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Many of us didn’t get a sail fawn until relatively recently – within the past ten years, say. I myself didn’t get one until about six years ago, chiefly because I got divorced – and it is hard to date without one, these days.

But what will it be like when you have to have a sail fawn – if you want to be able to (legally) drive. Or bank. Or eat at a restaurant? 

To live?

Dozens of states are working to implement what are styled Digital Driver’s Licenses – using your sail fawn as the mechanism of storing/displaying them. The sell is – as it was with sail fawns, themselves – convenience. The great burden of having to tote around that little card you got from the DMV will be lifted. It will be so much  . . . easier to just flash your driver’s license when needed.

That need, of course, continues to expand. 

That requirement.

Once, a driver’s license was evidence of a license – government’s permission – to drive. Now it is an ID, which is a de facto must-have even if you do not drive. Without one, it is hard to do business at a bank. To get a job. To buy over-the-counter cough syrup (but not to vote – assuming you haven’t got the right to).

But at least it was just an ID.

A digital ID would be much more than just that. By its nature, it would tie in to everything about you that’s on your phone – including, inevitably, your social credit score. Which is the ultimate end game here.

With a conventional – compartmentalized – ID, you don’t hand your life history over to the armed government worker who demands to see it. You hand him the ID and it tells him who you are and that’s all.

It is established fact that armed government workers have the technical capability to electronically hoover whatever else is on your phone beside your ID. Your contacts, your texts – the private pictures you sent to your significant other. It’s all part of the same electronic storage system. All they need is a warrant – or a “mandate.” Perhaps not even that.

In a world of DDLs, your phone becomes in a very real sense the government’s phone, too. One it all-but-forces you to get – and then forces you to  . . . share. 

“The success of (DDLs) depends on stakeholders and relying parties banding together to create a (DDL) environment that is convenient and secure for the end user,” says Christine Nizer, administrator of the Maryland Motor Vehicle Association.

Who are these “stakeholders”?

Could it be people like Nizer?

The people who populate the government-insurance mafia-data-mining nexus that will have ready access not to just to whatever’s on your phone but also to you?

Sail fawns, remember, are connected devices. They connect you to them – those “stakeholders” and “relying parties” mentioned by Nizer. 

Ah, but they will be “convenient.” And “secure” for the “end user.” As in End User Lease Agreement (EULA)?

 Why worry? And if you’ve got nothing to hide?

Apparently, at least 30 states are working on implementing some form of DDL, including Connecticut, Iowa, Kentucky and Oklahoma. “Pilot programs” are already under way in several, including Maryland, Virginia, Louisiana and Utah. The DDL is also being “piloted” by the TSA at commercial airports (private flying is exempt from security kabuki).

Naturally – unsurprisingly – the makers of sail fawns are “partnering” with the other “stakeholders” to see this through. Apple, for instance, says the latest iteration of its sail fawn operating system (iOS 15) will “support” it.     

Of course. Naturally.

Why would Apple – and Google – not “support” it? These data-greedy outfits make their money by mulcting information about you and then selling it. Government, meanwhile, is equally greedy for information about you – both for monetary and other reasons. How  . . . convenient would it be – for the government – to be able to pinpoint exactly where you are at any given moment and to know where you’ve been – whenever it likes? How much easier would it be to control the person who is always carrying around a transponder device that is constantly collating information about the person carrying it?

It goes without saying – it should go without saying – that information about your “vaccination” status will also be stored on the same sail fawn, making it more . . . convenient to deny entry/service to those who are not fully “vaccinated.”

And many other such things, besides.

Including, ultimately, your “privilege” to drive – when it becomes conditional on obtaining a DDL and carrying it with you at all times. Those who don’t will lose that “privilege,” as well as many other things, besides. Including everything that is currently conditional upon showing a government-approved ID.

Unless, somehow, a way can be found to make DDLs 100 percent optional.

The best way to do that, of course, would be to resurrect the once taken-for-granted right to travel without permission – a right which cannot be exercised without being able to use the public right-of-way without permission.

Most of the abuses we suffer have been visited upon us by transforming rights into privileges – which always have conditions.

It is why we’re obliged to beg leave to drive – and soon may have to beg leave to carry around a tracking device in order to be allowed to do that.

And many other things, besides.

. . .

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    • Ditto, Jack –

      My DL is up for renewal come 2026. If I have to go “digital” to do that I’m done. I will hoist the black flag and live as an outlaw. Which already do in spirit – and fact – in many ways!

  1. Another great idea from .gov. Wasn’t it President Reagan that said the scariest phrase in the English language was: “Hello, I’m from the government and I’m here to help you”. No thanks, I’ll stick to a license in my wallet and a flip phone in my pocket. Of course the way .gov works, if
    the Founding Fathers were still around they’d all be in Gitmo.

  2. While I don’t necessarily have issue with the pocket computer (and I recall about 22 years ago having the Casio E-100 and then the E-125, PDAs that ran “Pocket” Windows, later termed Windows CE, or “WinCE”) that also doubles as a mobile telephone, I do have issue with it becoming, in effect, the human “ear tag”.

    Yes, so much is being pushed to use apps on your cell phone (“tap and pay”, “Google Wallet”, etc.) to conduct routine transactions; part of the step to eliminate currency, along with financial anonymity. But already law enforcement and judicial practice, while not strictly rendering cash ILLEGAL, have made it risky…but not from some “free-lancing” would-be robber, but from a so-called “peace officer”, who can LEGALLY waylay someone with a wad of “dead presidents”. Worse, (s)he doesn’t even have to charge you with a crime, let alone secure a conviction for same, only allege that it must be the fruits of or the means to conduct illicit commerce, usually “drug money”. So, as use of “sail fawns” becomes more and more the default mode of consumer commerce, who’s to say that if pulled over, or otherwise accosted, even at your residence, by an AGW, they might be allowed to demand you present it to them, to be checked for anything “suspicious”, with money debited from your bank account until the matter is “adjudicated”…which, if it actually is, your funds are confiscated ANYWAY. Or, if pulled over for a moving violation, which is still a civil complaint, your bank account or credit card is charged the statutory fine(s) and “penalty assessment” (a royal fucking-over in the once- “Golden” State, amounting to typically 235% of the statutory fine) before the cop will give it back to you, OR, your ride is able to continue merrily down the road.

    Now, suppose you have your device locked and/or password-protected? Well, ASSuming “Big Tech” hasn’t already set up the devices’ OS to be overridden by LEOs, I can see where cop-friendly courts will rule that locking out or passwording your phone is “probable cause” that you must be up to something illegal, giving them the legal pretense to circumvent your Fourth Amendment rights, which will be, for all practical purposes, DEFUNCT. Already the FBI takes the position that if you use a VPN, that’s “probable cause” of wrongdoing with a computing device, i.e., “money laundering” or trafficking in “child porn”, and, AFAIK, no Federal court has overruled them.

    • Hi, Douglas,
      San Berdoo Co. Sheriff’s deputies have taken to jacking armored cars, claiming the cash they carry is “illegal drug money.”

      One armored car service has publicly stated their armored vehicles will no longer enter San Bernardino County, because they have been robbed twice by County “law enforcement,” to the tune of more than US$1,000,000 in total. Some of that business’s customers are (perfectly legal) cannabis sellers, which provided the excuse used by the AGWs.

      So far, I have not heard of “law enforcement” hijacking fuel tankers, but if fuel prices double again, to $10/gallon, nothing would surprise me.

      If AGWs wish to examine the cellphone in my ’89 F150, they are welcome to do so. It is a Motorola transceiver, about the size of a library book, which is attached to the bulkhead behind the driver’s seat. The handset was was stolen long ago, but the glass mount antenna is in the glove box, and the coax is stuffed up behind the headliner. Knock yourselves out, guys.

      • Hi Turtle,

        Of all the many outrages performed by armed government workers, this “civil forfeiture” business is among the worst. It is nothing less than banditry performed by the people supposedly charged with the responsibility of combatting it. The mere possession of cash – in any amount – can be construed as “drug money” and simply taken. No charges, no need to convict the person robbed of any crime. They just take his money. And the pinnacle of outrageousness is that if he tries to prevent it, they will kill him or charge him with assault upon law enforcement.

        This sort of thing is an example in proof of the statement that we live in a lawless society, in spite of all the laws.

  3. The bottom line is eventually anyone who believes in liberty will be an outlaw. So be it.

    I am an Outlaw, I was born an Outlaw’s son
    The highway is my legacy
    On the highway I will run
    In one hand I’ve a Bible
    In the other I’ve got a gun…
    Eagles Outlaw Man

  4. Yeah, if I have to go digital with a driver’s license, that’ll be when I get a cheapy prepaid (as a second phone) and it will essentially live in the car. I won’t use it for any voice or text or anything else. Will be a PITA but with prepaid, as long as I make sure it doesn’t become unfunded it’ll be cheaper than my primary sail fawn.

    • And if someone steals your car and kills someone else in accident, the thief using your licence can put the blame on you. Or the state can then put the blame on you for leaving your licence in the car, and you become liable. Do you see where this is going? At a minimum, you will have to spend considerable money to defend yourself against someone else’s crime.

      • Many years ago, I heard, from engineers involved in its development, that the B-2 bomber stores some of the software vital for its operation on a removable storage device which is kept separate from the aircraft for security reasons.

        When the aircraft is to be flown, the flight crew carries the software pack onto the aircraft and installs the software. According to what I was told, the aircraft is loading software as it taxis.

        If the state requires an “electronic driving license,” a type of software, to be carried in an auto in order to “legally” operate it, it could normally be stored on a dedicated storage device separate from the vehicle. Normal “storage mode” would have the RSD (a.k.a. “cell phone”) which contains the EDL connected to a charging station but powered down.

        Operating Procedure:
        1. When the vehicle is to be operated, the RSD containing the EDL is disconnected from the charging station, placed in a Faraday bag, and loaded onto the vehicle, though still powered down.
        2. In case “law enforcement” demands access to the EDL, the software pack (“cell phone”) can be removed from the Faraday bag and powered up for inspection of the software carried on it.
        3. Following inspection of the software by “law enforcement,” the RSD is powered down and returned to its Faraday pouch.
        4. At the conclusion of the sortie (“trip”) the Faraday pouch containing the RSD which hosts the EDL is removed from the auto and the RSD is returned to its charging station.

        In this way,
        1. The RSD is always fully charged.
        2. The RSD is securely stored when the vehicle is not underway.
        3. Location of the RSD and its hosted EDL remains confidential and private at all times, except during encounters with “law enforcement.”
        4. Access to the EDL requires powering up the RSD upon request by “law enforcement,” which will require several minutes to load the RSD’s OS before the EDL can be accessed. This may be an inconvenience to “law enforcement,” but should be perfectly legal.

        It is possible that newer vehicles could have the capability of loading an EDL directly into the auto’s OS, thus preventing operation without a valid EDL onboard. This could be further constrained to require the EDL of the licensed owner, or his designated alternate (“lending” the auto). As an anti-theft feature, the loaded EDL might be disabled via a code, making it possible to walk away from the auto without worrying about theft. An “emergency code” might disable the auto in such a way that it could not be easily re-enabled, such as by unauthorized persons (car jackers). I can see the possibility of retrofitting such technology to older vehicles, which might become popular, provided it is reasonably priced..

          • *Plenty* of technology is “easily perverted.” Our task, if we choose to accept the mission, is to do our best to prevent perversions, and deal with the “deviated preverts” who attempt to purvey them.

            Most people here have some level of technical knowledge, and therefore functioning BS detectors. It is *past* time to not let the idiots be in charge of anything.

            If you can conceive the perverted idea of a “trip permit,” you should be able to conceive a way to defeat it. Spy vs. spy. Measures and countermeasures. Das Wehr kontra die Abwehr.

            Tip of the hat to the Canadian truckers who are among those showing the way.

  5. Something scary happened the other day – not sure if I mentioned, the wifey tested positive for “convid” and now has to do the 10 day mandated quarantine. She has been fine for about 5 days now, but still has to stay home. Well fuck that -yesterda was a good day and we had to do a lot out, so went off. As we went, we thought we’d turn her phone off. As we were doing so – a message came on “still tracked when off”. Im thinking WTF….. how can they even do that !! This was despite turning all tracking crap off….

    • There is only one way to totally shut down a cell phone. a Faraday cage of some sort. From wrapping it in Aluminum foil, to putting it in a metal candy box. Or, one of the Faraday bags specifically made for the purpose.

      • Yeah, I bought a faraday bag on Amazon for whenever I don’t want to be tracked or recorded. I also have those sticky dots you put on the cameras, of course those keep falling off! It’s now widely known that the iPhone (at least) takes a front-facing infrared picture every few seconds.

        They also record any audible sounds routinely as well. How often, I’m not sure. Maybe perpetually… most likely.

      • ..or you could just leave it at home. For the majority of my life that is where the phone was and somehow we managed to survive.

  6. I still have my original cell phone, a Motorola transceiver about the size of a library book, which is mounted on the bulkhead behind the seat of my 1989 Ford F150. I was an “early adopter “of the technology, which was very useful to me in the distant past, when I earned my living on construction sites. These days, I have one for emergency use only.

    Twice, I have been pulled over by an AGW who thought I was using a cellphone while driving (illegal in CA) because I was resting my head on my elbow, propped on the driver’s window of my car. The first guy was pretty cool about it, and we actually had a pleasant conversation about various topics.

    Second AGW, not so much. I told him I did not have a cell phone, which was the truth. He said, “No, not *now*,” to which I responded, truthfully, “You don’t understand. I do not *OWN* a cell phone.” He found this hard to believe, and stated, “Well, you must be the only person in the world who doesn’t have one.” I responded, “That may be so. Nonetheless, it is the truth.”

    Taken aback, he thereupon inflated himself to maximum volume, and allowed as how, if I were lying to him, I would have to answer to St. Peter. (I swear I am not making this up). Having managed, in his own mind, to “save face,” he f*ed off. What else could he do? I guarantee you I was not about to let him search my car, though I had nothing to hide.

    For the record, if I ever *do* have to “answer to St. Peter,” talking on a cell phone without permission” will be the least of my worries.

    • Oh! Gotta love that! “Answer to St. Peter”…. But of course, St. Pete will be just fine with the pig mulcting people with the threat of violence and caging, for having done nothing other than violating some statute (if they even did as much) invented by a bunch of devils, which are in no way a violation of God’s law- while his conduct IS!

      Modern-day Pharisees!

      It’s like these Marines who were complaining that their religious exemptions to being vaxxed were being denied…… Their religion forbids them from harming themselves…but to do the dirty-work of tyrants and murder in their name is just fine and not against their religion……..

      These are the most dangerous kind of people because they justify the evil they do as if it were righteousness- and the innocent and truly righteous are their avowed enemies.

  7. My current, soon to be former, employer has always been cheap as heck in giving tech devices to their employees. It is why I have/had a 4g flip phone to replace the 3g flip phone. In the tech industry I work in and when I whip out a flip phone, the customers remark how long it has been since they have seen a flip phone. …

    Well, the company decided to get us all spiPhone 11s. Because it had all the “capabilities” they needed over other phones. This naturally made the hair on my neck stand up when it was said. I know its not the latest-greatest version of the spiPhone, but they must have gotten a decent deal on them and have plans to use their capabilities for internal purposes.

    As soon as we received them we were supposed to do a whole big deal of instructions to bring the phone online with the company. I was immediately suspicious. At first, the spiPhone was working properly but I hadn’t downloaded all of the software they wanted me to. Shortly after, the phone quit working properly. I can receive phone and text but cannot send either. I sent an email to IT detailing my issue, but never got a response. No biggie, I’m an android person and hate the spiPhone. Over a month, no response from IT. …

    So I turn in my resignation and shortly after get a call from IT saying they had a request to call techs and find out if their devices were working properly. *cough*”BS”*cough*. I’m the leader of my team and no one on my team has received a call from IT despite needing tablets and laptops for an extended period of time for themselves. I have received failure to deliver picture messages with the company phone for photos I did not send ever since the phone quit working properly. I figure my employer had no reason to spy on me until they thought there might be reason to. Suddenly IT gave me the “fix” but I have not implemented it. I firmly believe that my employer is spying on me unConstitutionally. They will never admit it.

    I strongly recommend at this point that if you have an employer provided device in your personal home to never bring it into your home.

    • ” I firmly believe that my employer is spying on me unConstitutionally. ”

      This brings up a realization that I had not long ago about Rights. Rights are endowed by The Creator (open ended enough for anyone to realize Rights are part of humanity’s nature prior to the establishment of any organization, e.g. GovCo) as Jefferson wrote in The Declaration. He went on ta add that “in order to secure these Rights, governments are instituted”.

      What this means is, Jefferson recognized that our Rights could and were abused by institutions OTHER than government. Government was supposed to DEFEND US against such usurpations. Now, however, we only think in terms of GovCo abusing our Rights. The concept laid out initially in The Declaration is turned on its head. We now have our Rights abused by private concerns AND the Government!

      What makes it even worse is the fact that so-called libertarians DEFEND the abusive actions of private institutions to restrict our God-given Rights. No one seems to want to recognize private abuse and denial of our Rights. All we get is, “if you don’t like it don’t shop/work there” kinds of sophistry. It’s a self-imposed blindness to the fact that people with guns will stop you from starting your own business and limit what business you CAN start by the myriad of Byzantine laws, regulations and ordinances.

      We are in The Matrix.

  8. Funny too: It’s getting to the point where in order to use many products that one buys, a smart phone is necessary. Freind o’mine bought a drill…a freaking DRILL- and in order to be able to check the battery’s level of charge and use some of the other features, he had to install an ‘app’ on his tracking device.

    I asked him if he was O-K with the manufacturer of the drill, Google/Apple, various other ‘partners’ and the government having intimate knowledge of how and where and when he uses his drill, all by it interacting with and being tracked by that app. He didn’t believe me- that it was all tracked and shared- so I referred him to the user agreement (Which he always just clicks “I Agree” to, without reading).

    Now he’s like “Well I’m not doing anything illegal, so who cares?”. Yes…no one cares about their privacy- much less ours- and they don’t care now…but when what they do becomes illegal, or maybe they see by the amount of usage that someone is using a tool professionally without a license and or without paying “their fair share” [puke], and they get a demand in the mail or a personal visit….then maybe they’ll care…but it’ll be too late- it already is too late.

    Liberty doesn’t have to be taken…most people just give it away.

    • Nunzio – it is funny, how they can make an app for every pointless thing – for example during “covid” our office was re-fitted. the new desks – have an app!! Adjustable height – but if you’re so lazy you cant reach to the end of the desk and press the button – you can do it from your phone ! The miracle of modern technology. I mean I was laughing at irons and washing machines with apps- but the craziest had to be a “smart” extractor fan for your bathroom! I kid you not – someone here made a bathroom exhaust fan which needed an app!!! WTF !!! I guess the idea is when you’re bored of scrolling on your phone while sitting on the crapper – you can adjust the speed of the exhaust fan without standing up!!!

      • Phillips makes a Sonicare toothbrush with a cell phone control. Costs an extra $100. I suppose in case I want to pretend to brush my teeth while elsewhere?

      • Hi Ya NAsir!

        What amazes me, is that people actually go for this stuff! They even gladly pay for it! They just don’t care. “Look at me! I’m James Bond and Buck Rogers rolled into one! Weeee!”. They call it “progress”; meanwhile, the only thing that is progressing is the darkness which is spreading across the face of the earth. I know a guy who does medical/Christian mission trips to Central and South America and Asia…. He says that even in the poorest little villages the phones have become ubiquitous. Some people don’t own shoes…but they have a smart phone…. We’re doomed. Hmmm…I see a need for a virtual shoe app. How about a thong strap that attaches the phone to ones foot, so they can hop around on one foot, using the phone as a flip-flop?

        • Morning, Nunz!

          There is something literally addictive about these devices. Even I have fallen into it. I don’t use my phone for any other purpose besides making calls and sending texts but I do make more calls (and send more texts) in a day than I used to in several days or even a week. And I have gotten into the bad habit of carrying it with me when I go out (though I usually leave it in the car). Apparently, the people who designed these things are well aware of the addictive nature of them and work it. We’re all – almost all – electronic crack addicts now.

  9. Cell phones became monsters when they were REQUIRED to have GPS, so they would know from where you made your 911 call. For your “safety’, of course. I’ve had three of them. The two previous “obsoleted” by signal compatibility. Including the last because 3g is no more, or soon won’t be. The very first thing I do upon getting one is turn off everything that will turn off that doesn’t affect phone calls and texts. Of course much of the crap still runs in the background. GPS for example, to keep you “safe”. If they become required, will the Psychopaths in Charge give you one? Or will they be like the POS COVID tests for the unvaccinated, and be at your expense? I’ve seriously considered going back to a land line, and taking my chances on the road. Like I did for the first 45 years of my life. Which I obviously lived through. May do so when the weather warms up and I can get a timely install.

  10. Government is jealous of the Chinese Communist Party. The “free world” leaders know they can’t just force this stuff like the Chicoms did, so they roll out the marketeers to talk up the benefits.

  11. Everyone is being forced to use to a “smartphone” now, as the networks are obsoleting 3G, which is purging the phone grid of the older “dumbphones”. Yes, if you get a 4G flip phone, it will likely have all the abilities and pitfalls of any lower end twonky out there. There will no longer be any good burner phones.

    I recently had to decide what I wanted as a replacement for my, still functioning, 8 year old Motorola dumbphone. What I ended up purchasing runs Android 11, and I’ve very much not impressed. It sits will withing the clutches of Google, and there’s no way to completely free it of that. Switching to a Linux-based unit when I get a chance.

  12. No one needs to interact with you to hoover up every aspect of data on any internet/ network connected device that passes the many public scanners or is manually scanned remotely. One of the purposes of the scamdemic was to make this known under the term contact tracing.

  13. I was just thinking yesterday about why is government even involved in issuing drivers licenses? I don’t recall that being in the Constitution.

  14. A cell phone is essentially a “government tracking device.” That thing spits out your GPS coordinates to a satellite that the government put into outer space every five seconds. Any search engine information you Googled on it can easily be retrieved by the government, so basically it is also a window into your mind. All e-mails and phone numbers you contacted can also be retrieved by the government, so they can know everyone you have been in contact with.

    For many years I had a simple flip-phone that could be turned OFF and not tracked unless I specifically turned it on and used it. It was for emergencies only, and it was CHEAP. I recently had to “upgrade” to a smart phone because of the 5G requirements, otherwise my old phone would no longer work.

    I actually detest the thing, and I immediately disabled most of the useless apps on it. I will be getting a Faraday pouch to put it in so it cannot be tracked when i do not want to use it.

    Unfortunately the new federally-approved “Real ID” plastic drivers’ licenses are also trackable, as they have an RFID in them. I keep that one in a Faraday pouch too.

    The sad fact is that you are not living in a free country. Hitler and Stalin and Castro and Honecker ran brutal dictatorships with primitive wiretaps and paper files on people stored in filing cabinets. They would have had multiple orgasms if they had had access to today’s government tracking technology…

  15. My line in the sandcement has already been well established- ain’t gettin’ no spy phone…no matter what. Let the pieces fall where they may. Came close to having to ditch the emergency dumb-phone recently, due to planned obsolescence of older phones and the demise of the burner-phone model…so it probably won’t be long before that’s gone too, and then I’ll be phone-less- which is fine, as I don’t use the damned thing anyway, ‘cept for the rare breakdown on the road.

    This virtual DL scheme in conjunction with the COVID psy-op will give them the perfect opportunity to chip people with all of the crap that a SIM card (or whatever a smart phone uses) contains, so that people can’t swap IDs by swapping phones- or, as they will style it “To prevent identity theft and protect you”.

    The noose is tightening to the point of strangulation….how many will flee to the wilderness to maintain their liberty and humanity, or die before knuckling under?

    The wilderness is our only option- accept it or not. And if they knock me off before I can get to Patagonia, so be it- I’ll die a man- and I’ve had a great life, and hate this new world they (including all the fools who go along with it) have created…so either way, I win.


    • Indeed, Nunz –

      For me, the issue will present a hard-deck choice. I won’t be able to test drive new cars anymore if I no longer have a “valid” DL. But I will not get a digital DL or even wear a Diaper to renew my current one. So I’ll be sans permission. So be it. I can still write – and I can (hopefully) still live even deeper in The Woods, should it come to that.

      FJB, indeed!

      • Hey Eric!
        I might be able to slide for a few more years, as my DL is coming up for renewal, and I can do it online now…so I may be good for another 4 years, anyway- and by then, assuming my mother doesn’t make it to 101, I may just be able to sneak out of here….. (And thankfully, here in KY we still have the option of not getting a “Real ID” DL- No gold star for me, thank you!).

        And quite frankly…in 4 years, what with the possibility of those speed cameras being everywhere; parts becoming harder to get for older vehicles, and who knows what other detriments they’ll erect by then, digital DL or not, it may just be better not to drive and just hire someone for necessary rides- someone who doesn’t care about the costs financially or liberty-wise.

        Hey…do you really even enjoy test-driving these modern cookie-cutter cell-phone-on-wheels abominations anymore, anyway? Can you iamgine what a 2026 model would be like?

        • You and Jeeves have a *real* good time now, y’hear?”
          Great to know you can afford a “gentleman’s gentleman.”
          Ein Prost.
          Oderwiess, erfordert muss sie haben ein Handy ein Goober (a.k.a. Johhny Cab) auffordern, nicht war?

          • Tell ya the truth, Turtle, it would be cheaper than owning my own vehicles. Give someone $50 for a shopping run a couple of times a month. I mean, the loss of autonomy and having to be in someone else’s company would suck…but it would be cheaper than owning and maintaining 2 vehicles, insurance, registration, taxes, gas…..

        • Nunzio,
          You are on a ROLL, Kudos Sir!
          I’m 48 hrs back from some weird dream state…start my morning cigar loop in my high falutin chevy 2007 cobalt LS here in FL and I pass a crowded out driveway and front lawn PACKED with 6 identical white SUV./..crosswhatevers ….guess what!
          When I slowed to a crawl in amazement….there was:
          A lexus;
          Rav4 Toyota;
          some kind of Hyundai;
          some kind of Chevy…
          as well as 2 others THAT ALL LOOKED IDENTICAL…..UTA…indeed.

          It’s time to get out of Dodge!


            >In 2008, Arizona motorists found a way to disable speed cameras without facing any legal repercussions. By placing post-it notes on the lenses of the freeway cameras, the devices were unable to issue tickets. Individuals involved with the action told TheNewspaper at the time that local law enforcement had assured them, as long as no permanent damage was done, they would not face a vandalism charge. The attacks also included a dig at the lawbreaking of Redflex, the company that installed the cameras. Each note bore the message “honest mistake” in reference to the firm’s casual response to charges of document falsification delivered to the Arizona Secretary of State on a post-it note.

            Ultimately, the head of US operations for Redflex, Karen Finley, was released from federal prison in 2018 after she served time for bribing city and state officials to encourage the use of speed and red light cameras. More than twenty politicians, lobbyists and government officials have been convicted of corruption related to automated ticketing in the US alone (view full list).

    • Hi Nunz,
      They’re getting ever closer to requiring the Mark of the Beast to exist in the USSA; maybe not an actual mark but an implanted chip or something you’ll have to wear around your neck, like a dog collar with license attached, to remind you of your status in their eyes. I’m too old to relocate and start over so I absolutely will stand my ground; more than ready to die on my feet than live on my knees.

      • Amen, Mike! At some point, we have to just stop complying and just let the chips fall where they may- whatever the price. Our hand is being forced, and the ultimate question of w(W)ho we will ultimately serve is before us.

        It’s all coming together: Vaccine passports; contact tracing; digital DLs, and smart phones. Any one of those things on their own would be bad enough- but those, and more, all being amalgamated really paints the picture of where this is all going- and now it is all being enabled by 5G (Thanks, Donald!).

        Hey, at least us old farts got to enjoy some truly good times. I feel sorry for the young’uns who have never seen and experienced what we have…and never will.

    • Nunzio,
      Heaven Forbid! I assume the “Patagonia or Bust” type comment was meant to relate a sense of remoteness.
      Take it from me, the place is simply too extreme in its geographic “concentrations” to enjoy.
      That is, ridiculous up 22,000ft Andean mountains plunging down into the Argentine pampas, as flat Kansas, to trail off eastward to meet an entirely too frigid South Atlantic Ocean. No Thanks.
      I suggest giving a city called Salcedo located in the DR a chance.
      Just stick a pin in it on a map and a draw a 25 mile radius around….Congratulations, you’ve hit the sweet spot.

      Good luck whatever you decide!

      • >frigid South Atlantic Ocean
        That is what wet suits are for. 🙂

        [risible parody #1]
        If everybody had an ocean,


        Everybody’s goin’ surfin’,
        Surfin’ in SA.

        [risible parody #2]
        Patagonia here I come,
        Down in that South American sun.
        I’m takin’ mi coche
        To old Bariloche,
        Patagonia here I come!

        Guten tag, herr Wolf!
        Wie gehen sie heute?
        [background music continues unabated, (unfortunately)]

      • I’ll look into the DR, Lick. I’ve never thought much of it. We had some DR communities in NY where I’d occasionally have to do business…and the people were pretty dysfunctional and nasty- but I know often times, the ‘worst ones’ come here, and they’re not necessarily representative of what one finds in their country of origin.

        I don’t know that much about Patagonia…and I know that if there are any good places, they’d be hard to get to (But then, that’s sort of the point). There’s gotta be some big areas of wilderness somewhere which are suitable for self-sufficient living……in some temperate part of some continent….

        The tyrants have made this world very small these days…..

        • The worst thing is, with the US always messing with Haiti…Uncle seems a little too close for comfort…… Probably run into Hitlery Clinton or something!

    • “The wilderness is our only option- accept it or not.”

      They have long since been cutting off trailheads and access to the great wide open. They have planned for the likes of you already.

      • Heh, yeah, JRK- That’s why my aim has always been to get out of the US. Here, forget it- One just makes themself a ‘suspect’ by living off remotely in the wilderness- and the surveillance is everywhere. People doing so in the middle of the desert in CA., NV, etc. get visits from the gendarmes and kicked off their own land…..

        Gotta be somewhere where they just don’t have the resources or the interest…not here, where they have government planes crisscrossing the sky and assume one is an escaped felon if they’re off on their own- or where it’s illegal to collect and save and collect water or live off-the-grid, etc.

        And pretty much any wilderness left here is ‘government land’ (Even though our constitution says there should be no such thing).

      • Exactly how are they cutting off trailheads and access? Putting up signs? Barricades that can be torn down? Surely not manning such points of entry. At least not all. What I have proposed regarding those concerned abut Billy G or China buying up farm land is move in and farm it. There’s no way they can keep control of access to such property. In the rural county I live in there are a few corporate holdings, which I treat as parks. No one lives there. Guards are not posted. So if I want to hunt them I do. Or at least I did when I was less old. There are opportunities, though one may have to be a bit bold and take some risk to use them.

  16. This article got me to thinking about the interviews C.A.F. has had with Greg Hunter where she details how The Power Elite wish to commodify human slavery, that is, to make claims upon slaves certain & trackable in order to re-institute it, albeit called by a different name, of course.

    She mentioned how in the past, claims of ownership couldn’t be proven, that was the flaw in the slave trade. High tech fixes that, or so it seems.

    Long ago I used to see a driver’s license as a privilege, or perhaps as a road tax. In the State I live in, when a person moves they have 20 days to contact the D.M.V. and update them with the new address or else the driver’s license is considered ‘expired’.

    Funny how an out-of-date ‘expired’ driver’s license isn’t accepted by most places as a valid ID and one with an address older than 20 days is invalid according to any State entity.

    Is a ‘driver’s license’ just another name for, slave card? …Cattle tags?

    A related tale, “The Wild and Free Pigs of the Okefenokee Swamp”:

  17. We suffer from a problem that we are trained in govt schools, TV, media, Hollywood, etc that America is good & those who are not our friends are bad.

    This is to be automatic and unquestioned.

    We here, should all be able to see that America (govt) is not good. The US is not what we have been lead to believe.

    Our institutions are controlled by those who want to rule the world, right down to your individual choices.

    Trust none of them.

    • You have no idea how RIGHT you are! Just take a gander at John Taylor Gatto’s “Underground History of American Education”…

  18. Your sail fawn will also have your toll tag at some point.

    Not in the near future, however. I’ve seen the inside of the systems integration contractors, and the amount of sheer stupidity would astound you, starting with the room temperature IQs of the quota hires in charge of monitoring the progress of the projects with titles like Scrum Master (I’m not kidding).

    To be fair, I’ve been out of the game for a couple of years, but I doubt things have changed. The project to watch close to The Woods, as I’ve noticed before, is the “FredEx”, the Fredericksburg extension of the private toll lanes on I-95. If that gets delivered this year, maybe things are turning around at that integrator.

  19. If you don’t have any dic pics to hide, you have nothing to fear.

    Seriously, this should be fought against with with every last drop of blood. You make a great point Eric, in that my right to freely use the roadways is a gift granted to me from god, not some privilege conferred from the nanny state. It will be this way til they kill me, or I die of a cold. Officer friendly and his merry band of hut hutters can pound sand.

    ATT recently shut of my phone because it was so old. Went to Verizon to get another flip phone. Trying to get the Minimum wage worker to understand I didn’t want any data, only the ability to talk and text when Im driving almost made his head explode. Its only 32$ a month, which becomes 50$ after adding Uncles fees and taxes.

    • I thought I was the only Neanderthal still using a flip phone! Mine has 4G, which is more than enough for my needs, i.e. to talk and text with people.

      • A frugalista, at ~ $8.50 per month, a flip phone rocks!

        Also, yah, John Taylor Gatto’s stuff was very enlightening. More parents & “educators” should be aware of the content.

        • JTG’s book showed the rough outline of a behind the scenes conspiracy, the NWO, if you please. If you look at who was behind gov’t schools, your eyes will be opened…

      • Being a neanderthal has it advantages Mark. Those Gieko commercials years ago about cave men. meant to make fun of us. reminded me that I can make fire, something very few of the fags in this modern world are capable of without the assistance of Bic or zippo.

    • Greetings, Mr. Franklin,

      I whole heartedly agree that the right to travel by automobile shall not be infringed by the people masquerading as “government”. It is a right we all have, and we have every right to take it back.

      For my sail fawn I use page plus. It runs on the verizon network so it has good coverage. I’m on the $80 a year plan and since I don’t use it much I have rolled over several hundred dollars for future use. Unfortunately I will have to upgrade to a 4g phone at some point when my 3g becomes obsolete. Perhaps I’ll go with an iPhone of some sort.(?)

      (Not really advertising, just sharing what has worked well for me.)

      Hope you have a great day.

      • Hi Adam, I was able to go month to month with Verizon after leaving ATT. I purchased their Orbic phone for a hundred bucks. The thing is nowhere near as good as my Samsung Rugby which ATT disabled. I’ll check out your link as I’m sure at some point Verizon will do the same thing to me ATT did.

    • I pay Tracfone just under $US$11/mo for basic wireless service.
      I have more “minutes ” than I will ever use, because the cell service is only for emergencies.
      Don’t know what “gee’ it is, but my basic LG flip phone cost $29.95 @ Best Buy.
      It sits on my desk, fully charged, power OFF, in case of emergency. My land line is VOIP via ISP, so It could fail in case ISP goes offline, which has happened. Still, I do not need the cell phone unless a) the house is on fire, or b) the Manson family shows up, *and* I have run out of ammo (NBL, mate).


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