Diaper Short 4/9/21

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Today – just a few hours ago – I witnessed the ne plus ultra of “masking” psychosis.

I was at the gym, doing some triceps pull-downs on the universal machine. Another guy – he looked to be in his 30s – approached the machine, wearing his special protective face amulet. This, by itself, is  no longer remarkable and likely something we’ll be seeing for years to come, if not forever. A large percentage of the population has been so PTSD’d by two years of it’s-gonna-get-you “reporting” about the “virus” that they will never have the courage to remove their special protective face amulet.

Then there was this guy.

He wore it – until he was ready to do a set. Then he removed it. Did a set. Breathing in – and out – while he did it. Then pulled the rumpled, probably snot-shellac’d special facial amulet from his pocket and reinstalled it.

I watched him do this routine three times.

Try – it is hard – to imagine the thought processes of such a person. The dread “virus” is in the air; the facial amulet wards it off, so the wearer believes. But then, he takes it off. Inhales and exhales, unprotected by his holy amulet. Does he think the “virus” enters a kind of holding pattern while he finishes his set?  Like in the old Road Runner cartoons, where the swarm of bees would just freeze – briefly – before stinging poor old Wiley Coyote?

He caught me looking at him. I made the following sound, figuring it might sound familiar to him:

He just looked at, very much like the sheep in the video above.

And they ask me why I drink . . .

. . .

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  1. Hey Eric and all, I’m sure you saw the stampede of sheep in NYC when the sewers made a little gas explosion of sorts. Quite hilarious seeing a few people running, then everyone else who didn’t hear anything starts running with them because everyone else is.

    • Always these insufferable leftist shitholes. But I presume Philadelphia residents, commuters/workers, and visitors will all duly comply. So here’s hoping they enjoy it. God damn buffoons.

  2. Long covid is the new narrative among the leftists. As if it will never go away, constantly mutating, requiring we perpetually give up our freedoms so sick fu*#s can feel safe. Even if everyone gave over their body autonomy to the needle rapists, they now admit we will never be free of rona.

    I predict shortly we will begin hearing a new narrative called Covid cancer. The gist of it will be this; Covid is now soooo deadly it causes all sorts of cancer. Strangely, it will be most widespread among the fully vexed. I also predict all the narrative engineers will never make the connection.

    • Norman,

      “Long Covid” is the hypothesis given me for my condition, which has lasted for months but has steadily improved. Maybe, maybe not. My problems, which have included GERD, along with some shortness of breath and exercise intolerance, began to appear about 3 weeks after it seemed I was done with the Kung Flu and had resumed normal activity.

      The cardiologist I saw said I was likely reinfected. Not sure that holds any veracity, but she also said her office had been swarming with cases nearly identical to mine, which appeared to stem from the ‘Rona.

      Anyway, “Long Covid” just denotes an extended period of symptoms, caused or initiated by the infection, but remaining long after you’re clear of the virus. There are many, many horror stories out there. They are often very similar to horror stories of those suffering the effects of the Jab.

      That all said, it’s true that the virus will never quite “go away”, but it’s already mutated to mimic the effects of a cold, and will stay that way.

      • Hi BaDnOn,

        I think it, (long covid) is the gateway they will use for “Covid Cancer” Not saying its real or not real, just the excuse they’ll use to cover up the deaths that are sure to come. After all, within every great lie is a kernel of truth.

        Why anyone thought they could shoot a bunch of toxic, untested shit in their veins and come out no worse for the wear is beyond my pea brain to comprehend.

        • Hey Norman,

          Listening to David Knight today; he spoke of a doctor noticing a pronounced drop in killer T-cells in the jabbed population. Cytotoxic “killer” T-cells tell other cells to self-destruct when they begin to show certain signs of malfunction, i.e. cancer. Thus, if this is the case, I could see a cascade of strange cancer cases coming at us in the next few years. They might indeed attempt to just blame it on the ‘Rona itself, but sufficient scrutiny with betray this as poppycock.

        • NF,

          “Why anyone thought they could shoot a bunch of toxic, untested shit in their veins and come out no worse for the wear is beyond my pea brain to comprehend…..”
          Priceless quote …….at least I’m not the only one who thinks “vaxxaholics”….are weird!
          Thank you.

      • I heard if you fill your Big Pharma loyalty card up with 12 punches you get a free ‘don’t worry, be happy’ face mask.

      • Yes*,- it makes it shorter….because you die sooner. “He only had covid up until Mar. 10th (his death)….while that naughty unvaccinated girl had it two weeks longer (and is still alive 9 months later).

        (((*= I know you were kidding…but I’m serious! This is the type of logic they use!)))

      • Unfortunately, Eric, many are. It was just as much as a surprise to the sane spouse who took this whole thing with a grain of salt and then who realized that their lifelong mate was secretly a neurotic hypochondriac.

  3. You know it’s interesting to me that we associate these mindless establishment-following morons as “sheep”. Any sheep that I’ve observed are actually quite docile. Lots and lots of mask wearing liberals are quite vicious. If they think that they can individually or collectively intimidate someone, they don’t hesitate to do it. Maybe I haven’t watched enough sheep but I’ve never seen any do that.

    • Hi EM,

      I agree with you. I feel bad for the sheep. The sheep have value (wool, mutton). Crazy nut cases? Eh, not so much.

      I will gladly take 100 sheep over one insane COVID nut any day.

  4. Screwing around with a home built drone this morning. Had to cut and sand some carbon fiber rods. Mask was handy for that. But I could actually see the particles in the air, so they might actually be caught in the fabric.

    • Make sure you use a real properly fit mask for that from like 3M and follow the instructions for what you’re cutting. I saw a guy cutting concrete the other day for hours with a huge dry demolition saw sporting nothing but a Wuhan Blue earloop special. The dude’s lungs are totally fucked.

      Likewise this dumb old sheep wandered into a small local farm store wearing another Wuhan special diaper coughing and hacking her lungs up. She said, “I never wear these things but this flu is so nasty I’ll wear it today to protect you guys”…. I told her she wasn’t protecting anyone and if you’re really sick just stay the fuck home!


      • Our lungs are amazing, and darned near anything coming in to them will be filtered and dumped right back out. All it takes is time- I’ve had plenty of fire boogers, inhaled plenty of sanding dust, etc. If you get your nose plugged, a day or 2 of clean air and perhaps some vigorous exercise to blow out the crud will take care of it. If you smoke and quit, the lungs start to clear almost immediately.

        Our nasal hairs and mucous membranes make a far more effective filter (and actually do trap most micro-organisms) than a cloth or paper mask can.

    • I remember last year when after ages I wore one while cutting the grass (i have terrible hay fever and they say its good for that) – my kids were laughing – look baba finally wore a mask !!!!

      • RE: “hay fever”

        For what it’s worth, … posterity, maybe? Pardon, if you’ve heard this before. I used to suffer every. single. Fall from ‘hay fever’, for decades. Then, I started taking vitamins & minerals & went ~80-20 Primal…. I haven’t suffered since. Zero.

        I know of someone who suffered All Kinds of allergies, I convinced that person to try my route… the result,… zero suffering.

        … Yo. Word to the wise. … I suppose YMMV, I dunno. I just felt compelled to say something.

        • Hi Helot, totally agree. Im convinced these “allergies” are due to some deficiency in our diets or some other crap we eat. Personally I started about 4 / 5 years ago trying natural local honey – for about 3 years and it really improved greatly. During covid however went down the rabbit hole and researched a number of things – and started quercetin for the first time and vit D (at much higher levels and natural source) along with a number of other supplements. So far – this year its almost Easter, stuff is turning green where I live and weather is warming up and for the first time in my adult life I have not yet taken any pharma antihistamine, nasal spray or other decongestant….. finger crossed but I think ive cracked it…

    • RK, I think a vaccination would have been more effective at making your lungs immune to the carbon fiber particles. And don’t forget to place some one-way arrows on the ground when grinding those rods, because we all know that if you walk in the wrong direction (against the arrow- which ever way it points) your lungs will suddenly be blacker thatn a coal miner who smokes 4 packs of Camels a day!

  5. Trump is still running around claiming the vaccines are the greatest thing since the moonshot. Trump has got to go. DeSantis is our only hope for 24.

    • Covid was the rationale for Title 42, which permitted expulsion of asylum seekers at the border while their cases were adjudicated. Now Title 42 is ending, and the border is besieged.

      Reportedly, 2,000 Ukies have gathered in Tijuana, as word spreads like wildfire that Title 42 doesn’t apply to them. On Biden’s order, Ukies get escorted straight into the US, carte blanche.

      Do you recall the Congressional vote that authorized 100,000 Ukies to immigrate to the US as refugees, no vetting required? Me neither.

      Why would anyone expect the surge of Ukies to suddenly stop at the ‘Biden-authorized’ 100,000?

      Probably we’ll hit 100,000 Ukies by summer, and a quarter million by year end.

      This is your ‘country’ on Bidenism.

  6. I drove through the Starbucks drive thru at 6AM this morning on my way into work. It is the only coffee place open on a Sunday morning. Everybody was masked to the hilt again. Something is brewing (and it isn’t’ coffee). Fauci the Aswang has reappeared magically to alert the masses that lockdowns are coming. Billy Boy has threatened us with another plandemic and the news media is lapping it all up like the good obedient mutton that they are. It is quite sickening. If I can make it another three weeks, I am going to hide out in Florida for a while and hang with the normal people.

    • Hi RG

      I don’t envy you at tax time! My thought is that they are blowing the covid dog whistle again, and the leftists are just doing what they always do – dutifully stand up and salute to their masters. I don’t sense anything is brewing, only that it never went away – temporarily “masked” by Ukraine, but Ukraine is boring now, so back to the tried and true. It’s just astounding that people are still, in the face of overwhelming incontrovertible evidence that all this ever was was a political shit show, clinging to their totems of face diapers and mRNA. How? Why? WTH is wrong with them? How can one’s life be so vacuous so as to find meaning and purpose in asinine rituals like poisoning yourself, inhaling Chinese-made paper fibers, and prostrating before demons like Ba’al Gates.

      • Hi BAC,

        I don’t envy me either right now. I miss weekends. 🙁 You have no idea how bad I would love to organize a closet now.

        I wish I shared your optimism, but Bill and Company are sounding the alarms again and I am wary that something hellacious is coming. Maybe it is meant to explain the mass causalities when the jabs do their thing, maybe some biolab in Ukraine is working on the next bat virus as we speak, etc. but I have a bad feeling this is year is going to suck.

          • Hi RS,

            Yes, it could be another way to steer away from the food shortages. It looks like that is what they are doing in China. Right now, they have people locked down because of “COVID”. The people are running out of food but are too scared to leave their buildings.

            It may be that China doesn’t have the food to feed them (which I can’t believe since they stockpiled 55% of the worlds grain last year) or they are rationing what they have not knowing how long it is going to last and of course, the elites must still eat.

            Personally, I can’t believe people are not swarming in the streets and rioting grocery stores.

            It is an interesting theory though. If the lockdowns are a way to keep people away from sucking the supply chain dry.

    • RG – a funny coffee and diaper related story I remember from last month when I went to Albania – the land where they give less than zero fucks about covid. Its brilliant. Hardly saw a nappy the week I was there, till I got to the airport – then there were MANY around…. I was looking around, thinking how this can be that just outside this building I must have seen not more than 2 diapers in a week, now they’re all over (despite no mandate). Looking around for something to make sense of it – my eyes fell on a big sign at a coffee shop, something like “We are proud to now offer SOY MILK to our customers!!” Could there be a correlation !?!??!?!

  7. Yesterday watched a masked, overweight 30’s guy go into grocery store and buy beer.

    Ignorance is the friend of the masked.

    • Dan, the funniest I remember was at a shop, seeing a land whale, wearing the Fauci gold standard of 2 nappies – buying cigarettes and chips!!

  8. “Try – it is hard – to imagine the thought processes of such a person.”
    Actually, it’s quite easy. They have none. Any who DO have any are perfectly aware they have been regularly lied to for more than two years. Well, actually far longer than that, but not to this degree, and not with such massive fall out.
    “We’re going to destroy your economic, social, and mental health to contain a virus that presents an average age of death nearly identical to average life span.” And far, far too many swallowed.

  9. RE: “I still maintain that masks are the official symbol of the worldwide communist takeover attempt and will always be worn by the commies and their fellow travelers until the takeover is complete. When you no longer see masks is when we’re living under 100% full-blown totalitarianism.”

    IF, we were living under 100% full-blown totalitarianism, why would masks disappear? Seems like the opposite would result, kind of symbolic of a collar around the neck with an attached chain?

    I do agree that masks are the official symbol of the worldwide communist takeover attempt, among other traits, such as; False Evidence Appearing Real and to mark a person as wearing a wedding veil for Satan.
    Hmm, so perhaps face diapers to some, are symbolically like wedding rings are to others??? That does not seem to explain the fella lifting weights at Eric’s gym, though? Perhaps, it’s simply, he’s nutz? Crazy. WackO. etc… Idk.

  10. Perhaps he thinks that he’s reducing the odds of happening to inhale one of the virus things? As if wearing the mask reduces the odds of catching the cold by the amount of time worn? So if you wear it 80% of the time, the odds of a bug getting through are only 20%?

    Did he dilligently sanitize all the equipment before touching it? By sanitize, I mean did he apply the bleach-water solution, wait the several minutes it takes for the solution to kill anything on the equipment, then wipe it down and immediately place the paper towels in a hazmat bag? Or did he give it a spray and a half-hearted wipe, becuase the reason you wipe down gym equipment isn’t to sanitize it, it is so your disgusting sweat is cleaned up so the next person doesn’t have to deal with it.

    • ReadyKilowatt, it appears that you are trying to use reason & logic to help explain the actions & thoughts of a crazy person.

      … I catch myself doing that quite often, as well. “What in, Tarnation!? … What in, Sam Hill!?,.. were they thinking when…”

        • Ha! I guess mine was as well.

          …Windy as all get-out today. A hundred+ & dozens more of people streaming in & out of the outdoor lot of the Spring garden auction. Bunched up – & often elbow to elbow – I only saw One single very old sickly lookin guy wearing a face diaper. It was a good day.

  11. TWO friggin years of this crap, and I STILL can not believe that ANYONE would walk around wearing those ridiculous masks! The fact that people could be conned into this, and that they willingly accept what ever they are told to do, no matter how utterly ridiculous it is, portends that we have entered a new Dark Age populated by….I won’t say sheep, ’cause sheep are nice creatures, while most of these maskers are assholes……

    • I think there is some pride/shame (two sides of the coin) in this…they don’t want to admit they’ve been duped, and also like to enhance their swollen egos by showing off.

      It doesn’t make sense to me, but the “masking”never did.

    • I agree, Nunz –

      Assholes, indeed. Defined, in part, by wearing the sickening things partially. On – and then off, again. The ones who wear it all the time, they’re just crazy. But these douchbags who walk around with it hanging off their chins, nose exposed… or like the guy in the gym… assholes is apt.

  12. I honestly think the TV is talking again and people are losing interest in Ukraine. Saw literally dozens of solo drivers wearing face diapers today, and one car containing five blue wall-papered faces. In Kohl’s about a third covered their face. One man was seen outside walking his dog while donning a fashionable N95. And then I was asked to leave Pennzey’s Spices when I walked past the basket of diapers and mask required sign (yes, I know it’s a lunatic company run and staffed by freaks, but they have some good stuff) – haven’t been kicked out of any place since October. This is the worst diapering I’ve seen since January. It’s like we are losing ground.

    • BAC, where do you live. In my area SE Michigan. Diapers are becoming rare. In the grocery stores maybe one in a hundred are diapered. Went to a large indoor track meet today. I coach a HS team. Probably 2-3 thousand people only a few were diapered. Like maybe 5-10.

      • Southwest Connecticut, in the orbit of NYC. Among the worst places to be, among the worst people in the country. Diapers ebb and flow, but the baseline seems to hold at about 25%.

    • Visited Santa Clara County. It has been one of the last holdouts in Northern Ca to end mask requirements, even after the statewide mandate ended. Now its a very erratic mixture of how they are worn. Most pull them out of pockets and purses to put on to enter businesses including my sister to go into grocery store. No one except asians seems to wear them outside. Beautiful sunny day so went to a large super crowded beer garden and no one wore them since all outside. Evidently people here have been
      conditioned to wear them intermittently as this strange accessory. There was one other fancy take out type place that still had stern mask request signs up so of course i had to test that but when i went inside the kids working the joint made no mention of masks. And none of the customers wore maskes. Its a college town too so would expect even higher indoctrination levels due to that. Also the bay bridge removed the toll takers and now you don’t stop they just bill people who do not have fast passes. AI!! much more efficient tho…..

      • “Santa Clara County. …No one except asians seems to wear them outside.”

        So…everyone there wears them outside, then?

  13. We had a volunteer event at my new job on Friday, down in Austin proper, and the first thing the admin staff at the non-profit did once we got in the door was to hand out the face masks.

    Under a different Governor, in Texas, Austin and San Antonio at a minimum would have masks and vaccine passports.

    Not that Greg Abbott couldn’t use the challenge from Robert Francis O’Rourke in November to keep him honest. Texas was slower than Florida in opening up after the “two weeks to flatten the curve” fiasco.

      • Wore it. Austin. New job.

        In my own defense, I spent the last several months of my time at the last job in violation of the jab mandate for DoD contractors. The yoga pants in HR were scared to touch the issue with us so everyone involved played “lets pretend”, with management hoping the mandates wouldn’t go past this Summer or, at worst, into the fall. I was prepared to walk if ordered to take the jab.

        As for this job, I’ll play it by ear. I won’t get a jab.

        • Hi Roscoe,

          Every time I hear of someone putting on one of those god-damned things who knows it’s idiotic – but does it under duress – a piece of me dies. I despair over how effectively these bastards have coerced obedience. I myself will not comply. Ever. Period. Fuck them all to Hell and back.

          • People roll around Austin in their cars in masks.

            Anyone who believes that Texas in general coudn’t go full California faster than that state shifted politically needs to start paying attention.

  14. Hi Eric,

    I was out at the grocery and pet supply store today, plus the adjacent local restaurant for lunch — no face diapers at all at the (relatively full) restaurant. Not even on the staff. Grocery and pet store — no staff were wearing them, but about 20% of customers still were. Without any mandates or even any obvious signage (just a few residual “stand here” stickers on the floor of the grocery that no one’s bothered to remove). Also saw one person wearing one alone in her(?) car…*sigh* The way I see it, if these nuts are still wearing them at this point, they probably plan to the rest of their lives. 😝

    Couple other points of interest:

    – Sports news story that Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Dwayne Haskins died today after being struck by a car. The online article I read noted how he had been fined last twice for violating the NFL “COVID protocols” including *gasp* going to a party without a “mask”. It’s just like, the media can’t even give an obituary for a young guy who died in an accident without having to insert their stupid face diaper propaganda….WTF??

    – Our RINO governor of Ohio is running for re-election this year and he was gung-ho about the lockdowns and face diapers early-on, and bragged last year how much good his “policies” had done, yet in his early campaign ads, they *didn’t even mention* the WuFlu. Wouldn’t you think if he’d done so much “good”, his campaign would be *touting* that as their lead talking point? 🤔

    Like Eric and others have stated before, there’s just enough of Corona hanging on at the peripheries (the face-diaper “stragglers”, the sports “protocols”, the articles in the local paper about events “resuming from the pandemic”, etc., to keep in still somewhere in the public consciousness, and I just don’t believe after all that’s been “invested” in it by the government and mass media, they’ll be content to just let it all fade away…I hope I’m wrong, but still just enough “true believers” that it can be made into a boogeyman again. 🤨

    • It’s never going away, our local paper prints the “case count” every single day. The MSM will never let it go away.

          • There is no depth to the level of evil that resides in these goons’ heads. It is mind boggling that someone would wish to harm another person. For what reason? I could understand revenge or vengeance. If someone harms you, I think many people would wish to seek out the perpetrator and give them a dose of their own medicine, but that is not what these cowards are doing. They are unjustifiably hurting others through fear, physical ailments, and even death. What has 99.999% of the world population done to these sick psychopaths? Absolutely nothing.

            • You just answered your own question, RG. These “people” are psychopaths, which are always notorious misanthropes by nature and who generally get a kick out of inflicting as much harm as they can for no apparent reason.

        • Hi RG,
          In my best church lady voice “how conveeeeeeenient!” Billy boy makes the prediction and it magically comes true. Can’t wait to see what’s up his sleeve for the next manufactured crisis, the multiple “variants” don’t seem to be doing it anymore and “climate change” is wearing thin. Maybe they can provoke Putin into launching a nuke but that could get out of control pretty fast, though it would achieve their goal of depopulation while also causing some actual climate changes. Only problem is it could happen too quickly for our overlords to get themselves out of the way and into their fuehrerbunkers.

  15. The psychosis is strong with these. It’s sad, really, that someone would be conditioned to live like that. Masked and alone in their cars. Do they wear them at home? How can they leave their self-imposed prisons? Isn’t there danger lurking at every turn?

    Sad. So very, sad.

    • I’m still so shocked by how many people in the leftist areas of ca so casually take these masks on and off like it’s totally cool normal, fine. Totally normal to strap a nasty piece of paper cloth over your mouth and nose huh? For no health reason? Yeah do not get that AT ALL. At least the pandemic of the unvaccinated paranoia message put out last year didn’t stick with people actually getting that the only “danger” is to the unvaccinated themselves. But it was not for lack of trying..Now just need to see if the buffy wicks law to require every freaking worker in ca to be vaxxed passes come november.

  16. Government is always the last to leave the “party”, so to speak, and yesterday the news showed a photo of Kamala wearing her black N95 at some public event. I still maintain that masks are the official symbol of the worldwide communist takeover attempt and will always be worn by the commies and their fellow travelers until the takeover is complete. When you no longer see masks is when we’re living under 100% full-blown totalitarianism.

    Also, a litmus test is coming up on April 18, viz. whether or not the hair sniffer will extend the federal mandate on wearing masks for transportation passengers.

    • Was it on this site where I read that several airline CEO’s sent a letter to “the Biden administration” to “request removal of the mask mandate for public transportation”?

      I thought they were in charge…

      But instead, they play the part, groveling before the tyrant, asking not to have to continue to expend security and other resources to enforce something that they disagree with. Rather than:

      JUST. SAY(ING). NO.


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