Not So Fast, OJ . . .

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If you thought the wait in line to get a rental car at the airport was bad, wait until you try renting an electric car. 

Unless,of course, you don’t mind paying extra for it. 

A reader sent along the details of a Hertz EeeeeeeVeeeee rental agreement that details the new regime. Some of the particulars may be of interest. The contract reads:

You are required to return the EV with a minimum charge of 10%. You are responsible to maintain a sufficient charge on the EV during your rental. You will be responsible for the cost of any tow if the EV is not drivable due to a low battery. You are not authorized to call a private tow on Hertz’ behalf. All tows of the EV must be by flatbed and must be arranged through Hertz Emergency Roadside Assistance.

This is worse than it sounds. Much worse, that is, than it was – as regards the usual rental car “catch” of being dunned Top Dollar for not bringing the car back with the same amount of gas in the tank it had when you picked it up.

For one, because it’s more likely you will be dunned for “returning the EV with less than a minimum charge of 10 percent” – because you may not have time to wait to chareg it. You are already running late for your flight – maybe because of traffic – and know you have to get to the gate an hour before your flight, another wait – courtesy of the Homeland Security regime. Previously, you could almost always find the less than five minutes it took (past tense) to quickly top off the rental before dropping it off and so avoid paying $5 per gallon for every $2.50 gallon you forgot to refill. 

With an EeeeeeeeVeeeeee that is not possible because it is impossible to quickly top-off an EeeeeeeVeeeee – even at a “fast” charger. And it’ll be even slower if you can’t find one or someone else is plugged in ahead of you. 

You are responsible to maintain a sufficient charge on the EV during your rental.” Better watch your range. Better put, don’t use too much of it. Running an EeeeeeeVeeee down to “fumes” is not like running a gas-powered car down to fumes. If you do that in an EeeeeeeVeeeee, the thing will have to be towed – “by flatbed and (that) must be arranged through Hertz Emergency Roadside Assistance.”

It won’t be for free, either.

Be careful about charging their EeeeeeVeeee, too – because “(Y)ou are responsible for any damage to the EV, the charging station equipment or the charging location when charging the EV during your rental. You will indemnify Hertz for any charges, fines, or penalties You incur for any damage or loss to the EV, the charging station or location during your rental.”

Italics added.

It is unclear whether this means the bill will be hung around your neck if the rental EeeeeeeVeeee auto-immolates while charging, as EeeeeeeVeeeees are prone to doing and something over which “You” have no control. But it sure sounds like it. You might want to check with your insurance mafia representative to see whether they will “cover” it before you sign for it.

“If You do not move the EV promptly from the charging stall when it is finished charging You may incur an Idle fee for the time the EV remains in a charging stall after it is finished charging. You are responsible for and will indemnify Hertz for any Idle or similar fee incurred when the EV is on rent to You.”

Look out! – as O.J. used to say.

“You” are on the hook for the “equipment” that comes along for the ride, including the EeeeeeVeeee charging cord but also including everything else. Hertz says: “You are responsible to return all contents of the Charging Kit upon your rental return. If the Charging Kit, or any part of the contents are damaged or lost, You will be charged for a complete Charging Kit, as these items are not available to be replaced individually, and a service fee.

Italics added.

The days of just grabbing the keys – and dropping them (and the car) off , O.J.-style are gone or at least, disapearing. To be replaced with the hassle, wait and cost of dealing with EeeeeeeeVeeeeeees.

Most people, of course, are not yet clued into this – but they will be, once it’s too late. And that’s why this timeshare saleseman push to replace vehicles that are easy to use and fast to use as well as inexpensive to use with electric vehicles that aren’t is happening. The idea being to make it a fait accompli before people understand what they’ve been signed up for.

Once it is too late – once there is no alternative to EeeeeeeeVeeees – the truth of them will be acknowledged and then people will be told they must accept and deal with the inconvenience, limitations and the costs of this “transition.”

If you think that’s unbelievabel, you’re not paying attention. The same people who brought you the “pandemic” are the ones behind this “transition.” The end-goal of which has never been about health – or the “climate.”

. . .

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  1. Any woke imbecile that thinks evs are the future … needs a slap upside the head. these dumb downed fucks are clllllllueless. Never an original thought has past through their grey mater. we are all fucked. ammo up.

    • The unfortunate fact is that EVs are, indeed, the future. The government-mandated future.

      It just turns out that the future is gonna suck. A lot.

      Like: real hard.


  2. the Boston Globe is warning of the risk of rolling blackouts this winter, matching disruptions previously seen in California and Texas… an EV….lol…

    The BOE Paniced today, because of this…. Billions In Margin Calls “Death Spiraling” Into A Complete Bond Market Collapse

    It warned that “were dysfunction in this market to continue or worsen, there would be a material risk to UK financial stability” and used that to justify the end of QT (before it even started) and the restart of QE….

    The UK is where the Globalists want to take every country: Godless, broke, freezing, hungry, overrun and culturally bereft.

    so actually the u.k. is below Romana….The UK’s progression toward emerging-market status is moving so fast that it’s hard to keep up.

    The “Progressives™” in the u.k. like to mock the Conservative/Brexit crowd as “Little Britain” (a reference to a vicious demoralizing sit-com in which rube bigot working-class “Englanders” are ridiculed)

    The Economic Hit-Men and the Globalist Left have “Progressed” the british society and economy to where it is now….below that of Romania.

    All the Western World has been receiving the same treatment. It’s been pointed out many times, that for the world to be brought to the same level (as a prelude to NWO), the West must be brought down….Mission accomplished

    well mic/deep state took care of EU with Nord I & II down for good…there is NO ECONOMY left…can’t wait til there’s no energy, no food and no hope or future….time getting close to sharpen those pitch forks

    blackouts….“A country that cannot keep the lights on has no right to be called a developed country……The UK and the EU have sanctioned themselves back into the Stone Age.” ..switching over to 100% solar and wind = starve and freeze in the dark….
    the Boston Globe is warning of the risk of rolling blackouts this winter, matching disruptions previously seen in California and Texas… an EV….lol…

    The even worse news is that the IMF is saying that “Given elevated inflation pressures in many countries, including the UK, we do not recommend large and untargeted fiscal packages at this juncture….is no help for the little people to offset inflation.. It is important that fiscal policy does not work at cross purposes to monetary policy.”

    So, the *structural* high energy prices we face for years everywhere should be digested raw, no help? I am sure that will play well with social stability.

    yesterday saw more bad news (for you, and you, and you) with more consistent Fed messaging that US rates are going to go higher and stay higher.
    Nobody watching crumbling asset markets, who works in said markets, can believe the Fed wants this to happen……but…..

    Well, never-to-be-ignored Harald Malmgren just tweeted: “My personal network warns me “Fed leadership” cannot say what it wants: hard landing to reduce asset value bubbles and bring back long forgotten mark to market ideas.” In other words, to undo the entire post-2008 (and post-1987) system of ‘central banks are there to save us from ourselves’ and restore genuine markets, presumably with much more of a focus on physical than financial assets.


      let us break it down for you: pivot means that central banks can’t take any more pain and will soon do QE and rate hikes at the same time everywhere, eventually ending hiking and starting to cut rates –

      the bottom line is that this is the beginning of the end for the fiat system which now faces a terminal dilemma: fight inflation and suffer market collapse and economic depression with millions laid off, or push to stabilize social order and employment with higher asset prices, runaway (hyper)inflation be damned.

      The mess in the UK is a warning that there are now no good policy options. Rate hikes are a disaster. Rate cuts are a joke. Fiscal tightening is frightening. Fiscal loosening is loser-ing. Looser fiscal policy and tighter monetary policy is madness. Tighter fiscal policy and looser monetary policy is Einstein’s definition of insanity. Tighter fiscal and monetary policy repeats Brüning from Weimar Germany. Looser fiscal and monetary policy repeats Venezuela.

  3. It will be easy to maintain and charge the EV fleet when only 5-10% of the population has the financial capacity to own one. The poors will be pushed out of personal vehicle ownership.

    We all just keep hoping that poor line stays over there.

  4. I can’t help but wonder if perhaps this push to FORCE everyone into electric cars is part of Mr. Schwab’s wet dream of BANNING private ownership of gas powered cars among the masses and having us ALL rent stuff from HIM and his cronies as part of their planned “Great Reset”. And since the masses can’t afford electric cars, they’ll just have us rent one instead for so much a month and place “carbon footprint trackers” on us too.

  5. Just got back from Arizona sunday night from a wedding, nice event, and fortunately, didn’t rent an EV, but a 4Runner TRD offroad!

    I finally get the appeal of them, and as we brought the storms from Jersey (only the day we arrived, day after and day we left were dry), I got to take it offroad (mildly) to get everyone back to the parking lot/hotel instead of having them walk the entire way back (They just walked down the hills of the red rocks)

    So many 4Runners out west, though I did notice a few douchella’s being rented out, makes me wonder whats wrong with them, especially as a I noticed a few heading back from Sedona to Phoenix.

    As far as the Greenocalypse, can’t ban all the cars on the road, and for older diesels, can create our own fuel for them as well

  6. Sundowner Joe: “Interstate charging stations every 50 miles”

    Good luck out here in the West, planning gas stops riding the motorcycle is vital. I’ve traveled many miles of nothing but the highway you’re on and sagebrush as far as you can see. Are they planning on diesel powered generators in the boonies to run the chargers?

    • > Sundowner Joe: “Interstate charging stations every 50 miles”

      It’s ~270 miles from Las Vegas to Phoenix. The only stretch of I-11 that has been built between them yet is all in Nevada. There’s maybe 20 miles of I-40 east of Kingman that’s part of the route. The rest of the way is Hwy. 93 through Kingman and Wikieup to Wickenburg, then Hwy. 60 (?) the rest of the way. Good luck getting some of the shorter-range EVs across that, especially in summer with the A/C cranked up to maximum.

    • I’ve driven through the west and through flyover country before, miles of emptiness, not even other cars really on the road.

      No way this works out at all, all these coastal commies and their pipe dreams

  7. The accommodation of the demand to go all EV is a suicide club. There is no market force at work here. It’s all top down regulation and restriction. Worked SOOOO well in the USSR.

  8. The “push” toward “electrification” or the “electric revolution” as breathlessly written by the payola-greased scribes at the buff books is kind of like a no-huddle offense in football. The powers that be think that they can run up to the ball, get set and snap it before the defense is ready.

    Once they snap it, it’s too late for the defense to adjust. I think the ruling class believes that once they get a tipping point, it’ll be a fait accompli and they’ll be able to age out the real cars and then the only alternative will be eeeeeveeeees. They’re playing the long game on this.

    I think what saves our bacon is the global economy. It’s starting to finally collapse and when it does, the number of people who can afford a $40k or $50k EV that will die in 100k miles will shrink drastically. Then these car companies will have to go back to building ICE cars. Either that or they die.

    • ‘I think what saves our bacon is the global economy.’ — dr_mantis_toboggan_md

      The average 30-year mortgage rate popped to 7.08% yesterday — more than double where it started this year. Chart:

      Say goodbye to the housing market, and all the jobs and material purchases that went with it.

      This is a controlled demolition.

      • >Say goodbye to the housing market, and all the jobs and material purchases that went with it.
        Very likely true. However, based on historical experience, there will be a significant lag, for several reasons. First, most work in progress will continue to completion. Second, many people will be in denial, and proceed, for awhile at least, as if nothing has happened.

        Where I live, remodeling is going gangbusters. Trades contractors are booked months in advance. Lumber yards, supply houses, and big box stores are all doing phenomenally well this year.

        I expect the fit to hit the shan approximately next February. I expect the Biden recession to be long and deep, like the Reagan recession before it.
        Hang on tight, folks. It may be a very wild ride.

      • Jim,

        Looks like I’m skimming by just in time. I’m due to be moved out of Phoenix by the middle of next month. I’m not getting as much as I’d hoped, but it’ll make for a decent start. Now if I can get my company to stop making me drive back to Phx weekly, I’ll be saving some decent money by no longer having a mortgage or rent. ‘Bout goddamn time.

    • I suspect the game will be to gradually shut down gasoline stations, as the “charging network” gets built. No gasoline for 500-600 miles of Interstate pretty much puts a kink in it, for most people.

      I well remember the “Arab oil embargo” of the 1970s, when people with pickup trucks were inclined to fit large auxiliary fuel tanks in the bed, to make long highway excursions possible. There was also some interest in propane conversions, with the appropriate large propane tank aft of the cab.

      I suspect those days will come again, but will be superseded by something else….I know not what. Some people are creative; many others just love to stick it to The Man.

      • Yeah, but it’s a whole lot easier (and more effective) (and cheaper) to rig up an auxiliary gas tank or two, versus strapping on an extra quarter to half-ton of batteries.

  9. Why would anyone rent an EV in an unfamiliar town? Bad enough finding gas stations near airports, now you’re going to try and track down a charging station when there’s (guessing) less than 10% of the number of gas pumps? Sounds like you’re going to be using that towing service.

    • I have seen some eeeveee charging stations in hotel parking lots.

      Usually in a corner with a gigantic utility lineman’s diesel-powered bucket truck parked in front of it.

  10. ‘Be careful about charging their EeeeeeVeeee’ — eric

    And be frugal too, if you can. But the frugality train already left the station in the Sceptred Isle:

    ‘It now costs EV drivers using [rapid charging] an average of 63.29 pence (72 cents) a kilowatt hour to charge their vehicle.

    ‘Breaking the figures down, the RAC said this meant an 80% rapid charge of a “typical family-sized electric car” using a 64 kWh battery cost, on average, £32.41 (around $34.87).

    ‘The analysis also showed that “a driver exclusively using a rapid charger on the public network will now pay around 18p per mile for electricity,” the RAC said.

    “This compares to 19p per mile for a petrol [gasoline] car and 21p per mile for a diesel one, based on someone driving at an average of 40 miles to the gallon.” — CNBC

    When the cost of EeeVee charging is almost the same as filling the tank with petrol, the extra half hour or more at the EeeVee charging station renders it grossly uncompetitive.

    Our rulers, whose black armored SUVs get filled for them invisibly by government flunkeys, have no idea. Popular anger at the inconvenience of mandated EeeVees will surprise them as much as supermarket checkout scanners amazed George H W Bush, who’d probably never rubbed shoulders with the hoi polloi buying groceries.

    But unlike bar code scanners, which speed up checkout, EeeVee chargers are a time tax. Then there’s the price, which will be hiked mercilessly, as the yoke tightening around hapless Brits’ necks demonstrates. Such a deal …

    • Holy sh*t! 72 cents a kwh?! I thought electricity was expensive around here at 22 cents a kwh – my sister in Florida pays roughly half that – but of course everyones rates are going up because the USSA is cutting off its nose to spite its face by sanctioning Russia. Yeah, how’s that working out so far, and it’s not even winter yet.

    • People bought EV’s and thought they could drive almost for free, they wouldn’t have to buy gas anymore, they would save a lot of money.

      The reality is a lot different….

      TOTALS: cost per mile…….

      Tesla EV using a home charger total cost per mile = $0.84
      Tesla EV using a fast charger total cost per mile = $0.94

      VW diesel total cost per mile = $0.35

      Comparing cost per mile, 10 years, 100,000 miles:

      Tesla EV and VW diesel

      I saw rates somewhere at $0.14 per kwh at home, that is due to probably triple very soon.
      in Europe it costs $0.72 per kwh, coming here soon.

      I saw rates nation wide at fast chargers outside home at $0.40 per kwh

      What test drivers are actually getting driving in the real world driving EV’s is they are getting 2.4 miles of range for every kwh

      An EV just sitting loses:
      tesla says a daily 3%-5% stationary range consumption.” (just parked) leakage, batteries leak power, ice cars don’t
      90 kwh x .05 = 4.5 kwh lost per day leakage x $0.14 = $0.63 per day just parked = $0.02 per mile

      Ice diesel:
      The 2014 Volkswagen Golf BlueMotion diesel, capable of 73.5 mpg U.S. it has a 971 mile range, the perfect car.

      VW diesel 100 mile fuel consumption = 1.36 gallons @ $4.00 gallon = $5.44 = $0.0544 per

      Tesla EV @ home 100 mile fuel consumption = 41.66 kwh @ $0.14 kwh = $5.83 = $0.0583 per mile

      Tesla EV @ fast charger 100 mile fuel consumption = 41.66 kwh @ $0.40 kwh = $16.64 = $0.16 per mile

      the tesla $22,000 battery is used up, worn out in 100,000 miles. = $0.22 per mile for the battery use,

      the battery use cost is higher then the electricity used. A hidden cost, nobody told you about. maybe a lawsuit?

      Tire costs
      The tires on EVs tend to wear out faster due to the additional weight and extra torque that hits the road. Plus, EV tires typically have less tread to improve range and decrease noise, they need special more expensive HL rated tires.

      Tesla tire size 235 35 20 $391.00
      VW Golf tire size 225 45 R17 $119.00

      In 100,000 miles if the tesla needs 4 replacement sets = $391.00 x 16 tires = $6256.00 = $0.06 per mile

      In 100,000 miles if the VW Golf needs 2 replacement sets = $119.00 x 8 tires = $952.00 = $0.01 per mile

      Tesla EV costs $50,000 depreciation over 10 years is $39,500 = $0.39 per mile

      the VW diesel costs $24,355 depreciation over 10 years is $19,240 = $0.19 per mile

      Tesla EV costs for maintenance and repair: $1000.00 per year = $0.10 per mile
      VW diesel costs for maintenance and repair: : $1000.00 per year = $0.10 per mile

      TOTALS: cost per mile…….

      Tesla EV using a home charger total cost per mile = $0.84
      Tesla EV using a fast charger total cost per mile = $0.94

      VW diesel total cost per mile = $0.35

      The VW diesel cost per mile includes the gas road tax, the Tesla EV doesn’t include that, but it will pretty soon….watch…

      This doesn’t include insurance costs, if insurance costs $3.00 per day = $0.11 per mile

      2014 Volkswagen Golf BlueMotion for sale… $6403.00….buy one…

    • Electric car chargepoint operator Osprey in UK ups rates to record £1 ….$1.13 per kWh making it pricier than fuelling a petrol model

      EV costs more per mile for fuel then a VW ice diesel, and emitts more pollution more per mile then a VW ice diesel.
      So they ban the diesel and force you to buy an EV = insanity.

      At those prices an EV costs 10 X more then this diesel per mile, including the battery use it costs 14 X more per mile

      VW diesel 100 mile fuel consumption = 1.36 gallons @ $4.00 gallon = $5.44 = $0.05 per mile
      EV 100 mile fuel consumption = 41.66 kwh @ $1.13 = $47.97 = $0.48 per mile

      The $47.97 isn’t the only cost…….the tesla $22,000 battery is used up, worn out in 100,000 miles.
      ATTENTION: this works out to $22.00 per 100 miles it is costing you for the battery.
      Add the $22.00 to the $47.97 = $69.97 = $0.70 per mile

      The Volkswagen Golf BlueMotion has emissions of 85g CO2 per km. it is even cleaner (less emissions) than a Toyota Prius or an EV….

      A current-model large EV car with a battery produced and charged in an average European Union country emits about 88 grams of CO2 per kilometer,

      A law might come out forcing EV owners to buy a 2014 Volkswagen Golf BlueMotion diesel to save fuel and help reduce emissions….lol

  11. Slightly OT but why do Teslas sound like some 1960s tv show flying saucer when they back up? All EVs seem to make weird noises, and I understand teslas can also make fart sounds. This is what replaces diesel clatter or the roar of a V8? Feminized and infantile nonsense?

    • I was at an Ex’s birthday party (LOOOOOONG story, and it’s not the one I wrote in about), and her asian friends had a douchella.

      I’m close to her Dad, always a good guy, so I figured when he went to see one, I’d see what all the “hypes” about. One of the thing’s the husband pointed out was the fart sounds, whole thing felt soulless otherwise and sterile, especially when he drove us around the block (And no, he didn’t try to show off it’s speed)

      All I thought was I couldn’t wait to get outside, then later when they left, explained to her dad the negatives associated with them, from the exploding batteries to the fact you can’t get AM radio due to radiation and the fact that they get worse mileage than a V8 sedan and how long it takes to charge.

      Why is it that Asians love EV’s though, notice most of them I meet geek over them?

        • Not to mention WAY OVERPRICED; the Model Y starts at $60K! Personally, I think a nice, fully loaded Toyota Highlander or Subaru Forrester for 1/2-2/3 the price is a better deal.

          • If I needed a family vehicle, I’d get another Bronco, or find a 4Runner TRD offroad/Pro instead.

            To Nunzio, I’ve been meaning to watch that, but I remember it being mentioned yesterday. That’s also what the guy had. This greenocalypse will end eventually, I’m just hoping before it’s too late, especially with how people are catching on to shit so quickly (Obviously not everyone, but more and more people are waking up)

            I never even got the appeal of them, that interior looks terrible. Then again, a decade ago, these douchella drivers were driving the ODB (Original Douche Buggy), the Prius, and as the meme goes, Prius is Japanese for Homosexual

      • Microwave your lunch in your EV when it is charging?….lol

        Sit in your EV when charging and get microwaved and if you are unlucky the lithium fire bomb battery will catch fire and incinerate you….

        Health damage from EMF radiation from EV’s

        Since Tesla is an electric car with a large battery and an electric motor, it emits high amounts of EMF radiation. The latest models emit high levels of electromagnetic radiation.

        Dangers of EMF Radiation from Tesla Cars and Other Electric Cars
        According to a study by Scripps Clinic Research Foundation, high levels of EMF from EVs make the drivers drowsy and sleepy while driving. Based on the study, drivers who are exposed to high levels of EMF while driving are likely to sleep 52 minutes faster than those exposed to low levels of EMF. Is this why there are so many tesla, EV, crashes?

        In addition, exposure to radiation while driving can result in headaches, neck stiffness, and dry eyes or blurred vision. Long-term exposure to these sources of EMF radiation may have long-term health complications.EMF Radiation from Electric Cars
        blurred vision… this causing crashes?

        According to Dr. Joel Moskowitz at the University of California Berkeley, hybrid cars and other electric cars have increased levels of ELF that cause cancer, increase the level of oxidative stress that leads to DNA fragmentation, cause cell damage, fertility issues, drowsiness, etc.

        So drive an EV and get…..damaged DNA , cell damage, get sterilized, get drowsiness and crash….lol

        Electric cars, including the Tesla EV do emit a dangerous amount of EMF ……….Electric cars do emit more radiation compared to standard fossil fuel vehicles.

        If you sit in your EV when connected to the super charger/ high speed charger you get microwaved, stay away from the car when it is charging.

        Stay out of the car….lol……….this will be interesting in the middle of the night, in a dark parking lot, when it is snowing and freezing out….lol….these Ev`s are a safety hazard in many ways…

        Avoid Sitting in the Car While Charging the Battery
        When supercharging the battery, a high amount of EMF is emitted, therefore, do not stay inside the car.

        Charging the car creates substantial amounts of dirty electricity (DE). When you charge your car in the garage, you are putting extremely high levels of DE onto the wires of your entire home. turn your house into a microwave oven….lol

        To supply electricity for EV`s the electrical grid has to be expanded by 500%, so the EMF radiation from the transmission, distribution lines will increase 500%, destroying people`s health.

        This is especially problematic as most people charge the car overnight when the occupants are sleeping – the time of day when we want our EMF exposure to be as low as possible.

        they went on and on for 2 1/2 years about a mild flu, relabeled as a dangerous bat germ, but haven’t said a word about this health issue, that is actually real and 100 x worse then a mild flu.

        • According to Dr. Joel Moskowitz at the University of California Berkeley, hybrid cars and other electric cars have increased levels of ELF that cause cancer, increase the level of oxidative stress that leads to DNA fragmentation, cause cell damage, fertility issues, drowsiness, etc.

          So drive an EV and get….. get drowsiness and crash….lol

          increase the level of oxidative stress that leads to drowsiness….is this one reason teslas (EV’s) crash?

      • Remember the old Eddie Murphy sketch “You Ain’t Got No Ice Cream”?

        Asians *love* to play that game with each other, but they really get off on playing it with White Americans, who they view as polite and stupid.

        An EV is just another triple dip ice cream cone that the other guy doesn’t have.

      • they believe everything the government tells them, never question anything, in china it is bad for their social credit score

        there could be people on here that question everything the government says….because the government has a bad track record….lies about everything….lol

  12. Most people never consider anything until they deal with it. They will go and rent a car, have an issue and then bitch about how bad it was. But it’s too late by that time and you have no other options.

    The future is more and more and more control.

    The only–possible–silver lining is that the phase in of ev’s isn’t immediate. This allows more people to see and consider. Not that there are high hopes of that. But at least a sliver of hope maybe.

  13. Oh, and OJ’s mad dash through the airport died when the TSA was instituted about 20 years ago. I remember, because when I left for Navy bootcamp, we LITERALLY had to dash through the airport, OJ style! We boarded the plane with perhaps five minutes to spare. There’s no way you could do that now…

    • Recently went fishing in MN, flew home through Duluth. The airport is like 10 feet long, with one or two small planes. Showed up 45 mins before my flight time, and they were refusing to check my bag because “TSA regulations require all bags be checked at least one hour before departure.” The plane was literally behind the wall behind the lady. After 10 minutes of arguing she got some dude to override, whatever that means. Point is, the whole system is designed to waste as much of your time as possible when inside their soul crushing matrix.

      • BAC compare that to flying out of Aspen Colorado (ASE). I show up at the TSA “line” which is occupied by one old couple and myself, even though there’s enough maze to accommodate a 747. I begin putting stuff in the bins and on the belt. As the TSA attendant watches he keeps saying “don’t worry about that just send it through.” OK, sure. I walk though with belt and wallet in my pocket. Anther TSA attendant “Sorry sir, but I have to pat down your calf…” OK whatever.

        Going through the line at Pittsburgh: Well, lets just say there’s no way anything will get through there. The good people of western Pennsylvania are certainly alert and vigilant. Not only did they require me to bin everything in my laptop bag, the old bag attendant “observed” my wallet in my back pocket. Last time I flew in 2017 you could just hold it while going through the porno scanner but not with this human. Nope, had to put it in a bin… I mumbled “nothing gets past you” as I passed. Suprised I wasn’t hauled off to Gitmo for insubordination.

        I’d say that consistancy would be nice, but that would only lead to ASE becoming more like PIT, not the other way around.

      • It’s an hour now! Used to be 30 minutes. I was in a line at 1hr with golf clubs, only 6 people in front of me. They were sooooo slow telling their life stories, I finally got to the counter, “sorry, your 29 minutes now to your flight, and we can’t take your bag”
        OK, keep it here and I’ll be back.
        So now I’m very late, not even through TSA yet, and I almost got arrested leaving my bag in the terminal for my wife to come back and pick it up. Luckily the cop understood the issue, maybe had seen it before.

    • You could pay the $80 (that’s what it used to be anyhow) to get tsa pre-check. Even still, business and savvy travelers do so & in big markets the queue for pre-check is long.

      In another life I was a Delta diamond & Hertz gold person. At the onset of covidcon I refused to travel any longer for my employer. The stupid EV just underscores it. Typically I’d top off the tank at a station on the way to the airport. Took five minutes. EVs, oh hell no. I’m too old for that aggravation.

  14. What happens when a sizable minority or a majority of people realize that EVs aren’t quite ready for prime time? Will ICEVs still be available? Will they be available soon thereafter? What do people in cities do? You know, the ones who DON’T have off street parking, and thus nowhere to charge at night? What do rural people do, especially in remote places like rural Montana? There, your closest NEIGHBOR might be 10 miles away; forget about any gas or charging stations! What do those people do? Will the people finally rebel? Will this pushback be enough to stop the gov’t psychopaths from pushing something that isn’t quite ready? I just don’t see how we can transition to all EVs even by 2050. I can see the transition being underway, but in no way can I see it being finished by then.

    Oh, and what happens in CA? You know, what was once the home of Car Culture? You know, where the freeway was born? Even now, outside of San Francisco, a car is a necessity; one cannot live without one in CA. What do people do when they can no longer get affordable ICEVs out there after 2035? Public transit out there, save for perhaps San Francisco, is LOUSY! It doesn’t go anywhere you want and need to go, nor does it go when you want and need to go there. Many won’t be able to afford them. That totally ignores the question of how does their already fragile and overstressed electrical grid SUPPORT EVs! Will Newsom and his cronies stop when the CA people finally push back? WTF do they expect people to do?

    Keep in mind, I say these things as someone who likes EVs, someone who’d like to see them succeed. I’ve always been intrigued with the idea EVs since I was a kid; the thought of moving without needing gas always fascinated me. When I worked as a caddy, I liked playing around with the golf carts. I’d consider owning an EV in the future too. I’m not anti EV. Quite the contrary, actually, if you’ve seen my posts! Even so, they’re not quite ready; they’re not suitable for many people yet; they’re not ready to supplant the ICEV.

    That said, I wish the gov’t had stayed out of it, and let them develop naturally. Had the gov’t stayed out, people like me who do mostly local driving would be readily able to buy a suitable EV for $10K-$15K, max. Had they been allowed to develop naturally, I think they’d have been better in the long run; we’d have more choices; and we’d have better choices, i.e. affordable EVs that make sense for those of us who mostly drive locally. They’d have developed more like computers, cell phones, or video players did; their costs would come down, while their capabilities massively increased. Instead, we have what we have…

    • Hi Mark,

      Once you understand that EeeeeeVeeeees are meant to get most people out of vehicles, you understand what is going on.

      Like you, I don’t have a problem with EeeeeeeVeeeees, per se. I don’t like them, myself. Would never want one, as I consider them to be soul-less appliances and I like cars that provide emotional involvement. That said, have no problem with EeeeeeeVeeees any more than I have with gay people – so long as neither is forced down my throat. And thereinb lies the rub.

      Both are being forced down our throats.

      • My question is: what happens when enough people wake up and start pushing back? At some point, people will wake up and realize that mass EV adoption won’t work. What then?

        • **”What happens when a sizable minority or a majority of people realize that EVs aren’t quite ready for prime time? “**

          Marky, Marky, Marky!

          LOL! Are you forgetting? The masses believe that there has been a ‘pandemic’; that hospitals were ‘overwhelmed’; and that taking a dangerous injection and practicing various other forms of Kabuki will protect them.

          The masses believe that some sand-farmers who took a few lessons in a Cessna were able to commandeer several jets at the precise moment that war games were being executed, and expertly pilot those planes in maneuvers that would make the Red Baron spin in his grave; and that 3 skyscrapers, -one which was not even hit by a plane- could just collapse into their own footprint…and…and (etc.)

          The people who have happily tolerated TSA security theater for the last 20 years, without so much as a peep….

          You think that THESE people are going to realize that EVs a scam- even after living with one and suffering all of it’s perils? Why, they’ll just chalk it up to ‘quirkiness’ and pat themselves on the back for ‘saving the planet’ ‘even if means making a sacrifice’- and gladly suffer any detriments while they Ooooo and ahhhh over the blinking LEDs and fart sounds………while they abhor and pity us for being so ‘backwards’ for driving actual functional vehicles.

          • Nunzio, I understand what you’re saying, but most of these lemmings weren’t DIRECTLY IMPACTED by these events; that’s key! What happens when people can’t live their lives, because they don’t have a way of getting to where they need to go? What happens when they can’t go to work? What happens when they can’t go to the doctor, visit family, visit friends, etc.? If they’re in a city with a decent transit system, that’s one thing. If you live somewhere that has little or no public transportation, that’s a different matter. If I didn’t have my car, I couldn’t feed my stray cats; I couldn’t take my cats to the vet; I couldn’t live my life! We saw the Yellow Vests in France, and that was over high gas prices. Why? Because, thanks to the high gas prices, the people couldn’t live their lives.

            • globalist/communists….they take your cars, then your money, real estate, guns,

              ban ICEV, cut off or make the fuel very expensive, if you are mobile you can drive to their house….lol….remember the truckers?

              with no money, car, real estate or guns thery can herd you into….If you survive the cull you will forced into living in a tiny soviet style 250 sq, ft. slum apartment in a s..hi…th….ole leftist city, you will walk everywhere, own nothing and be unhappy, you would be better off dead…….gates will still drive his 959 Porsche….

      • Also Eric, for many people there are NO ALTERNATIVES to their iCEVs for transportation! If public transit were useful and available, then maybe TPTB could pull off their attempt to get us out of our cars. But, for many, either mass transit either doesn’t exist, or is so useless that it may as well not exist. In my area, the bus system, if you’re lucky, runs once an hour on a route-assuming it goes where you need to go. I don’t see how TPTB can pull this off before massive pushback occurs.

      • Oh they will get people out of their vehicles all right. With pitchforks and torches. Americans are still too comfortable, though, by and large. When privation really starts to hit, and the government checks run out (or just won’t buy anything), there will be a reckoning.

        • Hi Publius,

          I think so, too. I expect to see a kindof circling of the wagons in rural areas. I can speak to this from my own experience where I live and what people I know here are preparing for. The city hives can and will have to fend for themselves. People are preparing to fend them off, come what may.

    • Good post, Mark. I suspect that most people are not aware that, just as you can’t flip a switch to turn abandoned coal and nuclear power plants back on, car companies can’t make ICE vehicles magically reappear in showrooms in a month or two once it becomes obvious that converting production to EVs-only was a mistake. If this greenie nonsense isn’t stopped right now, we’re in for a very uncomfortable and non-mobile decade or two. What’s particularly distressing for me is that’s about all the time I have left.

        • I just turned 75, but I hope I live long enough to see this whole charade blow up in their faces. Send Eloon Musk on a one way trip to Mars in one of his rockets.

        • MarkyMark, your biggest question should be ‘Why is there a need to force EVs on everyone by a specific time?’

          Your standard response would be *The Climate*, but you can’t convince someone who even halfway gets it that rural people simply cannot do this and neither can our infrastructure. Why not allow those who can afford it to buy them if they want, and phase out ICE vehicles to those who don’t need them… like city dwellers. And they still can have the option to own one for longer trips should they want to.

          Obviously, it is control. They don’t want just anyone out in the rural areas, and they don’t want you to live anywhere other than their sterile, battery-like major cities.

          • I see your real question was ‘when people figure it out’… sadly, I don’t think they will. The only ones that do are too scattered, but I hope I’m wrong. I think TPTB are thinking the same I am, resistance will happen, but it will be too scattered and easily squashed by those who work for the system with help from those who will never ‘wake up’, those who are so hopelessly dependent on the system, they will fight FOR it…

            I hope I am wrong. Because we will have to… defeat… neighbors and brothers and sisters who will snitch us out for a piece of moldy bread.

            • Andrew,

              The big thing is that, unlike the TSA groping and everything else, this hits people where they live-literally. The French of all people fought back! Why? Because high fuel prices were preventing them from living their lives. There’s a tendency to ignore danger until it affects you personally; I think that’s what’s going on here.


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