A Psychopath Responds to a Psychopath

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A psychopath has killed 19 people – most of them elementary school-age kids. Another psychopath – older, with wispy hair plugs, who likes to sniff kids – assumes the royal “we” and demands it be “dealt” with.

Not the kid-sniffing.

He also does not mean harshly dealing with those who harm other people. He means harming millions of people who’ve never harmed anyone – with guns or otherwise. Per the writer William Burroughs, who said: “After a shooting spree, they always want to take the guns away from the people who didn’t do it.” 

Except, of course, when it is government shooters who did do it.

It is interesting to note that after government shooters shot (and burned to death) a whole building full of mostly women and kids at Waco, Texas there were no calls to “deal” with it – by taking away the government’s guns. 

Nor after every tiresomely repetitive unjustified shooting of harmless people by armed government workers; i.e., the “police.” Egregious examples include the 2016 murder – honest English – of unarmed and crawling on the floor Daniel Shaver by an AGW named Philip Brailsford at a La Quinta inn in Mesa, AZ. Brailsford was punished with lifetime disability payments for the “PTSD” he claimed he suffered as a result of shooting Shaver as he begged not to be.

It is not an “isolated case.” 

Such cases occur with more regularity than those performed by the non-badged. More than 1,000 of them, every year to date. Even if “only” a fourth of those were “unjustified,” it is still a lot of them.

The Black Lives Matter people – who caused a great deal of harm – urged “defunding” of the police. No one urged they be disarmed – notwithstanding the harms they’ve caused. Indeed, armed government workers enjoy privileges the rest of us don’t – such as being able to carry their gun into a school or bar, for instance – which is an offense when we do it (even if we have a government permission slip to carry a gun otherwise).

A pattern is discernible.

Government says you must drive an electric car – assuming you can afford to – because the planet is being harmed by ”greenhouse gasses.” But government is the most profligate source of these “gasses” – and can afford to “emit” as much of them as it likes – because we’re paying for it. The military pilots burning holes in the sky with their afterburning jet engines that do not have to “comply” with fuel economy standards don’t have to worry about how much it costs to fill ‘er up before the next flight because they don’t have to put it on their debit card. 

They put it on ours.   

The Thing and his wispy hair plugs are driven hither and yon in the gas-guzzliest (and so greatest gaseous-emitting) vehicles conceivable – short of actually pouring fuel into an empty swimming pool and tossing a match on it. Custom-outiffted 747s with four thirsty jet engines. Two 747s, necessary for the entourage. Then via a 9,000-plus pound armored limousine based on a Chevy Suburban that uses twice as much gas as a Suburban – because it’s armored several inches thick.

The Thing is surrounded, wherever he goes – and wherever he stays – by heavily armed men.

But he is the president – and must be protected! This is understandable. A maniac might otherwise do him harm.   

What is inexplicable is the contrary; i.e., that we are to accept being unprotected. Disarmed – so as to be unable to protect ourselves from maniacs – on account of the harm we have not caused. 

It is always good for the goose – but never the gander.

What is styled “gun control” is true enough in the sense that it is about control, all right. Also that it “works” – in the manner that Face Diapers “work.” Both presume something to be the case that isn’t actually the case. As regards Face Diapers, the presumption is that the wearer might be sick or could get sick and therefore must be treated as sick, even in the ongoing absence of any reason other than fear (of the “might”) to believe he is actually sick.

And, of course, the Face Diapers do not “work” – in the sense of preventing sickness from being spread. 

As in the case of “controlling” guns – which also does not work, in the sense that it prevents people from being shot by maniacs, working for the government and otherwise. 

Yet the Thing urges that guns be taken away from us or otherwise “controlled” – on the basis of the presumption that we might cause harm, irrespective of no harm having actually been caused.

By people who actually have caused a great deal of harm, with guns and otherwise.

This disconnect flow from a defect of the mind, cognitive dissonance – i.e., the inability to recognize incongruity – and the related etiology of one-sided Safetyism. When it suits the government, “safety” is a kind of fetish object – one we’re expected to venerate and often punished if we do not. But when it suits us – as to be protected, by ourselves – the same government suddenly has a problem with it.    

How much safer might that school have been had some of those teachers had the means to shoot back? How much less likely might the shooting have been if the shooter believed they had those means?

Ask the kid-sniffing Thing. He knows he’s safe.

And we know how much less safe we are – courtesy of these things.

. . .

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  1. The Davos meeting……
    Kill phase coming….

    Globalists have entered the kill phase of Great Reset; Remember the Deagel population forecast? It now makes total sense

    So the globalists have been meeting this week in Geneva at the World Health Assembly and they have been meeting in Davos at the World Economic Forum summit. The two cities, Geneva and Davos, are both located in Switzerland, about three hours apart by car. Between these two meetings, the globalist predator class will be getting their instructions on what to do and what to expect over the next 12 months. I am calling this 12-month window the opening salvo in the kill phase of the Great Reset.

    The bottom line for the elites is this: The population is just too big and unmanageable for the type of resource-based, total control society required by their dystopian technocracy, and if there’s anything a technocracy simply cannot tolerate it’s a sizable population of people who don’t know their place.

    Manufactured supply-chain breakdowns along with food, fertilizer and fuel shortages, which will all lead to famine. starvation

    Promoting killer vaccines and booster shots with the return of vaccine mandates likely by this fall. exterrmination injections
    Fomenting civil unrest, mass shootings and the resulting gaslighting of American gun owners with incendiary rhetoric coming from the White House.

    Escalating their proxy war against Russia into a regional and eventually a world war. nuclear war…

    The Deagel population forecast of 2014

    All of the above policies are driving at one thing, mass depopulation.

    I revert back to the analysis done by Deagel Corp. several years ago.

    Deagel is a military contractor that in 2014 published a forecast of massive population reductions out to the year 2025, when America would be down to just 99 million people from over 330 million in 2014. Western European nations, especially the U.K. and Germany, would see similarly drastic decreases in population.


    • Analysis of Deagel.com Forecasts
      By Craig Paardekooper
      Deagel.com provided the 2025 forecast for population of each country. I obtained their forecast data
      before it was taken down in April of this year. However, the data had been safely archived and was still
      available for analysis.
      I calculated the % population reductions for each country based on the difference between the current
      population and the 2025 forecast, and rank sorted each country in order of largest population reduction.
      My hypothesis was that the cull would have an epicentre, centred in the countries/ powers who were
      running the pandemic – namely the G7.
      I also hypothesised that those countries making the vaccines would right at the heart of the slaughter.


  2. Eric, you are correct to point out that there is a pattern of government agents killing American citizens without being held responsible. The agents who killed Randy Weaver’s wife and teenage son were never charged. Jerry Spence, who successfully defended Randy at trial, offered to be co counsel when the local prosecutor would file charges against them. However, no charges were ever filed.

  3. Eric I’m glad you brought up the Shaver shooting. The video of that evil scum shooting the poor sap begging for his llife is something that has always stuck with me. I’ve always thought if I ever had a terminal disease I might just take a few with me.

  4. Gun Rights Are More Important Than False Security And Appeasing Leftists
    leftists are not fully opposed to the idea of gun ownership as they often pretend to be. I think they would actually like to retain their own guns if possible, they just don’t want people like you and I to have them. Selective gun confiscation would be their ideal, which is the same exact strategy used by the Nazis, who selectively outlawed gun ownership for Jewish citizens and anyone politically opposed to the Third Reich but let all other Germans keep their weapons.

    I would note that whenever gun crimes and mass murders are committed by people that are ideologically opposed to conservatives, the media and leftists often conveniently stop caring about taking action. They only seem to care when the crime can be associated with their political enemies.

    We all know that leftists constantly argue that conservatives are inherently dangerous. It only takes one more step for them to claim that conservative thought is in itself a “mental illness” and that our guns should be taken by default


  5. The Killer Joker in Boulder was prescribed psychotropic pharmaceuticals, so why wasn’t the psychologist in charge of medicating the lost soul not an accessory?

    One thing about women, you wouldn’t be here if there weren’t any. They’re worth their weight in gold. Minus the fat content, that is.

    And what’s with the baby formula shortage? Women have two breasts, what’s the problem?

    Always a wet nurse available somewhere. Milk them dry, babies can survive. The most vulnerable humans are infants, they need mother’s milk in the worst way.

    Klouse is more like a crying hungry abandoned baby rather than a man telling everybody there will be pain.

    You’re right, Klouse, you’re a pain in the ass, so put a sock in it.

  6. Whenever a school shooting supposedly happens the first thing I do is click into Jim Stone’s website, he says a tranny was shot by police but not killed, then that story was spun into another false flag school shooting:


    “This post, above, was later on in the shooting when they were formulating a story. Twitter had already posted (people at the school posted) that the guy was a trans, was disgruntled about something, fired one round in the parking lot, got shot by concealed carry and it all ended there. He did not get into the school at all. Then AFTER this FOX report WHICH VERTATIM STATES: THE STUDENTS AND STAFF ARE SAFE IN THE BUILDINGS, it switched to 21 dead, then got downgraded to 19 dead. How did that happen?”

    After the Sandy Hook hoax I wouldn’t believe a single thing the media says. For one thing all those sandy hook kids are still alive:


    • this is point on. It explains *everything* about the false reality we live in. If the elite zios are willing to sacrifice their own lower class to the jabs what do you think they have planned for us goys, Only satanic rule was able to get this fucking dementia weirdo in charge of us. We *might* have 20 years before a final collapse. Advice – move to Russua. Rural Russia.

  7. There are still a lot of unknowns about the Ross Elementary shooting. I do have several questions.

    How was the shooter able to gain access?
    What was the security posture of the school? Were there errors made?
    Was the shooter chased into the school by police?

    No matter these answers, obviously a mentally deranged person felt it was a valid objective to kill children. There is no solving that line of thinking.

    But why do there seem to be more people who seek to do this?
    Why are they usually on the left side of the aisle?
    Why schools?

    Reality needs to be accepted. You can’t stop all bad from happening. It is up to you to be responsible for your own safety. Government can’t and doesn’t have to protect you.

  8. It was that stunning visual of Americans waving rifles at all those lockdown protests across the country in May 2020 that got us out of lockdown, IMO. Other nations protested as well, but they were far less effective since they couldn’t wave guns. The 2A is what stands between us and a full-blown Communist takeover, and the left knows it. This is why we’ll likely be bombarded with mass shooting “disasters” this summer until it reaches a head.

    • So you’re saying these shootings are being STAGED. Have to admit, couldn’t work better if they were.

  9. An epidemiologist writing for the Brownston Institute posits a link between covid lockdowns and the recent shootings:


    Not much evidence yet to support this in the Uvalde incident, but the Buffalo shooter flat-out told everybody in his pre-rampage screed:

    “I started browsing 4chan in May 2020 after extreme boredom, remember this was during the outbreak of covid…. I never even saw this information until I found these sites… Eventually I couldn’t take it anymore, I told myself that eventually I was going to kill myself to escape this fate. My race was doomed and there was nothing I could do about it.”

    And why are people surprised at these attacks when for two and a half years we’ve been told to treat other human beings as festering sacks of disease?

    • Hi Roland,

      “And why are people surprised at these attacks when for two and a half years we’ve been told to treat other human beings as festering sacks of disease?”

      Indeed. I think of the damage done to those under 18 especially. This kid, for instance. All he’s known since he was 16 (15, actually) is Diaper Mania. At that age, two years is eternity. I will not be surprised if more young people go berserk.

      • Hi Eric. At this point, we don’t even need the Company and its sleepers to be involved. There are tens of millions of people on dangerous mental drugs. The law of large numbers takes over. Not to mention the copy cat syndrome. We need to approach this the way that the Israeli’s do. All of their teachers are armed and well trained. Their schools are well hardened. When they are out on field trips, the teachers have not just handguns, but rifles on slings. They are deadly serious about protecting their children. But actually dealing with the problem, isn’t as politically useful to those in power. Thus this continues to happen. I expect this to continue to ramp up.

        • Hi BJ,

          I’ll raise you one – take kids out of government schools, which is where these events tend to occur. School them at home, where they are unlikely to. More on this them follows.

          • Hi Eric.
            As you may remember, I’ve advocated for a total separation of education and state. Government at any level should be forbidden to have anything to do with education. Its far too much of a conflict of interest.

            But the fact is, the general population wants this dangerous nonsense. They don’t want the responsibility of providing for their own children’s education, nor keeping track of them during the day. Many look at public school as a free child care system.

            If you want irony, the last two years have demonstrated to millions of people that they don’t need two jobs to survive. Many are now staying home with their children, and home schooling them. Ron Paul’s excellent home school program has grown by leaps and bounds. The rise of home schooling is the silver lining in an other wise dismal dark cloud of tyranny.

      • Imagine the children born in 2018+ their earliest moments where they need to study faces and clearly hear what’s going on, learn about facial expressions & emotions, and breathe properly, and then everyone wears masks and they can’t tell when people are happy or angry, and people are shouting about stupid things, playing smartphones instead of paying attention to the children. If that small child had to ride a bus or airplane, or go to daycare, someone suffocates them for the occasion.

    • Hi Roland,

      COVID is the excuse he may have used, but it is BS. Has the last two years been hell on everyone? An unequivocal, yes. Lockdowns, mask mandates, and just a feeling of desperation will lead to an increase in suicides and others turning to drugs and alcohol. If this kid’s life was horrible, fine, take yourself out, but what he did was absolutely inexcusable and unforgiveable. I don’t give a shit how crazy someone is they do not walk into a school and shoot up 20 innocent people or even one.

      If COVID made him, do it what are the excuses that Dylan Roof, Eric Harris, Seung-Hui Cho, and Adam Lanza used? Sorry, but these guys are pieces of shit. I hope they all burn in eternal damnation feeling nothing, but absolute pain every second of the afterlife.

      Society’s problem is there is not fear of consequences for the actions taken. Look at the schmuck who shot up the grocery store in Buffalo a few weeks ago. Why is he alive? Hand him to the families of those he murdered and if there is anything left the remains can be thrown into the dumpster bin.

      Parents hands are tied with the raising of their children. If a parent does something horrendous, like spank their kid on the butt, CPS will be at your day in 48 hours. Teachers and the unions have made it their life’s work to instill betrayal against a child and their mother/father. The view now is the State knows what is best, Mom and Dad are just the egg and sperm donors. Mom and Dad do get a large amount of blame though when they allow the government control of the rearing of their offspring, when they refuse to establish the family unit, when they do not instill ethics and integrity in their children, we find society will continue to erode until she is no more.

      • RG,
        Seems to be people are weak minded as a higher % of the population than in the past, and they think themselves justified to punish others to make them pay or send a message.

        We also seem to have much higher mental illness. What causes this I don’t know but it seems far beyond what a normal random chance would be.

  10. Another crass, tasteless, disrespecting-the-dead Demonrat pipes up with his little bitch mouth:

    ‘Former Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke crashed a press conference by Texas Governor Greg Abbott on Wednesday, interrupting the event to push for gun control following the massacre of 19 students and two teachers at Robb Elementary school in Uvalde, Texas.

    “This was totally predictable,” O’Rourke can be heard shouting, adding, “The time to stop the next shooting is now, and you are doing nothing.”

    “This is on you,” he exclaimed.

    ‘To which Uvalde Mayor Don McLaughlin shouted back: “You’re out of line. I can’t believe you’re a sick son of a bitch who would come to a deal like this to make a political issue.” — via ZH

    If politics is your whole life, then axiomatically the tragic violent death of children is resplendently political too.

    Let’s go Beto! /sarc

    • Civil War 2.0 coming soon to a city near you. Yesterday, may have been the powder keg that exploded nationwide. Biden is hunting for a war – his words regarding Russia, China, and even North Korea. He may first have to deal with the one in his own backyard. The left said Trump was crazy. No one is as deranged as the senile old goat pretending to be President who has the nuclear codes and a loose tongue.

      • Hi RG.

        What those behind this desperately want is a real civil war in the US, and/or WWIII. Only something of that magnitude will provide the distraction and excuse they need for their Great Reset. We have to be very careful that they get neither. Many parts of the world are already facing famine towards the end of this year. This and the wide array of chaos that we are seeing is just part of the plan. But as with all emergent systems, the details can’t be properly modeled. Which is why parts of their plan will fail. How that impacts the over all results is yet to be determined. But we can expect things to continue to ramp up. Especially towards the mid term elections. Then all bets are off.

  11. More nonstop psyop diversion bullshit.

    Straight from Molon jab to Molon labe

    The script on this one really makes no sense. They’re getting sloppy and desperate.

    How many people died this week from Pfizer’s poison?

  12. This whole shebang glows of alphabet INC. It is just another excuse for the emotional retarded media mavens to wave their tear soaked tissues in everyones face. Can you feel the hyper-emotionalism oozing out of the chattering class, falling on echo chambers full of deaf ears?

    We all know dozens of ways that exist to solve this problem, without infringing on those of us who want to be left alone. Yet on cue (((they))) go straight for the registration/background check. Last month I bought a new gun, they did a background check. Most of the dumb, mouth breathing minivan moms paroting this nonsense have no freakin idea.

    Our country is now completely captured by deranged psychopaths, backed by mental deficients, masquerading as adults. They needed a quick pivot to take everyones attention away from the failed monkey pox trial ballon.

    Everyone Single One of these FF power grabs returns less and less on the investment. I would posit that these highly predictable FFs have the unintended effect of waking some who had no desire to awaken. Even with the unlimited ability to print money, one must ask at what point they will fire the current crop of narrative engineers and turn it all over to AI. Rhetorical question I know, as no one working for alphabet is ever held to account.

    • ‘I would posit that these highly predictable FFs have the unintended effect of waking some who had no desire to awaken.’ — Norman Franklin

      Now that Salvador [ironically, ‘Savior’ in Spanish] Ramos is dead, what is the next psycho killer thinking?

      Probably about how easy, and how appropriate, it would be to use a weaponized drone to commit a mass casualty.

      After all, US presidents have slaughtered thousands that way. Barky O’Bummer even assassinated four US citizens, silently from the sky.

      Drone tech is global; the Ukies are using Turkish-made ones. Everything’s for sale in the bazaars of Keeeeeeeeev. *wink*

      One should only be surprised that blowback has taken so long. As ol’ H Rap Brown might say (if he weren’t imprisoned in Tucson), “Drone attacks are as American as cherry pie.”

      Thanks, Joe!

    • Norman: “…one must ask at what point they will fire the current crop of narrative engineers and turn it all over to AI.”

      I suspect it IS largely if not mostly algorithmically generated at this point. I can’t find the citation right now, but I believe it is in the book “Covid and the Great Reset,” where Klaus Schwab estimates that by 2025, such-and-such [maybe 80?] percent of “the news will be algortihmically generated, with no human involvement (except, of course, those who write the algorithm).” (Something to that effect.)

      The outrageous implication here is, of course, that he takes for granted that “the news” is not a function of reality to any degree, but is rather merely an audio-visual signal engineered to manage the perception and behavior of the masses.

      I daily see numerous “news pieces” that either have a robot’s synthesized-voice narration, or are simply the “written explanation” style of montage, with no voiceover. A great percentage, or even all, of these pieces might just as well have been spliced together by AI using stock-data in the “cloud” and served up to usher the masses into the next chapter of the Narrative.

      • FP, I think the news hasn’t been of function of any objective reality most of my life, at least my adult life, most people have no clue. What seems different now, is that everything is manipulated, full spectrum dominance baby. The hybridization of infotainment really puts a punctuation on it. Everywhere the message is the same, except a few remote hangouts populated by bitter clingers.

        If you are correct about AI cloud splicing, then I for one want to skip the muddy middle and get to the conclusion, hopefully the ending will be more interesting than the non-stop pap now on offer. Maybe a surprise karmic ending the critters never considered.

  13. Resent the fact that these buffoons want to require YOU, an American citizen, to ask permission from your Lords to buy a .22, but thousands of anonymous recipients in the Ukraine are being sent sophisticated anti-aircraft and anti-tank missiles, and YOU, the American taxpayer, gets the bill. Also the fucking Taliban was gifted billions of dollars in firearms, aircraft, vehicles, tanks and other weapons. Quite alright. I’m sure they passed the background check.

      • Raider Girl,

        Yes, well ahead of that in my plans. I don’t believe I’ll ever submit myself to that sort of meddling ever again. I will not ask Al Capone for a liquor license. And I will be well armed and well prepared, whether these goons like it or not.

      • Although you can’t print metal “yet” you sure can mill it. Less than a 100K and you can print polymers and mill metals for anything you want. Guns are zero problem. You can even incorporate screw threads. Bullets are another issue.

  14. Anyone have a good reason why some Feds, purported to be a spec ops Border Patrol unit, supposedly shot the perp. The town where this occurred isn’t on the border. Also, why is the governor, Abbott, the mouthpiece for all the info given to the media? Top down controlled. Weird.

    • Now they’re saying an off duty border patrol responded with local LEOs but some active duty border patrol guys responded as well. Now Abbott is going to speak to the media with Sens. Cruz and Cornyn next to him. More top down. Seems scripted.

    • Ulvade is a small farm town about 80 miles west of San Antonio, about 2/3 of the way to the border whether you’re going throw Eagle Pass or Del Rio. As it’s the junction of US Highways 83 and 90, there’s definitely USBP inspection stations and officers running all around there. That an officer would be available to help deal with the shooter isn’t a big surprise, just glad he got him. Fuck the cretin that did this; saved the taxpayers the expense of a trial…killed 19 kids and two teachers. Let him rot in Hades.

  15. How about all those psychoactive drugs that psychiatrists prescribe. I would bet that many of these psycho killers are one one or more, not to mention what is available on the street. Bygone is just a tool, and not a sharp one.

    • Yes, the late Teddy Kennedy was so “good” to women…just ask the family of Mary Jo Kopechne. Jack Chick should have done a special comic on his fat ass; I hope the bastard’s frying ATM.

  16. Let’s look at the last 3 shooting perps:

    1) Buffalo – a groomed environmentalist
    2) California – a CCP operative out to kill Taiwanese
    3) Texas – an illegal alien tranny

    We need lefty and TLA control, not gun control

    • I’d heard on Patriot Radio (Sirius XM-125) that since 2012, over 1,900 CHILDREN have been murdered in Chi-Congo. And I can well guess the “complexion” of most of the “perps” and their victims. We don’t need to control GUNS…we need to bring “Jim Crow” back if we want to save the lives of black kids.

  17. There are solutions to help eliminate school shootings. Getting rid of the “gun free zone” mentality is the first step. These mentally defective killers KNOW that schools are places where firearms are not permitted and do take advantage of this to commit their vile acts.
    I would take it a step further…Hire veterans as janitors and maintenance personnel, deputize and arm them. Janitors and maintenance personnel have the run of the school and KNOW where the hiding spots are.
    Hiring veterans–NOT law enforcement, is the key. Law enforcement personnel (school resource officers) consider their own lives to be more important than that of the students and will choose to “run the other way” or “cower and cover in fear”, while us veterans are trained to run TOWARD the sound of gunfire. Most “school resources officers” are nearing the end of their careers and have no desire to get into armed confrontations.
    It is interesting to note that today’s “law enforcement” personnel have statutory protections that us ordinary “civilians” do not possess. Despite having these statutory protections, they still fail to act.
    “Law enforcement” is useless in school shootings. Almost every school shooting was responded to by “law enforcement” waiting for the shooting to stop–NOT ACCEPTABLE–PERIOD!
    Hiring veterans who are willing to take on the responsibility for ensuring the safety of the children is the solution.

    • Anarchyst, I suggested exactly what you suggested to our local school board a few years ago. They all wanted to dodge the question/issue and basically called me nuts. So I demanded a yes or no answer if they would support such an endeavor, or not, for the record, and they wouldn’t do it. Sooooo, I told them I would keep coming back until they did. The next meeting they brought in the chief of police to scare me, but it didn’t. The third meeting, they finally answered, 4 no’s and emphatic no’s with a speeches, haha. One brave woman agreed with me and said she would support it, but with the usual blather, ‘we would have to study this’ crap.

  18. ‘Another psychopath – older, with wispy hair plugs, who likes to sniff kids – assumes the royal “we” and demands it be “dealt” with.’ — eric

    Not only are the victims not even buried yet … but also, the investigation has barely begun.

    Despite knowing nothing about how the perp acquired his weapon, ‘Biden’ already has identified a scapegoat — guns, not the shooter — and demanded that we ‘turn this pain into action.’

    The Biden Thing’s instinct to crassly capitalize on a tragedy represents poor judgment, utter tastelessness and deep malice.

    ‘Biden’ should be shunned by decent people, until he can be removed from office via the 25th amendment. Then he can wave his cane from the safety of his front porch in Delaware, barking at passing children to ‘get off my lawn’ as his nurses urge calm upon the angry, confused old man.

    • “The Biden Thing’s instinct to crassly capitalize on a tragedy represents poor judgment, utter tastelessness and deep malice.”

      Assuming this wasn’t another CIA op. The real tragedy to me is that the CIA gets away with murdering innocent people, and the official line is that it is yet another random act.

    • Then we’ve got the Kooky Klackling Kunt in the White House. No thank you. Either we remove them BOTH or neither.

  19. This might make me sound completely looney, but here goes. This is quite the coincidence, isn’t it? Just when the ATF is making tighter rules, and trying to come down even harder on FFL holders, there are two “mass” shootings. Makes the cry for more gun control sound reasonable, even though it isn’t. I feel for the victims and their families, but I question the official story. The characters in Washington would do anything to further their cause.

    • It’s the Obama playbook updated for ‘22. It’s becoming clearer now that he and his peeps are running Brandon. Trying to kill the 1A and 2A. The renamed flu scam is waning and the Ape flu isn’t sticking so they’re going back to what they think will work. I don’t believe a word of it.

      • Exactly – without the 2A, closely followed by the 1A, the rest of the documnt is worthless paper.

        (It is still worthless paper if “we the people” don’t recognize and exercise our God-given rights and autonomy. The Constitution doesn’t grant us the 2A, nor the 1A, it merely elucidates them.)

  20. What Bite-me did last night was disgusting. He started out like he just might for once in his life be sincere and empathetic but no. He didn’t get 2 minutes in and launched into his political rage. F Him.

    I know there is no making sense of senseless violence but in my opinion, we have a mental health crisis not a gun crisis. My guess is the pattern will be one where the perpetrator had prior history of mental health issues and expressed violence to professional mental health psychologists (probably state employed) and the psychologists did nothing. I know you can’t violate someone’s constitutional rights without just cause and due process. I don’t have the answer but perhaps when people make these statements of violence, the mental healthcare professional needs to report the potential of said person, and this person might have to be incarcerated and brought before a judge before being set free?

    • Mental health crisis = medicalization of the issue. “Doctors”, “scientists” perhaps, weighing in. You better believe the gun grabbers would like nothing better than to medicalize gun opener ship. Don’t go there.

  21. Send 40 billion dollars to Texas, not Ukraine. Let it be the fine for burning down Mount Carmel in Waco. Grab the guns from the ATF, IRS, and FBI.

    President Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas in 1963, should have grabbed all of the guns right then and there.

    Three thieves broke into a farmhouse out in the country in my home state. The farmer heard them in the house. He found out what they were doing, robbing him, he grabbed his shotgun and proceeded to investigate. When he saw them, he said, “You guys picked the wrong house to rob,” then opened fire.

    Sometimes, you just can’t win.

    FDR stole everybody’s private gold coin collection. Nothing ever happens to government thieves.

  22. Compared to government, private party criminals are just a nuisance, including this psychotic in Texas. They’ve killed hundreds of thousands with sanctions alone over the last decade, in the most cruel manner.
    About 100 years ago, one could buy a fully automatic Thompson sub machine gun, and all the magazines and ammo you pleased, mail order, without any identification. Blood did not flow in the streets, and there were not piles of bodies there either. This is a social problem, not a hardware problem. Perhaps the increase, if there is one, of such shootings is a result of recent “lead by example” government, and our increased awareness of its crimes.

    • Excellent points John,
      The lockdowns and constant fear porn have most likely pushed many people to the edge of psychosis and over that cliff; fedgov has sown the wind and is just starting to reap the whirlwind. Meanwhile the worldgov elitists are meeting in Davos to further their schemes. Now that would be a great target for a cruise missile if only Vlad would take the opportunity.

    • Roger that. I recall seeing a picture of an ad by the Auto-Ordnance company, trying to sell off their stock of “Tommy Guns”, as the Armistice had happened, the Army cancelled its contract for them, and Auto-Ordnance had thousands of Thompsons to sell off. They went for $200, rather pricey for 1919 (A family of four could live very well of that for a month). The ad shows a farmer “hosing down” some would be rustlers trying to purloin his livestock.

      Amazingly, the Thompsons didn’t sell all that well with civilians, even Veterans, because they were expensive, and not very practical as a hunting carbine. Sure, a few gangsters bought them, but about 95% of the stock of Auto-Ordnance went to law enforcement and the TREASURY Department…like with Elliot Ness. FWIW, the Barrow Gang (“Bonnie and Clyde”) never used any Thompsons. Besides common rifles and shotguns that they stole from homes and gun shops, Clyde Barrow’s favorite weapon was a B.A.R. (Browning Automatic Rifle), purloined from NATIONAL GUARD armories.

  23. There was a time when young boys carried their guns to school, in case their mom asked them to pick up dinner on the way home.

  24. Sad story. I remember hearing a couple years ago about some states allowing armed teachers in schools but can’t remember which ones. Probably a good idea to consider. In the end as Ron Emanuel said “Never let a crisis go to waste”, they were looking for an excuse to take our Liberties away from us and any excuse that works will be used so long as they look like heroes for doing it instead of the tyrants that they are. Let’s not forget that the Second protect the rest but I guess I’m just a little old fashioned. If safety of the children was the real issue they would not be forcing the jab upon them.

    • Dummycrats and “Educators” don’t give a SHIT about “THE Children”. They’re just pawns to indoctrinate and make an ill-gotten living off of.

      Methinks any school district should have armed teachers and/or administrators or custodial staff, but these persons should be reserve police officers and/or deputy sheriffs. The idea is to give them law enforcement training, else, if something goes awry, it just gives more “ammo”, pun intended, to the statist control freaks and the gun-grabbers.

    • Mike: Same here. I was always taught not to point it at what you did not want to destroy and it was your job to verify that it was unloaded. Apparently this does not apply to so called actors…


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