korea only. Now it is normal daily life, because so many have allowed it, not resisted, don’t care.

                • Nunzio, its so true – how much schools in the US have changed. I may have mentioned before I may have an opportunity to move to the US- but schooling is one of the biggest things on my mind….

                • Another interesting point you note is how people are taught to be a cog in the machine. So true…. Im fortunate enough to work with some of the smartest people ive ever met, at least academically….. but non challenge a lot of what they see around them, be it regulation taxes, corrupt polticans, or now the rona con and the related Kabuki as Eric says. I dont know if its because they are just using all their energy in their respective field and focusing on it like a horse with blinders, or they see it but dont want to rock the boat because they have done very well in the existing setup…. though I have spoken to one who was complaining about how compartmentalised even academia has become, especially the medical area where you spend your whole life focusing on one area, but not have the confidence to challenge another area…..

                  It reminds me of the ones who made the greatest history on the world were all polymaths, who were experts in many fields…. be it the greek philosophers, the jurist and scientist in the early days of Islam, or even say the founding fathers of the US….

                  I guess that basically sums it up – they dont want the world to change – hence keep people compartmentalised and stuck in their own area, not able to see beyond it…

                  • Hi Ya Nasir!

                    Heh, I used to live near SUNY (State University Of New York At Stony Brook) so I’d encounter a lot of eggheads who were ‘somebody’ in science or medicine- including many Chinese and Indian profa and grad students, and it never ceased to amaze me at how they all seemed to have one thing in common: While they may have been very capable at dealing with the rhetoric of their respective fields, they all seemed to have an almost child-like naive understanding of the actual world around them, and would basically extrapolate the academic model of believe-what-the-textbook/profs-say-and regurgitate-it to life in general, so that they lacked any real ability to read between the lines or question any authoritative narrative; they just believe whatever government/academic data says regarding any subject, since the authors of such ‘are experts in their respective fields’; and their only vetting process is to make sure that they are getting the actual scoop from those authoritative sources- i.e. that a given narrative is ‘official’- and if it is…they believe it.
                    And of course, it never seems to occur to them that the corruption, fudging, outside interference, hanky-panky etc. that they see in their own field is likely just as prevalent in every other field- and the more so where fortunes, power and societal control are at stake.

                    • All true Nunzio. Exactly the situation with the people I work with – all PHDs with decade of research experience at the top unis in the world, all experts in their field all very smart and able to understand the craziest concepts….. but unable to analyse whats in front of them and come to any conclusion other than what the media tells them…. i was most shocked when none of them (many of whom have advanced degrees in math, physics and stats) picked up the fact that the whole thing around now is due to a “virus” which even by the official narrative has slightly below 100% chance of survival. In the industry we call it a “tail event” (and an extreme one at that) and there are ways to plan for it – but you dont completely rip apart your business because of it!!

                      Its crazy…

                    • **”which even by the
                      official narrative has slightly below 100% chance of survival. In the
                      industry we call it a “tail event” (and an extreme one at that) and
                      there are ways to plan for it – but you dont completely rip apart your
                      business because of it!!”**

                      Indeed, Nasir. I can’t imagine any sane person/entity doing much at all to prepare for something which has about the same odds of lethally affecting the average person as does being hit by a bolt of lightning or choking to death.

                      You see an idiot wearing a muzzle in their car…but they are far more likely to be involved in a serious or fatal crash in that car, than they ever will be of dying from the ‘Rona.

                      We likely all have known perfectly healthy people who have died in car crashes…how many do we know who have died from the flu?

                      Imagine if *they* were to apply the same level of Kabuki to driving….err…wait…I’m basically rewriting the article Eric posted the other day! 😀

      • RE: “the majority of human beings want to be controlled”

        I recently introduced a flock of young new hens into the coop with three bigger hens, a large rooster and two guinea fowl = the six. The experience seemed to share qualities with what much of the world population is going through with the Plandemic.

        The six chased all the new hens up onto the roosts and wouldn’t let them come down to eat or drink while mostly staying together in their own Power Elite six-pack cluster.
        I put the rooster & the two guinea into separate cages inside the coop. The three larger hens still chased the new hens away, but not as much nor as aggressively. The larger hens spent considerable time near & around the rooster & the guinea while they were in their his cages.
        Eventually, the larger hens got less and less aggressive towards the new hens and spent less and less time near the rooster and went further away from the caged rooster until a calmer harmony was reached with the new hens.

        After several days I let the guinea & the rooster out of their cages, right away the rooster was all over & on top of the prettiest to him new hens, this seemed to prompt the guinea to go after, bite & chase away the new nearby hens just as before. However; I think because the guinea were forced to be close to the new hens while in their cages they weren’t quite nearly as aggressive, and less so over the days, until it became fairly infrequent & none of the new hens spent a great deal of time on the roosts & faced starvation & thirst.

        When the rooster gets on top of the new hens this still seems to prompt the guinea to chase & bite any nearby new hen.
        The new hens do a kind of submission pose when the rooster gets near & towers over them, this makes them vulnerable to the guinea when the rooster walks away.

        The guinea kind of walk around like thugs as if saying to the hew hens, “Get out of my space! Don’t eat my food!” Strangely though, they never do this to the larger hens they grew up with & especially not to the rooster whom they follow everywhere & act as if he is their king leader.

        The six, became, The Nine, for awhile, until it seemed the Power Elite pack dissolved slightly, there is still the six pack, it’s just not aggressive and dominating like before. It’s difficult to describe.

        The submission pose the hens do in response to the rooster, & how they sat in the roosts to the point of starvation, all seems quite similar in ways to, “the majority of human beings want to be controlled” especially when combined with The Miligram Experiment. Idk. Just a thought.

        • Perhaps, as with the hens who faced starvation, which – could be, might be – seen as a natural reaction, your, “any other conclusion except people want to be owned, they don’t want to have to make choices, and they have no problem giving authority to someone else” is not a natural condition in spite what seems to be, rather it’s one brought about by bad actors, threats and conditioning?

          As you noted, “It is very easy for the strongest and most confident person in the room to turn others mindsets”

          The act of the hens getting into a submission pose for the rooster Is natural, seeing that might lead to the conclusion that it Is also natural for the hens to prefer starvation to avoid the negative consequences brought to bear by the larger hens, the rooster and his henchmen the guinea? That does not seem to be the case.

          I was reading, I think it was at LRC, someone was discussing how it is presented as obvious and the only conclusion that early mankind created goobermint to protect their rights, that before that, individual rights were not sought after, respected or anything. This author argued the opposite. Wish I could recall where I was reading that, I would post the URL.

          …Just thinking out loud. I’m still a bit haunted by the photo of the blonde girls smiling at the restaurant table showing off their slave passes in stark contrast to the old photo of women & grandmothers locking arms in protest of Communist domination.

    • Im starting to think the only way to stop this is to make a joke of it. ie make so many fakes and bribe so many people the thing collapses on its own… much the way this sort of thing does in the third world…. i dont know would anyone agree with my view on this? I know many people have made diy vaccine cards… or I heard the new NY vaccine pass requires you to take a picture of your manual vaccine card which it verifies online automatically. it doesnt work very well, so people have taking pictures of various things, including certain body parts and uploaded them to the app to generate the QR code…. initially i was thinking id rather not even go that way but now im thinking why not just make a joke of it… how many dick pics can they go through and reject in the app before they get the idea

      • I don’t know, Nasir. Your comment got me to thinking of this, “There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root.”

        Attack, on all fronts? Better than nothing!

        When I’m working, I often tell myself, “Just do it, & see how much/what you get done and go from there.” Sometimes, I surprise myself by what I get done.

  6. An encouraging headline link I saw:

    871 LA firefighters file $1.7 Billion lawsuit over Vaccine mandate… 25% of firefighting force is preparing to quit…

    And, this video from a younger guy who seems level headed (unlike our overlords & their Minions), “Listen very carefully the message of this airline pilot: “coercion is not freedom of choice or aligned with democracy, this situation goes far beyond health.””


    • I wish it were possible to create a parallel society within the purview of our country. The problem is those that wish to be segregated from us refuse to allow this. Would they allow us to start our own unjabbed hospitals ran by doctors and nurses who refuse to take the Clot Shot? Would they allow us to establish airlines that allow the unmasked and pro medical freedom crusaders to fly throughout the country or globally? Would they allow us to open learning institutions that allow freedom of choice when it comes to jabs and diapers? The answer is no. Their only message is “you must obey.”

      • RG – I was thinking about all this the other day….. its scary but all this propaganda around the Jab (such as that wonderful vaccine song and dance). Its not meant for people like us – its for the “believers” themselves, to strengthen their faith…. for when they are going to be pushed to go against us….. which is a really scary scary when you think about it….

        infact the other day – my kid said to the google echo in my house (yes there is one – long story, but my brother sent it to me to annoy me) – my daughter said “hey google play a song”…. the bitch played “the vaccine song”! thank god my kids know to keep the switch off unless they need it for something….

        • **”but my brother sent it to me to annoy me”**


          Hey, my niece who lives in an apartment with thin walls has this crazy neighbor who regularly gets into fights with her Alexa! (I think such fights are less frequent now, since the crazy lady got a Dot or some such thing to keep the Alexa company).

          My niece, after hearing one of these arguments, actually heard the neighbor say (After calming down) “Alexa, are you alright?” 😀 I would have loved to have heard the response!

          • We got in the habit of using her to remind us to feed the dog. We aren’t really that forgetful, but it’s so entertaining to watch the little thing go nuts when she hears, “Here’s your reminder: Feed Chloe.”
            Now that I think about it, sort of gives a creepy new meaning to the old RCA advertising slogan: “His master’s voice.”

            • In the final episode of The X-Files, there’s a scene about a house full of Alexia type crap going haywire.

              You guys reminded me of it.

              “has this crazy neighbor who regularly gets into fights with her Alexa!”

              “using her to remind us to feed the dog.”

              Wow. is all.

    • **”“As a practicing physician, Fauci still sees patients at the NIH’s Clinical Center.””**

      I think what they mean is that there is a photo of patients at the NIH Clinical Center in the hallway that leads to Fauxi’s office that he sees every day…… “Did you see those patients at the NIH Center today?” “I certainly did!” “Do you see them on a regular basis” “Yep, virtually every day, before I even go to my office”.

    • Well, I guess I stand corrected. I think the last thing I’d want is that pill pusher as my doctor. And I certainly wouldn’t want him signing my time card either. The likelihood of mistakes seems fairly high with his workload.

      Then again, he probably gets the first cut of the adrenochrome and adderall cocktail that keeps these octogenarians life-like.

  7. Math wiz Joe Biden bragging about how effective his Fire the Unvaccinated shtick has been:

    “United [Airlines] went from 59% of their employees to 99% of their employees in less than two months after implementing the requirement. 99%!”

    Uh, let’s see Joe: If I have a box containing 50 percent green golf balls and 50 percent orange golf balls, and I throw out all of the orange golf balls, I now have 100 percent green golf balls. Amazing how that works!

    • To me, the truly amazing thing that has happened is the way the lie has been rolled out using selective accounting. Infinitesimal raw count? No problem, just show the percentage change over time. Want a big number? Roll up the entire planet into the report. Mix percentages and raw numbers to obscure reality. And never offer a comparison to anything outside of the COVID numbers just to make sure there’s no context to anything.

    • Company 666 now has an even more diverse staff! We feature all even percentages of blacks, asians, gays, hispanics, men and women and trannys and more! (We simply fired 80% of our white, straight males!)

    • Excellent, Helot!

      This kid gives me hope. There is a future – for those with the guts to fight for it. Contrast the bravery of this girl with the sickening Face-Tampon’d poltroonery of the Batman-suited Armed Government Workers who arrested her.

  8. Masks, like fried chicken, provide comfort. And you’ve already compared mask wearing and jabbing to religion.

    The one question is if it’s perfectly acceptable to slap the fried chicken out of the heifers’ hands because we’re “all in this together”.

    • Hi Joshua,

      Yes, but the “masks” serve another – darker – purpose. They degrade the wearer – and the viewer. They cause us the wearer to look like a faceless drone. They dehumanize and depersonalize. They create alienation, a sense of “the other.” And they further the illusion that there is a “pandemic.”

    • I have a very low opinion of people who wear their security blankets on their faces.

      I also believe this type of behavior is likely to have severe psychological consequences for a lot of people down the line. I think that there is no better way to acquire an anxiety disorder, than to go through life acting out the symptoms of one.

      Just because you can’t beat them doesn’t mean you have to join them. And it ain’t over yet. The fat lady isn’t even warming up yet (probably because she is still wearing a face rag, but I digress…)

    • Hi Joshua,

      I agree with Eric’s observation. There is a sinister point with the mask wearing. It makes everyone that puts one on a faceless causality. It dehumanizes them and makes the ability to harm them something of a second thought. That is why it is so easy for countries to go to war. Their victims are faceless. They are one in a million. A military shooting up a village or dropping a bomb doesn’t know the people inside. It is easy to pull the trigger or traumatize those innocent of wrong doing when you don’t know the person across from you. It is something quite different if you look onto your fellow Earthly citizen as someone’s parent, son, daughter, aunt, uncle, husband, or wife. That makes them human and familiar.

      This is why I am anti group. A group makes everyone within it anonymous and non descript. Now pluck individuals from that group….converse with them, share a lunch with them, learn their history. It makes it harder to eradicate them. They become someone….an individual.

  9. Newbie here. With the help on a recent video I think I know what a ‘clover’ is. Now I read about a ‘sail fawn’. What in hell is a sail fawn? So….. I duckduckgo’ed ‘sail fawn’. Success! I found 5 articles dating back to 2012. Yep, you guessed it, all written by our leader. Got it. Carry on.

    Lastly, this is an awesome site. Has anyone noticed how many sites have discontinued ‘comments’. I get it. Owners probably fear legalities and monitoring takes time and money. Freedom is not free. That’s why I support this site.

    • Thanks, Montana!

      And: I will never shut off the comments here, nor moderate them (excepting obvious trolls). I’ll turn off the lights for good before I do that. Screw these life-killing SOBs down to their DNA, which I hope can chlorinated from the gene pool.

    • A sail fawn is what homie uses to call duh amberlamps when one’a dem ray-sists takes offense at him for coming through the window at 2 AM. or if little Convulsin’ Curtis runs out of peanut butter balls [phenobarbitol] in duh middle of duh night and baby mama is too high to drive to duh hospi’l.

  10. The thing about gluttony that I have never seen mentioned, is that even before it gets to the point where it results in obesity; -even if it is just indulged in on rare occasions- the mere act of over-eating seems to bring on sickness.

    I’ve taken note of the fact lately among those I know in real life who like myself rarely get sick, the common thread seems to be that we are all light eaters. From what I’ve observed, this seems to be as important or even perhaps more important than eating good healthy natural food, because while I eat ‘good’ food, most of those whom I’ve observed eat the typical American diet, or just slightly better, and do not go out of their way to “eat healthy”- they just (not even consciously) eat less and don’t eat fast food.

    And sure enough, I’ve noticed that most of these same people will get a cold or some other ailment on occasions like Thanksgiving, if they do indulge and eat too much. It’s getting to the point where I can predict who is going to get sick- “The in-laws are coming to visit and we’re taking them to dinner at the Chez Ste Diem. That place is so good, I’m gonna stuff myself!” Next day: “I have to stay home, I don’t feel so good….b-u-u-u-rr-ppp”.

  11. I have an upper-middle-aged 4.0 tennis friend who is slim and works hard at staying that way – a tremendous athlete. One time he pulled up his shirt and grabbed what he perceived as fat: “I could get rid of this if I gave up ice cream. But it’s just not worth it!”

  12. These people are addicts. They are addicted to sugars. Just like smokers are addicted to nicotine. Just like opium fiends are addicted to Heroin.

    Ever try to quit heroin? Ever try to quit heroin when heroin is everywhere, in everything you consume? Ever try to quit heroin when it is offered to you at every store, restaurant, in every advertisement, and your birthday party? Hell, there’s entire channels devoted to heroin. Morning TV “news” shows showcase heroin dealers. Ever try to quit heroin when Uncle subsidizes the people who produce it?

    Pretty soon you’re in denial. “Oh, it’s a genetic thing.” Maybe you’ve quit before, so you think this is just temporary. You’ll get back to normal once things settle down at work, or the kids are done with baseball. But the funny thing about the ruts and routines, they make the time pass pretty quickly. Before long you’re falling further down that hole, and the walls are getting steeper, like a funnel. And all that works on your mind, and your self-image. Now you’re at the bottom looking up at an impossible task. Do you have the mental will to fight the whole of society? Not many do.

    • Hi RK,

      Indeed; I get all that. What chafes is that these people now obsess over “health.” Expect healthy people to pretend they are sick. It is like someone who keeps on shitting their pants demanding I wear a diaper.

      • Not even they have messed their pants. They are just terrified that they – or you – might, because somebody on CNN told them so.

      • Fear sells news, you know that. People who live in fear won’t talk to strangers for fear of being thought stupid, won’t go to the corner bar (assuming there is one) for fear of getting a DUI, won’t take a chance seeing a show for fear of it not being as good as the pablum of the television. Now the mega-mart is just one more thing to fear. The last safe space where you knew the layout, the color scheme and brands, now with an invisible “toxin” that is spread by unknown shoppers. They’ve got nothing left, except maybe that channel that plays all those old TV shows, and the pet rescue videos on Facebook.

    • A few years ago some scientists hooked up brain monitors to 2 groups of people. One group fed sugar, the other group took heroin. Both had the same amount of brain activity in the same places of the brain. The conclusion was that the body cannot distinguish between heroin and sugar.

  13. Seeing all these masks reminds me of a conversation I had back in ’09, when a co-worker and I were discussing the recent deaths of Michael Jackson and Edward Kennedy. We agreed that, as bad as Michael Jackson was supposed to be, Edward Kennedy and their ilk were much worse. At one point I said that if Kennedy and their ilk were to disappear from the world, and the cost was that half the human race was to become Michael Jackson, not only would I take that offer but I would happily kiss the butt of every one of those Michael Jacksons I met.

    Seems I only got half my wish; I’m still waiting for the other half to happen.

    • I doubt that MJ was bad at all. Rather he was the target of media. Strange, certainly. A perpetual 12 year old in many respects, apparently so. But evil, no, just accused of the evil things that strange people get accused of, especially when they have money.

      Now Ted Kennedy and many more of the political class are truly evil. There’s something wrong with these people. Biden should be relaxing somewhere enjoying whatever he has left. Instead he’s in the whitehouse. Something is wrong with these people. And yes before someone mention’s Trump, yes him too but what is wrong with him is his own ego and desire for fame. But someone who driven by that with no desire to control others or have wars etc is light years better than Biden, Clintons, Bushes, or any of the rest that enjoy controlling other people and/or killing them.

      • Indeed, Brent –

        The professional politician is a pathological character. He is either an outright (conscious of it, himself) control freak who operates much as a Ted Bundy type does and enjoys the power he wields over others or he is the same thing but not conscious of it. Instead, he regards himself as a “leader” – a benefactor – of mankind; a selfless “public servant” doing important work. These latter are the worst, being the most sick. Because they actually believe they are “doing good things.”

        There is no sure cure for this, but it can be mitigated, as by:

        No remuneration for “public service” beyond a basic per diem, use of office space, etc.
        Term limits for all elected offices, to thwart politics as a profession.

      • I’ve always hated Whacko-Jacko (At least after he grew up)….but after seeing how the morally-bankrupt corrupt government-media conglomerate destroyed him over nothing more than the hear-say unproveable accusations of an adolescent whose parents let him be alone and have sleep-overs with weird grown man-child, I actually felt great sympathy for him.

        And such should inspire great fear and loathing toward the psychopaths of the state, for if they can do that to rich world-famous figure, it is proof that NO ONE is safe from their evils.

    • Hi Michael,

      I agree. If the worst was true of MJ, then he had an affinity for young boys. Disgusting, certainly – but the damage he did was limited to that. And such an individual can be dealt with – assuming he is a private person – by those harmed. Government harms everyone. It institutionalizes harm. It decrees self-defense against the harms it imposes to be “criminal.” There is nothing more harmful than this.

      • Reminds me of a cartoon (I think it might have appeared in Playboy), with a streetwaker leaning into the window of a limo. The caption said something like “really Senator? After spending all day fucking the people?”

  14. Go get vaccinated if you want to die an early death on this evil wicked mean and nasty planet.

    Chances are, you’ll go mad!

    Wash your hands!

    I can digress, don’t get angry. lol

    Anybody here ever look at a woman? Women are kind of cool, they have the capacity to bear children, men are there to provide the haploid set of chromosomes to make it happen, two sex chromosomes, meiosis produces ovum and spermatozoa, fertilized, together form a fetus.

    The secondary sexual characteristics of women are particularly important. Makes life on earth just a better world.

    A woman’s eyes, her lips, her hair, her breasts, her legs, her everything, are there for a very good reason. A woman at 28 and 5’7” tall with a figure of 38-24-36 will be able to travel the world with no problem. Belly dancers know how to gyrate. Hips on women can be a groovy thing.

    A delicate subject, I know, we all have to admit that real life on this earth relies upon procreation.

    After a while, when viewing some beautiful scenery not soon to be forgotten, you know there is a God.

    What more do you want? Eggs in your beer?

    Best of luck to everyone here on whatever the whatchamacallit is for this life on earth. Make the best of it, all you can do.

  15. “…expanding to Hindenberg-esque girth and not showing the slightest concern for what they have done and are doing to their own health while expecting me to abide their idiotic and false “concerns”?

    Well done, Eric

  16. Are people really this dumb? – EP

    Yes. I have witnessed the same thing: unhealthy sloths wearing masks.

    What’s the point? If they get covid, they are at a higher chance of dying.
    But I guess it’s easier to wear a mask than put down the twinkies and pick up some weights.

    Same reason we want a pill for everything.

    Which is why so many love the idea of a shot. Little expenditure for maximum gain.
    Except it doesn’t work.

    • Wait til they get their Merck red covid pills. A chemical designed to mutate the virus until it implodes. Except the chemical can’t distinguish between viruses and normal cells – here, mutate yourself to take a six day sickness down to five days. Expect lots of people to be red pilled into the cancer wards in a few years. But hey, it’s safe based on a four month worldwide clinical trial of 340 people. Par for the course I guess. Merck Sharpe and Dohme needed to get their government cheese too.

  17. Wow was that first line a doozy! Nothing like the unique sound of a feline heaving a huge hairball or big pile of cat kibble. Thanks for the daily bouts of laughter.

    As far as the fatties are concerned, they’ve been “diapering” for a long time and it’s only recently been plastered all over their faces. How many of these gluttons do you think were popping blood pressure pills, pharmaceutically managing their blood sugar and strapping a cpap to their pie holes before captain trips? They’re sick with despair and food is their drug. Whats coming for them is a kindness not afforded under the old sick care paradigm. As much as I may not like the methods of the eugenicists, the plague of dumb addled compost heaps of all types threatens to pull the rest of us beneath the waves if not corrected. They were a burden well before Barry implemented MittensCare and told the healthy to pay their fair share. The time to grow callous and ensure you and yours survive is now. Nobody can help these creatures. They never even wanted to help themselves.

    • So much truth here, MartKart. Literally stuffing pie holes from sunrise until the evening pre-diabetic coma sets in.

      How could anyone think that is a recipe for longevity? Dr. Snakeoil has a pill so they can keep being a disgusting slob without the heart or liver giving out. The insanity has been all around us for a long time. We have just hit the steep part of the logarithmic growth curve.

  18. I’m gonna be 33 in December, I’m 5’9 and while being 205 isn’t ideal, it’s just skinny fat little bit of stomach that abs and cardio can fix (Also gotta cut down the daily insulin, need to find an endocrinologist who isn’t doesn’t remind me of that scowling, joyless teacher who just bitches instead of teaches, though I’m only going since insurance requires it for my supplies, but I digress)

    I look at the Land Whales, Fat bastards, and other lard asses and wonder how long it’d take them to drop their weight if they just cut out the carbs alone. Under 50g and you start losing weight, they can solve their cravings with Keto, eating bacon and other fatty foods that aren’t loaded with sugars.

    A month of very low to no carbs will make a difference for the fat fucks, combined with just walking 20-30 mins a day, and then the real fun begins once it comes to the gym, provided they wanna make further progress.

    Obesity can be solved, just takes determination and effort, though again, just gotta be resolved to make a difference.

    • Hi Zane,

      I’m about 20 years older than you and still fit into the same waist size 32 pants I wore in high school. I’m 6ft 3 and 220. Not because I just rolled out of bed that way. I work out – hard – every day except Sunday. And I eat carefully, avoiding refined carbs especially. I drink water and coffee (no sugar or cream). No sodas, except occasionally. Turn the FDA’s foods pyramid on its head – and hit the gym – and you’ll be fine.

      • I’d be lighter without the muscles, believe me, got tree trunks and leg press about 720 (machine limit, not mine)

        All thats left is Cardio honestly, and fortunately, been walking nightly since I gotta Bengal who’s got wanderlust and cabin fever, can’t leave my house without him bolting for the door

        As far as your comment RG, 230 was my heaviest, no endo taught me right, it was nutritionists, and I enjoy eating, just sub carbs for fats (macadamias) and being italian, black iced coffee. Another good trick is have them get allergy tested, I cut out allergens and my sugar dropped like a rock.

        As a diabetic for 22yrs, imo, low or no carb is THE Best way to go, only ever have carbs to treat hypoglycemia, and its just a half a spoon full of Manuka honey at most.

        No one said its easy, but its all worth being healthy at the end of the day

      • Turn the food pyramid upside down — ABSOLUTELY. This is the best eating advice there is.

        This whole “eat carbs & not animal fat” comes from a pre determined outcome that was misdiagnosed as fat consumption instead of smoking causing heart disease increase.

        This is the same govt that declares covid shots for all.

    • Hi Zane,

      As a chick who has been on both sides of the scale let me just defend chubby people for a sec.

      I agree with you, Keto or just a low carb diet does wonders for pretty much anybody, but that is if the individual knows about it. One cannot defend someone shoveling cookies in their mouth all day long followed by a gallon of soda. We all know that is bad, but how many doctors and dieticians push the high carb, low fat diets of yesteryear? Lots. I believe some people are trying, but are getting very bad advice.

      Last week, I spent 30 minutes talking with my hairdresser who was just diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. All of the information that her doctor provided to her would only make her situation worse (good for Big Pharma, bad for her). The doctor promoted nothing more than a low fat diet. Low fat = constant hunger = more calories = extra poundage.

      For a generation our society has altered the food pyramid. We push body detoxes, believe there is such a thing as rapid weight loss, and tell people “Sure, you can have it, but it needs to be low fat and low in calories.” Ugh!

      Shall we discuss the crap that they are putting in our foods?

      Do most people know to stay away from carrageenan, BHT, dextrose, high fructose corn syrup, maltodextrin, titanium dioxide, and anything labeled GMO? No, they don’t. They believe the decisions they are making are right. They don’t understand at the end of the day why the scale is higher. Our portion is control is also out of whack. The Europeans have had this nipped in the bud for centuries. They eat only three meals a day (which lunch usually being the largest), they don’t snack, and they are much more active than the average American (walking, biking, swimming, etc.).

      I can easily blame someone for making a bad choice if they have all of the facts at hand. I am not so willing to dump on others who believe they are trying to do right, but are infiltrated by questionable guidance from others who proclaim to be “experts” in their field.

      • **”Do most people know to stay away from carrageenan, BHT, dextrose, high fructose corn syrup, maltodextrin, titanium dioxide, and anything labeled GMO? “**

        Nope! Most have been trained (like a seal) to just look at numbers….”Oh, that has __grams of fat and x-grams of carbs (Funny how they’ve switched to the metric system when it comes to that- like they really don’t want us to grasp “how much” it is!)- They play the numbers game, without respect to the actual content that the numbers come from, or the quality thereof.
        Put feces in a box and call it by a chemical name and if the numbers pass muster they’ll eat it.
        It’s sad that ya never see ‘Mericans making the observation that most Europeans do when they come here: “What the hell is all of that crap in your bread? Why do you Americans need 47 ingredients to make a loaf of bread? In Europe, our bread has flour, water, yeast, salt and maybe a pinch of sugar or shortening”.
        Why do they have real Coke in Mexico (Made with real sugar- not HFCS)( and real ice cream (Made with sugar and cream and fruit!~) -Not that you’d still want to eat it very often…but at least it’s real- not some artifical, even-more-fatting garbage. Maybe one day we’ll again have things as good as a thrid-world country.

        • Hi Nunz,

          I have no doubt that feces probably has been added to our food at some point.

          The only ice cream I will eat is Haagen Dazs, because I can actually pronounce all of the ingredients. FYI their vanilla ice cream – total of 5 ingredients….cream, cane sugar, egg yolks, vanilla extract, and skim milk. If one has to sound out the words, for gosh’s sakes, don’t it!

          • My rule is this: I can’t pronounce the ingredients and it ain’t simple, I’m not eating it.

            Then again, all I really eat is meat as it is, drink more coffee than necessary and keep it simple, so generally not worried.

            Also, be sure to avoid soy, that’s gonna fuck you up no matter how you slice it. All that needs to be said is Soy Boy to paint the end result

          • Haagen Dazs does not have carrageenan? I am super surprised. A few flavors of Bryer’s – not all – is the Only brand in my grocery store which does not have that vile substance in it.
            I spent awhile looking at the ingredients of every single ice cream in the grocery store one day, it’s truly terrible how so many ice cream companies have added that crap to their ice cream. I’m absolutely certain Haagen Dazs was one of them. Perhaps your blend out East is different than the one here in the Midwest?

            Note to Zane:
            Fermented soy is good. Not any other soy, just fermented.

            I would post a Mercola article about it, but it’s been self-censored by our overlords.

            • Helot, almost all soy used for food today is GMO….. It ain’t the soy beans that’re making the li’l eunuchs that way…it’s all of the gene splicing and chemical DNA Monsanto puts in them.

              • A quick search, ‘Are all soybeans genetically modified?’

                A: “In 2018, GMO soybeans made up 94% of all soybeans planted”

                If you’re gonna avoid GMO’s, that certainly narrows things down.
                How many people successfully avoid GMO’s, or even try? Idk.
                One search says, “Nearly all soy—about 94 percent of it in the United States—is genetically engineered”

                Is your beef, pork or chicken GMO-free?
                Your pizza dough? Bread? et al. etc. etc. etc.

                Congrats, if your food supply is GMO-free. I try, but often fail.

                I suppose, if you’re already eating GMO meat or other GMO crops, the health benefits of fermented foods may have significant value, in spite of eating GMO-crap. Know-what-I-mean, Vern?

  19. People eat unhealthy food because they lack comfort in any other aspect of their lives. They don’t bother to examine why they have no comfort, as for instance no liberty at all, but simply seek to ameliorate their discomfort. So they eat, and they eat what makes them feel good. Who can deny that a pint, or a quart, or a gallon of chocolate ice cream makes them feel good? That sugar coated coated chicken wings don’t make one feel good? In spite of the fact that their knees and ankles hurt from supporting so much excess weight? That becomes your problem because they simply cannot deal with their problem. A total lack of awareness, or the denial that they have a problem. Or that the loss of liberty is the problem. Nearly every warm blooded animal has a deep and genetic desire for liberty. Only a few thrive in captivity. Denying it is detrimental.

  20. Those rumors about Pfizer vax made with aborted human fetal cells? TRUE, according to the Pfizer’s own internal emails:

    Pfizer Chief Scientific Officer, Philip Dormitzer, wrote: “HEK293T cells, used for the IVE assay, are ultimately derived from an aborted fetus.

    “On the other hand, the Vatican doctrinal committee has confirmed that they consider it acceptable for Pro-Life believers to be immunized.”


    And the pope says everything’s copacetic. Check!

    • HEK = human embryonic kidney cells

      What was it that Jesus warned about hypocrisy? Or false prophets who will preach in His name?

      • But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.

  21. Apotheosis of evil:

    ‘Pfizer and BioNTech said Thursday they are seeking US Food and Drug Administration emergency use authorization for their COVID-19 vaccine for children ages 5 to 11.

    ‘Last month, Pfizer released details of a Phase 2/3 trial that showed its COVID-19 vaccine was safe and generated a “robust” antibody response in children ages 5 to 11. The trial included 2,268 participants ages 5 to 11 and used a two-dose regimen of the vaccine administered 21 days apart.

    ‘This trial used a 10-microgram dose — smaller than the 30-microgram dose that has been used for those 12 and older.’ — CNN

    We know, with a high degree of confidence, that children die from covid at a rate 350 times lower than seniors. Only 478 kids, total, nationwide, have died from or ‘with’ covid.


    How can there possibly an emergency justifying the use of a risky, experimental covid jab on kids who face almost no serious risk from the disease?

    This total, purblind lack of perspective is the distorted fruit of Prep Act liability immunity for manufacturers, coupled with dirty billions of spewing from the depraved US fedgov.

    Fuck Joe Biden.

    • That video and synopsis is pretty evil. What I am having trouble trying to contemplate is why. I can’t believe it is just because of money. I realize money is what makes the world spin, but to put so much focus on the flu and how it isn’t scary enough. The USSA already doles out 150 million flu shots a year they are already making hand over fist. Fauci’s denial on natural immunity should have him pulled from every position he holds. He is a perfect candidate for the nut house, even better a life time behind bars.

      • I live quite near a University that has a vigorous medical department. Who just today put forth advertisement for “volunteers” for a vaccine experiment on children ages 6 MONTHS to 12 years old! What sane parent would enroll their children is such an experiment? How exactly does a six month old child give informed consent? Given the FACT that those under 25 suffer little to no threat from the virus, there is no reason, at least no sane reason, to inflict the vaccines or vaccine experiments, on minors. NONE! Which makes such evil incarnate.

        • Hi John,

          There is something deeper going on here. Unfortunately, once that is known (and it will be known) those that signed up to be a lab rat will be unable to leave the trial.

          I am curious on the effects and possible ramifications that this has on future generations – babies born today whose parents received the shot. I don’t think most of the public understands that we are at Hell’s Gate – do we really want to enter?

            • Automobiles like most capital equipment use older chip designs that are already proven robust. When govt stepped in and shut most everything down the automakers like idiots canceled their orders. Now they went to the back of the line as those lines made chips for all the work-at-home electronics.

              • Who really needed to buy a bunch of new electronics to “work at home”? It takes a lot of silicon grains of salt for every human to “get their shot.”

                • Company IT departments don’t allow you to connect to their networks with machines they don’t control. I was issued a laptop to do so. Also I purchased a monitor for the work from home set up. It was to be put on my main desktop but well that hasn’t happened yet.

                  • I don’t doubt your personal experience but I haven’t seen anything like that as an explanation in the business press. Usually it’s something about workers at factories in Malaysia or somewhere far away that got the convid or vague “supply chain issues”. I just find it strangely coincident with the needs of nanotechnology and potentially the “warp speed” gov’t influenced requisition of supply.

              • BrentP,

                I’ve heard basically that. And I’ve also heard that the chip makers have marked the older designs as obsolete, and don’t want to keep making them (in some cases, maybe have already stopped).

                And that the automakers were warned, but didn’t prioritize switching over where other industries did, or at least stockpiled to tide themselves over.

                • It’s interesting that, in this post, Eric mentions Evil Mart was out of stock of cell phones, something he’d never seen before. I assume cell phones are chip intensive as well. Yet, all the focus is on cars only. Weird.

                    • Huh? Startpage “chip shortage cell phones.” Did they also fail to “switch over or stockpile. There is more to this…

                    • Let’s see, as a result of the “chip shortage” it’s significantly harder to buy a new cell phone on wheels that tracks/monitors you on the roadways, AND it’s now also significantly harder to buy a new cell phone that tracks/monitors you everywhere and is currently one tech-y way to show your vaxport. That poor business planning by fascistic large business organizations. TPTB must be bummed, huh? Yet, this is all concurrent with an all out coercive “vaccination” program, which some allege, according to well known actual extant nanotechnology, injects a “chip” the size of a grain of salt into you to send/receive data that is powered externally via ultrasonic waves. That is also the injection that you won’t be able to buy or sell without. Wait till Senile Joe or Fraudchi or both come on TeeVee and tell the people how “convenient” their life will be with the equivalent of a cell phone and all of its capabilities inside of them. How “safe” they will be.

        • What I can’t fathom, just have this pit in my stomach even thinking about it, is that very soon, in a matter of weeks, some parents across the country are going to buckle their kids up, drive them to an injection site, and then attend a funeral service for their child a few days later. Kids are going to die, murdered at the hands of their dumbass parents, sacrificed to an idol. As a father, I cannot fathom this. I cannot understand who would do this to a child. May they all burn for this.

          • They will be jabbing those poor innocent children for a sumpin sumpin from the shake shack. Luciferians eliminating their own blood line on the word of their master.

          • That’s a hell of a way to get red pilled.

            No one does that expecting a negative outcome.

            I think it is safe to assume that any parent who does this, is a parent who believes what they are told incessantly on the news. That it is safe, and effective.

            If they start killing kide en masse, which it appears to me that they are about to start doing, the whole thing will unravel quite rapidly and I would not be surprised to see heads on pikes.

            But then again, I thought we would see that after they “locked down” almost the whole damned country.

            • **”f they start killing kide en masse, which it appears to me that they
              are about to start doing, the whole thing will unravel quite rapidly”**

              Never happen. The effects- whether death or *just* debilitating degenerative diseases, in the majority will manifest long enough after they’ve taken the vax so that they will not make the connection….and even if they start to suspect, the same eggspurts whom they trusted about taking the vax, will assure them that the vax had “nothing to do with it”…and they will believe them, just like they believe all of the other BS.
              The few who see the truth clearly are ridiculed and denigrated…and that gives the believers another reason to “believe”- to identify with the “normal people” lest they believe what us ‘kooks’ believe…….

              The overlords have this figured out. They have for a long time, that is how we got here, and why this crap doesn’t just pop up all of a sudden- gradualism.

        • I think they enroll their kids for that $$$

          Kids’ll be pissin on their parents graves, if they live long enough to appreciate the gesture

      • When you consider the average age of the political class it clarifies a lot. They’re afraid of death because they’re so close to it. This is the “forever young” generation, the kids who got whatever they wanted all the time. Now they want eternal life.

        As for Fauxchi, never attribute malice that which is adequately explained by incompetence. Here’s a “medical doctor” who hasn’t ever treated a patient (well, he did do a residency), never worked anywhere except for the NIAID and is well past retirement age. Because he is head of the department, he’s probably got more experience with MS Excel than a stethoscope. The fact that he wears a lab coat on TV should infuriate legitimate researchers. This guy is the archetype of a “suit.”

        • RK,

          No, I don’t think it’s because they’re old. I think they’re afraid of death because they know where they’re going afterwards.

      • RG,

        I had noticed, for the last several years before the ‘rona, increasingly shrill fearmongering about the flu and flu shots. Young people dying etc. Then suddenly all that disappeared and the ‘rona took over.

        I still don’t know what was up with that. Softening everyone up? Dress rehearsal for the main event? Overreacting in the absence of any real problems? Not selling enough vaccines lately?

        • I too, had noticed, for the last several years before the ‘rona, increasingly shrill fearmongering about the flu and flu shots.

          Yard sale type signs & banners sprung up all around the pharmacy’s advertising the – free – flu shot like never before. Elderly people we talked to would always go on & on about how they got the flu shot and that we should as well, in ways I hadn’t come across before. The downsides to these shots and their ineffectiveness to stop the flu fell on deaf ears then as well, just not with the same intensity as today with, The Shot.

          For sure, the Plandemic wasn’t an event, it is a process, one set up incrementally long before 2020.


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