The Gangs of San Mateo

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In the old Batman TV series, Commissioner Gordon would light up the Bat-Signal to summon Batman. In San Mateo County, CA, a rich guy summoned Armed Government Workers to signal the owner of an Indiana custom car shop that builds Batmobile replicas not to cross rich guys who have it in their power to sic Armed Government Workers on anyone who incurs their displeasure.

The rich guy who had ordered a Batmobile replica from the Indiana shop apparently failed to make one of the payments due and the shop was unable to reach him for more than eight months, to sort out the discrepancy – and for that reason, his place in line was given to another customer, who would get his replica ahead of the rich guy. The rich guy became irate when the shop owner told him why he’d lost his place in line and rather than settle the matter in the usual manner, he signaled his old friend, Carlos Bolanos – who just happens to be the head of a gang styled the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Department.

Bolanos gathered up a crew of AGWs – including a “lieutenant” and a “sergeant,” two military “ranks” that AGWs, who are civilians, often award themselves – and flew to Indiana, rented vehicles and paid a visit to the shop where the Batmobile replicas are made. They kicked the employees off the premises, turned away deliver drivers, manacled the owner and hauled him to jail – eventually leveling a number of trumped-up “felony” charges, including obtaining money by false pretenses and diversion of construction funds.

They also had the shop owner’s bank account frozen.

“I was treated as though I was a criminal,” the Batmobile-maker told local media. “They were there to intimidate me.”

They were also some 2,000 miles out of their jurisdiction – but that’s no problem when there’s a point to be made. All taxpayer-financed, too – to the tune of more than $10,000 in airfare, rental vehicles, hotels and food.

The incident is being investigated but no one in the Bolanos Crew has been arrested for this serial criminality, which is far more egregious than the run-of-the-mill extortion/strong-arm/intimidation tactics often used by private gangs because this gang is a legal one. It wears the “colors” of the San Mateo Sheriff’s Office and is endowed with special privileges and given special treatment, including a deferential attitude toward its criminality.

This is routine practice when it comes to the gangs in blue and black. They “speed” regularly; rarely “buckle-up” for “safety.” Attack people while screeching, “stop resisting!” and sometimes murder people in cold blood. Rarely, if ever, do they hear their fellow AGWs screaming at them to “get on the ground, now!” – as they often scream at others. They are infrequently charged with crimes in cases where anyone else would have been. And even when they are found guilty of something criminal and heinous, “qualified immunity” serves as their get-out-of-jail-free card.

Not infrequently, they retire before middle age on cushy pensions, also paid for by the taxpayers they “served.”

This won’t end until enough of us wake up to the reality that AGWs are not “police,” much less peace-keepers. They are the predatory praetorians of the police state, who serve themselves – and their friends.

As the owner of the Batmobile replica shop just found out – the hard way.

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  1. This isn’t a police crime, but definitely a crime against humanity. This article from the NEWS (HVAC) is about a year old. I didn’t think much of it until I started reading more and more scenarios that this is beginning to take shape.

    The ultimate goal is to keep one in debt forever. You will own nothing and be happy is starting to ring true. The prices have skyrocketed to a point that the average person cannot sustain the upfront cost of the equipment that they need (whether that is HVAC units, autos, homes, etc.)

    An average 3-ton, 16 seer HVAC unit will run one about $4K (labor is excluded) so it could possibly be as high as $8K-$9K. Leasing starts at $165/month for ten years. That is $1980 per year, which equals $19,800 for ten years. The scam artists that are pushing these states it covers maintenance, repairs, etc., but does a 10-year unit need over $11K in repairs?

    The issue that I see is so many people are willing to consider these options not taking the math into consideration.

    • Raider Girl,

      “The program provides homeowners with a fully installed HVAC system with no money down.” No money down, because no one has any. Primarily this is because of interminable monthly payments on everything else.

      I always wondered as a kid, RG, why, when someone rich would suddenly lose their job or livelihood, that they had to give back everything they had, and live a life of poverty. “Rocky V”, for example. Why, if you have millions of dollars, and have bought all of these wonderful things, do people suddenly come take it back?

      When I was older, I learned it’s because they’d either financed or leased everything, and they’d extended themselves thin. So no more income, and a few lapsed monthly payments, and everything went away. Your article speaks of the “peace of mind” that comes from the leasing arrangement, but the peace of mind I like to have is that a bunch of assholes won’t come take everything I own if I should decide to quit or lose my job.

      I’m in the middle of the transition to that life. Couldn’t come soon enough.

      • Amen, BaDnOn –

        Serial debt-paying is enserfment. The past three years have made this abundantly clear. Why did most people “mask” and then accept being “jabbed”? It wasn’t so much that they believed; rather, it was because they were in thrall. They dared not offend their boss because then they might lose their job – and then they’d be on the street.

        When you own, you are harder to own – and that s why this push to own everyone (and everything),

        • You got it, Eric!

          Right now, people are seeing what happens when workers are in control of the labor market. Wages rise; benefits are promised. There is competition between employers. Now, what are those who aren’t working doing? Unfortunately, they’re probably in mom’s basement. But if they should choose to get a job, they’ll be treated decently, as opposed to just 10 years ago, when you’d be lucky to land a job, and be treated not-so-well if you did (I was laid-off).

          But the point stands: If enough people can do without a job, for even a period of time, due to their SELF-SUFFICIENCY, and the fact they own their house and land, then rewards come in the form of bargaining power. Labor is a commodity, just like any other, and there are two parties in any transaction.

  2. Eric,

    Though others have raised this point, I’m going to echo it: how on Earth did these guys get away with pulling this shit some 2,000 miles OUTSIDE of their jurisdiction?! I thought that county sheriffs’ jurisdiction ended at the county line! Silly me-there I go being logical again…

  3. As others have noted it’s amazing the San Mateo AGW’s got away with this so far out of their jurisdiction. Most “law enforcement” types guard their turf jealously; I would think the AG of Indiana could bring some serious charges against these a-holes, unless he’s fine with what they did.

  4. It seems George Carlin was right. Theres a big club and you arent in it.
    Lawlessness abounds, but only for those in that club.

  5. There are a lot of OHVs in my neighborhood. People have been driving them around town on errands to save a few bucks on gas. Last night up at the local grocery store I saw a AGW had pulled over a quad cycle and had the guy sitting in the curb while he was in his SUV. After I made my purchase (probably about 20 minutes) he was still there, still on the ground and the AGW was still sitting in his SUV. What transgression could the rider have done that would have requried so much time? Excessive speed? Failing to signal a turn? Missing child support payments?

    • “I’ll go with, ‘Behind on Child Support Payments for $1,000, RK”

      America is the only place I’m aware of where a man can be mulcted for 70, even 80 percent of his take-home pay in alimony and child support payments by the biased “family” courts. Although the overwhelming majority of “Deadbeat Dads” are blacks who’ve never been in danger of steady employment in their lives, the AGWs are incentivized to make an “example” of some white guy, fallen on hard times, getting no relief from crushing payments by a court system that see him as only a cash machine.

  6. I thank God I live in a poor county, in which the sheriffs department has a “call us if you need us” attitude, because it simply cannot afford to be aggressive against people. Much less the sheriff getting re-elected, or un-elected. Because the people aren’t rich, and won’t abide such destruction. The previous sheriff got aggressive in pursuit of drug offenses. For one term. The current sheriff has been in office for a decade or more.

  7. Once again, all governments are founded on their assumption of authority to kill you if you disobey. Such behavior should be expected from them, as they no doubt will use that power for personal gain and preferential treatment. Especially since sane people desire no such power over their neighbors, leaving said government largely occupied by sociopaths, if not psychopaths.

  8. Wow, we’ve come a loongg ways since the days of, ‘Dukes of Hazzard’, where once you crossed the county line, the chase ended. (I got to do that once, back in, ‘The Day’, it sure was… liberating, I guess you could say? The cop stopped – At the county line! It was, a bit, sorta, kinda – like Sally flipping The Bird in this vid:)

    ‘Eastbound and Down: Smokey and the Bandit’

    I am kind of amazed those Cali bastards were some 2,000 miles out of their jurisdiction. Fuckers. … I’m not at all big on cops, I wonder, where was the county sheriff on that one? … In, on it?

  9. Lesson of the story boys and girls, refuse to enter into contracts with rich California A-holes. They should be shunned and isolated as if they had the plague. There are things in this life more important than chasing the almighty Dollah Bill.

    I know, I know, they ain’t all bad. A barrel of rotten apples spoils it for the few good ones.

  10. Wait

    I thought carrying guns across state lines was a serious offense? They didn’t shut up about it during the Rittenhouse trial.

  11. How a gang of cops can leave their jurisdiction and go out of state to conduct these actions and not end up being arrested for terroristic threats, kidnapping, criminal trespass, and aggregated firearm charges, I can’t figure.

    That is the start of what should happen. This was all conducted on false pretense. They had no legal jurisdiction and thus should receive no special privilege.

    What does the local sheriff have to say about this?

    • I’m sure he’s pretty mad, especially after they had thought they settled the matter back in 2020.

      But Logansport Indiana is like 1/10th the size of San Mateo.

  12. San Mateo is a couple of towns over from where I live, and this has been in local news. This AGW and the rich dude are long time friends and he was looking to help out his buddy, since AGW’s have more rights than plebes.

  13. It certainly sounds like the “rich guy” and Bolanos are members of the same secret society. That is the only logical explanation.

  14. ‘They “speed” regularly; rarely “buckle-up” for “safety.” — eric

    Let us savor again a rare instance in which scofflaws with guns and badges and state seals actually suffered some consequences:

    ‘(Reuters) Apr 17, 2007 – The vehicle carrying New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine was traveling at 91 mph, almost 30 miles over the speed limit, just before it crashed last week, seriously injuring him, state police said on Tuesday.

    ‘The sport utility vehicle driven by a state trooper was traveling in the left lane of the Garden State Parkway with its emergency lights on when it was hit by a white pickup truck. Corzine’s vehicle crashed into a guide rail on the center median of the highway.

    “Colonel” Rick Fuentes, superintendent of the New Jersey State Police, told a news conference that speed did not play a role in the incident. The speed limit on that section of the Parkway is 65 mph (105 kph).

    ‘Corzine broke his left leg, collarbone, sternum and a dozen ribs in the accident. He has had three surgeries and is in Cooper University Hospital in Camden, New Jersey, where his condition is critical but stable. The governor is still breathing through a ventilator and cannot talk but is able to respond to questions by nodding, said the statement.’

    Corzine, a Goldman Sachs alumnus and serial criminal, went on to bankrupt commodities broker MF Global in 2011. “I simply do not know where the money is, or why the accounts have not been reconciled to date,” Corzine said in prepared testimony to the House Agriculture Committee.

    As ol’ Kurt Vonnegut used to say, “So it goes.

    • Ah, “JOISY”…the same state where some county commissioner sped through a intersection, creamed a delivery bicyclist, who fortunately, aside from his bike being “totaled”, sustained only minor injuries, and KEPT GOING. It took the arrant cvnt SIX HOURS to report the accident, which, by NJ law, as in ANY state, she had to remain at the scene, summon law enforcement, and render aid if possible. I suppose that time was needed to either sober up (like the reason she didn’t stop) or she was on the horn with her mouthpiece that long, figuring out her next move. Or maybe Tony Soprano and his crew wouldn’t help her “fix” the situation themselves, in THEIR manner.

    • Jim,

      Remember when that police chief was pulled over here in Az for criminal speeding and weaving through traffic? After that, the determination was made that speeding “enforcement” wasn’t REALLY all that important, and it actually showed in daily experience. :p


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