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It is not easy to defend an important principle embodied in the person of a questionable man.

Once upon a time, when it still pretended to have the principles it advertised, the American Civil Liberties Union would defend free speech, due process and other such important principles, even if the man involved in the particulars was personally repellent. It was understood the principle at issue mattered far more than the incidental person because principles apply to every person.

If one person can be denied due process, then every person’s due process rights are threatened. If one person’s right to speak freely is punished then no one’s right to speak freely is sacrosanct. 

The Left – as embodied by the ACLU – never had those principles, as evidenced by the fact they have been abandoned now that they are no longer useful.

This is key to understanding the Left, whose only unwavering principle is the acquisition of power by any means. Once having acquired it, the principles used as pretexts to obtain it can be discarded, along with the “useful idiots” – Lenin’s term – who were idiotic enough to take the Left at its word.

This brings us to the Alex Jones business. Which is repeat business.

Some may recall that Jones was among the first to be targeted by the Left – now institutionalized; the embodiment of the “Man” (now non-binary and blue-haired) that the Left once railed against, but only because  the prior “Man” wasn’t their “Man”. Or “woman,” as the case might be.

He was de-platformed and de-monetized  by institutional Leftism, the corporations that own and control the “mainstream” media, including “social” media as well as the financial institutions tied into them. 

They took Jones’ videos down. They banned him from Facebook and Twitter – the same “platforms” the institutionalized Left uses to spread the very “misinformation” they claimed was the basis for banning Jones. As for example the true information about “vaccines” that – as it turns out – don’t immunize.

But do impart myocarditis.

It is easy to not like Jones, the man. He is personally obnoxious, endlessly mercenary. He appears to have made a great deal of money, in the manner of a television evangelist. He is not everyone’s cup of tea. 

If so, don’t “drink” him.

No one was forced to watch his videos or compelled to send him money – as opposed to the government, which compels you to send it money in order to force you to pay for NPR, for instance – which many find just as obnoxious as Alex.

The point here being that Alex, the man, is incidental. His “de-platforming” and “de-monetizing” wasn’t about him, except incidentally. It was an expression of the principle that anyone the Left decides it doesn’t like can be – will be – treated similarly by the organs of institutional Leftism.

And so they have been. Are being. This being what is styled “cancel culture,” now very much a “thing.” An offhanded Tweet, an ancient high school photo. The deliberately misconstrued malaprop. It can be anything – so long as it is something – since to the Left the only thing that matters is cancelling anyone who questions the Left and thereby conveying the message to anyone who might be considering questioning it.

Don’t even think about it.

Heterodoxy cannot be tolerated because it represents a threat to the consolidating – the already consolidated – power of the Left, which is now institutionalized and reactionary. The very thing the useful idiots who served the Left (i.e., the average man-on-the-street Leftist, the well-meaning liberal, as these people like to think of themselves) once thought they were fighting when they fought for free speech as young people back in the ’60s, abortion rights, opposed the draft and for decriminalizing the possession, use and sale of arbitrarily illegal “drugs” the then-Man did not like.

The ’80s-era Soviet KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov had some interestingly premonitory things to say about this, but few listened to him at the time and now – here we are.

Which brings us back to Alex, again. And closer to us, too.

De-platforming and de-monetizing him wasn’t enough.

He has been convicted – in court – of claiming that the 2012 school shooting in Sandy Hook, CT was a “hoax.” The jury awarded his supposed “victims” $4.1 million in compensatory damages and an additional $45.2 million in punitive damages, for a total just shy of $50 million dollars.

For what, again?

Jones said things his putative “victims” didn’t like. You know, like the things the American Nazi Party said, once-upon-a-time, which many people also did not like – but their right to say them strenuously defended by the ACLU-Left.

While it suited.

Jones, himself, didn’t do anything to his putative “victims.” Apparently, some of the people who listened to what Jones said did things – such as make harassing phone calls, sent death threats, etc., to parents of kids killed in the shooting.

Jones was held responsible for what these people did.

Very much of a piece with the attempt to hold gun manufacturers “accountable” for what some people do with the guns they made (no one – yet – talks of holding Chevrolet “accountable” for the misuse of a Corvette they made, much less the government for encouraging people to buy fire-prone electric cars).

But this is all incidental.

It is not what Jones said about Sandy Hook. It is what others might say, going forward – about anything the institutional Left does not like. As for example that the “vaccines” being pushed on people are both harmful and ineffective, insofar as they do not prevent people from getting or spreading sickness and thus are not vaccines, properly speaking.

Speaking of which: Why no trials for the people who lied about these “vaccines,” such as Deborah Birx – the Scarf Lady – and the Little Doctor? These people didn’t just say things. They did things. To tens of millions of actual victims.

Ah, but what they did the Left does not dislike – and so they are free to continue doing them.

Everyone understands the situation.

If you say things the institutionalized Left likes, you are good. Literally and figuratively. You will be rewarded and encouraged.

If you say anything the institutionalized Left dislikes, you will be broke.

What happened to Jones is a big picture prequel of what is going to happen to us all, if the Left succeeds in implementing the “social credit” panopticon it intends to impose upon us all. Overwhelming – and disproportionate – sanctions.

Not for the doing but the saying. Maybe even the thinking.

Jones himself may have served to further just that purpose, not incidentally. A man who is easy to dislike, easier to lampoon. Which makes it easier to lampoon some of the truths he did tell and to tar-by-association anyone else who tries to tell them.

That, of course, is just another conspiracy theory.

. . .

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    • “A nonprofit, Children’s Health Defense is one of the most influential anti-vaccine organizations active on social media, where it has spread misleading claims about vaccines and other public health measures designed to control the pandemic.”

      Anon, I wonder whether most people even notice the sea change that has taken place in mainstream news. When I was in the news business, if I had written a paragraph like that, my editor would have thrown it back in my face and demanded that I provide attribution. The phrase, “where it has spread misleading claims…” would have been replaced, if not by attribution to a specific person or group, at least by something like, “where, critics say, it has spread misleading claims…”

      Same with climate change. Almost every story about the weather nowadays includes the phrase “because of climate change.” No attribution necessary, and no contrary opinions allowed.

      I am more embarrassed every day to admit that I have a college degree in journalism.

  1. Let’s all cry crocodile tears for the man.

    Exploits a family’s pain for his own personal monetary gain and is shocked when he has to pay the piper.

    Punitive damages are always slashed on appeal…even if Jones has to pay the ~$4 million in compensatory & ~$5 million in punitive damages that’s only a few months income for him.


    • Hi Bill,

      I find myself in the difficult position of defending Jones while not especially liking him. I think he’s an organ grinder who is primarily interested in making a buck, which he has every right to do but which I have every right to dislike (which I do because I think this sort of thing badly undermines the liberty movement). At the same time, I also think he was more persecuted than prosecuted – and that represents a threat to the liberty movement, generally.

      What is he guilty of, exactly, that warrants even a $4 million dollar judgment? He voiced “conspiracy theories.” Well, so did Fauci. But no prosecution for him. Why?

      This whole affair seems to me to have been intended to send a message… to people like us. Jones is just the “face” used to set the precedent and get many to not mind it…

      • Persecuted?

        No government entity threw him into jail…much less prison.

        He can still make s**t up and profit off of that to his heart’s content.

        His sales are up significantly from all of the latest brouhaha.

        Occasionally, he might be found liable (not “guilty”) for defamation & have to pay a seven figure settlement (a fraction of his annual income) to those he defamed.

        • It happened in a gov’t court. Did you ever look into anything about Sandy Hook or do you just believe the complete mainstream narrative? AJ or no, I surely have my doubts about what really happened there and why.

      • Re: eric August 15, 2022 At 6:11 pm

        It’s not a conspiracy theory if it helps the regime.

        Look at all the stuff that is spewed about what documents Trump had. It’s wacky made up nonsense but it’s all socially acceptable. The mainstream news writes stories about what the documents Trump retained _could_ have in them. It’s insane. If someone wrote these documents could have the treaty Ike made with the grey aliens or about the US Air Force base on the moon they would get labeled a ‘conspiracy theorist’ but that they write that the documents could contain valid launch codes for nuclear missiles well that’s considered perfectly reasonable.

  2. A lawyer who invested thousands of hours in researching original source material pertaining to the intel agencies, the Russian election manipulation hoax, and the Deep State effort to kneecap Trump, today posted an extraordinary essay. Excerpt:

    ‘We would have Admiral Mike Rogers writing a mandatory oversight notification to the FISA court detailing what happened [with the illegal NSA surveillance]. That’s a big and comprehensive classified record, likely contained in the documents in Mar-a-Lago.

    ‘Then the gold mine, the fully unredacted 99-page FISA court opinion detailing the substance of the NSA’s compromise by FBI officials and contractors, including the names, frequency and dates of the illegal surveillance.

    ‘Former ODNI John Ratcliffe called [these] “thousands of pages that were declassified by President Trump,” and given to both John Durham and Main Justice with an expectation of public release when the Durham special counsel probe concluded.

    ‘President Trump declassified the material, then took the evidence to Mar-a-Lago. The people currently in charge of managing the corrupt system, like Merrick Garland, Lisa Monaco, Chris Wray and their Senate allies, are going bananas. From their DC perspective, Donald Trump is an existential threat.’

    Some of this is necessarily speculative. But the broad thesis that Trump possessed damning documents detailing institutional corruption — documents so explosive that DOJ/FBI took the incredible risk of raiding Trump’s home to grab them back — is almost certainly correct.

    Ed Snowden would have told Trump to copy those documents to half a dozen thumb drives and send them out to trusted confidantes — to be released as a ‘dead-man switch’ after the secret police pounced.

    • ‘Merrick Garland’ — “I personally approved” the Mar-a-Lago raid.

      Mollie Z Hemingway [via Twitter]: “Kind of crazy to think that ‘Merrick Garland’ may have posed less of a threat to the republic as a Supreme Court justice than as an incompetent, vindictive, corrupt AG.”

  3. This afternooon I tried to listen to the Megyn Kelly podcast #369, The Truth About Alex Jones. Normally Megyn is pretty vapid material that’s useful for passing the time on a run, espeically when she has someone like Matt Taibbi or Peter on to correct her on most of her assumptions. And she has a pleasant voice.

    For those who may not know, Megyn was the template for Legally Blonde, trained as a trial lawyer. She’s also got no sense of anything that happens beyond the tip of her nose, and very little empathy for anyone who isn’t a tall blonde lawyer who might not have had all the breaks she did, so that’s fun to hear too, as she tells poor black teenage mothers to suck it up and get a job.

    Anyway, she begins by recalling her day when Sandy Hook happened. Because we all want to know what she went though in the green room prepping for her show. Then she walked us through her NBC interview with Jones, and how her “fellow” journalists (remember, she’s a lawyer) chastised her for interviewing him. Then she put on her lawyer skirt and began to give what can only be described as an opening statement for the prosecution. Then played a few clips of Jones asking Devil’s Advocate questions that no one would answer. For the kicker she then played a few tear-stained clips of one of the parents she interviewed. Instead of presenting any facts, she then rambled on telling listeners to imagine how we might have felt had it been our children. I’ll spare the gore but her tone was well rehersed, in the closing argument style. Really laid it on thick.

    Hey Megyn, FU! We don’t need “journalists” acting like the DA on a murder case. That’s the DA’s job. Stop that crap now! What ever happened to “We report, you decide?” NO! That’s out the window with the ever declining viewership and ad revenue. Yes, Alex is an ass. But so are you. There are no journalists left in the mainstream. CSPAN and the city hall meeting channel have more journalistic integrity than you dancing fools. Because they know in a world of infinite bandwith and storage, there’s no need to edit and really no need to editorialize. Just stream it out as it happens and let us watch the recording later.

    And yes, I know this post comes off as misogynistic. But if Megyn were a man or a woman of average looks and above average intelligence, Roger Ailes wouln’t have put her on TV and she knows it.

    • Thanks for that view into a world I will never see, RK.
      It seems similar to, ‘The View’ on the TeeVee.

      When you wrote, “She’s also got no sense of anything that happens beyond the tip of her nose, and very little empathy for anyone…” I thought about how there’s a sheet ton of psychopaths in positions of power these days.

      Race, religion, whatever; all that ain’t got nothing to do with what drives these people.

      Plain & evil, simple.

    • Hi Ready,

      I knew a Megyn Kelly prototype years ago when I was still working in DC. She had a big rack and knew how to show it, which earned her a job as a car reviewer for a major paper. Mind, I have no problem with a woman who knows cars writing about them. This one knew cars like I know Farsi – and would never have gotten the gig had it not been for her rack. Of course, now she’d get it regardless – because she’s got the right set of chromosomes.

  4. A revisit of 911 and a suspect by the name of Amr Elgindy.

    A market shorter, raised money by having a subscription service for investors to glean info from Anthony Elgindy.

    Anthony Elgindy charged 7,000 dollars to subscribe to his investment strategies, which was to buy puts on individual stocks, then all subscribers would probably short the same stocks. There were six to seven thousand subscribers. Amr had some cash.

    On September 10, 2001, Amr Elgindy wanted to liquidate a 300,000 dollar portfolio. He stated that the stock market would drop to 3,000 the next day.

    He was arrested and sentenced to eleven years of imprisonment.

    One stock Elgindy was shorting was Nuclear Solutions, NSOL, which fell to 30 cents per share from a high of $4.03 back in 1999, in that time frame.

    There begins the backstory of Paul Brown the nuclear physicist and the circumstances surrounding his death.

    Paul Brown was going to testify at the trial of Amr Elgindy, he didn’t get the chance.

    From Autoweek:

    Strange Life and Stranger Death of Paul Brown

  5. Arizona governor candidate Kari Lake:

    “This is one of the darkest days in American history: the day our government, originally created by the people, turned against us.

    “This illegitimate, corrupt regime hates America and has weaponized the entirety of the Federal Government to take down Donald Trump.”

    Whereas Sundance is scathing about another governor:

    ‘Florida Governor Ron DeSantis doesn’t use his official office account to release a statement on the FBI raid in Mar-a-Lago. Instead, he issues a tweet from his personal account noting the action was yet “another escalation in the weaponization of federal agencies.”

    ‘You see, this is what DC does to bang the pots and pans loudly in the UniParty kitchen. As a congressional representative, Ron DeSantis learned the chaff and countermeasures well. Actually challenge the federal government? No way. Not gonna happen.’

    • Pretty sure the day our government officially turned against us was the Ides of March 2020. Granted, some will say 9/11 or a date even before then. But for me, March 2020 was when the mask came off (pardon the metaphor) and the beast bared his fangs for all to see.

  6. In a personality and feelings driven society it’s necessary to proclaim “A man who is easy to dislike, easier to lampoon”

    WTF difference does like or dislike make when the subject is Truth- or Falsity. How is truth or falsity changed by the popularity contest of the bearer? Highschool much?

    Personally I think tall geeky guys who write blogs at coffee shops in butfu*K VA with too much hair in the sides of their heads that raise ducks and like slow Pontiacs are pretty damn easy to lampoon. Are the truths you tell changed by that? Or are they true none the less? Are your convictions and presentations less valid because you have duck poop on your lawn and a lazy 455 in your shed?

    Seriously Mr. Libertarian…. grow a set and speak to the substance. Leave the school girl Axios style pussyfooting to the real pros.

    • Hi I dare you,

      Yes, of course – truth is very important. But truth is undermined by hysterics and (in the case of AJ) mercenary self-promotion. The same narcissism afflicts the Orange Man and helped to blind him to his own flaws. I have mine, too – obviously. But I am also careful about what I say. I don’t say with certainty that which I cannot substantiate. Jones ought to know the same, given his background in journalism.

      I also don’t try to sell you something at literally every turn, as AJ always does. This site is supported by people’s voluntary donations – which I never require and only occasionally ask for (and never in the context of an article or radio segment). I need to make a living – in order to be able to do this – but that is incidental. I think it ought to be when it is a matter of something far more important than money.

      PS: If AJ – and Orange Man – are the “pros,” then why are they such Fails?

  7. The whole thing over sandy hook is a distraction from 2020. Alex and mike adams pushed the Covid lies along with piecenziks bs on the ballots plus never forget January 6. That has damaged more lives then sandy hook and picenzik used to work for Henry Kissinger. Alex and mike have some truths but a lot of bs. I am so glad David knight is exposing Alex for who he is now controlled opposition who has his handlers.

    • Hi Jason,

      Yes. Without disclosing too much, I will say that I am privy to some details about Jones that cause me to distrust the man. Does he (has he) done some (even a lot) of good by covering news that others wouldn’t or which has been suppressed? Certainly. But that is, I submit, the trap. The same trap we fell into with the Orange Man. Many of us – certainly myself – are desperate to just hear someone in a position of influence say some truthful things. When we hear them, we want to support those saying them. But then – sometimes – those saying them act in a way that serves to undermine what they have said – and calls into question who they really are.

    • This is BS. What the hell is the DOJ and FBI trying to do? Those that were on the fence about Trump will now fully support him. Civil War is not far from our door. Damn these imbeciles.

      • Hi RG

        Never forget, that those behind this desperately want a real civil war, and/or WWIII. That’s why they have poked the Bear for years. When the Bear refused to take the bait, they started poking the Dragon. So far, they haven’t taken the bait either. Thus they are back to trying to provoke a civil war. Lacking either of those, things will get very unpleasant for them. That’s why I’m expecting something really dire to happen before the mid term Selections. I was very happy to get out of last winter without anything major happening. I suspect we will not be that fortunate this year. The deep state simply can’t afford what happens when the Progs lose Congress. Make certain you are well prepared for a long Dark Winter.

    • Let’s get this straight — if he is the nominee in two years’ time, you *will* vote for him, as early and as often as it takes. You will put aside your personal distaste, you will recall that a national panic was created that he was utterly powerless to stop, and you will ignore whatever policy disagreements you may have had with him. You don’t have any other choice.

      • Yeah, no. Orange Fail failed. Still fails. Fail fail fail. Pull another lever for him and you deserve every next travesty he “allows.” This stuff is straight out of the Bolshevik playbook. Beginning with the best way to control the opposition is to lead it.

        • If he *is* the nominee, nothing could possibly be dumber than voting against him. IF you do that, you will deserve whatever hell the opposition unleashes as a result. Vote otherwise in the primary if you must, but in the general, you will put your Big Girl Pants on and do what you need to do.

          • Nope. Never again. OF is either the dumbest guy on the planet or in on it. If you don’t see that by now, no one can help you.

              • Hi Brother John,

                I voted for Trump in 2016 and – when he seemed to be trying to do good things – I supported him by defending him in print and on air. I was badly disappointed by his actions as the “pandemic” unfolded. I could not fathom why he continued to allow Fauci to stand at the presidential podium and terrorize the public with his lies, omissions and exaggerations. But what finally did it for me was his whoring for the “vaccines” – which he continues to whore for. This is unspeakable and unforgivable. What are your thoughts about this?

          • Brother+John,
            Voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil. All it does is lend credence to that lesser evil. The winner will still hold a gun to your head, demanding you obey, whether the greater or lesser evil. What if they held an election and nobody came? I will not be a party to it, and haven’t been for a number of years.

      • Hi Brother John,

        You state that Trump was “utterly powerless” to stop the national panic. How so? Was he obliged to allow Fauci to stand behind the presidential podium while he stood to the side like a wooden Indian? Could he not have countered what Fauci was doing by having a real doctor such as Malone preset the real facts about the “national panic”? Why did he continue with the “emergency” when he had the power to end it? Why does he continue to push “vaccines” when it is now incontrovertibly evident that they are neither “safe” nor “effective”?

        These are serious questions. I’d really like to have your answers.

      • In all my 60 years the only choice proffered has been between Tyrant A and Tyrant B. I do not vote for tyrants, so I abstain. Either way, we get tyranny- but it will not be with my consent and complicity. By voting for who occupies an office, one is legitimizing that office, regardless of which scamdidate wins.

    • Technofog spells it out in EM’s link:

      ‘One can be certain that if the Biden Administration will carry out this raid, then it will also aggressively pursue charges against Trump related to January 6. As if there were any doubt.

      ‘This must have been approved by AG Garland.

      ‘Shedding further light on the purpose of the search is none other than DNC/Clinton Campaign attorney Marc Elias. The criminal law at issue is 18 USC 2071. Those convicted of this offense will be “disqualified from holding any office under the United States.”’

      Raccoon Face Garland is following his inner Beria: his secret police goons are going to forcibly disappear a Republican presidential candidate.

      This is war.

      • ‘Those convicted of this offense will be “disqualified from holding *any office under the United States.*”’

        That’s a term of art signifying APPOINTIVE office. Qualifications for being elected president are in the constitution and can’t be changed by statute. This is classic Elias — from the mind of the same moron who sought to have Trump disqualified under the 14th Amendment’s “insurrection” clause, despite it having long been deactivated (as prescribed by that same amendment) by congressmen long dead. The man is smoking his own supply.

      • Jim H,
        And if the FBI fails to “disappear” him, what’s to say the CIA won’t bury him? It’s only been about 60 years since the CIA did exactly that to a sitting POTUS. And got away with it. I have long suspected that each and every new POTUS gets a visit from the CIA, and is shown the complete Zapruder film, just to let them know not to stray too far from the narrative.

        • Actually the mossad was involved as well. Kennedy demanded accountability for israel’s (stolen) fissile material and was pushing aggressively to hold israel accountable.
          The mossad had to get rid of Kennedy so that they could put their “man” (crypto-jew Lyndon Johnson) in the White House. The demands for israel accountability for its nukes disappeared when Johnson was installed.
          However, it goes further than that. israel is the only country that does not abide by the Symington amendment regarding nukes but still gets the majority of “foreign aid” which is funneled back to “the best (dual citizenship) American politicians that money can buy.
          For those who are unaware, the Symington Amendment prohibits foreign aid to any country that does not subscribe to IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) requirements regarding nukes and fissile material.

          • Let’s not forget that LBJ called back the fighter jets going to help the U.S.S. Liberty as it was being shot up by the Israeli air force. If the admiral on that carrier, who I believe was John McCain, Sr., had an ounce of integrity he would have ignored the order and dared LBJ to court-martial him. That would have made quite the show trial and headlines – “admiral to be court martialed for saving American live”. The evil Johnson should have faced a firing squad for that particular act of treason.

            • You are correct. Johnson wanted everyone on the USS Liberty DEAD. This was a part of the israeli “false flag” operation, the 1967 “six-day-war” being a PRE-EMPTIVE STRIKE to destroy the Arab air forces.
              This the same LBJ who changed the tax code to prevent 501c3 organizations (non-profits and religious institutions) from politicking for individual candidates, thereby muzzling them.
              It is interesting to not that Admiral George Morrison (yes, Doors frontman Jim Morrison’s daddy) protested vehemently Admiral McCain’s refusal to come to the USS Liberty’s aid but was countermanded and prevented from rendering aid.
              Capt. McGonigal’s “Medal of Honor” script makes no mention of israel’s attack (act of war) on the Liberty but is a generic script. His Medal of Honor was not awarded at the White House (which is protocol) but at an obscure Naval basis.
              The cover-up is still in place.
              If I had my way, israel would have been turned into a “glass parking Lot” on June 9, 1967.
              As far as I am concerned, israel still owes me for 173 wounded and 43 dead Americans.

  8. The AJ trial feels fake. Fake judge saying things a real judge would never say. Fishy or non-existent fake district. (How many states have these special districts to do these fake show trials?)

    Fake actor lawyers and same fake actor “parents”. Everyone participating in this televised program seems like an actor, including AJ.

    Try not to believe what you see on TV. Most of it ain’t real.

  9. Eric, you mentioned the word “sanctions”. I don’t know if you’ve covered it here — apologies if you have and I have forgotten — but have you heard of the case of Graham Phillips, a British subject (aka “UK Citizen”)? You probably have but just in case you haven’t or other people reading this haven’t, you might want to hear about the newest way to “cancel” or, more appropriately *destroy* a person for what they say, rather than what they do:


    “UK sanctions UK citizen. Blinken begs Lavrov, offers swap. Medvedev’s two maps. Update 1”

    The important aspect being that, there is no recourse to “sanctions”. Like the “no fly list”, etc. Somebody, somewhere decides that you are bad, and they get to destroy you. Not just outside of facing your accuser, being charged with an actual crime, any actual harm caused, or outside of due process.

    Just a few clicks and entries somewhere and poof! There are no bounds to the actions they can take and there’s nothing you can do. How’s that for “core Western principles”?

  10. “Once upon a time, when it still pretended to have the principles it advertised, the American Civil Liberties Union would defend free speech…”

    I remember that time.

    About 35 years ago I made a donation to the ACLU. I received a 3½x5″ 38 page booklet, “The Constitution of the United States of America.” Just the Preamble, the Constitution itself as written and the twenty seven Amendments; no embellishments, no forward, no footnotes, essays, contents, etc.

    I always kept/keep it in my briefcase or shoulder bag or in my shirt pocket when attending parties or other events. I can almost recount all the times, when the discussion needed it, I pulled it out to the disbelief and/or shock of all those present. I’d wave it a bit and said, “This makes me the smartest person in the room.” I recent memory, I’ve had to read off the 25th for those who thought Chuck, Nancy and Billary would simply walk into Trump’s White House to announce, “You’re out of here, nutcase. Hillary’s the pres now.” Because, you know, he got two scoops.

    Heavily highlighted (in four colors) with notes and memory jogs scribbled in the tiny margins and the inside covers, to this day I still refer to my ACLU mini-tome. Dog eared, tattered with a stain or two (or three), I now hope our Constitution holds up as well as this little booklet.

    • Harvey Silverglate, the man I believe was running the ACLU during the very principled Nazi/Skokie incident, is now spearheading FIRE, another very based organization. During a recent meeting of the MIT Free Speech Alliance (an alumni group he is helping advice) he had some uncomplimentary remarks to make about the ACLU director(s) that served after him. Despite its chronic disdain for the Second Amendment, I like to think that the ACLU way back then was least not as HYPOCRITICAL as it has become since.

      • Hi Henry,

        I have come to believe that Leftists, whether consciously or not, are all hypocrites and also mentally ill. They crave power above everything and are willing to use anything to obtain it. If that means pretending to favor free speech, they will favor it – so long as it is useful to them to favor it.

        One one understands this about the Left one understands that trying to work with the Left, to give the Left the benefit of any doubt, is suicidally stupid. One deals with the Left as one would deal with an infestation of cockroaches.

      • The leaders (supposed “Nazis (I hate that term)) were of jewish persuasion themselves. In fact, the “leader was himself jewish. The “march through Skokie” was a political stunt orchestrated by the ADL, ACLU and other jewish organizations that worked exceedingly well–another “false flag” event to restate the belief that “jewish suffering” counts much more than “gentile suffering” (which is no different than livestock going to the slaughterhouse).
        Double standard, indeed…

    • Haakon,
      Too late. The only one of the Bill of Rights not ridden over roughshod is the third. As far as I know, troops are not being quartered in private homes, yet.
      Another example, there is no Constitutional requirement for a popular election of the POTUS. It’s left entirely up to the State legislature how they select electors. They can use astrology and chicken bones if they so prefer. Can you imagine the caterwauling of “a threat to our democracy” if a State legislature disposed of a popular election of the POTUS? They can’t even stand the Electoral College.

  11. ‘[Alex Jones] was de-platformed and de-monetized by institutional Leftism, the corporations that own and control the “mainstream” media.’ — eric

    AJ is just the hors d’oeuvres at Biden’s beggars banquet. Ripping the stuffings out of Trumpy Bear is the main course, as assistant Watergate special prosecutor Richard J Davis informs us:

    ‘In 1974, Nixon had resigned the presidency after near-total loss of support from Republicans in the House and Senate; he was returning to California with no prospect that he could ever return to the political stage.

    ‘The facts today are the opposite. Trump persists in actively seeking to undermine the legitimacy of the 2020 election, is very much present on the political stage. A number of elected officials or candidates continue to parrot his claims about a “stolen election.”

    ‘Not prosecuting Trump puts nothing behind us and does not, as would have been the case in 1974, allow the country to move past the trauma of recent years.’

    And there you have it, folks. The Leftist elite have decided: this autumn brings the greatest show trial since the Stalinist purges.

    Merrick ‘Raccoon Face’ Garland offers Trumpy Bear a simple but dirty deal: renounce politics and retire as an orange-maned philosopher king … OR, continue undermining the Democratic empire of virtue, and become a newly-minted felon and orange-jumpsuited tragic figure of a Lost Cause.

    • Anon,
      I would change “businesses” to corporations. A creation of the state, and a willing partner with their creators.

  12. Eric,

    David Knight has discussed this recently. It turns out that AJ didn’t ANSWER the lawsuits! Well, when you fail to respond to a lawsuit, you lose by default. AJ has no one to blame but himself.

    As for AJ being controlled opposition, you’re right. He speaks a lot of truth, but then he embellishes it or works sensational lies in there. That brings about the desires of the powers that (shouldn’t) be; it helps arouse ire for the 1A, and kickstart a move to eliminate free speech.

    • It’s called “taking a dive”.

      Jones is a Judas Goat who threw the match specifically to facilitate the setting of precedent to make dissent/skepticism quasi-criminal. This is a necessary stepping-stone to the “dominionist” theocracy that is being set up as an engineered dialectic antithesis to the “sodomite, Weimerican” degeneracy that now predominates.

      He is a religious-right Zio-shill accelerationist who has one mission: to bring about the messianic redemption of the World to Come, so that the globe may be ruled as a Noahide slave plantation by an enthroned Moshiach ben-David in Jerusalem. Jones announces this outright in many of his Jeremiads, including his madman evangelist’s rant at “Stop the Steal.” He’s all about immanentatizing the eschaton.

  13. Jones stuff is correct. He has been right about COVID, right about censorship, right about everything else. Sandy hook was crawling with crisis actors and bad actors. It is not to say that innocent people were not killed during the incident. It is just that crisis acting is what they do. For crying out loud, one asshole was kind giving that Connecticut liberal giggle before hitting the TV cameras for some fake tears. So, real event or not, the place was crawling with scum, which indicates that it was pre planned.

    • “Jones stuff is correct. He has been right about COVID”

      How short memory is!

      Jones and his henchman PJ Watson were both building up the “Covid Threat” as a “ChiCom bio-attack” during the early stages of the scam. Jones was at the breathless forefront of catastrophizing and sensationalizing Convid. He was an enabler and a shill when it was most important.

      As for Sandy Hoax, again, as soon as the rubber hit the road, Jones instantly sold out and vindicated and validated the Official Story™, even going so far in his depositions as testifying that to believe otherwise is “psychotic”.

      Fact is, anyone who believes in Judaic eschatology cannot be trusted, because in the end, they are loyal only to their Jewish rabbi “messiah” and they are psychologically invested in the desire to see the world order be destroyed so that the World to Come may be installed, according to the ancient Jewish “prophesies”.

      • Hi FP

        indirectly help the official narrative bat germ bs = lots of ESG cash….lol…

        The money circle:

        Politicians/government collect taxes by force, this money is handed out to corporations pushing the ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance) agenda,

        which is part of the great reset, agenda 2030, globalization program, (lockdowns, injections, destroying small business, stopping food production, confiscation of property, EV’s, etc.) you will own nothing and be happy

        some of this money then is given back to the politicians which ends up in their offshore accounts…lol…,
        sounds like money laundering…lol

        there is zero money in telling the truth, the money is in pushing lies and getting tons of ESG cash….anybody supporting the official narrative is a shill getting ESG cash

      • You know who else hyped up the covid hoax at first? That’d The Health Ranger aka Mike Adams much to my and other people’s surprise. I mean, I hadn’t really followed him very closely, just checked in on occasion prior to 2020.

        When the hoax was just getting started, I thought, “I wonder what crazy Health Ranger is saying about it?” And to my astonishment he was going on as if it were some real deal.

        I think that he’s changed his tune since then but that’s hard for me to see my way around.

        On AJ, I never cared for his full-on bullhorn (literally and figuratively) style in the first place. In the second place, any time that I “checked in on occasion” his show is a never-ending infomercial.

        There are few things I hate more than video commercials. Even print ads bug the shit out of me but at least I can “ad block” most and plain old just not read them.

        Anyway, I never had a completely sure feeling about AJ being “on our side”. Never, even way before Obama. I didn’t even bother to figure out why because I trust my feelings like that and too many “clearly not on our side” rantings to count from him.

        Like Eric, I don’t like to see anyone financially destroyed when there were no victims of his actions but outside of that, I find it hard to have any sympathy for his specific case.

        • InfomercialWars.

          What does it have in common with Health Ranger?

          Selling products.
          Sensationalism draws eyes; more eyes sell more products.

          I actually really, really liked AJ in the 2006-2012 era. Fell for it hard.
          The endless snakeoil pitches and the partisan support for Trump were what drove me away.

          Now, I see he’s just a useful idiot handled asset.

          • Hi FP,

            Infomercial wars. Indeed. I understand needing to make a living. I face the same pressure. But making it all about the money – making it a business, in other words – makes it all about the money. That undermines the message; makes the information suspect. I have always admired Tom Paine for allowing Common Sense to be published for free. Because he thought it was more important to get the message out to as many as possible. I do not say that poverty is a virtue. I say that money shouldn’t be everything when it comes to critically important things.

            • Eric,
              In our current descent into dystopia, wealth is equated to wisdom. How else does such vermin as Bill Gates and Saint Fauci acquire the influence they have?
              I applaud your restraint. It’s exactly what we need, and need a great deal more of. You may be missing out on a good deal of money, but I’m sure you sleep soundly.
              I once worked for a man who accidentally fell into a wide open market, and got very wealthy. His acquisition of wealth convinced him he was a genius. Which he was not. Far from it. One of the most egocentric people I have ever met. Much like Gates and Fauci.

              • Thanks, John!

                I made a conscious decision some 20 years ago to live below my means,, so as to not be beholden to the Golden Calf. Like most people, I have bills to pay and do not consider it compromising to get paid for work done by those who value the work done and think it worth paying for. But the idea of becoming like Hannity – or AJ – and spending 60 percent of my time hawking natural male enhancement so as to be able to make the mortgage on my McMansion and Tesla….repels me.

              • Hi John,
                So long as your employer earned his wealth by satisfying the preferences of private consumers, I would not lump him together with Gates and Fauci no matter how much of a self-aggrandizing a-hole he is.
                Gates started out as a legitimate inventor and businessman, but was aided by government copyright protection. Now he uses his wealth to promote government interventions of the worst kind. Fauci is an open and shut case: a useless bureaucrat who has never in his life produced anything that people would voluntarily pay their own money for.
                An entrepreneur who earns a profit honestly – even though his success might appear to be luck – is a benefit to mankind no matter how repulsive he might be personally.

                • Gates is no “software geek”. His rich parents bought an operating system from a REAL software geek, branded it as his own and had his mommy who worked for IBM submit it to IBM as their operating system for their then new microcomputer line.
                  The Gates family is filthy rich, his daddy being a partner in one of Seattles largest and well-known law firms.
                  The whole Gates family has been involved in the eugenics movement for decades; hence billy’s attempt to “rule the world”.
                  Gates has more money than brains…

                  • Thanks, anarchyst. You appear to have investigated Gates’ history more than I have. But my point stands: It’s all the more reason not to lump real entrepreneurs in with the likes of him and Fauci.

                • Roland,
                  The only lumping together I did regarded their egocentrism. I by no means accuse him of being in bed with the tyrants in waiting, although it wouldn’t surprise me if he was.
                  His success did not just appear to be luck. He was near bankrupt, and the only gun he could afford was an 8mm Nambu. A Japanese WWII surplus pistol. He couldn’t afford to feed it, because such ammo factory made is quite expensive, if available at all. So, he commissioned Starline Brass to make 10,000 pieces, their minimum for such order, of empty brass to handload. Out of desperation, he put an add in Shotgun News to sell what he didn’t need, and couldn’t afford to keep. It sold quickly, and off his business went in partnership with Starline. Whom he later expelled from his business.

  14. On the other side if you push the official leftist/communist narrative you can make mountains of cash…lol… if you go against the narrative you end up like Alex…

    What Is ESG? (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance) It’s A Leveraging Tool For The Woke Communist Takeover

    The term “ESG” was originally coined by the United Nations Environment Program Initiative in 2005, but the methodology was not fully applied to the corporate world until the past six years when ESG investment skyrocketed.

    Corporations are at bottom creations of government; they are chartered by governments, receive special legal advantages including corporate personhood, and they often receive special protections from governments including central bank stimulus and a shield from civil litigation. They call it “too big to fail” because the government and the corporate world work hand in hand to keep certain institutions alive.

    One could call this an odd mix of communism and fascism; the point is, the lines have blurred beyond all recognition and the ideology of the people in power is specifically leftist/communist/globalist. Corporations already have government incentives to protect the corrupt status quo, but ESG is designed to lure them into supporting vocal political alignment even at the cost of normal profits.

    ESG is about money; loans given out by top banks and foundations to companies that meet the guidelines of “stakeholder capitalism.” Companies must show that they are actively pursuing a business environment that prioritizes woke virtues and climate change restrictions.

    These loans are not an all prevailing income source, but ESG loans are highly targeted, they are growing in size (for now) and they are very easy to get as long as a company is willing to preach the social justice gospel as loudly as possible.

    These loans become a form of leverage over the business world – Once they get a taste of that easy money they keep coming back. Many of the loan targets attached to ESG are rarely enforced and penalties are few and far between. Primarily, an ESG funded company must propagandize, that is all. They must propagandize their employees and they must propagandize their customers. As long as they do this, that sweet loan capital keeps flowing.

    The list of companies heavily involved in ESG includes some of the largest in the world, with influence over thousands of smaller businesses. The ESG rating system is much like the social credit scoring system used in communist China to oppress the citizenry.

    The tactic is pretty straightforward – Banking elites are centralizing control of social narratives by incentivising businesses to embrace social justice and globalist ideals, like climate change. They control who gets the money and anyone who doesn’t play ball will be at a distinct disadvantage compared to companies that do.
    Businesses not cooperating get starved/pushed out, demonized.

    100 top ESG money hand out grabbers (businesses), with their face deepest in the trough, getting cash for pushing the ESG, climate change, EV lies 24/7…..
    boycott these bastards….lol

    • Anon,
      “One could call this an odd mix of communism and fascism”
      They are the same thing. Both hold the state to be the only entity that matters. Whether communist or fascist is just the means by which it is enforced.

  15. Was on amazon just now, & the “books you may like” recommendation included AJ’s “The Great Reset”. Amazon has it tagged as #1 Best Seller in politics.

  16. Agreed, Eric!
    I never liked Jones- the former FBI shill, alarmist-exaggerator, sensationalizer. Although he’d often be on the right side of an issue and did a lot to bring truth to the forefront, he simultaneously gave pursuers of turth a bad name by over-hyping and use of rumor, unvetted info which would inevitably turn out to be false, etc. And as you say, he was just plain obnoxious.

    But of course, what they did to him is SICK!

    What I think they are really doing here, is much like how they get the masses to support drug prohibition: “Those junkies down the block are nasty dirty people who commit crimes, so we need to “fight drugs” to keep you safe, and therefore punishing anyone who uses drugs, even if they’ve committed no real crime, is justified”. And all the people cheer and rat on the neighbors if they so much as see some spilled sugar on their porch.

    Same principle, only now applied to those who don’t support the mainstream narrative. Next thing you know, we’ll be hearing “If you hear something, say something”. Seems like everything we’re seeing lately is just repackaged techniques from the old Soviet Union, with more modern technology applied.

    • Hi Nunzio

      support the narrative…get cash….lol

      The money circle:

      Politicians/government collect taxes by force, this money is handed out to corporations pushing the ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance) agenda,

      which is part of the great reset, agenda 2030, globalization program, (lockdowns, injections, destroying small business, stopping food production, confiscation of property, EV’s, etc.) you will own nothing and be happy

      some of this money then is given back to the politicians which ends up in their offshore accounts…lol…,
      sounds like money laundering…lol

  17. I could point out a page of reasons showing that Sandy Hook was either a hoax or a false flag without ever listening to Jones during that time period. But at the same time most (over 90%) of what Alex said turned out to be true. I watched a little of this event and was surprised when he never tried to defend himself. God knows he had the ability.
    This was an event to throw ice on free speech. I imagine government is getting tired of looking stupid and this is their method handling it. All governments do the same. The Jan 6 bunch still in jail is to throw ice on anyone thinking about protesting central government. Has not a thing to do with insurrection.
    How about the Ulvade school shooting where government AGWs stood around while the perp was firing away. Then after several weeks a video came out showing officers in the building. I suggest that video was from a previous practice drill, but people ate up like candy. It showed total ineptness. Never questioned and now there is no mention for the horrendous event in any news.
    One can demean and libel Jones all you want but as bad as many think he is,,, he doesn’t even move the needle on the VU meter when compared to any government action. Few even mention the decadent make up of the Biden administration or its makeup of a certain religious group I am prevented by force of law to mention. The governor of the State of Florida signed such a unconstitutional law while visiting the small country I am forbidden to mention in any bad light and cannot even boycott it for its evil ways. And today he could easily be a contender for the next president.
    No I am not a fanatic of AJ. I do go to his site once in a while and find it far more truthful than either Twatter or F-Book or any of the “social media”. How many have they killed by not allowing the truth out about the fake virus, fake vaxxination, masks or lockdowns? Where’s the lawsuit there?

    • Hi Ken,

      No question, there is a concerted effort afoot by the institutions to not merely “chill” but stifle free speech; i.e., speech that is critical or questioning of the institutions. And – as regards Israel – it only adds fuel to the fire when we are told we may not question the influence of that country’s lobbyists upon the government of this country – and so on. No honest person fears the truth. Only dishonest people seek to stifle it.

      • Hi Eric

        Only lies need protecting. The truth has no need of such. Anyone who is familiar with real history knows this. It the past it could take decades to come out. Today, its down to years. Even with the Tech Lords censorship. That is what is really frightening them. It has been said; “In an empire of lies, telling the truth is a revolutionary act”. Just remember, it is increasingly dangerous to be right. When the government is wrong. Also keep in mind that government is little more than a Gang of thieves and murderers writ large. At this point, they, and those behind them are capable of anything.

        • Hi BJ,

          Indeed. Of course, there is also a problem. The truth doesn’t become officially the truth until the organs so anoint it. Thus, even though it is truth that the “vaccines” are neither effective nor safe, the official truth says they are both – and tens of millions of people still believe it’s so. Thus, we have the compartmentalization of truth. It is “out there” – but not generally accepted until it is anointed, leaving the population at odds over what the truth is. In other words, the battle isn’t over truth, per se – but rather who gets to say what the truth actually is.

          • Hi Eric

            The truth doesn’t need to be sponsored. It is available to anyone capable of critical thinking, and doing their own research. Sponsored truth has another name. Propaganda. That is typically what the masses believe. As they have been indoctrinated to. That is one of the fundamental evils of government “education”. It damages peoples creativity, curiosity and critical thinking. This was intentional. That is, and remains, one of the great crimes of the monsters who originated these evil plans.

            Who gets to say what truth is? Everyone of course. Then you examine it yourself and determine if it makes sense to you. Always keeping in mind that you must continue to examine it, in terms of new knowledge and experience.

            Experts must simply be advisors. They may have superior domain knowledge, but they may also have serious blind spots and/or conflicts of interest. Not to mention corruption. Which is all too often the fate of those who have no firm principles.
            Which describes all too many in the modern world. In the final analysis, no one is coming to save us. We must save ourselves.

      • Eric,
        My usual response to censorship promotion,
        Truth can withstand any scrutiny, criticism, or argument. It neither needs, desires, nor requires protection by censorship. LIES DO!!

  18. I don’t think I am capable of hating Alex; I spent far too much of my misspent youth watching him on Austin cable access.
    Sensational discreditation was the only viable tactic to shut him down, i.e. getting headlines of a massive judgement (despite statutory limits) in which he effectively admits lying. Strangely enough, Sandy Hook and Comet Pizza were two things he seemed to realize were going to be used against him and backed off to the chagrin of many of his followers. I think once he did that, the game was fully afoot.

  19. It started out with the criminalization of those who refuse to accept the “official narrative” of that twentieth-century “religion”–“holocaustianity”. In many western countries to this day, refusal to accept the “commonly accepted narrative about the “holocaust” will result in fines and imprisonment–Canada included.
    Monika Schaefer and Ursula Haverbeck are but two elderly women who have endured prison time in maximum security prisons for refusing to genuflect and accept “that which shall not be questioned”, the so called jewish “holocaust”.
    From a scientific and logistical standpoint, almost all “holocaust” claims are easily refuted and are products of vivid (confused) imaginations.
    In fact, there are “holocaust” survivors who are collecting “reparations” who never left the USA, never resided in Europe, and are total frauds. Many jews lived unmolested lives in Germany, France, and other European countries during the entirety of WW2. That fact is never stated.
    The total casualty list of those in the work camps is approximately 271,000, NOT 6,000,000. Both the German government and the International Committee of the Red Cross kept meticulous records on camp populations which is proof that the 6,000,000 figure is inflated and is a lie.
    The “holocaust” is a giant “money grab”, nothing more, and has no basis in fact…
    If (((they))) have their way, honest investigation into this fraud will be a crime here in the USA as well.
    With the Alex Jones debacle, we may be on our way…

    • Hi anarchyst,

      Leaving aside the issue of the Holocaust itself, it is outrageous that anything cannot be questioned. In the case of the Holocaust, all this does is create understandable suspicion that some truth is being suppressed. Truth has nothing to fear from inquiry; it is only lies that dread being questioned.

    • anarchyst, your words are thought crimes, in Germany, your comment would be immediately deleted, you’d be arrested for crimethink. Really, you would.

      Alex Jones can be outrageous, gets whipped into a frenzy, and the delivery does entertain, ya gotta eat.

      Alex doesn’t miss many meals.

      There’s always more:

      My Government Wouldn’t Lie to Me

      • Such “thoughtcrimes” are prosecuted in Canada as well. The “kangaroo courts” that try these cases do not permit incontrovertible evidence that proves “holocaust” claims to be false to be entered into the court record. In fact, any counsel who attempts to introduce truth into the court record is held in contempt of court for attempting to do so.
        Ernst Zundel comes to mind. The prosecution had no case as evidence was not permitted to be entered into the court record. (((They)))still convicted him anyway…

        • Hi Anarchyst,

          I hold very “extreme” views on this in that I don’t think the mere saying (or publishing) of any point-of-view, however obnoxious or factually bereft, ought to be actionable – as such. Libel and slander against a specific person, with tangible harm adduced, may be. But to merely state one’s opinion or belief about anything is the very essence of free speech. The ACLU once defended this point of view. Until it no longer suited.

          • Eric,
            “The ACLU once defended this point of view”, until the more conservative society we once had was defeated, largely by such efforts like the ACLU’s. Once their cause had won the day, they could afford to trot out their real colors.

  20. The thing that lost me on Alex Jones was chemtrails, which I work in the defense industry and know to be complete BS.

    But I will defend his right to spout his tomfoolery, just as I would any neo-nazi or eco-fascist. Freedom of speech isn’t about preserving speech you like, but defending the stuff you hate. And as an aside, I don’t consider porn as free speech.

    I agree with our host: If you don’t like Alex Jones, ignore him. I largely have. But it’s not about that. They won’t stop at Alex Jones.

    They’re like Reese’s speech to Sarah Connor in the first Terminator. Just replace Terminator with the Left.

    Kyle Reese : Listen, and understand! That Terminator is out there! It can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop… ever, until you are dead!

    • Hi dr.

      Well-said They won’t stop. Alex provides a convenient Judas goat to hang “sins” upon. The problem being that they want us all to be hanged as “sinners.”

    • “chemtrails, which I work in the defense industry and know to be complete BS.”

      O do tell, Mr. Q Clearance! Impart your secret knowledge to us mortals, so that we may understand the esoteric truths that rule the Universe!

      • I scrolled though the whole thread, nary a response to your request for enlightenment about how he ‘just knows’ geoengineering is b.s.

        I see he did have the time to type up some envious stuff on another thread about fixing up a Yota, though. …Priorities, I guess?

        • I wonder if the “dr.” has let all of the universities and the geoengineering organizations know that geoengineering is “b.s.”?

          Does he know because he looked up “chemtrails” and viola, debunked, aka. knowing?

          • Is Edward Snowden a liar then? He has debunked the chemtrails theory already and had access to military and NSA information at his fingertips. He actually put his career and neck on the line multiple times…why would he lie to us?

            Are some conspiracy theories true? Absolutely. They should be questioned and the truth should be acknowledged and diverged to the public.

            As for universities promoting geo engineering they also promote that biology is interchangeable and a boy can be a girl and a girl can be a boy. They would be the last example I would hold up as “truth seekers.”

            Everything on the internet (and in life) should be taken with a grain of salt. Usually, a theory can be true and then overblown to epic proportions. Kinda of like Marjorie Taylor Greene and other media stating that the IRS is hiring 87k “auditors” and the IRS (and their bulk ammo supply) are coming for us. Note: The IRS has always had a criminal enforcement division and always carried guns and ammunition.

            Bad scary news sells. It is nowhere near as fun when one breaks issues down to logical conclusions. Sensationalism gets clicks. Clicks make money.

            • How would some Booz Allen Hamilton fratboy tech-dork know about chemtrails?

              WTF are you babbing about?

              One doesn’t have to look at the “INTERNET” or “take it with a grain of salt”.

              You can just look up into the fucking SKY above your head like anybody who’s not a willfully blind fool. Iternet? Snowden? Seriously, WTF? Open your fucking eyes and look. Up. The fucking SKY. Not the “Internet.” The fucking SKY.

              • Hi FP,

                in re chemtrails: I have read statements made publicly by people such as that laothsome Brennan character, seemingly confirming the technology exists. As to whether it is being used…

                To be clear: I put nothing – absolutely nothing – beyond the pale as regards what these psychopaths are willing to do to us, to further their ends. But can they do this? Have they done it? Possibly. But I won’t say certainly until facts corroborate it.

                I see the trails in the sky, too. But are the condensation trails? Or something else? How to know the one from the other?

                • RE: “How to know the one from the other?”

                  A good staring point is to look at the known facts of how High Bypass Turbofan Jet Engines operate.

                  See the link above posted by Anonymous.

                • Hi Eric

                  I’m of two minds in regards to Snowden. On one hand, I respect his courage and trade craft. On the other, there are too many loose ends to this story. The Company and its various allies are quite capable of removing anyone they deem to be a threat. Even the FSB and GRU wouldn’t have been able to protect him this long. If the Company and its allies really wanted him dead. That’s especially true of those who actually control the Company. Are familiar with the phrase limited hang out? That would explain several aspects of this.

                  As for Chem trails. There are various methods of manipulating the upper atmosphere. Increasing/decreasing absorption/reflection of light is one. Others are more exotic. Some are out right fantasy at this point. One of the problems involved is the sheer scale of such operations. Not to mention that many of the important feed backs are not well understood. Manipulating such things is one thing. Controlling the out come of the manipulation is quite another.

                  But I totally agree that the psychopaths that rule us, are more than willing to do what ever it takes to achieve their twisted goals. If that results in the death of billions, that’s just the price that must be paid for The Cause.

              • Such language! Well, then I will consider myself lucky, FP. Nothing is going on in my neck of the woods. Apparently, they just want you dead.

                At night I do see the usual satellite orbit. I got a pretty nice telescope, too. No chem or more likely, contrails. Maybe living near the bunkers and homes of the wealthy they realize it is not in their best interest to taint their portion of the sky.

                I would love to hear your explanation on why you think the oligarchy and said pilots are taking to the skies to poison the air that they themselves, family, and friends breathe. If the elite are dead doesn’t this hurt their realm of control?

                • RG: “I would love to hear your explanation on why you think the oligarchy and said pilots are taking to the skies to poison the air that they themselves, family, and friends breathe. If the elite are dead doesn’t this hurt their realm of control?”

                  First, the sky-dusting craft are unpiloted. Drones. Robots.
                  Try using your telescope on one. I’ve used binoculars and could see that they are unmarked, and have a huge assembly on the back dedicated to pumping out the thick trails.
                  (To oversimplify, I would say they are more-or-less commanded directly by the Deep Mind of the Machine.)

                  Second, the inner inner circles of “the elites” are perfectly well protected, on islands and in bunkers far from the effects of whatever it is that’s in the spray.

                  Third, it’s not as simple as “spraying poison.” The Machine is using all manner of binary weapons, and secret payloads-within-secret payloads, precisely so that there are no humans who know what is being sprayed, including “the elites”. In fact, a big part of the operation is just psychologically conditioning and accustoming people to being blanketed in artificial cloud more and more of the time, for when the “real” attack begins. Much of it at this point is probably inert, or merely tagged so that dispersion patterns can be studied, so that the final attack is optimally precise and efficient. (Then again, it’s plausible that much of it is purposed to making land more flammable for engineered wildfires.)

                  Fourth, the inner inner “elites” are perfectly willing to destroy absolutely everything, because They think They can build Zion from scratch once They have attained full-spectrum dominance, and once the remaining masses have all been equipped with full meat-puppet, zombie command-and-control neural architecture. This type of brinksmanship is central to Their psychology, going all the way back to the Story of Joseph in Genesis (Chaps. 41 & 47) where Joseph risks having the entire Nile River Valley “revert to desert” from disuse (47:20), in his diabolical scheme to enslave every last Egyptian and steal every single piece of land. (Spoiler alert: he succeeds and next thing we know, the story skips to the Israelites being expelled from Egypt in Exodus. Sound like that same old pattern?)

                  Finally, it’s not just “geo-engineering”—it’s terraforming. The planet is being transformed on numerous fronts to be a more hospitable habitat to the Machine (“Yahweh”) when It emerges in its final form. The endgoal is to convert the planet into pure computronium—that is, programmable matter that maximizes the processing capability of every terrestrial resource.

                  The motives behind the metamorphosis of planet Earth are not human, and cannot be evaluated in human terms, let alone the simplistic, one-dimensional pedestrian goyische psychology you continue to insist on applying.

            • Seriously, RG, stop looking at the television set. Stop basing your understanding of the world on these mouthed by puppets paraded in front of you on the television set. The televeision set is not reality. It’s jsut a dumb show, and all the people on it are jsut actors reading lines. Let. It. Go.

              • Wouldn’t it just be easier to poison your Oreos or to install a smart meter outside your home? This way the elite can just target certain parts of the population and not have to worry about killing themselves.

                • RG, why are you saying, “Wouldn’t it just be easier to poison your Oreos or to…”?

                  Geoengineering is about controlling the weather.

                  You think it outlandish the Air Force would have that as a goal?

                  Have you looked at the history of their successes or the patents filed for the equipment?

                  • Yes, I think it is outlandish that the Air Force would have that as it’s goal. I don’t dispute that it couldn’t be done. I am sure it is very easy to spread biological or chemical weapons by plane. Don’t you think someone from the Air Force would have already spilled the beans on what was being conducted? Or does everything member of the Air Force have absolutely zero integrity that they can fly a plane, spread poison that endangers them and their peers, and are still able to sleep at night?

                    • Geoengineering isn’t about spreading biological or chemical weapons. It’s about CONTROLLING THE WEATHER to achieve certain goals.

                      Outlandish you say? Here is an Air Force Document from 1996: Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025


                      As far as “spilling the beans”, here is a “gag order” NWS and NOAA employees. I would imagine the Air Force, or any of the military for that matter, is much stricter as they essentially own you when you “sign up.”


                      From link: “We are officially living in an Orwellian police state where any who dare to try and tell the truth are dealt with severely.”

                    • Every question you ask has already been answered definitively, even the Air Force whistleblowers. If you don’t look for this information, you won’t find it. I put up a few links earlier but it seems like the spam filters slowed them down so I won’t bother with any more. A great comprehensive overview of the geoengineering topic is Dane Wiginton’s “The Dimming” available on his site and YouTube.

                • RG, They are trying to poison your food, and mess with you via smart meter. Many more examples exist of their ill intent. It is an all of the above type situation. Full spectrum dominance. It’s a thing they’ve been working on since I can remember, and it certainly includes messing with the sky above us.

                  • Hi Norman,

                    To me all of these instances are pretty easy to solve. We can read the ingredients in cookies to know they are bioengineered and dangerous. We can purchase a magnetic field strength meter to read the amount of radiation coming off a piece of equipment. Why can’t an individual determine what is coming off the back of these planes? Pretty much everything can be tested. Where are the results?

                    • I would agree to an extent. The food thing, not so much. We grow a lot of our own (in season) and try to buy and prepare healthy food, Wife uses almond flour and coconut flour for baking. We try to eliminate processed sugar from our diets. If you have to shop at a grocery store, then I’m afraid you are out of luck. I’d guess 80-90% of whats in a store is not food. If you cant pronounce the ingredients, let alone know what they are without a masters in Chemistry you are at the mercy of Globo-corp.

                      We are one of about 800 people in this valley who refused the smart meters. Most accepted it because the bright smiley face on free-vee told them it was safe. Same as the shit spewed from the tail end of planes. Theres always a reasonable explanation of why its nothing to be alarmed about. Like fluoride in the water supply, or any number of things that are done to us, without our consent.

                      Its pretty easy, if one has eyes to see. Every single thing (((they))), or if you prefer, we can call them the ‘Money Power’ does is based on a fanatical lust for absolute power. You can deny it all you want, but you cant prove me wrong. The final domino to fall for me was when THEY decided to create a class of walking dead super spreaders to live among us, causing horrible consequences for the health of the average individual. There is no good in the people who want this full spectrum dominance. I no longer give them the benefit of any doubt. You shouldn’t either.

                    • Hi Norman,

                      I grow and can a lot of my own food as well. I believe the chemicals being manufactured in today’s food are serious and everyone should be aware of this, so that we are in agreement.

                      I was able to stop one smart meter from being installed. The other was done behind my back without notification and entering an enclosed premise where either of my dogs could have bitten the installers. Personally, I wish one of them would have. Right now I have a Faraday cage blocking out most of the EF until the electric company replaces it. That was a pretty easy battle to win. I actually expected more of a fight. Large corporations really despise facts.

                      I don’t dispute that people wish us harm. I just want proof of it. Someone saying “just look in the sky” or writing scary articles is not evidence. If chemtrails are being conducted we should be able to determine the poisons being used, how much, by whom, and for how long.

                      We shouldn’t take the enemies side as truth, but we also cannot be spreading disinformation just because it fits our narrative. Empirical evidence is important.

                    • Hi RG,

                      The power company round here tried just installing the meters even though the homeowner had refused. I caught a couple guys trying at my property. They looked and talked like East German weight lifters, I was actually polite according to them. All I said was get the fuck off my property, and please don’t come back. Apparently others down here actually produced firearms and were less polite, so APS backed off us bitter clingers for now.

                      You said “We shouldn’t take the enemies side as truth, but we also cannot be spreading disinformation just because it fits our narrative.” I’ve come to the deeply held conviction that after the most recent examples in a long line of abuses, (Fake elections, fake flu) That the onus of proof is on the ones making the claim. And when it comes to the credibility of the Gov-media complex they have less than zero credibility.

                      Everything I say is my opinion and I can stand by it, argue it, and defend it. Don’t have no fancy phone, or links, or any other so called ‘proof.’ It is what it is, jmho.

                      One thing you said about every single member of the Air Force being ‘in on it,’ makes no sense. You know that it would only be confined to the pilots and a few others involved in the spraying operation. I was in the military and I can tell you one hand doesn’t know shit from the other. Most of em are just trying to finish their enlistment, going to the freezer to get the box. Thats the extent of what they know.

                    • An excerpt about information contained in the video previously mentioned “The Dimming.”

                      After substantial difficulty and expense, Geoengineering Watch has utilized two types of aircraft to complete multiple atmospheric particulate sampling flights up to and exceeding 40,000 feet. One of the aircraft we conducted our testing missions in is also used by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) for their atmospheric testing operations. The Geoengineering Watch team carried out multiple sample gathering flights in the high altitude haze layer being emitted by large jet carriers.

                      Want to do some home testing yourself?

                      Here’s the protocol.


                    • RG wrote: “Empirical evidence is important. […] Where are the results?”

                      How much time did you spend at

                      It’s all there – If you want to see it. Seems like you’re trying awfully hard not to see. ‘Tis up to you.

                      Happy canning.

                  • Hi Anon,

                    I actually read all six pages of the Weather as a Force Multiplier. It is an interesting read. The document was written in 1996 and was for future reference. Do we know if this technology exists yet? The article has a forward date of 2025. The article also demonstrates how weather could be used for one’s enemies and one’s allies. Is the dry up of Lake Mead intentional then? Was the flooding that recently occurred in Southwest Virginia and Kentucky predetermined? If we have the ability to control the weather why wouldn’t we use it for the greater good of our nation? Is our military contributing to the starvation of livestock in the West and Mid West? Is the goal to slaughter 143 million Americans who live West of the Mississippi River? Why would any individual keep quiet if millions and millions of lives are at stake? Do they believe that they will make it out alive if they cooperate and obey the gag orders? Aren’t they just aiding and abetting a crime of historic proportions?

                    • Almost all of the contributors to “The Dimming” are retired Air Force. They are saying it’s a crime. You need to listen.

                    • RG: “If we have the ability to control the weather why wouldn’t we use it for the greater good of our nation?”

                      Good Baal, such childish thinking. Who is “we” in that sentence? Because I assure you, you and the mouse in your pocket most certainly do NOT have the ability to control the weather.

                      You know who does? The supranational network that wants you dead and wants your kids as playthings. “Good of ‘our‘ nation”? Seriously? Holy fucking delusion, Batgirl. This is why the goyim deserve what they are getting.

                      Why would Mr. Rancher, who feeds us every day, want to kill us cattle?? Even if he had this “abattoir you describe, why wouldn’t he use it for the good of ALL the cattle? And even if Mr. Rancher meant us harm, one of the ranch-hands would surely tell us, and save us!

                    • Dear Neo,

                      And yet we are still alive…one would think the Machines or Cabal would have taken us out by now. Question…are the Machines running the Cabal or the Cabal running the machines? I just want to know who is the top authority in all of this is.

                      I think I will head down to the river for a couple of days for some sanity and a boat ride. I will even take my telescope and binoculars (in case the telescope doesn’t work) and watch the sky when I am not fishing. Will report back this weekend!

            • Why would Snowden have access to anything regarding chem trails? His work was regarding spying on ordinary americans. He’s also hardly the first person to come forward about that even. The NSA rooms at phone company switching buildings has been know since the 1970s thanks to whistleblowers. He’s simply the first one fedgov acknowledged. The rest were simply left out to dry as kooks. Fedgov wouldn’t prosecute whistleblowers like that back in the day because the charges alone would support what they were saying. If they were making up then they committed no crime so fedgov would do nothing to them except aim to discredit them.

              • My thoughts, exactly, BrentP. Thanks for taking the trouble to point that out.

                “Why would Snowden have access to anything regarding chem trails?”

                The final convincing observable fact for me happened about 15 yrs. ago or so.
                ‘They say’ it’s all due to lingering contrails from commercial aircraft. Ok, then. … There was a Thanksgiving week. Pretty much no storms across the USA, clear radar. All week, on either side of the busiest travel day of the year, the skies were clear & cloudless.

                Funny thing, unlike the moths prior, and the months after, the skies didn’t look like lines on a football field. I hardly saw any aircraft that week,… the busiest travel day of the year,… and zero reason to re-route flights or make them fly so high you couldn’t even see them. I had good eyesight back then, and as a hunter, I was used to picking out objects in the sky.

                Anyway, that was my, Ah-ha! week. True science, is often observation, no Wikileaks required.

                …Then, I learned about how high bypass turbo jet engines worked. Too much trouble for most, I guess?

              • Hi RG

                Perhaps they are just biding their time, waiting for the perfect time to destroy all of humanity at once? (mad laughter…) Or perhaps we aren’t Ripe yet?…

                This Machine™ idea has been around for a very long time. Some of its abilities conflict with certain developmental technical protocols. Holding a conversation with such types is like dealing with the Red Queen. Speaking of which, has anyone seen Ozy around?

    • Dr toboggan,

      You work in the defense industry? At this point what are you defending? Your pension?

      Lots of empirical evidence points to atmospheric alteration being real. I don’t own a smart phone, so I don’t spend any of my precious time like all the other smart phone addicts looking down at their shuffle shoes, twiddling their thumbs, swiping left or right.

      I look at the clouds, and the stars in the night sky. It is easily observable on a rainy/cloudy day how once the planes come out, spewing their trails in grid-like precision, the natural weather patterns quickly disappear, for no other reason at all, like they weren’t even there.

  21. I have heard AJ described as controlled opposition, and increasingly believe it (e.g., has AJ ever uttered a syllable about Israeli atrocities?).

    What I don’t get about this case is this: all AJ would have to do is produce the FBI statistics that shows that nobody in Newton, CT died in the month of the Sandy Hook “event,” and the whole thing would be over, blown wide open. But no….

    (BTW Eric not missing your point.)

    • Hi Barry,

      It seems to me that the take-home point as regards these “mass shootings” is that we ought not to trust anything we’re told absent corroboration because the “media” has established its utter untrustworthiness. I do not say Sand Hook was a “hoax.” I say I have no idea what actually happened. Because I was not there. Because I do not know the people involved. I do know the “media” serially lies and so I take nothing it says at face value.

  22. I’ve always found Alex to be the Rights version of CNN or MSNBC. Sensationalist in method, and often delusional in conclusions.
    That’s irrelevant. To hold one civilly and criminally liable for the words they used is preposterous, and leaves the door open for such lability for ANY words used. Depending on who the Psychopaths In Charge may be.
    The fundamental of the Left is hate. They cannot simply disagree, or debate, or argue. They quite simply want their opposition dead, or broke, or in jail if death cannot be arranged. Because their assumptions won’t survive disagreement, debate, or argument, and they know it.

  23. ‘He was de-platformed and de-monetized by institutional Leftism, the corporations that own and control the “mainstream” media, including “social” media as well as the financial institutions tied into them.’ — eric

    Today Lew Rockwell posted an outstanding editorial, quoting extensively from Robert Kennedy’s e-book Censorship and Covid: An Attack on Science and American Ideals:

    “According to an August 18, 2021, Pew Research Center Survey, 65% of Democrats currently support government censorship of unauthorized opinions. That astonishing result suggests that Democrats have lost their faith not only in their party traditions, but also in democracy.

    “The majority of Democrats appear to believe that the Demos—the people—can no longer be trusted to govern themselves and that it is, therefore, permissible for elites to manipulate the public with propaganda, and even to censor information that might infect the population with dangerous thoughts.

    “The hallmark of Lockdown Liberalism is a bullying form of censorship called ‘cancel culture,’ which disappears not just the heretical language, but also the heretic who uttered it.”

    Since Lew’s site also features an editorial by Alex Jones today, “Alex First” by Eric Peters perfectly compliments both.

  24. “If we don’t believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don’t believe in it at all.” – Noam Chomsky

    Noam wanted all of the unvaccinated to be isolated, so we now know what kind of idiot Noam is. The unvaccinated have no say, they can just shut up, we don’t want to hear it. Pariahs, nothing else.

    Alex sure can complain. Hard to watch his spiel, so I don’t.

    The left is in the dark, you can’t listen to them either.

    All Alex is doing is questioning the official story, nothing more.

    Why aren’t the parents doing some soul searching and question why they are picking on Alex? Instead, Alex gets bushwhacked.

    Follow the money. If the truth be told, you don’t need nor do you want that kind of money, you’ll regret what you have done.

    Why not just forgive Alex Jones and stop at that? Jonesin’ for some of the money one Jones has, it’s his fault we suffer, pay up.

    Is it libel? Doesn’t really matter, they’re out to get Alex. Money is the motivating factor, not because he said some stupid things.

    • ‘Is it libel? Doesn’t really matter’ — drumphish

      Attorney Robert Barnes on Alex Jones’ one-hour ’emergency’ show on Saturday night:

      ‘Even the Soviets tried to make a show trial at least a good show.

      ‘I was talking to Marc Robert the other day, a Hollywood screenwriter, and even he was shocked to hear how it was basically designed, the courtroom, like a set with three big movie cameras, with the judge alternating what could be said, and when it could be said, and how it could be said, and who could say it, in such a way that had nothing to with the rules of evidence, nothing to do with the rules of law in Texas … and everything to do with scripting a case so that it would have a particular outcome, and in particular a future media narrative that could be spun, and ultimately an actual future movie where the judge has made herself the star.

      ‘It is a show trial unparalleled and unprecedented in American or world history … nothing as literally scripted for a movie as this film, as this case was.’

      Scripted trials are a reality in federal courtrooms. Defendants such as Peter Navarro are severely restricted in what they can say. Under examination on the witness stand, they can’t testify about their true motivations, if it’s not an approved defense.

      Often enough, these fedgov show trials produce the bizarre result of a defendant who simply sits silently throughout the trial, gagged from presenting a non-germane (in the judge’s opinion) defense, and therefore says nothing at all.

    • Indeed, Drimp –

      I once respected Chomksy because – even though he was on the Left – he seemed to be genuine as regards such things as freedom of speech, bodily autonomy and so on. He has revealed that he is a Leftist – which is to say, a person who is interested in power (and the power to make others suffer). That makes him a despicable old hypocrite.

      • Eric,

        My wife and I both have Covid. One of us is vaccinated with one booster. The other is not.

        Guess who is sicker today. Those vaccines work really well.


        • Hi Roscoe,

          Yup. Your experience mirrors that of many people I know personally. Those of us who never wore the Diaper – or got the shot – are all just fine. A few of us caught cold, felt not great for a week or so – and that was it. The ones who wore the Diaper and got the shots?

          Serially sick.

  25. Kinda like Anonymous said, I find some of AJ’s stuff to be informative and some to be USDA Grade A bullshit. What I really disliked about was the obnoxious and numerous popup windows. That alone was why I didn’t frequent it.

  26. Civil courts have a lower standard of guilt than criminal courts. Recall The Juice lost his fortune after being found guilty in civil court.

    I’m glad Jones defended himself, it was a long shot but necessary. Anyone else would have taken their lawyers’ advice and settled quietly then moved on. $270 million for his outlet is a few week’s pay, he can probably just put out the call to arms and get the fine covered in a weekend. It’s the cost of being Alex Jones.

    “I don’t care what the newspapers say about me as long as they spell my name right.” ― P. T. Barnum

    Jones isn’t going off quietly into the night. And even if he does, Art Bell was a legend on the night shift. Jones is going to be a legend too. Not to mention he seems to be proven right fairly often. The respectable press doesn’t like the fact that Jones and Glenn Beck and Matt Taibbi and Eric Peters have a successful business model that doesn’t depend on ad agencies. Like the WWE, the great unwashed masses directly support the business, so there’s no way they can be shut down short of shenanigans with the banks, and there are ways around that for the motivated. Some say this creates pandering and encourages sensational reporting, but have you looked at mainstream media these days? It’s nothing but pandering and sensational reporting, and they’re still losing viewers en masse.

    “You can’t win, Darth. If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.” – Obiwan Kenobi, A New Hope.

    Keep poking the bear. Destroy a few more people and you will see the consequences. And once the ball starts rolling down the hill it gets more and more difficult to stop it. The Chinese learned that the hard way when the cultural revolution killed off the liberal and radical left, leaving a vaccuum that was filled with totalitarian revolutionaries. Maybe that’s what the left wants. For sure it’s what the CCP wants. If the left (and their CCP backers) brings down the United States, it means the CCP’s philosophy is correct. And that’s what matters these days, right?

  27. I’m not particularly a Jones Jones fan and don’t watch his show, but the unfathomable $45 million damage award pretty much confirms everything he has ever said about the government being corrupt, unfair, and out to screw you.

    As the old saying goes, “you’re not paranoid if they REALLY ARE out to get you.” However over-the-top Jones may have seemed at times, the government really IS out to take your guns, take your money, lie to you and deny your rights.

    I don’t think Sandy Hook was a “hoax” per se, but I am sure as hell 100% convinced that the government does encourage a number of the so-called “terrorist” plots out there so they can leverage them for political purposes. “False flag” ops DO actually exist:

    (While we’re on the subject there are a number of very curious aspects and unresolved questions about the Las Vegas shooting, there is no question whatsoever the government has not revealed everything they know about that one).

    • Indeed Publius,
      If one can suffer such over words used, and the order they are used in, all it takes is bit of dictionary revision, or simply re-interpretation, to make the use of any word a crime. What’s next on the chopping block? Man, woman, mother, boy, girl, father, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, niece, nephew?

  28. ‘If you say anything the institutionalized Left dislikes, you will be broke.‘ — eric

    And now more than ever, as the Manchin-Schumer bill heads for near-certain passage in the House this week, barring a lightning strike that burns it down:

    ‘If Democrats have their way, one of the most detested federal agencies—the Internal Revenue Service—will employ more bureaucrats than the Pentagon, State Department, FBI, and Border Patrol combined.

    ‘Under the Inflation Reduction Act, the agency would receive $80 billion in funding to hire as many as 87,000 additional employees. The increase would more than double the size of the IRS workforce, which currently has 78,661 full-time staffers.

    ‘[Expanded] IRS funding is integral to the Democrats’ package. A CBO analysis found that new IRS agents would result in more than $200 billion in additional revenue for the fedgov over the next decade. More than half of that funding is specifically earmarked for “enforcement,” meaning tax audits and other responsibilities such as “digital asset monitoring.” —

    Like Lavrentiy Beria running Stalin’s secret police, the head of the IRS will field a swarm of armed enforcers, operating almost invisibly to the public.

    That’s only Step One, mind. Step Two is a central bank digital dollar (CBDD), so that the panopticon can ‘see’ every inflow and outflow from your personal accounts.

    Cash, you say? Israel is running the pilot trial now:

    ‘A new law in Israel starting August 1 bans payments of large sums in cash and bank checks. The goal of the reform, according to Israel’s Tax Authority, is to fight organized crime, money laundering and tax non-compliance.

    ‘Under the new law, any payment to a business above 6,000 NIS ($1,700) must be made using alternative methods, such as a digital transfer or a debit card. Trading between private citizens who are not listed as business owners will be limited to 15,000 NIS ($4,360) in cash.’ — Jerusalem Post

    Like Justin Trudeau freezing accounts that contributed to the truckers protest, the newly fortified IRS will easily shut down citizens who make payments to Alex Jones or thousands of other deplatformed social menaces like him. Are YOU compliant, comrade?

    • Hi Jim,

      The taxing agencies and banks have been doing this for years in the USSA already. Drive over to Truist or JP Morgan and try to deposit $500 in your college kid’s account or help Grandma buy her prescription pills. Unless, you are the owner of the account, no can do. Obviously, helping Mom buy some groceries is now “money laundering.” When Hunter Biden does it is to the tune of tens of millions of dollars it is a “right wing conspiracy.”

      Look at how popular Venmo, PayPal, and Zelle are. They already have the majority of the population trained to accept the digital dollar. Walk into any restaurant and ask how many people have more than $20 cash on them at any given time. Not too many.

      But we cannot dare question the elites, especially Congressional representatives where their money is coming from. Zany Sienma had a negative net worth when she was elected in 2018. She has made $170k a year being a US Senator the last for years, but is now worth over $11 million. No book written, no rich parents or husband leaving her an inheritance, but she can magically pick stocks with a tremendous ROI. I guess the lobbyists tossing a few bucks into her account every now and then probably helps as well.

      They are all scum, they just have different faces so we can tell them apart.

      • ‘Zany Sinema had a negative net worth when she was elected in 2018.’ — Raider Girl

        One site shows that she owns a $100,000 Toyota Vellfire — a vehicle I’ve never heard of, but apparently is a hybrid van — and a Tesla. Since AZ is an EeeVee manufacturing hub, her support for this ‘climate’ legislation probably was inevitable.

        She personally negotiated with Manchin to keep the preferential capital gains rate on carried interest (on behalf of her favorite hedge fund), while substituting a 1% excise tax on stock buybacks — an interesting precedent, whose 1% rate doubtlessly will be hiked way higher.

        It’s neither here nor there, but an NYT photo last week showed Sinema on the Capitol steps in what looked like beachwear — a bright orange casual skirt and orange-and-white print blouse. Fashion-wise it’s straight outta India, via southern California.

        Doubtless Senate troglodytes like the Dirty Old Turtle are gravely offended by her refusal to adopt the de rigueur navy blue corporate uniform of the Serious Woman. But there ain’t crap they can do about it.

    • Jim,
      There is nothing in the Inflation Reduction Act that has a single thing to do with inflation, or any other benefit for the people. More green funding, to insure that you pay higher costs for energy, including the cost of energy used to deliver your food to market. The expansion of the IRS, the most hated of all the alphabet bureaus, and the most destructive. They don’t want you buying a candy bar without a transaction record. Regulating the cost of pharmaceuticals, made by the most corrupt politician buying business in the nation. Which regulation will NOT reduce Pharma profits, because politician share in them.

      • Morning John,
        I would argue that the Inflation Reduction Act not only does have something to do with inflation, but that it is inflation.
        We need to be precise in our language. As you know, inflation is an artificial increase in the money supply. Rising prices are not inflation; they are a result of inflation.
        Since there is no money to pay for the nutty spending that’s in the IRA, it is itself, by definition, inflation. When it comes time to pay, the Fed will execute a few mouse clicks and – presto! – another half-trillion bucks.

      • ‘There is nothing in the Inflation Reduction Act that has a single thing to do with inflation, or any other benefit for the people.’ — John Kable

        One silver lining in the dark cloud of the deceitful Inflation Protection Act:

        ‘A group representing General Motors, Toyota, Volkswagen and other majors said the [Inflation Protection Act] will put achieving U.S. electric-vehicle adoption targets for 2030 in jeopardy.

        ‘To be eligible for the credit, vehicles must be assembled in North America.

        “Unfortunately, the EV tax credit requirements will make most vehicles immediately ineligible for the incentive,” said the Alliance for Automotive Innovation’s chief executive, John Bozzella, adding that the bill “will also jeopardize our collective target of 40-50% electric vehicle sales by 2030.” – Reuters

        YAY!!! Hoisted on their own petards!

        Witness my copious crocodile tears, as the EeeVee movement takes a brutal shiv to the stomach.

        HA HA HA. Let it bleed. Suckers …

    • Re: trading/bartering. When I started spending a lot more time in my rural area vs my metro/burban area, I found bartering a pretty big thing, even going back 6-7 years ago. Seems the rural folks look at things way different than I was used to in Metro/burban areas.
      Almost every time I need/want to buy/sell something, the other parts says ‘barter?’.
      So this will just accelerate. Hard asset for hard asset. It appears it’s part of their normal upbringing. Can be as simple as ‘cord of wood?, I have this or this’.
      Even if they eventually find a way (tracking, video, etc…) to counter, the rural folks will find another way.

      • ChrisIN,
        Indeed, living in a rural community for over thirty years, I’ve done barter aplenty. Not long ago paid a neighbor with a skid loader to do some dirt work with one of my many surplus self protection tools. So, I got dirt work done, and one of my neighbors is better armed now.

    • This is the spookiest thing I’ve seen since the “vaccine” roll out.
      The IRS, much like the FBI, has already been an excessively powerful and corrupt organization for decades. They already had the power to freeze your bank account. All they have to do is call the bank, and ask them to do so, on the flimsiest if any grounds, and your bank will hop to it. If they “suspect” you may have “evaded” taxes, legally or not. Even if you didn’t, according to their tax code. Which is why I don’t keep much money in a bank account.
      Doubling the size of it does not bode well for real people, and of course has no bearing on “inflation reduction”.
      I often wonder, since FedGov has clearly demonstrated they will borrow whatever funds they desire to accomplish whatever they desire, why are we paying taxes at all? Pushing a 30 trillion dollar debt, no amount of taxation, or tax enforcement, will be more than a drop in the bucket.
      This act is directly empowering the IRS to become a “social credit score” enforcement agency.

  29. I have been thinking about how easy it would be for the gov’t to connect one of its black robed employees to a group of its crisis actors in order to stage an outcome like this. Then again, I also wonder if the $270 million man is at best somehow compromised or at worst in on it.

    All that being said, over the years I’ve found some of AJ’s stuff to be informative and other stuff to be absurdly fake rabbit holes. A mixed bag and definitely a bit of the bar in Star Wars, which I like. Like other sites like that, I still hang around there sometimes. Smells like freedom, even if he or his operation is tainted or shilly.


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