1989 Again?

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Tiananmen Square happened 33 years ago, in China. It is perhaps about to happen again – in Canada.

The country’s’ GC dictator – the word is accurate because even though Justin Trudeau was elected, he has been ruling by decree for some time now – just announced his determination to continue imposing his will against all who dare to express opposition to it via Canada’s Emergencies Act.

And there is an “emergency,” alright.

The psychological power of the Cult of Sickness Eternal is waning – and along with it, the powers of people like Justin Trudeau. Or rather, the willingness of a waxing number of Canadians to put up with the power-grabbing of people like Justin Trudeau. He and those like him can feel it slipping from their grasp and the sensation must be terrible.

The people are on to them.

And they have had enough.

Trudeau is smart enough – in his feral way – to understand the significance of the Freedom Convoy, the mass gathering of truckers who simply want to transport the food and other goods people want from point to point without being forced to assume the risks of being injected with these “vaccines” that have been proven to be both ineffective as vaccines as well as alarmingly unsafe (viz, the unprecedented number of people who have died after having been injected – including healthy young athletes – or suffered terrible “adverse events,” as these life-altering side-effects are styled).

Leaving aside the fundamental issue behind all of this, which is the righteous outrage at being told everyone must obey  . . . whatever people like this Trudeau creature say.

The people of Canada have had enough.

The convoy – it is not merely the truckers but all the people who gathered to show support for the truckers – is a visible refutation of one of the absolutely critical elements of the weaponization of hypochondria – i.e., the impression that everyone supports it. That those who don’t are a tiny minority of very bad, very misguided people.

The perception of unanimity is achieved by making it appear that everyone agrees with what people like Trudeau say. As by keeping them isolated. As by keeping them off the streets.

As by forcing them to wear “masks.”

It is why “mask mandates” were imposed by people like Trudeau. It was critically important to make it look like everyone was terrified and more – that everyone believed. This also served to demoralize those who didn’t – by making them question their own sanity.

It is also why the rescission of these “mandates” is being fought with the fierce and desperate tenacity of the rat, cornered. Once people aren’t forced to wear them, many won’t.

That looks bad – for those who want to maintain the impression of universal belief in the tenets of the Cult of Sickness Eternal.

It is also why Trudeau is reacting exactly that way – like a cornered rat – with regard to the truckers and their allies, who provide a glaring visual refutation of his characterization of anyone who disputes the necessity or the morality of turning the country into a hospital ward with “patients” imprisoned therein and forced to submit to medical procedures in order to be allowed to walk the halls as  . . . a tiny minority of very bad, very misguided people. 

Who are  also probably racists, misogynists and worse, as Trudeau has characterized them.

But it is difficult to make this stick when people can see.

When the streets are filled with thousands and thousands of ordinary Canadians who have simply had enough of having their lives turned upside down by people like Justin Trudeau – who have used the pretense of “public health” to assume dictatorial powers. People who – it is now very clear – will never willingly surrender the power they have assumed.

And perhaps not without a fight.  

Which may now be inevitable, given what Trudeau has already done – and what he is probably going to do.

Because what else can Canadians do, given that? 

Under the Emergency Act – which has never before been activated in Canada’s history – the government has been empowered by itself to use any means necessary to trample those who object into the dirt.

Irrespective of Canada’s Charter, the analog to America’s Bill of Rights, which describes the powers the government does not have, such as simply declaring any public assembly to be “illegal and dangerous,” the seizing of people’s bank accounts without even the pretense of due process, the use of government goons to arrest and cage people for peacefully publicly airing their disagreement with the policies of people like Justin Trudeau.

Among other things, government thugs have been empowered to do what Canadian tow truck drivers would not do – haul away the rigs of the truckers who assembled peacefully to publicly air their grievances. Using tow trucks seized from the owners of those tow trucks who refused to do it, the idea of it being repellent to them.

What now?

When the peaceful airing of disagreement has been decreed to be “illegal and dangerous.”

What is the alternative, now?

It is simple: Submit.

Or defy.

And let the chips – and dictators – fall where they may.

Canadians face their very own Tiananmen Moment. Those who remember the last time – back in 1989 – will recall how one man who’d had enough stood down a line of tanks sent by the thugs who ran China to curb stomp peaceful public expressions of disagreement with the policies of those thugs. That one man put his life on the line for the sake of his life. He was no longer willing to live in a country where people aren’t allowed to live.

And the driver of that tank wasn’t willing to take the life of that man for the sake of men very much like Justin Trudeau.

Right now, there are probably Canadians who have come to the same inevitably horrible conclusion. Probably a whole bunch of them. Not just on the trucker’s side. On every side.

Trudeau and the people like him have gone too far – even though they perhaps do not realize it, yet.

That may change, very soon.

. . .

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  1. Yeesh, via CFP:

    “Trudeau voices support for farmers in India who blocked major highways to New Delhi for more than a year in 2021, saying at the time: “Canada will always be there to defend the right of peaceful protest.”


    “Canada will always stand up for the right to peaceful protest and human rights anywhere around the world and we are pleased to see moves towards de-escalation and dialogue. Canada will always stand up for the right to peaceful protest and human rights around the world.”

    Earlier while addressing a virtual Gurupurab celebration, Justin Trudeau expressed his concerns over the farmers’ protests. “I would be remiss if I didn’t’ start by recognising the news coming out of India about the protests by farmers. The situation is concerning and we are all very worried about the families and friends. Let me remind you, Canada will always be there to defend the right to peaceful protest. We believe in the importance of dialogue and that’s why we have reached out through multiple means to Indian authorities, to highlight our concerns.””


  2. I read an article the other day with a title along the lines of, ‘what can we learn from the protest in Canada’. Surprisingly, within the article I didn’t see a single tidbit of anything reflecting the title.

    While it seemed like this was probably the best option for the protestors to take, I was also a bit surprised at how easily the Canadian Overlords folded the blockade in Coutts like a cheap tent.


    I kept thinking about that Polish pastors passionate speech about ‘holding the line’ and such and the hill they were on. I imagine that now all the protesters will be picked off one by lonesome one as they flee? Bank accounts frozen, insurance & licenses cancelled, etc.? It’s hard to imagine the same thing not happening to the protesters in Ottawa in the very same manner.

    Awhile back there was a photo online of the trucker convoy supporters lined up along the roadside where a little girl held up a sign saying something like, ‘Save us, truckers’. I couldn’t help but slightly compare her to the girl wearing glasses in the film, ‘V For Vendetta’.

    I’ve read there are attempts to create a convoy to D.C., I don’t see how that would accomplish anything (as in, just about zero) and isn’t that town basically a ghost town now? A convoy would just annoy & probably feed the nearby hoodrats?

    “The real war is not in Ukraine, it’s in Canada, Australia, France, Brussels, England, Germany, Italy…
    They just want you to look the other way.” — Nayib Bukele

    Do you suppose that creating parallel economies & building local relationships is a form of protest? Accomplishing, something?

    Crazy world, crazy times.

    • Now they’re arresting them all at gunpoint and tow truck operators in day-glo Jason masks are towing the trucks. Surreal. Conservative cop and troop worshipers in the US should take note.

      • “tow truck operators in day-glo Jason masks”

        I keep picturing that in my mind and I didn’t even see the photo. …Nasty players, there.
        Throwing dogs in kill shelters (what an oxymoron, that), threatening, & probably are, ripping children from parents to put them in the Cuckoo’s Nest, and listening to the lamentation of their women. What a team to be a part of, eh?

        Happens all the time the world over, I guess, hardly no one bats an eye.

        I wonder where the Canadian NaziGestapos are taking their political prisoners? It’s probably just like the J6 Gitmo place I imagine. “Off to The Dungeon!”

        [NaziGestapos, is in spellcheck, that’s odd.]

  3. In Australia, we call the leader of NZ by her proper name, that of Horseface. It implies that horses have ugly faces, but………………………..
    The friggin bitch looks like a horse’s face, or as my dad used to say, a horse’s ass.

    • Hi t05,

      “Horseface,” as you have styled her, is much more than physically unattractive. Her soul is ugly. It is always bad when men give themselves over to the dark side and become tyrants but when a woman does it, arguably, it is worse. Women are meant by nature to temper the hardness of men. But a mentally deranged woman can be far more cruel than a man – and she has proved herself such.

  4. Always been my pet peeve that any gooberment “leader” can just declare an “emergency” and make themselves a complete dictator just by saying so and “screw your freedoms” as Ahnold so politely put it. We need to give these psychos the same treatment the Romanians gave Ceausescu, very succinct summary of that by Matt Taibi over on Substack.

  5. US trucker convoy launch moved up to Feb 23rd out of Barstow.

    BREAKING: “The People’s Convoy” launch date and location announced

    I have a bad feeling about this. The infiltrators are much more organized and well financed in the US. I think there’s a significant chance this is going to turn ugly. Think January 6th on steroids.

    I think Landru’s call for a general strike would be much more effective. Sadly most Americans are debt slaves and can’t (or won’t) participate.

    • When you steal elections, you make sure there aren’t any more elections in the future (I believe the Virginia election was a sham-show). We won’t be making it to the 2022 elections without a martial law declaration. This may very well be the event that sparks it.

      Further, whatever bioweapon/virus China is unloading on the people at the Olympics, soon we will see something much worse circulating that will activate the FEMA concentration camps.

  6. It was obvious from day one that Covid was but a thin veil for the worldwide communist takeover plot. One of the necessary prerequisites for any such takeover is gun control, and Canada got this early on in 2020 (the “grace” period for Canadians to part with their remaining weapons ends on May 1 this year). Is it any wonder that two of the world’s biggest tyrannical takeovers right now are in Canada and gun-controlled Australia?

    It’s also clear that the U.S. hasn’t yet suffered the same fate in part due to our nation’s extensive firearm ownership. But as Allan Stevo recently observed, the reason why Americans haven’t yet surrendered their firearms is because they “haven’t been asked properly.” Like Stevo said, anyone who wears (or wore) a mask can be convinced, under the right pretext, to surrender the last line of defense against tyranny. Here’s hoping he’s wrong.

    • Rabies tests were done on 119 dead skunks in my home state many years ago. 117 tests were positive. Skunks carry rabies, not a freak of nature.

      Proper use of a firearm will eliminate skunks.

      One shotgun shell will make a skunk go away. If you run over one on the road, cry some crocodile tears.

      If you see a skunk in the distance, never close at all, there is a skunk living not too far away. All I do is find the skunk hole and pee right there. The skunk will move on pronto. Not a difficult task to determine where the skunk hole is at, that is where you pee. If you want to experience natural tyranny for a different fauna from the wilds, skunks will deliver and how.

      The solution solved a problem.

      Tyranny is about the same, if there is such a thing as an analogy for that scenario.

      Justin Turboskunk is even worse than a skunk that will wake you in the middle of the night and the odor will have you driven to distraction. Malodorous is the word of the day when skunks invade. Wolverines carry a distinctive odor themselves.

      Dogs love dead skunk carcasses, go figure.

  7. As long as there are people willing to follow orders, there will be tyrants like Justin T. The police and other order takers are the ones with the power, not political leaders, not judges. I once asked my lawyer friend what would happen if the orders issued by judges were ignored.
    The concept just didnt register with them.

    The individual police and other state agents should be shamed, ridiculed, and shunned by their community, friends, family…Justin T. cannot, by himself, do anything.

    Its the order takers that wield the club against their own people that should taste the pent up anger. Police, military, judges, and all the rest of the enforcement security state are assholes and should be treated as such by the rest of us.
    Too bad all of these protesters vote. And legitimize the use of force as a governing principle when they ask the government to do things for them.
    When will they protest the funding of schools, libraries, social security by the use of force?

    • I love those words ‘order takers’. Use it a lot, in different context, about people just answering the phone ‘taking orders’, but the principle is similar.

    • It is becoming clear that the greatest threat to freedom comes from a militarized police force. The communists are right, “Defund the Police”.

      • They mean defund the local police so a federalized police force can fill the vacuum. Sometimes local police have the inconvenient ability to think for themselves – resisting mandates etc. You think the psychos will let go of the ability to use violence againstr you?

        • Yep that is why the commies are pushing “defund the police” – only the local ones are to be defunded, not the feds/military.

        • Agreed and well said. That is the goal of “Defund the Police” movement. I had initially thought, “Hey, in my day to day goings, I really don’t need any police, so that’s a good idea.” Not at all!! It’s all meant to get a national police force. That is the LAST thing we need!

  8. … “Anyone in Canada (individual or business) who supports or “furthers” the Freedom Convoy or Freedom Protest on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any other social media platform, is a target to have their bank accounts frozen and insurance policies nullified. […]

    But wait, it gets worse.

    Not only are people subject to get their bank accounts frozen, but the decision also to freeze the accounts is entirely up to the reviewer, and the reviewer is protected by the government from civil liability for their decision.” …


    • This is the “Fifth Generation Warfare” long promised by the Global Deep State, directly against the people.

      Full-spectrum dominance leveraging and weaponizing every single space in which every single individual interacts with any other individual. Lawfare is actually much more terrifying than an outright armed assault because it isolates the target completely, forcing them to face the full force of the State alone.

      • The Empire Strikes Back, the un-personing, the othering, the divide & conquer.

        …Which, in turn, grows the resistance?

        The face diapers are clearly in the minority here in Iowa, at least everywhere I go, they are. I imagine it’s similar in most Red States in the unitedstate. Thank goodness for that.

  9. There is already a movement in Canada for workers to “take a week off work” as “stress leave” starting Feb 28. If there are attempts to minimize the truckers efforts, shutting down the economy for a week might get the government to “get the message”.
    A month off work might be better, but is not “doable” for a lot of people…

  10. But Eric, did the Tiananmen Square protest not ultimately fail? No intent to discourage. China has a long history of submission, longer than there has been a Canada or a US, we don’t.

    • That’s what I was going to say, John. TPTB have too much P(ower), and too much control over the minds of the majority. Between the people who actually believe in the various psyops, and those who just don’t give a damn, that leaves just a small percentage of ‘malcontents’- who can make a little noise, but ultimately have no power to really do anything, and can be quickly shut down. Hell, if such things become more common, I’m sure TPTB will make an example of some to discourage more of the same- Look how the Vietnam war protests of the late 60’s waned after Kent State……

      Ultimately, people are powerless- both in term of numbers; and because they’ve been disarmed- just like we are being gradually disarmed.

      China is much less free post Tiananmen than it was before- with their social credit BS, censorship, complete tracking, etc.- with the only ‘advances’ being economic ones implemented to overcome the dysfunctionality of the economics of communism. If anything, Tiananmen was a warning to the masses of the world of the futility of mere protests. Say your piece; get stomped; life returns to normal; no one cares, except historians and song writers. Back to work comrade, nothing to see here.

      • Just to follow up on what both of you Gentlemen wrote:
        T. Square did not get them outta’ communist tyranny, but it was one more step forward in the war the People are fighting. When it occurred, I thought we failed completely in our ability to help the People of China. Bush 41 was an utterly useless tool during that important moment in history, when we should’ve led an economic attack against the ChiComs, the like of which was unprecedented. But the love of money & cheap labor kept Freedom from ringing from our shores.

        Today is no different, only it is the Western World working to stamp out Freedom, & throwing open the lock on the Psychotic, Authoritarian Tyranny that is always knocking at our doors.

        Keep the comments coming Gents, & please keep the articles flowing, Mr. Eric!

        Let’s Go Brandon!
        F’ Neil Young, & Keep on Truckin’ in the Free World!

        • I will, Molon Labe – and, thanks for the kind words!

          You’re absolutely right about Bush – and it goes for the entire clan of corporatist tools. They are as pernicious as the Clintons – and both represent the same interests.

        • What’s really paradoxical, Molon, is that Tiananmen could have been a great catalyst to embolden others so minded to do similar- and had there been enough ‘so minded’, something truly could be accomplished- but in this day and age where people are so controlled in both mind and body [“Body” because the majority of people are dependent upon the state’s collectivist system for their daily existence] the price of rebellion is very high, and few want to pay it until it their turn comes to be the direct victim [Not that one can blame them, or that we are any different].- No one wants to be among the first; to take the bullets for those who might follow- especially when it seems that there may be precious few who will follow.
          The trap has been set long ago, and we are all in it; it was planned this way…and it has worked well for TPTB.

          • Hey Nunz!

            I often browse these chats, and when I feel the urge to participate, I first make sure to back-read your comments.

            Usually I find that you’ve already said everything I was inspired to say, better than I would have said it. Thanks for saving me so much time over the past months!

            • Thanks, Free-Phi, and ditto! Same here- So many great minds/lovers of liberty, decency and morality here- including you- and all often on the same page! This site is truly an oasis in the wilderness. Just knowing that we are not alone, but that there are others who see and feel the same things we do, is greatly encouraging and comforting.

  11. “… the World Economic Forum’s mission, we seek to drive public-private co-operation in the global public interest.” …


    Via merriam-webster – Definition of fascism

    1often capitalized : a political philosophy, movement, or regime (such as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition

    A snippet from, ‘“Freedom FROM”—the forgotten bombshell’

    “… criticism creates discord and distrust—which are POSITIVE FORCES.

    The civilization of the United States wasn’t empowered by the Constitution to be harmonious; it was empowered to be asymmetrical and unresolved.

    The Unity is THAT. Unity on behalf of freedom is THAT.

    Unity isn’t the towering wave of demands and preachings for social uniformity that have been launched at the people.

    The departure from false Unity isn’t a terrorist act.” …

  12. So the tyrant’s response to public outrage over his tyranny is more tyranny? He’s either a total moron, or he actually WANTS a civil war. Careful what you wish for. Never forget, no battle plan survives contact with the enemy. Your plan, nor theirs. It’s democratic. The enemy gets a vote too.

  13. Early voting started here in Texas, and one of the Republican candidates for Attorney General is George “P.” Bush, son of Jeb!, an attempt to continue the Bush political dynasty for a fourth generation with the eventual goal of the Governor’s Mansion.

    The last two years in Texas would have looked very different with a Bush family member in charge.

    • Hi Roscoe,

      Nothing says useless eater more than generational political “employment.” These geeks spawn more of their kind, to plague us with their utter uselessness – at everything except using political power to feather their nests at our expense. I understand and even accept that some government may be a necessary evil in this far-from-perfect world. But there are certain practical things that can be done to lessen its abuses – among these a prohibition upon government “service” extended beyond one elected term of office. To any office. This would make creatures such as The Chimp – and Joe Biden – impossible.

      • I’m by no means convinced that anarchy would not be an improvement. I see no inferiority of “every man for himself” as opposed to “every man for this psychopathic POS”. And it may yet be the result of these psychopaths driving us down the road to destitution.
        In the mean time, a one term limit would definitely be an improvement.

      • The problem with short timers in the legislature is that the lifers in the bureaucracy will be looked up to as the experts. Sure, that’s not any different than what we have today, but at least now there’s a history, and possibly a memory of legislative intent.

        I would be much more comfortable with term limits if we brought back the spoils system for staffing the leviathan. That way the American people wouldn’t expect much from the incompetent government employees from the start, instead of placing them on a pedestal.

        • I agree, RK – but there’s a hack for that.

          There ought to be no bureaucracy to speak of. Congress has largely abdicated its constitutional law-making duties, offloading them onto the regulatory apparat. Which should not exist.

          • The bureaucrats are in the Executive branch. The Constitution lays out the powers of each branch, but makes no mention those powers may be delegated to another branch. Of course the Psychopaths In Charge have been stomping on the Constitution almost since it was ratified. In other words, we are being governed by brazen criminals, and have been for some time.

        • I don’t believe “term limits” to be the best choice because the professional politicians will just keep moving around/up. Not only do they need to be term limited, but also political office limited.

          US Representatives: A pool of candidates should be selected from the same list as used for jury duty. Any that should be eliminated for one reason or another should be and the qualifying candidates would do their “civic duty” and just be themselves, and if elected, only serve one term and go home. Protect their jobs while they perform for their constituency and keep putting fresh blood up in the House every election.

          US Senators should be elected by State Legislatures and term limited. No more popular vote for Senators. Return the voice of the States to the Senate. Representatives should be the peoples’ voices and Senators should be the States’ voices.

          End the popularity contest for President of the USA. Let the Senate nominate a few good candidates from the Senate and let the Representatives vote for whom the President should be. And of course, limited to one term.

          Just my $.02.

    • Hollywood loves sequels. Why? Because the public loves sequels. Familiar names and faces are political comfort food, like grilled cheese and tomato soup on the ballot. And the people who actually run the country know they can always put the screws to these dynasties by evoking the father’s Implied disapproval of any change in the status quo. Daddy issues run deep.

  14. One way to respond to this is by withdrawing one’s service to employment. They can assault the Freedom Truckers and their allies but can they arrest you for not going to work. Maybe this is the time to say to the oligarchs “Mañana, Señor”.

  15. Transportation is under Uncle’s thumb everywhere.


    All this is a continued ratcheting of authoritarian impoverishment since 9/11 and the launch of a new Cold War with a battle tactic. Disagree with “the experts” wish to petition the Government for a redress of grievances? You must be a terrorist, and therefore not worthy of Dear Leader’s attention.

  16. ‘The perception of unanimity is achieved by making it appear that everyone agrees with what people like Trudeau say.’ — eric

    Likewise here in the US, the corporate media presents a classic communist united front to suppress and repel the truth.

    Savor this bristling, delusional agitprop from the once objective, but now hard-left AP News:

    ‘[Zerohedge] was an early amplifier of conspiracy theories and misinformation about the COVID-19 pandemic. An Associated Press investigation determined the site played a pivotal role in advancing the unproven theory that China engineered the virus as a bioweapon. It’s also posted articles touting natural immunity to COVID-19 and unproven treatments.’


    Covid as an engineered bioweapon is a theory about which many credible scientists have written papers. Likewise, natural immunity and ‘unproven treatments’ such as ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine are covered in hundreds of papers, many peer-reviewed.

    Thus the evidence-free, academically unqualified gutter press spews venom at actual scientists doing actual research.

    Smash the press.

    • Like a lot of alt-sites, although I still read it, the hedge isn’t what it used to be and plays both sides. They profit from the outrage and controversies that surround the phony “one virus” and “pandemic.” That being said, they gave the insane warmonger deceiver types in the US guv a black eye over their hysterical Ukraine war agitprop. Thus the hysterical attack on them in this piece. So for that, I give them props.

  17. The French used the guillotine up until 1977 CE. They, the French yellow jackets, can roll it out for display somewhere in France as a fair warning. Ship one to Quebec, the French there will give it a workout.

    My guess is there will be no direct attack on the truckers and sympathizers, they’ll probably move on to the next plan, a move to subvert the gov, i.e. there will be an underground network of former truckers out for revenge.

    If the truckers are forced out at gunpoint, there will be retaliation to right the wrongs. Truckers not leaving Ottawa peacefully can do some serious damage to a lot of the infrastructure near Parliament. New truckers heading into Ottawa can wreak havoc, I’m sure.

    Call it a demolition derby, kind of a war, but more fun.

    The Canadian military will balk or even work to collapse the political ill will towards regular Canadians. All of the nutjobs like Trudeauceau have become hard-headed fools who need to be contained. The Canadian army can just roll into Ottawa and depose the politicians, all of them. Force them to resign en masse, game over.

    Can’t arrest all of the truckers and sympathizers and incarcerate the brave Canadians just wanting freedom, you will see what an insurrection will look like. High line wires supplying electricity can be down with a couple of high-powered rifles firing a few rounds at wires.

    Plenty of room in Canada to make it miserable for the RCMP and other law enforcers.

    Hit and run tactics will make Canada one place not to be at any time.

    The pastor in Calgary is in the hoosegow, protesters were at the detention where he is being held against his will.

    The gov should bend before it breaks or is broken by force. Pride goeth before fall.

  18. Maybe it’s more like Canada’s January 6th, 2021 moment leading to a similar or even more draconian Tianamen-like outcome. It’s curious how we didn’t hear a peep out of Canada during their gun control/ confiscation last April or really anything else for the past 2 years. I couldn’t even email an acquaintance up there. Now we get this theatrical production, straight out of the 1995 Illuminati card game (among many other events since then, including nahneleven and the scamdemic). Of course you have the obvious false flag (literally) elements like swastikas and stars & bars but still there are so many questions. Why now, with so many already vaxxed? Why hoist so many of the flags of your oppressor? Why keep “emergency lanes” open for “first responders”? Why not just stop driving the truck (general strike)? Why the party atmosphere?

    • It makes me truly angry when a symbol of freedom like the stars and bars is equated to the symbols of socialist tyranny and evil like the nazi flag. And when evil communist agitators openly and proudly display hammer and sickle symbols of evil. Fly the flag proudly and defy the lies. The Confederates were the good guys.

      • I don’t know how to take your reply.

        I will attempt to start with your emotions, that it makes you “angry” when a symbol of “freedom is equated with tyranny”. Before I go further, I must tell you that I absolutely love this country and I love freedom uber alles. I love that flag but I am not rooted in emotion when I look at it and its’ history. I’m rooted in love and pride when I see freedom loving Americans waving it. I’m rooted in disgust when tyranny drapes itself within that flag.

        That flag, minus a few stars, completely tyrannized my state in the 1860s. That flag violated the Geneva Convention (which the US was not a signatory at the time, and yes, the Geneva Convention is older than most think). However; the North said they would abide by the Lieber Code which was pretty close to the Geneva Conventions tenets at the time. The North waged war on non-combatant civilians under that flag in which it claimed it wouldn’t do. That is tyranny. Like it or not.

        Yes, the Confederates were the good guys. It wasn’t about ending slavery. If the South had won and time allowed to work itself out, slavery would have ended naturally as it had around most of the world in that time period without great bloodshed.

        Do you know what the original salute for the Pledge of Allegiance was? A nazi style salute which was abandoned due to WWII. Did you know the Pledge was written by a socialist? I’ve had this debate with many others before. Sometimes their emotions and cog-dis won’t allow them to see past their pride. Do you know what the most popular flag waved in DC as the Klan marched back in the days? Hint: it wasn’t the rebel flag.

        • Hey, Jumper, I’m guessing you are under 40? The appellation “Stars and Bars” is commonly applied to the battle flag of the Confederacy. I believe you’ve confused it with the “Stars and Stripes”, which I honor due to the many brave men who have sacrificed and died in defense of liberty and freedom. Unfortunately their trust was often misplaced.

          But the stars and bars are a true symbol of standing up and fighting against oppression. Slavery in the south was a sideshow and it is a sad irony that it has come to be seen as the reason for the war for southern independence.

          Peace, brother.

          • I wish I was under 40. Nope, pushing 50.

            I may have used the wrong term as I had a couple drinks before my post and spoke with a bit of haste. My apologies.

            I do honor that flag for those that fought and died for it for our freedoms.

            However; that doesn’t excuse the fact that that flag was turned on Americans. Americans died when that flag’s carriers killed other Americans. To me, that’s wholly un-American.

            • No one has fought for our freedom unless they were in the Confederate army or the Revolutionary War. The rest have done the dirty-work of tyrants and helped destroy life and liberty. They’re no different than German SS officers……

  19. Eric, was wondering when you’d comment on the Canadian Freedom Truckers. Some random (and incoherent thoughts):

    -I gave money to the Canadian truckers via GiveSendGo. I doubt that it’ll get to them now.

    -Also gave money to the US freedom truckers. Given that the West is no longer Western, I can see dementia joe freezing those funds as well. That said, I can just as easily show up to Pilot or Flying J when the trucks pull in & help with their expenses.

    -There’s quite a few YouTuber’s that show the day-to-day events of the protests. Surprised that YT hasn’t censored it. The major takeaway is the protestors are descent, unoffensive, and nonviolent (as opposed to, say, beee-elllll-emmmm).

    -Will Canadian police / military turn against their own citizens? My heart says know but my head says yes. There’s simply too much evidence to show that Western police/military have zero compunction in bashing a citizen’s head in for the most minor of offenses or exercising liberty when it’s a threat to the gubment.

    • Why do we see these things on YT, indeed. The things we’ve been allowed to see have primarily been in Canada but also France and New Zealand. All three run by young-ish WEF global leader training grads. All three tending towards, if not at totalitarian dictatorship levels of tyranny.

    • >Will Canadian police / military turn against their own citizens?
      They already have.
      RCMP sabotaged wiring & fuel lines on 3 excavators which were parked on private property, b-cuz they *might* be able to be used to aid the truckers. Owners said they have retained attorneys to sue the RCMP. The only lawless acts committed were those by the fuzz.

      • knowing cops they likely broke very expensive to replace parts. Cutting wire harnesses and fuel lines instead of simply unplugging key connectors.

        • Every retired cop that I know becomes an expert in home renovation–everything from plumbing and electrical to HVAC and other building trades.
          On many occasions I have had to rescue these “experts” because of their own stupidity. From faulty half-ass wiring and plumbing to truly dangerous situations, they will not admit that they know less about home renovation than the average non-cop…
          “Stupid flatfoots” is an appropriate description for such “experts”.

  20. Oh how I’ve longed to hear these words: “The psychological power of the Cult of Sickness Eternal is waning.” However, I will not be satisfied until there are Nuremburg trials 2.0 and all of these bastards are hanging at the gallows.


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