Diaper Errrata

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There’s something particularly weird about people who continue to wear Face Diapers – aside from the fact that these people continue to wear them, which is not unlike the continued wearing of the other kind of diaper, post toilet-training – and even into adolescence/adulthood.

But how about this business of people who wear the Face Diaper while they exercise? If you go the gym, you have probably seen such. You may have seen such outside the gym, as on a bicycle or jogging trail.

It is an interesting sight in that one never sees surgeons exercising while wearing one. Because surgical masks weren’t made for that.

Leaving aside this business about whether wearing one “works” to “stop the spread” of respiratory viruses (which they clearly do not, else why were there not materially fewer “cases” in states that forced people to wear them than in those that didn’t?) wearing a surgical mask while exercising very probably does work . . . to impair respiration.

Surgeons don’t breathe heavily while operating. People exercising do. You can see this when you happen to see a Face Diapered person exercising. Their “mask” puffs out and sucks back in, making them look like a bullfrog – except the bullfrog’s nostrils aren’t occluded by a “mask.”

Can this be healthy?

Where is Dr. Fauci?

An exercising person’s respiration is heavier and faster than normal. Their breath contains more moisture and it is exhaled into the “mask” more forcefully. It probably doesn’t take long for the “mask” to be soaked, which almost certainly reduces airflow through the thing – which is probably not a good thing for the person wearing the thing. It is certainly a disgusting thing.

But the exercising “masker” rarely removes and replaces his “mask” with a fresh one. It is like not changing a soiled diaper, only worse because the exercising “masker” thinks he is “protecting” himself.

He is also probably inhaling the disintegrating material of the “mask,” which was never meant to be subjected to heavy breathing or the inevitable saturation that ensues.

Yet there are no “guidelines” emanating from the CDC advising people that diapering-while-exercising is probably not healthy. Which tells us something about the CDC’s interest in “health.”

The over-arching interest of the CDC and “public health” officials is the power that derives from “masking.” The “masked” person literally looks like someone who has no voice, nothing to say. Someone conditioned to obey – no matter how deleterious such obedience may be as regards their health.

Not advising people to breath freely when they are breathing heavily is almost as sound advice as encouraging people to go swimming while wearing work boots. This is what “the science” has been reduced to in Heliogabalus Era America.

Few, if any, exhortations from “the science” about obesity and its threat to people’s health. This perhaps at least partially explains why something on the order of two-thirds of the population is overweight to the threshold (and beyond) of morbid (i.e., it’ll kill you, eventually) obesity.

Other than being elderly, obesity is the single biggest factor that determines whether you’re likely to die of – or rather, be pushed over the edge by – the ‘Rona. Or by some other thing, such as the eventual effects of hardened arteries, failing kidneys and so on. Being heavy is also a controllable “co-morbidity” – unlike being elderly. And even then, whether an elderly person is heavy – or not – is an excellent predictor of their likelihood of becoming sick seriously sick, or not.

Yet nothing, almost, from “the science.”

No useful advice, via PSAs, to explain to people that being overweight closely correlates with becoming sick – from a multitude of illnesses. No attempts made to warn people about high fructose corn syrup – or even about sugar, generally – which the average American consumes in halting quantity. American kids consume, on average, something like 70 pounds of sugar annually. Is it any wonder American kids are, on average, heavier than American kids have ever been?

But so long as they’re wearing “masks” . . .

As Pittsburgh, Pa, has just re-ordered them to do. As other state “health” bureaucrats and politicians are apt to do. Notwithstanding that none of this “masking” has done a demonstrable thing to “stop the spread” of anything.

Except common sense.

This probably explains why we’re seeing Diapering-while-exercising. If “mask” wearing is good some of the time, it must be good all of the time. On the same principle that if it is good to wear heavy boots while working, it must also be good to wear them when swimming.

Just ask “the science.”

. . .

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  1. Eric

    Stop trying to figure these virtual signalling cunts out. They like wearing them , every day is Halloween. They are npc s and never an original thought has entered their hive mind brain. It does show who they voted for on both sides of the border.

    • Hi Nova,

      I think you’re right that they like wearing them. That’s why I think mocking them is sound policy. So as to arrive at a point of general disapprobation such that few dare to wear them. Normally, I would never suggest such – when an aberration is just that. Or merely silly. But “masks” are dangerous and those who wear them require a certain kind of therapy.

  2. I saw my first double masker today, at a restaurant of all places. When he sat down, he pulled them both off.

    If you are really concerned about a sickness floating in the air, why would you go to a crowded Tai restaurant where someone else prepares your food, unmasked, while virtually everyone else is unmasked walking around and conversing?

    It’s a rhetorical question since I know the answer is that people like that are just the typical American dipshit.

  3. This is going to be interesting. I registered for a 5K that’s running this November. I usually don’t register that far in advance, but the timing on this is perfect. It gives me 10 weeks to do a walking program and build mileage, eight weeks to do a walk/run program to build a bit of speed and stamina, then a final eight weeks to do a running program. I needed that, as I threw my back out at the beginning of February and it set me over 2 months behind in my training. It will be interesting to see if *any*, let alone how many, morons wear a muzzle while participating. If I do see any, I’m more than tempted to tease the shit out of them, embarrass them, whatever it takes to let them know exactly how *stupid* they are. Or at least let them know where they can get medical help after they pass out from lack of oxygen.

    And if they cancel this one again like happened to me two years ago, I already have a 5K course at a local park measured out, and I’ll run it with the team that I’m signing up with (we’re all liberty people and know this whole virus thing is bullshit).

    • Good luck, Jim!

      I used to like running races. I’ve gotten back to running about 1.5 miles on most days, though yesterday my knee seemed to malfunction, so I’m letting that rest today. 3.1 miles (5k) used to be a leisurely run, years back. How life takes its toll.

  4. The poisoning of the planet continues unabated, while the greens wring their hands over “climate change”, as if it never happened before. As if by destroying ourselves through the elimination of hydrocarbons we can keep it from changing. So goes the fanaticism produced by reaction to a virus that presents an average age of death nearly identical to average life span. If it exists at all. We will never see a statistical analysis of how many died from all the “mitigations”, as compared to the “virus”. “We will destroy your economic, social, and mental health to protect you from this “virus” that mostly kills people who were already close to death.” The increase in suicide, homicide, drug and alcohol abuse, domestic violence, etc. is of no concern to them.
    I find it remarkable that so many people cannot seem to even use common sense, much less the real science, which is censored. Most Americans took a “vaccine” with zero long term safety testing, and the worst adverse event record of any vaccine in history. And Pharma is held immune to any liability for that. One may as well go out and load up on street drugs.

  5. Just seeing even a picture of one of those stupid masks….much less actually seeing someone covering half of their face with such a ridiculous thing, really and truly utterly DISGUSTS me! The people who wear those things are of a different species than I. I feel no kinship with them; they are not human. I now understand how it is that people viewed negroes as not human back in the ‘carefree days of slavery’ [-Archie Bunker]…because at some point it seems that people engage in behaviors which illustrate such stupidity and foolishness; such submission and debasement; such utter ignorance of reality, and such a slave mentality, that they essentially declare themselves slaves and lower than animals, who would even balk at having such a thing affixed to their faces. Such are the maskers.

    At least when one sees an actual retard, one can have some sympathy, for the retard’s condition is not a fault of his own doing….but one feels nothing but scorn and contempt and disgust for these maskers, because retardation is just a result of them not caring; of not valuing what they had; of making a choice simply for convenience, and of believing those who have lied to them over and over again.

    It’s truly sickening, and I really don;t even want to be around such people, nor part of a society which would normalize and condone such behavior.


      **because THEIRretardation is just a result of them **

      (I don’t know what’s causing my retardation!)

      • Church Lady Voice; “Could it be Satan?”… 🙂 Those that are still wearing those silly masks are doing us a favor. They are alerting us to their instability and membership in the Branch Covidian cult.

  6. If Da Gummint really cared about our health:

    -They’d wise up to the fact that sugar, not fat, makes you fat.
    -They’d change their “food pyramid” to focus on protein more than carbs.
    -They’d end subsidies for high fructose corn syrup and other unhealthy ingredients
    -They’d restrict or even outlaw said unhealthy ingredients.
    -They’d put restrictions on Big Junk Food like they did with Big Tobacco.
    -They’d look into how certain environmental toxins like BPA and birth control pills/antidepressants in the water supply might contribute to health problems.
    -They’d do a better job of screening immigrants and foreign travelers for contagious diseases—some of which make the Rona look like a case of the sniffles.
    Just to name a few.

    I am not an expert, but I suspect another factor behind the increase in obesity is that we’re a lot more stressed for reasons too numerous to list here, and many people are turning to junk food as a source of comfort.

    • Hello Bryce!

      “…. many people are turning to junk food as a source of comfort.”

      I would definitely agree, think about the “lockdowns” and the things that were pushed — Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming media, and also fast-food chains doing takeout or delivery. After absorbing relentless fear porn on the TV and Internet, hey just order a bucket of KFC and binge-watch your favorite show, that’ll make you feel better, right?

      Funny how the govt. didn’t seem to worry about this “junk lifestyle” they were herding people into was going to “overwhelm the health care systems” with all the resulting problems….😝

  7. The 30% of the population who were made orthodox Covidians are not going anywhere. Such a person so immersed in the cult culture of $©ience will fight, and kill, to sustain their belief. There is no “aha!” moment for the devout soldiers of this lie.

    They are actively killing their own and other small children with needles full of poison and we wonder why they wear masks?

    Remember Jonestown and the fact that parents knew the Kool-aide was poison. There wasn’t a question. They force fed their babies and children and killed them first.

    • I have them all on death watch. They’re committing slow suicide and will weed themselves out with time. It’s probably for the best. My only infuriating moment is when I see parents force them on children. I struggle with whether to intervene.

      • RE: “I struggle with whether to intervene.”

        If you can, do so. Your conscience is clear that way. If’s none of your business, I suppose, let it lay?
        I gave it my best to convince my brother & his baby momma not to inject their two children, gave them facts, gave them ~ allegories such as, “If everyone jumped off a cliff, would you?” and, I gave ’em links to interviews with alternative doctors who laid out the facts bare.

        It. All. Did. Nothing.

        …Except, my conscience is clear.

    • Jonestown was the People’s Temple, a liberal cult in San Francisco in the 70s with ties to most of the Dem politicians of the day, including the sainted Harvey Milk, George Moscone, and former Mayor now Senior US Senator from California, Dianne Feinstein.

  8. I don’t have any evidence that this pretty 19-year-old cheerleader killed herself because of the covid insanity on college campuses, but I’m suspicious:


    What’s weird is that the word “suicide” does not exist in this story, except for in the URL and in a blurb about a suicide prevention hotline at the bottom of the web page. The story itself only says that Miller “died after posting a heartbreaking note on her Instagram page.”

    Sort of like how “fire broke out” in that Wisconsin Family Action office after it was spray-painted by pro-abortion lunatics.

    If you work in mainstream news, you are no longer allowed to call firebombing firebombing, or suicide suicide, or to mention that being fat makes you way more likely to die of a minor respiratory ailment.

  9. It is propaganda, a public relations stunt to see what happens, you are being hacked, you wear a mask, you are brainwashed. Done all of the time one way or another, food will always brainwash people. Your brain is a brain only if you use it. Your stomach is digesting food for a reason. Your brain is an organ and if it doesn’t get used, you’ll be a potted plant.

    Edward Bernays did the public relations shtick back in 1923. In 1928 his book Propaganda was published. Read all about it.

    Ed’s mother was Anna Freud, Sigmund, the interpreter of dreams, his uncle. Sigmund went nuts and committed suicide.

    The rest of the story. Just so you know.

    “An ignorant person is someone who doesn’t know what you just found out.” – Will Rogers

    The human physiology professor at the four year college I attended connected himself to the EKG, held his breath into the third minute, his heartbeat reached 228 bpm.

    You gotta breathe.

    • That was a good article… but….It’s no use. The ‘virus is real’ programming is so entrenched that its impossible to overcome. I no longer try.

      Another Warning generally not headed…. Risking the flu shot. The adverse events from the flu shots have quadrupled since 2020 and are still going up. Prior to that all years were pretty steady. Something happened in 2020 going forward. Forewarned is forearmed…. chance favors the prepared mind.

      • Ken,
        Vaccines have never been especially safe, or effective. Most of the “miracles” they supposedly achieved were in progress before they arrived. Due to better living conditions.

        • RE: “Vaccines have never been especially safe”

          No doubt. Jon Rappaport wrote an article in detail about how the flu shot was used to kill off a bunch of oldsters back in 1994. …I think I knew one of them.

          Lotta monsters in this world.

  10. Every time i see a faceless person I pine for my SuperSoaker50 from when I was a little brat. Maybe some saturation would make them tear those filthy things off their diaper rashed face. The guvmin’ says waterboarding isn’t torture after all.

    I don’t know whats more sad, the syndicates use of fear as a primary means of control or the fact that most adults are still afraid of the dark and the boogieman.

  11. ‘obesity is the single biggest factor that determines whether you’re likely to die of – or rather, be pushed over the edge by – the Rona’ — eric

    Behold the epic, ascientific cluelessness of the Lügenpresse:

    How America Lost One Million People

    “We are a country with the best doctors in the world, we got a vaccine in an astoundingly short time, and yet we’ve had so many deaths.” — NYT

    Well, duhhhhhh … what’s wrong with this skewed picture?

    Even the slightest notion of ‘doing science’ would suggest hypotheses such as:

    1. High obesity rates in the US contributed to high deaths.
    2. Refusal of prompt treatment with HCQ, ivermectin, etc killed many.
    3. Use of toxic treatments in hospitals (remdesivir, ventilators) killed more still.
    4. ‘Vaccines’ utterly failed and now exhibit NEGATIVE efficacy.

    But these topics are taboo on thought-controlled social media and in the gutter press. So when science actually gets done to back up these assertions with data, it’s suppressed as ‘misinformation.’

    To a fedgov sociopath like Anthony Fauci, the death of a million people (quoting Joe Stalin) is ‘just a statistic.’


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