And What Did You Do in the War, Grandpa?

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Some may remember the speech given by George C. Scott playing American general George S. Patton – in which he gave encouragement to the troops about to go into combat by telling them that, one day, they’d be able to tell their grandchildren what they did in that moment of truth.

All of us are likely to face one of those soon, as well. 


By no means is Ronamonomania – what is styled “the pandemic” – over. It will never be over until it is repudiated to the roots of the thing; until the lies used to create the thing are acknowledged to have been lies and those who used them to terrorize the population held to account.

Not merely relieved of their usurped authority. Prosecuted, criminally. Hounded, mercilessly – to the ends of the Earth, if need be. If that is justified in the case of some 94-year-old fellow who, as a 17-year-old kid, worked as a concentration camp guard for three or four months during the final year of World War II – then surely it is justified in the case of grown men who turned the entire country into a kind of camp.

Who clearly wanted badly to put people into camps.

Who used threats of unemployment, penury and worse to coerce them into submitting to medical rape. Such people must be brought to justice – not merely allowed to fade away, like The Chimp (who paints disjointedly at his ranch in Texas).

Until that happens, this is far from over. We are merely in the trough between the waves.

The next one has already risen in China, where ferocious mass-imprisonments of whole populations – the things styled “lockdowns” – have been re-imposed as the “cases” surge, again. If the last time taught us anything, it is that whatever China does, those in America who seek to turn this joint into China will try to do the same, here.

Probably the only reason they haven’t – yet – is because of the tenuous political situation here. About the same percentage of the general population that still willingly wears a “mask” – as the Chinese-made Obedience Bibs are styled – still support the enfeebled grifter who wanders around the stage-prop Oval Office. He enjoys the same public confidence that Leonid Brezhnev did, waving through watery-eyes from atop Lenin’s tomb.   

And there is another (s)election coming up.

Every indication suggests a tsunami of repudiation – and not just of “masks” and other artifacts of weaponized hypochondria. Other forms of mental illness are up for a vote as well, including the sexualization of little kids and the pathological insistence that biological sex is a “construct” and malleable upon assertion.

Also, the evidence accrues that Orange Man was indeed defrauded of his office and the only way to assure that fraud is never officially conceded – which is the only mechanism for transmogrifying what is styled “conspiracy” and “misinformation” into generally accepted fact – is for it to never be be officially conceded. 

How else to assure that other than by assuring the next (s)election is very much like the last one? Months of Election Day – via absentee ballots, on account of “the virus” bogeyman, again. Then – Shazam! – the right result on Election Night.

Or the next day.  

To think they won’t do it again is like the surprise expressed by the frog who – after having agreed to swim the scorpion across the creek – found himself with a stinger in his back.

It’s what they do. 

And when they do it again, what will we do?

Will we abide it? Will we – as so many of us did, the last time – do nothing when they announce that Election Day will be election months? That absentee balloting is necessary, again, because “the cases! The cases!” are on the rise, again?

Will enough of us – as last time – allow them to get away with it, again?

Some of us refused to play along. Some of us never once wore the Obedience Bibs styled “masks.” We esteemed our self-respect sufficiently that we were unwilling to trade it for an airplane ride or a meal at a favorite restaurant. Much less a goddamned cup of coffee.

Some of us valued our health sufficiently to not trust it to the “good offices” of the pharmaceutical industry, which has established its trustworthiness to be less than that we’d normally accord a time-share condo pusher.

Unfortunately, it was not enough of us. Too many of us caved in or played along with the Kabuki and so enabled the tyranny. It was done for the usual reasons such things are done:

Insouciance, convenience – and cowardice.

Tyranny depends on all three. It cannot be maintained when enough people are attentive, assertive and understand that inconvenience is exactly that – and a small price to pay for the sake of one’s self-respect. And for the sake of insisting that our rights be respected – so as to avoid something much worse than mere inconvenience.

Americans have, for generations, been taught on the one hand to esteem those who were willing to stand and fight for their rights during the war for independence from Great Britain. And – on the other hand – to never imagine it might be necessary to do the same again, to regain their independence from an even greater tyranny.

The mere standing up may be sufficient. It would have been, generations ago – when the seeds of what has grown up all around us were planted. Whether it will be necessary to do more than stand up remains to be seen. The all-important thing is that enough us refuse to lay down, once again.

Not for the sake of anything – because nothing is worth the laying down, again.

Or ever was.

Perhaps the words Patton – the actual Patton – spoke to his Third Army before D-Day will help:

“Every man is scared in his first action. If he says he’s not, he’s a goddamn liar. But the real hero is the man who fights even though he’s scared. Some men will get over their fright in a minute under fire, some take an hour, and for some it takes days. But the real man never lets his fear of death overpower his honor, his sense of duty to his country, and his innate manhood.”

. . .

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  1. … “By March 2020, the society they had come to love was forever gone. The entire empire of lies crumbled and America went in two directions: those who long for the empire of lies, and those who are doing something new. […]

    Be brave. Be bold. Step out. If you still wear masks for any reason, now is the time to stop. For more on how to navigate life maskless, read the bestselling “Face Masks in One Lesson.”

    For more on why that is so important to do, read “Face Masks Hurt Kids.”

    • Are you sure you want to put Eric through this?

      I took the challenge and it is illogical drivel. More of the same meme pushing, contradictory bs. My eyes hurt from rolling back into my head.

    • Morning, Jim!

      I scanned through it… seems to be the usual: The “vaccines” reduce the severity of the sickness so still important to get “vaccinated.” The narrative – the definition-changing – continues apace. I expect that even in the face of mass deaths from the “vaccines,” the “media” will continue to tout how very . . . important it is to get “vaccinated.”

  2. Hi Nunzio

    Germ theory: Some quotations from Doctors, Scientists and Nutritionists:

    “Rudolph Virchow, a great German scientist, repudiated the germ theory of disease. He said that disease brought on germs rather than the germs caused disease.

    Claude Bernard, Bechamp and Tissot – great French scientists – all disproved the germ theory of disease.

    In Hans Selye’s book Stress of Life (Page 205), an account is recorded that Louis Pasteur, inventor of the germ theory of disease, admitted he was wrong.

    Sanitation is the only factor that has reduced the spread of the old-time scourges. If the germ theory were founded on facts, there would be no living being to read what is herein written, for germs are ubiquitous – they exist everywhere.

    In many diseases supposedly caused by a specific germ, that germ is not present. Contrariwise, specific germs said to cause a specific disease are present in huge proportions without the specific disease manifesting itself.” – Dr Bernarr D.C, D.D

    “…Viruses are simply the excretions of a toxic cell. Viruses are pieces of DNA or RNA, with a few other proteins. They butt out from the cell. They happen when the cell is poisoned. They are not the cause of anything.” – Thomas Cowan MD on Rudolf Steiner’s insights

    “You’re working under a wrong premise to begin with and you’re never going to find the answer if you do that. Viruses have no nucleus. There’s no respiratory system. There’s no circulatory system. There’s no digestive system. Viruses are not alive. That’s like saying soap is alive. They’re not alive. They are solvents. They are soaps. However, more accurately, they are enzymes to fractionate tissue for waste elimination.” – Aajonus Vonderplanitz

    “We agree with those members of the profession who hold that no germ causes tuberculosis. Germs do not cause any disease. Further, we agree that there is more harm in the fear of germs than there is in the germs themselves.” — Timely Truths on Human Health – Simon Louis Katzoff, M.D. 1921

    “The entire fabric of the germ theory of disease rests upon assumptions which not only have not been proved, but which are incapable of proof, and many of them can be proved to be the reverse of truth. The basic one of the unproven assumptions, wholly due to Pasteur, is the hypothesis that all the so-called infections and contagious disorders are caused by germs.” – M.L. Leverson, M.D

    Dr. Robert R. Gross wrote, “Germs do not cause disease! Nature never surrounded her children with enemies. It is the individual himself who makes disease possible in his own body because of poor living habits… Do mosquitoes make the water stagnant; or does stagnant water attract the mosquitoes?

    We should all be taught that germs are friends and scavengers attracted by disease, rather {than} enemies causing disease…As their internal environment is, so will be the attraction for any specific micro-organism… The germ theory and vaccination are kept going by Commercialism.”

    “We said before that so-called “germs” are ubiquitous. They are ever present, in many varying forms in both healthy and sick people. These microbes kick into what modern scientists call ‘pathogens’, when the media is toxic and conducive to clean up. When you enter into a healing crisis, and your body is throwing off toxins, these “germs” appear out of your very substance, to help eliminate, process and break down these toxins. Germs have absolutely no causal relationship to disease. But germs do appear to help you clean out, because put quite simply, your disease is your cure!” – Dr. William P. Trebing – Good-Bye Germ Theory –
    T.C. Fry wrote, “‘Infection’ is no war in which the body is fighting invaders. The bacteria that come to these sites are symbiotic and help the body in elaborating dead cells and tissues for expulsion – they are partners in the cleanup process. When this has been accumulated the bacteria disappear and the wound heals. Infection… is a body-cleaning process for a body burdened with toxic materials.”

    “If Germ Theory were true, no one would be alive to believe it!” BJ Palmer, D.C.

    many health experts have stated, namely that there are only 2 causes of disease: deficiency and toxicity. For instance, Charlotte Gerson (who took over running the Gerson Clinic from her brilliant father Max) said this about disease and cancer. Removing cells or tissue from the body and thus cutting them off from their energy/nutrient supply will quickly lead to deficiency; injecting antibiotics into the mixture is toxicity; thus there is no solid proof a virus is causing disease when there is already deficiency and toxicity present. This is the key point of the virus misconception.

    modern medicine is based on the germ theory. modern medicine: evil spirits (germs) how do you fight them? with pharmaceuticals, vaccines (witches brews).
    who was responsible? pasteur and flexner.
    pharmacon = poison, pharmakeia = sorcery, witch craft, witches
    pharmaceutical = drugs made from petrochemicals (oil).

    Pasteur provided the “evil spirits” of the shamans that cursed mankind with a body by his pronouncement of “germs” lurking about waiting to pounce upon the unsuspecting who were helpless to do anything about it. his solution? fight the germs (evil spirits) with pharmaceuticals (witches brews).

    • there is more harm in the fear of germs than there is in the germs themselves.” — Timely Truths on Human Health – Simon Louis Katzoff, M.D. 1921

    • Hi Anon!

      I with ya!
      Thanks for the great quotes. I’ve never been sold on germ theory (It is just a theory- and if they can still not prove it, today, with electron microscopes and DNA, etc……pffffftt! That says it all.).

      I shall copy your post for future reference. Next time someone I know comes down with a case of the vapors, or their humors are out of balance…or worse yet, they go to a barber-surgeon and get an antibiotic for viral infection[sic], I’ll give them a little food for thought! (‘Probably’d work better than even chicken soup!)

  3. Hi Eric, et al,

    There are lots of interesting things afoot of “the wheels coming off” variety. Naomi Wolf, once a darling of the liberal set, has provoked ire by daring to question the vaccine agenda in a way that is likely to damage said agenda. She has started an organization that is publicizing the information that the CDC has been manipulating specifically related to adverse effects of the clot shots on fairly young people and also reporting on information from the data Pfizer was forced to reveal. This information should result in arrests and significant prison terms for tons of people involved, including Bourla, Fauci, Walensky and many, many more. Remains to be seen the results…..especially interesting is her talks with Edward Dowd, who was a Blackrock hedge fund manager for a long while. His contention is that one very real pushback will be coming from the insurance industry because there will be so many 100% disabled people that the medical system cannot handle the results and the insurance industry cannot pay for it. In any case, interesting times eh? Lay in your survival supplies…..I personally have pretty much abandoned going to doctors….I simply do not trust them at all anymore….why would anybody?

    P.S. – Rumble is becoming an interesting place….a lot of chaff but at least it’s not Googulag.

    • Harvard-educated good Dr. Jennifer Daniels, who once said “The life expectancy of those who do not see the doctor is seven years longer.” She also wrote the book “The Lethal Dose: Murder by Medicine is No Accident.”

      big pharma causes 440k deaths a yr in America alone due to “medical errors” (partially defined as an unintended outcome even under correctly administered care) and over 100k annual deaths due to legal drugs. This is only from the reports we know about.

      Each one of the four vaccine producers “is a convicted serial felon: Glaxo, Sanofi, Pfizer, Merck.”
      “In the past 10 years, just in the last decade, those companies have paid 35 billion dollars in criminal penalties, damages, fines, for lying to doctors, for defrauding science, for falsifying science, for killing hundreds of thousands of Americans knowingly.”

      This 2500 year old good evil concept of sickness is now used in allopathic medicine, they say you are possessed by an evil germ/virus and they can cure it with poisonous drugs and vaccines, it is the most profitable business in the world and the doctors are held up as gods, highly paid, the very top of society the ultimate hero’s, (they are really drug pushers). This model is way more profitable then priests getting demons out of people.

      The problem is the germ theory, if people were educated and new it was bs (it has been proven false multiple times, pasteur the moron that invented it said it was fake)

      We All Have Viruses, All The Time, as Part of our Virome and Immune System

      The humble virus is deeply misunderstood. The human body is composed of an estimated 6 trillion cells, 60 trillion bacteria and 380 trillion viruses.
      Just as we have a microbiome of friendly bacteria which forms the basis of our immune system and 2nd brain in our gut, so too do we have a virome (a collection and community of viruses) which play a role in our healing. Viruses come from exosomes or tiny particles our bodies produce. They are not infectious agents. The exosome theory states that if cells are poisoned, they produce viruses (secretions) to clean up the toxins.

      Through the ascendency of germ theory over host theory/terrain theory, the mainstream paradigm now teaches that viruses are “bad guys”, infectious agents “out there”, who can invade the body – thus reinforcing the need for Big Pharma drugs and vaccines.

      they want to force inject you with a vaccine to kill the evil within you. they are morons, they have zero knowledge of anything. you will end up totally screwed up or dead, and you can’t sue.

      it became established with the nazis:
      “The infection theories (germ theory) were only established as a global dogma through the concrete policies and eugenics of the Third Reich. Before 1933, scientists dared to contradict this germ theory; after 1933, these critical scientists were silenced.” now we have the 4th reich doing the same thing.

      rockefeller took allopathic medicine worldwide
      After the Flexner Report, the AMA only endorsed schools with a germ theory drug-based curriculum. It didn’t take long before non-allopathic, non germ theory schools fell by the wayside due to lack of funding.

      Thus, Rockefeller had his monopoly on drugs, and Big Pharma and Rockefeller Medicine were born – and has only grown bigger and more terrible since, now routinely bribing doctors to prescribe their toxic and side effect-laden pills, not to mention their autism-causing vaccines, all based on the germ theory.

      Rockefeller, the AMA and Big Pharma are now all key aspects of the NWO (New World Order), but it all started with the Flexner Report. It is worth noting that Big Pharma And the Vaccine Cartels design the entire medical curriculum, based on the germ theory. now we have allopathic rockefeller nazi death medicine.

      disease causes:
      many health experts have stated, namely that there are only 2 causes of disease: deficiency and toxicity. (also trauma)

      For instance, Charlotte Gerson (who took over running the Gerson Clinic from her brilliant father Max) said this about disease and cancer. Removing cells or tissue from the body and thus cutting them off from their energy/nutrient supply will quickly lead to deficiency; injecting antibiotics into the mixture is toxicity;

      thus there is no solid proof a virus is causing disease when there is already deficiency and toxicity present. This is the key point of the virus misconception.

      • Good stuff, Anon!

        **”We All Have Viruses, All The Time”**

        And most people also have cancer cells at any given time- which the body (if the immune system is not seriously compromised with poisons and vaccines, etc.) keeps at bay. This is why ‘they’ love to push ‘cancer screenings’, because when they come across the people whose bodies are actively (and successfully) fighting the cancer cells, they declare that those specimens have cancer…merely because their tests indicate that the subject’s immune system is actively battling cancer cells; Then they proceed to destroy the subject’s immune system with drugs and radiation, and perform surgeries….and generally makes hundreds of thousands of dollars off of each such victim while killing him or at least putting him through hell and or greatly reducing his lifespan- if not through the direct consequences of their treatments, then by compromising the immune system, making the patient then unable to cancer cells and other diseases from then on.

        There was a good article on LRC a few years ago (When LRC was still worth reading, and not just a commentary on media news) in which this doctor told of how he used to work for one of these places where people pay $10K-$20K per year (in addition to the regular medical bills they incur) to have an old-fashioned private-practice personal doctor who only sees a limited number of patients. As a result, these people tended to have high incomes, and to thus go for all kinds of ‘screenings’ and tests, even when nothing was wrong with them- and, bearing in mind what I described above, the incidence of cancer among these people was WAY higher than for the average person…because the tests said so.

        THAT is modern medicine. And the victims, not being aware of this, instead say “Thank goodness I went for that test. It saved my life! It would have been so much worse if they had not caught it [Sound familiar?]

        IRL life, I nev er say ‘doctors’- I say ‘Barber-surgeons’. [Apologies to actual barber-surgeons, who were less harmful), and why I haven’t been to a doctor since 1978 (‘cept for the eye doc -to attenuate what one of their ‘cures’ did to me when I was a wee one)

        • Hi nunzio

          the government/medical system/church is a huge satanic cult now, why would I go to an allopathic doctor?

          Harvard-educated good Dr. Jennifer Daniels, who once said “The life expectancy of those who do not see the doctor is seven years longer.” She also wrote the book “The Lethal Dose: Murder by Medicine is No Accident.”

        • RE: “When LRC was still worth reading, and not just a commentary on media news”

          Why do you keep bashing LRC?

          I’ve been reading it for decades & still find worthwhile articles on it, daily.
          Perhaps what you see as a change in direction for the worst actually reaches more people?
          Some of their prime authors retiring or dying might play a role, too?
          There seems to be opportunity for some new younger writers with talent… to, you know, show ’em how it’s done.

          • Helot, I’m not bashing LRC- I’m just stating my opinion of what I feel is the downfall of a once-great site. No doubt that LRC is probably more agreeable to more people now- much like a church which embraces rainbow f(l)ags and masking is. And yes, there is still occasionally some good stuff there- but very little actual libertarian content. I mean, Zerohedge, Paul Craig Roberts, et al, may offer some conservative relief to the popular culture……but then WorldNetDaily does that…..

            I just mourn that what used to be a beacon of real libertarian thought, in which newcomers could actually come and learn and cheer, and find something rare, has descended into mediocrity. I mean, I was introduced to the likes of Rothbard, Sowell and Walter Williams on LRC, and it was wonderful; and I will always feel indebted to Lew for that gift- but it is precisely because of that former greatness that I mourn what it is now- which is mainly WND-like commentary, and various speculators and kooks pushing various theories on things real or imagined, or quasi-libertarian authors trawling for subscribers toi their own products, as the truly good authors who “get it” (Like Eric) seem to get less and less space, until they disappear completely (Sheesh, ya see Laurence Vance on LRC so rarely now, I was afraid he had died!).

            I would almost think that maybe it is because there is a paucity of libertarian authors….but that is not really true, as I can thionk of many who are still around, and who used to be staples on LRC….who, for some reason, are being ignored in favor of more mainstream non-libertarian crap…which even if it reaches more people, accomplishes nothing.

            I’m not complaining just to complain; I complain because I knw what LRC used to be, and I mourn the loss of that- for whatever reason it may be occurring; and I am surprised, because I had come to expect much better from Mr. Rockwell.

            • Thanks for the reply.
              It seemed to be an honest review. Seemed like a biting one, though.

              Imho, you’re wrong when you write that ‘this’ is not bashing (strong criticism) “When LRC was still worth reading, and not just a commentary on media news.”

              Doubly so, when you write, “more agreeable to more people now- much like a church which embraces rainbow f(l)ags and masking is.”

              Why are you slamming them like some kind of freaking Marxist?

              You write that, “When LRC was still worth reading” then write that, “yes, there is still occasionally some good stuff there”.

              Which is it? Either, or.

              I don’t understand why you would write, “newcomers could actually come and learn and cheer, and find something rare” as If there wasn’t a, ‘Books and Resources’ tab with a, ‘Murray N. Rothbard Library and Resources’ section!

              …Or, a whole Podcast, ‘Joe Salerno and Lew Rockwell share tales of the amazing Murray.’

              Who else online presents that?

              When you write, “quasi-libertarian authors trawling for subscribers to their own products” I imagine you’re referring to Bill Sardi & Dr. Mercola as I can’t think of a single other author who presents products for the betterment of humanity in opposition to Big Pharma.
              Those two guys have done a Heroic service for offering what they have.

              I’m not sure you, ‘get it’ how much you’re bashing Freedomistas.

              From what I can tell, Laurence Vance did almost die, went into the hospital with pneumonia, thankfully, he’s been posting on the LRC Blog, perhaps you should check it out (?) maybe catch some bits from Walter Block about real libertarian thought?

              …You do know, they have a link to their sister site where you can pick up even More libertarian/Austrian thoughts… I’m sure you do, but you don’t really come across that way, when you write what you do.

              You write, “I can think of many who are still around, and who used to be staples on LRC…”

              Who are they? Why not promote them, instead of making, the Perfect, the Enemy of The Good?

              One bit of Mega Bullshit you wrote, “even if it reaches more people, accomplishes nothing” …Duh, they get more people visiting their website, probably regularly, and will likely checkout the rest of the links on the page which I described above, all of which spreads the ideas of Liberty!

              RE: “I complain because I knw what LRC used to be”

              ….Imho, seems like you missed something. …Reads like a Luddite.
              Things change. Didn’t you get the email questionnaire from them asking what you’d like to see more of?

              They even had an, ‘extra’ box where you could write in other authors.
              I wrote in, Frank Shostack, … I’ve seen some of his articles since then. He makes a dry subject seem lively.

              Anyway, I wonder if you’ll write any libertarian articles that measure up?

              • **” Didn’t you get the email questionnaire from them asking what you’d like to see more of?”**

                Are you serious? They did that? Nah…I don’t subscribe to things/register/proffer my email (Well…the latter I do here….but because I ascertained early-on that Eric was trustworthy).

                And no, I certainly wasn’t referring to Joe Mercola or Bill Sardi- I rather like them (Part of the some-good-stuff-that-still-remains].

                And I’m sure as well as LRC’s blog may have some ‘meat’ [And I do catch and enjoy Lew’s podcast occasionally], but I just don’t have unlimited time futz around on those sites. I don’t want to beat this to death- it’s just my observation/opinion- and if you don’t agree, that’s fine. I’m not looking to bash LRC…just expressing my disappointment with it’s direction- as I feel it seems to be going the way of the Libertarian Party of sorts [No, it’s not that bad yet….but with all the emphasis on media news and current events to the exclusion of most libertarian topics, it’s headed that way.]

                Seriously, I’ve been tempted to pen [Keyboard?] a few articles and submit them to LRC myself, to see if he’d publish ’em….. [A week later] Don’t forget to subscribe to my podcast and like me on Facetwat, and buy some ‘merch’ that only the five other people who read my stuff will have a clue as to what it means!. 😀 [Damn! Just seeing that Facetwat symbol on the site is almost enough to make me click away]

                I dunno- maybe I’m a different kind of libertarian- but I think we should repudiate the chains rather than embrace them- even if it means less money and fewer people, etc. -Otherwise, what is the point? To merely like libertarianism intellectually, but not enough to actually practice it in our own affairs if it means suffering any inconvenience or hardship?

                  • Hello Helot,
                    Just to add one more thing: I had mentioned Paul Craig Roberts. Not that I dislike PCR- I do rather like him- I was just using him as an example of the non-libertarian content to which I was referring. (I don’t think PCR even claims to be a libertarian).

                    • I wonder who are the libertarian authors you guys read which you all think should be on LRC, if any. Perhaps Eric could add their URL’s to his ‘Our Favorites’ list?

                      I saw this today, not sure what to make of an orange armband or scarf, the rest of it seems ok.

                      “… a poster available in 15 languages that presents grassroots noncooperation and constructive actions for people to take in 7 different areas: Pharma, Tech, Media, Banks, Business, Human Social Interactions and Non Payment of Fines (+ Surveillance is thrown in as an added bonus!). The campaign is explained more fully on the We Are Human, We Are Free website.” …


                    • I will happily embrace everything, but the orange armband. Reminds me too much of Wyatt Earp (played by Kurt Russell) in Tombstone where he shouts, “if I see a red sash, I will kill the man wearing it.” Why bring unneeded attention to ourselves?

                    • RE: “Why bring unneeded attention to ourselves?”

                      I imagine it’s much like in the early days of The Plandemic, and how many of us would feel & think when we saw others like ourselves Not wearing a face diaper while out in public amongst all the thoughtless obeyers.

                      I know whatchya mean though, myself, I can hardly stand to wear blaze orange while out hunting during pheasant or deer season.

                • Hi Nunz,
                  I share your sentiments regarding LRC, it’s where I first discovered Eric’s site; lately it’s become a Johny one note. Not much Lawrence Vance, as you mentioned, plus some of their best writers have died – thinking of William Norman Grigg (RIP) especially.

                  • Hi Ya Mike!
                    Thanks! I had also meant to add that it’s not that there isn’t good information on LRC – as there often is- it’s just that it’s pretty much your standard truther/conservative fare more often than not these days- and not that there’s anything wrong with that per se, but it’s just that one can find that in so many other places, and lacking the libertarian perspective (as such often is lately) it does virtually nothing to further liberty.

                    I used to refer many people to LRC articles in the past, because when that libertarian perspective was present in just about everything there it would at least expose the newcomer to that perspective instead of just the “Lets have freedom by mandating conservative policies and electing Republicans” scenario.

                    For the last 2 years, 95% of LRC’s stuff has been about Corona- and while exposing the truth concerning that and all of it’s peripherals is certainly necessary, when it is done without bolstering the libertarian ethic, really, it is no different from what one finds on any other website of any other bent. And now it’s becoming 90% about the Ukraine…..

                    Much like with elections where the media defines what the issues are now….so too sites like LRC are now allowing the mainstream media to essentially dictate the subject matter of their content while abandoning everything else- which is essentially doing more to silence the very things they once sought to promote.

                    And yes- Will Grigg! So many recently departed, as you said; It makes me all the more aware of how they are neglecting so many of the ones who are still around.

              • Ooh, I love a good mystery. 😉

                Why would one man’s opinion of a website cause such an emotional tirade unless that man insulted one of the authors or founders of said website?

                Care to let the cat out of the bag, helot? Do you work for LRC or are you just emotionally invested?

                Think I will check it out and see if I can match up the writings with the writers. 😁

                • emotional tirade? …I guess, if that’s how you saw it.

                  Same as with Nunzio, it’s just my observation/opinion.

                  And, no. I don’t work for LRC, I just love liberty & freedom and occasionally do my best to point towards the door for others, it’s up to them to walk through.

                  Please, do check out LRC, the knowledge base is huge.

            • Nunzio, sadly I have to agree. I’ve been reading Lew’s site since the start. Over the last 5 years or so, its drifted further and further from the site it started out to be. Perhaps Lew isn’t in daily control of the site any more. Perhaps its the staff making the calls. Or perhaps its more difficult to fill it with libertarian content. Its also possible that the current selection pulls in more views. I will always respect Lew for his many years of dedication and hard work. Also for his spreading the principles of real libertarianism.

              • Hey BJ,
                Yes, that’s what makes the decline of LRC so saddening- we know what it used to be.

                I mean, I’ve essentially been a libertarian since I was about 6 years old, in the sense that I came to figure much of it out myself- like the idea of self-ownership (Thanks to being subject to compulsory ‘education’, and the ‘draft’ being then present, etc.),; and property rights (Geh tout of mine yard!) and the right to be left alone….but it wasn’t till quite recently that I came to learn of the formalities of libertarian thought, and my introduction to that was via LRC- so I truly mourn the fact that if I had come to that vista now, it would be a much different story, because it seems there is little more libertarian content there now than there is on WND or And not that what one sees on LRC is by any means bad (Although some is ) but there are plenty of places one can go for alt. perspectives, exposition of facts, condemnation of tyranny etc, which are not necessarily libertarian- Whereas LRC used to put forth libertarian ideas in almost all of it’s content, and thus truly enabled people to see for themselves and to realize what the underlying common problems are behind events we see happening, and how such could have been avoided.

                • Hey Nunz and others,

                  LRC has never been the go to place for libertarian theory. It has always been a place that features authors from many backgrounds, some libertarian, some left, some liberal, some conservative, etc… According to Lew, LRC publishes articles he finds interesting, but does not always agree with. The Mises Institute is the place to go for more pure libertarianism, both applied and theoretical.

                  I don’t see the demise you’re talking about. Ten years ago you’d see articles by Pat Buchanan (conservative), John Pilger (leftie), Murray Rothbard (ancap), Robert Higgs (ancap), etc… Today you see articles by Caitlin Johnstone, Glenn Greenwald, Laurence Vance, Robert Murphy, etc… Still diverse and still not doctrinaire libertarian (never was). Also, LRC still publishes almost every political article Eric writes. See here,

                  This archive goes back years.


                • Nunz, I suspect its at least partly because of the need to fill up a daily site. I’d love to hear more from Dr Block, Sowell, or Dilorenzo. But I suspect most of their work is done for the academic community. We do hear from Dr Woods from time to time. But to be realistic, there is MUCH more of an audience for most of the semi fluff that gets posted, than there is for
                  the works of Rothbard, Mises, Hayek and others. The Mises Institute on the other hand, is a site I visit on an almost daily basis. Perhaps to keep the lights on, Lew has had to compromise.

      • “Cancer was practically unknown until the cowpox vaccination began to be introduced … I have seen 200 cases of cancer, and never saw a case in an unvaccinated person.”
        Dr. W.B. Clark, New York Times, 1909

        • Anon, many old doctors [not barber-surgeons] share the opinion you quoted- including [my first introduction to such a good doctor] Dr. Robert Mendelsohn, who wrote the very first book I had ever read on the subject: Confressions Of A Medical Heretic.

    • Morning, Giuseppe!

      First, I love “Googulag”! Hot damn, son! Second, I agree with you that the wheels are coming off – and that is something they are aware of, too. And for that reason, I anticipate some horrendous event between now and early Fall that will be used to try to either finagle or cancel the elections. Martial law – permanently, if they can enforce it – is also possible.

      Bourla is one of the most loathsome of these creatures. He cannot help openly calling us “criminals” for raising questions about his “vaccines.” He openly says he wants people “vaccinated” annually and perpetually, implicitly by force.

      The medical system has been thoroughly coo-opted and corrupted. Stay healthy – and stay away from the white coats.

      • IIRC, Bourla has also stated that he is not jabbed. Not sure if the Big Pharma jab manufacturer untermenschen employees are required take their own poison, either.

        • Hi Anon

          ATTENTION: Places you can work where the jab is NOT mandated

          1. The White House 2. The CDC 3. The FDA 4. The WHO 5. Pfizer 6. Moderna 7. Johnson & Johnson

          ATTENTION: in australia all doctors are exempt from injection.
          i would bet the doctors in lots of other countries are exempt too, that explains why they don’t say one word about the injections, they don’t care and are probably paid well to cooperate.

          a scientist working on gene modification says he only has a piece of paper saying he is injected (faked)….haha….sounds like the scientists are exempt…
          NOTE: sounds like the exempted ones get a passport saying they are injected, but aren’t….so they can dine out etc.

          the nurses aren’t exempt, when the population is reduced 90% (the wef goal) less nurses are needed,
          same applies to enforcers, plus they will be replaced by robots soon, they are cheaper and follow any order. some of them are starting to push back because they are getting mandated now, joining with the little people on the bottom.

          The Governor of Virginia is making all Commonwealth employees take the jab or be fired.
          attention: but He has EXEMPTED POLITICIANS AND JUDGES, so it looks like that group are exempt too.

          NOW ALSO: Members of Congress, their staff, and federal court system employees are exempt from the Biden administration’s new vaccine mandates,

          another exempt group: U.S. postal service

          NBA players exempt

          ATTENTION: 6 million foreign chinese students exempt (the ccp doesn’t control the leftist governmebt…haha)

          All illegal immigrants or non citizens are exempt because if they are injured big pharma can be sued, all citizens were sold out to big pharma, they have no liability.

          NOTE: if you have a lot of money you can probably buy a faked exemption like the exempt get. so again this is just bashing poor people……….

          NOTE: here is another exempt group….the billionaire elite:

          gates and other .0001% rich families don’t vac….ci..nte their own children,

          gates, his wife and their children have never been vac…..cina..ted…. gates uses hydroxychloroquine.

          elon musk and his family will not be…inated

          the 17 elite nobility families are exempt of course:
          one example of the families: the queen of england and her family (they are at the top of the pyramid of power on the planet at the top of the elite nobility control group, controlling the whole thing), they use homeopathic medicine.

          rockefeller who created our worldwide, fake, fraud, germ theory based, allopathic medicine, didnt use his own allopathic nazi death medicine, he used homeopathic medicine.

          FAUCI TAKES 6,000 IUs OF VITAMIN D PER DAY. but he tells you to get poisonous

          NOTE: Dr Suhab Siddiqi, Moderna’s former Director of Chemistry told CNN that he would not allow the to be injected into his body


          Putin said he will not mandate injection of their military,

          (xiden and blackface are owned by china)……..canada and the US will mandate injection of their military, (helping china’s agenda) that will cause them to lose the next war, maybe.

          Putin also says people should make their own choice for injection or not.

          china only has about 3% of their population injected, they do not use the mrna injection and they do not inject their military…..then they are healthy for the next war. china doesn’t exter minate it’s citizens for the elite nobility. (it had enough them in the opium wars).

          old news now……..whole parts of the globe are no longer complying: China, India, Russia, most of Africa, Japan, Indonesia, US Red states, Denmark, Sweden, many more have stopped all restrictions, mandates….North Korea never did and has zero cases and no injections…

          japan just dumped millions of doses of the injections because they are contaminated with metal, they stopped complying, it is hard to exterminate the japanese with the experimental gene therapy extermination injection, they are too high IQ. japan has no injection mandates, in the U.S. children are mandated 72 injections. japan will survive, the whites won’t.

          • I had heard that the “Royal Family” use homeopathic medicine…yet we were treated to pics of Princess Kate and Wills allegedly receiving their jabs….and I believe the cap was still on the syringe.

            They really do think we’re idiots.

          • **” in the U.S. children are mandated 72 injections.”**

            WOW! That is SICK!!!!!! A people who would tolerate such, don’t deserve to survive. Sacrificing their own kids to Molech….there will be no one left to save the parents.

            • Hi Nunz,

              In re the 72 injections: RFK, Jr. has repeatedly pointed out the striking correlation between the rise in previously rare childhood problems such as autism and the increase in “vaccinations” during childhood that began in the late ’80s/early ’90s. Prior generations didn’t get nearly as many “vaccinations” and not in bundles and – shazam! – among those earlier generations, such things as autism were almost unheard of. Now, it is possible some other factor could be in play – such as the corruption of the food supply – but at the very least, the possibility of a relationship bears looking into. But, no. There’s too much money on the table and what are a few million autistic ad otherwise permanently crippled kids in the face of that?

              • ‘Afternoon, Eric!
                Sad thing is, that it’s so blatant that any of us who have been around for a while (I’m starting to sound like Eight… 🙂 ) don’t need it to be pointed out. I mean, when I was kid going to elementary and jr. high indoctrination in the 60’s and 70’s, out of several schools I attended over the years of medium to large size, there were no autistic kids; maybe one retard (other than myself 😀 ), one or two asthmatics over the years, and one kid who had allergies…..that, out of THOUSANDS of kids over the space of 10 years.

                Today? You can’t walk into ONER freaking classroom of 30 kids and not find all of those things in evidence in just that classroom at that moment…..

                And to think, I thought exponentials were an abstract irrelevant concept when I learned them!

                (((Oh…and ONE obese kid in my elementary school- so rare, I still remember his name [Michael Zukowsky]…but at least the rise in that is one thing we can’t blame on the jabs… Although from the looks of things, the jabs likely are causing gay too!)))

              • …and speaking of RFK Jr.: Is it me, or does the poor guy sound like he’s doing a good impression of Katherine Hepburn?

                • Didn’t he say he was vaxx injured at some point in his life – that may help to explain his passion for the subject.

                • Hi Nunz,

                  Re RFK, Jr: He has a condition – I can’t recall the name of it – that causes his speech to be what it is. Even so, what he says is pretty powerful, even if his voice isn’t. I disagree with him on a number of other things, but his efforts to expose pharma have been Augean.

                  • Right-on, Eric!

                    Much as I hate to give props to a Kennedy, ya gotta love and respect RFK Jr. for what he has done/is doing re the vaccines. And I rather like the Katherine Hepburn voice! The great thing is, his name likely helps give him more credibility than an unknown would ever have…and that is a great thing in this matter.

                    I know when I have opportunity to discuss vaccines with anyone [Usually as a result of my mentioning that I avoid all vaccines for myself and my animals- even long before COVID] and I sense such skepticism so as to think I’ve lost the person, as soon as I mention RFK Jr. you can see a reversal- like the person is starting to walk away, but when they hear RFK, they turn back, and suddenly seem willing to investigate what I’m proffering. And of course, this is great because the guy does the best job of presenting the facts! It’s like, the mere name is the hook…and once hooked, no one is more capable of reeling ’em in than he is! He almost makes up for all the crap his relatives have done.

                    • Speaking of name recognition: THAT is exactly what the media uses…only on the side of evil.

                      “Oh, Krusty The Klown says COVID vaccines are safe and effective? Well, that’s good enough for me! But a scientist who is also a doctor and a researcher who has been a pioneer in physics and medicine for more decades than I’ve been alive has incontrovertible evidence that a medical therapy falsely labeled as a ‘vaccine’ is wreaking death and destruction? Well, why should I believe ‘some guy on the internet I’ve never even heard of’?!”.

  4. Today’s rancid serving of putrid agitprop from the New York Slimes:

    What An Unvaccinated Sergeant Who Nearly Died of Covid Wants You to Know

    Frank Talarico, a 47-year-old police sergeant, was hospitalized for 49 days with the coronavirus. “If I was vaccinated,” he said, “I wouldn’t have gotten as sick as I did.”

    How does Frank know this? It’s called speculative anecdotal evidence, sample size = 1 (and you shoulda used the subjunctive verb ‘were,’ Frank).

    Now the Lügenpresse, abandoning any pretense of science, catapults heartrending personal tales from heroic socialist workers of the lumpenproletariat to nudge foot-dragging jab refuseniks.

    Are we not edified?

    • I saw that this morning and my blood boiled. The extended Talarico family has members in executive positions over at ESPN. Go figure.

      Robert (QSLV)

  5. The time/date stamps on posts make no sense to me. The sequence seems to be jumbled a bit. Could be site, my browser, or the crap coffee I bought this morning. Is there a way for a user to control sequence? Oldest first, chronological order..ect
    regardless, I apprciate this site being a place where people have heathy skeptisism concerning gov. We are living in some weird times for sure..

  6. All I see is the common cold being used to engender fear into the populace. Once people become afraid, our self styled saviors in office take control for their benefit not ours. People that I know got it also received the holy jab earlier. I’ve also heard from people I know who told me of family members having breathing issues after receiving the holy jab and yet some people I know can’t seem to understand why I don’t want it. Idiots.

    • Hi Landru,

      So many oddities – and logical absurdities. For example, why would anyone want to take a “vaccine” that does not prevent them from getting the sickness they’re worried about, nor transmitting it? Oh, yes. I remember. I makes the sickness less severe. Supposedly. So then, it’s a treatment rather than a vaccine, isn’t it? And in that case, why not just wait and see whether you get sick – and then treat it with the multiple readily available and safe meds that are available? Without incurring the risk of being “vaccinated”?

      • Because the vaccine is safe and effective Eric! The health and human services secretary in my state said so… So did the president. What are you, stupid-or-something? You’re selfish. You wanna kill granny. What about the children!?!?

      • Hi Eric,

        Making the illness less severe….it came out later that was a lie too, they committed fraud with the trials/data, the injection did nothing good, only killed/injured (the non placebo)

  7. I, um, posted some stuff on the internet that made some Karens cry (apparently).

    I got kicked out of a lot of businesses for not wearing a mask.

    I bought a house so I could have my own mask-free zone, and because they installed a cashless laundry and I refuse to download a stupid app just so I can wash my clothes.

    I was threatened with losing my job over not wanting to wear a mask, and had to back down. Couldn’t sue or refuse because my job requirements include wearing an actual mask for real reasons, including periodic fitness tests so kind of hard to claim medical or religious objections.

    I was certain I was going to lose my job over refusing to disclose vaccination status to my employer, luckily SCROTUS blinked.

    I spent some very lonely holidays and a lot of months not on speaking terms with my family.

    I lost a lot of friends, some for a couple of years but some may never come back.

    I lost 2 friends to suicide over the lockdowns.

    I lost my church.

    I lost my gym.

    And yet so many others have done so much more, and have lost so much more. And the beast is not satisfied.

    • “And the beast is not satisfied.”

      No doubt.

      Your comment reminded me of a video I saw online of an old woman who lived through Communism in Europe, I’ll never forget the boxers stance she took & motioned with her fists, and said, ~”no matter what, you just keep on fighting & keep going”.

      … The animated struggle for liberty. The contest.

      Also,… RE: “my job requirements include wearing an actual mask for real reasons, including periodic fitness tests so kind of hard to claim medical or religious objections” … find a new job?

      …The friends. They weren’t really that in the first place. Been there, done that, pre-carona.

      …The family. Man, that’s a drag. Not much we can do about ’em. ‘Cept, love ’em & hope someday they, get it.

      • Easier said than done. I live in one of the biggest metro areas in the USA, I’m good at my job, way overqualified for most of what’s out there, under 40 (the magic age of doom)–but I’ve been trying to get out since a year or so after I hired in, and much more aggressively looking this year. Typically in a year I’ll see 1-2 really good opportunities come across my desk. No luck yet. Sometimes I get more interviews than others. Latest attempt just fell through, no one got the job–I’m guessing their quarterly earnings report didn’t come in so hot. The one before that was going great until they got to the vaccine question and that ended that right quick (aside from that, on paper it was an absolutely perfect position for me)–apparently their CEO is a raging vaxxhole. Sometimes I get the impression most places are looking for a yes-man, which I am not. I refuse to work for Pharma. Under most circumstances I refuse to work for companies where the leadership does not have any background working in the industry they claim to be competing in (work their way up the company, work for a competitor/supplier/end user, etc.). I have salary expectations. Early on I got convinced to take a lower salary in exchange for more job security…I liked the job but got laid off anyway, so screw that, never again.

      • There are actual reasons to wear a mask- fire fighting, asbestos abatement, dusty environments for a few. However, those employers should be MORE and not less aware of how masks work and that they are uncomfortable and unhealthy.

    • I lost my “friends” to the mess as well. Best thing that ever happened to me. Apparently I thrive in solitude. I’m in a more independent place I guess than most financially and professionally but the social fracturing is very real. Great for me.

    • I applaud you, Publius –

      As I do all who refused to kowtow. I know it was difficult and not pleasant. I experienced the same. But I also came to realize that much of the unpleasantness was that because it was unfamiliar. In my prior life I’d never been treated the way so many of us found ourselves being treated – for no sound reason and by people we thought we knew (and knew us). The shock attending the parting of the veil of superficial civility was real and harsh. But my initial sadness and shock was quickly replaced – by disgust – and the satisfaction that comes with knowing you did the right thing. The separating of the wheat from the chaff has been healthy, in the end. We know where we stand – and with whom.

      It also made me realize that, while not a small thing by any means, what we went through was a small price to pay. Far cheaper – if our taking a stand ends up defeating this – than the price we might have paid (and still may) by kowtowing…

  8. My terminally ill wife’s pulmonologist yelled at her today for not taking the clot shot. Motherfucker better be glad I wasn’t there. I may be an over educated nerd but I’m still a hillbilly. I’d slap the coondog piss out of the son of a bitch. Which part of terminal does he not understand? She won’t let me call or drive down there.

    • Being just about right behind you in line by a fews years, I hope you don’t take this the wrong way, RE: “She won’t let me call or drive down there.”


      “Motherfucker better be glad I wasn’t there.” I have said that too many times, myself.

    • Mike, I’m really sorry that happened to you. Motherfucker needs a good old ass whooping.

      “Motherfucker better be glad I wasn’t there…I’d slap the coondog piss out of the son of a bitch.”

      You still can 🙂

    • Mike,

      I just read about the pulmonologist and his yelling at your wife. What a lowlife, cowardly bastard. What kind of man does such a thing? What kind of “caregiver”? A doctor? Some people deserved to lose teeth.

  9. A couple observations. I was trying to think of a socio/politico/economic system wherein tyranny was stopped cold, in its tracks, and reversed through peaceful means, exclusively. Where the entire polity reversed course through voting, or activism, or any other non-violent means.
    Stand fast while the edifice self-destructs. Self-destruction seems to be the common thread where systems of oppression end, not through any legal or peaceful action of its victims. Noncompliance may speed the collapse to the inevitable conclusion, but legal means will never stop tyranny. Not systemically, only on a temporary and narrow basis.

    Our country is in big, deep, trouble. And there is no turning it around through legal, peaceful means. I think that a percentage of the economic dysfunction that is happening right now, is part a result of people on the margins who before Covid would work, sacrifice, and slave away for a chance at something better. Now, their eyes are opened and they see the rot like never before. Why go the extra mile at your job? Why care about filling those pot holes, why care about ensuring safety, why care about staying late to finish the job, why care about working for the health and safety of others? I think people are not only noncompliant about certain specific edicts, like masking and such, but many more are no longer participating in whatever ‘social contract’ there used to be in this country.

    As for the productive, moral, and principled out there; the longer and harder you work, the longer and harder the fall will be. Is propping up a rotten system merciful? Withdraw your support for politics, sure. Withdraw your support for vanity, sure. Why not just say, “enough” and kick the rotten structure over by pulling ourselves out of the system and let it crash…it is going to happen anyway. Nothing is going to stop the destruction facing us here, and in various other places around the globe.
    There is no longer any institutional resistance to the State. Religion was assumed to have power, in that worshipers had faith in life after this one, thereby taking away the power to threaten lives from the State. Gone, as Covid showed us. Schools, churches, military, etc. there is no institution left to resist. The Long March is complete, now come the nightmare years. How long will they last? Germany suffered 12 full years, Russia suffered 70+ years, China…many others. Maybe, somehow, the U.S. empire will break up, more or less peacefully, as the Soviet one did. I somehow doubt that. Americans, like their State, have become violent and depraved. Not all, but enough so that we have allowed such evil to flourish and rule over us.
    Guess I am a bit down on things today, letting my pessimism out for a stroll.
    Best advice, “Get ready for hell” J. Palance, Young Guns

    • I think you’re incorrect about the church not being a source of The Resistance, Andy L..

      Have you not heard about Pastor Artur Pawlowski in Canada? Do you think he is the only one?

      … “I know. It sounds crazy to put such hope in Christian churches and Christian ethics when we see the state of many Christian churches today. But where else will this necessary leadership come from?

      This battle will not be won by atomized individuals; it will require an institution. It will not be won by demonstrations at the capital; it will require an institution.” …

      … “Stand firm. Remember that no matter which path you take, you face the risk of physical death: follow in the path of these sons of disobedience, and you will have poison pumped into your arm; do not follow in their path, and they may shut you out of society.

      But this is only the physical death.


      In the face of this, how should we then live?” …

      • No matter which path you take, you face the CERTAINTY of physical death. Tyrants do not give up their power voluntarily, and most often not peacefully. More die under tyranny than do opposing it.

    • I think non-compliance and mocking are probably the most effective ways of pushing back tyranny, because they’re the means least likely to elicit a violent response from the state.

      • RE: “non-compliance and mocking […] they’re the means least likely to elicit a violent response from the state.”

        You ever do that to a bully? …Or, a crazy person?

        Then, there’s the 1960’s. Non-compliance brought on a whole lotta whoop ass violence from the State. “non-compliance and mocking” is poking a stick at a snake. …Just. Be. Ready.

      • Mister Liberty, these days you can’t be sure of that. The regimes enforcers continue to get ever more brutal. Unless you happen to be one of the “victim” classes, in the blue hives. Then all bets are off. Violence and coercion are the states stock in trade. Its all they know. As more and more sub systems join the collapse they are going to panic. That’s not even counting the possibility of false flags as we head into the selection season. Even the DNC’s own internal reports show them losing badly in the mid terms. That makes them desperate. Desperate people tend to do dangerous things. Factor in how bad inflation and possible food shortages will be by then… Many of us have been expecting this for years. We are heading into some very dark times. I wish you all the very best of luck. We are all going to need it.

      • The old civil rights era strategy of peaceful noncompliance and peaceful protesting was by design. The goal was to provoke a violent reaction, then to broadcast the reality of that violent reaction, thereby stirring the general opinion against the establishment.

        That former strategy wont work today.

        It worked because the vast majority of Americans were educated to believe in basic principles, and had the moral integrity to follow those principles when faced with the facts. When the typical American saw the violence against other Americans who only wanted basic privileges, they saw American principles being violated by the very organizations who claimed to represent them.

        Today’s American, those under the age of 80, have been so steeped in dependency on the State, that the peaceful protest model no longer has any effect. Technology, central banking, and indoctrination have combined to turn a majority of Americans into infantile idiots, who know not what they do not know. There is no majority to appeal to who understand what a fundamental principle is, much less care. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, as concepts, are not part of American political philosophy today, because the concept of liberty is not part of American civilization today.

        The strategy, then is two-fold: Individual, and collective. Individually, I decide to take a stand for myself, for my own self-esteem. There is a line that Eric will not cross; nor I, as a purely personal exercise in self-respect. Our collective strategy must be based on enough individuals maintaining and teaching the ideals of classic liberalism, not to change current socio-political trends, but the furnish a philosophical point departure for a better system when this one crashes and burns, as it must. A passing of the torch of liberty, as it were. My hope is that the crash, when it comes, will be so devastating that the lessons learned will prevent a repeat for many generations.

        With each passing generation the lessons of history fade into mist, are forgotten, and the hubris of the young rises into prominence and the cycle of destruction begins anew. This is why Jefferson states, “the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants” as a reminder of this cycle and that “a little rebellion now and then is a good thing…it is medicine necessary to the health of sound government”. We Americans need a refresher course, it is coming, and like everything we do, will be massive.

    • One other thought(s): At one time, the mighty Roman Empire persecuted Christians. Then, one day, the Emperor was himself, a Christian… all without a military war waged on the empire by Freedomistas.

      One day, round about 1990, the See-Eye-A proclaimed, as usual, The Soviet Union as The greatest never-ending threat to the so-called free world. …Then, The Wall fell. The dominoes fell. All without a war of all-against-all.

      “There are decades where nothing happens, and there are weeks where decades happen.” — Vladimir Lenin

      • **”Then, one day, the Emperor was himself, a Christian… “**

        Well…not really. He just recognized the popularity and growth of Christianity, so he used it, much like politicians today feign allegiance to The Constitution and “freedom” while in deed opposing and destroying those very things. Constantine baptized paganism (Just like he “baptized” his troops by ordering them to march through a river, and then declared ‘You’re Christians now!”) in order to create a cohesive unified culture out of a diversity of peoples and cultures [Sound familiar?] and ‘mandated’ “Christianity”- then proceeded to persecute those who did not practice the new official state religion according to his dictates (Via such decrees as made in the Council of Nicea in 325, which outlawed Biblical 7th Day Sabbath-keeping and mandated Sunday observance). -And thus was born Roman Catholicism….

        [Sorry…I know that many already know this stuff…but just for benefit of those who don’t….]

        • PS. The fastest and most effective way to neutralize/destroy a popular movement, is to befriend it and gain control of it, and turn it from your opposition to your servant. Constantine essentially preserved the power of the Roman Empire by turning it into a “church”- and that church would rule Europe for nearly 1500 years….

          Today, we have Caesar running most churches via 501(c3) tax-exemption rules, which most gladly apply for- and so we have pastors preaching compliance to FEMA commands and venerating a flag and ‘the troops’ while flying the rainbow flag and requiring covid Kabuki compliance.

          [Damn, these comments not indenting is really making things hard to follow here! Damn, I said damn! Damn, I said it again!…. 😉 ]

    • Institutional religion is often a snare and a trap, but you shouldn’t dismiss it entirely. The
      Council of Nicea was one of the well documented and successful attempts to subvert the teachings of Christ to the ends of the emperor. It was far from the only one and neither first nor last.

      Nevertheless, associating with decent people lending each other moral and physical support is worthwhile, and meeting to discuss and review your beliefs is an integral part of that.

      • True what you say, Ernie- Trouble is, once it becomes institutionalized, the people serve and obey the institution above all else- it becomes their god. Which is why God never ordained institutionalized religiuon- at least not as we know it. If even the very Temple system and Levitical priesthood could become so corrupt so as to demand the cruxifixion of their own Messiah…..imagine what perverted psychopath dictators could achieve by taking such privileges to themselves? Well, we need not imagine…just look at the history of Europe from the 4th century till the French Revolution, eh?

  10. At World Bank Climate Talk, Speaker Floats Idea To End Conventional Vehicle Sales

    Baron Nicholas Stern, one of the world’s most influential climate economists, spoke about what he sees as necessary global actions on climate change, including on the sale of conventional internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles.

    Stern chairs the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and Economics at the London School of Economics, founded by members of the socialist Fabian Society in the 1890s, thanks in part to a bequest from a wealthy Fabian “for propaganda and other purposes.” fabian = slow creeping communism.

    With quantitative easing all the money went into asset inflation: real estate, stocks, collector cars and art, etc., (the billionaires always benefit the most from these policies, while the poor can’t afford food/rent),

    wait until the leftists get going with MMT…..$200.00 loaf of bread?
    now we have run away inflation, millions will/are starving.

    blame keynes…another fabian/communist destroying the world

    The Ten Planks of the
    Communist Manifesto
    1848 by Karl Heinrich Marx

    number 5). Centralization of credit in the hands of the state, by means of a national bank with state capital and an exclusive monopoly.
    The Federal Reserve System, created by the Federal Reserve Act of Congress in 1913, is indeed such a “national bank” and it politically manipulates interest rates and holds a monopoly on legal counterfeiting in the United States. This is exactly what Marx had in mind and completely fulfills this plank, another major socialist objective. Yet, most Americans naively believe the U.S. of A. is far from a Marxist or socialist nation.

    the modern monetary system is based on keynesian beliefs, he was a fabian/communist

    Keynes is heralded as the guiding light of the New Deal (and, as such defended by modern “Green New Dealers” and Great Reset technocrats wishing to impose a top-down system of governance onto the world),

    This will be seen clearly in
    1) his devotion to the theories of Thomas Malthus, eugenics the new genocide happening right now….

    2) his promotion of eugenics as a science of racial purification and population control, and

    3) his general devotion to World Government as a leading member of the Fabian Society.

    depopulation: The provable reality was that Indian famines were coordinated tools of population control by the Malthusian elite of the British establishment who considered “war, famine and disease” as the gifts nature gave the strong to manage the weak.
    read again: disease” as the gifts nature gave the strong to manage the weak. now the great reset wants to use poisonous injections for depopulation.

    Keynes never opposed fascism: he merely argued that a more liberal pathway to global fascism could be established under the direction of the Bank of England.

  11. I can’t help but believe the US didn’t go as draconian as other countries (such as much of Europe, Australia, NZ) because we have the Second Amendment, and patriots who are armed.

  12. There will be “ever maskers” now. Last week I made it a point to look at the bus stops along my commute. Many, and in a few cases, more than half of the people waiting were wearing masks despite the Roaring Fork Transit Authority recending the requirement.

  13. Eric,

    I don’t know if The Establishment will commit naked fraud this time; TPTB still need the sheeple to believe that their vote “counts”; they need the sheeple to believe that the system is legitimate. Besides, with leaders like McCarthy in the House and McChao in the Senate, it won’t make a difference anyway! Do you like how Obamacare was repealed when they held a majority last time? See what I mean?

  14. Excellent piece Eric. All of it.
    I too, like RG, have found it a little hard to follow along with no reply indentations, although it does get a little crazy sometimes with it.
    My perspective says, while most went along with the theatre the first time, most will not this time. We’ll see.

  15. Hi Eric,

    I would like to file a complaint. 🙂 All of the messages now have the same indentation, and I can’t tell who is responding to who. Would it be possible to go back to the old way where the poster’s response is beneath the OP that they are responding to?

  16. Just like the ‘terrorism’ psyop has never truly gone away. Oh, sure, it may not be emphasized very much anymore because society as a whole has accepted it as the norm, and so now accepts the surveillance and gate-rape et al as perfectly normal- so that only a very brief occasional reminder is needed- So too with the Rona. I’m sure it will never go away, even after the psycho-criminals have achieved their NWO goals, because it is just SO effective, AND SO easy to self-perpetuate, since flues are always with us.

    Welcome to the 21st Century Technological Wonderland, where men live in constant fear of…the flu…because the TV says. There’s a vaccine you know which will cure that. (It won’t cure the flu- just one’s complaining and fear, by eliminating the imbiber of said poison- or at least giving them maladies much worse to complain about)

    • Flues are always with us- no, not if they succeed in banning fire… I know what ya meant Nunzio, but just couldn’t resist…

      • LOL, Ernie- blame spellcheck! It said I spelled ‘flus’ wrong. I was too busy to argue with it. And the damned thing doesn’t even respect my ‘[sic]”s!

  17. My mother lived in an assisted living facility for the last six months or so of her life.

    You had to wear a mask to enter the building, a temperature check, you signed in, after you are in the building, you could remove the mask. It was just plain dumb and limited your visits to the facility. You hate the sins, not the sinners.

    Lost her in February, at 95 years and ten months of living, it was time. Lots of living got done. You know the last few visits will end sometime.

    You begin to lose your strength, your body suffers from atrophied muscles. You can’t hold yourself in standing position anymore, can’t support your own body weight, just can’t be done. You need a wheelchair.

    It happens to us all, just another day in the life.

    Everybody I talk to is ready to leave
    With the light of the morning
    They’ve seen the end coming down long enough to believe
    That they’ve heard their last warning
    Standing alone
    Each has his own ticket in his hand
    And as the evening descends
    I sit thinking ’bout Everyman
    – Jackson Browne, For Everyman

    There is a guitar factory located in Nazareth, Pennsylvania. The guitar company has a sound studio filled with expensive guitars, you can play a 4,000 dollar guitar and not have to pay a penny. Have to leave it there though. Can’t remember the name of the guitar company, but they know how to build guitars. Must have lots of luthiers at the place. har

    Those laser thermometers for engine temperature checks are the ones to have. Your fingers are always cooler, reads at 85 degrees F on the finger skin surface, depends upon which finger you check.

    If you can find a six-pack of Blizzard of Hops brewed by Troegs in Hershey, be sure to buy one or two, you won’t be disappointed.

  18. The covaids presents a problem to those that turn up sick in these days. Lately I have been coughing up a little blood,,, no fever, no pains. Possibility lung cancer or Pneumonia. Smoked but quit 35 years ago. Feel fine otherwise for a 72 year old. BUT… can’t go to the doctor/hospital because they will for sure call it covaids and I will be wheeled out dead in a couple of weeks,,, while they’ll collect well over $100,000 for killing me with the “required” protocol. Remdesivir, ventilator. I live in Florida,,, People call this the free state,,, but where hospitals are concerned, it’s just like any other state if not worse.

    • Jesus, Ken. Maybe find a doctor you trust? Though, I know it’s a little difficult these days. Don’t just sit on something like that.

      • After what the Medical Industrial Complex has done to us, I won’t give them the satisfaction of claiming they “saved” my life. A thing NO doctor has ever done. They may prolong it, and in far to many instances shorten it, but no one has ever gotten out of this alive. No life has ever been saved.

    • I’m wondering about the possibility of putting in place some kind of living will / living trust spelling out what it is that will not be consented to under any circumstances.

      Such as the covid kabuki crapola.

      I’d like to think I’d rather die free, it sounds good today. But I won’t know until I’m there I suppose.

      You’ve got to walk
      That lonesome valley
      You’ve got to walk
      It for yourself
      Ain’t nobody else
      Can walk it for you
      You’ve got to walk
      It by yourself

      —Old song

    • Ken, sorry to hear that. Most medicine in all the states is ruled by the AMA, the insurance mafia and Big Pharma. The vast majority of doctors are simply following approved check lists. Medicine should have never become what it is today. Big business. Its a tragic, but predictable result of events in the early 20th century. We are now seeing the natural end point. I have a friend in south Africa. I brought up the subject of health care, and he said that most people there consider hospitals to be places that sick people go to die. So its not just here. As more and more doctors and nurses burn out from over work, matters will get ever more dire. Once the die off gets up to steam, the majority of the medical system will
      collapse. That will contribute to the body count. There is some faint hope. More and more doctors are walking away from the traditional approach, and setting up their own private clinics. Most are cash only, and don’t accept insurance of any kind. I’ve found their prices, and the quality of care to be far superior to that in the traditional system. Look around your location, you may be able to find one locally. This may be of use to you.

      Best of luck.

    • Wise man, Ken! My 90 year-old aunt went to the hospital shortly after having cooked dinner for 14 people…they called it COVID and put her on a ventilator…and poof- dead. Another aunt caught a superbug in the hospital, hich she never was able to get rid of till the day she died at 95. I could go on….

      Blood is generally not good- but if you’re not losing weight, it likely isn’t cancer. Could just be an airway irritation or infection. Since you feel fine…if there’s any way you could get to Mexico? Medicine is MUCH freer (and MUCh cheaper!) there…. There’s a whole ‘medical travel’ subculture these days of people taking advantage of that fact.

  19. ‘By no means is Ronamonomania – what is styled “the pandemic” – over.’ — eric

    Just saw a screed in the dead-tree ProleFeed — sandwiched between the hearing aid ads aimed at aging Boomers — about how two shots and a booster gets you “set up” for your annual injections.

    Bend over, Granny!

    This was in an article about ‘bivalent’ injections, which are to use the original mRNA formula that killed and maimed hundreds of thousands … plus a new improved version, since the original concoction didn’t work worth a shit.

    Nuremberg II capital trials of Big Pharma mass murderers and their Big Gov enablers are needed to end their war on humanity.

    • Yes. Nuremburg 2.0 is absolutely necessary. Once it becomes politically expedient, this WILL happen. It is our job to create and foster such an atmosphere. I want to see all those promoting the hysteria hanging from the gallows. They are all at least accomplices to murder and destruction on a global scale.

      History will also not look kindly on the mere “covid” compliant.

      • Nuremberg trials were carried out by the victors of the war. I’m afraid that will be the condition precedent for 2.0. That, and gallows aren’t sufficient for this – the floor should be the Brazen Bull.

  20. “If you’re not ready to die for it, put the word ‘freedom’ out of your vocabulary.” Malcolm X
    More have died under tyranny than have opposing it. “Give me liberty or give me death” is survival instruction.
    I think many give in hoping it will go away soon. Optimism is often over rated. Perhaps MOST often. Pessimist is a word created by optimists to describe realists.

    • Malcolm X was really, really sharp. The more I find out about him the more I’m impressed. He knew what was up. And he was killed. I’m sure that’s just CoIncidentAl.

    • “Optimism is often over rated.”- John Kable

      “A pessimist gets nothing but pleasant surprises, an optimist nothing but unpleasant.” Nero Wolfe, as written by Rex Stout

  21. Kudos to the judge who finally put a stop to the “mandates” by ruling that they are indeed an illegal overreach by the CDC. Now if we could only get a judge to rule similarly that the EPA has no legal authority to mandate mileage standards for cars, and while they’re at it slap down all the other alphabet agencies that make up “rules” with the force of law…..sigh, one can only dream.
    Notice the hysteria in the MSM over the ruling as well, smearing the woman as a “Trump judge”. Chief Justice John Roberts said it best – “there aren’t Obama judges or Trump judges, there’s only judges.”

    • Never the less, judges get their paycheck from the same account as the rest of the Psychopaths In Charge, and most often side with them.
      This ruling, if it withstands appeal, could be used to do exactly what you hope. That bureaucracies cannot create law. Which is Constitutionally obvious.
      John Roberts left out one class of judges. Those who have dirt to hide. Probably because he’s a member of that class. Or so his rulings indicate. As in Obamacare.

  22. “Prosecuted, criminally. Hounded, mercilessly – to the ends of the Earth, if need be. If that is justified in the case of some 94-year-old fellow who, as a 17-year-old kid, worked as a concentration camp guard for three or four months during the final year of World War II…”

    Funny how “I was just following orders” is no excuse for some poor noncommissioned sap described above, because he was an “ebil Not-zee.”

    But the very same people who will throw him in prison for failing to refuse to “follow orders” will gladly throw YOU in prison if YOU don’t follow orders to wear a mask and get your vaxx…

  23. Patton realized too late that his entire life was a waste and he had fought for evil instead of against it. He was duly assasinated shortly after in brutal fashion.

    Never got vaccinated never got tested. Not one sniffle.

  24. The complacency and fear of SO many people I know including truther types to just go along is maddening at times.
    I was told I had “balls of steel” for walking into a grocery store and telling the doorman “no thanks, or that won’t be possible” when told to wear a mask. I was told by many an ignoramus “you’ll be fined, you’ll be arrested, somebody might attack you.”

    Who’s going to attack me? Some weak minded limp wristed Karen-boi whose scared of the sniffles or a sign hanging up in a mini-mart? Which order follower slob is going to fine me? What are the codes or statutes? Nobody but a paltry few had a clue.
    What qualifies as brave and bold these days is chopping off your balls to be a trannie so you can nuke the women’s swimming championship or coming out of the closet as a sodomite at age 5. Not to mention all these 1776 t-shirt larper fags whobwouldn’t even tell the doorman at wall-eye-world NO.

    It’s like putting on your work boots for a standard days work or shopping for some food without being a terrified masked rodent is like the new (storming the beaches on D-day.)

    “What did you do during the war grandpa?”
    Planted a garden, built a poultry house, saw through the lies, refused to be anybody’s bitch by wearing a mask, and taking experimental poison jabs. Doesn’t sound like much, but those are the very things that keep you from having to pick up a rifle.

    The less reliant one is on the beast the less compliance will even be a serious option.

    • > women’s swimming championship
      Here’s an idea:
      How about we just have (“gender neutral”) swimming competition?
      And may the fastest human win…
      HTBM? (Happens To Be Male) No problem.
      HTBF? (Happens To Be Female) Also no problem.
      The stopwatch does not lie.
      No interspecies participants allowed.
      Humans only.

    • **”Who’s going to attack me? Some weak minded limp wristed Karen-boi whose scared of the sniffles or a sign hanging up in a mini-mart? “**


      Closest I’ve come to being ‘attacked’ was by a male land whale on a motorized grocery cart, excoriating me for daring to not only be maskless [This was last year] but for sniffing the parsley, ’cause there was no sign and I was trying to distinguish it from the cilantro. F&^%ing guy 9looked to be no more than 309-something)was so fat and decrepit he couldn’t walk. I asked him how he was ‘specially abled’ but he never said…. Gimper or not, I would have really enjoyed beating the living crap out of the ass- but it would have been like punching a beanbag chair, I’m sure. (Although at least the chair would have a superior IQ)

      • Morning, Nunz!

        Sometimes, people in wheelchairs, the elderly d so on think they have immunity and can berate others in public without consequence. They do not understand that their condition no way immunizes them from ridicule when earned. You might have raised up your left leg, made a fart noise at him – and walked on!

        • Excellent, Eric!

          [Note to self: Eat more prunes before going shopping from now on] Let’s see if their precious masks and jabs protect them from that!

  25. Hi Eric,

    Re: “…Orange Man was indeed defrauded of his office…”

    The fraud goes deeper:
    “America would like to have more choices but the Republicans and Democrats have gotten together, colluded in essence, to keep competition out. If we did that in the private sector, people who did it would be in jail. But it’s almost impossible to get third party movements going now in America because the Republicans and Democrats have rigged the rules.”

    – Richard Viguerie

    • Excellent point librtyx,
      The D’s and R’s are opposite sides of the same coin, a bigger monopoly than Big Tech can only aspire to. Too bad the original government wasn’t set up as a parliamentary system, though by this point in time it would have still devolved into a kleptocracy.

    • Yes, but, in the short term, we have the mess in the Senate, ultimately, because 60,000 Georgia Libertarians decided to “vote their conscience” down ticket in the Perdue-Ossoff race, voting for their own candidate after casting votes for the Orange Man at the top of the ticket in November 2020.

      15,000 was enough to tip the election into runoff.

      2020 was not the year to send a message.

      • Hi Roscoe,

        Except what would we have gained with another Republican in the office? Majority rule? Majority rule on what? The Republicans have has much integrity as the Democrats….none. The are part of the same two headed snake. Both sides motto is “what’s in it for me?” They are never asked or answer “what is best for my constituents?” Each year they tell us the same pretty lies and every year nothing gets accomplished.

        Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice shame on me.

        Every election season the Nation’s slaves stand in line to pull down a lever or fill in a circle for the same man/woman…an R or a D. We vote them in time and time again. They disappoint us time and time again. How many times do we bang our head against the wall before we wake up and realize “ow, this hurts?”

        The 60K Georgia Libertarians went to the polls and gave both parties the middle finger. We should all do that.

        I would not be surprised if Ted Cruz and AOC are in some DC bar sitting together and laughing their asses off on how stupid the nation’s serfs are.

        • RG,

          My point was that 60,000 Libertarians took the convetional route with supporting the Orange Man and then “voted their conscience” with the Perdue-Ossoff Senate race, a 15,000 vote shortfall for the Republican creating the runoff scenario in which their party’s candidate wasn’t a even participant.

          I live in Texas. I know the two parties are in cahoots here. The last time he came up for election, Rafael Edward was simply the lesser of two evils, the alternative being “Beto” O’Rourke.

          You’ll understand when you have to cast a ballot for Little Marco this Fall lest the Demings family political machine in Orlando takes that seat.

          • Hi Roscoe,

            How I wish I could vote in Florida’s election, but I still hold VA residency. 🙂 I travel to the state a lot, but I have not moved there yet. The question becomes is there any difference between Marco Rubio and Val Demmings? What has either Rubio or Demmings done for the State of Florida? Do US Senators do anything? As a Virginian I am stuck with Warner and Kaine. They haven’t done a damn thing and still Fairfax, Loudoun, and Richmond pull those “D” levers every six years for each of them. Personally, we could get rid of the entire US Congress and nothing in this country would change except we would save $174K a year x 535 people plus exorbitant healthcare and pension costs for every Congressman who has been on the public dole.

            Rules are made by the localities. Most of the impact is by each county or township. The state “representatives” control the highways and maybe, a little bit of taxation. These are only impacted if the localities enforce them. The US Congress have even less of an impact on the rules and regulations that they set forth. The state and then localities have to be in agreement to execute whatever Congress sets in motion, which lately in overridden by excessive EOs from whoever is in the “Presidency.”

            • RG,

              There really isn’t any difference between Marco Rubio and Val Demings, but I think Demings would be very difficult to replace down the road once ensconced. Also, I believe Florida is better off with as few Dems holding state-wide office as possible. Certainly the pandemic response would have looked much different with an organized Democrat party in the state holding something other than Agriculture Commissioner as their highest ranking office.

      • Roscoe,

        Loeffler and Perdue were TOAST the minute Mitch McChao blocked the stimmy checks! Actually, he blocked the effort to raise them to $2,000. The moment he did that, the Dems had something to run against both Loeffler and Perdue; he gave the opponents ammo to use against the GOP Senators in the GA runoff election, and they did. Two GOP political analysts confirmed this on Sean Vannity’s radio show; they said, prior to McConnell’ stunt, both had 7% leads in polling.

        McChao did that because, as Minority Leader, he can cut deals that enrich himself. When the Dems have a 52-55 seat majority in the Senate, they need 8 or so Decepticon Republican Senators to overcome any filibuster. To end the filibuster requires 60 votes. McChao, as Minority Leader, can cut deals with the Democrats that enrich him, basically. Sundance, at Conservative Treehouse, lays out McChao’s Machiavellian games better than I ever could here:

    • After hearing how McCarthy and McConnell both wanted to impeach him, I am a tad more sympathetic to the man. Oh, don’t get me wrong, there are aspects of his personality I am not fond of, but if the Republicans hated him and wanted him out, he had to be doing something right.

      I realize we have an (s)election coming this November, but EVERYONE of the bastards (R, D, I) need to be removed. This country needs a Reawakening and destroying the political party system is the only way we do it. Let those who seek office run on their own dime and serve for only one term (say, three years). No health insurance, no pensions, a salary of $50k a year, no corporate “donations”, and forego the financial disclosures and tax returns (really it is none of our business what someone’s income is or how they invest). They won’t be there long enough to cause any trouble. Maybe then we can get some decent people to work for the greater good of the country and not the WEF or Corporate America.

      • Good ideas, but what color is the sky in a world where politicians are going to do this to themselves? Tyrants NEVER willingly give up their tyranny, and rarely do so peacefully. And certainly not in elections that they run.

        • Hi John,

          You are right, tigers never change their stripes and tyrants will never vote for lessening what they think they deserve, which is why ALL the bastards need to go. The most conservative alt-righters to the most liberal communists. Out! Every one of them. Start over. Sometimes a project cannot be saved, and the only recourse is to throw the piece of shit away and start anew. We are here.

          Those in office will never remove themselves. We have to do it for them. It means waking up our neighbors from their two-year comatose. Our time is wasted writing and calling our representatives. The focus needs to be our neighborhoods, our towns, our states. Not everybody will be on board, but the silent majority is still out there, and we need to reach her.

      • Hi, RG,
        I have long held the opinion that all public meetings should be conducted in the nude, at least as regards all “officials,” whether (s)elected or appointed. It might discourage at least a few of the scoundrels.

        Then again, out here in Coronaland, we are “represented” in U.S. Clowngress by Jabba the Hutt’s nephew (a.k.a. Ken Calvert), and the prospect of gazing upon His Enormous Corpulence in the nude should strike fear and loathing into the heart of even the most intrepid.

        “Look on these works, ye mighty, and despair.”

        • Hi Turtle,

          Except most of these Congressmen would find joy in such a meeting. They would probably invite everyone for an orgy afterwards. 🙁

          One has to be slightly deranged to become a politician. That is why normal people avoid it like the plague.

    • I seriously doubt there has EVER been an election devoid of fraud. Maybe a few that weren’t determined by it, but none free of it. I think it was Stalin who said that it matters not how people vote, only who counts the votes.

      • What I keep pointing out to people is that democrats cheat against each other. Anyone who lives in a democrat controlled area knows this. For example, Obama in his first state rep election caught his opponents cheating on signatures and got them knocked off the ballot. He then ran unopposed in the primary. Can’t remember but in that district probably ran unopposed in the general too, even if there was someone from the R’s running it’s a default D win anyway. Obama’s political career could have been over before it started if nobody suspected cheating.

        But we supposed to believe that democrats did not cheat against the man they consider an absolute evil that has to be expelled? It’s absurd to think they didn’t cheat. The only arguments are how much and how well.

        Trump only won in the first place because the cheating machine largely stood down because they believed their own media BS thinking it was in the bag.

    • Libertyx,

      Absolutely! David Knight has often said that, thanks to said collusion, elections are rigged from the beginning; they’re rigged via ballot access.

  26. Tip for my liberal neighbors in Austin:

    Yes, you finally put away the armbands -er- masks … well, at least most of you … and pretend that you weren’t part of the mass hysteria kabuki, but if you’re running around town doing errands in a crisp Trevor Noah concert t-shirt which you’ve obviously been saving since seeing him (do I have the right pronoun there?) “perform” — full immunization proof or test required for admittance — last year, complicity is assumed. You might as well have worn the diaper.

  27. I can proudly say that I did not wear the stupid fear mask nor did I submit to the death shot. Though because of it, some friends were lost and some family were alienated. Oh well (queuing the ‘oh well’ fleetwood mac riff).

    And, I’m proud to say that I ignored coronomoron propagandist such as my local church, all msm, the stupid PSAs broadcast at Publix, etc. Rather, I found truth by such friends as EP, Becky Akers (RIP), Allen Stevo, Lew Rockwell, Ron Paul, and more.

    I’m proud to say that in the 2 years of weaponized hypochondria, I did not get the rona. I got one sinus infection that a steroid shot & Z-pack took care of.

    What I’m most proud of, is the yet-to-be-born grandchild’s grandmother. She has a terminal neurological disease and at the onset saw through the scamdemic & said since she’s dying anyhow she’s not going to spend her last days living in fear.

  28. I’m in the group that changed nothing in my actions and never wore the damn cloth anywhere for any reason.

    I was dumbfounded at how many people complied. I remember thinking that there were many others like me that wouldn’t give in and submit. Wrong-o. There were very few others, some of them 5 ft nothing women that were the ones that wouldn’t give in. It was all disheartening. Especially to see the people that supposedly thought like me and loathed the damn thing, give in because there was “enforcement”.

    I hope this time will be different, but I honestly have very little faith that it will. Especially if there’s something actually deadly. Most peoples minds are raped to the point of total submission. After all, ‘we haffa eat ya know’.


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