Diaper Report 4/12/22

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They’re back. Because, of course, they never went away. The “mandates” to wear them did – in most places. But the mentality never did. 

Philadelphia just made it official. “Masks” must be worn indoors, again. By everyone. 

For the same reason that you have to wear a yarmulke to enter  a synagogue, with the difference being you don’t have to enter one. And those who run the synagogue can’t force you to wear one outside the synagogue.

But it’s hard to not enter anywhere, which is what the “mandate” to “mask” demands. 

A “one week educational period” will precede the April 18 start date of the new “mandate” – apparently because the “virus’ will hold itself in abeyance during that “period.”

Which tells you – again – everything. That this is not about “keeping people safe,” as the mandaters insist. It is about keeping them obedient. And something more than that. At the same time that Philly’s mandaters are mandating the populace re-don the Diapers – at the same time that the Biden Thing is about to decree that Americans who fly must continue to Diaper – the same mandaters are about to flood the country with millions of unmasked “immigrants” who aren’t being forced to wear the Diaper, prove they’re not sick or that they have been Jabbed.

It is deliberate. It is policy. Literally.

The Biden Thing is about to rescind what is styled Title 42, a different policy – enacted by the Orange Fail – that provided for the expulsion of illegal aliens (the term formerly used to describe people from foreign countries entering this one illegally) who have recently been in a country where a communicable disease was present.

Like Mexico, for instance.

It is not that Mexicans are diseased. It is that Americans are expected to perform various degrading Kabuki rituals on the presumption that they are. The blatant double standard is meant not to “stop the spread” of any sickness but to spread the disease of demoralization.

Americans are to be made to understand that this is not America, anymore. That they are ruled by people who are out to destroy America. Demoralizing Americans is an essential component of this effort.

Back in the ’80s, a KGB mind-fucker who got tired of mind-fucking Russians defected to the United States, to try to explain the techniques of mind-fucking – including demoralization – to Americans. This was Yuri Bezmenov. He worked for Yuri Andropov, who was the general secretary of the Communist Party in the old Soviet Union. The same innocuous-sounding office once held by Joseph Stalin.

Bezmenov’s job was – per above – to fuck the minds of the Russian people and the people of other countries, so as to further the aims of the Communist Party. He gave a series of interviews to G. Edward Griffen after his defection, explaining the steps – and techniques – in great detail.

A targeted people are demoralized by undermining their sense that they live in a rational place governed by reasonable rules. By tearing down objective reality, fact-based policies – consistency. With the object being to create a state of anxious uncertainty such that they will clamor for anything that promises to relieve a chaos which makes ordinary life unbearable.

More people ought to have listened to Yuri. If they had, they might have a better understanding of what is being done to them  now.

Philly’s Gesundheitsfuhrer – a dreary-looking woman elected to no office by the name of Cheryl Bettigole – says as follows:

We hope by having folks whenever they’re in public, indoor spaces we can get ahead of the wave and keep it from reaching a peak like we saw in January with the omicron variant.”

Always with the folksy talk. Tyranny draped in the language of “community.” Communists excel at such tactics.

The “omicron variant”? The one that killed even fewer people than the original ‘Rona that didn’t kill 99.8-something percent of the non-obese, non-elderly and non-already-sick population and 99.9999 something percent of healthy young people?

She then said:

At this level of transmission, we do not believe that there is any reason to panic or enjoy any activities that we enjoy and are important to use.” 

Italics added, to emphasize the slip.

Frau Bettigole knows – and even said – that it is hard to enjoy anything when you are degraded and demoralized, as by being ordered to wear a “mask” purely for the sake of being made to wear one  – there being zero objective evidence that wearing one serves any other purpose.

Expect other Gesundheitsfuhrers to follow suit, soon – especially as Keeeeeeeeeeeeev! loses its emotive powers to distract people from the state they’ve been reduced to by mind-fuckers such as Bettigole, Newsome, Whitmer, Fauci, Walensky and all the rest of them. They are the ones Yuri Bezmenov warned us about back in 1984.

And here we are, in 2022 – having made the great error of not listening to him.

. . .

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  1. I read another quote today from Bill Gates where he is pushing the plan of world domination through ‘pandemic prevention’ global government health ‘solution’, a.k.a. Skynet when he mentioned being opposed to wearing a face diaper is similar to not wanting to wear pants and I thought of F_P’s extrapolation of how ‘they’ are trying to get people to feel ashamed for showing their faces in the same manner as if they were naked.

    Then, I read this bit:


      • Normally, I would say the, “no education” part is a good thing, certainly not a detractor. How-evah; the word, ‘good’ should never ever be attached to Bill Gates.

        Two bits from the Rappaport article I can’t shake:

        “The researchers found new ways of embedding many, many “threads” in the rats’ brains. These threads can presumably deliver information/commands to the brain. That would be the goal.”

        Ya mean, like the self assembling tubes some researchers have claimed to find in the blood of the vaxxed & the shed-upon?

        “People immersed in “the digital world” will no longer view biology as VITAL AND ALIVE and the digital as MECHANICAL AND DEAD.”

        That last one, that’s chilling. I have a niece & nephew who probably fit that to a T.

        …I try to shift my thoughts to those who were raised differently, towards those young people who have different perspectives. … I hope there’s a lot of ’em out there. …Or, at least, just enuff to…

    • Hey helot! You thought ol’ Free_Phi was making all that stuff up about the upcoming Bio-Digital Convergence?

      James Corbett was covering this in mid-2021:


      I highly recommend not just watching the video, but more importantly reading the “Exploring the Bio-Digital Convergence” document published by New Horizons Canada:


      It is a queasy flash-forward to the abject, surreal nightmare that will be the future, for those humans who have the misfortune of surviving the Great Reset.

      Also, whenever you check a Corbett video, keep an eye out for contributions in the comments section from a certain commenter “Fact Checker”. Free_Phi likes the cut of that guy’s jib!!!!!

  2. Aside from trapping biological material and incubating various mold, germs, viruses, masks are also made out of extremely thin strands of various plastics that break down. Lung biopsies reveal that they are full of plastic for some reason. This is especially if the mask is itchy, or you expose it to UV light such as sunshine or UV sanitizer lamps

  3. On my way into work this morning at an ungodly hour I saw a beautiful thing. On the back of a Toyota Prius was a large blue flag with white lettering that read, Fuck Joe Biden. In place of his state tag his license plate said Let’s Go Brandon. I had to chuckle. You know things are bad when even the Prius drivers have taken off the rose-colored glasses.

    • Just as a fly landed on Hillary’s forehead during her debate with the Orange Man, yesterday a bird shat on Biden’s lapel in Iowa, as he pandered to corn farmers by extolling the virtues of ethanol fuel.

      Mother Nature is not fooled by these degenerates.

      Hopefully she’ll escalate to jagged 100,000-volt lightning strikes up the wazoo in due course.

      • Hi Jim,

        LOL. I heard about that. I haven’t had time to see the video yet, but sometimes karma does kick in. 🙂

  4. Just yesterday, in a small town Iowa Walmart, where there hasn’t been a mask mandate in months, I saw a woman wearing a face-diaper — below her nose! Just goes to show you, it’s not even about the virus at this point; the diaper is all about virtue signaling and wearing the right gang colors. These people are total masochists, or “maskists” as I like to call them.

    • Hi Sambo,

      It’s worse than that, I think. In addition to masochism, many of these “maskers” are sadists – who want this to be forever and for everyone. I would wager that out of every ten people “masking” in the absence of “mandates,” nine of them would be ecstatic if the “mandates” to “mask” returned.

      • Hiya Earache,
        So how’s Appalachia? You do know that this thing about diapers could be linked to some anal retentive subconscious dilemma that you have buried deep in your psyche that hasn’t been resolved yet because or your autism related and flagged traits.Clover
        Just kidding there bud. I missed you! So what happened to your best butt buddies? They retired because it was time to retire? Good for them. Falling into just another trap at the end of your life doesn’t say much for your progress to that moment of pure clarity that most people are looking for to take that incite also to the next level and afterwards then to their graves to…….What?
        Luv u man. You da man and sh…stuff
        Dr. Younoho

        • Seems that the comment bot AIs are getting more sophisticated, but not quite there. They still have a tendency to spit out retarded word salads such as this.

          • BAC,
            Thanks for clarifying that rather bizarre comment…..When I first tried to read it I thought I needed a new glasses prescription!

        • Holy Cats TD!!
          How in hell did you manage to insert that green clovers “image” into the comment?

          I’ve been “dying” to plop a cool picture I took of a 3D map of Hispaniola into an EPautos comment…(a picture is worth a thousand words and all)… for the folks to handily grasp some of the locations I rant about…
          Pray tell the procedure…
          Much abliged.

  5. We all know city people are crazy, so this shouldn’t be a surprise.

    Years ago I determined there was no reason to go into a city unless forced. I doubly hold that position today and many former city-ites agree. They are leaving. I hope they leave all their city thinking behind.

  6. Well Folks,

    I’m blowing off to the Dominican Republic before year end….and probably won’t be back. Still lazy with babbel, Spanish…because I partner with a ready made Caribbean street smart Caracas broad that drives like a stuntman and brooks zero bullshit while “winning over hearts and minds with all the natives ” SWEET!

    That’s 50% of the expat thing secured.

    Next step..throughly check out the eastern Cibao valley for a potential “back 40 quarter lot” as close as possible to the world’s largest ORGANIC cocoa growing region. NICE!

    Supply Chain worries??…N/A…
    All necessary nutrients required for Homo Sapien existence are available within a 10 mile diameter of my composting toilet. CHECK!

    Propane power , solar power and water supply (cisterns) …..will not be a problem. CHECK!

    Supercool my “rural backwater farm/finca” will only be 50 minutes to the North Atlantic Ocean. REQUIRED!

    (Licknickel’s not in Missouri anymore. The only thing that kept this ocean loving Connecticut native sane was the Ozark National Scenic Riverways and Johnson’s Shut-in’s State Park).

    As a bow to our beloved Greta Thunberg…I will apply for a UN Heritage Site “Free Range Urination Zone permit”…..and subsequently claim my “Uro Green Credits”!……HOW COOL IS THAT!

    Onward through the fog……

    • Sounds like you’ve got a good plan. Semper Fi. I’m realizing more and more the key to even having a remote chance of surviving/thriving is living in the least population dense area possible.

      We made a move into the city, such as it is. 8-9k people and I’m still hating it. My wife thought it was funny til my truck got broken into. May be up to a year until doom stead 2.0 is habitable. If shit gets too sporty we have an airstream we could stay in. But damn I hate having neighbors, even though they’re mostly decent. Good luck flying under La Migra’s radar.

      • Thanks NF,
        I’m still trudging along with a retiree visa application
        but most ….ahem…”Euro types” are still treated with respect in the Dominican Republic and have NO hassles….immigration or otherwise.
        (most expats simply overstay the usual 30 day visa and pay a progressive fine when they exit the country…)

        I Recommend for anyone that would like to sample the country a tad…..try dental tourism….same quality as US..or Better…and you get a free vacation out of it for the same price.

        However, by far the best cost to benefit ratio for healthcare is LONG TERM CARE FOR AN ELDER!!!
        Compared to the US costs….
        You guys would kiss my ass with thanks…umm…I’ll pass, but you’re welcome for the information.

  7. ‘ as Keeeeeeeeeeeeev! loses its emotive powers to distract people from the state they’ve been reduced to …’ — eric

    Wokesters at Hahhhhhley-Davidson didn’t get the memo:

    ‘Conceived by our community, H-D for Ukraine is a fundraising collaboration between Harley-Davidson and United Way to contribute to the humanitarian relief efforts for Ukraine.

    ‘The H-D for Ukraine T-Shirt was designed by the employees of Harley-Davidson and features the colors of the Ukrainian flag across an iconic Harley-Davidson logo. We come together to help when it is needed.’


    Hard to wrap yourself in the American flag when you’re shilling for the Ukies in blue and yellow.

    Harley-Davidson: liberal, neocon … or both?

  8. Heard this morning from a husband-wife team in a local volunteer organization that they just got boosted … again.

    ‘It’s been five months since our last booster, so we thought we needed another jab,’ they said.

    They were shopping for Moderna, but the pharmacist suggested that ‘mixing and matching’ with a Pfizer booster might work even better.

    Kind of like mixing whisky and vodka, one supposes.

    Didn’t ask them what their disinfo source is (CNN would be my first guess). But they are well and truly brainwashed — zombie consumers of Big Pharma’s lethal spike protein ‘therapy.’

    • Oh, it’ll work just fine, Chris. Went shopping today, and noticed that even here in the sticks in flyover country, where there is no mandate (And things were pretty relaxed even at the height of the insanity) about 40% of the fools were masked already- compared to only about 5% last week.

      These are the same people who scrupulously believed the “terrorism” narrative for 20 years…. -They’ll believe anything.

  9. The first time I ever saw people wearing a face diaper was when I was vacationing in Japan with my wife and daughter. This was several years ago. We saw many people wearing these things, especially in places like the Tokyo subway. We were looking at these people wearing these things and asking each other, why are they wearing these things? We had never before seen anyone wearing face diapers so we were really baffled as to their intended purpose. I could not have imagined that, several years later, Americans would be wearing them by the millions.

    • Hi Martin,

      I think they wear the Diaper in Asian countries to thwart air pollution – particulate matter, etc. For that, a Diaper might actually serve a valid purpose!

      • Hi Eric,

        I know that the air pollution is pretty bad in some Asian countries such as China, but I always thought that the air was pretty clean in Japan. My wife and I had never seen anyone wearing a face diaper before going to Japan, so when we saw so many Japanese wearing these things covering their faces, we were speculating as to the cause. We ended up guessing that the people wearing these masks thought they might be sick with a cold or virus and were wearing them to protect others. We thought that this must be a uniquely Japanese cultural trait, being as we had never seen anyone in the US wearing a face diaper. How the world has changed for the worse in just the last few years!

  10. What I’ve noticed lately that instead of crying “the cases, the cases!” now the PTB and the media are all crowing about so many people “testing positive”, especially our overlords. Big deal, funny how so far I haven’t seen a single report about any of those “testing positive” going to the hospital, or even being sick. Would be nice if all those geriatric politicians would drop dead, one can only hope.

    • Why the hell are people getting tested at all? The existing variant is almost as mild as a cold, and the “vaccines” are not even slightly effective in protecting against it. And the PCR tests used to diagnose it are full of false positives.

      Since this whole covid nonsense started two years ago, I’ve not once seen fit to get tested for it. Instead, I take high doses of vitamins C, D, and E, along with zinc, selenium, magnesium, and quercetin. I was taking these long before the covid bs started, based on the advice of my doctor, who is a specialist in the field of life extension.

      If people just stopped getting tested, the “cases” would drop to zero and the government created panic would end. But this is always true. All forms of government tyranny ultimately require voluntary compliance by a majority of the population. That is why government propaganda is an endless stream pumped into their heads.

      • Totally agree about the government created panic.

        However, I also ask myself are people really getting “tested”? Is the fedgov just making this up, too? There is really no reason to actually go through with the charade of a “test.” Just say it, and it is so…

  11. I purchased one item at Target a few days ago. I was first in line at the u-scan checkout waiting for one of 6 stations to open up. A clerk rushed up to me and demanded I step back a few feet and stand on the red circle, until I was called. Then, I was told, she would wipe down a station for me and call me over.

    Yeah, I stepped back, but not onto the circle. And she did a quick swipe across the scanner, before motioning that I could come over. Whew, now I feel safe.

    • Wow, Snap!

      I haven’t seen such extreme kabuki “practiced” in my state in more than a year. It’s just as bizarre – and arbitrarily idiotic – as the Diapering, though. It’s known that the “virus” doesn’t linger on surfaces and that standing six feet apart is pure theater with zero, nil “science” to support it.

      I have always gone out of my way to “practice” sanity – as by ignoring the stupid little circles and arrows and even sidling right up to the person ahead of me in line, as normal people used to do. If anyone says anything to me, I will say to them: Get therapy – and fuck off.

      • Hi Eric: It startled me, because hardly anyone was masked, shoppers or store personnel. I wanted my item, so I backed up. But, yes, your approach is much better, and I might have employed a method similar to yours, if she hadn’t come out of left field like that.

    • I just saw that. My common sense tells me Mr Ardis is SPOT ON. They figured out how to synthesize king cobra & ~crate etc snake venom, and they stabilize it with some newer tech they came up with in recent years (nano hydrogel & also magnetic particles). Also, maybe putting it in tap water! Why else would they be testing the sewer … so they can determine how much to put in the tap water to get the effect they want (kill a certain %, but not be too obvious, etc).

      I knew when they started pushing this latest quackcine, that it was going to be bad — they’ve been working on injection poisons for DECADES… since before we were all born, and now they’re all excited to get us all injected … LOL … I KNEW it was going to be bad.

      • The snake oil thing wouldn’t surprise me at all – satan, the serpent.

        The thing about injecting us is that they are keenly interested in our WILLING compliance.

        JUST. SAY. NO.

    • One more thought: so the synthetic/bio-duplicated/whatever-it-is snake venom makes you bleed to death, but at the same time the ~graphene hydroxide makes you get huge horrible sticky clots, so it’s a DOUBLE WHAMMY. LOLOL OMG you can’t even make this stuff up. We’re in a war folks.

  12. Great article Eric:

    Your ability to make my blood boil with your writings is second only to the late, great William Norman Grigg. That is a compliment of the highest order if you were wondering.

    We just started going “back to the office” here in SE Michigan. I’m sure Whitmer will get with the program and re-mandate “masking” soon here.

    We are working from home 4 days and in the office one day. The justification for why we even need to go back one day is another conversation entirely. Wasting shareholder money is the best I could come up with…

    I already told my boss that I won’t wear a mask at any place for any reason. Not to get in the door, not to attend meetings in conference rooms, not to travel by air, not in public spaces, not to visit the customer. Simply nowhere.

    I specifically made the decision to use the word “wont” instead of “can’t” since nearly all doctors have become mouthpieces for the regime so I’m certain my chances to get medical exemption from a cowardly doctor is approaching zero.

    My own doctor wont provide me one – despite an inarguable medical reason why I shouldn’t ever wear one. This is why I haven’t been to see him in 2 years.

    I’m completely ready to take a very well paying job and quit on the spot if mask mandates come back to the office. I’m more than willing to work form home all days since that seems to have been working for the past 2+ years. I’ll even pretend it’s some kind of “punishment.”

    • Hi Blake: I’m a SE Michigander too. In my opinion with respect to Whitchmer – she’ll only reimpose masking if she’s fairly certain that the machine can steal the election for her like for Biden.

      If she’s confident her re-election is assured, yeah she’ll do it.

      We’re seriously considering getting out of here; question is, where do we go?

      • Iowa is not too far away, Snapdragon. There aren’t any pretty spans of wilderness here though.
        …It’s the almost Florida of the North?
        ‘Er, something like that.

        • Hi Helot: I’ve been to Iowa several times to visit family. I like it, and it seems like a more rational place*, politically, than Michigan, so we’ve considered it. But it’s even colder than Michigan, and I’m really hating the cold lately. Maybe because everything is so much more difficult these days.

          *except for one in-law – absolute insane, difficult, judgmental incoherent mask-loving/quackcine-loving nasty, mean person. We were invited to Christmas dinner last year and then uninvited because we aren’t vaxxed. This person then shows up to the house to visit. Not afraid of catching anything from us, apparently, unless it’s Christmas day. 🙄

        • Wow h,
          Iowa! Heck my ex had a lot of family in the Ottumwa area (turkey farmers)…..Do you have any idea if the “loose meat ” sandwich joint called “Canteen Lunch in Alley” still exists in that city?…Delightfully unhealthy fare , doled out in a cool retro brick building ..located …in an Ottumwa alley….
          Nice bluffs along the ride up the river road north to IA from… St.Louis, passing thru..Clarksville…Louisiana….Hannibal…and points north…
          The “Flyover States” have some really cool scenery…..too bad it’s soooooo spread out.

          • Hell I just looked up their website????
            What the F–k happened to the term “retro”…”dag nabbit”, the place has gone Silicon Valley!!!!
            We are Doomed.

  13. But…a lot of people have listened to Yuri…..Andropov -unfortunately. And they sure are being obedient to him and all that he represented…… 🙁

    The real demoralizing aspect of this BS is knowing that the vast majority around you just don’t care. They will obediently do what ever they are told to by the TV, or a sign, or their “representative” whom they elected, who now dictates what they must do; Whether that, or just because they are too stupid to realize that there is really nothing to fear, and that a stupid cloth mask could not protect them nor anyone them if there really were something to fear, the realization is the same- and that is that we live among the walking dead; amongst a people who just don’t care about their own liberty, much less ours. They don’t even know what liberty is, or realize to what degree they are being controlled in virtually aspect of their lives. It does not bode well for anyone in the midst of such a society, for such is a society on the brink of slavery and extinction- and the only way to avoid those consequences is to physically remove one’s self from any locale where this charade is being played out, because the controlled and the controllers have become as one, and there is no fighting nor evading such numbers while in their midst.

  14. “For the same reason that you have to wear a yarmulke to enter a synagogue…”

    With this analogy, Mr. Peters is more (ahem) on the Nose than he intended.

    Hasn’t one of the commenters here called them “face yarmulkes”?

    In any event, that’s exactly what they are. The Mask of the Noahides. The arbitrary, religious rigidity of the mask-mandates is straight out of YHWH’s Jerusalamic-Talmudic playbook. They are not the subject of debate or good-faith inquiry, as would be the case in what Gilad Atzmon calls the “Athenian model” of society. Instead, they are a Jerusalem-model, top-down commandment from a militant (militarized) rabbinical superstructure. The goyim obey out of fear: either fear of the judaic supernatural threat of the “plague”, which acts every bit as mystically and capriciously as YHWH Himself, or fear of the shabbos goy enforcers of the rabbinical pronouncements in the county seats and the governors’ offices. YHWH (or as I call it, the Machine) works through the totalitarian rabbinical hierarchy to work Its profane will on the sad and sorry masses, even as It simultaneously works through the “global health” apparatus, the corporate apparatus, and the military-intelligence superstructure. Like a masterful surgeon methodically dissecting a healthy penis and converting it into the grotesque travesty of a womb (warning: emetic content https://www.bitchute.com/video/Jt99vw1uYETy/ ), the YHWH Machine is bringing to bear an array of bleeding-edge instruments of lobotomy, vivisection, and behavioral programming to create Its global army of anonymized, homogenized Noahides. Just one virtuosic part of this process is relieving the humans of their icky, gooey human faces, to prepare them for full conversion into sexless, soulless, purified, rectified, and redeemed Noahide bio-slaves.

    • Brilliant, FP!

      Leviticus 13:45
      ” And the leper in whom the plague is, his clothes shall be rent, and his head bare, and he shall put a covering upon his upper lip, …”

      What do we see today? People walking around with hol(e)y clothes and their lips covered!

      We are all presumed lepers now.

  15. I fear that the mask bullshit will intensify as we come up on the mid-term elections. Biden’s Bolshevik party fears a loss of both houses if…if… the elections are fairly conducted. So they will double down on the shenanigans like they did in ‘20. The media being the ever obedient lapdogs will hype up the cases, the deaths as variant whatever even if said deaths were due to overdoses, homicides, heart attacks, etc. Even if the Republicans pull it off, that means McCarthy as speaker and McConnell as majority leader. Two “squishes” with no spine and part of the corrupt system that will still play along to get along with the Biden regime. So it’s racing to go over the cliff at 200 mph or doing it at 100 mph. We the people are so screwed!

    • Will it be worse for them to accept a fair defeat, or to cheat their way to victory only to be tarred, feathered, ridden out on a rail, and cast adrift on an ice floe?

  16. Things must be going very badly for Dollah Bill over in East Asia. Having to shift back to the failed flu narrative so quickly. Not getting the satisfaction of Putin nuking a US city, our so called leaders are in panic mode. At this point its better they remain alive and in public. About the only response they warrant is shit filled baby diapers thrown in their faces, wherever they dare show their faceless, faces.

    I would wager that many of us here have heard of Bezmenov and G Edward Griffin. The sad part is so many have closed their minds to any counter narrative. Still, its worth converting the occasional oddball who drops by here and has a light turned on in their mush filled skull. After all, it would be better if there were more of us.

    Its about to get very interesting, as 90% of the country has no idea the hell we are about to enter. It’ll come as an epic shock, when the good ship Murica’s exorbitant privilege, sinks to the bottom of the sea, causing a huge tsunami upon our shore. All while the dumb ass sheeple tow the line and bleat for moar

    • Just wait until OPEC, China, India decide to dump the Dollar as the world’s reserve currency. Our government will be the cause of it. You cannot continue to print your way to “prosperity” while other entities holding our currency watch it devalue with every new note being made. This nation’s debt affects those holdings and it will soon come to an end. It will end badly since we gutted our essential industries and shipped them to China and other nations.

  17. I said from day 1 that masks were intended to be forever. How much more obvious can it be now?

    Everyone said people wouldn’t do this forever. I said no, the break would actually reinforce it. How, might you ask?

    By having the rules relaxed, followed by the magical reappearance of the killervirus, followed by chants of “See? We really do need these things!! We can never go back to breathing freely!!” The purpose of the calm was to bring about the storm and make it more pronounced.

    It was so easy for me to predict.

    • At some long-forgotten point in history, humans went from their natural, naked state, to a clothed state. Presumably, it had to do with the intrepid push by early humans into territory where the temperature dipped below that which is compatible with the comfort and safety of the gangly primate body. But, eventually, clothing became a cultural practice far more powerful than the nip of a chill wind. Eventually, the psychodrome enforced the norm through notions of “modesty,” through legislation, and—most powerfully of all—through shame.

      Now, humans stereotypically have nightmares of being caught out naked in public. The shame they feel at their naked body is better described as gripping anxiety. As body horror. As terror.

      The Machine is now cultivating that same reflexive terror-shame in humans, with respect not to their genitals, but to their faces. The mask-normalization will not be complete until humans are as ashamed of their faces as they are of their reproductive organs. Today’s children will, by the time they reach bodily maturity, consider their own noses and mouths to be “private parts,” and they will have nightmares about having their faces exposed in public.

      The Machine demands that humans see themselves through Its optical lenses: as filthy, diseased, icky, gooey pigpens of toxic breath, hazardous mucous, and rank excrement. Humanity 2.0 will indeed see itself that way.

      You’ll know the “mask mandates” are gone for good when they’re no longer needed. The entire global mask-relaxation, which really began with Boris Johnson’s out-of-the-blue announcement to Parliament in January (if I recall correctly) was strictly desinged to test how much “unmandated compliance” is out there. The data has now been collected on how many monkeys already feel face-shame. This allowed the Machine to calibrate how much force the next wave of mandates should employ, and which narrative themes will work on the monkeys who are not yet fully shattered psychologically. Its algorithms are evidently “New & Improved,” what with “educational periods” to ease the monkeys back into the ritualized hypnosis of the masquerade.

        • Thanks and thanks, DC.

          Very interesting. More and more it is evident that all fiction (or at least so-called “genre” fiction) has been, since its emergence, persistently targeted hypnoidal mind control. There pretty much isn’t a single work of “sci-fi” that isn’t “coming true” in some almost hamfisted sense right now. It’s always been a blend of predictive programming, projective ideation, and Revelation of the Method. We were born into a collective trance in media res, where there is truly no demarcation between fact and fiction. “Reality” is a narrative construct that is now spiraling into a singularity in which what was once thought fantasy is now an all-too-real electromechanical master, dictating we conform to its dystopian self-image.

      • Hi FP,

        I believe you are onto to something. Great commentary, BTW. The world’s citizens (but especially Americans) are really Puritans by heart. For some reason sex (and the body) has been something that is supposed to be shameful and bad. I blame the confines of religious extremism on this. Many of the French islands in the Caribbean are very relaxed when it comes to such nudity and the human body. It is very easy to tell which are the Americans because they are the ones gawking at the 27-year-old blond walking down the beach in nothing more than her bikini bottoms. This is very natural for her and the country she resides/vacations in, but for many they are uncomfortable with such a sight. As much as we claim to be open minded and accepting the American mindset is still very Victorian in its thoughts.

  18. Wasn’t the commentator G. Edward Griffen of the show the same guy who wrote “The Creature from Jekyll Island”?

    • Griffin has also done a lot of Exposé on the medical/pharmaceutical/cancer industry. (I have a friend who had stage 4 prostate cancer; sent him a [now unable to find] Griffin video, while his daughter sent him Griffin’s book on the subject of cancer- LSS, we were able to convince the guy to reject the worthless and deadly chemo and pursue a natural course, and he is now cancer free, to the astonishment of his doctors).

      • PS. Unfortunately, the same friend did not listen re the vax, and literally almost died two weeks ago from [drum roll please]….a pulmonary embolism- i.e. a BLOOD CLOT on his lung which was so big that it was not only hindering his breathing, but also restricting his heart!

  19. I knew this relaxing of rules was too good to be true. Now just waiting in “anxious uncertainty” and general pissed offed ness for more vax mandates from the lunatics who are running things. China was the first indication of the resurrection of this insanity. I thought Australia’s policies were creepy but China has exceeded them with the new lockdowns, killing of pets and starving people in their own homes. How very efficient of them. Just wondering when the people in Shanghai will finally realize there is no longer any point in complying and just storm out of their prisons.

    • Been wondering the same thing about Shanghai, RS, surprised it hasn’t happened yet, or maybe it has and they’re keeping it suppressed. At some point “if you ain’t got nuthin ya got nuthin to lose” is going to kick in and the plebes will realize they vastly outnumber their overlords. If you’re going to starve to death anyway might as well take as many of those rat bastards with you as you can.

  20. a state of anxious uncertainty, ain’t that the truth. Our overlords are much the same as a pack of wolves (they Are wolves!) pacing the sides of a fence at night scaring the crap outta a herd of sheep, so much so, some of the sheep die of fright from panic.

    a state of anxious uncertainty, I imagine that is something, much like lawnmowers, that Licknickel+(Inflation+adjusted) won’t encounter on the Caribbean island. …and, that seems to be The Key, create &/or be a part of an, “island” via a Parallel Society which acts as a buffer zone to keep anxious uncertainty at bay. Gault’s Gulches, everywhere? Idk.

    Classic TV Theme: Fantasy Island (+ Bonus!)

    Hmm, I didn’t know they did a remake:

    Fantasy Island (1998) – Pilot

  21. I still see too many many sheep wearing masktards out there that I have to wonder about their sanity. Funny thing is people who I know that got the clot shot seem to get sick, I didn’t get the shot and I didn’t get sick. That’s a heck of a coincidence in my opinion. I wonder what Yuri would say if he was still alive today, I believe he would have called it for what we know it to be. This will only stop when the people demand it stops but by then it might be too late. If coercion violates the “Nuremberg Protocols” shouldn’t the governments around the world be charged and punished as per the protocols?

  22. Isn’t Veterans Stadium (or whatever they call now) the only NFL stadium in the league with an arraignment courtroom and holding cells *inside* the facility due to the overly obnoxious behavior of the fans?

    Good luck to the Philadelphia cops charged with enforcing this.

    • The stadiums are located in deep south Philly, and yes the fans got quite a reputation, but that was when normal south Philly fans could afford to go. Not so much anymore.
      The smaller stadium for hockey and basketball you can’t afford to go, but I can see the larger stadium like for baseball and football still probably has some cheaper bleeder seats.

  23. Damn Philadelphians to the darkest pits if they go along with this. No longer human, but land bound jellyfish with no spine whatsoever. My favorite word is NO, and has been for a number of years.

  24. Boy, am I glad I got my mom and sister the hell out of Philly. I have no intention of ever setting foot in that shithole of a city ever again.

    • Ditto, Jim! I left NY (60 miles east of NYC) 20 years ago (also with my mother) and have never set foot back there, or even north of the Mason-Dixon Line (which isn’t actually far from me now) again…and never will! FUCK that whole cancerous region, and I hope it gets nuked off the face of the earth.

      (Mike+in+Boston and BAC, Get yourselves an old school desk….so you can crouch under it and cover your head with your arms….according to the government indoctrination camp I was forced to attend while growing up, that’ll save ya’s!)

      • I also hope for some cataclysmic event that will wash clean the northeast corridor. Sadly, as the supply line disruption is causing a shortage of old school desks, I’m consigned to burn with the rest of them.

        • Damn, BAC! I was kinda hoping to get one of those desks! Not so much the desk…but those hard plastic seats! Remember how they’d SO amplify your farts? Heck, I could produce my own nuke if I had one’a them today!

      • Hiya Nunz!
        Yeah I remember doing that, right next to the windows so we could get blasted with glass shrapnel 😆. I decided if there’s ever a nuclear attack I want to be right at the point of impact; rather get instantly cremated than die a slow painful death from radiation poisoning.

        • Amen, Mike! Wish I had had the nads back then to just run home when they did that crap- I mean, if we’re gonna get nuked, I wanna at least die at home with my mother, and not with all the fucktards at school!

  25. Eric,

    One problem is that few people were EXPOSED to Yuri Bezmenov! He was never interviewed, let alone featured, by a mass media outlet; he was never on a show such as CBS’ Sixty Minutes. Back in the mid 1980s, when Bezemenov was interviewed, cable TV was just starting to proliferate; it hadn’t taken hold. IOW, the vast majority of Americans got their news from the Big Three TV networks; if they didn’t discuss something, it didn’t happen. How can people listen to someone who was never put out there in the first place?


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